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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 9, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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today, for sure. but this is going to be one of those systems that lingers. it won't leave us alone, because it is going to hit a roadblock, not have chance to really move on out. so the brunt is with us, as we speak. pretty obvious, right? heavy rain falling through the garden state, mixing taking place back through the lehigh vale, as well as lancaster, berks county where you may have the slick travel this morning. but, don't, you know, necessarily brush off the fact that you've got just rain, in jersey, because you're getting soaked down that way. so, ponding on roadways, slick travel, gusty winds to reduce your visibility, i mean, you have the whole mixed bag going on out there. >> winter weather advisories taking up central sliver of the delaware valley again where we are beginning to see mixing take place, so you might see few wet snowflakes, little sleet perhaps rain that freezes on contact.
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my advice to you, if you sit in the purple zone, traveling through it, keep an eye on the thermometer reading in your carp, as you travel. that will gave you a good gauge what the condition is like, where you are, and whether you need to maybe slow down. >> so coming up on the 32 degrees mark it, could turn little slick. coastal flood advisories, as well as warnings, now the other story going out toward coastal delaware, new jersey, every shore town is include here. we have the gusty winds coming in on shore, and it is not only along with the wind and the high tide coming in, right around 9:00 to 9:30, but also this, this moisture, when talking one to two to maybe even 3 inches every rain, by the time this is all said and done, that will lead to flooding for sure. and that also is a concern even away from the shore point, and headed further inland. here is a look at just couple of choice locations, in the current wind gust being reported in the live neighborhood network, you get the idea. very blustery outside. not necessarily super super
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cold outside, and that would be a different story with the precipitation, certainly, but it is definitely one of those raw days. here is a look at the timing with this storm, the heaviest comes here, mainly now, through the rest of the morning, later this afternoon, we may actually catch bit of a break, and then tonight we still have lingering showers to deal with. and as we mention, this looks like it may stick around for a little bit of time over the next few days in fact. jess? >> slick travel definitely the way to go, we know we have the incidents to prove that so far this morning. at 5:02, checking out thanks are doing on 95. they are not doing that great. so, now, we had all lanes open, then closed, open again, closed. seems to be now that we do have activity on the scene here 95 southbound approaching the betsy ross bridge here with only one lane squeezing on by. fortunately that's actually the only good news i have for this incident, also police activity pushed over to the left-hand side, trying to get that cleaned up and out of the way. hopefully that will be done in the next up he will every minutes or so.
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at least lane squeezing on pipe for now. we can expect some delays so far. over on the ben franklin bridge, philly side, good news, everything real shiny. all lit up here. but no real volume on the bridge headed into the city. so currently everything moving along great, there as well. getting report of icy conditions out in the lehigh vale, just want you to use some caution. northeast extension, 78, and route 22. now, still on stand by for opening, supposed to open about 5:00 a.m., the burlington bristol bridge. meantime avoid any delays, just take the talcony-palmyra bridge. >> roadway may start looking more like rivers as the storm passes through. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us in atlantic city where things are unfortunately looking like they'll get worse before they get better. right, jan? >> good morning, i feel like that's happening. every time we think it is letting up ever so slightly, then we get hit with more rain, and the whipping wind, just making it terrible out here this morning. you can see, it is pouring,
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simply put, it is pouring out here, and that wind is just throwing these waves higher and harder against the shore line her in atlantic city. coming to you live this morning from the north ends of the board walk. if i take a look, just out far in the distance, you can see the rain being pushed horizontal at timesment that's how heff think -- how strong this winds is, here in atlantic city expecting 45-mile per hour wind gusts, 3 inches of rain, the folks here are expecting some tidal flooding at high tide. it hit atlantic city right around 9:00 this morning, and if you take a look at the video, you can see what our commute was like. it was terrible, as well. those flags, just whipping in the winds, that shows you how strong the winds is. there was already ponding obviously in the parking lots, but also, along the expressway, and area road, as we made our way closer to the shore. so not a good morning for commuters. hopefully you don't have to be outside at all. you'll get sock. out here in all of my rain gear here this morning, within 30 seconds i was soaked. i i have the hat on, the hood
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on, really just trying bury myself inside my coat, because everything else is soaked this morning. so just definitely take it easy on the roadways, prepare for a very wet and soggy day. reporting live, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". >> we want to see what it look flick in your neighborhood. sends us your storm pictures use the hashtag cbs-3 storm, or up load the photos and videos to the philly weather app. might see them right here on cbs-3. >> following breaking news in west oaklane, firefighter rushed to the hospital after a fire at this row home on middletown road. fire broke out in the basement and then spread upstairs. the fire is now out. we're work to go find out just how that fire fight is her doing, and what started that fire. >> well, hundreds every people block traffic on interstate 80 during a third night of protests in berksly, california.
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line of officers in riot gear, prevent prevented the group from walking any further. demonstrations remain peaceful unlike sunday night violent protest that is left zombies cents looted and vandalized. no arrests were reported last night. >> well, chopper three over the main line at college student friends bryn mawr, haverford, swarthmore and other walked to a die-in demonstration. they radon the ground silent for four and half minutes representing the four and half hours michael brown's body was on the grounds in ferguson. student explained why they felt compelled to get involved. >> what brought me out here was the importance of solidarity. avenue lot every friends on campus who are the ones organizing this event. i just know the importance of showing up, not just talking the talk but walking the walk and really being their show my support. >> the event culminated with a vigil at bryn mawr college. >> labron james, kevin garnett, and few other nba players, wore t-shirt bearing the phrase i can't breathe. during warm ups before last night's game at the barclay center in brooklyn. the players showed their
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solidarity with demonstrators staged a die-in just outside of the arena. i can't breathe refers to eric garner's last recorded words before he died. >> the us is stepping up security at embasies and military units in time for today's release of the so-called torture report. it outlines cia interrogation methods after 9/11. republicans had been fighting the release saying the contents could trying area threat. cbs news has learned, the senate report found the cia routinely went beyond legal limit. the findings know techniques like water board wrack not effective in getting information. it it also reportedly found the cia systematically lied about the effectiveness of the program. so, the administration has taken the prudent steps to ensure that the proper security precautions are in place at us facilities around the globe. >> last week, secretary of state, john kerry, called senate intelligence committee
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chair, diane fine stein, he asked her to, quote, consider the timing of the reports release. well, happening right now, prosecutors south africa are appealing oscar pistorius' conviction for killing his girlfriends. the judge convicted the olympic runner of manslaughter but prosecutors say he should have been convicted of murder, as well. pistorius is not in the courtroom this morning, right now, pistorius is spending five years in prison, but that sentence could double if the judge grants the appeal. >> 5:08 right now. a terrible tragedy, a mother and her two young children are killed after a plane crashes into their home. >> now, we're learning more about the victim's ties to our area. >> we're also keeping our eye on the storm. south philly getting soaked by rain. you can hear that, right now, tan will get worse before it getsts better. justin? >> that's right. we are live in the cbs-3 mobile weather lab this morning. it is a wind driven rainy commute. live in doylestown, right now, and the rain continues to fall.
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temperatures hovering near freezing, we'll have the details coming up in a few minute. >> thank you, jd. we'll check in with our reporters across the tri-state area. justin and katie will have the latest conditions when we do traffic and weather together. we of course do that on the's. taking a short break, be right back.
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>> live look in doylestown. katie will be updating for the cast when we do traffic and weather together. coming up on three's in just a couple every minutes. erika? >> investigators comb through the wreckage every plane crash that killed six, including a maryland mother with ties to
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our area. thirty-six year old marie, and two of her young children, were killed when private jet slammed into her gaithersburg home yesterday morning. now, she's originally from brick township, new jersey. police say they found marie cradling her three year old and one month old inside the home. an eyewitness says she became concerned after hearing the jet make sputtering sounds over the neighborhood. >> there was big explosion, like a boom. by the time then the flames were just so high, and then there was big mushroom effect of smoke, and it just bus into flames. >> marie's husband and daughter not home at the time. three others on the corporate jet's north carolina also died. the ntsb located the flight recorder and are leading the investigation. >> let's get more now on the system coming through our area. here's kate. >> i real the worse of it as we speak, all happening right now. in terms of the heaviest rain, as well as really just the brunt of the moisture with
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this storm. but, that said, even though we're seeing the worse of it happen right now, it doesn't mean that we're going to be done with this any time soon. we'll explain. so here you go. first and for most, storm scan3, yes, heavy rain continues to fall across new jersey, that's likely where you ends up with the heaviest amounts of moisture out of this, but mainly rain, unless you're going up toward i80, for example. delaware, hit little sweet spot here. things drying out for you at least briefly. won't necessarily stay that way. but, at least your a catching a break. if you are about ready to hit the road, maybe taking route one through portions of the state you should be generally okay. by comparison, to the rest of us, okay? now, obviously rain-snow mixing line taking place here, seeing the pink, the purple start to take over the map. that's where you will ends up with some of the slick he is travel here today. i draw line basically from the extreme northwest corner of bucks, chester, montgomery across into mercer county and all point northwest. and as we look at future weather, generally what it is picking up on here, too, for the bulk of the pink and the
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purple to show up here, indicating the wintery mix that may take place, late near the morning, though, maybe break in the action, it may stop raining for you but will be soggy outside, will still be windy outside, actually up toward the pocono region still likely to have some additional snow mixing in here, even into late tonight. now, the thing is, this storm will continue to rotate around, get hung up. just northeast of us, so stuck with few showers tomorrow, and even beyond. but today, the worse, as we said, and the worse of the wind comes along with, that down near the shore you could see gusts as high as ooh miles per hour, further northwest, pick up half foot of snow. meanwhile the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, still seeing the lingering rain, snow showers, both tomorrow and thursday. but we might actually finally see sunshine hereby friday. it will all just take few daysment meanwhile we continue our team three weather coverage with justin drabick, live with for us with the mobile weather lab tracking conditions in any neighborhoods which we find him. right now he's in doylestown. hey, justin.
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>> reporter: hey, good morning, katie, that's right. tracking little further north through bucks county. rain is veining in intensity, right now the current temperature with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab is 33 degrees, so again, slightly above freezing, but still have to watch out, some of the elevated surfaces, maybe sidewalks could be little slick, winter weather advisory does remain in effect for this region, and again, wind driven rain this morning, again, it haslett up little bit in doylestown, but again, just been off and on this morning, picks up, gets heavy at times, so talk about the commute. go to the weather graphic here, again there is morning, pretty much where ever you are, you are dealing with heavy rain at times, and windy conditions, ponding on the roads, a lot of that, a lot of runoff, on the side street, as well, so poor drainage flooding, obviously, going to be a problem this morning in many spots. use the caution. just play it smart on the street. slow it down. just allow that the extra drive time. we bring you back here live, north broad street in doylestown pretty quiet, roads
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are wet, pack your patients in morning, that's the latest here in the cbs-3 mobile weather lab, we send it back to the studio with jessica with more on the traffic. >> good morning, and thank you. we will head outside, show you exactly what the ponding roads do look like. we have them all overall of our cameras here, we start things off, on the vine st. expressway, where you look to the left hand shoulder or the right hand shoulder there, you can see, a lot of puddles, ponding, there as everybody kind of drives through, you can see the mist from all of the rain and the wet roadways there, that's kind of just like taking out most of those roadways. we do want to make sure you leave little early, even though see there is nothing really in the way of volume on any of the majors. we know it will be slippery drive for you. we don't want anybody to get into any incidents here, so eastbound toward 95 moving great so far. even though you can see some ponding westbound lanes, mover on by to the right. as you head on to the schuylkill expressway. now, over on 95 at girard, slippery conditions here, as well. you can see, headed southbound toward the center city area,
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moving along great, taillights there, headed toward northeast philadelphia around girard. now, over in the lehigh valley we are getting word of some slippery conditions. so we want you to use caution when traveling through the northeast extension, 78 or route 22 for the time being. still, on stand by for an opening, the burlington bristol bridge. take the troy. talcony-palmyra bridge. >> local high school counselor in hot water. see the facebook post that got hearses person dollars from work. >> also, check your yesterday the card. local pizza shop accused of over charging customers. the sneaky way police say that they caught the owner in the act. details coming up. we'll be right back.
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>> we are continuing to keep our eye on the storm, as rain soaks atlantic city right now. a flood warning also goes into effect down the shore at 7:00 this morning. we're going to check in with katie whether we do traffic
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and weather together these. the latest onow this will affect you this morning. 5:20. central bucks school district is investigating whether a high school guidance counselor made a post threatening protesters on facebook. sunday evening being demonstrators gathered outside lincoln financial field, after the eagles game. also, on sunday, a post appeared on marry kate blanken everything percent's page saying if my caught kerr not get to the eagles game due to protesters, i'll personally shoot everyone of them. you have been warned idiots. >> a counselor at central bucks west is on paid leave. >> happening today, the temple board every trustees meets for the first time since bill cosby suddenly resigned. cosby stepped down from the board last week, as more women came forward claiming he sexually assaulted them years ago. temple grad spent more than 30 years on the board of trustees. cosby never charged with the crime, and has been silent about these latest accusations
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. >> we'll check traffic and weather together on the 3's when we come back. >> also ahead, the royals meet the king, kingg james, that is. we'll let you know what's in store for the royals as they wrap up their whirlwind tour. we'll be right back.
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>> updating news in west oaklane, just confirmed a firefighter has died battling a fire at this row home on middleton street. the fire started in the basement, and then spread upstairs. right now we're work to go find out more about that fire fight here passed and what start that fire. right now, a 23:00. we want to check in with katie with the latest on the storm really affecting pretty much everyone in the reg job so
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true, depending on location, you might have different set of issues, so a lot to cover and short window of time. we get you right on out to storm scan3, notice pinks, purple, bright yellow, orange, greens of course, so we've got everything from sleet, freezing rain, to snow, to heavy rain, which i would frankly say probably your biggest concerning specially new jersey as we hit high tide, may be some flooding issues that come along with that, coastal flood warnings in effect. region by region, lehigh valley, up to the pocono region, then back through berks county, you will see the biggest impact when it comes to wintery precipitation here. winter storm warnings, posted by the way for carbon, monroe, but winter weather advisories with mix over to rain, through berks, lehigh, northampton. then little further southeast also winter weather advisories, but the mick that you'll see with any frozen precipitation happens early on, may have charged over for you at this point. flood watches post in the all of the raised counties here, with gusts as high as 35, i would actually even up that to 40, if not 45 miles per hour,
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but the strongest winds, definitely, goes to folks down the shore, where coastal flood something not only a concern, it looks like it may be an inevitable issue for us around high tide, which comes in this morning, basically, between 9:00 and 9:30, this morning. jess, over to you. >> and thank you, katie. fortunately we don't have much in the way of volume out on a lot of major roadways, they're slippery and wet. we start off things on 95 at broad. where you can see things moving along nicely, you can see, how shiny and slippery things could be here. so the northbound lanes moving along great, southbound toward center city moving along great, there as well. over on 422 at trooper road, things moving great in the east and westbound directions. so far over in the lehigh valley getting report of some icy conditions. we just want you to use caution, do just be slippery there, as well. northeast extention on 78 and route 22, just for the time being. now the burlington bristol bridge currently stopped for opening. so you want to avoid any delays there. just take the talcony-palmyra
5:26 am
bridge to get around for the next 15 minutes, half hour or so. there is some flooding being reported out in new jersey black horse pike, closing it currently at cologne avenue. alternate to get around therefore the time took take route 40. over on route 47 and high street? jersey, as well, some road flooding there, as well. back over to you. >> and in sports, the eagles are getting ready for those dallas cowboys come to lincoln financial field for prime time game this sus day night. birds and the boys both 9:00 and 4:00. in tying for first place in the nfc east. birds had their problems containing seahawks quarterback russell win son sunday afternoon. but the eagles are confident they can right the ship and beat the boys. >> we will look at the film every week, we will get it corrected. we have to play better. we'll move on. we'll correct things. we go on tuesday, correct everything, and then we move onto dallas. >> yep, dallas week rolls on. to the ice now, flyers are in columbus tonight to play the blue jackets, finale of their top five western trip.
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blue jackets have won three in a row, only two-point behind the fly guys in the nhl metropolitan divisionment talking little baseballment one vote shy of cooperstown for former phils slugger dick allen. allen now 72 years young, and he was under consideration with nine other players from the so-called golden era, 1947 to 1972. allen played nine of his 15 seasons with the phillies. i remember having a dick allen louisville slugger back in the day. waist national league slugger rookie of the year back in 1964 and american league mvp in 1972. >> well, it is that time again, sports radio 94wip's wing bowl 23. coming up friday, january 30th, at the wells fargo center, tickets go on sale today at 9:00 a.m. for more information on wing bowl, all do you have do just go to erika, back over to you. >> thanks, ukeement coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", our live team coverage continues this morning storm. we will will check in with reporters all across the
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region to see what you can expect when you walk out the door this morning. also, jessica, katie, return, they've got your traffic and weather together on the 3's. we're back in just two minutes. don't go anywhere.
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>> philadelphia fire department is in mourning right now, after a firefighter is killed battling a fire at this row home on middleton street. the fire started in the basement, and then spread upstairs. we do have a crew on the scene gathering more information, but again, a philadelphia firefighter has died in the line of duty this morning, at a house fire in west oaklane. >> also, happening right now, you want to grab your umbrella butch head out the door. just a wet and windy morning, and you could see snow depending on where you are. a steady rain falling here, in north philadelphia, and across the area. storm,


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