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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 20, 2014 11:15pm-11:51pm EST

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defensively for san diego. well, under harbaugh this team as been a consistent winner. 48-21-1 overall in his four years as head coach. nfl coach of the year in 2011. three straight n.f.c. championship appearances. lost in the super bowl of course to his brother, john, and the baltimore ravens. on the delay, gore. picks up only a yard on the play. dan: you get back to that super bowl loss. one play, the very last play of the game, a rollout by kaepernick. trying to hit crabtree at the goal line, just inside the goal line. what would have been a winning touchdown. one play away from being super bowl champs. that's kind of been the theory or the thought that we've heard from kaepernick a little bit
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about one play here or there this season, we could be 10-4, instead of 7-7. ian: he said nobody would be talking about the demise of the 49ers. he said, that's how it works. he understands it. they've benefited from those plays here and there in previous years as well. kaepernick pushed out of bounds. picks up three on the scramble. flowers among those there for san diego. so, san francisco will punt. clock is rolling with 9:28 left in the fourth quarter. 35-21, 49ers. dan: for san diego, time running out. they need to make some type of big play. certainly something they haven't been able to do so far tonight. special teams have been nonexistent, going against a great punter like andy lee, tough here. it's like they're going to try and block it, though. ian: royal standing at his own
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jenny: we're here in santa clara where the score is 35-21. the 49ers are up. and we'd like to say this is somewhat of a homecoming for ts family. he was born and raised here. went to high school in the bay area. clearly moving on to be a star quarterback at the university of oregon and the hall of fame quarterback that we know. but also his father, right there, bob, was a legendary announcer in the bay area. the voice of the 49ers for around 20 years. just a great story between father and son, whose common thread is san francisco. dan? dan: thanks for that. a trip through -- this is my life, i guess. ian: that's right. we have your third grade teacher here. no, no, we don't have that for you. but also we have to add, your father, bob, who is a gentleman and a san francisco radio hall-of-famer, his 93rd
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birthday yesterday. dan: yesterday. had a wonderful celebration on thursday. he's watching, as he watches every 49ers game. ian: 8:26 to play in the fourth quarter. rivers to throw it on second and 4. deep ball is incomplete. the biggest shocker for me on a personal level, we've grown very close here over the last five years, dan, it was my understanding that you came out of the womb with a beard. i did not know that photos existed of you sans the beard. n: actually, i was carried into the stadium. my mom brauts all five of us kids to games. the thing that jenny didn't add was that i was a ball boy for the 49ers. i think i'm the only hall of fame ball boy. the charger thing was good. but it started on the sidelines there. ian: we'll have our research staff look into the hall of
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fame ball boy connection. dan: good luck. never grew it out quite like this, though. eric weddle. ian: the full beard. another injury. perrish cox is walking off for san francisco. :21 to play in the fourth. marcus cromartie will step in for cox. dan: around there 20 cromartie defensive backs in the nfl? ian: there are. they're all multiplying, apparently. he's part of the cromartie cousins in the nfl. antonio, dominique rodgers. cromartie form early with san diego and the cleveland practice squad. third and 4 for the chargers.
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san francisco up by 14. rivers under pressure. he's got gates for a first down. across the 40-yard line. rivers is on time for 22 yards. dan: you can't sell rivers short or gates short. no better fighter at quarterback than philip rivers. he's only down two touchdowns and a lot of time left. remember what he did against the baltimore ravens. not too long ago. ian: that was san diego's last win, back-to-back losses to new england and denver the last two weeks. rivers too high. for inman. a matchup with cromartie. stops the clock. :40 to play in the fourth. dan: chargers really feeling
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the absence of keenan allen. allen was 77 catches this season. broke his collar bone last week. you can see that rivers is a little bit off when he's throwing to ajirotutu or inman. ian: san diego, only team in the nfl to have four players with at least 589 receiving yards and four touchdowns. but the absence of allen has been evident. rivers, a strike. inman coming upstairs for a 19-yard reception and they are n san francisco territory. keenan allen, the numbers in his second year, allen had a terrific rookie season with 71 catches, 1,046 yards and eight touchdowns. the cal product, third-round pick. and he actually dropped in the draft because of various injuries. broken collar bone for allen.
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ankle trouble keeping him out of this one. inside the 40. rivers, the throw to the outside, inman continues to see a lot of action here. dan: rivers is hot right now and he's getting good pass protection. that's a dangerous combination for this 49er defense. ian: philip rivers, 22-38, 239 yards, two touchdowns, three interceptions. seven-yard catch made by inman. five grabs for 56 yards. second and 3. rivers throws. too low. he bounced it in the direction of royal. rivers was dealing with some heat from jerod-eddie. dan: remember, he's got a bad back and he's got bad ribs. and he's going to take a shot like this, trying to step into this throw. it's a good, clean hit. you can see that jerod-eddie got the message, keep your head
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up when you're making a tackle. the call on nick moody last eek was ridiculous in seattle. ian: rivers and the chargers facing a third and 3. brown in the backfield. rivers fires. great hands. and the catch made by inman. that will move the chains, six-yard grab. dan: taking full advantage of his opportunity tonight. again, he's done this a couple of times tonight. way out away from his body, reaching out and publicing -- plucking it out of the sky. ian: san diego on the move at the 26 of san francisco. 35-21, 49ers in front. we are under 6:00 to play. working from the gun. protection is there. rivers hits brown in stride with a penalty marker thrown in
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the secondary. at the 14-yard line. tackle made by nick moody of san francisco. referee: illegal contact, defense number 37. five-yard penalty, automatic first down. dan: you know what this does, it gives you a first down and gives you a couple yards and everything, but it stops the clock. it's like a time-out for the chargers. here you see a defensive back with the number 47 this time of the year, that's who you go after. ian: perrish cox returns for san francisco. second half, rivers has found a rhythm. seven penalties costing the 49ers 82 yards. from the 21. rivers pulls the trigger. wide open, touchdown! antonio gates! the chargers have climbed back into it.
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1-yard hookup. dan: if you give rivers time to throw, he's going to carve you up. he's going to find antonio gates. right side of the screen. and the 49ers just dropped the coverage here. he goes right by the corner on that side. rivers sees him all the way. ian: that is 12 touchdowns for antonio gates much capping off a nine-play, 85-yard drive. gates last week joined rob gronkowski as the only tight end to have four seasons with at least 10 touchdowns. more importantly here, san diego is down by just seven. third touchdown pass of the night for philip rivers. at jared, we have a lot more jewelry than ordinary jewelry stores. more is good. i want to find her something special.
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rivers and gates, 72 combined touchdowns. that's the most in nfl history. by a quarterback-tight end tandem. two more on the ledger tonight. dan: for antonio gates, 99 career touchdown receptions. can you say hall of fame? ian: hall of fame. nick novak on the kickoff. the returner is perrish cox. he'll take it out of the end zone. cox off the stutter-step move. ox working the sideline. steve williams helped save the touchdown. it's a 57-yard return. ♪
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you donthe energy think about that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here. ian: andrew luck and the colts square off with tony romo and the cowboys in dallas tomorrow.
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that's the second game of a huge double-header here on cbs. early games include kansas city at pittsburgh. a handoff for gore. picks up three yards on the play. we are under 5:00 to play in the fourth quarter. gore has 156 yards on the ground. san francisco has 314 yards rushing. that's 14 yards away from a franchise record set back in december of 1998 against detroit. 328. second and 7, 49ers taking their team -- time. san diego has all three time-outs left. dan: 3141 what they averaged total offense this season -- 314 is what they averaged total offense this season. ian: on second down. patton the motion man for san francisco. keep it on the ground. gore slices for two.
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this is a must-stop for san diego. dan: they've got all three of their time-outs. make a stop here, you can save your time-outs. if you don't make a stop here, you're going to have to start sing them. ian: john pagano's defense came up big a few weeks ago against baltimore late in that game, when the ravens were trying to put the game away. all they needed was a first down to seal it. the chargers stopped them. this is third and 5 for san francisco. from the chargers' 40-yard line. kaepernick does not have the angle and he's out of bounds. the chargers have done the job defensively. dan: just tremendous defense. this was a run all the way for kaepernick. you can see he's got blockers out in front. but san diego looking for this run from kaepernick. they saw it last week against seattle. string him out all the way to the sideline.
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ian: 3:38 left on the clock. dan: that's the other thing. they forced him out of bounds. stopped the clock. ian: andy lee will punt it. eddie royal the returner at the 9. dan: kaepernicks a got to go down there, force the chargers to use a time-out, or have the clock keep running. delay of game. referee: delay of game. offense. that penalty is declined. still fourth down. ian: so san francisco doesn't want -- san diego doesn't want to give san francisco more room to work with here. lee will do it from the same spot. royal now hovering around the 10-yard line. 8.ll back it up to the 3:38 to play. lee has placed two of his three punts inside the 20 tonight.
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high kick. this one ricochets to the end zone. the chargers catch a break. san diego will have it at the 20. 41-yard punt but a net of 21. the chargers at 8-6, one game behind pittsburgh and baltimore. cincinnati is 9-4-1. and the chargers are tied with kansas city and buffalo. still in the hunt. two wins does not ensure them a playoff spot. they would still need help. dan: even a loss tonight doesn't mean they're totally eliminated. they would need a lot of help if they win tonight. ian: could still make the playoffs with a 9-7 record. they're at kansas city to wrap up the regular season next week. 35-28, san francisco. chargers with the football. first and 10 at their own 20-yard line. 3:30 to work with. flag is thrown.
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rivers fires. low. for gates. incomplete. offsides. dan: yep. niners lining up in the neutral zone. referee: offside, defense number 96. five-yard penalty, still first down. ian: it's corey lemonier offsides. so here are the schedules for the teams that san francisco is battling with -- san diego is battling with for a playoff spot. cincinnati takes on denver. that's a monday night game. pittsburgh meets kansas city and baltimore faces houston. dan: would you think baltimore would have the easier of the three. but who would have thought that washington would beat philadelphia tonight? ian: first and five for the chargers from the 25. rivers lot ofs it high and incomplete -- lofts it high and incomplete. gates in the vicinity but couldn't get a clean break. dan: good job by michael wilhoite that time. keeping gates from getting to
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that pass. rivers smartly threw it over both players' heads. saved the yardage and the time on the clock. ian: 3:21 to play. in the fourth. san francisco holding on to a seven-point lead. dan: some discussion whether this is intentional grounding. tripplett saying that rivers wasn't under pressure? i saw guys rushing him. quarterbacks are always under pressure. ian: second and 5 for san diego. no intentional grounding on the play for rivers. rivers lines it up and his throw is on time to malcom floyd. brought down by cox. it's a first down for the chargers, covering 10 yards. dan: floyd's got to make this catch and go out of bounds and stop the clock. got roud to the -- good route
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to the outside. right now, just lower your shoulder and let cox take you out of bounds instead of coming inside and wasting time. ian: three time-outs remaining for san diego. 2:52 left on the clock. rivers working from the gun. rivers underneath to the veteran, ronnie brown. dances his way to a pickup of nine on the play. fakes out dontae johnson. that's a veteran against a rookie and the veteran wins. dan: a veteran with 246 career catches out of the backfield wins. ian: second and 1 for san diego. san francisco making a substitution as the chargers work quickly here. through a lavenlt it's ronnie brown with a first down. banged down inside the 45. 11-yard gain. dan: now you can tell which team is fighting for a playoff spot. which team is looking at the offseason. ian: that will take us to the
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2:00 warning. in a seven-point game.
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ian: coming up, the "mazda postgame show." all the highlights and a look ahead to tomorrow's key games. that's coming up. three time-outs remaining for san diego. 2:00 on the clock. chargers have it in san francisco territory, down by seven. dan: and the time-outs really tell a story with san diego, with all three of theirs, but remember the 49ers, to avoid having delay of game penalties called against their offense, have burnt two of their time-outs. so if san diego were to go down
11:44 pm
and score the tying touchdown, tough for the 49ers to respond with just one time-out. ian: from the 45 of san francisco. 2:00 left. shotgun for rivers. rivers out of the pocket. throws. incomplete. near the feet of malcom floyd. jerod-eddie with the pressure on philip rivers. second and 10. dan: again, a smart move by rivers. getting out of the pocket, knowing he's not going to get away from jerod-eddie. avoiding the sack. ian: down to 1:56 to play. ronnie brown remains in the backfield.
11:45 pm
rivers, swings it over the middle. antonio gates with the grab. michael wilhoite leading that charge for san francisco. limiting gates to eight yards. didn't get the first down. dan: they moved the ball. obviously at this point in the game, two downs to get the first down, if you go back to that baltimore game, it was about the same spot on the field where rivers launched the ball down the field to malcom floyd. and then subsequently scored on the little screen pass to eddie royal. ian: san diego uses a time-out. they have two remaining with 1:35 to play. aldon smith leaving. now on the san francisco sideline. dan: what the 49ers have to be careful about here is, rivers has been so effective coming off to his running backs,
11:46 pm
especially branden oliver, then lately ronnie brown, so rivers, if he doesn't like it down the field, will not take a sack, he'll find somebody. ian: they charged the 49ers with a time-out because of the aldon smith injury. so san diego still has all three remaining. that's under 2:00 to go with an injury. dan: that's right. ian: they take the time-out away from san francisco. the 49ers are out of time-outs. dan: those delay of game penalties, 49ers lead the nfl in delay of game penalties this year. trying to avoid that here too in the second half. ian: scube in for smith. this is a third and -- skuta in for smith. this is a third and 2 for the chargers. working out of the gun, rivers. three touchdowns, three interceptions tonight. rivers, pump, out of the pocket, look out! rivers loses the ball! san diego was there. dan skuta, who replaced aldon
11:47 pm
smith, gets to the quarterback, but it's rinehart on the recovery for the chargers. dan: he's trying to throw the wheel route to brown outside. and brown covered on the sidelines there. did not head up the field. heads up by rinehart to get on that loose ball. ian: it's a loss of four on the play. skuta gets credit for the sack. and now san diego faces fourth down. dan: this is where the 49ers have to be aware of antonio gates. they got the interception for eturn a touchdown by bethea. they were double-teaming gates. double-teaming gates would be a good idea here. ian: fourth and 6.
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dan: the chargers have split gates out wide against culliver. ian: san diego fighting for its playoff life, on the road in santa clara. they trail by seven. 1:35 to play. fourth and 6 for the chargers. 49ers crowd the line. dan: yeah, rivers saw that too. he's changing the plaw. ian: ravens makes an adjustment. on fourth down. here comes the rush. rivers steps up. rifles over the middle. it's call by -- caught by royal. first down, chargers! 17-yard reception. dan: great protection for rivers. look at this catch. with bethea right on his back. royal lays out and hauls it in. great coverage by bethea.
11:49 pm
even better catch by royal. ian: we're down to 1:14 left. they will review it. under 2:00 left, everything reviewed upstairs. coaches' challenge. is this a clean catch for eddie royal? certainly looks like it. dan: you don't see any bobble there. he cradled it, pins it against his chest. goes to the ground. hat's a catch. ian: line of scrimmage will be the 26-yard line. dan: you consider the circumstances. that's the ballgame there. not only the ballgame, but that's your best shot at perhaps the playoffs. ian: the ballgame and potentially your season. on the line. and the veteran, eddie royal -- referee: the ruling on the field is confirmed. it is a catch. dan: the protection against the
11:50 pm
blitz. rivers knew he had man-to-man coverage. he don't know he was bethea having that great of -- he was anticipating bethea having that great of coverage. just a better catch. ian: new set of downs for san diego. still alive on the san francisco 26. rivers chucks it at the feet of brown. incomplete. dan: he knew he didn't have anything with that screen pass to brown. the 49er linebackers were standing right in front of brown. so, again, another smart play by rivers. to just kill that ball, throw it in the ground. ian: pressure building here on san diego. at 8-6, a game behind pittsburgh and baltimore in the a.f.c. playoff race. they're down by a touchdown with just over 1:00 to play. second and 10. rivers steps up. rivers fires. incomplete. he was looking for eddie royal no the end zone.


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