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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 30, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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around 4:15, clifton police were following a vehicle the operator turnout to be a five two-year old white male was wanted for terroristic threats. threatening police, threatening fbi agents to kill them. clifton asked for backup, to make a felony car stop here, on garrett road. they stopped the vehicle, they surrounded the vehicle the operator, was in the vehicle by himself and he put the car in reverse and tried to run over clifton police chief who smashed into his suv. several other officers were around, tried to run them over police then opened fire. fired several shots. there is probably, five shooters,. >> reporter: it was haverford police, clifton police and upper darby police. >> there is five shooters and it is haverford, upper darby and clifton. >> reporter: was he saying
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anything to the officers? >> again, i don't know. when i got to the scene he was obviously dead. they shot and killed him. the officers were in fear of his life. he was using the vehicle as a weapon. they did what they had to do. again, five two-year old white male that lives in clifton. we're in the releasing his name because we are trying to notify next of kin and the investigation is just underway. >> reporter: thanks very much. no officers were injured here. >> no officers were injured, no. >> reporter: superintendent, thanks very much for your time. appreciate it. as you just heard chris recapping what the superintendent had to say multiple police officers involved, in the shooting here that happened this afternoon in upper darby. police officers from clifton, haverford and as well as upper darby involved in that shooting. one male a five two-year old male is dead tonight. no officers were injured. that is very latest reporting live from upper darby, todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". >> pretty dramatic there thanks very much. a man suspect of three rapes in penny pack park is in the custody of the philadelphia police. that man was extradited from madison, wisconsin and now facing charges in two attacks. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry has more. >> reporter: man suspect to be the penny pack park rapist has been arrested thanks to a dna match. thirty-eight year-old robert palin is facing a number of charges a after police say he a attack at least two different woman back in august of 2010 and august 2011. >> in the kind and scheme of design identical rape that occurred in the same area. >> reporter: investigators say in both cases, palin pick up woman around torresdale avenue near long shore offering them a ride home but instead he took them to crestco avenue near stanwood street where's ledgely beat and raped them. >> he was a brutal, he is a brutal individual. >> reporter: he is suspect in
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the third case back in july of 2010 but victim has been since killed. soon after the attack police issued this sketch. by 2012 police say palin moved to madison wisconsin. that is where he choke and sexually assault aid woman he heat on line last year. he pled guilty in that case which linked them to the unsolved cases in philadelphia. >> his dna was up loaded matched ours. >> reporter: police say palin lived near where at tax took place with his wife and children. he has since divorced. neighbors we have spoke with are in disbelief. >> my god almighty i'm shock. i am. >> reporter: folks living near penny pack park are relieved to hear about the arrest. >> with dna advancement in technology all these rapist are on notice, they are compulsive behavior it will be followed where ever they go. >> reporter: palin was extradited to philadelphia over the weekend and now facing several charges. awaiting a preliminary hearing. at penny pack park syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". forty-two year-old woman facing charges for having sex with a 17 year-old will stand trial. irish giveany was in court today a accused of having a sexual relationship with a male pottsgrove high school student. police say two met at a school function and were found in a car together at a park. giveany today waved her preliminary hearing. >> he did not have the commonwealth put on a case to show that she committed a crime. it does not mean that she's pleading guilty but it just means we will have a hearing, if we do at common pleas level. >> she's heart broken at the decision, that she made under these circumstances. we will make every effort now at this point to try to move forward with her life. >> sources tell "eyewitness news" that giveany did work with the cheer leading squad but was otherwise not the a school employee. well, tonight police say a serial robber is on the loose
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here in the delaware valley targeting local hotels. it is believed he is responsible for separate incidents in a matter of days. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live at southwest detectives with the search steve. >> reporter: chris, police believe this is one man and they want to bring him in as soon as possible because he is armed and dangerous in this pattern of robberies is very sporadic. today we spoke to one hotel manager who knew how dangerous this guy is and chased him out of his hotel, anyway. lets take a look at this. >> instincts. >> reporter: instinct is what hotel manager diamond burrwell took over when he sees a man robbing his hotel at gunpoint and why as you can see in this surveillance video he chase that is man hoist clutching a gun armed only with a chair. >> i'm not happy with this you know just my instincts that is all. >> reporter: what you don't see is gunman fires two shots at burrwell before escaping and continuing his spree in delaware county. >> very scary. this guy is more and more
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dangerous, brazen, you know, we have already seen it, this is him that he is capable of firing a weapon. >> reporter: police chief steven edmonton says he is stepping up patrol at area hotel. his officers responded to one of the four robbed or attempted object december 20th and into the 21st in a 13 hour period. in every case the man is armed, swift demanding whatever cash or items he can get his hand on. three more instances occur on the 23rd all on the border of south philadelphia and delaware county and police believe it is all one suspect. >> this male is desperate. he looks like he need money. >> reporter: lieutenant john walker say they have recover two cars stolen and used both days of the robberies. crime spree burrwell says need to end before someone gets hurt. >> this has to stop. enough is enough. >> reporter: the description for the suspect in all seven robberies is the same, black male, dark complex, 40 years
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old, 6 feet with a thin build. we have put all have of the video that has been compiled from these crime scenes on cbs you can check there. if you know anything about this you are asked to call police immediately. reporting live from southwest detective i'm steve paterson cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also tonight philadelphia police are investigating another robbery, this one in river front, and if you look closely at this surveillance video, you can see female victim walk ago long the street last week when she was attack from behind by a man. he took her purse and foot and drove off in a gray color suv: victim was taken to the hospital and check out. a deadly accident in nicetown is under investigation tonight. the authority tell thaws alcohol was found inside of this vehicle, the driver of the car was killed, three passengers including a pregnant woman injured. this all happened around 10:30 last night, investigators say the driver was exiting route
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one near wissohickon and roberts avenue exit when she lost control and then hit a pole. >> and then an embankment, where the vehicle just dropped off of a 20-foot embankment. >> well, the 24 year-old man in the front seat is in critical condition, two back seat passengers a man and a pregnant woman also 24 are expect to be okay. well, as year comes to a close murder victims in camden are being remembered. "eyewitness news" at the cathedral of the immaculate conception in camden where quad loop family services is holding their annual vigil for peace. it three is one hours long this year, within hour for each murder victim in camden in 204. >> hiv negative and i'm type o negative and i would be first in line to donate if they would take my blood today. >> demonstrators gathered in olde city outside of the f.d.a. office protesting the
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ban on blood donation from his gay men. f.d.a. announced last week it is relaxing restrictioning on blood donation from his gay men. new regulations still require men to have sex with men to remain celibate for one year prior to making a donation. a local leader of the catholic church is recovering from surgery tonight. bishop david o'connell of the diocese of trenton had to have part of his leg removed due to infections brought on by diabetes. we are told everything went well with that procedure and he is said to be resting comfortably tonight. area veterans are making sure that new years revellers get home safe and sound. >> reporter: this holiday veterans will be waiting for your call ready willing and able to get you home safe this new years eve. i'm justin finch with more on this one of a kind designated driver program. in atlantic city they are gearing up to ring in 2015 but if you plan to spend the night
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you may be in for a case of sticker shock, kathy. in weather we have clear skies, getting ready for 2015. it will be a cold new years eve we will have that forecast and the month in a glance coming up. hi beasley. eagles may be starting the off season with the loss, raiders are interested in offensive coordinator pat shurmur, that story
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if you plan to part think new years eve and think you might need a designated driver, try out a new service founded, staffed ape run by veterans. unlike most car services these drivers, use your car. here's "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch. >> on the day before new years eve, gabriel washington is already, a hired designated driver. >> i actually have have to meet him in moorestown and going to take him to a place, in philadelphia, and pick him up around 9:00. >> reporter: he won't be using his car to dot driving, he will use his client's car, the cost, 30 bucks at pick up and $2.50 a mile. that is how the company to drunk drivers works. the customer reaches out to them on even if or social media and driver shows up, takes their keys and then drives that customer home, while they relax and avoid a dui or something much worse.
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but it all begs a question why give a stranger your keys. >> when people know that we're soldiers, they feel safer rather than just random strange are driving a car. we're also soldiers. i can trust this guy. a guy or girl. >> reporter: drivers hard to miss in her pink polos, a new june form for gabriel who spent six years with the army irving in operation iraqi freedom. the training he says has prepped him to handle all kind of cars and situations and importance of leaving in one behind. >> let's say like, we just tropical you off and then leave, i feel like that would be on us if something bad happens to you so making sure that you get in your home safely, that is the whole experience right there. >> reporter: two drunk drivers, which was founded and staffed by vets launched over the summer and now with the coming new year, they know they will be needed. the group mothers against drunk driving calls new years eve one of the most dangerous days on the road at a time
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when alcohol and poor judgment can have life altering consequences like gabriel says he butts himself back on the front line. >> i just like being out there helping making a difference. >> reporter: in cherry hill, justin finch for cb is. three "eyewitness news". we've got more information on that services for you on our web site at cbs just go there and click links and numbers. more breaking news in our news room tonight reports just coming in now from northeast philadelphia, and you can see the results a car has crash into a building, at the arts a academy of benjamin rush. chopper three is over the scene at knights road and fairdale road. it is unclear if anyone was injured there but you can see some damage done to the fence and to that car as well. we will let you know as soon as more information comes in. if you plan to head to the shore for new years eve you may be surprised at one some hotel rooms are going for tonight. new survey by travel magazine found a atlantic city has the
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most expensive hotel rooms for the holiday second only to those in new orleans. on average they go for $350 a night and just been one is booked be sure to join cbs-3 on new years eve where ever you may be, we will be broadcasting live from penns landing and have the spectacular fire works show at the the stroke of midnight. you can be part of our special, send us your new years wishes, go to cbs or use the hash tag cbs-3nye. of course, bundle up because it will be cold tomorrow night. cold tonight as well. our eyewitness weather watchers are saying clear skies but with those clear skies, we will pay a price. it is getting colder by the minute. we are looking at temperatures that are in the 30's, some 20's already peter is reporting in a temperature of 31 degrees in trenton, a crisp, clear cold tonight and look at this beautiful picture of the noon wow, this
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is moon over lawrenceville new jersey this evening and it is spectacular a moon that continues to grow. toward north and west of philadelphia temperatures in the 20's in in collegeville. buddies reporting a temperature of 29. the wind just out of the northwest at 2 miles an hour n clouds but a beautiful moon and sky, cold cold cold. if would you like to track cold or perhaps the snow this winter you can be featured in our newscast by becoming an eyewitness weather caster. go to cbs one place they are loving the cold cold, cold jack frost big boulder making snow. guns going. 24/7. look at the the snow borders and skiers. they build their jumps. they are having a great time. this is the busiest week on the slopes, between christmas and new years. enjoy it, guys. temperatures around the area on the cool side site here, on the board poconos 20 degrees a that temperature you make pack powder and fast amount of time. in allentown 30 degrees.
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twenty-nine in reading. 36 degrees in philadelphia. twenty-six in millville. nothing like the cold to the west where we have been talking about it because it is noteworthy. right now temperature is seven below in international falls. winnipeg canada. eight below n minneapolis it is just one. add wind and it feels like 27 below in winnipeg. feels like 13 below in minneapolis. sue city feels like 17 below. we are not going to get that cold but we will see a little pea of the high pressure moving our way and send temperatures in the 50's highs in the 30's for tomorrow new years eve and tomorrow night will be cold as well, and then during the the day for mummers on thursday new years day temperatures in the 30's with just a little win. win makes it feel much colder. friday we are back in the 40's for a lit built of the break before more cold moves into the delaware valley this could be more permanent. overnight the a few clouds, low temperature 26 degrees. wind picks up during the the day tomorrow. wind gusting to 25 miles an hour but it will be sunny. look at that, the temperature
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35. so comfortable. the as we ring in the new year, for fire works at midnight it will be brisk and cold. temperature 27. little win. it will feel like lower 20's. a as we look ahead we are looking at a mummers day parade that will be on the chilly side but usually is, 10:00 a.m. 32. by noon 36. but plenty of sunshine. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast you'll see cold through new years day. we will warm it up over weekend. rain moves in late saturday. period of rain sunday. high near 50. and then turning colder monday and tuesday. here's a look beyond that january 7th through the 13th so almost through mid-january you see that blue color, chris, that is below normal. >> wow. >> over pennsylvania and new jersey and little bit of delaware. so there is the cold as we get into january all we need is moisture. >> still that much below box that wasn't checked. >> yes. >> we can be glad for thane deed. >> welcome to 2015 thanks
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kathy. good evening everyone we actually do have a few things to be happen bye right now, lot of the rush has sun sided there it is. the lets just keep moving. traveling on the 42 freeway this is good news i wanted to show you we are not seeing too much problem on 42, north or southbound, your new jersey majors are moving well. would i say 295 traveling southbound, watch out for delays approaching the 42 but it is not awful. neat are or our speed sensors. traveling three is your average on the schuylkill, 27 on i-95 slow points through construction zones at cottman avenue and girard. traveling in the 50's on i-95 moving your way through delaware county. traveling around south philadelphia frozen in town tonight at 7:00 so you will find some traffic, around that area of the wells fargo center. market frankford line they are having equipment issues at 15. they are experiencing delays. definitely keep that in mine. also still close because of police activity is garrett
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road at shadeland avenue so a roid that area if you can but stay with us on "eyewitness ne
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pat shurmur has been granted permanent mission to interest right with the raiders. i predict he will get the job if's grease with the conditions, to everything pat says is an invation, the league wants to learn what he has learned from chip. shurmur was here under andy reid then head coach of the cleveland browns and back last two seasons as eagles offensive coordinator although chip kelly calls the the plays. mark sanchez is a free agent. he posted a four and four record filling in foles, 14 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. sound like he likes it here. >> i will go back and look at that film and evaluate things and then, you know, have a good long talk with my agent and i'm sure coach kelly and mr. roseman, and mr. lurie and we will figure things out. i really enjoyed my time here
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and i hope it is in the over. >> sixers continuing their seven game road trip tonight against golden state, warriors have the best winning percentage in the league sixers have dropped two straight. reports that 49ers head coach jim harbaugh might return to michigan where he was star quarterback before his nfl playing career are true. signed a seven year, 35 million-dollar contract to coach wolverines. he took 49 tours three straight nfc championship games and lost to his brother, john in the 2013 super bowl. texas a and m student assisted coach michael richardson is dismissed from the team for punching opposing players during liberty bowl, richardson hit two west virginia players, when play spilled over the side line. more news when we come back.
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finally tonight a local sorority spreading some holiday cheer, to a number of homeless people here in philadelphia. members of the gamma phi delta prepared a holiday meal for dozens at baptist women's center, everything from turkey to stuffing, and all of the trimmings, all made possible, thanks to generous donations. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and right back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. "cbs evening news" is next, they will have latest on the investigation in the crash of flight 8501 plus a new sort of baby boom that is happening here the in the u.s., scott pelley is off tonight nora o'donnell reports from new york.
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>> o'donnell: tonight a devastating discovery. families watch in horror as body and debris are recovered from flight 8501. allen pizzey reports from indonesia. jeff pegues on what's next in the crash investigation. a top house republican admits he addressed a white supremacist group but says he had no idea who they were. will party leaders buy his explanation? wyatt andrews has that. the blame game over the sony hacking attack. cyber experts say it may have been an inside job. but the f.b.i. again focuses directly on north korea. margaret brennan looks at the latest evidence. and major garrett on the effort to save the koalas before it's too late. >> reporter: is the word "e


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