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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 31, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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mentioned, chillies in the air and we are tracking a new storm. i will tell you details coming up vittoria. >> hopefully your rush her won't give you the cold shoulder this morning. the as of right now everything is nice clear ape wide opened. look the at 42 freeway in problems, barely any traffic but it is new years eve morning and i'm expecting that we will see probably a little bit of rush, we will see how that turns out, ukee and nicole. in the news a police shooting in delaware county leaves one man dead. >> it follows a is he series of bizarre rant the suspect made on line. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at up are darby police department where the the confrontation is under investigation, jan. >> reporter: police say this man, this suspect made a series of threatening you tube post is a begins police at 4:00 he made his last post and then by 5:00 they say he was dead. >> this is my coming out party, okay. so you want to try to bring me down? i will bleep kill you and your
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whole family, all right so go ahead and bleep stop me. >> reporter: it is just one clip have of series of posts made by five two-year old joseph pacini where he threatens to kill police but the the last video was posted minutes before he was shot and killed in direction he he will hill tuesday afternoon. police pulled him over and said pacini tried to plow them down with his car. >> he puts the car in reverse. he runs in the the police chief's car from clifton and almost struck several officers. the police then opened fire on the vehicle. >> reporter: haverford police had an arrest warrant for the suspect because of threats pacini made begins one of its detectives. officers went to pacini's clifton heights home on tuesday and followed him as he drove to drexel hill where police boxed him in and shooting unfolded. >> he apparently used his vehicle as a weapon. >> reporter: pacini was shot by five officers, police say he had a history of mental illness. on his you tube channel he talks about his love for pop
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star sarah a bar illes. >> i am sarah's what you call twin flame, soul mate. >> reporter: fifty-two year he will also had a police record. >> in 2005 he was a arrested for recklessly endangering another person false imprisonment terroristic threats. >> reporter: as this shooting unfolded yesterday bullets also hit a nearby bank and medical office however, there were no other injuries either to people or police. reporting live from upper darby, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news this morning this is new video from overnight, police investigating a shooting in bridgeton dumb ber land county. it happened 9:30 on south avenue near henry street. investigators gathered evidence from the scene which remained very active until the very early morning hours. we will will bring you latest as soon as it comes into our news room. right now we are coming up at 5:00 lets get traffic and weather together with katie. >> hey everybody, a nice large dome of high pressure in place
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for us for better part of the eastern 23rd of the united states, in less so a lot of people will be enjoying some quiet weather, as we ring in the new year later on tonight but storm scan three at the moment as you might expect is looking pretty calm, collected here as we like to say. we have a couple cloud well off the two north and west but that is actually still as a result of very moderate very light lake enhanced snowfall none of which will have an impact just like yesterday it is kind of the similar scenario here today where that moisture is so light anyway it runs in the mountains and then just completely dissipates. we don't to have worry about anything more than just a handful of cloud on the outskirts, most outlying outskirts of the delaware valley. you can expect clear skies. looking live at the wind observations that changed right before your very eyes you can see that across the dell will wear valley in locations we are off to a chilly stay whether it is in the teens or 20's.
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even though we have a light wind at least for now it looks like that may pick up throughout the day. keep that in mine. the it will feel colder then term ter read and happy new year as we ring in that new year we expect temperatures to have dropped below freezing and it may feel colder, when you factor in just a bit of the modest breezes specially near delaware waterfront. around the region though full sunshine today. while sun glare wasn't an issue yesterday morning victoria i have a feeling it will be a problem today. >> we will to have put our new years sunglasses. >> what a great idea. >> think about it. think about it. think about it. all right. well, we will keep that thought in your back pocket, hold on to it for this morning's rush. traveling out and about right now, however you won't need sunglasses and you won't need too much additional time to put on your commute because 42 freeway and majors look great. can barely tell this is 42 freeway but traveling in either direction around creek road is shot here or around
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the walt whitman bridge atlantic city expressway it is beautiful out there new jersey is fantastic. pennsylvania is just as great as well. this is i-95 and girard north and southbound in problems, not only around center city but in your northeast suburbs as well. maybe into bucks county, also traveling in delaware county on i-95 i-95 the the entire stretch is great average speed sensors high up in the 50's. pennsylvania, new jersey delaware all the same story just how we like it. we do have an accident in upper southford schwanksville road at east park avenue. through to a avoid this accident situation if you can. elsewhere lets talk about mass transit for just a second because new years eve they have been operating an all night schedule. good news there. definitely a safe option to take mass transit, nicole. >> developing right now the reconferry of air asia flight 8501 and victims are on hold. cnn reports the search is halted because of adverse
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weather. as mark alberts reports, investigators say they have zeroed in on the larger debris. >> reporter: four days in the hunt indonesia search and rescue teams say they found may wreckage of air asia flight 8501. cbs news has confirmed that the officials have a sonar image showing a large dark object upside down at the the bottom of the java sea. break through comes as rescuers recovered more bodies from the the water including a flight attendant uniform one day after picking up other bodies and debris from the plane. >> this really begins the investigation in ernest by finding remains floating on the water, by bringing up the wreckage that is in fact floating, we know that we finally have evidence of this particular aircraft crashing into the the water. >> reporter: while heavy rain and cloud hampered efforts today investigators remain focused on locating the plane's black box recorders to determine how the plane went down. they are getting help from the
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u.s. navy's u.s.s. samson which is equipped to detect under water locater beacons. >> side scan sonar not very many of have available to them you had navy does. >> reporter: relative of the 162 victims are waiting in the airport as police collect dna sample as and photographs that will identify bodies recovered. in washington mark albert for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". your time is 5:07. back home happening today grief counselors will be available for students lost a classmate on sunday. ten year-old matthew mccloskey was walking to a friend's house when a franklin township police cruiser struck and killed him. an autopsy is listed his death as accidental. mccloskey's funeral is friday. the officer behind the wheel is on paid leave. walter palmer leadership partner school in northern liberties is shutting down today. board said a it could not pay quarter million-dollar required each month to stay in business. philadelphia cool district is helping parents find other schools for their children.
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closing effects nearly 700 students from kindergarten through the the eighth grade. multi county manhunt is underway forearmed robber targeting local hotels police say the suspect hit seven businesses, all in philadelphia and tinicum township. investigators shared these surveillance videos with us from some of the crime scenes. in one case the manager was able to chase him off a chair as that suspect fired two gunshots back in his direction. >> it is justin stinks i see something like this and i'm not happy with this. just my instincts that is all. >> this guy is coming more and more dangerous, brazen, we have already seen that this is him that he is capable of firing a weapon. >> police hope someone recognizes the man, he was wearing a bright yellow vest with the letters pwd on the back during some of the robberies. tragedy in wal-mart how a young boy ended up accidentally killing his mother in the store. also this.
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>> my heart was beating and my mind was racing, if it will cover us. >> reporter: sprinting through snow a couple manages tout run a avalanche see their dramatic escape. it is the biggest party in the big apple you are looking live at times square security extra tight for tonight's new years festivities at times square. we will go their life with how they are preparing for more than 1 million people later on tonight. >> ♪ >> yep, tonight is the tonight, fire works, love to fly over penns landing, in the one but two big shows over delaware river and don't forget you can watch the fire works right here on cbs-3 from the comfort of your own home. >> in the bad. >> yes. >> we will be right back.
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it is being called the worst mass murder in edmonton's history. nine people were killed, in the murder/suicide. police found victims yesterday at three different crime scenes across the city. the gun man was also found dead. detectives will say there was a domestic dispute and shooter's family feared he was suicidal. tragedy at a wal-mart in idaho a two-year old boy accidentally shoots and kills his mother with her own gun. police say boys found the gun in the mother's purse and pulled the trigger. shooting her point blank range. the store will shut down rest of the day but it is set to reopen sometime this morning. developing right now, as many as 300 cars are trap in
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the snowy mountains outside los angeles. a foot of snow felon san bernardino mountains and strong wind gusts are making it tougher to he see. some drivers abandoned their cars others are using chains to make it through these slick road. but, wow, that is not a good scene for sure. >> 5:13. much different scene here at home katie. >> absolutely true nicole. that will be the storm that works its way across united states and brings us some wet weather in time for the weekend. let's zero in on that storm we just showed you from. get this, las vegas is likely to see snow out of this. vegas. it don't happen often but can if the situation is right and it is right now. this will be the storm as we zoom way out that builds in the planes, develops into something bigger and we will end up with a storm by the weekend. in the meantime even tear eastern 23rd of the u.s. quiet as could be.
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we have a alarm dome of high pressure in place to bring tranquil conditions as we are finding here outside palmyra cove nature park looking way in the distance in issues finding the sky scrapers here in philadelphia. 27 degrees at this particular observation site but we have found readings in the teens already this morning thankfully win is still relatively light but it will pick up as the the day goes on. happy new years to you in the meantime. it is january. we are used to it being cold this time of the year. it is more about perception because we were spoiled so recently with milder air but at the stroke of midnight we expect temperatures to be below freezing and bottom out to 22. new years day bright and sunny and we will end up in the 30's. today we will bottom out with the thermometer. we will only hit 35. warming up in the weekend but by saturday rain starts to move in from that aforementioned storm and it will stick around for the first half of sunday vittoria over to you. good morning, happy new year.
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we have some good news maybe heading into work earlier so you can get out earlier for tonight. but if you are traveling right now on the majors it looks nice out there roosevelt boulevard, route one entirely looking beautiful. in the only around schuylkill but commuting further and further maybe in bucks county street road area road is wide open and so are our majors. route one here approaching 76 is not a problem. elsewhere schuylkill expressway in the a problem. traveling in either treks westbound this shot around city avenue or eastbound throughout your western suburbs or around center city maybe traveling around walt whitman bridge, up and over the bridge heading into new jersey. it is great. bridges as well as our majors are high up with speed sensors in the the 50's, 46 on i-95 but still looking right there 52 traveling on 295 in new jersey. it is just good news. however on the new jersey turnpike southbound just before route 322 we have an accident situation there so be mindful of that.
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police say a man tried to run down officers with his car in drexel hill was shot and killed yesterday have afternoon. it happen in drexel hill. joseph pacini posted threats on line. when police tried to arrest him they tried to run him over. authorities say pacini had mental health issues. police are investigating a shooting in bridgeton cumberland county this morning there is a large police presence there and we are working to confirm details on that situation. search teams have collect more items and recovered more bodies but rough weather has temporarily halted the search for air asia jet that disappeared this weekend. sonar equipment has located large parts of the jet in the java sea. well a pregnant woman survives a terrifying attack see surveillance video police want to you watch after a man ambushes her while walking down the the street. paying more at the pump why gas prices where to get more expensive for some drivers, we will be right
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5:23 on your new years eve. lots of fun. >> that is great way to put it here because we have great viewing conditions for all of the fun at fire works tonight but you will be shivering if you are not ready for it. so lets take you out there to storm scan three quiet as can be say for a couple cloud far off to the north and west here still courtesy of very light lake enhanced snow falling off to the north and west but if you are a skier, hitting the slopes here for next day or two great excuse for it. it will be cold but quiet and they have been making their own snow on the slopes for last 24 hours, so they are ready to go. we will take you through
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you're witness weather seven day forecast philadelphia temperatures look at warming that takes place here trade off is a new storm, moving in by the second half of saturday, lingering through the first half of sunday. because of that warm up, it looks like a rain producer for our area before clearing out and then our temperatures are plumetting, again by monday. we will be back in the 30's before you know it vittoria over to you. thanks, so much katie. right now we will be seeing speed sensors in the the 30's later on but just gorgeous outside. speed sensors high up in the 50's right now. in delays in either direction on any majors really and i can generally say that because in all of the cameras traffic basically looks like the blue route does. traveling 476 a approaching the schuylkill the shot here in delays in either direction ben franklin bridge and rest of our bridges looking just as nice. take a look speed sensors high up in the 50's in pennsylvania where you see 55 on 95.
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forty-six and even 55 on the schuylkill but even 62, traveling in new jersey. 295, 42, atlantic city expressway garden state parkway all looking good. however, traveling on the new jersey turnpike southbound right before you hit 322, we have an accident situation there, just give yourself more time. mass transit is in the clear and market frankford line is running all night this evening, ukee. thanks vittoria. in sports sixers are putting this one behind them a learning experience for young team, again, sixers met the team with the nba's best record last night. the warriors capitalized on sixers turnovers all night long. this play to former sixer andre iguodala for huge slam another former sixer mo speights led golden states with 23 points and warriors cruised to a 40-point win. 126-86. sixers in phoenix friday night. flyers and avalanche later in tonight colorado. avalanche have the worst record in the nhl.
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both teams are looking to end two game losing streaks. eagles may start this off season with a loss possibly offensive coordinator pat shurmur has been granted permission to interview with the laiders about their head coaching job. tony sirano is their interim coach. shurmur was browns head coach at within time and twice served as eagles offensive coordinator. to the florida state/florida rivalry where there are .4 in the florida state shot goes up from the corner. it is off, before jacob curse tipped it in. it counted. fsu beats florida 65-63, a little early taste of march madness in late december. nicole, back to you. coming up in the next half an her of "eyewitness news" we will have latest overnight developments in the air asia plane crash as crews search for more victims and wreckage jan. a suspect is killed and officer involved shooting in drexel hill, a suspect authorities say that had a
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history of making threatening post as begins police i'm jan carabao reporting live with those details straight ahead. also police have tracked down the penny pack rapist, hundreds of miles from philadelphia, how they found the suspect wanted for terrorizing several women. vittoria and katie return with your traffic and weather together on the three's, we will be back discover brookside and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers. flavored with exotic fruit juices.
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a carries riddled with bullets afterolice opened fire and kill the driver. police say man behind the wheel threaten officers. hello everyone now we're learning more about his trouble past. we are live with the latest on the investigation this morning. bundle up heading out to celebrate new years today it will be freezing for fire works tonight. let check with weather and traffic with katie and vittoria and we will start
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things out with katie. >> good morning. this will be a nice bright, sunny day, we will start off a brand new year looking very similar but winter's chill has absolutely settled in for us. we will talk about that, the temperatures, the sunshine out there and eventually a new storm system that we will track as well in time for weekend. we will have those details in the next few, vittoria. >> good morning, everyone. as of right now we are in the dealing with any major problems, no major delays, you have to have a lot of good news. taking a look right outside of 76 right around belmont avenue you there are in problems and hepp things stay this way but rush her will change and as katie said we will have some sun glare which could cause a delay so stay with us. we will have a full report coming up ukee. topping our news this morning a delaware county man who posted violent threats against law enforcement is the shot and killed by police as they tried to arrest him. >> authorities say suspect tried to run them over with his car. "eyewitness news"


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