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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 31, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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@ good morning. it is new year's eve, wednesday, december 31 st 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." new clues the case of flight 85 8501. overnight drivers trapped in heavy snow how snow and cold will impact the celebration on new year's eve. >> celebrations are kicking off around the globe. we'll show you the unique ways americans are ringing in the new year. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> search crews using sonar may have found portions of the wreck
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raj on the bottom of the java sea. >> seven have been recovered from the sea. >> bad weather has been hampering the efforts to locate more bodies. icy blast. it's colder than usual. >> things have really gotten dicey in southern california. >> snow surprised families traveling over the grapevine. >> look at all these cars inching down the mountain. >> the new year's eve ball is ready to go. officers will be out in full force. >> the energy is fantastic. it's new year's eve, whoo. >> speaker boehner is putting his full support behind congressman scalise. >> he didn't make it far. >> he fell asleep in the guest bedroom. >> all that -- >> it may have been off the gator. >> at the top of many people's list of resolutions. >> have you ever seen one of
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these before? you put it like this and go like that. >> -- and all that matters. >> auckland new zealand, fireworks going off. >> on "cbs this morning". >> ndamukong suh appealed this weekend. >> a lions star player, ndamukong suh. >> this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. >> welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie and gayle are off, so jeff glor and vinita nair are here. good to have you both here. >> good morning. >> crews are working to recover bodies. searches believe they know the final resting place of the plane
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and one rescuer said this morning one body was recovered wearing a life jacket. but airasia's ceo said he cannot confirm that report. >> we also learn that 41 people on the jet belonged to the same church in surabaya. allen pitz cityzzey is there this morning. >> good morning. bad weather hampered the efforts to search for people. some of the bodies drifted as much as 30 miles since yesterday. the first bodies brought back to the airport where the plane took off from, they came in numbered coffins. for now the only identification they have. one of them was dressed in her distinctive stewardess uniform. at the airport crisis center officials are taking details from relatives that will help put names to the victims.
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the i.d. tag that identifies this man as family member also has the name andreas, the name of his 32-year-old son. he dropped his son off at the airport last sunday. a small bandage is a reminder of the blood he gave for dna. he's praying for a miracle, the only thing he has to cling to. they held an impromptu service at the airport, a way to deal with grief. all but a handful of the 162 people on board were indonesian whose fingerprints would have been placed in a national database when they reached 17 and received an identity kafrmtd the bodies will be held in this refrigeration unit outside a police compound until they can
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be autopsied and identified local religious customs and sensibilities also must be respected. they promise that the effort will go on for as long as necessary. and the story gross more poignant as it develops. they reported seeing three bodies floating in the sea holding hands. >> that bad weather at the crash site could make it harder to figure out why flight 8501 fell from the sky. jeff pegues is tracking it from washington. good morning. >> good morning. the debris field in the java sea is starting to yield more evidence of what may have gone wrong. it suggests the plane may have hit the weather relatively intact. that increases the possibility that they may have had time to
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react to what was going wrong and that air speed may have been a factor. but it's the black box that will tell all of this story, at least most of it. the a-320 is found in the rear of the plane. both will provide vital information about the plane's altitude, air speed, and engine performance as well as the pilot's final words. they'll use the investigation to determine if weather played a role, if mechanical systems failed or if pilot error led to the crash. >> just a reminder, how long do crews have to find the black boxes? >> they have a locater beacon which will throw out a ping for at least 30 days sometimes longer than that. it can survive in saltwater but time is of the essence. once they locate them they'll
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take them out of the saltwater and submerse them in clear water. they'll get the memory boxes about the size of this cell phone and get the data they're looking for. >> thank you so much. freezing weather is creating hazardous conditions for some. california's big bear area stranded hundreds of drivers. john blackstone is in pasadena. good morning. >> yes. this is where thousands of spectators will be gathered 24 hours from now waiting for the start of the annual rose parade. this year is expected to be a record breaker the coldest in history. snow and freezing temperatures are creating dangerous conditions in the mountain community of big bear california about 100 miles
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northeast of los angeles. >> it's cold. there's a lot of people out there. >> reporter: in san bernardino firefighters used snowcats to rescue hundreds of people. fire crews south of l.a. were the ones that needed saving. a downed power line caused by strong winds caused an electrical fire. they were trapped in the station. utilities were able to shut off the power. no one was injured. the heavy windchills will bring the cold down to the 20s on new year's eve. strong winds knocked down trees, two in california that were driving. in southern california the cold is causing concerns about the floats and spectators. hundreds are expected to camp out here overnight and many may
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be unprepared for it. for much of the country, 30 degrees, that's not considered cold. >> the threat of hypothermia is real. kit be life-threatening and fatal. >> reporter: here in pasadena the temperature has dropped to the low 40s. that's not too bad in other parts but here in southern california it certainly gloved weather. >> thank you so much. parts of arizona preparing for a foot of snow. that snow plans to handle these treacherous conditions. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. so far not a lot of snow has fallen. this is just the beginning of what's expected to be a very significant winter storm.
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about 12 inches are ready to fall. that's not unusual. what is unusual is how cold and wet it's reaching down south. they're accept about very koes teds. folks up here in flagstaff will be celebrateling with perhaps shovels. we send it back to you, vinita. >> we hope you have a bridge near buy. denver national arpt recorded 15 degrees below zero. meteorologist evelyn taft has more. >> good morning. take a look. 26 below in denver.
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that's what it feels like. 19 in new york. as we head to dallas 2rks 2. only getting colder. we've got several. jericka duncan is already there. good morning. >> good morning. some even staking out that
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perfect spot for tonight's performances. now, the new york city police department will without a doubt have a large presence. officials say the city is on high alert. those who have come to witness the festivities in person have come out early. stacy jebson made the trip to florida. >> why is it so important for you. >> a once in a lifetime event for the ball dropping in new york city. >> tim tompkins the president of the times square alliance is in charge of planning this year's party. >> the energy is absolutely amazing here because people are here. they're taking selfies of themselves and they know a billion people around the world are watching. >> reporter: and watching the crowds will be thousands of nypd officers. bomb-sniffing dogs and radiation detectors have been deployed. hundreds of security camera feeds will allow law enforcement
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officials to spot suspicious activity from their command center. >> times square is probably the safest place in new york city on new year's eve. we'll be patrolling in the air, on the ground and in the subway system. we have not received any specific threats but the city will be on high alert for any trouble. >> 2014 brought many challenges for the new york police department. there were weeks of protests following a grand jury's decision not to arraign the officer. they're adding additional officers to handle potential protests. >> there is obviously a heightened sense of security to the detail. as we turn the police officers out, we have to remind them to look out for each other and make sure we all stay safe.
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>> anyone who ens the so-called frozen zone. when the ball drops it's expected to be 29 degrees. thank you very much. this morning an idaho town is reeling after a 2-year-old boy got ahold of his mother's gun and shot him to death in a walmart store. don dahler has more. good morning. >> good morning. what should have been a routine shopping trip turned tragic and it included a store full of holiday shoppers. >> reporter: 29-year-old veronica rutledge was in the electronic department in this walmart in the afternoon. >> a small child accessed a concealed weapon that was inside the victim's purse and discharged it, striking the victim. >> reporter: rutledge's
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2-year-old son accidentally fired the shot. she was struck by the bullet and died at the scene. the three other kids were all members of her extended family, all under the age of 11. on tuesday night rutledge's father-in-law said the family lost a beautiful loving mother. walmart issue add statement saying a very sad incident occur occurredoccur occurred at our store today involving the death of a female customer. carrying a concealed weapon is legal in idaho and more than 7% of its adults have a permit to do so. >> this is a pretty tragic incident owe euro dealing with when you have small children young people a holiday season. it's not a pleasant experience right now. >> reporter: law enforcement officials reviewed the statement but they have yet to decide whether to make that video public. there is hope this morning
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that the new year could finally bring freedom for three al jazeera journalists. they were supporting the outlawed muslim brotherhood and sprenlding false news. take a look at a court hearing that could end more than a year of captivity. good morning. >> good morning. right from the start this case has been more about politics than crime. recently, though the political wind has shifted a little and that could mean the end of a nightmare for the three jailed eded journalists and, of course their family. >> we hope everything works out. >> reporter: these parents are hoepg the appeal will rule him h free and he can fly home. they held a vigil this week. while in london friends and colleagues demonstrated outside
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the egyptian embassy and supporters issued a tweet tweet #feeajstaff. the government accused them of acting as a mouthpiece for the band islamic party, the muslim brotherhood. in fact, most diplomats think the men are guilty of nothing more than working for a tv network in qatar, egypt's bitter enemy. >> he didn't do anything. he didn't commit any crime. >> reporter: back in june the tleel faced a trial that was chaotic. >> we've been clear both publicly and privately that they should be released.
7:18 am
>> al jazeera itself has made an exception and shut down. >> it's another reason why we would like to be hopeful that we'll have a just outcome on the 1st. >> the appeal hearing is scheduled to start soon. so we could have a verdict almost memely or it could take several daes. >> this morning republican leaders are standing behind one of those own. house majority whip scalise said it was a mistake. shaner said he made an error in judgment and it was wrong. former president george h.w.
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bush is ready to celebrate the new year at home. doctors say his breathing is back at home. he celebrated hiss birthday with a sky dive. his wedding anniversary is coming up too. >> this national weather report sponsored by yoplait.
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it is so good. a young couple escapes death twice. >> ahead, how they survived two avalanches just moments apart. see the split-second decision that saved their lives. >> the news is back in the morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned now for your local news.
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meet the family on a hi, good morning everyone i'm ukee washington. lets get your forecast on this last day of 2014. here's katie. >> nice way overall ukee to wrap up the year as a whole. we have a high pressure locked in place keeping us dry sunny and just on the chilly side here for the next couple days. the lets take you out there and beautiful view on storm scan three essentially empty just like we like it. we can see few hints of moisture out to sea and zooming out we will see further north and west a hint of lake effect snow but it will in the affect us here. we expect full sunshine as evident by the view here as that pleasant valley middle and high schools here at broad headville. sixteen on the thermometer, feeling chillier and at best it feels like upper 20's today even though we are hitting
7:27 am
35 degrees. the that is cold enough wouldn't you say, vittoria. >> thanks, katie. good morning everyone. the it is slow enough on the 42 freeway if you are traveling in new jersey, north bound on the 42 approaching 295 we had an earlier accident blocking right lanes that have been moved to the shoulder. damage is done. the delays stemming back to 55 affecting north bound side of 55 but bright side is that our majors are beautiful anyhow you cut it in pennsylvania, new jersey delaware, that is within minor setback and mass transit looks great, ukee. let's do it again at 7:55. up next this morning a company's engaged in revenge hacking? for more local news weather traffic and sports we're on the cw philly andnd find us on these channels. i'm ukee washington
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550. $550. linda. >> $500. >> $499. >> $1. >> $1. original price, 500 bucks. linda, 500. 500. 500, linda, 500. you're 550, she's 500. >> you have to feel bad for this guy. the contestant on the price is write got very excited. the woman next to him actually won the bid and got on down. >> i love that she pushed him out of the way. not your day, step to the side. >> it's still my dream to do
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"the price is right." >> we want to see you on "the price is right." >> i want to be on it. i've been watching that since i was a kid. >> new year's resolution. >> you probably know the right people. >> putting it on the list. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour the flu outbreak that is now an epidemic. that's right. dr. holly phillips is in our toyota green room. she's going to tell us how much worse it's likely to get and how you can stay healthy until it's all over. >> it sounded like thunder. what they're saying after he and his girlfriend escaped. their story of survival ahead. >> first time to show you this morning's headlines from around the world. bloomberg said fewer americans are dieing from cancer. they find the mortality rate fell 22% over two decades. that is 1.5 million deaths avoided, they say. research is due to smoking less
7:32 am
and prevention detecting, and treating cancer. >> that's good news. the new york tiechls says five guantanamo prisoners were released to kazakhstan. 127 remain. the "washington post" says the defense department is developing a drone that can navigate through indoor spaces at 45 miles an hour to survey enemy positions. it would be small enough to slip through a window. the drone may possibly be weaponized to kill enemy troops. the project is called flap and it's inspired. they say the goal is to have plans for drones to memorize a room so they can go back in. mayor bill de blasio met
7:33 am
within some officials. they're angry about the killing of two police officers. "the wall street journal" says the u.s. government is defending its conclusion that northee ya hacked sony. private cyber security experts say evidence points elsewhere. they don't have the complete picture. the fbi is pushing back in a picture saying, quote, the fbi has concluded the government of north korea is responsible. there's no credible information to indicate any other individual is responsible for this cyber incident. and "usa today" looks at south korean air drop. a north korean defector plans to use balloons to send 100,000 copies of the movie to 100,000. how many will have dvd players
7:34 am
and things to watch them. this morning investigators want to know if some overstepped the law. >> the fbi is looking into some of the largest banks to see if they went too far. jan crawford is in washington looking into the cyber suit. good morning. >> good morning. this is called revenge hacking. companies who were hacked will turn around and try to hack the systems to shut down their systems or get stolen information. under u.s. law that's illegal. after the u.s. government announced in 2012 that iran was behind the hacking of some of the largest u.s. banking institutions, the banks reportedly hatched a plan. someone from jpmorgan suggested they hit back and take down their servers. >> they did shut down the servers and fbi is trying to find out who did it. >> that's because under a
7:35 am
30-year-old law companies cannot access servers to slow it or stop a pinding attack. >> right now the situation is they're in defense. they have to keep hackers out of their system. >> he said the fbi can show who is responsible for the attack and get them out of the network but for the companies that information comes a little late. >> they're incredibly frus straitsed and vulnerable and they're looking for other options. >> for many companies the financial incentive is high. in 2013 target reported hackers compromised up to 40 million debit or credit card accounts and stole personal data from another 70 million customers, costing upward of $350 million. a recent report by mcafee
7:36 am
reported that hacking cost the global companies. >> look at sony look at target. they've been sued. they're being sued by their own employees saying you should have done more to protect my data. >> she said despite the pressure there are dangers for companies. >> you can actually make a bad situation go from bad to a catastrophe. you have no idea what you can be taking offline and doing that. it could be an energy utility silverer. you don't know. >> now, she told us that she hopes the fbi investigation will help create a better framework for companies that are dealing with hacking threats so they're better protected and less vulnerable. the cdc is officially
7:37 am
declaring the flu an epidemic. 15 kids have died in this year's outbreak. our dr. holly phillips is with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning, norah. >> you hear the word epidemic. >> it means 6.8% of deaths in a specific period of time are caused by flu or pneumonia related to the flu. to put it in perspective, we often reach epidemic levels but not this early. it's only december for a few more hours but the flu season doesn't peak until february. >> one of the things is that the flu shot this season is not terribly well matched to the strain. >> that's right. there are a couple of reasons. the h3n2 is the dominant type.
7:38 am
>> people think they're not going to get it because the strain doesn't match what was the troublesome variety. >> these ooh right. vinita, it doesn't match perfectly, but there's still some cross coverage. the shot also covers h1n1 and influenza b. >> i'm glad i got mine. what are other healthy precautions you can take. >> if you feel sick, go to the doctor. if you take antibiotics, it shortsen the course. take the flu seriously. >> dr. holly phillips, happy new year and a flu-free year. ahead, terror barreling down the mountain. >> we heard the noise and she was like avalanche, and i
7:39 am
turned around and just started running. >> how a couple made it out alive twice. plus the crazy new year's eve tradition around the country from dropping a golden chili to dropping a drag queen. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪because i love you♪ ♪[music continues]♪ ♪
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old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh a washington state couple is safe this morning after barely surviving two avalanches. the snow came roaring toward them saturday in the mt. baker snoqualmie national forrest northeast of seattle. bigad shaban shows us more of that frightening video and how the couple escaped. >> reporter: incredibly this was the second avalanche that colby and his girlfriend ashley ran from this afternoon. >> it was thunderous sounds.
7:44 am
it sounded like an airplane going over us. my heart was beating. i wondered if it was going to cover us for sure. >> the first one came crashing down moments earlier. ashley was the first to recognize the danger. >> we heard the noise and she was like avalanche, turned around and started running. >> the couple and some friends were visiting the big four ice caves about two hours north of seattle. people were inside when the avalanches struck. >> i saw four head lamb ps and people running out once the sounds started. >> reporter: avalanches send snows, rock, and debris shooting down the mountainside of up to 85 miles an hour. they're blamed for 35 deaths so far this year. in washington state, 37 have been killed over the decade. ice caves are possible. falling ice killed an
7:45 am
11-year-old girl there in 2010. he said all he was thinking about was how to survive. >> my dad told me if i was ever trapped in an avalanche, spit so you can find what's up and what's down. >> reporter: he's north gnat he wasn't killed and wants to go back to the ice caves but next time he won't go so close. >> he's lucky to be alive. >> we should mention everybody got out alive. >> around 20 people. ahead, the best restaurants. a restaurant is left high and
7:46 am
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the morton salt company is living up to its slogan. when it rains, it pours. the roof collapsed andtons of salt spilled overcars at the acura dealership next door. it was piled too high inside the building forcing it to collapse. >> pouring salt in the wounds of the acura dealership. >> very very salty situation. now to this story. a restaurant is suffering from the loss of their wine. the chef is pleading for the return of his wine. it was broken into after it closed for renovations. look at this. they smashed in the door and
7:51 am
grabbed more than 50 bottles of the good stuff from the sell never napa valley. >> it's painful to look at this list. these are the faberge eggs the bu gottis. these are to my eyes very specifically chosen. if you were to break into the museum, you would have to know what you were after. >> the total is worth $50,000. >> you have to hope all of it is ensured. >> it probably is. >> you wonder who's. >> you hope there's cameras inside. new year's eve struck in places like auckland new zealand. we'll watch the display. the spectacular fireworks show is ahead right here on "cbs this morning."
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good morning everyone. i'm nicole brewer on this new years eve lots of folks wondering what the forecast will look like for the fire works show, katie. >> i think generally speaking nicole this is a pretty great forecast. it will be chilly but it is coming up on january. not the most unheard of forecast we have ever seen but more about perception this time around. it has been a lot milder last few weeks and today it will be a lot colder. storm scan three featuring even just a little hint of lake effect snow none which affects us here but it is out there to usher in a couple cloud, otherwise expect mostly sunny skies, brisk, cold high of 35 after all. after the the stroke of midnight we are thinking 28 degrees. we will bottom out to 22. happy new year tomorrow we
7:57 am
will end up in the 30's. carbon cop which more sunshine. storm by the weekend though vittoria. >> not looking forward to that but we have some sun on this new years eve. may cause, tsunami glare so put the shade down or on. on i-95 and rest of the majors it looks like it is gorgeous out there no signs of a rush hour. there is a little bit of sun glare on the cue kill. westbound and eastbound commuting, it does not matter where you are going. western suburbs center city, speed sensors high up in the the 50's n delays in new jersey or delaware or no delays for mass transit nicole. next update 8:25. up next this morning, a look at more unique venues hosting new years eve count down. more local news and weather on the new years eve on the cw
7:58 am
7:59 am
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it is wednesday, december 31st 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the new year is just arriving in sydney australia. more real news ahead, including more of the big celebration now getting under way. and we'll see why new york city and other cities strop balls and strange things on new year's eve. but first here's a look at your "eye opener" at 8:00. >> search and rescue workers believe they know where the plane is. >> they believe the plane hit the water relatively intact. >> about 12 inches is expected to fall. >> here in southern california, jeff it's certainly glove
8:01 am
weather. >> below 40. horrendous. >> the streets are already bustle with a lot of people in new york city's times square. >> revenge hackers. companies will try to attack their hackers, but under u.s. law, that's illegal. >> to put it in perspective, we often reach epidemic levels but not this early. it's only december. >> they survived two avalanches moments apart. >> did you really think you could outrun an avalanche? >> i thought i could try. >> i love how she pushed him out of the way. >> you want to be on "the price is right." >> i want to be on "the price is right." i've wanted to since i wasbeen watching it since i was a kid. >> new year's resolution.
8:02 am
new year's eve celebrations are canceled in surabaya indonesia, as stormy conditions continue. they haven't found the black box recorder. >> one said one body was wearing a life jacket but he says he cannot confirm that information. well this morning 2015 is arriving on the other side of the pacific. this is a live picture from sydney, australia, where a massive fireworks display is light up the famous harbor bridge. hundreds of thousands crowded to see that spectacular show. let's take a listen. ♪
8:03 am
>> more huge crowds are rings in the new year in hong kong and elsewhere. we're all dancing. how nice. >> they're going to use drones to film some activity. >> that's a drone shot right there. >> yes. spectacular. >> over sidneyydney harbour. early happy new year on the other side of the world. >> my favorite hasn't ot off. the one that looks like a palm tree. you like one? >> the big ball ones. >> you've got lots of them there then. >> new year's eve as well. >> okay. it's rainy and around 70 degrees in sydney a far cry from the chilly conditions here in the u.s. snow and ice caught drivers off guard in california's big bar overnight. many had to be rescued as cars slid off the road. it's moving through the
8:04 am
southwest. some could see a foot of snow. others could see clear skies for the last day of 2014. and the final preparations are under way for new york city's countdown. that glittery ball is not the only object in the u.s. that will fall from the sky at midnight. jericka duncan is in times square to show us what other cities are dropping. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the idea of dropping a ball to mark in the new year is something that has roots in maritime tradition and more than a century since the first ball drop here in times square. the custom has taken on a life of its own. >> two, one, happy new year. >> in a growing number of cities across the country, it wouldn't be a new year's celebration without falling food. atlanta dropped the peach. miami, a neon orange. and a moon pie flies over
8:05 am
mobile alabama, to mark the start of the new year. in lebanon, pennsylvania, it's bologna bologna, in pittsburgh it's a pickle. drag queen over the streets of key west, florida. the tradition of ringing in the new year by dropping an object was started in 1907. they banish fireworks so a newspaper went looking for a new way to mark the new year. he adapted a maritime ritual. >> this was a maritime tradition. ball would drop at a certain time of day to let them know what time it was. >> it was perfect and a much
8:06 am
less flammable way to bring in the new year. >> reporter: although today's celebrations often include pyrotechnics, the drop has endured. and music city nashville, tennessee, it's a 15-foot red note while new orleans appropriately lowers a fleur-de-lis. ♪ >> reporter: each marks the passing of time gone but but in essence it's a party. >> it's the stirrer in the cocktail that is really the energy of the crowd. >> reporter: and people have already started to gather here at times square. of course, they're here despite those below freezing temperatures that are expected to continue through midnight. norah? >> all right. a good reason when it's cold outside to snuggle up to somebody on new year's eve. >> stay warm. >> stay warm indeed. on midnight you have to find
8:07 am
somebody to give a big smooch to. >> i think we all know who we're going to be giving our kisses to i hope. >> we're still married. coming up the year's biggest stories and our favorite
8:08 am
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in your "morning rounds" the paleo diet also called the
8:13 am
caveman diet can help us lose weight and feel healthier. john blackstone with one family living the paleo lifestyle. >> everyone ready? >> reporter: as popular cross-fit gyms it's getting more exercise with less equipment. workout done anywhere. imagine crossfit in the age of the caveman. the website call this the workout the world forgot. exercising much like our predecessors in the paleolithic era might have done. rob wolf best-selling author of "the paleo solution" runs a gym in california. >> what's the point of the paleo workout. >> >> it's fun. fun and effective. it's usually in a group so you get fun. >> reporter: their garage is now a paleo exercise room for the
8:14 am
whole family but they were not impressed when they first heard about paleo five years ago. >> started downloading them, we both laughed over them and thought they were ridiculous. >> reporter: but henry gave paleo a try. >> he said, i don't know maybe whole grains and that might be a good idea and i thought he was bananas. >> reporter: michelle a pharmacist by profession had no plans on adopting a caveman cuisine but notice add change in her husband. >> i was noticing he had more energy getting his six pack. i thought i'd give it a try. >> out went all the junk food in the house and now i have no choice. >> reporter: michelle started posting paleo recipes online. her blog averages 1,000 views a
8:15 am
day and a best-selling cookbook. >> i put up recipes that are paleo-friendly. >> what is paleo-friendly? >> to me the kavgman is a mascot but learning from the past finding out what works for you. >> reporter: the caveman diet involves wild meat, fresh foods vegetables and nuts. processed foods are to be avoided. >> where the paleo diet comes into conflict is recommending lots of red meat. >> reporter: the doctor says you really can't replicate a stone age diet. >> straw ber berrys and pistachios and things weren't
8:16 am
around. >> reporter: yet the primal lifestyle has spawned a mini industry from beauty products to paleo treats even foods like pancakes and cereal. >> when they're in my house, they eat what i make. out in the wild -- >> out in the wild. >> i let them make their own decisions. >> sun rise marks the start of the day. sunset, time to start your sleep pattern. michelle uses amber goggles at night. while the health benefits of a paleo lifestyle are unproonk bursts of strong natural movements clearly help man survive the stone age. >> if something were to happen i could pick up my two kids and
8:17 am
run out of the house. if something happened to henry, i could probably dead lift him out as well. >> you're stronger feeling better? >> yeah. that's probably why i have this website. i've become an evangelist for it. >> reporter: it should be noted the lifespan was about 35 years. but then back you it was more challenging than it probably is. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone palo alto california. ahead, women takes the year in sports by storm. mo'ne davis thrilled the sports world this year. elaine quijano showed us the victory that continues to inspire. next on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs "morning roundsds" sponsored by campbell's. m'm! m'm! good! for four generations. [ male announcer ] nothing melts away the cold like a hot delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from
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it's going to help a lot of people. it's so amazing know that, you know i'm not just going to be another statistic for vipz. >> lauren hill is celebrating another crucial victory. we showed you the 19-year-old's battle against an inoperable brain tumor. she raised her goal of $1 million. last month she lived out her
8:22 am
dream of starting for her college basketball team. elaine quijano shows us how she's one example of how many women triumphed in sports this year. >> little league series. >> when mo'ne davis took the mound in this year's little league world series, she was the first ever. >> throwing 70 miles an hour. >> reporter: and 13-year-old davis did it by throwing strike after strike after strike. >> it's other. a complete game for mo'ne davis. >> her fastball and quick wit earned her the cover of "sports illustrated." >> it's pretty rare to be on the cover of "sports illustrated" magazine. >> greg wall would know. he's a writer there. >> there was a time there was a lot of negativity in the sports world. i think people wanted a reason to fall in love with sports
8:23 am
again. >> reporter: america instantly fell in lodge with college freshman lauren hill. she suvg she sunk a basket and inspired a nation when she made her college basketball debut. she was diagnosed with an inon inoperable brain tumor. >> i wanted to put that on. >> reporter: golfer lucy li made international headlines at 11 years old as the youngest player ever to qualify for the women's u.s. open. >> there are several examples this year that women were able to go into places where they hadn't been before and do well. >> reporter: former secretary of state condoleezza rice was doing better than well. she was making decisions. she's the only female member of the college playoff committee. >> no woman belongs on the committee. basically in football, is that
8:24 am
what you said? >> rice may have never spiked a ball but that didn't stop them drafting her. and she went from point guard to assistant coach for the san antonio spurs. she's the first full-time female coach. >> i've got to be honest. it's never been about the women thing. they said, hey, she's got great basketball mind and would be a great addition to our program. >> the women's world cup is coming up next year in 2015. there are more teams competing than ever before. >> what a great piece, elaine. >> thanks. it was great year. >> your favorite? >> i liked them all but mo'ne davis was great. >> it's nice to hear little boys say they want to be like mo'ne davis. >> and lauren hill giving back
8:25 am
through cancer research. coming up some of the fun good morning i'm ukee washington. in the news arson investigators are working to find out what caused an early morning house fire in bridgeton cumberland county. flames broke out on fairton millville road earlier this morning. fire fighters got it under control in about an hour an a half but as you you can see the home was completely destroyed no injuries were reported but we do know arson investigators are on the scene. lets get your new years eve forecast with katie. the she's in the weather center, good morning. >> pretty nice one overall. we have bright blue skies, to kick start your new users eve and once the sun goes down pretty great condition. so to use fire works. it is chilly. we will talk about temperatures in a second. storm scan three is quiet.
8:26 am
we have nothing more than just bright clear skies right now but december spied that the sun will not. it is brisk with a marylandes breeze it will feel colder then them ter read. we are thinking 28 degrees as the stroke of midnight but tomorrow looks very much the same. almost a copy. mid up toker 30's. sunshine expect. a rain storm head our way this weekend. vittoria, over to you. thanks katie, good morning. happy new years eve. if you are traveling will out and about you will be happy to know it is in the awful outside. it is really nice w that unis you will have sun glare so that may slow you down a tad but look at the 42, 42 northbound and southbound moving beautifully as we move our way into pennsylvania 422, also moving beautifully around the area of the pennsylvania turnpike and anywhere. speed sensors high up in the the 50's in matter how you cut it. it is pennsylvania, new jersey delaware, you just after lot of good news. we have an accident in hatfield, cow path road at line lexington road. be mindful of.
8:27 am
that in delays for mass transit. ukee. our next update is 8:55. up next on cbs this morning a look back at the year 2014. for more local news weather traffic and sports we're on the cw philly on these
8:28 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning" on this. coming up the biggest stories and extraordinary moments that define 2014. "the huffington post" says binge drinking affects young healthy adults. participants drank up to five shots of vodka. >> did you need a study to prove that? >> apparently. >> all right. "the wall street journal" looks at popular workouts in 2014. it's based on 47 million users using the fitness app. i use that.
8:31 am
a growing number tried soulcycle and ballet style workout. >> they're trying the fitbit on their arm. more and more are trying it. >> that's a fit bit. >> a stylish one. a houston man found a bug burglar asleep in his guest bedroom. he didn't wake up until police arrived. >> drunk on vodka. 2014 changed the world from crimea to ferguson and flight 370. we cheer on teams from sochi and remember some remarkable people who left us. here's a look at the year that was. >> another rough night in ferguson. >> tear gas, roadblocks and rubber bullets were all used to disperse the crowds. >> you must disperse immediately. >> all of a sudden police have
8:32 am
surrounded the area. >> you don't think he wanted to kill your son. >> i don't think he wanted to kill my son, but he wanted to kill someone. >> two of new york's finest were shot and killed with no warning. they were quite simply assassinated. >> this defies explanation. how does a boeing 777 just disappear? >> this opens up a whole hot of new questions. >> teams are now combing across this entire strait as the search area gets bigger and bigger. >> the disappearance of flight 370 could involve a criminal act. >> someone in that cockpit reprogrammed that keyboard. >> a group of chinese family members accused the malaysian government of with holding information. >> now there's a race to find out exactly where flight 370 went down. >> it's like finding a need. 10,000 haystacks. >> it's a terrorist organization pure and simple.
8:33 am
>> mark this date down because this is isis's first terrorist attack against the united states. >> they're beyond just a terrorist group. this is beyond anything that we've seen. >> in the land they control, they've set up what they call an islamic state. >> air strikes against isis its training compounds, buildings, armed vehicles. >> our objective is clear. we'll degrade and ultimately destroy isis. if you threaten america, you will find no safe hainch. >> a malaysian jetliner went down near the border of russia. >> what happened here is the separatists made a mistake. >> this is the tail section. these there are holes in this thing, deep gouges that would appear to be an indication of some sort of shrapnel. >> here at kiev's independence
8:34 am
square there were more. >> they stopped us we were blind folded. they wrapped tape around our heads. >> both sides are clearly expecting more violence. >> putin's russia is playing by a different set of rules. >> the only thing like this has been aids and we have to work now so that this is not the world's next aids. >> it's a horrible, terrible, huemility humility-dignity-stripping disease. >> what alarms you the most? >> by far what's going on in africa. >> the cdc assures the public the hospitals are ready to handle and contain any cases. >> at the same time. >> the bottom line is we're stopping this in its tracks in the u.s. >> when you make these bold statements and then backtrack, people look at that and say who
8:35 am
do i trust. >> just know it wasn't a pleasant thing that happened. >> this is somebody's home, somebody's life. >> there's people here you can't get them to go home. they're living through their loved ones. >> are you in there? we got her, okay. >> in a matter of seconds this home was blown to pieces. houses are destroyed. litter on the sidewalk. >> don't want to have look in a little child's eyes and see the hurt like this. >> does the nfl have a domestic violence problem? >> one case is too many. one. >> the israeli attack seems to be intensifying. >> after they rejected aed a cease-fire. >> army sergeant bowe bergdahl is awaiting a hand-off. >> veterans died. >> get us the answers, please. >> judgment day has arrived. >> it took just over an hour to sentence oscar pistorius to
8:36 am
jail. >> eric frein has been spotted in these thick northeastern pennsylvanian woods. >> he was captured near an apparent airport hangar. >> outrage over the outrageous remarks by donald sterling. >> bill cosby answers to sexual assault allegations. >> now a sweeping assault. >> this was the first catastrophic failure since nasa started using private companies. >> the guardians, infi trailed the movie "the interview." >> what are you packing there, ashley? >> why is it called tinder? why is it [ bleep ] called tinder? >> endless appetizers. >> what does it smell like? >> oranges. >> fresh mowed grass.
8:37 am
>> old chinese fault. >> in fact, paul and i will be wrapping things up and taking a hike. >> i do not envy whoever they try to put in the chair. >> the always entertaining stephen colbert. >> let's take it. >> all right. we're trending. ♪ >> let's do it. >> it is all about this polar vortex. >> how are you doing? >> well, we're a little chilly norah. >> feels like temperatures of negative 47. >> without it these ice breakers would never make it through the waters. >> all along the roads and highways there were cars abandoned. >> it's not just the federal government. it's the entire city. >> the snow should end but the wind gusts are expected to last. >> oh, yes, it's very cold.
8:38 am
>> can i just say, barry, you look dapper in the hat. >> it helps but i really want to go someplace to get warm. ♪ let it go let it go ♪ >> obviously republicans had a good night. >> we have swept this nation. >> it is time for a new way forward. >> they didn't just win. they won big. >> the message is clear. start to get things done. >> to those member of congress who question my authority, i have one answer. pass a bill. >> don't let somebody get close to the president. don't let them get in the white house ever. >> omar gonzalez was able to leap that fence, travel across the lawn of the white house and end up at the front door. >> is the front door locked now. >> i tell you, i had nothing to do with this. >> you can't remember a news conference like this. >> this guy comes at you with all the nuance and subtlety of a
8:39 am
dump truck. >> oh my goodness. that may be the greatest catch i've ever seen. >> ♪ >> boston wins another green jacket. >> a world series win for the san francisco giants and their hero madison bumgarner. >> derek jeter ends his final game with a walk-off single. did you have any doubts? >> what was going through your mind as you stepped into the batter's box one last time. >> don't cry. >> gooood morning, vietnam! ♪ >> i don't use it. i think it's wrong, dave.
8:40 am
>> you know how to whistle, don't you, steve? you jut put your lips together and blow. >> i am the hope and the dream of the flame, and so there i go. ♪ what would you do if i sang out of tune ♪ ♪ would you stand up and walk out on me ♪ >> there's something very important i forgot to tell you. don't cross the streets. ♪ i will try not to sing out of key ♪ ♪ oh baby i get by with a little help from my friends ♪ ♪ i get by with a little help from my friends ♪ ♪ >> i feel loss. that only occurs when you love something more than you love
8:41 am
somebody else. i doubt you ever loved anybody that much. >> i watch you every morning while i'm doing my exercise. i'm usually in my under wear. >> how nice of you to put on pants. >> that's the new slogan with the nfl on thursday night. >> norah, i can't wait to see you running pass patterns out here later on. >> please throw the prompter back to me please. i want a do-over. >> what a way to start the morning. >> hello. >> the news is back in the morning. >> yes. >> look at the camera. >> say it like you're making love to the camera. >> oh my charlie. >> you know how to do this baby. ♪ this is going to be the best day of my life ♪ >> so many people are prepared to acknowledge on national television they smoked pot. >> including you. >> including me. >> and you? >> i'm not part of your focus group. >> have you? >> i want to.
8:42 am
>> can make it happen when this is over. >> i just want to try it. >> cbs starts now. >> cbsn. >> cbsn. >> do you know how to read the prompter? >> yeah, i do. >> are you as glad to see me as i am you? >> yeah yes, i am. can i go now. >> boom. keep coming hard core. >> what do you eat in the morning? what do you drink? >> i don't want to sound like a starbucks commercial but it's got a lot of calories many it. >> dome really says what? do me. >> would you say it one more time. ♪ happiness is addressed ♪ >> how do you want to be referred to as? mr. pit? mr. bull? >> mr. pit bull. >> that was so nice of you to invut us over your house. do you want us to bring
8:43 am
anything? >> your sister. >> all that. >> and all that matters. >> on "cbs this morning." >> hi. >> what is taylor swift shaking off? what is that? it means different things to different people. >> it does. that's the thing about this. >> are you lovinghugging his leg under there? >> that's not my leg. >> hey, tom cruise stay white. don't forget your whiteness. >> all that. >> and all that matters. ♪ i'm so fancy ♪ >> never been on live television before. >> he kind of looks like chris licht our executive producer. >> i pulled this out of charlie's office this morning. >> somehow i don't believe that. >> all that and all that matters on "cbs this morning." eat your heart out, ben affleck. >> my moment. >> you and charlie are homeys, by the way. >> oh, yeah.
8:44 am
we're in good company, this one. >> how would you say charlie? >> hey, way to win that peabody, c-harally. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." >> the news is back in the morning. we'll see you in a few minutes. >> we're back. it's back. charlie, the news is back. >> and all that matters. >> that was awesome. >> the best ever. >> we have another surprise for you, charlie. this amazing guest whom you treated with respect. >> i never submit applications for awards. i don't know how these things happen but thank you very much. >> yay. >> bravo! >> yay. ♪ >> wow. >> that was tremendous. >> tremendous. we should thank producer matt shelly and carlson.
8:45 am
they took weeks to put this together. look at where we've been in the past year. >> it makes me look back and say all that happened? >> it reminds us of it. >> they reported from all over the globe and then fabulous reporting. it's been a great year. looking forward to 2014. a christmas gift on display
8:46 am
discover brookside and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers. flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate and fruit flavors like you've never experienced before. discover brookside. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you want it ♪ ♪ go out and get it ♪
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8:49 am
the san diego zoo this morning is celebrating its newest edition. this gorilla was born the day after christmas. visitors can now see proud mom jessica cradling and playing with her new born. he weighs just five pounds. this is her sixth guerrillarill gorillas but get this. they've all been boys. >> maybe the seventh. >> that's our last story of 2014. >> i know it. happy new years, guys. >> happy new years. more straight ahead, you're watching "cb
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
that does it for us. we hope you have a happy and
8:53 am
safe new year's eve.
8:54 am
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fresh good morning, everyone i'm nicole brewer. we are hoping to learn more about a failed police involved shooting in cumberland county new jersey. police say the incident began with the traffic stop on south avenue near henry street last night. police have in the released many details at this point but they say a 36 year-old man had a gun inside of the car. the officers opened fire, killing that man. investigators collected evidence from that scene, for much of the overnight hours. now lets check that forecast, fire works, katie, how sit looking. >> looking good in matter what your plans entail here today when staying up late for late show of the fire works or out and about just here today you have to work, whatever it is, it looks g storm scan three totally empty. we will really are not seeing much in the way of cloud cover at this point.
8:56 am
we have had a hint of it earlier this morning but generally skies are clearing in our field cams. mostly sunny skies, it is brisk and cold but still a nice day all things considered. 22 degrees. we will be at 28 at the stroke of midnight. that is where we will bottom out officially. we have 38 with sunshine tomorrow happy new year. not too bad. it is cold but it is january after all. we will look ahead to the weekend for nice warm up but comes with the trade off of another storm system. just rain this time though. vittoria. >> thanks, katie. good morning everyone. traffic and weather going hand a hand this morning. no problems, no delays. we have some of that sunshine we will have some sun glare so be careful of. that take a look at schuylkill expressway beautiful this morning. we never had a problem on 76. we never had a problem on i-95. just good news for you. take a look at 95 through cottman construction zone. it the is just so nice outside, finally, a great way to start your new years eve morning. if you are heading out keep in mind broad street line later tonight will have an all night
8:57 am
schedule. definitely good idea to stay off road this evening catching fire works. i'll leave with you this good news speed sensors great every where, nicole. >> that is "eyewitness news" for new join us for talk philly at noon. i'm nicole brewer. wishing you a happy, healthy new year.
8:58 am
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>> is that or is that not fat shaming >> the health campaign that's causing controversy. >> how can an organization kind to animals be so cruel to people. >> botox ask parenting don't mix. and the male hormone changing n's lives. >> it's made such a big difference, i have so much more energy. >> the lemonade stand that's saving lives. >> we decided womewe are gonna help. >> on the doctors! ♪ ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ ♪ temperature >> welcome to the doctors. if it's in the news and affects your health, guess what, we will cover it today. today's show is about the latest medical news ripp straight from the headlines starting with a new campaign stirring up controversy: peta's back in the news


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