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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  January 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> ♪ >> we have found and we have brought shane home. >> we start with breaking news this evening. the body of missing college student shane montgomery is found in the schuylkill river more than a month after his disappearance. good evening i'm their natasha brown. the tireless search for shane ended in the area dive teams have been focused on for
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months now. matt has breaking developments. >> reporter: natasha shortly before noon today a team of volunteer divers discovered a body. shortly after that the parents of shane montgomery confirmed that it was the body of their missing 21-year-old son. in a cold rain on a gray saturday came the news most expected but no one wandered. >> today we have done what we have promised. we have found and we have brought shane home. >> reporter: kevin and karen montgomery shane's parents told reporters their son had been found 37 days after he disappeared early thanksgiving morning. a group of volunteer divers discovered him 10 feet from the river bank in 4 feet or so of water near the manayunk brewing company. >> that's what we're here for. that's why we do this. find family's loved ones and bring them back to them.
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video of shane walking towards the river led searchers to the water. his body ultimately discovered not farther downstream. family arrived soon after he was found embraces filled with sadness and relief. >> we want to thank the garden state under water recovery unit the philadelphia marine unit northwest detectives, the philadelphia police department. >> reporter: it was a somber end to weeks of painful uncertainty for montgomery's family and friends. search parties have walked every inch of manayunk. missing persons fliers were hung. there was an outpouring shane's family consistently called overwhelming. saturday they were gracious in their grief. >> we want to thank everyone for their support and prayers and love and ask that they continue to pray for our family. >> reporter: a christmas tree now stands outside manayunk saint john the baptist church dotted with green ribbons in shane's
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honor, a church that served as a home base for all those search parties likely will take on different role as a place where shane's family will begin to grieve. >> at this time we ask that you respect our privacy time together to mourn as family. >> reporter: we did speak with someone from the church. they tell us no formal funeral arrangements have been scheduled but they expect services to be scheduled shortly. as for police their investigation will continue figuring out exactly how shane died. live in manayunk tonight matt rivers, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> matt, thank you so much. shane montgomery was last seen leaving kildare's irish pub in manayunk early thanksgiving morning. the canal was first dredged that sunday november 30. that's the same date fbi joined local officials in the investigation. and on december 10th we learned there was surveillance video of montgomery near the river. shane's keys were found by search teams in the water on december 21st and divers
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continually returned to that area until he found his still submerged body today. we have been following this story from the very beginning. you can learn more about the search for shane montgomery and ultimately the end of the search on our web site tonight we've got our eye on the storm. heavy rain is now moving through most of the region. "eyewitness news" in germantown where umbrellas were most needed. our neighbors to the north did see some snow, however with this storm. alice sent in a picture of this snowy sidewalk and a bench in bethlehem pa. justin drabick is tracking the storm. >> looks like the storm will hang around for the rest of the weekend. talking about wet weather continuing but if you like warm temperatures you're going to like the forecast coming up for tomorrow. until then still steady rain breaking out just north of the city. northern lehigh valleys poconos pockets of freezing
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rain over the next few hours. the majority of the delaware valley valley will see rain and mist and fog. catching a break to our south and west near wilmington and baltimore but this is a lamp storm system. we're not done yet. look at that rain extending to the far south. that still needs to move to the north and east and through our region. we'll continue off and on rain through the rest of the weekend. tomorrow night we'll see imposing conditions. winter weather advisory continues for carbon and monroe county until 10 o'clock pockets of sleet and freezing rain possible. keep that in mind if you're traveling through the mountains. mount pocono had 1.3-inches of snow seeing a changeover to rain. martins creek .7, nextville .3, ewing new jersey picked up a tenth of an inch and philadelphia saw a trace of snow earlier today. here we are right now well above freezing, 39 in the city 40's across delaware and south jersey. still near freezing up towards the poconos and the northern lehigh valley but the suburbs well above freezing already.
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quakertowning doylestown no worries there with icy conditions in the northern adjacent suburbs. here we go for sunday. periods of rain continuing steadiest in the morning finally ending in the evening. temperatures though will be reaching the 60's. not going to last though. talk about an arctic blast coming up in the seven day in a few minutes. natasha. >> thank you justin. stay one step ahead of the storm by downloading the cbsphilly weather app. you can send pictures to our weather team, cbsphilly weather app is available in google play and itunes. and you can also share storm pictures and videos on social media. just use the hashtag cbs3. tonight camden county police they say an argument sparked a chain of events that ended with a man dead, his girlfriend critically injured. the unidentified woman was shot near the intersection of baird boulevard and marlton pike at about 3 o'clock this morning. she was rushed to cooper university hospital by her father. police say it was her boyfriend who pulled the trigger. now that boyfriend reportedly
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followed them to the hospital and then shot and killed himself while parked outside of the emergency room. a man barricades himself inside his levittown pa home with his 90-year-old mother after police arrived to commit him to a mental institution. he had threatened to kill family members once his mother died. police surrounded the home on ice pond road and negotiated with him for eight hours before jumping in through a window to subdue him. his mother who suffers from dementia is hospitalized. police and officials investigating the cause of a fire. two people jump fred a window. a third person -- a total of 28 people have been displaced. awake is being held today for the second new york city police officer killed in an
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ambush shooting. uniformed police officers from all around the can country lined up to remember officer wenjan liu. thousands are expected to attend when new york city mayor bill deblasio and police commissioner bill bratton arrived officers saluted both of them. liu's partner rafael ramos was laid to rest last week. rain didn't dampen. umbrellas in one hand, signs in another families of all races walked from calvary church to clark park to show solidarity for the cause. "eyewitness news" on the campus of drexel university where hundreds of philadelphia students and their parents set their sights on going college. philadelphia futures hosted the blast off to college and beyond. it focused on the journey to and through college with the end goal of graduation. >> takes a community to get our students to enter college. this is a great time to connect with staff mentors with our parents with their
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peers and really come together for a shared goal of college graduation. >> they are the first in their family to the a tend college. we wish them the best. a brave young girl the lone survivor of a plane crash. what she did to get the help she needed. plus one driver was stunned to find out he had another passenger along for the ride. how about bobcat and how in the world did that bobcat stuck under the hood of his car. we'll tell you. justin. >> rain and warm temperatures before an arctic blast arrives. i'll show you the seven-day forecast. >> straight ahead in sports tonight, villanova looking for a win against seton hall but could they overcome in overtime? lesley van arsdale has highlights. stay with us.
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>> got a story you would like us to investigate? e-mail your ideas to i-team at >> well, seven-year-old girl survived a plane crash that killed four members of her family. the small engine plane crashed in southwest kentucky late friday night. authorities say the little girl walked nearly a mile to the first house she could find to get help. larry wilkins was calm when his dog started barking so he went to the door. >> i just can't imagine someone that young going
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through that especially to witness it, you know, to witness her parents dying. it's amazing that she held up as good as she did. >> well, the little girl was treated at a hospital and released. authorities called her survival a miracle. the faa is investigating what caused the plane to go down. and sonar equipment has now detector four massive objects on the floor of the java sea where searchers are looking for airasia flight 8501. the biggest piece measured 59 feet long and 18 feet wide. investigators think it's parter of the plane's body. the black boxes remain missing. so far only 30 of the 162 victims have been recovered. flight 8501 crashed last sunday halfway into a two-hour flight from indonesia to singapore. and storage war for iphone maker apple. two customers in miami are suing the tech giant claiming it falsely advertises its iphone 6 and six plus
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storage. they're seeking permission to make it a class action suit then want more than $5 million in damages. they say apple's ios 8 software takes up as much as 23 percent of the advertised storage space on their 16 gigabyte phones. apple has not commented on the pending litigation. >> okay, good saturday night. hope you're enjoying your day so far and were able to stay dry. temperatures all above freezing right now so everybody reporting just plane rain. how much rain we talking about? so far decent amounts showing unin south jersey ocean city james checks in at .56-inches of rain, lieu comes in at .46 douglas in vincentown new jersey also coming in at .46-inches of rain and numbers keep organize going in that range, just -- or almost a quarter of an inch in newark delaware reported by delores.
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we have more rain to come. this is a pretty large storm system. expect maybe another half inch to 1 inch before the storm is out of here. you love the weather? be featured in our newscast by becoming a eyewitness weather news watcher. sign up for all the details. up in the poconos the last problem spot across the delaware valley. you can see an ice over camera lens at big boulder right now. that's the problem. some light freezing rain up there. winter weather advisory remains in effect for carbon and monroe counties until 10 o'clock. even there we're talking about temperatures can climbing into the 40's, near 50. look at storm scan3. first batch of the widespread precipitation has moved through. steadiest north of the city. again little pink showing up in the mountains indicating that sleet or freezing rain. little bit of a break in the baltimore-washington area. ma mist coming in in the next few hours for parts of south jersey and delaware. more rain to the south and west that needs to come through the region. another half inch maybe 1 inch of rain through the overnight
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hours into the day on sunday as well. those the temperatures above freezing 39 at the airport, 35 if reading mid 40's in wildwood, new jersey and atlantic city. we have a warm front that's going to move through tomorrow. that's going to bring april-like temperatures to the delaware valley. 42 in pittsburgh, 46 in richmond so we're going to get that warmer in here. it's all because of that wind direction. it shifts out of the south and southwest tomorrow sustained at about 15 miles an hour. that pushes out all the cold air trapped at the surface. don't get used to it. those winds will switch around from the west to northwest monday bringing in arctic air. warm front pushes through tomorrow. 60's in our forecast, maybe some mid 60's. that's the middle of april typical temperature and then still off and on showers throughout the day. finally by the evening hours we'll dry things out but here comes the colder air on monday. we're back near average upper 30's. weak clipper system comes through tuesday could bring a little round of snow showers to our region late morning into the afternoon with the arctic air in place.
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let's talk about that jet stream its to our north right now. brings in warmer air. overnight tonight into tomorrow but watch what happens, the jet treatment sags southward and then later next week, wednesday thursday, we get a big trough of the jet. that's true arctic air that spills in. we're talking about temperatures a good 20 degrees below average by the end of next week. off and on showers overnight steadiest rain tomorrow morning even through the afternoon we'll see a few showers. eight, 9, 10 o'clock dry weather returns from west to east. we're back to sunshine during the day monday. some spots could pick up near an inch through tomorrow night. areas in bloom these will be off and on showers. it's not going to be steady heavy rain during the day tomorrow. temperatures by the time you wake up tomorrow, 50's in many spots, 40's to the north. look at that. highs on sunday low to potentially even mid 60's. okay, here we go.
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30's returning for our monday temperatures. a warm day tomorrow. off and on rain at times. 63 degrees. areas to the south could be o warmer than that. we go from the 60's to 30's and overnight lows in the 20's and teens. 38 for the high monday. sunshine, snow showers around tuesday with a high of 34. it gets even colder wednesday at 30 and look at thursday, a high of 24 degrees. a low temperature of 12 at night. it's going to be windy too so we're talking wind chill values down around zero. >> oh, boy. >> yes, winter is here. >> wow. what a contrast. thank you. appreciate it. lesley van arsdale has sports fort us. hey, lesley. >> hey there. villanova taking on seton hall looking to break its own record for best start in team history after winning 13 straight. to the second half of the game seton hall puts up a fight. harrington with a nice drive
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here for the layup. seton hall up two with that. nova would tight on free throws. then we have darrun hilliard hitting a three-point attempt for the win. it doesn't go in. that sends the game into overtime and in overtime carrington again with the lay up right here. seton hall with the 66 to 61 upset over villanova. the hawks will never die we know this. late run is not enough. george washington improves to 11 and three with a 64 to 60 win. earlier this week chip kelly was asked about his working relationship with general manager harry rose m he said it was good but things turned sour after tom campbell was let go on wednesday. last night the eagles shook things up in the front office. jeffrey lurie announced roseman promoted and given a
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contract extension. roseman will handle contract negotiations and over tv and medical and equipment staff but has no say in player personnel matters. chip kelly will now run the player personnel department he'll hire a personnel guide who will directly answer to him. in just his third season at the helm more changes to his plate. okay, the flyers with that
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eight game road trip take on the devils tonight in new jersey having lost their last four games in a row. last night they lost to the second worst team in the league carolina hurricanes. flyers could only muster up one goal in the third and they lost two to one. a scary scene last night. flyers captain claude giroux cut by a skate. blood leaking through his kevlar sock. he did not sustain a serious injury and he is listed as probable for tonight's game. >> i have no idea really. i haven't really talked to anybody but i know i got lucky and i mean, it's pretty scary. >> very scary. sixers with a match up against the clippers in los angeles. last night they lost to the suns in phoenix. tone no, sir
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. here is something you don't see every day. a bobcat stuck in the front grille of a car after being struck by a vehicle. there he is. oh, he looks scared. it's still unclear how the cat got wedged into the front compartment of that car. the drivers driver said he was going 45 miles an hour when he hit the bobcat. arizona game and fish officials are working to free that bobcat. they say he is not hurt amazingly. we're back in a moment. stay with us.
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>> justin, 60. >> 60. >> i've already moved on to sunday. >> taste of spring tomorrow. showers with it so not an enjoyable 60 but we'll take it. the cold does come back monday. windy, 38 degrees. tuesday snow showers around. that reinforces the cold air. look at wednesday thursday, in the 20's. >> it's coming back with a vengeance. thank you justin. thanks for joining us. for lesley, justin, i'm
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natasha brown. the evening news is up next everyone. we're back with you on the cw philly at 10:00 back here at 11:00. have a great night. >> ♪
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>> axelrod: tonight, they found the wreckage. four large pieces of air asia flight 8501 are found in the java sea. did the plane take off without permission? allen pizzey reports. sole survivor-- adriana diaz on the seven-year-old girl who walked away from a plane crash in kentucky that killed her family. the first major storm of 2015 dumps some nasty weather on the midwest and northeast and creates holiday travel headaches for millions. about face-- new york city police turned their backs on the mayor last week, but today they saluted him after being told to check their politics at the wake for a fallen officer. jericka duncan reports. and let freedom swing. jazz legend wynton marsalis' classroom crusa


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