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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 12, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> sad to think this will be balmy, katie. >> that is definitely the case here. would i advise you to enjoy these mild hours while you still got them. here's the thing we will moderate up to a typical high of 40 degrees. that is right where we should be. wind is starting to kick in by that point. right now what you see is what you get on the thermometer. it will not stay that way. we did just show you on storm scan some purple showing up on the map but not just yet locally. while we are still in these quiet hours here this is a good time to get errands in as we take you out to the wider zoom already starting to see those light snow showers. that is what they will be. we are not talking about a major accumulation. this will be what helps usher in the chill. we will end up with a few flurries or snow showers and that is it. maybe a quick dusting out of it and then we're done. wind chills are going to be taking effect as early as 7:00 for car carbon and monroe
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counties and other portions of the poconos. if you are heading up to the ski resorts brutally cold stuff kicking in for you. but it is longer until that happens for us. at least across the rest of the board. 31 degrees current temperature in reading, lancaster, philly. the the magic number in locations here look at how much colder. when you run out of colors through hudson bay you know it is cold. brutal brutal stuff heading our way and we're going to get in on the harsh stuff this chill ourselves. here's where we will top off but with the wind beginning to kick in it may in the feel like 40 or 42 degrees at any point today. while we do need to bundle up in february next few days, we will bundle up that much more adequately and by midday we will see those first snow showers moving in. vittoria. and good morning to you everyone. we have good news traffic wise because we're not dealing with too much at all. traveling on our majors we're still in the clear. lets give you a live look.
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if you are traveling i-95 and woodhaven a at this shot here north and southbound commuting is doing great no delays in and out of bucks county in, delays out of the northeast, center city even all the way into delaware. i-95 is a straight shot. maybe heading toward trenton at north bound side of i-95. it is fantastic. looking at 42 freeway, 42 nice and clear, wide opened, in delays in and around the area of the atlantic city expressway 55 295, walt whitman bridge and up and over our area bridges, as well. we have an accident at route 130, a at route 68 which is your best alternate. mass transit no delays, vittoria. police in burlington county are searching for suspects who targeted a a man in the violent home invasion. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us now at medford township police department with the newly released sketch, jan good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning. thankfully the victim in this case is recovering this morning but as you mentioned
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police are still looking for the suspects. however they did ditch two stolen bikes at the scene so possibly two important clues to help investigators track them down. they are men police say are responsible for a violent home invasion in medford, burlington county. bursting in the 64 year-old man's home duct taping him to the chair beating him with the pipe and demanding money. on top of that they left the victim with this threat, call police and they will come back and kill him. >> he managed to free himself by wiggling out, able to tear some of the tape and after he freed himself he was able to flee to a neighbor's house and called 911 from there. >> reporter: home invasion happened at 9:00 p.m. at chief massasoit road in medford. these men made their way inside through an unsecured door. when they left the the suspects took these bikes victim's car and cash. >> the victim was surprised. he asked the suspects if they
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were in the wrong home because he believes the way they were asking about the money that they had just pick the wrong home. >> reporter: sixty-four year are old was taken to the hospital and had been since released but search remains for this duo motive still under investigation. >> at this point we don't have any other similar incident here or in the immediate vicinity, so the detectives are working on trying to get as much information out as possible to try to identify who the the actors could be or to come up with a motive a at this time. >> police have recovered those bikes. they have not recovered that stolen vehicle at this point. it is a 2010 silver cadillac dts with new jersey plate j53-apr. anyone with any information is asked to call police. we are reporting live from medford, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well cbs is mourning a member of its own family. long time cbs news and 60 minutes correspondent bob
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simon died in the car accident in new york last night. chris van cleve is at the cbs broadcast center in new york with more on simon's life and career. such a loss chris, good morning. >> reporter: ukee, good morning. it is a very sad morning here at the cbs broadcast center. the the news came as a shock, bob simon was within of the best in the business. he was a fearless reporter for decade took our viewers in the heart of conflict and the stories that would touch our hearts. >> i'm bob simon. >> reporter: it doesn't seem right that a report shore survived close calls in war zones around the world even 40 days as a prisoner of war in iraq would go this way, a car accident in new york city. >> general call me a fool. >> reporter: bob simon was a legendary news man a gifted story teller honored with 27 emmy award full bright scholar and one time foreign service officer with that
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powerful voice of truth. >> soldiers and teenagers were playing catch with tear gas grenades. >> he looked so dashing he was the epitome of a foreign correspondent. he was brave. he would go places you would probably shouldn't have gone. >> reporter: simon came to cbs news in 1967, four years later he moved to saigon to cover the vietnam war. was on one of the last hell cooperate tore leave saigon in 1975 as it fell. he built a career in war zones around the world, faulk land somalia, and nearly every conflict in between, spending decade covering middle east from tel aviv. >> tel aviv's largest square was invaded. sadness beyond word. >> reporter: he went where the news was, risking his life along the way. >> we saw in the deep blue distance and it was an iraqi army jeep. they took us away report report during the opening days
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of the first gulf war in 1991, simon and three members of the cbs news crew were taken prisoner by the iraqi military and held as pow in iraqi prisons for 40 days. >> it changed you. >> yes. >> how. >> too hard to tell. >> reporter: simon joined 60 minutes in 1996, this was his 19th sees than on the broadcast reporting last week on the selma. sixty minutes executive producer jeff fager, praised his friend. >> he loved his friend and that was from the moment he started at cbs news long and brilliant career and body of work that is really difficult to match. >> reporter: bob simon was 73. and bob worked with his daughter, tanya at 60 minutes. he is survived by her his wife and his beloved grandson. our hearts go out to the entire simon family, we should tell you that the driver of the sedan simon was riding in was injury in the crash, ukee?
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>> chris, we heard you just recently crossed paths with bob, um. >> reporter: yeah, you know, kind of one of those daily occurrences in the broadcast center. was walking down the hall way and there was bob he said hello, it is one of those things where you take for granted. we work around some of these icons in the business, some of the best journalist in the country, and you know, it was just a hello in passing but it turned out to be the last time will would i see him. >> i just saw his pizzas many people did with selma and i think commenting on that ever since and new this. chris, thanks very much. >> reporter: thank you. had happening today, final city council vote on paid sick leave. city council public health and human service committee unanimously approved the measure this month. it is up for a full vote today and is expected to pass. mayor nutter is expect to sign the measure that requires companies with ten workers or
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more one hour of sick leave for every 40 hours work up to five days, per year. 5:09. life has just change for three people holding winning tickets to last night's gigantic power ball jackpot, 564 million-dollar. bad news though, no one in our area hit it big but still there are some smaller prizes and smaller being a million-dollar, two million-dollar, abe you may have one of those tickets so don't tear them up just yet right nicole. >> if you did have plans have of quitting your job and living off your half billion dollar prize don't call out of work just yet. big winners of the 564 million-dollar power ball one of the largest in the games history by the way will be split three ways from winners in north carolina, puerto rico and ticket sold at this store in texas. again unless you are on vacation, maybe doing some business, when you bought that ticket it is probably not yours. that being said as erika mentioned you have a chance to win in pennsylvania you're looking at a couple winning ticket, one for one million-dollar and one for
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two. in new jersey you have got a chance to chains to claim a million-dollar prize. lets see if you have the winning numbers this morning beginning with 11, 13 25, 39, 54 and finally the power ball is 19. so, if you have got a lucky ticket you have one year from the date of that drawing to claim your winnings. believe it or not this is really interesting many go unclaimed, about $2 billion every single will year. most of those unclaimed winnings from 2013 were worth a buck or two but more than 300 prizes were valued at 1 million or more. when they hear they didn't win the big prize they don't check to see if they have won a smaller prize. owe check those tickets. nice and carefully ukee and erika you might be a millionaire. >> calling a million-dollar a smaller ticket but it the is true you. >> it is true. >> i'll take a million-dollar. >> pocket change. >> walking around money. i didn't even get a four power
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ball. >> can't win every time. >> that is true. >> still ahead this morning a crime alert on the main line, simple c crime thieves are using to fake their way in to homes. >> we are used to seeing police chases even with the crash but confrontation after the arrest thaw will be talking about today. >> and here comes the the cold katie is tracking the sum blink temperatures and we will do traffic and weather together on the three's. you don't want to necessity how cold it will be, she we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speed of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job posting our vacation pics. when i post my slow jams, i'm a little half fast totally half fast stop living with half fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. and the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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5:13. let's get traffic and weather together, good morning. >> it will get cold outside. so far so good we are off to a chilly start but doesn't feel too terrible to you just yet. moore like the mid 20's and generally speaking it is 5 degrees colder then what the actual thermometer read when it comes to wind chill. that is something we have got going for us. the it will get downhill for here when it comes to the thermometer and wind chills. you can see first signs of life out over center county,
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central pennsylvania seeing that light snow but we are also going to end up seeing another disturbance develop, classic clipper and that will bring us more reenforcement of the polar air comes saturday sunday and monday. here's how it feels. feeling more like mid 20's in spots or like what it reads on the thermometer wind is light right now, but that is going to feel balmy by comparison to how it feels tomorrow, sunday and monday. it gets colder and colder and colder here, monday on president's day, one thing we have going for us is so many of you will have the day off and not have to go out in this but we are obviously all not that lucky. that will be brutal stuff. that is kind of stuffy put on the serious face on and say be smart. bundle up adequately. it will be brutal. don't stay out too long on those days if you can help it. the those snow showers later today we are talking flurries and quick dusting or coating that is it.
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gradually clearing skies and blustery conditions and bitter conditions are the head line are here. tomorrow we will top off in the lower 20's. single digits at best. easing up on saturday and then we are stuck in the freezer vittoria for sunday and monday. i know you love that phrase. >> in the the best image would i like to create with myself as one being in the freezer however, i do like the phrase. you know, just to piggy back off obfuscate which that colder weather coming for us after the weekend double-check your car fluid windshield wipers, all that stuff to be extra save out there because we do see disable vehicles happening all the time with overheating and in the cold on times with that overheating. you would be shock. taking a look at the vine street expressway in delays in either direction. free and clear from the schuylkill i-95 and ben franklin bridge. all of the bridges are fantastic this morning we are in the dealing with any delays at all, speed sensors high up in the 50's, mass transit just fine so you get a big old
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traffic hug from frustrates, erika. 5:15. a manhunt is underway after a frightening home invasion in burlington county. two men resembling these sketches burst in the medford home sunday, duct tape and beat the home owner ape stole his cash and car. victim's suffered non-life threatening injuries. philadelphia city council votes to require business toss provide paid sick leave to workers. mayor michael nutter supports the bill. and we're all still here so we did in the win the pur ball jack the pot last tonight but tickets with the winning numbers were purchased in north carolina, texas and puerto rico. jackpot was worth 564 million-dollar. there were smaller prize is here in pennsylvania, we will keep you posted as we learn more about those winners. small prize as nicole mentioned still a million. >> was still going to come if i win with a big smile on my face. >> yeah. >> and you are buying coffee every day. >> 5:15. college community rocked by murder of three students, how
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a fight over a parking space may have triggered the deadly shooting. puzzling assignment at a pennsylvania school, the the unusual project inspired by 50 shades of gray. we will be right back.
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exclusion turf cbs-3, if you live on the main line watch out for two masked men pretending to be fedex drivers. officers are searching for the man right now they showed up atcoday's home on tart mouth road in bala cynwyd carrying packages yesterday morning. coday answered the door and the the two men tried to force open her glass storm door. >> he tried to get inside, and i came inside, i was shaken up because i didn't expect that. i thought maybe i'm over racking so just check them to see that there might be a fedex vehicle outside or anything like that. i could not see it on my street or even further down.
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>> miss coday called 911 and then took off. fedex is cooperating with police. the company says all fedex drivers must wear official id badges. man accused of terrorizing a woman at a busy septa station is behind bars this morning. reginald green assaulted would the man at jefferson station monday afternoon. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" obtained record showing green was released from prison just three days before the attack. he has also been stopped or cited by septa officers 28 times in the last five years. a pennsylvania family is struggling to make a life or death decision after her relative is murdered overseas. >> so you potentially have the power to spare this man's life or to put him to death. what is that like? >> it is a real hard decision. >> they have to decide punishment for their loved ones killer. hear their emotional killer and thought process coming up
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on cbs this morning at 7:00 o'clock this morning right here after "eyewitness news" on cbs-3. well, talk about one persistent puppy, you have to see how you that dog proved the bond with her owner is unbreakable, coming up. will cole hamels start the season as a philly. rereuben amaro talks about his future in philadelphia only on "eyewitness news" coming up, good morning
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let's get traffic and weather together and those, temperatures will tumble. >> yes, they are. they will get reenforced sunday and especially presidents day. the as we see our first clip are moving in we will fine signs of life through central pennsylvania. this is very, very light snow, folks, the the snow is in the big ticket item here but rather the coal. you might see a quick dusting later today but that is it. we will look to the next couple of days here as clipper number two comes in saturday
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sending temperatures plumetting once again and we will spend 66 hours below freezing. most of that time it will not feel like freezing. here's your crazy festive, valentines graphic, and a very romantic night, on tap here with some snow showers moving in with the second clipper and we will hit 35 for the high. do you like my graphic vittoria. >> yes. i'm a sucker for packaging seriously and the way you packaged saturday night's forecast accounts i'd buy it. good morning everyone. traveling out and about on the majors nothing to sell you here, which is great news. it is fantastic. ninety-five, schuylkill expressway, pennsylvania majors moving well. this is i-95 around allegheny in delays in either direction. traveling to and from the north east in and out of south philadelphia, dell carey all moving well. southbound traffic is coming toward you here no delays. no major problems as well.
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overall a good morning. ukee. thanks variety tore y college basketball night for philadelphia sports fans including a last second winner from the st. joes hawks. hawks and road island rams seven seconds left as senior chris wilson will drain the three pointer to put hawks ahead to stay. saint guess was down by nine at within point but hawk will never die. deandre had 19. hawks win 65-64. they play at fordham sunday afternoon. explorer upset number 20vcu on the road in richmond. explorer got a big performance from jordan price with 34 points and 18 board in double overtime. lasalle wins 74-69 for dock next up, davidson at gola arena saturday afternoon. great job, john. villanova wildcats a against tough providence friars. ryan archie arcidiacono had 20 and danielle had 19 points and
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nine rebound off the bench. nova over providence 74-68. close but nova gets the w. they are number six. they play another top 20 team the saturday butler bulldogs in indianapolis. wildcats lead the pull dogs by half game in the big east. phillies pitches and catchers report to clear the water next week. ruben amaro junior talk to our beasley reese about cole hamels has been the subject of some trade rumors. >> i expect him to be our opening day starter but, well, things can happen pretty quickly in this game. but again as i said i think we're poised to having him start opening day for us for the philadelphia phillies good ruben told beasley that ryan hour the big fellow is health think spring and ready to go. let's play ball. game on. >> baseball weather sound so nice. coming up in the the next half an hour, we have exclusive video of the police chase you'll see only on cbs-3.
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also declaring war on isis, the president's new plan to take otter wrist. vittoria and katie return in traffic and weather together on the three's. we are back in two
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good morning thank you for joining us. in the news and happening today philadelphia city council is expected to vote on a bill that will require businesses with a staff have of ten or more to provide paid sick time to full-time employees. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us from city hall with the details justin, good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee good morning. for years people here in fill after been watching this mandatory sick policy and this year city hall has been the the battle ground for that
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issue and just a few hours that measure is expect to win support while all the of the city is watching with support from the city council and the mayor. day care center owner fatima hasan sees what happens to kid when their working parent are not allowed sick time. >> i would have parents bring their child in the tell you they are sick and leave them and find out in the middle of the day and not feeling well and then they have a fever and you have to call the parent and say come pick them up. >> reporter: for years she said she offered her staff sick time en at the expense of her bottom line. >> it seems like something that should have been automatic. >> reporter: by days even small business sick leave supporters like hasan expect city council to pass the bill and mayor nut the tore sign it not to law. small business was at least ten workers would allow staff to earn one hour sick leave for every 40 hours on the clock, up to a max of five days per year. >> it is root thing to do, makes sense, fair to


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