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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  March 3, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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we have got a break from the winter weather for one day, but take a look at the midwest, storm scan3 showing another storm system heading our way. good morning everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm diana rocco in for erika von tiehl this morning. >> let's get right to the forecast. katie is looking at the system, kegging it out once again in the midwest and headed east, let's see what's headed our way. >> good morning guys. we start things off here with a quick check on skycam three as we take you outside things for now looking innocent enough. we really are just dealing pi point with a couple of clouds beginning to build in, looking from the campbell's field camera overlooking the ben franklin bridge, center city philadelphia, going next to storm scan3 what are going to do take you on baby tour clouds beginning to build in from the south and west, and
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all do you have do is zoom out hands full of times see some snow, some ice already beginning to build up here, and bill owe across these areas. and that's what's headed our way. and it is just the beginning folks, of multi day system that's going to be with us here today tomorrow, and thursday. it is one storm. it is slow. and it is big tan will have another piece of energy that moves along its cold front t really has a big impact on us for couple of days starting with snow and sleet turning to rain tonight, and sticking with us basically through wednesday, and then by thursday it is back to snow because we have a cold front that's going to turn to actually cross through. as that happens it, does mean you will ends one another round of fresh snow. in the meantime, it is certainly cold enough to start wolf snow here locally. we again are not going to have to deal with that just yen, mainly toward the afternoon. see winter weather advisory going go into effect come 3:00 p.m. this afternoon basically reason wide, only folks not this that are the extreme southeastern counties,
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that may change, 26 at the airport, only into the teens in a lot of these northern communities here, like quakertown, for example, as the day progresses region wide talking a cloudy start but then a nasty finish here, with some snow, some sleet and eventually some rain, as we head into tonight. ukee, we send it back to you. >> kate, thank you there. may be more victims after police arrest an alleged peeping tom. police say he secret lid recorded dozens of women in dressing rooms then put them on line. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is at the radnor township police station right now to bring you up to date on this investigation. jan, good morning. >> ukee, good morning, at this point, this suspect, 37 year old sean moses faces 86 criminal charges, but police say, it is more women come forward, more victims talk to police co-face many more charges. now, take a look at this video, only "eyewitness news" cameras were rolling as 37 year old alleged peeping tom sean moses was apprehended
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yesterday at his pen valley home. police say he used cell phone cameras to secretly tape dozen every women in unisex dressing rooms going back 13 years investigators say these photos that you will see in just a moment were taken at two popular stores at the king of prussia mall. moses is allegedly seen pointing his camera phone under a 18-inch divider in the changing room, where both men and women try on clothes in a joining boots. police say so far they haven't been able to identify any of these victims miles of whom had no idea their privacy was being violated. authorities got a break-in this case last september after videos moses allegedly took of two villanova students inside their bryn mawr apartment were posted on a porn website. take a take a listen. >> they were getting undressed, reported seeing a light shining through their bedroom window. when they went to investigate they saw a man later identified as mr. moses secretly videotaping them with his cell phone. he immediately took off
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running. >> we'll hear more from most's website actually this neighbor coming up next. in the meantime, again, he is polls dollars allegedly 86 videos to a porn website. police want folks to take a look at this video. if you recognize yourself these contact, police same, if more victims come forward more charges will be filed. reporting live in radnor this morning, jan carabeo, cbs 3 "eyewitness news". >> jan we'll get back to you thank you so much. other news, police in berks county intensify their search for this man after two more child luring attempts are reported in reading. the latest happened yesterday afternoon. a man reportedly tried to get fifth grader and her siblings into his car. they were able to get away. a boy walking home from school on friday told police he ran after a man in a dark colored van pulled up and told him to get in. right now crews are working to restore water service to 40 homes after a water main break in the east mt. airy section of
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philadelphia. a 12-inch water main broke in the 6600 block of chew avenue yesterday. the water department believes the break was a result of what they say is normal aging. work to restore service is expected to continue through the morning. well, there is drivers battle the evening rush, along the pennsylvania turnpike, montgomery county firefighters were battling this raging inferno just few feet away. the tri-county sheet metal plant on wine dot road in upper moreland went up in flames last night it, reached five alarms before firefighters get it under control. few dozen homes in the area temporarily without power. but they are all back on this morning, we understand, no one was hurt, and then an investigation into the cause is ongoing. ukee, a investigation is underway into the second house explosion in ocean county in one week. police say kurt wagner woke up to the smell of gas in his home on cooks lane in point pleasant beach. he flipped on light switch, then the house blew up. radnor suffered burns on half of his body.
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necessary stable condition this morning. officials say if you smell gas in your home, get out immediately. a family from northeast philadelphia, is mourning a devastating loss this morning after several family members drown on vacation. a newlywed cup and their cousin drown while swimming in the dominican republic. authorities say kush and kajel were pulled under in a rip current while swim nag area off limits to swimmers. two jumped in to save them. they drown, as well. "eyewitness news" spoke with the family. >> people who knew tried to give them cpr. but it was too late. >> i can't say anything. i lost my son. >> and the family says three men, the three men went to temple university, kush was raise in the philadelphia, and kajal lived in the princeton area married in november. family members are now in the process of bringing their bodies back to our area for a
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funeral. your time now 4:36. pennsylvania governor tom wolf will release the state budget in a address to the state legislature today and this morning we're finding out what will be in the proposal. our partner "kyw news radio" is reporting it will include a significant reduction in the philadelphia wage tax. the governor is expected to propose increases in the personal income tax and the state sales tax to offset a decrease in property tax rates. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones will be there thomas the governor unveils his first budget proposal. now, also today philadelphia's mayoral canaled dates are face being off in a forum. the event is hosted by philadelphia's next great city coalition. it will be held at 6:00 this evening at the convention center the for sum free and open to the public. philadelphia police commissioner, charles ramsey, talking about the new proposals released by president obama task force on 21st century policing. ramsey served as co-chair of the group. they released a report
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yesterday calling for increased oversight of local police in response to recent incidents like the events in ferguson. commissioner ramsey is scheduled to address these new pro polls as this morning at the police administration building. still ahead some children are staying home from a southeast philadelphia school. but, today, it is not because of the weather. why parents are concerned for their children's health. and, katie called it, march was going to come in like a lion. some winter weather is coming our way looks like it will make a mess all this week. katie has your update when we come back.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will address congress today. >> house speaker john boehner invited the leader but didn't clear it with the white house customary for foreign lied earls. israeli election for prime minister two weeks from today president obama says it is inapropriate to meet with netanyahu so close to an
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election since it might seem like an endorsement. >> what's also a problem is when the topic self the prime minister's speech is an area where the executive branch, the us president and his team have a disagreement with the other side. >> the prime minister says in his speech he plans to argue against a possible agreement between the united states and iran. >> the decision to shake up the philadelphia school reform commission could be challenge in the court. governor tom wolf has announced bill green is out as chairman, and former principal, marjorie nef will take over. green had recently approved five new charter schools against the wishes of the governor and now he is filing a lawsuit. >> the governor focused on education, when he was running, and so having someone more a lined with his worlds view as chair of the src, i can understand why that makes sense for him. >> green says he's not sure if
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the governor is punishing him but says, he will challenge the decision in court. concerns over an illness that a south philadelphia school is keeping some kids at home this morning. parents at sharswood elementary calling for the principal a full-fledged cleaning at the school. a school at the -- a student was diagnosissed when cdisc infection, claims others have the fin february seans. some parents are claming to refuse to send their children to school. the schools say they are following the city health department guidelines. the time now 44:00 it, it is authorities believe we are talking about yet another winter storm. >> yet another one. this one has got it all. i feel like this is one let's get ready to rumble. i mean, talking three straight days after clash in the air mass exactly it, because you have got a warmfront a cold front, an area of low pressure that will ride along the front, that means three straight days. three straight days. >> freezing rain, little of
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everything? >> i think pretty much everything will come along with there is so we have a lot to pinpoint, breakdown with you, times easier to travel than others, tomorrow, in general, one of those times where it is basically just a rainy, kind of chilly day but miler than what we've seen, but we've got warmfront coming in first and there is enough cold air as it arrives to bring in some snow and some sleet. so let's get you out there. we start it off by looking at storm scan, which definitely is starting to look a little more active. if you recall from yesterday we had couple of pieces of energy floating around. definitely had moisture. but nothing all that organized. now, it is starting to take a little bit more after shape. you can see some of the movement of the atmosphere, some of the curves in the clouds here, that's as this warmfront starts to advance. so two things that come along with this. it is a huge storm so very expansive, but it is also going to be a sluggish storm. that means it will take its sweet old time to move on through. now, obviously starting offer on my innocent note, just some clouds for you initially but as this moves in, here you go, there is your warm, there is
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your cold front. this is how it all goes down. we head into the afternoon already, by this afternoon we are seeing snow and sleet. then it turns to rain, then the area of low pressure rides along it, and you have got yourself whole mixed bag of stuff going on. now, looking ahead to thursday, with that area of low pressure that's going to ride along the colds front we are going to see rain turn back over to snow, as cold air catches up it does look like the heaviest snow will be north of the main track here, but there is a potential for significant accumulation, by that, we would be talking 4 inches or more. we have to keep an eye on t meanwhile, meantime today starting offer quiet through lunchtime, you will be okay, but then as we get into the afternoon, snow and sleet move in temperatures climb overnight, changes everything over to rain, you're left with periods of off and on rain, drizzle, all day tomorrow, but we hit 46 degrees, by thursday though, front moving through, area of low pressure riding along it, also moving through, we will be stuck with a fresh and steady round of snow sleet and maybe some
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rain too. ukee? >> ugh. i like that, ugh. hey, the sixers hosting the raptors last night look to go get back on the winning track. noel leads all nba rookies in block. he has great one against toronto's. sterling goes way to up get that ball. that will would be a post somewhere down the shore. but sixers couldn't stop rosen who had 16 in the first quarter, en route to season high of 35. raptors win this 1108-103. sixers 114-103, sixers in oklahoma city tomorrow night. well, we are hearing from the flyers brass. now that the trading deadline has passed and two long time flyers have been dealt away, timonen traded to the blackhawks friday, we told you braydon deal yesterday morning, he goes to the tampa bay lightning in exchange for defenseman couple of draft picks. >> a lot of years with kobe, and same story every time
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somebody gets traded. so real sad but it could be good for him temporarily. >> we got some pieces. we have a loft young prospects. we've got a lot of picks. and the other thing is we got picks, we got to make them count now. >> hexy trying to make the pieces fit my man. evening else deal side dollars not to apply the franchise tag, wide receiver jeremy maclin maclin played in all 16 games last year, reaching career highs in receptions and yards, and he made his first pro bowl. the franchise tag would have paid maclin 12.8 million next season. the birds and j mack are talking, free agency starts march 10th. eagles coach chip kelly is the keynote speaker at the cats jcc annual sports award dinner. dinner recognize community leaders positive role models, previous speakers include donovan mcnabb, cole hamels around shady mccoy.
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here is a look at what's coming up the ton on cbs-3.
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>> we'll take you out to burlington county, firefighters battling a church fire in hainesport. >> just xfinity. on the scene with more information this morning. good morning justin. >> good morning, we're right off 2407 foster town road here. that's where the easton bible church caught fire overnight. as you can see, at this point it appears to be mostly under control, some smoking at that roof area there several fire fighting units here on the scene, from all over the burlington county area. we have seen some flare ups in the past few minutes here,
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just pictures of flames on the roof thomas. but firefighters are standing their grounds here, they are ready to douse that flame that pops up with water here, on the scene. no reports of injuries here at this time. two alarm fire here, awaiting word from the chief here, on just the difficulty they face, in knocking this fire down t appears to be mostly contained at this time with the exception of flames flickering here and there, we have seen what appear to be members showing up here re ac to go news of the fire, taking place at the church. from what we can see on the ground, there is center building where this fire appears to have broken out at some point. and that roof of that building is completely gutted. windows here perhaps you can see are dark. you can see straight through we're also looking at firefighters going around, knocking their way through the area looking for other hot spots on the gown, but again multi agency fire fighting
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effort here in the hainesport area. no reports of injury. building in question, the easton bible church, and at this time it, appears that fire is mostly under control perhaps hot spots, here and there no major flames going at this time. at this point it is mainly smoke event. we are live in hainesport, justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin, appreciate the update, thank you. time is 45:00; let's get a check on business. >> wendy gillette joins us this morning from the new york stock exchange, good morning wendy, hearing it was great day for the markets. >> reporter: yes, it was good morning, a very big day yesterday for the naztek, tech heavy come poise it closed above 5,000 for the first time since the peak of the. com bubble 15 years ago. this is only the third close over 5,000 for the nasdaq, in its 44 year history, the dow also saw big surge of 155 points nasdaq gained 44 points to hits its milestone. ukee diana? >> i understand one stock took a beating.
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which one? >> lumber liquidater slam got stocked following 06 minutes report. shares of lumber liquid aidr, and trading halted yesterday morning for a time. zero six minutes reported sunday that for mailed hide levels in the company's chinese made lamb that the flooring exceeded california emission standards. yesterday the company said again that its lamb that the floors are completely safe. >> wendy, thanks so much. see you later this morning. gout it. coming up after a short break traffic and weather together. we do it on the three, a we'll be r
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just after 4:53. let's get a check of traffic and weather together. >> good morning, everybody just coming up on 5:00 a.m. almost. going outside check out dry schuylkill expressway. that's something we like to see approaching spring garden in the eastbound lanes toward center city having no problems, no problems westbound, as well. now, over on the ben franklin bridge, all lanes open. it is definately a good thing and speeds are up.
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everything is looking just fine. so headed westbound into the city currently no problems. we do have that two alarm church fire though out in hainesport township, new jersey foster town road, closed between phillips road and mt. laurel road. take creek road to get around the scene for the time being. a loft police and fire engines on the scene still actively there. over in new jersey, on 295 northbound, at route 607 gibbstown, also an accident taking out the right-hand lane. now, katie, it is dry today. dry this morning. >> dry for now just for now, yes, later on things will get interesting, as we track our latest and greatest storm system. >> this one, definately going to be big old guy that roams on through here, takes its time, it is sluggish, it is big, it will just ends up being multi day event as a result of this. you can already see the clouds billowing here off the south and west, starting offer quietly, but eventually we see winter weather advisory go into effect, generally take effect 3:00 p.m. today. soap, as the kids are getting out of school, some of the flakes might be flying. starts off with snow, it mixes
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with sleet toward this evening, then overnight we see it all turn to rain. now, through the day tomorrow, it is off and on rain, drizzle, fog along the way too. but then by thursday morning cold air is catching up. so another rounds of snow and sleet, and that thursday round could accumulate a couple of inches, at least. diana, back to you. >> thanks, katie. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news", we are continuing to follow some breaking news, as fire rips through a local church this morning. it is still burning now and we're live there. >> and an e-mail controversy for hillary clinton. how she may have broken the law during her entire stint as secretary of state. we're back at the top of the hour. glad you're with us. be right back. at perdue, we know fresh chicken. well, not that kind of fresh. but we do take extra steps in our farms,
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at perdue, we know fresh chicken. well, not that kind of fresh. but we do take extra steps in our farms, trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between... ... to bring you a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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and breaking right now flames shoot-out after burlington county church, the builds something still smoking right now we're live on the scene with the very latest on this overnight fire. also, get ready for some march madness. when it comes to our weather storm scan3 is tracking the first of two storms headed our way this week. katie says today's wintery mix is going to impact the afternoon rush. anarchs horrible invasion of privacy. this man is behind bars after being accused of secretly recording women in malls dressing rooms. now the search is on for more possible victims. it is tuesday march 3rd good morning everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm diana rocco. erika has the day off. it will be very busy week it comes to the weather. let's get right to katie. >> and the march madness as you called it earlier. good morning. >> you probably love that term. >> yes dow.
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>> that's a term of endearment for ukee. but whether it comes to the weather, yes this is one of those months, transitional month. that's where the whole phrase march comes in like a lion out like a lamb comes f you are trying get out of the depths of winter, and into the warmth of spring. and you got to have a loft clash that will take place because of that. it almost always bridges one large storm for someone and we're going to get hit this time. outside we go to the live neighborhood network very quiet, innocent looking start to the morning isn't it, in pleasant valley here at broad heads ville the campus every middle and high schools up there. it is cold to start the day. it will be chilly day certainly, for the standards but notice, things are still tranquil here at the local level. just the combination of some cloud cover beginning to move on in here. now, off to the south and west, you can already see a little hint of moisture kicking in here, across west virginia, moving into west most maryland. matter every time before a winter weather advisory take effect generally go into effect at 3:00 p.m. today b the snow starts to pick up. walkin


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