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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 4, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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the jury is seated and opening statements begin today in the trial for dzhokhar tsarnaev tsarnaev, the suspect in the boston marathon bombing. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu makes his case for stopping u.s. negotiations with iran over the nuclear program setting up a new part lament fight on capitol hill. and facebook fuj till. they pass words with man who is wanted for a violent crime. it may surprise you what happens next. this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, march 4th 2015.
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good morning. i'm lauren lyster in for anne-marie green. opening statements in the trial of the accused marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev are expected tore. a jurisdiction of eight membership and ten women were seated following a two-month selection process. the prosecution is expected to present graphic images of the destruction and injuries caused bizarre by tsarnaev two years ago. >> the 21-year-old faces 20 charges that killed four and injured more than 260 in april of 2013. prosecutor are seeking the death penalty. they are dzhokhar and his brother tamerlan. tsarnaev's lawyers made multiple attempts to get the case moved out of boston arguing the city's residents have too many ties to the bombings to make up an
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impartial jury. when opening statements begin we'll get the benz sense of how the defense plans to frame itself case. >> what the defense wants to show is whether or not this was a young man influenced and under the influence of his older brother who was the mastermind. was he afraid of his brother. >> reporter: tamerlan tsarnaev was killed in a shoot-out four days after the bombings. dzhokhar was severely injured and later found hiding in a boat. he's pleaded not guilty. bombing victim heather abbott who lost a leg told cbs news she plans to attend court whenever she can. >> i'm certain it will bring up a lot of what happened two years ago and a lot of emotions, so it will be nice to have it over with. >> reporter: the trial is expected to least three or four months. kris van cleave, cbs news boston. today the justice department releases the report on the ferguson police department. they found ferguson targeted
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african-americans and used excessive sport. the court has also treated african-americans unfairly. as adrian diaz reports it comes months after a ferguson police officer was cleared of charges in the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. >> reporter: last year's shooting death put ferguson at the center of an investigation. over six months the justice department examine 35d pages from 2012 to 2013. it found out while two-thirds wf african-americans they up 93% of those given citations and when officers pulled someone over, 80% of the time its was an african-american. when police used force, 88% of the time it was against african-americans. the report also said ferguson's municipal courts are biased against african-americans who are less like throw have cases
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dismissed and more likely to have arrest warrants issued usually for minor offenses. terry franks and her three sonlts are not surprised by the report. she said this stack of tickets and summons her family's received paint as one-color picture, and that's unfair. >> either we're really bad people and really bad, bad drivers or it's just excessive. >> franks says the fines and legal fees have cost her thousands. the city will respond to the report on wednesday. adriana diaz cbs news ferguson, missouri. it turns out the homeless man who was shot and killed was a bank robber. french officials say he stole the identity of a french citizen to enter the u.s. in the late 1990s. he spent about 13 years in a u.s. prison. his confrontation with police sunday was captured on video.
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police say three policemen shot him when he reached for an officer's gun. yesterday several dozen people rallied to protest the shooting and observed a moment of silence. the fbi has a suspect in custody this morning believed to be responsible for a series of shootings including one at the national security agency's headquarters. damage to an nsa building was discovered tuesday after a report of shots being fired near the spy agency's maryland complex. earlier on a highway about 12 miles away two people were hurt when bullets struck their vehicle. the suspect is also believed to be involved in two other shootings in the washington, d.c. area last week. next week the senate will debate legislation that allows congress to vote on any deal reached with iran on its nuclear program. majority leader mitch mcconnell announced the bill hours after israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warped congress about the deal now being negotiated.
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democrats are outraged that mcconnell is fast tracking the measure and frustrated by netanyahu's speech. craig boswell reports. >> reporter: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu sharply criticized u.s. led negotiations to stop iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. >> it doesn't block iran's path to the bomb. it paves iran's path tot the bomb. >> reporter: israeli's prime minister said it only leaves iran with a better deal. >> a vast infrastructure in a short breakout time. a bet dealer that keeps the restrictions of iran's nuclear programs in place until iran's aggression begins. >> reporter: president obama did not watch the speech but said he read the transcript. >> the prime minister didn't offer any viable alternatives. >> reporter: he said they should continue to show support for israel and wait to see what's on the table before evaluating what's in it. >> reporter: john boehner
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invited prime minister netanyahu. >> indeed it was political theater, worthy of an oscar. >> reporter: republicans had a different take. >> i wish the obama administration and the white house was critical of our enemies as they are of our friends such as benjamin netanyahu. >> reporter: john kerry is in switzerland now negotiating with the iran delegation. congress passed legislation to keep the department of homeland security funded until the end of the year. republicans opposed to president obama's immigration directives had threatened to shut down the agency, but they relented yesterday. the house vote 2d 57-167 in favor of the 40 billion dollar spending bill, averting a partial shutdown that would have begun friday. this morning hillary clinton's aides are rushing. it's raising new questions about
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ethics and transparency just as she ramps up for a potential white house run. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> good morning, lauren. clinton's aides say there was nothing illegal or improper about her using this illegal personal account and the state department says no classified information was ever sent or received there but this revelation is raising a lot of questions about the ability of top government officials to potentially hide information from the investigators and from the public. it's also raising accusations she purposely engaged deception. the growing e-mail controversy involving hillary clinton is raising questions as she eyes a bid for the white house in 2016. >> don't you some day want to see a woman president of the united states of america? >> reporter: speaking in washington last night she avoided any mention of the scandal surrounding her four years as secretary of state. during that time clinton solely used a personal e-mail account
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to conduct government business. a state spokesperson said it was not illegal. >> as long as it's preserved. >> reporter: some republicans are skeptical. >> it's a failure to comply with the law that the secretary had to know about, her aides hat to know about and it's a pattern of deception that began from before she became secretary to her last day. >> the government policy to ensure government e-mails are preserved. clinton said because she e-mailed them at their staff addresses they are, the question is did she break the law. clinton aides submitted thousands of her e-mails to government archives as required by a 2009 law but only after laum lawmakers ordered them. >> clinton's office maintains she followed the letter and
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spirit of the rules. now it turns out the computer server clinton used was not a common or free mail service but it was trailed to her home in chap a cob qaa, new york. thank you for that. former cia chief david petraeus has agreed to plead guilty to mishandling classified material. the former four-star attorney general admits to giving classified documents to his mistress paula broadwell. he could face up to a year in prison but prosecutors plan to recommend probation and o $40,000 fine. coming p on the "morning news," get ready for more snow. a massive storm system is set to bring major snowfall to the winter-weary east. we'll have your forecast. this is the "cbs morning news." it's not likely to go away on its own. so let's do something about it. premarin vaginal cream can help
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snowiest winter ever. the area transit system is considering whether to reimburse commuters. they have endured weeks of weather-related delays and cancellations. a new storm will spread snow and sleet across the midwest today before heading east. meteorologist eric fish e of our boston station wbz says more than 100 million americans are in its path. yet another winter storm working down to the southern states. we're watching snow and ice move down 35 from wichita to oklahoma city and then it stretches out from texas all the way toward the ohio valley and this line is going to continue to sag south and eastward heading through wednesday. the sherbet color here is a lot of sleet and freezing rain that will come down. a lot of freezing rain across parts of northern louisiana, little rock, reaching into northern mississippi and western tennessee and the sleet will hold down some of the snow totals. really wintry travel from north texas right on through the ohio
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valley. we may again see double digit snow totals. along with this arctic air seeping its way southwards. for a few places where it felt like spring temperatures dropping through the day on wednesday and, of course all the road surfaces becoming very icy. tracking into thursday it will face significant snowfall. icing also possible heading down into virginia. so expect some rough travel on thursday and possibly quite a few flight cancellations as well. i'm meteorologist eric fisher for cbs news. a fight over obama care plus target announces job cuts. and later how a suspect was nabbed by police thanks to his facebook posts. has two systems? one helps keep you awake- the other helps you sleep. science suggests when you have insomnia, the wake system in your brain may be too strong and your neurotransmitters remain too active as you try to sleep, which could be leading to your insomnia. ohh...maybe that's what's preventing me from getting the sleep i need!
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. on the "cbs moneywatch," another court drama, this time involved obama care and target announces massive job cuts. wendy gillette is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, wendy. >> good morning, lauren. known as obama care. at issue, the federal subsidies paid to people who need help with their insurance premiums. the challenge alleges the subsidies only apply to people who got their insurance through state skparjs, not the federal
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exchange. a ruling against the government could affect more than 8.5 million people. overnight shares of target added 19 cents following news that the discount retailer is cutting several thousand jobs. target plans to eliminate $2 billion in costs over the next two years. the jobs will primarily be eliminated at target's corporate headquarters in minneapolis. in january target shut its stores in canada. here on wall street stocks retreated for no apparent reason. the dow jones industrial lost 85 points. the standard & poor's 500 lost 9 points. and for the first time in 15 years the nasdaq lost 18 points. the lender will make payments to more than 25,000 homeowners in the aftermath of the housing crisis they rubber stamped foreclosure documents that were not actually reviewed. in some cases the mortgage
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holers were not notified that their payments were increased after they filed for bankruptcy. and it appears amazon may be making plans to ship packages to cuba cuba. reuters reports they saw a ship to cuba button on amazon's website monday but it didn't work and no such option was found on amazon's u.s. website. this comes after they agreed to restore diplomatic relations. >> wendy gillette at the new york stock exchange. wendy, thank you. when we return facebook fugitive. we'll show you how the ohio police got their man with the help of social media. my tempur-pedic made me fall in love with mornings again. i love how it conforms to my body. with tempur-pedic the whole bed is comfortable. it's the best thing we ever did for ourselves. it's helping to keep us young. (vo) visit your local retailer and feel the tempur-pedic difference for yourself.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. the search for an ohio fugitive took a strange twist this week when authorities asked
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for help on social media. they got several responses, including one from the man they were searching for. the butler county sheriff's office was looking for andrew marcum wanted on suspicion of a number of crimes, including domestic violence and abduction. after asking for help finding marcum on facebook deputies received a few replies to their post and then marcum chimed in writing, i ain't trippin'. half of them don't even know me to which authorities replied, if you could stop by the sheriff's office, that would be a great. some mocked the request prompting the sheriff's to ask, hey, it doesn't hurt to ask. that turned out to be true. he turned himself in. they replied.
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he will l be off social media because there is none in jail. they shocked foonl fans by sending running back shaunlesean mccoy to the buffalo bills. he led in 2013 and is the eagles'altime leading rusher. in their first spring training game of the year the boston red sox paid tribute to the man who inspired the ice bucket challenge. they wore jerseys bearing the name of pete fraydy. he played for them before being diagnosed. he did not attend tuesday's game but members of his family did. last summer fraydy's friends and former teemmates helped it go viral. it was credited with raising more than $15 million for als research. this is the "cbs morning news."
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for generations, heart disease has
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in southern chile forced thousands of people from their homes. it spewed ash and tossed lava into the skies for miles. flooding and mudslides are also a concern. the heat is melting snow on the side of the mountain and threatening nearby communities. chilli chile has. as anna werner reports he took action after they attacked his daughter on social media. >> it started last week. curt schilling congratulated his daughter on being accepted to sal vai regina university where she'll play softball.
4:26 am
>> i posted on twitter, congratulations, gabby, you know, the school where she's going and all the good stuff, i was excited. >> like any proud father would be. >> absolutely. >> schilling and his wife shonda said the tweet was inexplicably met with multiple comments. mild and vulgar and sexually explicit. so explicit they can't show them to you. >>'ve been on buses locker rooms, guys guys situations my whole life. where you say things in the group. i never in my life said the things these guys said never. you don't say it. you know when those words are. going out of your mouth that they're vialle that they're something wrong. >> he's been contacted by the fbi and two local police departments and is discussing
4:27 am
possible charges. >> this is my child. you attacked my child. the rules go out the window when you attack my family. >> reporter: two people have been fired as a edd from their jobs as a result of their tweets. one who was aa. >> coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more on the justice department report on racial bias by police in ferguson, missouri. we'll be live from ferguson. plus possible security problems with the apple pay mobile payment system. and a warming about scammers posing as irs agents in order to steal your money. finally this morning a new jersey dad is making the most of the brutally cold and bitter winter. he built a fully functional luge court that runs from the back of his house to the front of his
4:28 am
yard. his 3- and 4-year-olds have been riding it for weeks. he's asking viewers to donate to covenant house, the charity that helps at-risk children. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thank you for watching. i'm lauren lyster. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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storm bringing wet and wintry weather to our area here's mobile three streaming live, driving pictures from northeast philadelphia, the road are just wet, for now. >> but that is a all about to change, soon all that rain will turn to snow and that is expect to cause a huge mess tomorrow morning. >> i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer in for erika von tiehl. katie is tracking the storm. what can we expect, pretty busy. >> you said it, this is an eye on the storm situation, we're basically looking at three solid days straight of one storm system causing major headaches. here's that wide zoom again. it looks like more fun then it did yesterday. as we go tighter here. i want to show what you is had happening at the local level.


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