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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  KYW  March 4, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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for now. >> you can see how big this storm is. once the temperature drops all this rain we're seeing will change over to snow. this could be the bigs one of the season. >> good morning. katie is outside on the sky deck, good morning. >> hi guys, this storm system as you said is huge. the it is so expansive it is affecting millions of people, we're certainly going to be getting our fair share of the impact out of it. we have seen an impact. last night's commute was a nightmare. we're still stuck with precipitation today because we are in the warm sector of the storm. i broke out the umbrella just enough that i don't want to it in mess with my hair. we will go back out to the more localized view on storm scan three. it is not too much out there. we have a scattered variety of rain but what is good about what we're looking at storm scan here is the fact that it has been turning over to rain for so many of you. that is an indication of
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temperatures that have a chance to climb. you will also notice that i have my winter coat on and that is still necessary since you are still talking temperatures that are at best in the lower 40's but it is mile enough in most spots, that it has had a chance to turn over to rain. that is good news there. i say generally a yell will owe light kind of the day, talking red light yellow light, green light, we are looking at the worst of the the situation to unfold later tonight, after midnight when we see that rain change back to snow. it will accumulate steadily as we look ahead to tomorrow by tonight a fresh slew of winter storm warnings take effect. winter storm watches further north. we will even up with a little less in terms of the a accumulation but we will talk more about those accumulations later in the show. for now keep them at the ready, rain drizzle and fog anytime today and tonight, vittoria. >> you know in, regard to the road right now and weather it is just slick and katie said
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very rainy, you will fine a lot of the lingering precipitation that we had a day or two ago still in the neighborhood. slush and ice. just take it easy out there n regard to rush hour we are not seeing too much build just yet. traveling 476, this shot here not too far from the area of macdade, traveling to and from i-95 heading further north toward schuylkill, mid county tolls, we are still moving well. speed sensors are high up in the 50's. since we're here we will talk about the travel malfunction in a second. still in the green on i-95, roosevelt boulevard, even traveling on the schuylkill. so far so good. give it 15 minutes and then it will be different. on the boulevard north and southbound on the front street traffic lights are on flash. no cross traffic. mass transit there is nothing major. good news there. ukee. salt trucks all around the tri-state area are very busy getting ready for another dose of winter. >> penndot is making sure that the roadways and highways are safe if you have to drive.
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justin finch is live at penndot in norristown, justin, good morning. good morning, that is right. yesterday was ice and now we're talking snow and already this morning penndot trucks are out here, getting ready for tomorrow's snowfall. here we go again slow moving traffic, slick road plows and salt trucks, another prepreventative effort to protect drivers on state roads from the wrath of old man winter by penndot. >> that has been cleared. >> reporter: with between four and 8 inches forecast for thursday, penndot crews are getting an early leg up on wednesday pretreating road, some 9,000 miles being tend todd by 350 trucks. >> that is a a tremendous amount of territory. the ranges from interstate highways to look alike expressway like 202 or route 309. >> reporter: for penndot another wrinkle in what has been a busy, expensive winter. >> department budgeted 25.8 million-dollar for winter
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services. we are in the range of 31 million-dollar. >> reporter: you heard this winter so far putting penndot over budget because we have had so many storms coming up this year. they are on track this year for winter of 2015 to drop more than hundred thousand tons of salt. we are live from norristown, justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> before the the snow starts to fall tonight make sure you down load the cbs philly weather app for are phone. track live radar and get updated forecast. down load that app on itunes and google play. we have some breaking news for you, fire send a family out in the cold overnight after flames erupt from their garage in lower more land montgomery county. this happened just after 4:00a m on the 3400 block of manner road. the fire started in the garage destroying a bm the z and a corvette, and then spread to the house. bmw i believe. in one was hurt. in word what sparked this
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house fire in philadelphia's olney neighborhood overnight that left three rest are dents homeless. flames were pouring from the second story window when fire fighters a arrived at that home on the 6,000 block of north american street. the good news is everyone was able to get out safely. right now they are being assisted by the red cross. let me show you this picture. have you seen this man. philadelphia police say santas colon left his home last night to go to the store but never came home. we're told he suffers from dementia. he is 62 years old. 5-foot three and 135-pound. if you see him please contact the the police. well, trade rumors are true eagles running back lesean mccoy will be rushing out of town much sooner then we think. >> bird closing a deal on send number 25 up north to the buffalo bills. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us from outside lincoln financial field where shady spent seven memorable seasons. good morning jan. >> reporter: good morning. this is still a big talker in
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sports in philadelphia this morning. this will not be official until march 10th but if it is, indeed true as you mentioned, lesean mccoy will be packing his bags and moving to the buffalo bills. >> reporter: eagles fans will to have cheer for a different running back next season, lesean mccoy could be flying out of philadelphia and that has fans sounding off on sports radio 94wi p host rob ellis. >> another jersey down the drain for crying out loud. >> this isn't just philadelphia news, this is major nfl news. >> reporter: reports surfaced tuesday that the eagles reached an agreement to send its star running back to buffalo in exchange for linebacker kiko alonzo. it cannot be made official until next week but it has fans and experts alike guessing about the the team's future. >> we didn't understand it until right now. >> reporter: do you understand the trade. >> no, do you understand the trade. >> i am upset. i always like shady.
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i'm in the the sure what their movies. hopefully a good one. >> it will either blow up in a good way or blow up in a bad way. he doesn't care. the beauty and curse of chip kelly, he will in the go by what conventional wisdom is. he is doing it his way. >> reporter: as forehead coach chip kelly he was key ♪ speaker at jcc award last night and made no mention of the mccoy's departure. the crowd, including the teams youngest fans were more than happy to weigh in, and opinion is milk. >> i didn't like that trade. it was the the worst trade. >> i think we need him we need that shady/sproles. i lick them together. >> spend all of the money on defense, and draft the offense. i don't mind it. >> reporter: after last night's event coach kelly did not speak to reporters. there is talk that money could be behind this reported deal and, again if true that would mean since coming to philadelphia in 2008, mccoy's
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run here in philadelphia could come to an end. reporting live, jan carabao for cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> is this part of the plan to get marcus mar yet owe. trade caught some of mccoy's former teammates off guard. line back er emmanuel ac ho got the the roster blowing up on a tuesday. they kept coming. josh huff says sad to see a good friend and brother go. you taught me a a lot last year and i appreciate that definitely we will keep that in mine. we have another one from the little big man nothing surprises me this is what darren sproles said, nothing surprises me in this business anymore. in total shock. so did the eagles make right move by trading shady mccoy. fittings down and it looks like it will. connect with us using the hash tag cw. three. nickel coal. >> all right ukee, thanks. coming up this morning an alarming development in the super bug out break what the f.d.a. is saying about the the device link to those deaths.
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plus department of justice find a sweeping pattern of racial bias, in the ferguson police department. we will have details of a report about to be released to day. hillary clinton hints at a run for the white house in 2016, that is coming up next. >> how long. >> too long. >> too long. >> my goodness, yes. >> can it be spring already? we have to get through one more winter storm. >> we have an eye on the storm, when will it get out the? we will find out. it is going out with a bang katie tracking snow when we come back. here is more, see you in a a bit.
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opening statements are expect to begin in the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. he is accused of participating in the april 2013 attack which killed three people ape injured more than 260. tsarnaev is charged with fatally shooting a police officer in the days following the bombing. he faces the the death penalty, if convicted. justice department scheduled, for release today, paints a picture of racial bias in ferguson missouri. up investigation follows the august 2014 killing of michael brown, his shooting set off weeks of protest. new report says that police and the municipal court system have routinely discriminated against blacks from traffic stops, to jail sentences. when you actually see the
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the jokes and the statements it makes you say they have been laughing at this community, they have been laughing at the people in this community, for a very long time. >> the justice department is expect to pursue a court supervised consent decree that requires ferguson to make changes to its police, and courts. it is 6:13. here's traffic and weather. a lot of weather to talk about. >> yes, we still have it all here ukee right now we have a slug of moisture working in across the the ohio valley. this is where snow melt could lead to some major flooding issues. for us it is coming i guess if we have to deal with it the a at all with better timing because it is like one day we will see ice and then it gets a chance to melt. then we will see rain and snow into tomorrow. it is not just one big swoop but we will have have travel delays but right now a break in the action. we will see rain picking up with time. coming through in pockets.
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then tonight we will see fresh round of winter storm warnings in effect regional wide, further north where you may have more of a cut autopsy here so we have a watch in the low high valley and poconos region and northern most new jersey. we are looking at a model here. the that is important to note but a as early as late tonight we will see cold air moving in, and it will turn rain over to snow. so by tomorrow, through mess of the day but by tomorrow night we are less with the heavier snowfall totals for southern two-thirds of the the area and we are calling a general four to 8 inches in that zone. looking ahead to tomorrow in the meantime watch for rainy, foggy, drizzly day but it is milder. tomorrow we will crash down on temperatures again a at least we can breathe a sigh of relief, and sun comes back. >> something to look forward to katie definitely. right now we won't be looking forward to traveling on part of the i-95, specifically southbound, and i'm available
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heavier points a around academy and cottman and girard avenue. we are looking at i-95. not too far from the philadelphia international airport this is northbound side of 95. this is northbound i-95 ramp to bartram have avenue. there are numerous potholes, a actually on the ramp. so it is causing a back up in this area give yourself some more time. do you remember how many potholes last year? tons of them. anyway you may notice power outage or two in radnor haverford, lower merion as a result of the blown transformer so traveling in an around that area you may notice traffic lights out nicole. >> vittoria, thank you. a woman is in the hospital after an accident in, lower pottsgrove, and, the the suv, as she reportedly tried to get on 422 trying to go the the other way. just prior to that she was traveling on 422 and hit several along the side of the road there investigators believe she may have been suffering from a medical condition behind that wheel. well, not guilty is
6:16 am
verdict for a former washington township police officer on charges, stemming from a 2012 traffic stop arrest of a new jersey assemblyman. joseph de bona ventura was cleared of 14 criminal charges n july 2012 assemblyman and washington township mayor paul moriarty was arrested for driving under the the influence. but, the charges against paul moriarty were dismissed. >> we finally got the whole issue in front of some normal people. you want to be a police officer. i was doing my job that day. i would do it again in a minute. >> paul moriarty has a civil suit begins the officer and gave us a statement saying quote i respect the verdict of the jury with you i'm obviously difficulties a appointed with the results. i know that i did nothing that day but operate my car safely and lawfully at all times. the video evidence speaks for itself and requires no inn terptation. >> updating our breaking news a fire in lower more land montgomery county.
6:17 am
it broke out around 4:00 this morning in the garage of the home in the 3400 block of manor road. there are no yours but the the the house was badly damaged and two cars were destroyed. the cause has yet to be determined. philadelphia police are searching for santas colon missing since last night. we are told he suffers from dementia. so if you have seen him call police. we could see the biggest snowstorm of the season tomorrow, that could mean some treacherous travel over the the next day or two. we will be right back.
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shady mccoy is shuffling off to buffalo. the 2013 nfl rushing champion will be sent to the bills as soon as deals are permitted on the tenth of march. the eagles get linebacker kiko alonzo in return. he played at oregon. he is coming off an acl injury. shady has third most rushing yard in the national football league since 2009. eagles are getting red linebacker trent cole, second all time on the eagles sack list, behind only hall of famer reggie white. cornerback cary williams is gone as well, he spent two seasons in midnight green. lets talk hoops. sixers in oklahoma city. thunder could be shorthanded. they will be without kevin durant working his way back from a foot injury. the russell westbrook is day to day and could come back tonight against the sixers. we will see what happens.
6:21 am
to the ice flyers fighting for a playoff spot but last night the they came away with only one point. south jersey's johnny, assisted the game winner last night in front of family and friend at the well in south philadelphia. the flyers stand five points behind the bruins for the last playoff spot in the east, they will play the blues at the well, tomorrow night let's go flyers. >> we need this, playoff push is on. >> yes, we do. >> 6:21. irs is delaying tens of thousands of returns and it is because of something that all of the taxpayers in common. we will explain. also confession and snap chat, we will show you how one catholic priest is allowing sinners to confess with a popular app. >> oh, boy. >> when we come right
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all right. 6:23. lets send it over to katie for more on this crazy storm.
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>> it is bizarre because it is so big it is lasting so long, a lot of times we have a storm that comes through over the course of two days but this is a three day event. we don't see those that often. we will start off with a slushy mess, outside lower merion high school here where it is definitely wet roads at this point but still a lot of slush out there as milder air trying to creep in. two commutes stand out as worst late tonight and basically all of tomorrow, as we see a new round of snow moving in. so plan a accordingly. next two days will get slowed down. we have your work cut out for you, vittoria. >> i have my rain boots rather than my running shoes. good morning everyone. traveling out and about you will want to pack your patients traveling specifically on 422, we are seeing eastbound delay out of the oaks down toward 202. you can see how saturated right around trooper. rush hour is upon us. not only on 422 but 95 out of the north east and vine. i-95 north bound at bartram
6:25 am
avenue exit there are potholes there so be mindful. some bridges we have speed restrictions of 35 miles an hour nicole. >> vittoria, thanks. on the cbs-3 healthwatch f.d.a. says manufacturer of scope, linked to two super bug deaths at ucla never obtain permission to sell those prices. they started to sell a scopes to collette out ductness 2010 but f.d.a. says it was not until late 2013 or early 204 that they realized olympus never asked for clearance to put those scopes on the market. air pollution from cars may impact how well children learn in school. researchers in spain studied 3,000 students at dozens of schools. they have found attention and memory development were lower in children who are exposed to high levels of traffic related air pollution, ukee. irs is delaying refund for thousands of taxpayers who applied for health coverage under the affordable care act.
6:26 am
affordable care act enroll ease receive subsidies based honest mated income for 2014. now you that they know that they have to make sure that the initial subsidy amount was correct. some will to have pay back part of their subsidies or receive smaller refund if they under estimated their incomes. the others may get larger refund if they earned less than anticipated. bad news for target employees this morning. the company is planning layoffs. several thousand jobs are on the chopping block to restructure and save a money. the cuts will be made over the next two years. well, need to make a confession. now there is an app for that. >> there always is. >> priest in texas is offering confession through the app snap chat can you believe this? priest wants to stay a anonymous but reach him at priest david. he is making himself available through the app through march 16th. there is a deadline in play here. one priest we spoke to says he is skeptical. >> it is in the a catholic
6:27 am
priest because the church teaches us when you go to confession you should go to the priest, either behind a divide error face-to-face. >> it is not clear what church, if any that priest is attached to. you have to be careful just because his screen name is priest david doesn't mean he is a priest. >> exactly right. coming up next on "eyewitness news" this morning former philly curt schilling takes on cyber bullies. >> i have never in my life, said some of the things that she is guys said never. >> how a very proud moment for the baseball star ignited a war of words, on twitter. justin? ukee, the snow is coming tomorrow and penndot is already getting ready? we will tell you why this winter is shaping up to be an expensive one for them when we come right back. and justin check tut the fog down the the shore a dreary day before the the snow starts to fall, katie has the the forecast and more when we come back in two minutes, stay
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and we have an eye on the storm right now we're dealing with wet road some fog and some drizzle this is a live look from mobile three in northeast philadelphia. but later tonight all that rain will change over to snow, and some areas could get a lot of it, in fact, this could be the most significant can't snow fall of the season
6:31 am
katie. it is like old man winter said not so fast. >> where do you think you're going. it is clearly in the done with us yet. we have a lot of moving pieces with this. it is a track we want to keep a monitor on but it is looking good like we will have that shot to pick up some decent snow this time around. so lets walk you through it, we will take you outside here's a wide zoom on storm scan but i want to zoom you back in here and show you what is happening just so you can get out the door hitting the road. we have a break in the pattern here, we will see these round of rain drizzle fog coming through at anytime but notice there is a few speckles of pink in the lehigh valley and poconos. the as a result of the fact that the temperatures are marginal and freezing we have winter weather posted up to the poconos specifically until 9:00 a.m. now. keep that in mind that could still be slick. keep an eye on the car thermometer but those more remet suburbs because it could again still be just cold enough that you run into a
6:32 am
slick spot out there. your visibility, fog, they are reduced for sure, they are less than ideal. one and a half miles in reading, 1 mile in lancaster. it is not like you cannot see your hand in front of the face but you have to slow down when dealing with weather. mid 40's expected, that will feel balmy by comparison but we have to deal with the fresh round of snow as we mentioned a moment ago. today it is all about rain drizzle and fog and then overnight rain turns back to snow and we will be dealing with accumulating snow by tomorrow. we will talk totals for you later on in the show, vittoria, over to you. good morning, everyone, lets talk right about rush hour traffic because that is exactly what we're dealing with. it is in full swing on i-95. this is a live look the the at i-95 southbound those headlights coming toward you. it is jammed. out of academy all the way down to the vine street
6:33 am
expressway you will find some breaks in the traffic but anytime we have a rainy day or slick spots on the roadway, a slippery road rush hour will be worse. plan accordingly watching from home because by the the time you get to i-95 it will be double in size. if you are traveling on the schuylkill expressway we are seeing westbound delays build around city avenue usual spots and on 422 eastbound very heavy and slow ride out of oaks down toward 202. we have an accident here traveling in new jersey, 55 southbound at 47 and southbound at new jersey turnpike between 206, blocking the right lane in the inner drive. give your receive more time there. no major delays for mass transit, ukee. crews are on alert and penndot wasting no time with another round with winter. >> salt trucks on the roads and highways making sure you need to get where ever you need to go. justin finch is live at penndot in norristown, good morning, justin. >> reporter: nicole, ukee, good morning.
6:34 am
the as we head to work and school this morning, chances are you will see one of these penndot trucks loading salt or spreading salt on the roads getting them ready for tomorrow. we have seen trucks leave this facility here and also trucks outside on the road this morning. they are pretreating these road ahead of tomorrow's forecast which could bring us between four and 8 inches of snow by thursday. they are taking a full day to get ready for everything. allow these guys room on the road as they are doing their jobs. this has been a busy, very expensive winter for penndot as they fight these frequent storms. take a listen. >> it has really taken a toll. department budgeted 25.8 million-dollar for winter services. we are in the range of 31 million-dollar having spent. that is not somewhat unusual for a very busy winter season. >> reporter: as you heard there this winter they are
6:35 am
already over their salt budget at the penndot. they are on track this winter to drop more than a hundred thousand tons of salt across the state here. very busy winter. that will be a very busy day i'm hure for the next 24 or so hours. we are live from norristown i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". justin, thank you. police say man arrested for stabbing of two members of nicki minaj's road crew will be charged with murder. pierce boykin is accused of killing devon picket. boykin was already facing attempted murder charge in the stabbing of eric park her who remains in critical condition. boykin was originally arrested february 23rd for february 18th stabbings that happened outside the che bar and grill in ease germantown. he posted bail last week and was rhea rested on the new murder charge yesterday. police are looking for a suspect dog napper this morning, they say on monday around 11:00 a.m. a with man left her gray and white pit bull tied to the pole in front of the rite aide store in the
6:36 am
2500 block of air mink owe avenue in kensington. while inside surveillance video shows a man drove up and took that dog. the authorities described the suspect as a white or hispanic bald male wearing all gray clothing. he was driving a royal blue suv. if you have any information call police. task force on 21st century policing recommend police department build deeper trust in their communities. the task force co chaired by philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey is praising camden county police force. officers do not drive on the streets, they walk them. many who live there say it is working. >> when we look at people like her our kid will be able to come out here and play and stuff like that. >> it is basically an honor for me to serve our community and get to necessity business owners and residents and let them know that we are here to serve them because that is definitely important. >> reporter: it has become a priority since camden police became a county wide department in may of 2013.
6:37 am
well on again a off again sale of the old revel casino in atlantic city could be back on again today. bankruptcy court judge will decide if glenn straub can buy the building for 82 million. just last month the judge canceled straub's deal to purchase the property for 95 million-dollar, after he missed a deadline to finish that sale. happening today workers a across philadelphia pushed to raise minimum wage to $15 at a city council hearing. group of workers will testify about the devastating impact of low wages on philadelphia families and communities. philadelphia is the most poor major city in the country with poverty rates nearing 30 percent. well former pennsylvania congressman joe sestak kicks off his campaign to win a seat in the you had senate. he will make the official announcement this morning at independent hall. the sestak wants a rematch against senator pat toomey who narrowly beat him in the election in 2010. it all started as an innocent tweet. former philly curt schilling
6:38 am
congratulated his daughter for being accepted to a college as a softball player. the tweet was met with extremely offensive and explicit responses. >> then schilling went on the offensive tracking down the worst offenders. don champion has the story on what happened next. >> reporter: curt schilling made a career out of striking auto pope event from the pitchers mound and now the the baseball great is making a name himself for firing back against cyber bullies. >> there is an enormous gap between this generation and accountability. >> reporter: it started last week when he posted a harmless tweet congratulating his daughter to being accepted to college where she will play softball. the responses were cordial at first and then came the vul garrity. some tweet where is so vulgar and sexually explicit we cannot show them to you. >> i have been in clubhousees i have been in locker rooms been in buses and guys guy situations my whole life. you say things as guys in that group, your family, i have
6:39 am
never in my life said some of the things that these guys said. never. >> reporter: so schilling responded by identifying two of the men who sent the the most offensive tweets on his personal web site, one of them worked for new york yankees as part-time ticket seller and was fire. >> this is my child. you a attacked my child. rules go out the window when awe tack family. >> reporter: schilling says he is in touch with the fbi and local police about filing possible criminal charges. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a dad defending his daughter. don't go there. he will come after you. our time 6:39. hillary clinton hints at a run for a white house, hear her comments when they come back. you don't see this every day, prince william feed an elephant on his trip to china. it is the the photo that went viral. >> i love this one. >> a weasel on the back of the wood pecker and goes for a ride. >> i like says we go he will and wood pecker. >> i know you do i can tell
6:40 am
good find out how they were able to capture that on the other side. this storm just can't stop, first rain, then ice then more rain, and now we're tracking snow. make it to the top. >> it can't stop. trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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hillary clinton teased supporters about her plans for 2016 at emily's list gala in washington d.c. last night. >> along life's way you get a chance to make millions of decisions, and some of them are big like do you run for office? >> it was her first appearance amid allegation that is she used her personal e-mail to conduct state business. clinton was keynote speaker for the event which supports abortion rights. 6:43. traffic and weather. here's katie. good morning ukee. we want to check with our
6:44 am
eyewitness weathernet work this morning. they are reporting milder air. it is still cold but warmer then it ways. we will see temperatures going up with time. i do want to check with our rainfall amounts thus far barbara sending from willow grove just over .2 of an inch. over .1 from tom and john in glassgow delaware a half inch. rain is definitely out there. it will slow you down. the at least it is rain in comparison to ice and snow. meanwhile we will go out to our temperature list. we are flirting with four from clementon, new jersey. alex has 38 from mays landing. we are in the mid 30's. the just warm enough in a lot of these spots where it has had a chance to turn over to rain if it is, in fact falling from the sky right now. we will look at this wider zoom and what you will notice is a huge slug of moisture. look at all this. this will lead to flooding especially in combination with the snow melt back over the the yes valley but for us it just means it is an off and on
6:45 am
rainy drizzly foggy kind of take and that whole line will drop south and everything turns over to snow heading into tomorrow. the best chance for four to 8 inches will go to the southern two-thirds's of our area we have a good chance to pick up 4 inches. but totals will be reduced further er up toward lehigh val and poconos because cut off comes through sooner for you and it does appear as though main bulk of snow will be falling just off to your south but you'll still get some. looking forward in the forecast ukee mentioned it, we are springing forward on sunday, don't forget about turning those clocks back or ahead because we will lose an hour of sleep. rain drizzle and fog today snow tomorrow, two straight days of very active weather and then comes a break, vittoria, over to you. good morning everyone. speaking of breaks here hitting the brakes on i-95 it is rush hour we are seeing delays in the southbound direction out of the northeast from academy down through the
6:46 am
vine street expressway. not only are you slower as a result of the slickness that we have, on the roadway but you're slow on the southbound side of i-95 because approaching allegheny rather we are experiencing an accident blocking the right-hand lane as you will notice here. penndot is on the scene but traffic is trying to maneuver around it just causing, a mess really. also we are seeing delays on the schuylkill expressway in the usual spots. some volume on 422 eastbound out of oaks down to 202. area bridges are not awful. traveling on the ben franklin bridge you're doing okay down toward eighth and vine. heavier down toward philadelphia. we did have earlier speed restrictions, they have been lifted. but looking at our speed sensors it is definitely rush hour in pennsylvania in the usual spots traveling in new jersey, and mass transit in major delays ukee. vittoria, thank you. two expensive cars are destroyed in the fire that began in the garage in lower more land, montgomery county and then spread to a home.
6:47 am
there are no injuries but plenty of damage, still trying to find out how it all happened. >> authorities are searching for santas colon he went missing from his home in north philadelphia last night. he suffers from dementia. if you see him please contact police. it looks like eagles are set to trade shady mccoy to the bills for a linebacker, trade cannot happen until march 10th but they will get kiko alonzo who played for chip back in the day. a lot of people talking about this one for sure. >> yes. >> 6:47. years ago a strawberry mansion woman told her green son he and other men need to do something to improve the community. >> she decided he was right and started spreading brotherly love in a place dear to his heart it is another avenue unside the straw you bring mansion learning center on dauphin street every weekday these doors opened to neighborhood children teens and adults.
6:48 am
>> first we have to do our homework and then we have to put it in the computer or we make jokes and start laughing and stuff. >> amazing, brings tears to my eyes. >> reporter: kevin started the learning center in 2008 in memory of his mother shirley. it used to be her bar. now her pictures hangs outside with these word a place where people meet communicate, and education. >> that sentence, those word what does that mean to your soul. >> it means a place to people to come and collaborate. you want to leave something positive. you want to leave a legacy of helping others. >> reporter: it comes from grants from the city, corporate donations and a lot of volunteers like 16 year-old josh hunter who runs social media and helps student with their assignments. >> a computer, if they need help or e-mail something to get turn in they come here to do it. >> reporter: they provide donated snacks on thursday. students from drexel and penn help tudor the children four times a week.
6:49 am
>> i was in a little bit of the bubble at my school and branching out is important. >> reporter: he bought the lot next door to expand the center. >> you have been called a a community hero, do you see yourself as such. >> no, i don't. i see myself as a concern man in the community wanting to make change. >> he is doing just that. he keep doing your thing. the center is opened for saturday for adult computer classes. kevin takes in salary from the learning center he created. to find out how to help out go to cbs and search for brotherly love. >> we need more people like him. we have a live picture from the liacouras center on the the temple university. that is where the world famous harlem globetrotters are practicing, they are in town for appearances at boardwalk hall in atlantic city tomorrow night and liacouras center friday night, we will meet them live in the next hour on our sister station cw philly.
6:50 am
we are sending jan carabao. she has never met them. should be a fun morning for her. >> she has to get in the magic circle. >> check out their skills. >> always have since i was a baby. >> i know you can hang. >> i'll put it on a finger and get crazy. 6:50. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora's done he will. gayle, i'm told it is gayle. >> i'm going to hear it the now. >> looking lovely. >> i'm leaving, go ahead i'm out. >> it is okay, george. i am gayle and nora's done ellis gorgeous blue eyes. don't get it twisted. hello, ukeelee and nicole good morning. >> good morning. >> holy williams is in iraq with the battle to recapture tikrit from isis. the plus only on cbs this morning scammers going after
6:51 am
anybody they can find, even a pastor on the list, largest impersonation tax scam ever. from comfort food to find dining how pizza is getting a make over. the news is back in the morning. we will see new ten minutes. nicole back to you and the other guy. >> i love it. >> toshea,. >> have have a good morning. >> talk to you soon. this morning the word is baby, carry underwood and mike fischer welcomed a new baby boy. >> she shared a picture of her son via twitter. tiny land and tiny feet, god blessed with us an amazing gift. isaiah was born february 27th under wood announced her pregnancy last september via instagram and she continues to update her fans through social media, under wood and fischer were married in 2010. >> wonderful. >> end of an era in chicago the building where oprah winfrey built her empire is
6:52 am
closing for g harpo studios will shut its doors in december after 26 years own all operations will move to hollywood. oprah delivered the news to 200 employees yesterday. only a small portion of the staff will join the media mogul at her new headquarters in los angeles. well, word is pricey, ticket for grateful dead 50th anniversary show this july 4th weekend are on stub hub, for get this, more than a hundred thousand dollars. >> wow. >> it doesn't mean that people will pay it. >> the highest price paid for three day pass is seven grand. concerts are sold out jerry garcia, long time lead guitar player died in 1995 and the the dead says this is last time core four members will perform together as the grateful dead. good luck getting a hundred grand. >> so much for front row i better be on stage with the guitar on my hand. >> and then for the next year. >> great ban musical history. >> new video this morning aspirins williams makes a new
6:53 am
friend visiting china. >> he in met this elephant at an animal sanctuary in unan province. the future king even fed him carrots. prince william highlighted his interest in wild life conservation. >> what did you say about the elephants. >> the the elephant will never forget it. >> they don't. >> talk to me. >> i love it. >> we will be right back. >> but here's is what coming up on cbs-3, good morning family see new a bit.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
and, we are expect to see more snow moving into the delaware valley by later on tonight but for now temperatures are having a chance to ease up, somewhat. we are still looking at wintry wonderland out in the live weathernet work cameras with the remote suburbs, you have to watch out for ice but later tonight the a fresh slew of winter storm warnings and storm watches will take effect in our area with what is expect to be a rainy foggy drizzly day, turning over into a heavier snow event heading into tomorrow. four to eight for southern two-thirds's of our area is the the spec taste vittoria. >> right now i expect to be in high volume southbound out of the i-95 and vine street expressway. this is an accident situation southbound approaching allegheny, compromising a lane making your i-95 commute toward center city worse. expect usual delays on schuylkill and 422 as well. we will go on extra early to keep you informed of the
6:57 am
storm coming our way. hopefully you can join us a at 4:00 a a.m. take a peak. we will be there for you. we have unusual video. >> this is animal kingdom caught on camera lot weeze will riding the back of the wood pecker a shot taken by mark in london. he heard a noise, snapped that shot. he may have saved that wood pecker's life because his attention appeared to distract that weasel who took off and then flew away. pretty cool will stuff.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, march 4th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." new details about the personal e-mail account hillary clinton used while she was secretary of state. >> the irs calls it one of the largest tax scams ever. they reveal the scheme targeting thousands each week. >> future ultrasounds help moms bond with their babies. now the fda says don't just use them for fun. >> but we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> you do not need a law degree to have an understanding of how troubling this is. >> congress demands answers int


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