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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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now at 11:00 o'clock a winter weather warning is in effect for much of the area as we await what will likely be the biggest storm of this season. the roads are wet right now but they'll be snow covered come the morning good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. more than 100 schools have already closed or delayed openings for tomorrow. you will see that information at the bottom of your screen. now among the biggest to close so far schools in cherry hill bensalem and council rock. and just in tonight the city of philadelphia says it will likely make a decision on schools early tomorrow morning. philadelphia mayor michael nutter has already announced a snow emergency will take effect at 6am for the city. we have live team three coverage tonight as the entire area prepares for the wore the part of the storm to move in over the next several hours. let's begin with meteorologist kathy orr whose been tracking this system all day and she's life in the weather center with the latest models just in. kathy. >> they are literally just in
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jessica. just taking a look at them right now with our producer steve. we are changing things slightly with some heavy precipitation moving in overnight and continuing for tomorrow morning right through the noon hour tapering off in the afternoon. now take look at storm scan3. you see the yellows and oranges that is heavy rain. a transition zone that is some sleet and then some snow. you can see transition beginning through allentown the lehigh valley, reading berks county and through lancaster the poconos beginning to see some snow mixing in but this encompasses about 20 states so it's a huge part of the country being impacted by the storm. as the colder air builds in, we are going to be seeing that changeover overnight. visibility an issue now with this warm moist air very cold snow pack. visibility down to three tenths of a mile in wilmington. eight tenths of a mile in atlantic city. and as we take zoom in it's improved through our suburbs but earlier mt. holly just down to half mile. that winter storm warning is officially in effect right now across the delaware valley and our suburbs and advisories force
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the lehigh valleyly and the poconos where we expect a lesser accumulation of snow. poconos changing to snow as we speak. through the lehigh valley through 1am you'll see the transition. between 1am and 3am the transition in philadelphia will start off as a wet heavy snow. not accumulating at first but it will for tomorrow morning's rush and coastal new jersey and south delaware three to 5am for the transition. those lighter accumulations the lehigh valley and reading berks county two to 4-inches. for to six northern and western suburbs but i did expand the six to 8-inch range because i do think this is going to be very close to philadelphia and wilmington right on that 6-inch line as we will be seeing very heavy snow between about 7am threw at least the noon hour that's when most of this will fall. it will be a light snow, it will be a fluffy snow but it will be accumulating fast. this is very latest from the weather center. there's a little more information coming if i have to make any final tweaks i will have them later in the broadcast broadcast. but this is an evolving storm
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and a lot will have to do with how fast that snow a come lates and how quickly we change over to snow overnight tonight. that is one of the wild cards chris. >> okay, kathy we'll be seeing in you just a minute. thanks so much "eyewitness news" team fanned out across the region with road crews preparing to take on the storm. our team coverage continues with "eyewitness news" reporter david superintendent live in allentown one of the first areas that could see that change over. david? >> reporter: chris, that's right. right now we are just seeing rain that's been the story the rain has been off and on all night pick up a few hours ago but crews here in the lehigh valley are getting ready to hit the roads and saul those roads within the hour. it's been a long night for penndot crews and the snow hasn't even started falling. >> fatigue sets in. long tedious process. >> reporter: joe pickard spent most his night filling truck to the brim at penndot's salt truck in norristown. >> we'll load them from here and
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remote stockpiles where we load them to keep all montgomery county. >> reporter: penndot crews will start salting as the first flakes come down. music drivers ears. >> they put the brine down it's all good. hunker down. >> they actually keep on top of this year no major problems. >> reporter: this winter penndot officials have spent $31 million just for salt. but they only budgeted for 26 million. so what gives? >> there's some things where we can shift money. we can reduce row overtime or we can cut back maybe some of our vegetation -- management program programs. >> reporter: if it's needed penndot can get even more salt. but joe pickard hopes that won't be his fate. >> getting ready for april springtime. spend some time i was from here. >> reporter: penndot folks down in norristown say there will be 400 trucks public and private trucks out in the philadelphia area over night the reason those crews are waiting until that rain stops and the
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snow comes down so the rain doesn't melt or disturb that salt on the road to keep people safe. we're live in allentown tonight, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thanks for that. so far penndot says it's used about 149,000 tons of salt this winter. that just about equals the combined weight of 331747s. or you can think of this way. that amount of salt is close to the weight of about 74,500 average sized cars. wow! deldot says it's in good shape when it comes to the saul supply. mechanics in newark were hard at work repairing plows and equipment making sure it's all ready. they've been going non-stop with all these storms. a state of emergency is in effect tonight in new jersey ahead of the snow and this was the scene earlier in linden woman. camden county crews say they're ready. they'll be putting down plenty of salt on streets as that snow starts to fall. our team coverage continues now from camden county. our diana rocco is live in cherry hill and diana that
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township already making a big decision about school tomorrow. >> reporter: that's right jessica. cherry hill public schools will be closed for tomorrow. it has been raining on and off here throughout the evening. melting a lot of that snow and create something pretty wet roadways. but come morning, that is all likely to change. it's march and with another snowstorm on the way this went just keeps oncoming. >> it's been brutal. >> i don't think it's worse than last winter but still a now answer is. >> reporter: across south jersey from cherry hill to washington township, many were out making last minute preparations. >> we're trying to find some salt. we went to wegmans and christmas tree shop, cvs and home depot they're completely out. everything. they sold 10 pallets in two hours of salt. there's nothing left only traction sand. >> reporter: some selled for sand while others were leaving empty handed hoping to find salt elsewhere. >> the ice it's not so much the snow accumulation but the ice it makes it treacherous. >> reporter: lows had snow
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blowers front and center you may not need them now thursday could be a much different story. wednesday's rain melted snow and ice leaving water covering parking lots and flooding roadways. but with snow on the way and some of the highest totals expected in south jersey that's all about to change. >> i had enough of it work wise and just shoveling the sidewalks and i'm ready for summer. >> reporter: while the adults may be longing for summer, the kids never mind another snow day day. >> come out and play with the kids because they'll be happy they got that day off of school. but nevertheless -- >> you are anticipating a snow day tomorrow for the kids? >> yes, i am. as long as the weatherman is right this time. >> reporter: by this time tomorrow there may be several inches here in fact by morning they could be dealing with several inches on the ground for that commute. new jersey governor chris christie has issued a state of emergency and is asking people if you don't have to go out to stay home and off the roads. we're live in cherry hill
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tonight diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". thanks diana. snow always trouble for air travel and philadelphia international airport about 100 flights were canceled tonight. and some airlines have already canceled nights for tomorrow morning. well we look at storm scan3 tonight for a sense of how big this storm system is it has been snowing and sleeting all the way from our border with mexico all the way up to through new england. let's take look at bart tells tellsville oklahoma where the snow was coming down hard earlier today. it didn't take much to close schools there and just make an absolute mess of the morning drive. major flooding is a concern in kentucky it rained so hard and so fast there that the water nearly left some vehicles submergeed. >> make sure "eyewitness news" is your source for winter weather coverage. we're starting early at 4am to make sure you have the latest information as you need it as soon as you wake up. our team of meteorologists will
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be tracking the storm's path. and we just learned new jersey state offices will delay opening until 11 a.m. there will be more closings and delays coming overnight. we'll have the latest list for you when you wake up and any time you need it at sign up for text alerts. >> you can also track this latest winter storm with the cbs philly weather app. the got live radar that you can check any time. you can also use it to zen us your storm photos with the hash tag cbs3 snow. the app is available free it's on i tunes and google play. well in other news tonight federal judge denied bail today for suspended chester county priest who was facing charges of child pornography. mark haines will stay behind bars as he awaits trial. since his arrest at saint simon and jude parish in objection three women have come forward to say that haines sexually assaulted them in the 1990's when they were teenagers. one told the investigators she was victimized in a confessing
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al. >> father haines heard her confession. he told her that to be ab solved of her sins she would have to perform the same sex acts on him. >> respectfully disagree with the judge's decision but obviously we'll have to live with it. >> prosecutors believe that there may be more vick testimony out there. they are encourageing them to come forward. fighting crime op line is the mig of a special group of f fbi pages working under tight security at fbi headquarters in philadelphia. in a cbs3 exclusive tonight investigative reporter walt hunter gets access to this very secret unit and he is introduces us to those who battle the world's fattest growing and potentially deadliest crime problems by using their key bore bores. >> reporter: face after face, crime after crime there are now so many cyber criminals going online to break laws, the fbi says it's had to create a special top 10 cyber most wanted list just for them.
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>> it's a new frontier. cyber is the new tool. cyber in the new way those who will do harm for whatever purpose will execute their actions. >> reporter: for these cyber fugitives, the fbi says crimes from identity theft to terrorism espionage and open bank robbery as simple as just logging in anywhere in the world. >> you can commit essentially 7,000 bank robberies in 10 minutes online much it's still a rob breach it's still theft. it's just done in a new way. >> reporter: and granted rare access inside the fbi's cyber crime squad we saw the new ways agents are dealing with the unprecedented threat. the quiet clicks of computer keyboards replace screaming sirens. the glow of screens instead of flashing red lights. mark the front lines of this growing deadly serious battle. >> the picture of cyber criminal historically someone was sitting
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in a basement behind the keyboard. that's not it any more. >> reporter: a sign of how fierce the battle has become against cyber crime the fbi in this region has its own computer for rep sick lab and right here in the office a think tank of computer scientists trying to develop new technology to stay ahead of criminals. for fbi scientists like russ hand dorf the race to keep their technology ahead of the criminals never ends. these two suspects recently arrested for an alleged $50 million computer fraud scheme in pakistan. thanks in part to work by fbi supervisor gerald and his squad. >> we'll continue to see it increase in complexity so it's not going to go away any time soon and it will be a constant challenge. >> reporter: in rooms like this the quiet tapping of skilled hands on keyboard a reassuring sign the fbi says that one of the greatest challenges in crime fighting history is being met.
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at fbi headquarters walt hunter cbs3 "eyewitness news". new tonight who is tracking your e-mail? when you open one and where you opened it can also all be monitored. three on your side jim donovan explains how this happens and how you might be able to stop it. new at 11:00 o'clock a brutal attack on u.s. ambassador overseas. we'll tell you what happened and how he's doing tonight coming up next. also we have our eye on this big winter storm. kathy is tracking the snow and she'll have the latest information just in when "eyewitness news" returns.
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the cbs3 mobile weather lap lab is out on the roads tonight and you're looking live now at lancaster avenue in wayne. certainly wet out there but it's not going to stay that way for long. let's take look now at new video in from allentown. a similar scene there but that change over to rain to snow is coming soon. kathy's full forecast including the latest information on snow totals is coming up in just about five minutes. well tomorrow philadelphia mayor michael nutter will deliver his final budget address and in it he will propose a hefty property tax increase. our sister station kyw news
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radio has learn the mayor will propose a 9% property tax hike. the proposed revenues from that would be used to provide the school district with an extra $100 million. city council would have to approve that tax hike. testimony in the boston marathon bombing trial begins with a startling add mig from the defense. in a likely effort to avoid the death penalty the attorney for dzhokar tsarnaev told jurors in his client admitted to playing roll in the bombings. but he said tsarnaev was influenced by his older brother tamerlan to commit the crimes. he died in the shoot out i didn't police during a citywide manhunt in boston. dzhokar tsarnaev charged with the shooting death of an mit police officer several days aft the bombing. disturbing images tonight following the attack of us ambassador overseas. the ambassador to south korea mark was slash on the face and wrist by a man wielding a weapon with a 10-inch blade. this happened at a performing arts center as the ambassador
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was preparing for his speech. that suspect reportedly screamed during the attack that north and south korea should be united. we know the ambassador has under gone surgery is expected to be okay. the controversy over hillary clinton's use of personal e-mail accounts secretary of state leads to legal action. house committee looking in the benghazi attack issued subpoenas for clinton's e-mails related to their investigation. recently it was disclosed clinton relied on a personal e-mail account rather than a government account to conduct business. four americans died in the 2012 benghazi attack including u.s. ambassador christopher stevens. they know when you've opened it and where you were when you did. so who is tracking the e-mail in your in box? to three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has more on programs that do just that and he shows us how they work. job johnson is looking for a job when he e-mails a resume he uses tracking software to see if the person he sent it to
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actually opened it. >> i know that my resume has gone where i sent it. i know how many times it's been opened. if an e-mail has been opened six times, i know there may be some interest and maybe i'll get a call. >> reporter: many companies achoo offer e-mail tracking for free for very low cost. >> call of years ago only big businesses had access to this. but now anyone can use e-mail tracking today. e-mail tracking is the next big thing. >> reporter: some program have users put a code neck to the recipient's e-mail address that they can't see. and other companies have users just click a box that says e-mail tracking on. the tracking software puts a code or image in the e-mail and when someone is tracking e-mails -- >> they can find out a lot of information about when you read the e-mail. how long you were reading it. where you were geo located report hot this tracking is legal in most cases and e-mail centers don't need to disclose they're doing this so who could be tracking your e-mail? >> besides markets anyone can track to see if you've opened an
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e-mail. this could be a collect agency. an attorney. your dentist. your doctor. it could be anyone. >> reporter: can you avoid having your e-mail track? experts say read your e-mail in text only mode. so it doesn't automatically download tracker images and attachments. some e-mail tracking companies charge people according to the amount of e-mails they want to track. and they're also apps that allow to you track e-mails you stepped and get reports sent to your phone. i posted link at and on my facebook and twitter feed. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. we have our eye on the storm tonight. some visibility reduced across the delaware valley as we look across the river from camden into center city philadelphia. you can see we're not seeing as much as we usual dollar. usually we can see center city philadelphia. on storm scan3 we're seeing a lot of green a lot of rain but you can see through allentown a wintry mix is beginning. reading a little bit further to the normal and west the poconos seeing some snow already moving
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into the region. the progression will be moving toward the south and east over the course of the overnight but this storm encompassing some 20 states from maine all the way down through dallas. so we're talking about a couple thousand miles here worth of real estate and being impacted by the storm. right now the main threat is rain in areas of fog as that warm moist air goes over our snow pack once the cold air moves in the fog will go away but poor visible for the morning rush with heavy snow. "eyewitness weather" watchers reporting in temperatures above freezing everywhere but i've been impressed with the amount of rain we've seen over the course of the day. some heavy rain right now in levittown over an inch. barbara reporting over an inch of rain in willow grove. steve in robbinsville nearly an inch of rain. half an inch in burlington township, newark, delaware, half and inch in southampton of of new jersey half inch of rain. temperatures still mile out there. right now in philadelphia we're at 41. 41 in dover. 37 in allentown and 33 in the poconos and yes it can snow at
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33. state college we're seeing snow pittsburgh 29. already seeing light enough fee snow there as the colder air work it's way in. watch this area of low pressure right along a stationary front. it will drape to the south and the speed of this movement will determine who gets that heavy snow right now it looks as though just to the south of and east of philadelphia we'll see the highest amounts but threw 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning we're seeing that transition over to snow. snowing heavily for that morning commute into the afternoon. and then it tapers off between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. from philadelphia and points to the south and east. so you have a pretty full day of snow. for the morning rush we're talking about moderate to heavy snow through the morning. reduced visibility. snow covered roads it will be slow. cancellations and delays already comeing in to the broadcast center and more to follow. as we look at the accumulations in the lehigh valley about two to 4-inches there. less north of the poconos. four to six along the i-95 corridor i moved that 6-inch mark closer to the i95 corridor
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because i do think even in the city of philadelphia we could get 6-inches of snow. six to eight through hammonton clayton, millville al away, wilmington very close. philadelphia on that line as well. and you can see through warminster perkasie pottstown downingtown four to six. overnight we'll see the temperatures fall and rain changing to snow after midnight around the 2:00 a.m. thee a.m. hour in philadelphia. thursday snow through midday. that will be heavy at times tapering off in the afternoon on the seven day forecast frigid for friday better over the weekend as daylight savings time begins and look at tuesday and wednesday. in the 50s. the one good thing about a march snow it melts fairly quickly with that strong march sunshine. we'll be back with sports right after this.
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definitely a shock for many eagles fans after multiple reports surfaced the 20 theme nfl rushing champ lesean mccoy will be zen to the bills in return for linebacker alonso. this deal cannot be completed until tuesday. so yes we have a week to talk about it and we reached out to lesean mccoy. he was a special contributor here at cbs3 and at this point he said no comment. eagles continuing their makeover this afternoon making their release of trent cole official. the two-time pro bowl player had 85.5 sacks in 10 seasons with the birds. second in franchise history in sacks behind reggie white he took to twitter to thank all the fans. he tweeted want to give a back thank to you all the eagles fans. i'm forever grateful for your support and loyalty through these last 10 years. hash tag eagles. >> good news your union fans. major league soccer and players union came to an agreement on five year labor contract. the season set to begin on
11:27 pm
friday. sixers battling the oklahoma city thunder jason richardson shooting this from way outside. that's going to tie up the game at 1:10 sending the game into overtime. in the end russell westbrook unstoppable. career night. 49 points, 16 rebounds 10 assists. fourth straight triple double. sixers with a heartbreaker 103- 103-118 in overtime. lasalle visiting st. joe's this is a one point game at the half second half jordan price nailing the three. he led lasalle with 17 points. but st. joe's defended home turf here. chris wilson hits the three. led all scorers with 22 points. st. jeez will out last lasalle 55-50 the final. the phillies visiting the yankees today looking for first win of spring training aaron with the single to right. he drove in a one run. big game. he had two runs. and thee stolen bases phillies within this one three-one. we'll be right back.
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new at 11:00 celebration of the relationship between the united states and ire land. >> irish american business chamber network held its annual ambassador awards ceremony in philadelphia tonight. jessica and kathy and i had the pleasure to meet ann anderson the ambassador of island to the united states. cbs3 and the cw philly are among those honored tonight for helping strengthen the ties
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between our region and ire land. >> love was in the air at the philadelphia flower show. nicole kennedy and bob shea got married tonight on the flower show floor. all part of wedding wednesday there. the couple won their wedding at the flower show. also brides to be took part in a vip evening of pre wedding treatment. they had access to 50 wedding planning experts. that's
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it's big day tomorrow. "eyewitness news" is on the air early at 4:00 a.m. ukee washington, erika von tiehl and katie fehlinger will keep up to date with the latest on this winter storm. we thank you for being with us tonight for "eyewitness news" at 11:00. for lesley, kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. >> i'm? jessica dean. we're always on at you can get the latest on the winter wet there. the lay show with david letterman is next with steve
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carell. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from a basket of adorable kittens, it's the late show with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, the football referee with the big biceps, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs


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