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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  March 6, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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good morning, thanks for waking with us, it is friday march 6, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. the latest on the clean up after yesterday's major snowstorm. parent kids, listen up. all philadelphia public and archdioces schools are closed today, you can find other closings on line. there are hundreds of them at and at the bottom of your screen. all right, katie all hoping for this warm up. what is it coming? >> it is eventually going to get here, now we still have to deal with very cold weather out there guys, at least the storm is gone, now the break the well deserved break can begin for us here. storm scan3 shows that very well. you know you've got nothing out there. with our tri-state sweep being made from all of the different area radars that we have at our disposal. little bit of wider zoom, satellite coverage on top of there is within the last three hours, see how all of the clouds have long since retreated out to sea. so remember what happens means temperatures can drop that much more efficient lip because you don't have blanket in essence. mother nature's blanket is not
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thereto trap in any heat. that we may have had a chance to bill up from yesterday. well allentown already new record 5 degrees, so far wilmington, your record to beat is 11, trenton is seven atlantic city ten as well as in philadelphia. see where we are right now. do we need to update any of the graphic here? at 11 degrees in trenton so still few degrees shy philly, a as well, 4 degrees in order to tie the record shaved off of that current temperature. but the bottom line is, we put the records aside, and you're talking some really cold air. it is march after all so we expect these extremes. but you also expect to at least start to see some rebound going on here, we're about 20 to almost 25 degrees below the seasonable average with the expected high that is no better than the mid or upper 20s. that's rough stuff. meanwhile, how did we do? here is just short list of some of the snow mounds that we saw in pennsylvania. we did over achieve, nine and a half inches in bala cynwyd. ten even in wayne. and out in wynnewood you
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ended up with 8.5 abington, 8 inches even falling to the ground for you there. couple in new jersey, snow amount, and we'll have some more delaware totals coming up later in the show. with all of that snow that we've got to get rid of it, it will make for rough morning commute. with that said we check in with meteorologist carol erickson in the cbs-3 mobile weather lab. right now approaching depford i'm told, carol? >> reporter: yes, we just came off the 42 expressway, and i tell you, it was in great shape. now, we're headed onto 55. yesterday, when we were in the weather lab and the snow was coming down, i want to tell you, we saw accident after accident on this road, with cars going off into this median, off to the left, which is just a bunch of trees. fortunately, because it block them from going across, headed in the other direction. but at this point this morning we've got the snow on the shoulder, but the road is running fine. depending on where you are of course this will be very situation al.
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but del dot did great job, new jersey did great job all of our department every transportation workers all of the county workers so, things look in really fairly good shape this morning though you will be finding a a lot of snow packed roads. as we get farther and farther down here, see whether or not the shoulder, which is still snow covered becomes closer into the lanes and it looks like it does a little bit. you know, i was checking the systems here. yesterday recorded at the airport in philadelphia, rain, light rain, snow, heavy snow, sleet, fog, fog with visibility less than quarter after mile. we had everything yesterday. so things are definitely improving today. we will be finding the sunshine, full moon out there but the full moon is not helping melt anything. so if you're on a road, and now starting to hear it on this road, you start to hear the snow that has not yet gotten off the road. so the first people out this morning, are going to be the ones who have the most difficulty with this. it is just going to be a day like this, but we are promised
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some warming this weekend. so we will go with that. and from route 55, right back into the studio. >> good morning carol brought up great point yes, new jersey, great job by the department of transportation, same thing with delaware, philly too. the one thing though, traveling on the majors in philly, i noticed even coming in, still some of 95, that was the road i was taking this morning, has that frosted sheen over it. so definitely still want to use some extra caution out there. really again all of our teams throughout did amazing job. we look at 95, 95 wide open for you. no delays in either direction. >> this shot here right around the stretch of cottman avenue. if you are traveling elsewhere, like the very dark road of the schuylkill expressway, right around montgomery drive again no major delays. we have more so the snow off on the embankment and the shoulders rather than in the roadway. and that's how we like t however, traveling in and out of the neighborhoods, i feel like that will be your biggest feat today. still we are experiencing some
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of that packed crushed snow underneath your commute this morning, in and out of the neighborhoods. so definitely can make getting the kids to school little tricky this morning. if you are traveling the new jersey turnpike northbound beyond the pa turnpike, left lane being blocked as a result after accident, the outer drive. just be careful about that. if you are traveling mass transit we have suspensions detours, so want to make sure you double check whatever system it is, maybe their website, and always visit for the latest, as well, ukee? >> thank you developing right now, philadelphia police are preparing to bury one of their own killed in the line of duty. officer robert wilson iii was shot while trying to stop a robbery at a video game store. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is at the crime scene right now at 22nd and lehigh with more, jan? >> reporter: ukee, what a tragedy. all of philadelphia will be mourning the loss of one of this city's finest today as you mentioned officer robert wilson iii was here at this store in north philadelphia buying a game for his son when he was gunned down.
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police say shot while trying to stop two people who had burst into the store with the intent of robbing the place. the scene as you can see remains under investigation this morning. in the meantime, this morning police have also executed a warrant and recovered evidence from this house on the 1200 block of hollywood street. we're told this activity is related to the case and police have recovered an ak47 from the property. now, officer wilson was 30 years old, and a eight year veteran of the police force. he went into the game stop at 22nd and lehigh just after 4:30 thursday afternoon. sources tell "eyewitness news" he was in uniform and in line buying a game for his son who had done well in school. two people came in, police say, announced the robbery. operation err wilson engaged them. there was gunfire from both sides. police say wilson was shot nine times and kept firing, until one bullet hit him in the head. wilson's partner was actually outside waiting in the car and responded upon hearing the shots. one of the suspect was shot in the leg and taken to einstein. the other suspect tried to blends in with the crowd but
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was eventually apprehended as well. >> senseless level of violence from some people is of course completely unacceptable in this great city. our officers are valient. our officers are strong. >> now it, the last officer to die in the line of duty was also from the 22nd district. officer moses walker was shot to death august 18th 2012, after his shift during attempted robbery in north philadelphia. and later today, a judge is scheduled to sentence officer walker's convicted killer raphael jones to prison. you can see the 22nd district flags have been lowered to half staff. in the meantime, police have not released the identities of the suspect at this point. they say they have recovered two guns, on the scene, one of these suspect has five priors
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other at least one prior, one of the suspect on probation. we'll continue to follow this developing story. for now live in north philadelphia, jan carabeo cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, that we will, for sure. stay with "eyewitness news" you can always follow us on twitter at cbs philly and using the hashtag cbs-3 breaking. erika? >> 4:38 right now. when you walk out the door this morning oh, you want to watch your step. slick sidewalks roadways, are causing concern over black ice. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us in east falls with a look at what you can expect this morning. justin, how is it looking? >> erika, good morning, so far so good out here. i have been watching cars come down midvale avenue here. there is a hill up the street here as you can see here the road is pretty much clear for now. slushy underneath. not too icy. good news for drivers making their way out this morning. however, once you get down to river drive, kelly down there, it is a bit more slick a bit more icy. that's a bad combo when you add in all of those turns over there. as for walkers, it will be like i am right now, stumbling overall of this frozen-over
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snow making your way through snow drift over onto sidewalks that hopefully look more like this than not. pretty clear however you will find some spots that some have not shoveled their sidewalks here, as is the case at ridge and midvale down there. it is also brutally cold this morning. you will notice that, right away. when you open the door. although the temperature says 12-14 degrees, i would say it is more like zero. so put on your hat, your scarfs, your gloves, your layers, you will need them when you are out this morning. for now live in east falls justin finch cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> oh, ya, you need that hat this morning thank you justin. snow may have played a role with a partial building collapse. turner and north second streets, part of the roof and the upper floor of this five-story building gave way. one person was inside, but they were not hurt. the building was in the process of being converted to an apartment the department licenses and inspections is
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investigating. meanwhile, police in delaware county, they are searching this morning for missing delaware county teen. thirteen year old cayman neighbor of newtown square last seen around 6:30 wednesday night when he left his home. the eighth grader from the shipley school was wearing a gray winter jacket, black ski pants, and hiking boots. investigators say that he may have purchased a train ticket to philadelphia. anyone with information is asked to call police right away. >> still ahead this morning how you can get expert advice on your taxes. three's on your side with the details. >> also, want to gave you a look look from the cbs-3 mobile weather lab. our fantastic carol ericson is out on the road checking conditions for you. for a lot of folks a slip rip start to their friday. be careful take that first step out the door. we'll be right back.
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>> scary, in rhode island, this slid down, clipped a 18 year old woman, other man got away just in the nick of time. >> blind spot. when you come over-the-hill you can't see what's going on down here, she came down probably doing good 40 miles an hour. >> oh, that woman who was hit she was taken to the hospital. we're told she has been released and is recovering now at home, but just looking at that just catches your breath. that's the danger right now katie, that's why we're on extra early because the roads that haven't gotten plowed or treated just are dangerous. >> always have to watch that, yes, so true, so just allow the extra time. as we've been hearing some roads are awesome, and excellent, the road crews had a chance to really get to them well. other just haven't had a chance to get touched all that much. we have a lot of clean to up do, with a lot of snow on the ground right now but we've got some dark and early risers in the network this morning. we will take you to couple of
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them this morning starting off with very cold air. 3 degrees sent in from rican roberta woods. nice clear skies up in easton. but there is couple of things i love about this observation. first of all the comment just cracks me up. would anyone like to place an order for spring? sign me up. i think we all will. we'll all take nice order of it. also, they had a picture that just blew me away. this is a shot of their view in august, and this is what it looks like right now. ugh. so take your pick. do you love winter, do you love the beautiful colors you see in the august picture hire? i just love. that will let's take you further south here. it is currently reading in at one below zero, from eileen, here in gilbertsvillement check out the little guy wearing the cbs-3 hat. love. that will they came out to our weather watcher university. so-so great to meet eileen in person. clear skies, but again really cold. she says it is unbearable, that's a great description for t then we have one more for you, 8 degrees pretty bad from steve johnson sent in from west chester, this did he
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well with snow last night or throughout the day yesterday. but nice clear skies. now, he says, this storm absolutely defined winter 2014 or into 2015, as well, and, you know, you're absolutely right. this definitely was one that pretty much is one we're going to remember about this winter season. meanwhile, storm scan3 at least that's nice and clear all quiet, high pressure in place, and we've got nice quiet forecast for up. now we are looking ahead to spring. we continue to countdown on this graphic. and i love it because it is just nice warm thoughts to think about, right? the phillies home open is her just over a month away. twenty-nine days until the average high hits 60. and spring at least for the astronomical calendar purposes officially begins in two weeks from now. meanwhile, it is time to spring forward by the way in just two days. so don't forget to do. that will meanwhile looking forward in the forecast, not heck of a lot going on other than the uphill climb on the thermometer. by the time we hit next mid week, we expect to not only hit the 50's, but actually, exceed typical daytime highs for a change. won't that be nice?
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vittoria? >> i'm thinking right now countdown! katie, two week countdown. we should have one of those rip calendars right? i'm just saying, maybe we can illustrate something like that i'll get out the paper. good morning everyone, traveling out and about this morning, you will notice that is fairly a nice commute. it is 4:46. we generally don't see rush hour at this time. so still waiting in the wings. how much, you know, all of our department of transportation crews did a great job at clearing the roads for you we take a look at 476 mid-county toll plaza looks nice out there, not seeing too many problems at all. if you are traveling on the roosevelt boulevard also, looking just fine, if you are head in the and out of the northeast, headed to and from the schuylkill expressway, however, if you are traveling mass transit, do you want to keep in mind that amtrak as well as septa regional rail lines, running on modified schedule. regionalregional rails going every ten minute, ton every buses on detour, 101 trolley delayed, patco, jersey transit, dart all running on time. how much, traveling up and over any bridges, we have
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speed restrictions there 25 miles per hour, so take it easy ukee? >> got that right. okay torrey, thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news", changes coming to so donuts at popular chain. >> also what you won't be able to get with your morning joe. first though, here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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shooting death after philadelphia police officer, police have recovered weapons, from the home of a suspect accused in the shooting of a 30 year old father of two officer robert wilson. officer wilson was killed trying to stop a robbery at a north philadelphia game stop store, where he stopped to buy his son a gift for good school work. two suspect opened fire. officer wilson was hit nine times but wounded one of the suspect. both are now in custody.
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>> also, a rough landing after dement an airliner at new york's leguardia airport yesterday. now raising questions about airport safety. six people were hurt when the plane skidded off a runway and stopped just feet from an icy bay. >> actor harrison ford was seriously injured when he crash landed his world war ii era play on golf course next to a california airport. the 72 year old was pulled from the plane by doctors who were playing golf at the time. >> our time 4:50. let's get a check on business. >> money watch's wendy gillette joins us from new york at the new york stock exchangement hearing about settlement between new jersey annex on mobile. what's happening here? >> reporter: yes, the state of new jersey announced 225 million-dollar settlement with exxon mobile for the contamination of more than 1500 acres of wetlands. it is the end of 11 year legal battle and the largest environmental settlement in state history. critics contend the 225 million is just a fraction of the nearly $9 billion initially south by the state.
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ukee erika? >> all right well, let's talk some donut now. i understand a change is coming to a certain donut? >> reporter: yes, dunkin is changing the way it makes some of it donut. dunkin'dunkin' donuts will no longer use a white additive in its sugar that could be toxic. tie tame young dioxide has not been proof tone pose a health risk but as a precaution, dunkin said it is stopping its usement consumer watchdog group had criticized the chain for using it. we're seeing more and more chains make some changes to their food. ukee erika? >> i'm telling you. might be toxic makes me maybe nervous. >> just a tad. you know what i am saying? >> might be toxics? >> we don't want that. >> see you later this morning. all right, have you waited to file your taxes in maybe you still have some questions you need answered? three's on your side. we want to help. today from 5:00 to 6:30 we will be hosting our annual three on your side tax phone bank. accountants and tax preparers will be on hand taking your calls to help you file those
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returns. call in from 5:00 to 6:30. we'll be right back.
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>> i'm seeing in a lot of the traffic cameras, the roads almost look dry and some of them do, but then you have other roads that still have that seen, that frost to them. when i was driving on harbison avenue actually, this morning, getting into work, reminded me of mario carts where you can select playing in the snow. anybody remember that? >> sure. >> casino every white t reminded me of that. anyway careful you're traveling in and out of the neighborhoods, we still have some pack snow on the gown, so still can be very dangerous but as we take a look here at the vine street expressway, nice and wide open, no signs of rush hour, again, maybe little slick out there but for the most part as you will notice crews have don fehrly nice job on the majors, the schuylkill, right around 202 i would say the one thing this morning would be mass transit.
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still experiencing some delays, and detours modified schedules, so just double check your schedule before you lever the house. let's get a check now on weather katie. katy? >> our producer vince just said in my ear, swatch the gumba! find a cushion mark box different game technically. i'm right with you. i always pick days when i play mario cars, that's my favorite on the wii version. so much fun. okay let's move on. let's take you out to storm scan3. quiet weather on tap for you. high pressure in place, means the clouds have finally thin dollars out. in for quiet weather but you have some clean to up do, my friends. i promise you those delaware snow amounts here is a short list of them. will midge picking over half foot newark 7.1 bear, foot five and a half. how do we actually do in filly? airport, seven-point an inches even fell, that does make it the heaviest snowfall that we have seen this entire season.
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even though tech neckly, meteorological spring underway, but you know what, it is march and this happens. but least what we've got going in our direction here is a nice warming trend. uphill climb for you. twenty's today still very cold for the norm. our normal high is 49 after all. but we at least comma lot closer to, that as the weekends progresses, and the sun will continue to shine as the weekend progresses, and that said it, looks like we're in for very quiet weather not just the weekend but better part of next week. basically good news all around. >> sound great. coming up in the next hour, latest on the threat of record cold as people dig out from all of that snow yesterday. >> also, there are new overnight developments in the murder of a philadelphia police officer gunned down while buying a gift for his son. >> and, an angry father, seeks revenge, why he trashed that suv. we're back at the top of the hour. don't go anywhere.
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>> i knew him, had met him he was one. best police officers this city has to over period. philadelphia police mourning one of their own today, after he's gunned down during a robbery. we have new development overnight, as police search for clues into his murder. >> also, the snow has stopped falling, but many neighborhood streets are still covered with that snow, and that's not the only threat, as you head out the door. we're also threatening record cold this morning too. katie has the latest. >> and today's friday, march the six. good morning everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. with the bitter cold and also the snowy streets, weaver hundreds of school closings, and delays, including philadelphia public and archdioces schools.
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they have a four day weekends. all of those closings and delays are right there for you at the bottom of your screen, also at also katie will have more on the frigid friday forecast, and a warm up, that's coming up in just one minute. just a tragic, tragic story to tell you now. developing right now the body of philadelphia police officer, robert wilson iii has arrived at a funeral home we're told. late yesterday afternoon, he was at a game stop near 22nd and lehigh when two men tried to rob the store. a shoot-out ended officer wilson's life. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now, at the scene, to tell you more. jan? >> reporter: ukee, this will be a terribly sad day as the entire city of philadelphia mourns the loss of one of the city's finest, as you mentioned, operation err robert wilson iii was here at this store in north philadelphia buying a game for his son when he was gunned down. police say shot while trying to stop two people who had burst into the store with the intent of robbing the place the scene as


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