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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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now a family and the city are in mourning. there are into new development, as police search for clues into the officer's murder. >> police say they have recovered a weapon from one of the suspect's homes. officer wilson was inside the game stop, near 22nd and lehigh when two men walk into the store and tried to rob it. >> january is near the scene to bring us to up date. >> good morning, two suspect are in custody this morning and we're told one of the suspect has made a full confession. this crime steen skill off limit here in north philadelphia this morning as police continue to investigate, and as philadelphia begins to mourn one of its finest, sources tell "eyewitness news" officer robert wilson iii was inside that store buying a game for his son as reward for doing well in school when he was shot and killed. >> give me medic care asap.
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>> twenty-second and lehigh, north philadelphia. >> officer robert wilson iii gunned down at the game stop thursday afternoon. protecting people inside trying to stop a robbery. what happened next is caught on surveillance cameras. >> two individuals came in, and announced a robbery. we don't know if he new he was police officer or notment we suspect they did not. >> wilson, 30 years old, and eight year veteran of the police force was shot nine times. but police say he fought until the end. >> both suspect i'm told on either side of officer wilson firing at him very close range, and even though he was being struck multiple times he continued to fire into the -- until the fatal wound was fired. >> transport today einstein. >> there is a second suspect, who was part of the robbery
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who tried to blends in with the crowd but the officers responding to the scene were able to apprehend that person, as well. the investigation continues on scene friday, "eyewitness news" has learned that police executed a warrant and recovered evidence including an ak47 just this morning from this house on the 1200 block of hollywood street. that is connect today this case people teen, police recovered two guns, here, they aren't identifying the two suspect, in custody at this time, only saying, that they both have records with police, one of the suspect has five priors, the other one has at least one prior one of the suspect on probation at the time. in the meantime, wilson leaves behind two children newspaper year old, one year old. reporting live in north philadelphia this morning, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". >> last philadelphia police officer killed was also from the 22nd district.
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officer moses walker was shot to death august 18th 2012, after his shift during a attempted robbery, in north philadelphia. late ever today a judge scheduled to sentenced convicted killer raphael jones to life in prison. >> this morning crews hard at work trying to clean up after the biggest snowstorm of the season. some roads still bit after mess this morning. most major roads are clear. in addition, trucks are salting to prevent, try and prevent refreeze from those cold temperatures. and with the bitter cold and still snowy street, we do have hundreds of school closings and delays as you might imagine. that includes philadelphia public and archdioces schools those kids get four day weekend pretty nice. tougher on the parent, all of the lotions and delays are there for the you at the bottom of the screen, also at cbsphilly.comment trying to egg no what you are saying about today.
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no offense? no, i hear you. >> at least, you know, we do have some bright spots. no pun intended to this forecast today too. it will be bright and sunny as opposed to dreary and snowy and poor visibility issues, and everything else that came along with you yesterday. and really the last three days. this pesky huge storm system. this is how i like storm scan, quiet, clear no problems, you are crystal clear with the skies out there this morning create some gorgeous sunrise use for you this morning also some sun glare too but look at the temperature if we could jest x that part out throw it away, wouldn't than nice? kutztown area middle school, very modest breeze, so essentially what you see what you get on the they are mom term, yes, cold, you know? still within 2 degrees of tying the record low this morning, in philadelphia. you're currently at eight in wilmington, that's new record, three in allentown and you already surpass that record by couple of degrees here. so you've got new number for
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the book, in trenton as well as millville currently in at 8 degrees. so if not already in record territory, certainly flirting with it, and as the morning and afternoon wear on, don't expect much more than even mid 20's across the region here today. >> we can promise that, so grab your sunglasses, grab your scarfs, be just fine, also slow it down as you hit the road today. meteorologist carol erickson hit the road again. i know you said road crews did fantastic job, but problems out there, still right? >> you know, i want to show that you yes we're about to get on route 13 south in new castle, and you can see when you leave any casino of a store that hasn't been totally plowed and go over that, that shoulder of the road, you're definitely dealing with slippery conditions, and you can see them here, the roads are generally in great shape. i know that ukee has been
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stole the virtues whatever del dot has done, done terrific job, but that doesn't mean that the weather wasn't even bigger job. so you still have areas and you can see them on the roads here through route 13 south. now, we had seen 23 inches of snow this year, in philadelphia, 919 is normal. compare it to last year, 62 inches of snow, at that point. so we're doing better even though this last storm was real a very irritating storm. and i just have one little, little known fact, ten was the record 1978, do you know that vittoria 1978, march the sixth, was my first day at kyw-tv. so 37 years ago. very cold morning. >> wow. >> coal again. >> happy anniversary! >> long time. >> oh, i love that. isn't she the best?
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she started when she was two! >> she does a great job. happy anniversary. traveling out and about. you know, you actually have a lot to be grateful and happy for. traveling the majors, not awful. usually at this time crowded and flooded with headlight, 95 southbound, out of the northeast, down through the vine street expressway. it is really not awful at all as it usually is at this time. as we take a look here, you in the we have great amount of space inbetween the vehicles, the road looks nice and wide open for you and it is, traveling everywhere. large g pretty good. i would call ahead and double check your mass transit schedule. let's head back to the desk. >> firing broke out at the holy innocence st. paul's episcopal church, crews called to the scene just after 1:00 this morning the fire broke out in the walls of the church. no word as of right now on a cause. >> treated and untreated roads could make for rather tricky
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and dicey morning commute after the storm. >> oh, ya. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now in east falls to show you what you can expect when you head out the door. i think depend on where you are. justin good morning. >> erika ukee, that's right t does depends on where you are so far we have not seen those average signs of refreezing, that slick icy patch perhaps that black ice but what you will see is a lot of this. this compacted snow and ice if your foot or tires hit a patch like that, watch out for. that will plows, property owners, been out making sure your commute this morning is a safe one. while were you sleeping, penndot crews were working. plowing, salting clearing major roadways, ahead of the friday morning commute. >> well, basically we have cleaned up the whole highway. guys continuing to clean up. temperatures are in the teens. make sure we have enough salt out there. >> for 12 hours, stilled i snowfall across the delaware valley left average of six to
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8 inches of snow, soon after the dig out began. >> timothy spain was working hard. >> on the building, so i have to come and make sure the people that walk all along the way can be safe. >> why not do it tomorrow morning? >> because it will be cold, and it will turn to sheet of ice. you can't shovel ice. >> and down in south philly, getting a shovel out early comes with the roadside guarantee. >> oh, ya, south philly classic. save your spot, bok cents chairs, trash cans yes and they know not to touch it. live on midvale lots of parking spaces available. trying to show you how nice and easy cars are taking this curve here on the till, a slick hill, too actually, so that's the right thing to do. but also, before you get out the roads it makes it easier for everyone else, live here in east falls justin finch cbs-3, "eyewitness news". justin, thanks so much. >> thank you. now, there are few delays and concellations still lingering
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at philadelphia philadelphia international airport. after yesterday's big storm. right now last count was about 45 flights that are canceled and 13 are experiencing delays. but far cry from where things were yesterday. you still want to go ahead and check with your airline before you leave home. the plows are busy all day yesterday over at newark liberty international airport in new jersey. they work in tandem to get all of the snow removed from the runways so planes could take off and land safely. you got to think of all of the roads out there including the runways. >> and during the snowstorm this plane slid right off the runway at new york's leguardia airport and stopped right before plunging into an icy river. still to come this morning we're going to hear from passengers on board. >> also ahead another plane crash there is one involving actor harrison ford. hear how he's doing after crash landing his plane on a golf course. >> and a father's rage. he's caught on camera vandalizing this suv. and now we know why he was so angry at the driver. when we come back.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> happy the storm is finally gone. >> three straight days of crazy weather ice rain, heavy snow. we've seen it all folks. now we can see a nice quiet pattern unfolding. so as we see all of the clouds lift away. high pressure regains control. we see how we ended up here. well, how was that forecast that we made? it was let's say pretty good. we ends the up with four up to 6 inches across most of the state of delaware. we did shift our totals to include portions every bucks montgomery and even the lehigh valley into the six to 8-inch range, what we ended up with, couple of outline ers like
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mount hole did i. and we even had few nine and 10-inch amounts, in a couple every spots through delco, for example. that just did particularly well, with the heavy snow moving through. now, what i really want you to take a notice of, for the fact one thing it is generally dry. coy see some rain moving in, late in the day tuesday, we will keep an eye on, that but the temperatures ease up with every passing day so the slow climb is here. and it means spring is on the way, vittoria? >> looking good. i just envision myself on the price is right the mountain climber. >> almost there, he can see it, spring around the corner, if you are traveling on the ben franklin, the sun is up, you will still have speed restrictions, of about 25 miles per hour, still slick, still trying to get rid of this snow, but it is out there, you may fine black ice again, that's all of our bridges, our majors are quiet real now rush hour to speak of. which is excellent news for you amtrak running on modified schedule regional rail running on time, many buses on
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detour biggest problem will be throughout the neighborhood with still some packed snow, 101 trolley on delay. patco, jersey, and dart, all looking good. >> thank you, one of hollywood's biggest stars harrison ford, lucky to be a live this morning after surviving harrowing plane crash. >> nicole brewer has more on what happened, this was so surprise inning we heard about this. >> we are toll ford did sustain pretty serious injuries, but expected to be okay, that's good news here. >> onto golf course in southern california, plenty incredible pictures there authorities say ford executed emergency landing in venice, quite well, manage to go land that plane right side up and pretty well intact as you see there the 72 year old actor took off about 2:00 p.m. and 20 minute later found himself in a loft trouble. >> attempt to go return to the runway. it appears that he clipped the
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top after tree, and came to rest on the golf course. >> news likely came as shock to his family including while callus a flock heart who went to high school in medford, new jersey by the way local ties here. his son, ben updating folks on twitter saying, where did it go? hello. well looks like we lost it. >> dad is okay, battered but okay, every bit the man would you think he is. he is an incredibly strong man. i like this tweet from jimmy on twitter he said, he flew the millennium falcon. did we expect anything less? great to hear he is doing okay though. >> thanks, nicole. >> updating developing story right now over knit police recovered an ak47 from home connected to the shooting death after philadelphia police officer. officer robert wilson killed trying to stop a robbery in north philadelphia yesterday. two suspect opened fire both are in custody.
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>> following breaking news, church fire in the talcony section of philadelphia. there are no injuries, but holy innocence episcopal church sustained smoke and fire damage. >> and we are digging out today after the season's biggest snowfall, and we're doing it in record coal temperatures, but katie predict a weekend warm up. >> it is on the way. >> we'll be right back.
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>> police know who shot a woman to death in cheltenham township, last night, 200 block of sunny brook avenue. fifty-two year old stanley almost ang the man police are looking for should be considered armed and dangerous. a pennsylvania father could not get his hands on his daughter's alleged attacker, so he went after the suspect's car instead. a television station captured this video outside the pit burying home of dustin move. move accused of sexually assaulting 13 year old girl, then posting video of the attack on line. he's now behind bars facing several charges. 6:20 right now. it is supposed to make things easier for to you buy stuff from your phone but some say apple pay is also making it easier for hackers. they haven't taxed the mobile walt system, however, wall street journal says the thieves are using stolen credit card information from major stores including home depo and target.
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then they use that information to make purchases, with apple pay, since you don't need the actual credit card or a secretary, so now would be good time to go and check those statements. >> your time is now 62:00; your favorite wine could be destroyed by a nasty insect that is threatening vinyards. coming up this morning we'll show you what's called vampire bug. >> horrible news. not good. also ahead, it is an incentive to get movie buffs looking buff. we'll take to you a cardio theater. what a brilliant idea. >> how about that? >> we'll be right back.
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>> morning, a lot of schools are closed today because of the snow we had. >> look at the video here, we love. that will we all noah day off from school is perfect for sledding, a tradition main street moorestown, a crowd there today as well probably. what makes the roads not so great to drive on, but it is
6:24 am
fantastic for sledding right? >> the good old days. >> great thing to do on day like this. if you or the kids maybe have the day off because of the snow what a great excuse to do a little sledding yes, you have cold air in place. that's going to make it sort of just really, really fast for the sleddingment meanwhile, storm scan3 clear as a berks you have got beautiful sunrise about to get underwayment meanwhile home open tear talk about. the union tacking on colorado, 38 degrees at kick offer. always tend to have chilly start for the season, it is march after all. but we all start to see the rebound on the they thermometer with time, 40's by sunday, vittoria few 50's later in our forecast. over to you. >> travel towel, alleger cottman avenue delays. but you know what's funny? not as thick in regard to traffic, as we're used to seeing at this time. but still slow. southbound, right around cottman, and girard avenue.
6:25 am
traveling on the westbound side of the schuylkill, even not bad there too. as we move our way into new jersey, northbound on the turnpike before burlington-mt. holly, we have over turned vehicle belonging left lane. be mindful of that. ukee? >> vittoria, thank you awe toe jazz come to play your 76ers, they've beaten the sixers the last four times they've played. let's break that street tonight. what do you say? the flyers battle back to beat the blues last night at the wellment down a goal in the third. michael yeah, wayne simmons redirect the drive into the net. flyers win this one, three to one. four hint behind boston for the last playoff spot. they could make a nice dent in that tomorrow when they play the bruins in boston, definitely going to be a playoff atmosphere, phillies baseball playing yesterday the astros, cliff lee did not allow a run in first two
6:26 am
innings of work. even though the phils struggled defensively. he hands pitched a game since last july. from sunny south florida to snowy chester, the philadelphia union once again getting ready for tomorrow's season opener. katie mentioned the union got help from the eagles snow removal equipment crew to get the pitch good to go. union plays the colorado rapids game one of the major major league soccer season tomorrow afternoon there. is katie's seat, right there. >> brushing it off right for her. they know it is her seat. >> warm it up. >> fan number one. >> that's where she sits, right there. >> making her move all the time! >> many people complain that the gym can be boring, but one fitness center in washington d.c. suburbs and the suburbs there looking to merge entertainment, and exercise, called the cardio theser. >> wonder people haven't thought of this before. you won't find flush seats or popcorn there but the surround sound and big screen are drawing gym goers, one
6:27 am
member says that he hasn't been to a movie theater since joining the gym three month ago. >> distract you from actually running which a lot of people hate. so by the time the movie is done, you ran three, 4 miles. >> fantastic. movie changes daily mostly comedy, action films manager says it the gym less after chore. i can tollly see. that will hey want to go watch the movie? let's go put on the gym clothes. >> also, i like the big cushion theater seats that stretch out. >> you like getting your walk on, our ban. >> i do. 6:27. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" this morning, the city of philadelphia as you know mourns a hero, jan? >> he was a dedicated police officer, and a devoted father. a philadelphia police officer from the 22nd district shot and killed at this game stop in north philadelphia. i'm jan carabeo live on scene.
6:28 am
full update on the investigation straight ahead. jan, thank you. also terrifying moments during yesterday's snowstorm. when a plane skidded off the runway. hear from passengers coming up next. >> and vittoria and katie return with your traffic and weather together. we do it together on the 3's so glad you're with us, good morning, family, back in a
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". officer was shot. he was shot. get medic care asap. >> urgent call for help after a philadelphia police officer is bound down in the line every duty. officer robert wilson iii dice after robbery attempt. now the city is in mourning. >> new development this morning, as philadelphia police investigate officer wilson's murder. he was shot during a robbery attempt at video game store. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now she is near the scene at 22nd and lehigh with the latest information. jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning. police have actually been working two scenes this morning, not only this scene here at north philadelphia at this game stop, which you can see, is still taped off this morning, but also, over at hollywood street, as well, where we're toll evidence was collected at a house connected to this investigation.
6:32 am
>> down. get me medic asap. >> terrifying moments, turning to tragedy at 22nd and lehigh in north philadelphia. >> we got a shooter radio,. >> officer robert wilson iii gunned down at the game stop thursday afternoon protecting people inside trying to stop a robbery. what happened next was caught on surveillance cameras. >> two individuals came in and announced the robbery. we don't know if they new he was a police officer or not. we suspect perhaps they did not. >> wilson, 30 years old and eight year veteran of the police force was shot nine times. but police say he fought until the end. >> both suspect who were, i'm told, on either side of officer wilson firing at him very close range even though he was being struck multiple times, he continued to fire until the fatal wound was fired. >> wilson's partner was outside waiting in the car and responded upon hearing the shots. one suspect was shot in the leg, and transported to
6:33 am
einstein. >> there is a second suspect who was part of the robbery who tried to blend in with the crowd. but the officers responding to the scene were able to apprehend that person, as well. >> the investigation continues on scene friday. and "eyewitness news" has learned that police executed a warrant and recovered evidence including an ak47, just this morning, from this house on the 1200 block of hollywood street. >> now police have not identified the two suspect that are now in custody. they do say that they are brother, both have priors with police and they say one of these suspect actually was just release from the prison two month ago and was on parole. we will continue to follow up on their background and get more information to you just as soon as we k in the meantime wilson leaves behind two children, a nine year olan a one year old. reporting live in west philadelphia, jan carabeo cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. police in delaware county searching this morning for missing delaware county
6:34 am
teenager, 13 year old cayman nait last seen 6:30 wednesday night when he left his home. the eighth grader from the shipley school was wearing a gray winter jacket, black ski pants, and hine g boots at the time. investigators say he may have purchased a train ticket to philadelphia. anyone with information is urged to contact the police. >> let's get your traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> i ukee, i got to tell you beautiful looking start to the day. this is the first really nice sunrise that we've had in a couple of days. it is definitely worthy to show you. so let's go ahead start things off take you on outside show you one view of an east facing camera that we have. this is actually from our own station headquarters in center city. beautiful. it is going to cause some sun glare. we've got crystal clear sky for you out there this morning. and in addition to that, you know thousand goes looks can be very deceiving this time of year. take a look next at storm scan3, which is also reflecting the fact that you've gotting in going on. high pressure now in place, so not going to see heck of a lot taking place here on storm storm
6:35 am
scan3 but certainly have clean to up do here at the ground level where you ended up with 9 inches in west chester list goes on, over half foot. than is very short list of some of the loath cases take a lock at the temperatures, folks, at new record territory, in trenton very close to it, allentown has new record reading wilmington has new record. so cold enough to flirt with records in fill v to drop another 2 degrees. we'll come close but not quite get there now that the sun's up. 26 degrees the expect -- expected hi, that's it, both down the shore in philadelphia. so despite full sunshine, you can't take it at face value very cold out there. and that means we will still have some travel issues with all of that snow yesterday. we send it out to meteorologist, carol erickson with the mobile weather lab with how things are looking on the road right now. hi carol. >> reporter: i tell you what seeing the sun come up, and not having a cloud up there it doesn't mat their you have snow on the median and in parking lots. at least it is off the major roads, as you can see we are
6:36 am
in new castle county, delaware, and we're on route 13 north dupont highway and things are looking great. i know this is heading down toward ukee's territory. he's been talking about it, now, that said it, doesn't mean that every road is completely bone dry. notice, the road ahead of me, we still have some of this icy mixon the road. but the traction seems good. there is so much salt. i think a lot of people today will be washing their cars. i read a thing that said you should be really hand washing your cars. i don't know how that's supposed to happen in this casino of weather temperatures of 12 degrees. but that's the best way to get the salt off. and goodness knows our cars have a lot of salt on them. but a much better day cold, but it looks gorgeous out here. vittoria, good news headed into the week end. >> absolutely. and i can tell through the win shield there is a little sun glare as well too carol. but we're finley happy to see that sun. let's see how you're dock right now, out and about on the majors, in regard to rush hour pretty non-existent. that's just how we like t nice
6:37 am
way to start your friday, we get outside take a look at some sunny shots we have in the traffic cameras, this is one of them. this is 95. right around the area of 452 beautiful birds eye view of great conditions traveling in and out of delaware county. carol was it delaware, so little bit further northbound, 95 notice if you are traveling in either direction this part here, not too far from the commodore barry bridge wide open for you. same thing traveling in new jersey, 42 freeway looking great, northbound, picking up a little bit of traffic approaching 295, as you would usually see during a rush, but not much at all. i mean, really, our speed censors are still high up into the 40's, 50's, everywhere. up might catch a little snag southbound on 95, around cottman, girard, but could be worse. be careful the cynwyd line has been suspended and few septa detours, bus route throughout the area, as well. so double check mass transit for sure. err dismay. >> thank you vet tore y heavy snow could be to blame for causing this partial building collapse, in kensington. part of the roof caved in
6:38 am
yesterday and sent bricks raining down to the ground on turner and north second streets. there was one person inside at the time. but they were able to get out safely. the billing was in the process of being convert today an apartment. the department of licenses and inspections is investigating. ice is another hazard left over by left over snow. >> if you are riding or walking expect some slippery roads out there. justin fin in east falls. good morning. >> reporter: i found this, few second ago underneath some snow that seemed pretty pure and wide. it can be very dangerous making your way out to work, to school, perhaps there is morning. if you are not careful. let's take to you video from yesterday. show you what we were up against. penndot, and local plows, were out here, fighting all of that snow coming down yesterday and steady amount throughout the day. they had up a hill battle in doing so, some 400 penndot trucks alone were out there doing that work. and perhaps if you're walking you have noticed the shoveled
6:39 am
sidewalks property owners out yesterday, knocking those of course the law says they should. salting and clearing those ahead of your commute this morning, we did speak with penndot. they tell us they had 200 trucks operating overnight. doing whatever they could to make sure your commute this morning was a safer one. also, they say take your time still. take a listen. >> you have to be careful. have to exercise extreme caution. , make sure they're going slow enough for icy patches and check for black ice. >> and as you make your way out this morning remind tear take your time. build in as much time as you can as possible, there might be wrecks out there or other slick patches to watch out for. live from new falls. >> crews with giant cranes have been work to go remove delta jet that skidded off the runway at new york's leguardia airport. the ntsb says an investigator will retrieve the black boxes in hopes of figuring out what
6:40 am
went wrong. the delta jet was packed with passengers when it crashed through a chain link fence coming to rest just feet from an icy river. >> the wheels did not grab, they didn't take. immediately you heard the spinning. we felt like we skid probably for 202nd. i grabbed a seat in front of me started to pray. >> twenty treated for non-life threatening injuries, three taken to the hospital. leguardia closed for sometime after the crash but ac open this morning. so close. >> incredible. >> very frightening. a massive kidney swap underway right now in california. we'll tell but the surgery that involved 12 different patients, when we come back. >> great story. also it looks harmless, but wine lovers should be aware of this so-called vampire bug thousand could destroy entire vinyards coming up. >> incredible video taken by family on african shavar owe. see what the lion does after he approaches their car.
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6:43, on your friday morning, we want to get our traffic and weather together. and check in with our weather watch ers. >> indeed, it is that time erika. good morning everyone, beautiful pictures coming into you. what you'll find going through these photos is that we're going back in time since we're going back in time for when these were sent in. but you can still see the
6:44 am
moon. looking really closely off in the distance here there is one sent in to us from wilmington, from steve and dina allen just beautiful winter scape. that's what we're finding out here, a well downingtown there is one sent in from mike. he's got i like his caption morning serenity. chesterfield shine shining through the tree covered limbs. just completely black sky, but moonlit. with this full moon here, after the snow. that one was sent in to us from del or cents he is. i do want to take you out back next to a temperature list. these temperatures are pretty brutal. we really saw arctic air just sing in throughout the day allowed the temperatures to drop through the 20's through the day, now stuck in single digit territory. new record for the books here. if you have any double digits, still only into the teens. in a lot of locations so keep that in mine. you need to be bundled up adequately, take the extra time because if there was any ice left over on your
6:45 am
windshield, it is frozen and solid. now, storm scan3 totally quiet. just like we like it, right? and because we've got such quiet weather pattern unfolding not worried about any major storms, maybe some rain by tuesday later in the day, we will keep an eye on the possibility but the majority of next seven days not only warms up, but stays calm and collected and quiet. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you so much, katie. good morning everyone, well starting to buzz with some rush hour delays on the schuylkill expressway. if you are traveling on 76, you will notice, maneuvering around montgomery drive getting slower. yep, that's the heat of rush hour. if you are traveling on the eastbound side of the schuylkill approaching montgomery drive through to the vine street expressway, is going to be bit of squeeze. we have sun glare adding to the traffic. now the great news is however take a look at how nice and clean the roads are. for the most part, looking pretty nice on the majors. but the problem will be in and out of the neighborhoods. so make sure to take it easy. moving our way now into new jersey, southbound on the new jersey turnpike, we have an accident the inner drive right before you hit i956789 right lane blocked.
6:46 am
so if you can avoid that i would suggest you do it. >> also, overturned vehicle incident, on the northbound side of the new jersey turnpike between burlington, or before burlington-mt. holly, causing some slow downs. left lane block in that area as well. as we continue, taking you now back into philadelphia. market street, market and 40th and market and 41st, traffic lights are out. so maneuver around the portion of the city, please give yourself more time. mass transit minor delays, as well, so double check your schedules. >> thank you, a developing story right now authority seize ak47 from a home possibly linked to the shooting death after philadelphia police officer. officer robert wilson was killed in the line of duty yesterday in north philadelphia. two suspect opened fire, officer wilson wounded one of them both are in custody. >> also, following some breaking news this morning there is smoke and fire damage to the holy innocence ' pi co-pal church in talcony. fire broke out there around 1:00 a.m., and there are no injuries. >> actor harrison ford
6:47 am
suffered serious injuries when he crash landed his vintage two seat airplane on golf course in southern california. golfing doctors pulled him from the wreckage. they were on the course. >> incredible. right now talk about this great story called kidney swap. six pain rent donate ago kidney and six patient are then receiving one. >> the final three transplants in what's being called the kidney swap is taking place today in san francisco. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is in our satellite center more, with what a kidney swap actually is, and who started it. nicole? >> reporter: good morning, guys. we are halfway there as of today. first three kidney transplants as you mentioned were completed yesterday afternoon the final three scheduled for today. so the big question, what makes a kidney swap different than your typical transplant? well basically, the operations are inter linked. so you take people who aren't compatible with relatives or friends, people who they want to give a kidney to, and you pair them with a patient, who also has a family or friend unable to donate due to compatibility issues. now, this kind of pairing goes
6:48 am
down the line four more times until all six kidney patient get transplants. the woman who started this act of kindness, her son died of cancer 13 years agoment and her husband pals dollars away from cancer a little more tan a year ago. >> so i know what it foles like to want an extra day and not be able to have it. so if i can somehow with god's help do that, then it is so worth it. >> yes, that's pretty amazing. now kidney swaps are considered one of the best bets at increasing live donor transplant becoming more common. live from the cbs-3 satellite center nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> how about that storey? >> incredible, generosity, too, to save a life. >> no question. thank you, nicole. as we continue this nasty insect is threatening california's wine country. the so-called vampire bug sucks the juice out of plants, the glassy wing sharpshooter also carries bacteria that can devastate vinyards. inspectors are placing insect
6:49 am
trams out right now. they are putting them taught see if there are any other and they're doing more plant inspections as well. >> first the earthquake out west, and now this? >> for the wine county from. >> isn't it the truth? right now 6:49. let's see what's coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us with your preview. >> good morning, ahead amazing stories from the delta plane that slid off the runway. i was at the airport when it all happened, and spoke to many of the passengers. plus, we talk to a focus group of voters about their perceptions of hillary clinton. we have some of the wide ranking results. and then only on cbs this morning, an american veterinarian wrongfully imprisoned for months in east teemore, will share her store which us, the news back in the morning, see you guys in just about ten minute, and happy friday. >> same to you. thanks, take care. >> ♪ ♪ well the word is
6:50 am
deliberations. >> it is to up a jury now to decide whether singers robin thicke and pharrell williams borrowed too much from a 1977 marvin gay song with their hit blurred lines. lawyers for both sides presented their arguments yesterday. the attorney for marvin gay's family says that there are only two bars in blurred lines that are not taken from got to give it up. defense attorneys say a wrong decision here could stiffle artist ace creativity. >> bruce will cyst moonlighting on broadway. set to star in the stage adaptation of steven king's misery. many of the people who work on the 1990 oscar winning film will be part of the play. the kurt sin expected to rise this fall, but more details are being worked out. >> i was asking but -- i haven't seen it, i don't like the scary movies? >> think about it, katie bathes? oh, you haven't seen it? >> i haven't. >> you need to check it out. >> i like sleeping at night you know? >> ya, ya. >> the visual is enough. >> on that happy thought
6:51 am
we'll be right back. >> but first, here's a look at what's coming up tonight, glad you're with us back in a bit.
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> did you file your taxes
6:54 am
yet? three is on your side and we want to help out. 5p to 6:30 p.m. our annual tax phone bank. accountants and tax preparers will be on hand, taking your calls, to help you file those returns. that time of year. let's get traffic and weather together. getting close to 7:00. >> nice clear beautiful sunrise that's currently underway. you need the sunglasses but also need the heavy coating to with t also, some patience, too, because even though the road crews have done a really good job to clear out most of what was left behind from yesterday's storm, there is still some issues taught there you have to be cautious for. that will vittoria course will talk about. that will dow want a sense of what's to come here. it is all good. you know, it is cold out. i want you to keep that in mine. but storm scan3 empty. beautiful sunrise. crystal clear blue skies for you right now here's how it feels. ya in early march this is not what you want to see. ten below zero how it feels in the poconos, 12 below in lancaster, whopping goose egg at philadelphia international airport. very, very cold. there will still be the chill in the air here today. average high, this is what is
6:55 am
really adding insult here. we should be flirting with 50 already. and we're not even close to that today. but it does get better. take a look at the eyewitness weather weekend forecast, we ease up to the 30's tomorrow, still chilly, not as hash shall, better come sunday, still sunshine, so it is looking better and better with every passing day and vittoria right through the next seven days we keep that trend going. few extra degrees, every single day. lucky seven. jackpot. good morning everyone, it is rush hour and you know what's funny you're actually experiencing a lot of luck right now on the road. it may be slick and in areas you may find some black ice but the rush hour commute is very light. or at least lighter than usual, 6:55, 422 eastbound bit of slow down out of the area of oaks down toward 202. take a look at the speed censors. thirty-eight on the roosevelt boulevard, 45 in the schuylkill, not bad at this time at all. traveling in the teens on nine, a i would say primarily, though, dropping down low in speeds at cottman and girard, through the construction zone. so you will find that that
6:56 am
would be your heaviest delay on 95 at this point in regard to rush hour. septa quickly the cynwyd line has been suspended, many septa buses on detour, the 101 trolley is back to normal, amtrak running on modified schedule, then you have the lucky three here patco jersey transit, dart, all running on time. ukee? >> vittoria, us a know, traffic may be a bear sometimes. but it was a lion that caused a commotion with one car full of people. >> southerly family on shavar ' when they stopped to watch a pack of lions. one of them makes its way over, then uses it mouth to open the door. >> wow. >> see that? like a horrible dream. why wasn't your door locked? >> the passengers quickly closed the door as you see. as you might imagine and then quickly locked the door. >> that is -- >> wow. >> that is like a dream that turns bad look my. >> just the became it comes up?
6:57 am
oh! >> thanks, vittoria. >> that was something. so scary. >> next on cbs this morning more on ringling brothers and barnum bailey plans to take elephants out of the circus. now to continue follow your local news weather traffic and sports we're keeping it live, keeping it local on the "cw philly". good morning family. have a great day. introducing new flonase allergy relief nasal spray, now available over the counter in full prescription strength. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms.
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the leading allergy pill only controls one, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase the 24 hour relief that outperforms the #1 allergy pill. so go ahead , inhale life. new flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything.
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good morning. it is friday march 6th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." an out-of-control jetliner nearly plunged into an icy bay. passengers tell us how they were just feet from disaster. harrison ford undergoes surgery after crashing his private plane on a california golf course. we're live at the scene. and only on "cbs this morning," an american woman imprisoned for months in asia talks about her ordeal behind bars. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. we were literally five six feet away. >> you were that close to the water. >> we didn't know if we were half in the


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