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tv   Eyewitness News at 6am  CBS  March 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a memorial grows near the site where philadelphia police officer robert wilson the third lost his life in the line of duty. the come up how a community is honoring his service ape sacrifice. president barack obama visits selma to commemorate turning point in the battle for equal voting rights. today it is sunday march 8th good morning thanks so much for joining us at 6:00 o'clock. we will send it over to carol for more on the forecast. thank you for yesterday. absolutely beautiful, cold but beautiful. >> you know. >> not to get picky. >> really, don't look a gift horse in the house, nicole. >> exactly. >> we cannot look too carefully because normally we should be a at 50 degrees this time of the year. when we see temperatures in
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the 40's lower 40's as yesterday, we should be happy and not too carefully because we might not be as happy when we realize how far from normal we are. we have 29 degrees at palmyra cove nature park but 37 degrees through center city. much warmer this morning then it was yesterday morning. in fact, yesterday morning they set a new record low at 7 degrees in trenton. so the weather has warmed up a a bit. storm scan three we do not look for any issues. in new york state they are dealing with a couple of snow showers. it is not out of the questions that the poconos would pick up a couple snow showers too. 28 degrees. that is temperature in philadelphia. twenty-eight in trenton. twenty-six in wilmington. thirty in millville. twenty-eight in allentown. a amazing how warm temperatures below freezing can feel after you have been way below freezing. then we factor in the wind chill and we have a wind chill of 20 in philadelphia right new but mostly everybody else dealing with temperatures that feel like the winds. our temperatures today getting
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higher then yesterday. by noon we should have beat then temperature of 41 by 1 degree at 42. 3:00 p.m. almost average temperatures 47 degrees. if you have not change your clocks you in may 1er why we are on at this hour but obviously we change the clocks overnight. we're lose being a little bit of the light, it is in the beginning of the day and pick it up at the end of the day. we will talk about the seven day forecast as well nicole. >> carol, thank you. new this morning a shooting is under investigation in north philadelphia two men walking home from the chinese store near between the second and cecil b. moore when they heard gunfire. by that time they reached another block, one realized he had been shot in the leg. unidentified man is in the hospital in stable condition. honoring a philadelphia police officer killed in the line of duty officer robert wilson the third will be remember during a special mass at saint martin parish. at dress is 2340 westerly high avenue in philadelphia, mass begins at 10:00 o'clock.
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officer robert wilson the third was gunned down thursday during a robbery a attempt a at a game stop in north philadelphia one of the men arrested in officer wilson's murder faced a judge yesterday. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has the the details. >> reporter: memorial is simple homemade sign some flowers, a stuffed animal or two and thank you card written by some children. it it was quiet there sat the day afternoon. so different from the violence that occurred just feet away from thursday afternoon. it is around 4:30, officer robert wilson was shot multiple times inside this game stop. he was buying a video game for his son a nine year-old whose good grade earned him a gift. two suspects came in the store to rob it. officer wilson stepped in and was shot and killed as a result. saturday came the the first charges in the case. suspect ramone williams was formally arraigned charged with murder among other charges. second suspect carlton hipps remains in the hospital with gunshot wound but will be
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arraigned soon. >> he can what he was told to do. he put his uniform on. came to work. served the city of philadelphia. this is a a tragedy. >> reporter: this woman business mothers in charge, beyond that her son police officer moses walker was shot and killed in 2012. he work in the same precinct as officer wilson. the it the has been aid by so many before, over and over she says that the senseless violence must stop and it is on the people to make it happen. >> not the government officials no more we cannot say it is them, they ever done their part. now it is our part as citizens of philadelphia, to do what we need to do. >> reporter: matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". officer wilson's saved lives by drawing the suspects's gunfire away from the customers. eight year veteran leaves behind two sons age eight and one. his older son turns nine tomorrow. officer wilson was in the store buying him a rid yes game as a gift. so sad. anyone wishing to make a donation can make a check to
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the robert wilson the third family memorial trust fun, police and fire credit union, 901 arch street in philadelphia, the zip code is 19107 and that information is also posted on our web site at cbs search continues today for a missing teenager from news town square. 250 volunteers and 15 dogs looked for 13 year-old cayman naib yesterday. he was last seen in his harrison drive home yesterday evening. cayman's parents say he left the house after a school progress report arrived. it showed he had failing grades. >> the family is holding up well but obviously it is a very difficult time. a the lot of emotions. not a lot of sleep as you can imagine but the the support from hundreds of people from all over the place and professional and volunteer has been amazing. >> cayman was last seen wearing a gray jacket, black ski pants and hiking boots.
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well family and friend are remembering hit and run victim teresa posey who would have been her 34th birthday. dozens gathered out identify her home. she was a attempting to cross state road in holmesberg when she was struck december 23rd. police are looking for a black truck. >> they left her there to die. it is a coward. he didn't stop. he just went and all we want is some peace, it is to catch the person who is responsible for it. >> a $4,500 reward is being offered for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the the case. well this weekend marks 50 years since bloody sunday when hundreds of civil rights marchers were attacked on the edmond pettus bridge in alabama. saturday afternoon president obama a visited selma to commemorate turning point in the battle will for equal voting rights. cbs news correspondent marley hall has details.
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>> reporter: president obama and his family retraced the historic walk a across selma's edmond petus bridge. fifty years ago this is where police used brutal force to stop a march for voting rights. the violence that was sunday became a turning point for the the nation. >> it was not a clash of armies but a clash of wills. a contest to determine the true meaning of america. >> reporter: former president george w. bush a attended the anniversary event with 100 in members of congress while paying tribute to selma's heroes president obama said exposure of racial bias in ferguson missouri shows more work is needed. >> we just need to open up our eyes, ears hearts to know that this nation's racial history still cast its long shadow upon us. >> reporter: along with the official delegation thousands packed into will sell had man for the the commemoration. a among them some of the original marchers who saw the
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violence firsthand. reverend fredrick reese was the activist who asked doctor martin luther king junior to join the selma movement. on their third attempt they reached the capitol in montgomery to demand voting rights. >> it is a great feeling of triumph, and victory after having gone through all of the inn dignities sacrifices that had had been made by many people. >> reporter: five months later president johnson signed the voting rights act and those sacrifices change the course of history. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". as the first family prepared for their departure to selma they were briefly lock down in the white house when a food cart caught fire. nobody was injury. the the lock down was lifted shortly before noon. first comprehensive report in the disappearance of the malaysia airlines flight 370 shows jet's under water locate or beacon battery expired more than a year before that plane vanished a year ago today. seth dome has the story a as
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search continues in the southern indian ocean on the one year anniversary. >> reporter: not a shred of evidence discovered, no debris, no life jackets, no seat curb answer. there is no trace of the 239 people on board. >> i mean it has been almost a year and i'm living my life assuming he will come back. the his life is still here. >> reporter: sarah bayjack's partner american philip wood was a passenger. how are you doing one year on? >> i realize the the likelihood there is anybody still alive from that airplane is pretty small but it exists, and until that goes away i'm in the willing to stop fighting, to find out what happened. >> reporter: after ten months of searching malaysia authorities declared flight 370 was an accident, paving way for families to receive compensation. >> why don't you tell us why you believe it is an accident. show me the the evidence that you have found to justify your
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declaration of accident. >> reporter: frustrated chinese relatives also refused to accept the finding. four ships using sonar and unmanned sub continue to search a section of the southern indian ocean about the size of west virginia. working 12 hour shifts, they have scoured about 40 percent of the target area. australian deputy prime minister recently acknowledged the that the search cannot go on forever. what is your biggest fear right now. >> my biggest fear is we will never learn what happened. >> reporter: 152 chinese nationals were on board and its anniversary is a reminder that the chinese government was not able to help locate the plane either. so, when protests pop up here they are quickly quieted. there is little talk of this anniversary in the media. still, people here are mystified that this triple seven aircraft could simply vanish. seth dome, cbs news beijing.
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and coming up next on "eyewitness news", anger in wisconsin after a police shooting leaves an unarmed man dead. also too close to comfort, unbelievable case of road rage, we will tell will you what else that driver did, that was all captured on camera. plus an incentive to get movie bufs looking buff, we will take to you a cardio theater, here we go. after a brutal month of cold and snow we are warming it up we will have forecast coming
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there is a anger in madison, wisconsin have after a police officer fatally shot an unarmed young black man. police say that man assaulted the officer. cbs news correspondent craig boswell has details. >> black lives matter. >> reporter: few dozen protesters demonstrated in downtown madison wisconsin friday night after a police officer shot and killed a 19 year-old black man what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it. >> now. >> i'm hurt. i'm frustrated. angry. >> reporter: police say callers reported a man jumping in and out of traffic who then entered an apartment. another person reported the man was responsible for an earlier assault. police who responded to the apartment, heard a disturbance and forced their way inside. they say that the man assaulted one of the officers hitting him in the head and
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knocking him to the ground. >> the officer did draw his revolver and subsequently shot the subject. >> reporter: the man identified as tony robinson, died at a local hospital. police said saturday afternoon that he was unarmed. >> that will make this all of the more complicated for the investigators, for the public. >> reporter: robinson's mother was not the present at the the shooting but blames police. >> my sonnies now another statistic of the things that are happening all over the the united states. another black kid shot by the the police. >> reporter: the officer who shot robinson was also involved in another police shooting in 2007 but was cleared of any wrongdoing. he is on administrative leave pending a state investigation. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a garage roof collapses in california injuring at least eight people. it happened during a st. patrick's day party near the campus of california poly tech
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nick state university. police say, dozens of people were on that roof and that is what caused the collapse. none of the injuries are serious. caught on camera a road rage incident on a california highway this video was recorded by another driver earlier this week. now watch as this small car repeatedly slams on its brakes causing an accident with the suv following behind. the driver even throws bottles at that suv. eventually the in small car speed off at a hundred mile an hour on the shoulder. witness who record that had video wants the driver to face charges. >> it was just stupid. he was a stupid guy. there is something going on in that guy's head to cause him to drive like that. >> reporter: police say they are planning to speak with more witnesses and they could file will a host of charges. scary stuff. 6:16. lets check with carol for more on this forecast. as i i said yesterday was beautiful, we will take another. >> we certainly will and we will get another.
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we will find a couple of temperatures maybe as high as the the 50's as we go through that seven day forecast. today, not bad. it is much milder then it was yesterday morning at this time. yesterday morning at this time it was 13 degrees in philadelphia a we had seven in trenton. we had some temperatures down to 5 degrees and some lower than that. big warm up. so cannot tell just from this picture. we will move to graphics where you can. 32 degrees is the temperature at ardmore right now. the just be careful of black ice that might still be remaining. we did get a lot of melting. so some areas that melting can freeze with temperatures like this. and 28 degrees in philadelphia, 28 in trenton. twenty-six in wilmington. thirty in millville. twenty-eight in allentown above freezing in the poconos at 33 degrees and 37 degrees down in wildwood, this morning. so storm scan three, not the a lot going on. there are a few clouds. say just north of philadelphia to the north otherwise we're looking at clear skies south of. that we will find a day with sunshine, some clouds, that sort of thing.
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we will find our temperatures getting in the 40's today and on the other end of the 40's, we were on the lower end yesterday. we will be in the upper end of the 40's today. the partly sunny skies expect for us. by the time we will get to monday we are looking at temperatures in the 40's. now 50 is the the normal, but we're getting close. by tuesday our temperatures could be in advance of this low pressure system. it may be getting to 50 degrees but we could be dealing with some rain as well. future weather lets see what we have going on. by 11:00 this morning we have a couple of clouds out there. no big deal. by the time will we hit 2:00 this a afternoon, a few more and a few other places tomorrow overnight, we will start to pick up maybe some cloud but that should be the extent of it. this computer model will would like to bring a little bit of rain north of the city during that early morning time period tomorrow, we will see whether that develops or not. otherwise we will get sunshine tomorrow, a a nice day is coming up. the tuesday also looks nice but we start to watch the clouds moving in and then the rain coming in a little bit
6:19 am
after that. climbing temperatures though. we will love this trend. this stair step we don't wanting to down the the other side of the staircase. we have 26 degrees on friday yesterday was 41 today in the 40's, tomorrow in the 40's, tuesday we might be around 50 degrees or so and other 50's could be on the way. now we know that sometimes we get close to that seven day forecast things fall apart when we get close to that day but we will hold to it this. one thing that is guarantied is the sunset times. tonight 7:00 o'clock we will change the clocks obviously by the 23rd of march it is not setting until 7:15. april 1st, 7:25 sunset because we are gaining two minutes of daylight every single day. i know it is dark out there right new but that is the the trade off. so much in life is like that. so 46 for our high in philadelphia today, the shore 50. the the poconos 38 degrees. forty-six, 47, it is right around that ballpark. sun and clouds, not as cold but there will be a breeze,
6:20 am
ten to 15 miles an hour and that is what will make it feel slightly cooler then our air temperatures 356789 tonight. the partly cloudy. becoming mostly cloudy skies. next couple days we are in the 40's and 50 on tuesday, and 53 an red. and, in the $22 billion a year; and with amenities like smoothy bars and zoomba classes. the some chains are attracting new members with the little help from hollywood. susan mcginnes has that story. >> reporter: you won't find plush seats or tubs of popcorn in this movie theater. the big screen, and surround sound are drawing gym goers to new work out destination the cardio theater. >> it feels like a movie theater, except instead of it ising you are running. >> reporter: tony hernandez says he had has in the been to the have movies since he join receipt tremendous fitness three months ago.
6:21 am
>> actually from running which a lot of people hate so you are just watching a movie and by the time the movie is over you ran three or 4 miles. >> reporter: the movie changes daily, mostly comedy or action flicks like this screening of g.i. joe. >> always like a good surprise to come in and see which movies. >> reporter: gym also take requests, they call in, to make sure their favorite movie is playing. >> reporter: as manager says the cardio theater makes the the gym less of a chore for some members. >> their mind is lost in the movie so they are not really thinking about working out. >> reporter: anna says there is another advantage to the theater. >> well, it is dark so no one is judging you, you know, you cannot really see. >> reporter: she prefers action movies but has to be hooked to stay to the even. >> they played frozen the the other day and i watch the whole thing. >> reporter: entertaining way to burn calories until the credits roll. the susan mcginnes for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right. 6:21. coming up next it is a new
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twist on tinder a new dating app that kate tours rich people looking for a mate. you might be offended by its requirement. we will explain, coming up
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>> it works like tinder minus the floor people. >> reporter: an app design for the 1 percent. >> would i describe the average member is somebody who makes a lot of money, multiple cars, art collectons big fancy mansions. >> reporter: if you are a man you have to make at least $250,000 a year to join but women, well beauty is all that is required. >> it is sort of like that part you have in high school where men get in for $2 men get in for free. >> reporter: on the app you can share your designer brand to see if you are a match made in high fashion heaven. sound shallow to some which is why luxy ceo and master mind remains anonymous. >> as you might have guessed he does get a a lot of interesting e-mail and phone calls from people who are unable to get on to this app and, are unhappy about it. >> reporter: so what is his response to those who criticize the the app. >> the response is don't join. >> reporter: reality is, most of us, could not afford to.
6:26 am
my goodness. that guy is so unapologetic too. luxy has 850 singles to sign up mostly on the west coast and guys you do to have verify your income with tax records. no sneaking. if you don't make 250,000 you are out. kind of of crazy, right. 6:26 right now. coming up next on "eyewitness news" an organize a police officer gunned down in the line of duty. weaver live with what a community is doing today to remember the fallen hero. we will also have this. >> reporter: how dogs are helping cancer patients heel. i'm marley hall in new york with the results of the new study, coming up. and our time is now 6:26, not 5:26, we are springing forward on the clock and with the weather so that is some good news. carol returns to tell us about warmer
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today it is sunday march 8th, good morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. just about 6:30. let's send it over to carol. we are springing forward in time and temperature. i'm a happy lady. >> we did the springing at 2:00 in the morning, it became 3:00 o'clock in the morning. boy, time flies. the temperatures have not dropped as low as they usually do in the overnight time period. we're a lot warmer then we
6:30 am
were even yesterday morning. it looks pretty nice taking a look at the atlantic city boardwalk all lit up at this point. we have 30 degrees in one spot and that is in the the poconos. so if you are at 30 degrees in the poconos this time of the morning after what we have seen this winter temperature wise you know we have a warm up going and reason is because of the wind out of the south southwest. they may be at zero but it is enough, it is enough to boost these temperatures. storm scan three very quiet, we have no problems in our area at all, we have clear skies for a a lot of it. twenty-eight in philadelphia. twenty-six wilmington. 28 degrees in trenton. thirty in millville. what was it five or something yesterday in millville, it could have been lower than that. the the 28-degree temperature in trenton that is 21 degrees warmer then yesterday morning at this time. the it is already above freezing. thirty-seven in atlantic city and in wildwood. the the wind chill not the extreme but it does knock a couple of degrees off the the temperatures in how it the feels outside. twenty is how it feels in philadelphia at this point.
6:31 am
our temperatures getting to about 47 degrees with a mixture of sun and clouds. it looks like a nice day shaping up. our clocks have changed. i hope you have not. lets look at whether that seven day forecast has change. we have a couple days you might like on there, nicole. >> carol thank you. 6:31. officer robert wilson the third was killed in the line of duty. he was gunned down thursday during a robbery attempt at a game stop in north philadelphia today a church in the neighborhood where he was killed is holding a special mass in his honor. cherry greg from our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is live outside that church with the the details, cherry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole n just a couple of hours people will begin to gather here at saint martin depours catholic church just a couple of blocks from where police officer robert wilson the third was gunned down. now this is not the the official memorial service, but it is simply a place where those who mourn can gather, to find peace for many where there is none.
6:32 am
officer robert wilson the third was gunned down here at the game stop at 22nd and lehigh on thursday, and he was here to buy a gift for his nine year-old son, a reward for good grades when brothers ramone williams and carlton hipps robbed it and wilson stepped in exchanging gunfire and despite heroic efforts suffered a fatal gun shot to the head. police say wilson and a eight year veteran died a hero drawing fire a away from customers in the game stop sacrificing his life protecting and serving until the very end. the outpouring of community support has been astounding, there have been hundreds of facebook posts offering prayers, and support for the family especially the two children who officer wilson leaves behind. this service is expected to start around 10:00 a.m. and many of those who have expressed support are expected
6:33 am
to be here. live at 23rd and lehigh cherry greg kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a lot of support there, thank you. well, fire fighters had to deal with icy conditions while battling a a two alarm fire in montgomery county. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has the the story from whitpain township. >> reporter: another thing to battle fire, another thing to battle the ice but to battle both at the the same time. >> it ih just brutal. the it is brutal. >> reporter: fire fighters were alerted to whitpain township around 3:00 saturday morning this three story converted home in flames. 800 block of dekalb pike. >> they made an aggressive interior attack but at the that point it run up in the third floor and got up in the roof area. >> reporter: centre square fire chiefly miller as home was unoccupied and after battling flames from the top down crews controlled the smoke, the problem, this was all playing out in sub freezing, sub freezing
6:34 am
temperatures. and, and this morning. >> and for every ounce of water, the fire fighters dumped and, will be to the ground. as much as it was a fire fighting operation it became a salting operation. four fire fighters were injured, three from falling, and no one, needed maine medical treatment. the chief says, all things considered, that is a win. >> were four minor injuries that is a good night. >> reporter: in montgomery county, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". investigators in new castle county delaware say a fire at an apartment complex was a arson. flames broke out at woods end apartments on the the 1200 block of tara hill drive-in edgemore shortly after 1:00 saturday morning. it took several hours for fire fighters to control the fire. at one point part of the roof collapsed no one was injured but the the damage is estimated a at $250,000.
6:35 am
search is on for cause of the deadly crash in hepp well town ship mercer county. two cars collided on route 31 near route 518 shortly after midnight saturday. police say two pass eveningers in a chevy were killed. the the driver of the chevy and driver and passengers in ford focus were injured. police have not released the identities of the victims. police are searching for whoever shot a 20 year-old man to death in philadelphia's allegheny a neighborhood. it happened just after 2:00 a.m. saturday in the 2100 block of west indiana avenue knew. police say a gunman chased three men after an argument and shot one of them in the the back. doctors pronounced the victim dead at temple hospital. anyone with any information should call police. at least two suspects are in custody in connection with the murder of russian opposition leader boris nemtsov, russian officials say the men are from the country's northern caucus region. nemtsov, one of the vladamire putin's most harsh critics, was gunned down in moscow late
6:36 am
last month. investigators have not released formal charges against the men in custody. along with the dozen possible republican candidates for president, in 2016 travel to iowa, this weekend to talk politics and agriculture. cbs news correspondent steve shaggrass reports from the forum in des moines, iowa. >> reporter: i was was ground zero for potential republican presidential candidates on saturday at a forum focused on farm policy. it was debut of one. >> welcome jeb bush. >> reporter: thinks jeb bush's first visit to the state as he considers a run for the white house but he reminded iowa that he is no stranger. >> i have learned a lot by campaigning for my dad and for my brother. i have learned a lot about iowas as well. >> reporter: despite his pedigree and huge pot of campaign money bush has work to do if he wants to succeed here. >> bush fatigue is real and a it is really first hurdle.
6:37 am
it is part of getting to know him as an individual. >> reporter: nine potential candidates attended saturday's forum including a favorite in iowa wisconsin governor scott walker. >> if you are able and there is jobs out there we will help you get back on your feet again because we expect that out of each and everyone of our fellow citizens. >> reporter: the candidates are beginning to jockey for support, even though the first votes are still 11 months away steve december money iowa cbs news. still to come trading jobs using an unusual prop. how this school busies helping dogs learn search and rescue mission. also ahead, some opening ceremonies but we will tell you why conditions in alaska could not be worse for the famous dog sled race. feeling more like spring as we turn our clocks a head carol returns with the forecast coming up next. yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking
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back on "eyewitness news" with the latest on the severe snow shortage at iditarod. dog sled race was supposed to start in wrong rage but could not because they have only had 20 inches of snow all winter. compared that to boston with over a hundred inches. cbs news correspondent lee cohen has that story. >> reporter: it was a ceremonial start of the iditarod dog sled race in anchorage but it was more slush, then mush. >> there is snow down fourth avenue but it has all been
6:41 am
trucked here. this is a bizarre winter in the state of alaska. >> parts of the thousand mile course, in alaska, looked more like the the desert southwest this year. brown, instead of the white. since february 1st anchorage has received less than 2 inches of snow, compared to boston it has had nearly 70 inches. folks in alaska want their snow back. >> they took our winter. >> reporter: dave mountain knows snow he has raced the eye did rod three times, his late wife susan is a legend here, she won the race four times. >> my daughter in connecticut is freezing. she want her parka sent from alaska to connecticut that is how bad the east cozies. i said she's wishing she is here to warm up. >> reporter: that says a lot. one rookie sarah had to withdraw from the race because even after driving, thousands have of miles, she could not find enough snow to train her team. officials had no choice but to move the start of the race
6:42 am
away from balmy anchorage and into alaska's interior, fairbanks. it is not first time iditarod had to move north. it had happened once before so even the the conditions here in fairbanks just 200 miles from the arctic circle will aren't the as snowy a as boston. that thin snow means more danger and less comfort. >> it is very, very hard on the musher because you don't have any of the cushioning that the snow would bring, your knees arms everything like that are getting beat up all the time because there is in cushion. the there is no shock absorber. >> reporter: that is in place that he is had snow, at a festival in anchorage snow had to be truck in for this annual sculpture competition. nearby fur gallery hoping for a few cold tourist is seeing very few since owner melony. >> we will to have maybe start bikinis instead of hats. >> reporter: or ship them to boston.
6:43 am
lee cohen, cbs news, fairbanks. yeah, boston has certainly gotten the brunt of it. 6:43. back here at home dogs are trained for search and rescue operations in a very unique way. "eyewitness news" at penn vet working dog center where a old school busies helping in the training. a large crane lowered the bus on the ruble pile which the puppies go through to simulate searching for victims. it helps the dogs become a accustomed to working on unstable surfaces. doctors have have long suspect that the bond between people and animals can be healing, and cbs's marley hall reports now researchers in new york have scientific proof. >> reporter: alycia has been battling cancer for seven years. the 30 year-old says if it wasn't for her therapy dog piper, she would not have gotten through the last six months. >> do you see it. it is especially when i'm feeling bad. >> reporter: alycia has a rare cans they're affects the tip
6:44 am
of the small intestine. piper sits with her while she receives chemotherapy. >> psychologically, it helps tremendously but it makes sure i feel no pain. >> reporter: in an experiment at mt. sinai betties rail researchers found when cancer patient where is visited by therapy dogs during treatment the patients emotional well-being and quality of life improved. >> the patients actually came for their chemo and radiation, more frequently, and it lowered their anxiety and stress. >> reporter: rachel mcphearson is the executive director of the the good dog foundation, she says, that the study is the the first to show the the benefits of animal assisted therapy in adult cancer patients. >> good girl. >> reporter: doctors say a alycia's cancer is now in remission. >> piper is the the best medicine. >> reporter: she says that as soon as her treatment is done she's getting a dog of her own. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
6:45 am
and, carol you didn't need a study to tell you that, you have known that for a long time. >> not just me anybody who has got a dog or cat or an animal that they have bonded with they know the benefits. i'm glad to see the that the studies are doing the same thing and hospitals are letting these animals in as well because that will help people recover faster. we are looking at not a bad day, shaping up, but what a shock that is because it is also on the weekend. we have got conditions where the the roads are in mostly dry, mostly but again nothing is fallen but anything that melted yesterday, will probably have frozen up. our temperatures are just below freezing in just about every location. the 29 degrees. the that is the temperature at palmyra cove nature a park where we're hoping for some of the ice in the delaware to also start breaking up just a little bit as we start to see warmer temperatures. where it isn't below freezing right along the shore, atlantic city wildwood dover, but you start to move inland a little bit and you do drop just below freezing mark except for the poconos where
6:46 am
it is 33 degrees. we have seen cloud cover there and that kept your temperatures up a little bit. this is the temperature change. normally these would be our temperatures are lower but this is a change from yesterday morning, at this point. we're 14 degrees warmer in philadelphia. it is 33 degrees warmer in millville then it was yesterday morning at this time. 19 degrees warmer in trenton. 26 degrees warmer in atlantic city. huge, this is a huge warm up. and, it is not even where we should be temperature wisest specially in the afternoon. we should be at 50 degrees. we're not there. but we're getting crozer and closer. i mentioned those cloud. you can sort of see them if you get close enough to your set and move to the north and that is one of the reasons the poconos are a little bit milder this morning. clear skies, to the south, and we are dealing with breezes that will be coming up from the sort west that should boost temperatures higher then yesterday. yesterday we made it in the 40's. 41 degrees today. we will be on the up are end of the 40-degree scale.
6:47 am
tomorrow looks like another nice day and then by the time we get to tuesday, we will start to watch this low pressure system first some clouds and then chances of rain in the area. future weather lets see what we have got. if you have not looked up yet at this point this is a good point to see what the the computer models are saying. the in the poconos we will see a flurry maybe to the north, today, it is possible. then it says that there could be just a little bit of a rain, during the overnight time period off to the west, so we will continue to machine for that. obvious lids if we do get rain and those temperatures are below freezing you do want to be very careful overnight and in these locations if any of this moisture actually does make it there. so then the rest of monday, we will have clear skies, tuesday, the clouds build again and then we will start to watch this precipitation moving in. this is a look the at tuesday evening. the notice it tarts to come into the the philadelphia area, we will get up to the allentown area and then we will watch it start to move off just a little bit. but weaver changed our clocks,
6:48 am
we have sprung forward already. 2:00 a.m. equals 3:00 a.m. meaning our sunset time today is 7:00 o'clock tonight. that is nice. the spring count down, zero days until today light saving time beginning. twelve days until spring. twenty-seven days until the average high is 60. twenty-nine days until the home opener for phillies. it will be just wonderful to see, the weather change and finally warm up. our temperatures mid 40's today. fifty at the the shore. poconos 38 degrees. we're looking at 47 degrees for our high temperature this afternoon. a little breeze keeping it, feeling a little will cooler. tonight we will drop down to 35 degrees. partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies. one of the the reasons with those clouds we will stay a little milder and above freezing. and then on monday, 48 tuesday we could be 50 degrees. the wednesday, light start with a little bit of rain. that is a change in the forecast. temperatures should still get in the 50's. thursday 48. we're main looking at some wet weather by the time we get to that friday night, saturday
6:49 am
of course, next saturday time period nicole. >> always something for to you track, carol. >> yes, all right. >> thank you. our time 6:49. lets check on the roads with pat winters in the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning pat. >> good morning, everyone. as we can see now the ben franklin bridge we're looking at a shot from camden into philadelphia, traffic is moving beautifully. no reported problems or delays and reminder that burlington bristol bridge right now in the middle of the test opening so it is stopped traffic there lets go to i-95 right here near the the stadium complex area you can see traffic is moving along very nicely. no reported problems or delays. schuylkill expressway, right here near south street that is south street, by section of the center of the screen looking good. that is latest from the traffic center i'm pat winters, now back to you. >> all right pat, thank you. actor john stamos visits the house who made him the household name and nobody seems to notice. can you imagine, by the way. former full house star snapped a picture in front of the san francisco house made
6:50 am
famous by that show. uncle jesse was standing right there as many passerbies had no clue. he played uncle jesse in the family series from 1987 to 1995. there is no way i'm missing john stamos not in front of the full house, that is crazy. 6:50. coming up next we will have highlights from a whole full day in sports including the flyers with the crucial game for their playoff hopes in boston. we will be right back.
6:51 am
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with just 17 games to play flyers trailed the bruins by four points in the final playoff spot in the east yesterday was by far the biggest game of their season thus far to boston we will go, second period, flyers trailing one to nothing with the man advantage, jay voracek the wrister past the goal. voracek's 20th game of the year. it will stay that way until 4:30 left, chris vandervelde comes up big, clutch goal right there gives flyers a a two-one lead but with 14.1 seconds left and brad marshawn beat steve mason right there. bruins tied it at two. the game would go to overtime. in overtime now this is sean couturier turn over and this is not what you want to beat and score. that is game winner right there. crushing overtime defeat for flyers led with 14th left, they fall five points behind boston with 16 games to play. talk bay tail of two teams, 13, 49 sixers who held second worst record in the nba played host to the
6:54 am
49-12 hawks who own the the best mark in the league. the class move by sixers pregame wearing t-shirts to honor fallen philadelphia police officer robert wilson the third. back and forth game 3:17 left sixers up two, nerlens noel with the tough drive and finish right here with the left hand. he recorded his fifth double/double in six games. career high 17 rebound, five blocks. sixers up four. 1:10 left. luke, hits the the dagger three, he had 19. hawks rested their players but great effort by sixers they win 92-84. for villanova the goals are loft i, a win yesterday in the regular season finally would be their 29th school record, they are also, poised to be a number one seed in the ncaa tournament, st. johns led but it was all nova from there, down 31st half, josh heart knocks down triple game tied at 38. then jeff on pinkston showing off the strength down low, there are two saint johns players all over him still manages to get tonight and
6:55 am
foul. nova led by four. second half same thing all cats daniel, 21 points, nine rebound with the throw town right there. they went on a 23-four run to cruz to the 105-68 win over saint john's. temple with 21 wins hosting u-conn, second half will cummings, bearing jump per right there he had 23, 53-48 temple. and then he has the emphatic follow-up and slam owls win 75-six 36789 they are now 22-nine as they entered conference tournament play. lasalle hosting dayton first half explorers running off the the miss, it is jarel wright. explorers led 23-19 at the half and 40 seconds left second half lasalle up two, it is that man again, wright with the follow-up slam and two right's cannot be running. lasalle upsets dayton 55-53. multiple reports, pennsylvania head basketball coach jerome allen will be relieved of his coaching duties when the the quakers
6:56 am
season come to an end on tuesday, and penn did beat cornell last night 79-72. philly's grapefruit league action taking on the the blue jays in clearwater yesterday. philly looking to generate offense. they could not do anything against yankees on friday. we will pick it up top of the fourth phillies down one to nothing, this is a no doubt about it, blast, into the tiki bar that is josh donaldson off david buchanan. jonathan papelbon in the sixth, gets the strike out, he went one inning, two strike outs, one hit, no runs allowed, top of the seventh jesse biddle watch the nice hook right here. called strike three. he did struggle. he gave up three hits , two runs and a walk. phillies six hits, they lose four -two. union kicking off their sixth season at home verse colorado scoreless union with the free kick. connor casey the the header just wide and game would end in a zero, zero draw. that is sports i'm rob ellis have have a great the
6:57 am
day everybody. all right. that is it the for "eyewitness news" at 6:00 here's what we have coming up at 7:00. president obama weighs in on the controversy surrounding former secretary of state hillary clinton's use of personal e-mail at the state department. and then nearly 50 years after they first took to the shore here in vietnam u.s. veterans returned to red beach why they go back. plus carol's forecast which includes a warmer start today, i like what i'm seeing we will have it coming up next.
6:58 am
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a growing memorial marks the spot where philadelphia police officer robert wilson the third was killed in the line of duty. this morning, the community gathers to honor his life, his service and his sacrifice. the search resumes today for a delaware county opportunity who went missing during wednesday's snowstorm. and selma 50 years later, president obama commemorates a battle in the war for equal rights. we will have a report. today it is sunday march 8th, good morning, thanks for joining us i'm nicole brewer at 7:00 o'clock. the let's send it over to carol springing forward in time and temperature. i'm really excited about this carol. >> it is great. >> finally here. >> if you didn't change your clocks and looking outside your window and saying wait a second, still dark an


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