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tv   Eyewitness News at 7am  CBS  March 8, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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a growing memorial marks the spot where philadelphia police officer robert wilson the third was killed in the line of duty. this morning, the community gathers to honor his life, his service and his sacrifice. the search resumes today for a delaware county opportunity who went missing during wednesday's snowstorm. and selma 50 years later, president obama commemorates a battle in the war for equal rights. we will have a report. today it is sunday march 8th, good morning, thanks for joining us i'm nicole brewer at 7:00 o'clock. the let's send it over to carol springing forward in time and temperature. i'm really excited about this carol. >> it is great. >> finally here. >> if you didn't change your clocks and looking outside your window and saying wait a second, still dark and it is
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7:20, what. it the is a darker start to the day, but a lighter finish to the day. the it is brightening a little will bit in center city philadelphia, it looks just beautiful out there with that sunrise to be, and you are seeing that same kind of picture was also an above freezing temperature. this is in ardmore at 33 degrees. you can see the the snow in the field across from the high school though. the it is still cold enough to keep that snow around for a little while, but just know if you see any melting, that you saw that yesterday and maybe you didn't see it because you are on a different road because there could still be out there they are below freezing mark. storm scan three not showing any problems whatsoever. we will be dealing with a nice day today, 28 in philadelphia that is at the the airport, 30 in allentown, and 25 in trenton, 24 in wilmington. 33 degrees in millville. temperatures above freezing and they are above freezing, even when you go back to the west, 37 in state college, 35 in pittsburgh. so temperatures, not looking
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all that bad this morning. for a change. forty-two by noon and our high temperature today getting in the upper 40's, we will see sun and included, slight breeze we will see, and it will feel cooler then that temperatures are heading in the right direction. we have to keep them going, encourage them to get higher then that. we will see whether we can do that with the seven day forecast nicole. >> carol thank you. a man was shot three times during a home inn racial in philadelphia's feltonville neighborhood. investigators say victim was shot in the chest and legs. and that victim is in the hospital in stable condition there is no word on any suspects, at this time. >> also in this morning. two men were walking home from the chinese store near 22nd and cecil b more when we heard gunfire. by the teach we reach and, he was shot in the line. and, he is in the who hospital
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in stable condition. honoring a philadelphia officer killed in the line of duty. and, during a robbery attempt during a game stop in north philadelphia he will be remembered in the is special mass later this morning, at saint martin depours parish. cherry greg from our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is live in north philadelphia with the details, cherry, good morning. >> good morning. a small plow just cleared the way, and saint martin depours catholic parish, prepares for what will be a community remember rance and prayer service where people remember officer robert wilson the third at a time when little peace can be found. a small memorial with teddy bears and signs of love and support, and an effort to make sense of the senseless murder of a father, friend and officer. >> it is a tragedy anytime we are supposed to protect us.
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>> reporter: officer robert wilson the third was gunned town here at the game stop at 22nd and lehigh on thursday he was here to buy a gift for his nine year-old son a reward for good grades, when brothers ramone williams and charlton hipps, robbed are it, and wilson stepped in, exchanging gunfire, and despite heroic effort suffered a fatal gun shot to the head. twenty-four year-old ramone williams was arraigned on saturday and 29 year-old carlton hipps remains hospitalized and will be a arraigned soon. police say wilson and a eight year veteran died a hero, drawing fire, away from customers in the game stop, sacrificing his life protecting and serving until the very end. >> they are used to protect us. he did what he was supposed to do. the but he put his uniform on. came to work. served the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: mother of slain officer moses walker joined mother in charge yesterday showing support to the 22nd district for both walker a and wilson work, led to sympathy
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and understanding. >> for this to happen it is a tragedy so we need to do what we need to do as a community. >> reporter: now the community, support has been outstanding, there have been hundreds of facebook posts, tweets, all saying rest in peace, officer wilson and many of those individual are expected to gather here at 23rd and lehigh for a service that begins at 10:00 a.m. now this is not the official memorial service, it is just a place where those can remember, and reflect, on his services. live at 23rd and lehigh, cherry greg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right cherry, thank you. we want to let any within know anyone wishing to make a donation to the officer wilson's family can make a check to the robert wilson the third, family memorial trust fund at 901 arch street in philadelphia the information is also on our web site at cbs well, the search continues today for a missing teenager from newtown square.
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250 volunteers and 15 dogs looked for 13 year-old cayman naid yesterday. he wases last seen at his harrison drive home wednesday evening. cayman's parents say he left the house after after a school progress report arrived that showed he had some failing grades. >> the family is holding up, well but obviously it is a very difficult time, lot of emotions, not a lot of sleep as you can imagine but the support from hundreds of people from all over the the place, and professional and volunteer has been amazing. >> so, so scary. cayman was last seen wearing a gray jacket, black ski pants, and hiking boots let's hope he gets home safely. family and friend are remembering hit and run vick trim teresa posey who would have been her 34th birthday. dozens gathered outside the, and, state road in holmesberg when he was struck
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december 23rd. police are looking for a black truck. >> they left her there to die. it didn't stop. it just went. all we want is to catch the person responsible for it. >> a $4,500 reward is offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in that case. well this weekend marks 50 years since bloody sunday when hundreds of civil rights marchers were attacked on the edmond pettus bridge in selma, alabama. president obama visited selma saturday in commemorating the turning point in the battle for equal voting rights. cbs news correspondent marley hall has details. >> reporter: president obama and his family retraced, and edmond pettus bridge. thinks where police used brutal force to stop a march for voting rights. the violence of bloody sunday became a turning point for the nation.
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>> it was not a clash of armies but a clash of wills. a contest to determine the true meaning of america. former president george w. bush attended the anniversary event with 100 members of the congress. while paying tribute to selma's heroes president obama says the exposure of racial bias in ferguson missouri just shows more work is needed. >> we need to open our eyes ears and hearts. >> on their third attempt they reached a capitol in montgomery to demand voting rights. >> is there a great feeling of triumph, and victory.
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and after all of the inn dignity, sacrifices that have been made by many people. >> five months later president johnson signed the voting rights act and those sacrifices, changed the course. the the captain and crew showed no odd behavior or signs of stress before taking off. investigators, stressed the reporting is not the yet final. 239 people were on board when that they difficulties a appeared over the indian ocean. >> 7:09. anger and outcry the in the midwest after a deadly police involve shooting. still ahead, a wisconsin town gathers to remember a 19
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year-old killed. plus what the boy's mother is saying about her son's death. and vietnam veterans make journey back to where they once for the nearly 50 years after the first u.s. marines arrived here on the shores of red beach, i'm wendy gilette in vietnam, why they decided to return, coming up. blank. and a live look at spring garden street i think, and so it is a wide view speaking of spring, we will sprung forward this morning but remember to change those clocks but will it feel warmer. carol has the the forecast coming up next.
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dave: the effect that standardized testing is having on our students is already coming through, it's already showing, and they haven't even taken the test yet. my first-grader came home the other day and cried, because he couldn't - he didn't feel like going to karate practice. after he was done with his work, he said, "mom, i'm just tired," and started to cry. in first grade. what are we doing? what are we doing to our kids?
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police the shot and killed a 19 year-old black man. family identified him as tony robinson. police chief says there was an altercation and officer fired after robinson knock him down with the blow to the head. but the chief says that robinson was not armed, robinson's mother says her son was never a violent person. >> my son was so into watching everything that happened in ferguson and he was one of the people that spoke out about this constantly. he was just determined to have him die of the same things he was so fearful of. it is just in the fair. >> the officer, 45 year-old matt kenny was involve in the shooting in 2007 but was cleared of any raining doing. the wisconsin's department of justice is investigating. well to day marks 50 years
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since the start of the ground war in vietnam and every year, more and more vietnam veterans return to the country where they served. cbs news correspondent wendy gilette caught up with them on the shores of the vietnam. >> reporter: vietnam veteran chuck meadows is visiting red beach in denang vietnam. u.s. marines landed here in march of 1965 launching the american ground war in vietnam. >> i cannot believe it has been that long. >> reporter: washington state resident first came to fight in may 1965 and served two tours of duty. he has been back more than 40 times. >> one of the reasons that i came back was to remember and honor those marine i had lost. >> reporter: he volunteers with the group called military historical tours which organized trips to military sites in vietnam. the groups started coming here in 1996, almost all it is is american veterans, thousands have made the journey back to
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where they once for the. >> they think they are going to see something from the past, but you're looking now at something that is the future. >> reporter: group's long time sleet national tour director and veteran ed gar says the mens visits are overwhelmingly positive but occasionally emotional. >> it is generally shed a little tear and it is over with. >> reporter: norman estelle lost eight friends to a booby trap in 1968. this is the the first time he has return. >> i said if i make it out of vietnam i would come back, after the war and see how it improved itself. >> reporter: vietnamese call it the american war, now a distant memory. but the military veterans still return to retrace their steps from half a century ago. wendy gilette for cbs news denang vietnam. 7:15. let's send it over to carol and spring, forward in time and temperature. >> yes. >> we have sprung forward
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already. that was 2:00 this morning. >> if you are behind it is okay. >> i'm sure more than a few people are going what? we did move these clocks overnight or at least we should have. a a lot of them did automatically. those that didn't are still on the old time. it looks beautiful out there this morning. center city philadelphia, it looks great at the shore. we will find a nice day anyplace we go. look the at how pretty this goes, we are delayed getting our sunrise because of the clock change. 33 degrees temperature inard more with all of the snow cross from the high school, soon that will be green grass, and somebody will to have get out there and mow that stuff so the at least that hurleds a change and we should get rid of the colder weather, some day. we have got some clear skies, over much of the area. philadelphia points south, there are a few clouds up to the north and a little snow trying to creep over the state line here and this is snow from new york it is light, so poconos might pick up a flurry through this morning. our temperatures in the poconos 33 degrees. pretty mild up there too. it is 30 in allentown.
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twenty-eight in philadelphia. twenty-seven in wilmington. all in uni son 25, in trenton, and a we will head down to millville and it just dropped below freezing mark at 31 degrees. we have temperatures in the the 30's right along the the shore. high pressure building in, things look nice around here we will be finding temperatures today, well into the 40's, and then by the time we get into tomorrow we're till in the 40's which is nice. it is an improvement definitely. by tuesday we might be in the 40's but you know what we could be around 50 or so degrees as we await our next weather system coming in here. the this looks like rain showers, and maybe allentown south, for some of those rain showers, but we will watch, we will watch for that on tuesday. notice how these temperatures have been climbing. we love this. twenty-six on friday. we will jump up to 41 degrees yesterday, today and tomorrow, we will be definitely in the 40's and then tuesday, we will be pessimistic and say we're in the 40's but there is a chance we could be at 50 degrees as
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well. so lets keep that in the back of our mind. sunset times tonight at 7:00 o'clock. we have a trade off darker in the morning but it is lighter at the end of the day. march 23rd, we will set the sun at 7:15. set the sun on april 1st at 7:25. and it wrist just great to get out of work and light, you can do something. we are looking at about two minutes of daylight that we gained every single day. now our future weather as we put this into motion everything looks great, tomorrow morning, do you see a lit built of rain as these temperatures drop below freezing to the north. be careful of. that as we get through 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning we will clear these skies out. tuesday we will start to see more cloud coming in here and then that next rain maker starts to come in. this is tuesday evening in philadelphia. it may creep up to allentown and may not it may stay south primarily but again i just think that later on tuesday, early on wednesday we will see rain showers. 47 degrees today. shore 50.
7:19 am
poconos 38 degrees. relatively wide range on temperatures, you can choose the the one we like. forty-seven is the one that we like forecast wise in philadelphia today 356789 tonight. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. next couple days in the 40's, maybe 50 degrees. by tuesday, wednesday could start with some rain showers. we should be able to get in the 50's. we are still holding on to that. thursday 48 with some sunshine but friday and saturday we are back in the middle 40's and we could be looking at rain showers. we will continue to watch the end of the week nicole. >> carol thanks. 7:19. time to see how traffic is moving. ann evans is off, pat winters is in. good morning, pat good morning, nicole. we will take a look the a the vine street expressway, the the schuylkill expressway we do see a little peak have of it there in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, with you everything is rolling along beautifully in adjacent to this martin luther king drive is closed between parkway and montgomery drive, recreational use and lets take a look at the ben franklin bridge things rolling along beautiful here. no problems. we are looking into philadelphia from camden,
7:20 am
again, in reported problems or delays. and on the schuylkill expressway, at belmont the the traffic coming towards us, headlights there that is eastbound schuylkill expressway at belmont again in problems to report but keep in mind some of the on and off ramps, overpasses bridges you'll still find some slick spots own the on the second roadways, more icy conditions here and there to watch out for but, things are looking good completely through the the delaware valley. in mass transit no reported problems or delays. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm pat winters, new back to you. >> pat thanks. carol answers your pet questions in this weeks ask the vet. >> what is good for your dog's liver? fur dog or cat has a liver problem. we will check that out with doctor r
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
. beautiful el ie has sound doctor rose delima and me. doctor rose animal wellness center in chad forward pennsylvania, doing holistic veterinary work and people like. that they want, something that they feel is less harsh, then conventional medicine on their pets. >> um-hmm, it works very well integrating the both of them is very important but there are a lot of alternative toss some of the drugs, that have some pretty nasty side effects >> what would be right off the top, many people might use medications x when they could use holistic medication y, like what is one big one that
7:24 am
you should tell people try holistic version. >> i like something like milk fisell, if your animal need to be detoxified, if there is any kind of a problem with the liver, it is a problem and this will actually regenerate liver cells. so in my opinion if you have a dog that has cancer that spread to the liver or primary liver cancer, i absolutely tell them to go on milk thistle. >> dose for humans is 260 milligrams, would i dose down accordingly based on the body weight. >> once a day. >> once a day. >> how fast would some dog with the liver problem that has been diagnosed by the vet how fast would it help. >> would something show a difference probably within a few weeks. >> could someone put their dog on that thinking that maybe they have got some liver problem, without hurting them. >> i don't think that it would hurt them. >> how bay cat.
7:25 am
>> same thing. >> check with your vet. >> absolutely because you want to make sure dosage is correct. >> or something else that need to be addressed. >> exactly. >> a viewer wants to know about pet food labels because they necessity how to read a pet food label but a lot of people don't. there is a a lot of dog food garbage with beautiful bags. >> lots of garbage for sure. first thing make sure you do not have preservatives artificial preservatives or colorings. make sure that first or second ingredient is a meat protein, chicken, meat. >> what about biproducts. >> in chicken biproducts or chicken meal. we want to it say chicken beef turkey, that sort of thing because they need that meat protein. >> it starts with corner corn meal as first ingredient you go what. >> i say go to the next bag and see what is there. >> check out learn how to read those labels. >> other important thing is, make sure that it is made in the united states.
7:26 am
now the thing were being made in the united states is it can say that if the ingredients were sourced out from another country. so we could get something from china and get something else from india or something and then it is put together in the united states. they can still put made in the united states on the label. you need it to be manufactured in the united states. >> um-hmm. >> that is a an important thing. >> read the labeled. >> read the labels, very important. >> absolutely totally agree. ellie we will do reading for you but she is smart enough to read a couple labels herself. if you have questions, you can e-mail me at carol erickson pet page on facebook and doctor rose and elie we will see you next time. all right. 7:26. president obama is weighing in on the controversy surrounding former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> mr. president, when did you first learn hillary clinton used an e-mail system outside u.s. government for official business while she was
7:27 am
secretary of state. >> at the the same time everybody else learned it through these news reports. >> coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news", more of bill plante's exclusive interview with the president, we will be right back.
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today is sunday march 8th, good morning thanks for joining us. i'm nicole brewer 7:30. let's send to it carol for more on this forecast and so far i like what i'm hearing. >> it is above freezing. >> good news. >> who would have thought that 36 degrees through center city philadelphia. so much milder then yesterday morning at this point. we have a beautiful start to the day. look the at ben franklin bridge. couple clouds out there, but still beautiful and a the shore reenforcees that the march sun angle can get very high. you're probably looking at your clock at 7:30 and saying gee, why is the sun coming up just now. we have change our clocks overnight and hopefully everybody did and we're not caught unaware. we are looking at the kutztown. we have a few clouds out there, a temperature of 26 degrees. cold enough to keep snow on the fields there. but we will get some warming. we will be able to see the earth underneath that. storm scan three nothing much going on there a few cloud to
7:31 am
the north and west, further south the we go, the more clear it is, 28 in philadelphia, 25 in trenton. twenty-seven in wilmington. thirty-one in millville. thirty-seven in atlantic city and wildwood and 30 up in allentown. a much milder day so far and it will continue. forty-two by noon time and by 3:00 p.m. 47 degrees. our wind are ten to 5 miles an hour and that will make it feel chillier then that but expect to find more melting. we are happen bye that. there are a few more melting days on that eyewitness weather seven day forecast carol. >> well, officer robert wilson the third was kill in the line of duty gunned down thursday during a robbery attempt at a game stop in north philadelphia. today a church is holding a and and and cherry greg is live outside that church with the details cherry. >> good morning, nicole. sidewalks have been cleared here outside saint martin depours church at 23rd and
7:32 am
lehigh, and people are expect to begin, in just a couple hours to reflect on the life of officer robert wilson the third, who was gunned town just a couple of blocks from where this church stands. and while this is not the official memorial service it is a place where people, can hopefully, find peace where there is none. a small memorial with teddy bears and signs of love, and support, and an effort to make sense of the senseless murder of a father, friend, and officer. >> officer robert wilson was gunned down at game stop at 22nd and lehigh, here to buy a gift for his eight year-old son, a reward with brothers ramone williams and carlton hipps robbed it and wilson stepped in. >> suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head. twenty-four year-old ramone williams was arraigned on
7:33 am
saturday and 29 year-old carlton hipps remains hospitalized and will be arraigned soon. police say wilson a eight year veteran, dude a hero, drawing fire from customers in the game stop, sacrificing his life protecting and serving until the very end. >> these are men that are here to protect us. he did what he was supposed to do. he put his uniform on. he came to work. served the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: wayne lipscum mother of slain officer moses walker joined mothers in charge showing support to the between the second district where both walker and wilson worked lending sympathy and understanding. >> it is a tragedy for this to happen, so we need to do what we need to do as a community. >> reporter: now in just a couple hours around 10:00 a.m. this service will begin the community support has been outstanding, hundreds of tweets and facebook posts saying prayers and rest in peace, officer wilson, and
7:34 am
many of those mourners are expected to be here today. live at 23rd and lehigh, cherry greg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, cherry, thank you. we have some new information in a story we brought you yesterday morning, investigators say a fire at an apartment complex in new castle county was arson. it took several hours for fire fighters to control 29 alarm blaze at one point, part of the roof even collapsed. in one was hurt in that fire which caused about $250,000 worth of damage. the search continues for the cause of this deadly crash in hepp well township mercer county. two cars collided on route 31 near route 518 early a saturday morning. police say two passengers and cherry cobal t and the driver and passenger were injured. police have not released the identities of the victims. well, almost a dozen possible republican candidates for president, in 2016, traveled to iowa this weekend
7:35 am
to talk politics and agriculture. cbs news correspondent steve shegaras reports from the forum from des moines iowa. >> reporter: iowa was once again ground zero for potential republican presidential candidates on saturday in a forum focused on farming policy a debut of sorts of one. >> welcome former governor jeb bush. >> reporter: former florida governor jeb bush's first visit to the state as he considers a run to the white house but reminded was that he is no stranger. >> i have learned a lot by campaigning for my dad and for my brother. i learned a lot about iowa as well. >> reporter: despite his pedigree and expect huge pot of campaign money bush has work to do if he wants to see here. >> bush fatigue is real and it is really first hurdle and part of the getting to know him as an individual. >> reporter: nine potential candidates a attended saturday's forum, including a favorite in iowa wisconsin governor scott walker. >> if you are able and there
7:36 am
is jobs out there, we will help you get back on your feet again because we expect that out of each and everyone of our fellow citizens. >> reporter: candidates are jockeying for support even though first votes are still 11 months away. steve, cbs news, des moines, iowa. as you saw new jersey governor chris christie took part in the iowa agricultural summit. he encountered some hecklers saturday while speaking. >> great to have you here i think i'll understand you with the same way here as i deal with you in new jersey. >> the protesters represent a group called finish the job in new jersey which criticizes christie's handling of super storm sandy release money. they were then removed from that crowd. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton spoke to supporters a at clinton global foundation initiative university. she did not address criticism surrounding her use of personal e-mail to conduct state department business.
7:37 am
the clinton has requested the state department release all of her e-mails from her tenure as secretary of state. well, president obama spoke about the e-mail scandal during an interview with cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante. the president said he only learned of the issue from news reports. >> disappointed? >> let me just say that hillary clinton and has been an outstanding public servant. she was a great secretary of state for me. the the policy of my administration is to encourage transparency and that is why my e-mails black berry that i carry around, all of those record are a railable and archived and i'm glad that hillary has inn struck those e-mails that had to do with official business need to be disclosed. >> you can see more of bill plant's interview with president obama including a discussion about the 50th anniversary of selma's bloody sunday on sunday morning and also face the nation, coverage
7:38 am
begins after "eyewitness news" this morning. it is 7:37 right now. the it was a picture that went viral mocking a man for his weight. chances are you have seen this on social media we will meet the strangers who came together to support this man. word of major celebrities climbing in. then we lost an her of sleep but we are gaining more warmer temperatures. a trade off right. carol has your forecast and much more when we continue. trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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and happening today the annual saint baldrick's day fundraiser. this is video from last years event at the pub. organizers hope to raise $55,000 to battle childhood cancer. philadelphia union player danny cruz will be there as well, the fun kicks off at 11:00 o'clock. some brave people, good cause there. hey, a reminder next sunday is philadelphia's st. patrick's day parade. join chris may, kathy orr, cape bilo for this years broadcast that begins at 1:00 on our sister station cw philly. see an encore presentation on st. patrick's day tuesday march 17th at 9:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. well, it is an image that has gone viral a picture of the dancing man with the hurtful mocking caption. it led to on line bull big this man's weight but as bobby capa reports a group of woman in los angeles are working to fix that with the help of major music acts. >> if i see something wrong
7:42 am
then to try to fix it. >> reporter: l.a. resident sandra fairbanks was disgusted when she saw bullies post these pictures spotted this specimen trying to dance the the or week. he stopped when he saw us laughing. fairbanks who is part of the large local women's group decided to do something bit, setting out to find the man in the picture identify him and throw him one big awesome dance party. >> at that point i put it on twitter, and i was expecting maybe a couple tweets. i didn't expect this. >> reporter: fairbanks and ladies group ended up tracking guy the guy dubbed the dancing man on line in london, england of all places. he is identified only as sean for the moment. >> there were 2,000 girls waiting for him and that was a sweet invitation. >> reporter: hopefully is also part of the group that embarked on a kick starter campaign raising more than $30,000 for the the party in less than 24 hours. >> i'm for sure wanting to dance in public like a fool.
7:43 am
i cannot wait to inspire the rest of the world to do that. >> reporter: that is when the coliseum called saying they would be willing to host it for free. then mega a star ferrell chimed in saying he too would like to play the the event. and then moby showed up and said would he like to dj the party. this all beast came such a big deal that the once private party, now may become a public one. the date still to be determined. >> kindness from everybody across the world has been unbelievable. >> reporter: so now the dancing man, will be coming to the america as world seems to save the last dance for him. >> he is smiling for the last 24 hours and he is saying that he is overwhelmed by like the outpouring. >> good for him. that was bobby cable reporting. cyber bullies are the the worst. they need to move on. find something better to do. >> yes, stop hiding behind your keyboard. we are looking at our eyewitness weather watchers and they are up this morning looking at temperatures that are so much more warmer then
7:44 am
we have seen them. 25 degrees. where do we find that. well, bill layden find that in broomall this morning and he has a very good comment. adopt a fire hydrant, plus shovel every second counts in the fire so if you have fire hydrants anywhere near your property, shovel them out and also, your dog will appreciate that as well. but that is really good advice 31 degrees that is not bad, david dutch, his comment is the following. clocks changing, bird are chirping, signs of the highly anticipated spring. i know if you are anything like how i'm feeling it cannot get here soon enough in the 26 degrees temperature this morning and thinks what greg has to say for himself at this point. refreezing overnight produced slippery conditions from yesterday's melting. wise advice. some of these temperatures are below freezing, when this strong march sun. the lets walk over and see. we can. it is almost blinding. where are my shades when i need them. atlantic city, look at this
7:45 am
absolutely gorgeous start to the day. it is positioned perfectly, for a halo, it is a halo worthy day too because the temperatures will come up a at the shore at 50 degrees later on today and already above freezing. atlantic city inland at the airport even, 37 degrees. wildwood along the coast 37. millville 31. 28 degrees in philadelphia, 30 in allentown at this point. we have got fine weather conditions, over our area, clear skies a few clouds creeping down into philadelphia if you look closely you can see some of those, still clear skies to the the south and just some snow showers talk about sneaking trying to sneak over the the new york border right into pennsylvania so the poconos might get the a couple of flurries over that. we have high pressure building in for a little bit. temperatures warmer then yesterday, yesterday was 41 degrees today, probably 47 47 degrees. nice day, tomorrow, we're well into the 40's once again and partly sunny skies expected most of the time and then another weather system comes in here. it will be a milder one.
7:46 am
so any precipitation that we see on this tuesday time frame should be rain and that will be later in the day the way it looks right new but as that low pressure comes in here and comes up from the south we may be getting a little bit warmer air, could be 50 degrees on tuesday as well. so future weather we will take a look at this we have fine weather today and then overnight early this computer model keeps wanting to put a couple little spots of rain if your temperatures are below the the freezing mark be careful going north and west and assuming that actually does happen but it is always a good idea this time of the year when we have seen snow on the ground and ground a has been cold to pay attention if you see any precipitation. by tomorrow morning we will start with a few clouds but we will clear out and temperatures will get well in the 40's. the this is tuesday weather i was talking about, cloud first this rain start to come in, areas especially to the south to begin with. this ace look at 8:00 o'clock on tuesday night and we may be finding it as high as reading and then it moves on out of here. but maybe early wednesday
7:47 am
morning we will still continue with a couple rain showers. wednesday is supposed to be our warmest day, we have to have rain with it too? forty-seven in philadelphia today, shore 50. the poconos 38 degrees. probably not going to rain all day on wednesday, i'll show new in a second. 47 degrees today. not bad. still 3 degrees away from normal but we will handle that 35 degrees partly to mostly cloudy skies tonight and then as we take a look at this eyewitness weather seven day forecast, tomorrow we're in the 40's as well, tuesday we could be as high as 50 wednesday, might start with some of the rain showers that are lingering from tuesday afternoon and evening on, then that should get out, we should be looking at better conditions as we hit wednesday afternoon into the 50's and then thursday marks 48 degrees. friday and saturday we will have a couple rain showers. we will continue to monitor that one nicole. 7:47. lets check on the road and highways with pat winters in the cbs-3 traffic center good
7:48 am
morning, pat good morning everyone. we are looking at a shot of 202 north bound at 401 where we see a disable vehicle in that right lane. flashlights there are alerting you to it. in delay but we are coming around a corner there coming up on it. so be careful. schuylkill expressway at city avenue in, problems at all, you can see traffic moving along very nicely and 95 near vine street expressway, it looks like a ghost town there, hardly anybody out on the roadways this morning. that is making for a very pleasant drive. a lot of scattered icing, that can crop up, here and there and that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm pat winters back to you. the path path thank you. flyers and bruins go in overtime and sixers pay homage to a fallen hero, we will have details coming up next in sports. but first here's a look what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
7:49 am
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with just 17 games to to play flyers trail bruins by four points in the east. yesterday was by far biggest game of their season thus far to boston we will go, second period, one to nothing with the man advantage, jay voracek rest ter and, voracek's 20th of the year. game tied at one. it will stay that what will in the 43:00 left.
7:52 am
chris vandervelde comes up big for flyers, clutch goal gives flyers two-one lead. with 14.1 seconds left flyers clinging to a two-one lead. brad marchand beat steve mason and the game would go to overtime. in overtime, now this is sean couturier turn over. this is the the score. the that is game winner right there. crushing overtime defeat for the flyers who led with 14.1 seconds left. they fall to five points behind boston with 16 games to play. talk about a tail of two teams, 13-49 sixers held second worst record in the nba played host to the 49-12 hawks who owned the best mark in the league. class move by sixers pregame wearing t-shirts to honor fallen philadelphia police officer robert wilson the third. back and forth game 3:17 left. sixers up two. nerlens noel with the tough drive and finish with the left hand. he recorded his fifth double/double. eleven points. career high 17 rebound, five
7:53 am
blocks. sixers up four. 1:10 left, luke hits the dagger 36789 he had 19. hawks rested their players but great effort by sixers. they win 92-84. forville know of at the goals are loft i, a win yesterday in the regular season finally would be their 29th, a school record, they are also poised to be a number one seed in the tournament. saint john's led and, down three, and, incomes down a triple and i would have been showing off the strength down low. two saint john's player all over him, and still manager toes get it in and foul. nova led by four at the the half, all cats, danielle, 21 points, nine rebound, throw down right there. they went on a 23 -four run to cruz to 105-68 win over saint john's. temple with 21 wins regular season finally will cummings burying the jumper. fifty-three-48 temple.
7:54 am
then it is opa with the emphatic follow slam owls win 75-63. they are now 22-nine as they enter conference tournament play. lasalle hosting dayton first half, explorers running off the miss it is wright with the put back there explorer led 23-19. you heard me correctly 23-19. forty seconds left, second half lasalle up two it the that is man again, wright with the follow slam, two right's can't be running. lasalle upsets dayton 55-53. multiple reports pennsylvania head basketball coach jerome allen will reportedly be relieved of his coaching duties when quakers season comes to an a end on tuesday. penn did beat cornell last night, 79-72. philly's grapefruit league action taking on the the blue jays in clearwater. phillies looking to generate offense. they could not do anything with the yankees on friday. we will pick it the up top of the fourth phillies down one to nothing, this is a no doubt about it, blast, into the the
7:55 am
tiki bar. that is josh donaldson off david buchanan. two to nothing toronto. jonathan pal he will one in the sixth get a strike out. he went one inning. two strike outs. one hit n runs allowed. top of the seventh jesse biddle, watch the the nice hook right there. called strike three. he gave up three hits, two runs and a walk. phillies six hits on the day. they lose four-two. union kicking off their sixth season at home verse colorado scoreless in extra time union with the free kick. connor casey the header just wide and the game would end in a zero, zero draw. >> that is sports i'm rob will ellis have a great the day everybody. well, motorcyclist are raising machine toy help children with muscular dystrophy. there was a big turnout at eighth annual black and blue ball last night. "eyewitness news" at the the fop lodge in philadelphia many of those supporting the cause wore black ties and blue jeans. last year organizers raised $50,000, and they are hoping that this year they top that
7:56 am
amount. good luck to them. hey, "eyewitness news" at the police touch museum for annual american red cross red ball last night. this year guests enjoyed a chinese new years theme. all proceeds from the the red ball benefit the the the writ cross house for short term residents for families affected by disaster. ♪ an inside by side with members of the philadelphia orchestra during a special rehearsal session on saturday. exciting learning experience at the kimmel center after the the rehearsal young musicians presented music director yennick, with a giant birthday card for his 40th birthday. hope they didn't butcher his name too much. that is it for "eyewitness news", at 7:00 here's what we have coming up at 8:00 we will follow breaking news in new castle county delaware within one person was shot dead and police have have a portion of the roadway closed to are that
7:57 am
investigation. we are springing forward in time and temperatures carol has more when we come back.
7:58 am
7:59 am
police are investigating a homicide in new castle delaware. they tell us two people were found shot inside a minivan riddled with bullet holes. the gruesome discovery was made 5:00 a.m. in the 4,000 block of route 13. unidentified man died at that scene, woman was rush to the hospital, there is in word on her condition, or any suspects the at this time. right now route 13 north bound is shut down between memorial drive, and i495 while that investigation is oning. today is sunday march 8th good morning, thanks so much for joining us.
8:00 am
i'm nicole brewer. lets send it over to carol for more on these warmer temperatures we will have this week. so excited. >> yes, how welcome are they. >> absolutely. >> we change our clocks, we are changing our weather, we are watching up, it is starting to look and feel a little bit more like spring but as long as we have that snow cover on the ground it still has that winter feel. you can see look at that interesting deck of cloud, just hanging around a, over that, over the sun it is trying to block it it is in the working completely. but it is making a very interesting sunrise this morning which is late this morning. and we change those clocks. we will get extra daylight at the end of the day now. atlantic city, bright and beautiful. we have a temperature that is coal 29 degrees not as cold as it has been in kutztown. they have clouds, and .


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