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tv   Eyewitness News at 8am  CBS  March 8, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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i'm nicole brewer. lets send it over to carol for more on these warmer temperatures we will have this week. so excited. >> yes, how welcome are they. >> absolutely. >> we change our clocks, we are changing our weather, we are watching up, it is starting to look and feel a little bit more like spring but as long as we have that snow cover on the ground it still has that winter feel. you can see look at that interesting deck of cloud, just hanging around a, over that, over the sun it is trying to block it it is in the working completely. but it is making a very interesting sunrise this morning which is late this morning. and we change those clocks. we will get extra daylight at the end of the day now. atlantic city, bright and beautiful. we have a temperature that is coal 29 degrees not as cold as it has been in kutztown. they have clouds, and . >> and not much going on in
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our area snow showers well to the north in new york state and flurried their way over the the state line into pennsylvania. >> twenty-nine at the the a airport. twenty-eight trenton. thirty-one in wilmington. we are closer to the freezing mark. it is a above freezing at dover, 35, 37, atlantic city and wildwood. even poconos this morning. we have seen a 24-degree temperature change in the poconos. it is 15 degrees warmer right now. these are temperature changes so don't think those are the temperatures out there right now. this is how much warmer we are then yesterday morning. 15 degrees warmer in philadelphia 20 degrees warmer in wilmington. 25 degrees warmer in atlantic city. what a nice little will trend we're on. temperatures almost average this afternoon at 47 degrees. and it is 50 degrees. coming up on the seven day forecast. i'll show you when, coming up. nicole. >> carol thank you. a shooting is under investigation in north philadelphia, two men were walking home from the chinese
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store there, near 22nd and cecil b more when they heard gunfire. at the time they reached another block one realized he had been hot the in the leg. unidentified man is in the hospital in stable condition. honoring a officer robert wilson the third was gunned down, thursday during a robbery attempt at a game stop in north philadelphia he will be remembered in a special mass, later this morning at saint martin depours parish. cherry greg from our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is live in north philadelphia with the details, cherry. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. workers have been out here for the the past hour or so shoveling, and salting and preparing the walkways for that special mass where they are expect to gather. thinks not the the official memorial service but simply a place where people can look for peace and find sense in the the deaths of officer robert wilson the third.
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a small memorial with teddy bears and signs of love, and support, and an effort to make sense of the senseless murder of a father friend and officer. >> it is a tragedy anytime people are supposed to protect us and being shot. >> reporter: officer robert wilson the third was gunned down here at game stop at 22nd and lehigh on thursday. he was here to buy a gift for his nine year-old son a reward for good grades when ramone williams ape carlton hipps robbed them and wilson stepped in exchanging gunfire. despite that, suffered fatal gun shots to the head. twenty-four year-old ra men williams was a arraigned at day and 29 year-old carlton hipps remains hospitalized and will be a arraigned soon. police say wilson an eight year veteran died a hero drawing fire away from customers in the game stop, sacrificing his life, protecting and serving until the very end. >> they are here to protect us. did he what he was supposed to
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do. he put his uniform on. he came to work. served the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: mother of slain officer moses walker join mothers in charge yesterday, showing support to the 22nd district, for both walker and wilson worked. lending sympathy and understanding. >> for this to happen it is a tragedy. we need to, do what we need to do. as a community. >> reporter: the outpouring of community support has been outstanding, there have been, hundreds of tweets and facebook posts saying rest in peace officers for wilson and they are expect to gather theory fleck on officer williams life, wilson's life and to remember him. that service starts at 10:00 a.m. at 23rd and lehigh. at 23rd and lehigh cherry greg kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right cherry, thank you. anyone wishing to make a donation to officer wilson's family can mail a check to the robert wilson the the third family memorial trust fund at
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police and fire federal credit union at 901 arch street philadelphia pennsylvania, 19107. that information is also on cbs the search continues today for a missing teenager from newtown square. 250 volunteers and 15 dogs looked for 13 year-old cayman naid yesterday. he was last seen at his harrison drive home wednesday evening. now cayman's parents said he left the house after a school progress report arrived showing he had some failing grades. >> the family is holding up well but obviously it has had a very difficult time lot of emotions. not a lot of sleep as you can imagine, but the the support from hundreds of people from all over the the place and professional and volunteer has been amazing. >> cayman was last seen wearing a gray jacket, black ski pants and hiking boots. let's hope he gets home safely. well family and friend are remembering teresa posey
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on what would have been her 34th birthday. it doesens gathered for a vigil on you side her home on kimbell street. she was attempting to cross state road in holmesberg when she was struck december 23rd. police are looking for a black truck. >> they left her there to die. >> he is a coward. it didn't stop. he just went all we want is some peace and to catch the person who is responsible for it. >> reporter: a $4,500 reward is offered for information, at least to an arrest and conviction in that case. there is anger this weekend in madison, wisconsin after a police officer fatally shot an unarmed young black man. police say that man assaulted the officer. cbs news correspondent craig boswell has the the details. >> black lives matters. >> a few dozen protesters demonstrated in downtown madison wisconsin friday night after a police officer shot
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and killed a 19 year-old black man what do we want. >> justice. >> when do we want it. >> now. >> i'm hurt, frustrated and angry. >> reporter: police say callers reported a a man jumping in and out of traffic who then entered an apartment. another person reported the man was responsible for an earlier assault. police who responded to the apartment heard a disturbance and forced their way inside, they say that the man assaulted one of the officers, hitting him in the head and knocking him to the ground. >> the officer did draw his revolver and subsequently shot the the subject. >> reporter: the the the man identified as tony robin on died in a local hospital. police said saturday afternoon, he was unarm. >> that is going to make this all of the more complicated for the investigators, for the public. >> reporter: robinson's mother was not present at the shooting but you blames police. >> my sonnies now another statistic of the things that are happening all over the united states. another black kid shot by the
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the police. >> reporter: the officer who shot robinson was also involved in another police shooting in 2007, but was cleared of any wrongdoing. he is now on administrative leave penning a state investigation. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". relatives of the passengers on board man establish a flight 370 gathered to mark a somber anniversary. it has been one year since that flight went missing. meantime new details in the interest rim report just released this morning say the battery of the under water locate or beacon on that plane expired more than a year before that plane vanish. report says the the captain and crew showed no odd behavior or signs of stress before taking off. investigators stressed the report is not yet final. 239 people were on board that plane when it disappeared over the indian ocean. this weekend marks 50 years since bloody sunday when hundreds of civil rights marchers were attacked on the edmond pett us bridge in sell man, alabama. saturday afternoon president obama a visited selma to
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commemorate the turning point in the battle for equal voting lights. cbs the news correspondent marley hall has the details. >> reporter: president obama and his family retraced historic walk a across selma's edmond pettus bridge. fifty years ago this is where police used brutal force to stop a march for voting rights. the violence of bloody sunday became a turning point for the nation. >> it was in the a clash of armies but a clash of wills. a contest to determine the true meaning of america. >> reporter: former president george w. bush attended the anniversary event with 100 members of the congress. while paying tribute to selma's heroes, president other bam a said exposure of racial bias in ferguson missouri shows more work is needed. >> we just need to open up our eyes ears hearts, and let me know if this nation's history still cast its long
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shadow upon us. >> reporter: along with the official delegation thousands packed into will selma for the commemoration, monk them, some of the original marchers who saw the violence first hand. reverend fredrick reese was act wrist who asked doctor martin luther king junior to join the selma movement. on their third attempt they reached the capitol in montgomery to demand voting rights. >> it is a great feeling of triumph and victory, after having gone through all of the inn dignities, the the sacrifices that have been made by many people. >> reporter: five months later president johnson signed the voting rights act and those sacrifices, changed the course of history. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". as the the first family prepares for their departure to selma man they were briefly will be down in the white house when a food cart caught fire east of the north lawn. in one was injured. the lock down was lifted shortly before noon. coming up next on "eyewitness news" road rage captured on camera.
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one car gets up close to another and we will tell you what else that driver was caught doing. plus it is dating for the 1 percent, coming up next a new app that is only for rich people in search of a mate. also the requirements have a lot of people talking, we will explain when we come ba
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is a garage roof collapse necessary st. louis, california, injuring eight people. it had happened during a st. louis party at a poly tech nick university. police say dozens of people were on the roof and that is what caused the collapse. in of the injuries are seriously though. caught on cameras an apparent road rage incident on the california highway, this video was recorded by another
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driver earlier this week in the the area. watch a as this small car repeatedly slams on its brakes nearly causing an accident with the suv following behind it. the driver even throws bottles at the suv. eventually the small car speed off at a hundred miles an hour on the shoulder spotted right there. the witness who record that had video says he wants the driver to face charges. >> it was just stupid. he was a stupid guy f there is something going on in that guys head to cause him to drive like that. >> that is pretty crazy. police say they are planning to speak with more witnesses and they could file a host of charges. well, some people call it tinder for snobs on line dating app is getting buzz because it requires users to have a minimum salary and it is a decent chunk of change. >> reporter: money can buy a lot of things from high end clothes, big houses, fancy cars, but love? the creators of the new dating app luxy says why not. >> it works like tinder but
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this is it minus poor people. >> reporter: an app design for 1 percent. >> would i describe the average member as somebody who makes a lot of money, multiple cars, art collectons big fancy mansions. >> reporter: if you are a man you have to make at least $250,000 a year to join but women, well beauty is all that is required. >> it is sort of like that party you have in high cool where men get in for $2 women are free. >> reporter: you you can even share your favorite designer brand to see if you are a match made in high fashion heaven. sound pretty shallow to some, which is why the ceo and master mind remains a anonymous. >> as you might have guessed he does get a lot of, interesting e-mail, and phone calls, and from people who are not able to get on to this app and are unhappy about it. >> reporter: what is his response to those who criticize the app. >> the response is don't join. >> reporter: the reality is, most of us could not afford to. >> yeah.
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>> that is real. luxy has 850 singles to sign up mostly on the west coast right now and guys you do have to verify your income with tax records, so no getting around that 250 grand sign up requirement. kind of shallow right. 8:16. let's send it over to carol. >> lets look at these snow on the boardwalk, nicole. >> yes it won't be there forever though. >> let's hope not. >> it just seems like it already has been. we will be find something melting going on, we have bright sunshine there but snow is on the boardwalk in ocean city and not just in ocean city, we have another boardwalk a as well and this is in rehoboth beach. you can see they have cleared a little path, it is, quiet, on all of these boardwalks this morning but it won't be forever. the temperatures will be getting close to that 50-degree mark. so improving weather, definitely on our horizon and it is not that far off, into the future either. still though, temperatures still below the freezing mark along that i-95 corridor, trenton at 28. philadelphia at the airport 29.
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thirty-one in wilmington. now at the freezing mark in millville and a would have wildwood 39 degrees and 34 in the poconos as you head out toward the lehigh valley and berks county. we are looking at temperatures below freezing still. storm scan three there are a few clouds out there. we will see them as we look up at the sky. i think later on today we will find that sun and cloud mix. and some snow showers, sneaking further into pennsylvania, out of new york state. so, just watch for that in the poconos you might get a scattered flurry out of this. we have temperatures in the 40's today. they were in the 40's yesterday. we will add a few degrees. we will pick up the wind today a little bit. ten to 5 miles an hour. that will keep it feeling probably closer to the 30's much of the day, but even so, it is better then it has been and temperatures that are in the 40's, will start melting some of that snow and we can get rid of this winter look that is out of there. next weather maker up, is the the high pressure system starting to bring some rain in the area. the a as we head probably through the second half of the day on tuesday.
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temperatures will be maybe even 50 degrees then. so at least we've got that going for us. future weather as we go through this afternoon we've got some clear skies over the the area. we have a few clouds and a few other spots. just watch for that variable sky condition. and then overnight this computer model continues to want to bring just a light rain maybe atories will up to the north and thinks at 4:00 in the morning tomorrow morning. that may not happen but there is probably a chance that it could and if your ground temperatures are below freezing you will want to pay close attention to that. as we get through rest of tomorrow at 8:00 tomorrow morning these cloud get pushed out we have a nice looking monday with temperatures in the 40's. then tuesday we will cloud up, this is a look at 4:00 the way it looks right the now. we all will know timing changes as we get closer to these events but right now this computer model says we will get included first and then we will pick up these rain showers especially in the south but by tuesday night, do they move a little further north in we will see. generally not as high up as
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the poconos and then this thing should be moving out of here by wednesday early in the morning, although you still could find a couple rain showers at that point. sunset times, they have changed a lot with that clock change. 7:00 o'clock tonight is the the sunset. by march 23rd at 7:15 and by april 1st it is 7:25. every single day we are gaining two minutes of daylight, each and every day. how nice. forty-seven in philadelphia. fifty at the shore. poconos 38 degrees. maybe that scattered flurry in the poconos but still here in philadelphia and close to us, 47 degrees, not that bad. fifty is the normal. thirty-five, partly cloudy, mostly cloudy skies tonight. next couple of days we are maybe 50 degrees by tuesday wet weather later on in the day, wednesday maybe we will start with the rain shower, 53 and then thursday, 48 and then maybe some wet weather by the time we will hit the end of the week, temperatures in the middle 40's nicole. >> carol thanks. 8:19. let check the on the roads with the path path winters in the the cbs-3 traffic center,
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pat. >> things looking very nice out there as we look at parkway in front of the art museum. it is snow i but i'm thinking spring because martin luther king drive is closed for recreational use as it does every spring through october and that is a look at things to come. right now on the blue route 476 south of the schuylkill expressway you can see a few you folks out and about things are moving nicely in problems or delays reported. ben franklin bridge, looking from camden across into philadelphia, traffic is moving along very nicely, in reported problems or delays. do watch for icy spots on some area roadways, that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm pat winters, now back to you. >> pat, thank you you. well, happening today the annual saint baldrick's day fundraiser. this is video from last years end at fado irish pub. organizers hope to raise 55 you this dollars to battle childhood cancer. fail union player danny cruz will be there as well. the fun kicks off at
8:21 am
11:00 o'clock. just a remine are, next sunday is philadelphia's st. patrick's day parade. join chris may, kathy orr and kate bilo for the the broadcast at 1:00 on our sister station the cw philly. see an encore presentation of st. patrick's day tuesday march 17th at 9:00 o'clock, right here on cbs 36789 lots of irish jigs to come, we will be right back.
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uncle jesse was standing right there as passerby had no clue. stamos played uncle jesse in the the seer fridays 1987 to 195. have mercy people, how do you not recognize john stamos. anyway, have you wondered if there is another you out there, someone could be your mere image. cbs anthony mason introduces to us a man who will have have you seeing double. here's a preview of what you will see later on cbs sunday morning. >> when his subjects show up at a shoot in atlanta photographer frances brunell. >> makes sense. >> sometimes does a double take. brunell is shooting a series of photographs on doppler gangers. his subjects are in the twins charlie chase and michael malone are not even related. >> our mothers don't see the resemblance. when i met charlie, i didn't
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see resemblance either. >> big smile. >> reporter: but these two didn't meet until they shared a room in college. >> the day i moved in she walks into the dorm room and my mom was like oh my gosh she's your twin. >> two identical people, i bring them together and then when they meet it will be a shock. then i will take a picture of that and then deathly amazing. the that is my dream. >> how long have you been doing this now. >> fourteen years. >> studies have shown people who look alike have in greater emotional connection then these who don't. but don't tell that to ayana bryant and lindsey samson. >> from the moment we met. >> i really think that she was just really crazy. >> we are just so much alike. we are the only two people that can tolerate each other for long period of time.
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>> double exposures and a conversation with president obama, that is sunday morning right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 o'clock. 8:26. we are following some breaking news for you, a new castle delaware a double shooting a car found riddled with bullets on the side of the road and one person is found dead inside. we will have latest on that investigation coming up next. plus they necessity when you open up an e-mail, even where you were when you did, your e-mail could be track, so who is doing it. three on your side jim donovan explains how e-mails are monitoring and how you might be able to stop it. temperatures continue to climb up, carol tells us how warm it will get coming up next.
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to take is sunday march 8th, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. let's sigh, i think we will like what carol has to say. >> i think so. >> i know i do. >> yes, compared to so many weekend when i stood here saying we are he's tracking another storm. no we're not tracking anything, except temperatures in the 40's today. we're pretty mild in a lot of locations already this morning. center city philadelphia we have got temperatures in the mid to upper 30's the skies are bright, it looks beautiful in ocean city, as well. people are out, moving along on the boardwalk with snow on either side of them and a temperature of 33 degrees at palmyra cove nature park. they are above freezing at this point this morning. storm scan three nothing much going on a few snow showers, way upstate, pennsylvania and low state, new york as we watch just a couple of those
8:30 am
still going by reminding us it is still winter around here. twenty-nine at the airport. twenty-eight in trenton. thirty-one wilmington. thirty-two in millville. almost 40 in wildwood. thirty-seven in atlantic city. colder to the north. you factor in how much we have changed, look at this, we have a temperature change of 25 degrees from yesterday at this point in atlantic city 20 degrees warmer in trenton. 15 degrees warmer in philadelphia almost 20 degrees warmer in wilmington. 24 degrees warmer in the poconos this morning then yesterday. temperatures in the poconos above freezing. that is a huge change. we have got temperatures today getting almost average at 47 degrees is our temperature 50 degrees is the exactly where we should be this time of the year. we're starting to close in on that. our future weather shows cloud we are seeing out there but by the time we hit 1:00 this afternoon areas have some sunshine and some areas have a couple cloud. it looks like a nice day coming up. we have milder weather on that
8:31 am
seven day forecast but not without a couple days of precipitation and we will show you that coming up, nicole. >> thank you. we have an update on the breaking news we're following out of new castle delaware. investigators tell thaws two people were found shot inside a minivan littered with bullet holes. that gruesome discovery was made around 5:00 a.m. off the side of the road in the 4,000 block of route 13. unidentified man died at the scene, woman was rush to the hospital. there is no word yet on her condition or any suspects at this time but right new route three northbound is shut down between memorial drive and i495 while that investigation, continues. officer robert wilson the third was killed in the line of duty, gunned down during a robbery a attempt at the a game stop in north philadelphia. today a church in the neighborhood where he was killed was holding a special mass in his honor. cherry greg from kyw news radio 1060 is live outside the church with the details, cherry. >> good morning, nicole.
8:32 am
in just over an hour people began gathering here at saint martin depours church at 23rd, and, and, robert wilson the third was gunned down. this is not the official memorial service but simply a a place where mourners can gather and try to find peace over the death of an officer gone too soon. a small memorial with teddy bears and signs of love and support, an effort to make sense of the senseless murder of the father, friend, and officer. >> it is a tragedy, people that are supposed to protect us get shot. >> reporter: officer robert wilson the third was gunned down here at the game stop at 22nd and least high on thursday. he was here to buy a gift for his eight year-old son, reward for good grades when brothers ramone williams and carlton hipps robbed it and williams stepped in exchanging gunfire. the despite heroic efforts suffered a fatal gunshot wound
8:33 am
to the head. twenty-four year-old ramone williams was arraigned on saturday and 29 year-old carlton hipps remains hospitalized and will be arraigned soon. police say wilson an eight year veteran, died a hero drawing fire from customers in the game stop sacrificing his life protecting and serving until the very end. >> he is here to protect us he did what he was supposed to do. he put his uniform on came to work served the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: wayne lipscum mother of moses walker joined mother in charge showing support for the between the second district where walker and wilson work lending sympathy and understanding. >> this is a tragedy. so we need to do what we need to do as a community. >> reporter: the community has provided much support for the family of officer wilson sending hundreds of tweets and hundreds of facebook
8:34 am
posts, expressing mourning and saying rest in peace, officer wilson expressing sympathy to the family, at special mass that will begin here at 23rd and lehigh at 10:00 a.m. live at 23rd and lehigh cherry greg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right cherry thank you. we have some new information in the the story we brought you yesterday morning. investigators say a fire at an apartment complex in new castle county was arson. it took several hours for fire fighters to control this two alarm fire. at one point part of the roof collapsed. no one was hurt in that fire which causedded about $250,000 worth of damage. the search continues for the cause of this deadly crash in hopewell township mercer county. two cars collided on route 31 near route 518 early saturday morning. police say two passengers in the chevy were killed. the driver of the chevy and driver and passenger in the ford focus were injured. police have not released the identities of the victims.
8:35 am
almost a dozen possible republicans candidates for president in 2016 traveled to iowa this weekend to talk politics and agriculture. cbs news correspondent steve shegares reports from the forum in iowa. >> reporter: iowa was ground zero for potential republican presidential candidate sat the day in a forum focused on farming policy. it was a debut of sorts for one. welcome former governor of florida, jeb bush. >> reporter: this is former florida governor jeb bush first visit to the state as he considers a run for the the white house but reminded iowa residents he is no stranger. >> i learned a lot by campaigning for my dad and my brother. i learned a a lot about iowa as well. >> reporter: despite his pedigree and expect huge bolt of campaign money bush has work to do if he wants to see here. >> bush fatigue is real. the it is really the the the first hurdle and part of the getting to know him as an individual. >> reporter: nine potential candidates attended at day's forum, including a favorite in
8:36 am
iowa wisconsin governor scott walker. >> if you are able and there is jobs out there, we will help you get back on your feet again because we expect that out of our fellow citizens. >> reporter: candidates are beginning to jockey for support even though the first votes are still 11 months away. steve shegares cbs news, des moines iowa. new jersey governor chris christie took part in that iowa agricultural summit. he even countyerd hecklers on the saturday while he was speaking, take a look. >> great to have you here. i think you understand i'll tiehl with you the same way as i deal with you in new jersey. >> that is governor christie for you. protesters represent a group called finish the john in new jersey which criticizes christie's handling of super storm sandy relief money. they were then removed from that crowd. former secretary of state hillary clinton spoke to reporters saturday at clinton global foundation initiative in new jersey. he did not address criticism earned ising her use of
8:37 am
personal e-mail to conduct state department business. the clinton has requested that the state department release her e-mails from her tenure as secretary of state. president obama a spoke about that e-mail scandal during an interview with cbs senior news white house correspondent, bill plant and said he only learn from the issues from news report. >> disappointed. >> let me just say that hillary clinton is and has been an outstanding public servant. she was a great secretary of state for me. the policy of my administration is to encourage transparency and that is why my e-mails, the black berry that i carry around, all of those records are available and are archived and i'm glad that hillary had has inn struck that those e-mails that had to do with official business need to be disclosed. >> you cane more of bill plant's interview with president obama including a discussion about the the 50th
8:38 am
anniversary of selma's bloody sunday on sunday morning and face the the nation coverage begins after "eyewitness news" this morning. 8:38 right now. who is tracking your e-mail? when you open up one and where you opened it? it can all be machine toward. three on your side jim donovan explains how it happens and how you might be able to stop it, coming up next.
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8:40 am
well, they know when you opened it and where were you when you did. so who may be tracking e-mail in your in box. consumer reporter jim donovan has more on programs that can do just that and shows us how they work. >> reporter: bob johnson is looking for a job. when e-mails a resume he using tracking software to see if the person he sent it to actually opened it. >> i necessity that my resume has gone where i sent it. i know how many times it has been opened, it is an e-mail that has been opened six times i know there may be some
8:41 am
interest and maybe i'll get a call. >> reporter: many companies offer e-mail tracking for free or for a low cost. >> a couple years ago only big businesses had access to this but now anyone can use e-mail track to go day. e-mail tracking is the next big thing. >> reporter: some programs have have users put a code next to the recipient's address that they cannot sianni other companies have using just click a box that says e-mail tracking on. tracking software puts a code, image in the e-mail and when someone is tracking e-mails. >> they can find out a lot of information about when you read it, how long you were reading it, where you were located. >> reporter: experts say this tracking is legal in most cases and e-mail senders don't need to disclose they are doing this. who could be tracking your e-mail. >> beside marketers anyone can track to see if you opened an e-mail. this could be a collection agency, an attorney your dentist, your doctor, anyone. >> reporter: can you awe void having your e-mail track. experts say read your e-mail
8:42 am
and text only mode so it doesn't automatically down load tracker images and attachments. some charge people charge people according to the amount of e-mails they want to track. there are apps to allow you send e-mails you send. i posted links on cbs and facebook and twitter feed. reporting for three on your side i'm jim ton van. everything is tracked these days isn't it. 8:42. still to come, it is not just clocks springing forward this weekend, our temperatures thankfully are also warming up. carol returns with the forecast coming up next. has boston switched place west anchorage, how the the lack of snow in alaska is causing problems for world famous race, we will explain coming up next.
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we love. that the short on sleep but not short on comments. we have 31 degrees at the present time which is so much milder then normal. this is from bob walker. bob in burlington township said cold, but sunny day as we change times so change your smoke alarm battery. good advice, bob walker. very good advice. we have another 31-degree temperature here. this is from tony. tone any west chester says 31 degrees and dead calm. it feels warm. we have had a rough winter. when 31 seems like it is a temperature we can deal with we know we have been in the middle of winter. jim has the following to say in ridley park. hoping we're melting from the wizard of oz. i can feel mike striped socks rolling upright now. lets head over as i pull myself out from under the house and we go over to the ben franklin bridge delaware river. i know you want a closer shot on the delaware river. i happened to have that for you. we have a few ice flows. get in your kyack, i will join
8:46 am
you. we will crack some of this ice. we will get rid of it, somehow, if the weather won't help us. 36 degrees. big warm up on the way today. well, compared to what it usually is around here when it is nothing but one cool down after another. but a big warm up is definitely coming. we've got 29 degrees right now at the airport in philadelphia, 28 trenton, 31 wilmington. wildwood 41 degrees 32 freezing mark in millville, 29 in allentown, 34 in the poconos, much warmer then yesterday, and in some cases 20 to 25 degrees warmer then it was yesterday. storm scan three clear skies, basically just south of philadelphia down but as we go to philadelphia and points north we are dealing with a couple clouds, that is the extent of the weather problem today as we deal with the warm up. temperatures will be getting in the 40's, higher end of the 40's. we had lower end, that was yesterday at 41. today we will be in mid to upper 40's at least and so
8:47 am
nice we will try to do it same way again tomorrow with high pressure system continuing here. then, of course, because we cannot just steadily get warmer we have to find weather issues coming in. this issue is rain. it is a rain issue. we will find that in the second half of the day the way it is timing out with some rain coming in the area i'll show you when and where in a second. temperature could be around 50 degrees. it comes with that at least. these temperatures are climbing. you cannot help but notice it. 26 degrees was the high on friday. yesterday was 41. today tomorrow in the 40's. tuesday we're up in the 40's and dare we say 50 degrees if we hit 50 that is average this time of the year. we have hardly seen any of that. future weather, things looking fine today and tonight. this computer model continuing to show a little drizzle to the north overnight, so if you see that and you know your temperatures are below freezing be careful because we
8:48 am
don't want any slick spots other than the ones we find after refreeze overnight in some spots as we have seen, so far this morning. then on monday, we will start with a few clouds. they will get pushed out. we are left with some sunshine. we have seen these cloud coming back in here by the time we hit tuesday. this is that low pressure system we saw on the other map. starts to bring rain in. this is 4:00 o'clock in the after afternoon on tuesday. thinks 9:00 o'clock on tuesday night. maybe as high as allentown and by medicine night on wednesday we might be still dealing with the rain showers. are some getting heavier at 2:00 in the morning on wednesday? it is possible . we might start wednesday with a little bit of rain but we should be clearing out after that. forty-seven in philadelphia today with the breeze. fifty at the shore. poconos 38 degrees. possibility of that scattered morning snow showers in the poconos. otherwise 47. not bad. sun, clouds and not as cold as it has been and not as warm as it will be some kay. 35 degrees partly to mostly
8:49 am
cloudy skies tonight. looking at our next couple days we are at 48 tomorrow tuesday with a few cloud especially later on in the afternoon are we likely to see rain showers, maybe 38 degrees, tuesday night into wednesday morning where early we might still be finding a couple rain showers but we should hit that 53-degree mark by wednesday. thursday sunny 48. by end of the week we are in the middle 40's again and we could be dealing with wet weather on that friday night, saturday timetable. do you love, watching the weather? well, you too can be features just like jim and everybody else that we watched today in our newscast by become a eyewitness weather watcher. the sign up at cbs, nicole. 8:49. we will check on those road with pat winters in the traffic center good morning pat. >> good morning, nicole. we have vine street expressway you can see here on our screen looking great. schuylkill expressway upper left-hand corner everyone out and about moving nicely.
8:50 am
in reported problems. we also have have the schuylkill expressway at city avenue that traffic ising ago way from you heading westbound at city avenue light volume moving along very nicely. walt whitman bridge a breeze beautiful sunny day and folks are out and about no problems to report and finally on i-95 we have got right there near the convenient street expressway a ghost town hardly anybody out there at all traffic moving very well. there goes somebody. little scattered icing here and there to watch out for. that is latest from the traffic center i'm pat the winters, new back to you. >> that is how we like the roads, just one car here and there. now latest on the severe snow shortage the dog sled race supposed to start in anchorage but could because they only had 20 inches of snow. now compared that to boston which has had over a hundred inches of snow. cbs news correspondent lee cohen a has that story. >> reporter: it was a
8:51 am
ceremonial start of the famous dog sled race in anchorage but it was more slush, then mush. >> there is snow, down fourth after new but all trucked here. this is a bizarre win the they are state of alaska. >> reporter: part of the course from nome alaska looked more like the desert southwest, brown instead of white. since february 1st anchorage has received less than 2 inches of snow compared to boston that has had nearly 70 inches. folks in alaska want their snow back. >> they took our winter. >> reporter: dave mountain knows snow he has raced the eye did rod three times. the his late wife susan is a legend here. she won the race four times. >> my daughter in connecticut is freezing. she wants her parka sent from alaska to connecticut. >> that is how bad the east cozies. i said my gosh she's wish she's here to warm up. >> reporter: that says a lot. >> yeah. >> reporter: one rookie musher
8:52 am
sarah had to withdraw from the race because even after driving thousands of miles she could not find enough snow to train her team. officials had no choice but to move the the the start of the iconic raza way from balmy anchorage and into alaska's interior fairbanks. it is not first time iditarod had to move north in search of better snow. it happened once before. even conditions here in fairbanks just 200 miles from the arctic circle aren't as snowy a as boston. that thin snow means more danger and less comfort. >> it is very, very hard on the musher because you don't have any of the cushioning that the snow would bring so your knees, your arms everything like that are getting beat up all the time because there is in cushion or shock absorber. >> reporter: that is in place that he is had snow at the a festival in anchorage snow had to be truck in for the annual competition. nearby fur gallery hoping for cold tourist is seeing very
8:53 am
few, says owner melony housesinger. >> we will have to selling bikinis or hats. >> or ship them to boston. lee cohen cbs news, fairbanks. back here at home dogs are getting trained for search and rescue operations in a pretty unique way. "eyewitness news" at penn vet working dog center where an old cool busies helping in the training there. large crane lowered the bus on to an outdoor ruble pile which puppies get through to simulate searching for victims. ruble pile help the dogs become accustomed to working on unstable surfaces. >> we will be right back. trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪ thank you, cable for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you
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we want to update you on breaking news before we go with the headlines on cbs-3. police are investigating a homicide in new castle delaware. two people were found shot inside a minivan around the 4,000 block of route 13, now a man died at that scene with
8:56 am
man was rush to the hospital we still in word on her condition. and investigators tell us a man was shot three times during a home invasion in the feltonville neighborhood but in valuables were stolen. it happened in the 800 block of east tioga street just before 2:00 a.m. that rick tim is in stable condition. a special mass will be held for slain officer robert wilson the third, officer wilson was gunned down thursday during a robbery attempt at the game stop in north philadelphia. services start at 10:00 a.m. at saint martin depours parish in north philadelphia. now we want to get one last check of the forecast which we love today, carol. >> the the forecast has change a little bit for the the better. we have got temperatures in the upper end of the 40's so expect to find 47 degrees out there sun clouds and remember we did change those clocks and we have a 7:00 p.m. sunset just that will be nice to see light at the end of the day. tomorrow 48 degrees and then by tuesday we're around 50 degrees but that comes with rain later in the day and then early on wednesday wednesday
8:57 am
still should be getting to about 53 degrees and then by the end of the week at this point maybe a little more wet weather, friday night saturday timetable but that is so far off we will not go there lets go enjoyed this. >> things are looking up, we will leave it there. thanks carol. that is "eyewitness news" for now, we may be signing off on television we are always on line at cbs sunday morning with charles osgood is next make it a gray day. >> bye-bye.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> osgood: good morning, i'm charles osgood this is "sunday morning." the eyes of the nation have been focused this weekend on a bridge in selma, alabama. the bridge where 50 years ago police attacked nonviolent protesters watching for the rye of african americans. yesterday our first african american president spoke at a ceremony commemorating that march.


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