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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 9, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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calling for answers. pressure address her use of private e-mail acaughts while serve as secretary of state. nonviolent vigils and demonstrations in support of an unarmed black teenager killed by police over the weekend. and watch party. apple unveils itself first all-new gadget line today, but will its watch follow the success of the i phone and ipad. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for monld, march 9th 2015. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, republican critics and now some fell low democrats want hillary clinton to offer insight
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and answers about her use of a private e-mail account while she was secretary of state. there is increasing pressure on clinton to address the matter and today she'll have an opportunity. when a report on women's issues is released by the clinton foundation. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> anne-marie, good morning. hillary clinton appears in new york at 11:00 a.m. eastern time to talk about women in equally. ebb wonders if shay'll take that student to address the e-mail controversy. she did not up the opportunity while in florida. the president did take an opportunity to talk about it over the weekend, but now lawmakers from here want to hear about her as well. set to possibly launch a presidential bid next month hillary clinton will try to refocus attention on her record as a women's advocate with a series of public speeches beginning in new york today. but the controversy over why she exclusively used a private e-mail account for official
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business while serving as secretary of state continues to follow her. >> the poll soif my administration is to encourage transparency and that's why my e-mails for blackberry that i carry around all those records are available. >> in an appearance on "meet the press" sunday senator dianne feinstein called on hillary clinton to fully explain her actions. >> i think from this point on the silence is going to hurt her. >> some democrats have come to clinton's defense. >> at the end of the day this will be regarded as a slight hiccup, a small bump in the road. >> last night clinton turfed over 55,000 pages of pages to the stand department for review. they were handed over to the congressional house committee investigating the 2012 benghazi attacks. trey gowdy who heads up the
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committee says there are huge gaps. >> there are gaps for months and months and months. we have no e-mails from that day. >> so far clinton has only tweeted about the issue and she said she wants the public to see her e-mails. now, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell told bob schieffer on "face the nation," he doesn't know if hillary clinton broke any laws but he said he's worry about the security of these e-mails saying they would have been a prime target for cyber attacks. anne-marie? president obama says the u.s. will walk away from nuclear talks with iran if there is no acceptable deal. the talks between iran and the western powers are set to begin again march 15th. the president told cbs news the u.s. is not losing anything by talking with iran. >> if we cannot verify that they are not going to obtain a nuclear weapon, that there's a breakout period so that even if they cheated, we would be able
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to have enough time to take action, if we don't have that kind of deal, then we're not going to take it. iran insists its nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says congress should have a chance to vote on any deal. well, the fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager touched an a weekend of nonviolent demonstrations. last night in hundreds gathered for a individual ideal of tony robinson. as dean reynolds reports police are working to rebuild trust in the community. >> reporter: at church another american city came to grips with the latest death of an unarmed black youth at the hands of a white cop. the reverend asked the question of the day. >> this young man was our son. we have to ask ourselves to we want this to happen and continue
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to happen on our watch. >> reporter: like the episode in ferguson, missouri last year what happened in madison, wisconsin, on friday night is sh rowed by ambiguity and inflated by emotion. the crackle from a police officer. >> looking for a male black in jeans yelling at cars 19 years of age, name is tony robinson. apparently tony hit one of his friends. no weapons seen. >> reporter: while his mother said he was not a violent kid he did have a conviction for armed robbery. on friday night he was trailed though this location the apartment of robinson's best friend. when kenny heard a disturbance he forced his way through the door and was attacked by robinson. >> reporter: less than five minutes later robinson was taken to the hospital where he later died. officer kenny now on leave also
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went to the hospital with minor injuries. while the state department of justice will now investigate the incident the police have a tougher job. >> quite frankly, somewhere somehow we have to begin the reconciliation process so that we as a department can be trusted again. an interim report on the disappearance of malaysian air flight 370 says a location beacon battery for the flight data recorder expired more than a year before it vanished. the flight crew exhibited no suspicious behavior but 487 pounds of lithium ion batteries on board were not screened at the afrmt the boeing 777 vanished one year ago yesterday over the indian ocean with 239 people on board. and this morning five men are in custody in connection with the killing of cremekremlin critic boris nemtsov.
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several covered their faces. russian officials have not released details of their alleged involvement. anymorenemtsov was shot near the kremlin ten days ago. a march from selma to montgomery will retrace the historic journey from 1965. that's when police beat and teargassed peaceful demonstrators at the edmund pettus bridge. cbs's bill plante was there 50 years ago, and he is back this morning. ♪ when the saints go marching in ♪ >> reporter: thousands jammed the edmund pettus bridge marching and singing to remember the struggling for voting rights. monique davis wanted her four children to know how things have changed. >> they've got to realize if they didn't do what they did 50
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years ago obama would not be president today. >> reporter: 50 years ago police beat back an unresisting group of demonstrators with clubs and tear gas. two weeks later under federal protection dr. martin luther king marched from selma to montgomery and the steps of the capital where governor george wallace had declared segregation forever. wallace wallace's daughter peggy stood on the same spot and embraced congressman john lewis who was badly beaten on bloody sunday. >> there are opportunities for all of us to raise the call for justice in our lifetime. >> reporter: lewis joined armed with peggy wallace kennedy and led dozens of members of congress from the capitol to the memorial for those who died in the civil rights movement. >> reporter: i'd like you to review the history and talk about it. >> i knew that's what i had to do for them was welcome them
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home. >> your father is looking down from heaven his soul proud. >> reporter: at brown chapel back in selma, dr. king's headquarters for the voting rights movement attorney general eric holder urged a new generation to remember those who gave their lives. >> if you think about them and all of the other people who gave so much so that we would have the right to vote -- >> reporter: here at the state capitol they commemorated the passage of the voting rights act, but there's fear as well that the supreme court's removal of some of those requirements could lead to some new restrictions on voting. bill plante, cbs news montgomery, alabama. well, coming up on the morning new miraculous survival. a baby is found alive in a car overturned in a river. we'll hear from the rescuer. and later a roof collapse as a college party spins out of control. this is the "cbs morning news."
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a swiss team is hoping to make aviation history by flying a sun-powered plane around the world without fuel. solar impulse lifted off from abu dhabi early today. the 236-foot wing span is larger than a boeing 747. the journey is expected to take months. and a utah baby who survived 13 hours in a wrecked car is improving this morning. the 18 maryland toddler survived a crash that killed her 25-year-old mother. police say their car left the road friday and landed upside down in a river just south of salt lake city. a fisherman discovered the car the next day. the baby was still strapped in her car seat. police don't know the cause of the crash but they've ruled out drugs and alcohol. and at least nine california college students are recovering from injuries this morning. this weekend an early morning party near the california polly tech nick state university in
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san luis obispo turned into a scene of chaos. carter evans showed us what happened when a building collapsed. >> reporter: it was only 6:00 a.m. but thousands of students were already partying packed onto roofs when all of a sudden the video stops there, but this photo shows what's left of the garage where dozens of cal poly students had gathered on the roof. >> i started hearing like cracking noises and then the roof was gone. >> we heard about three seconds of it falling and then people were just on top of it. >> roof collapse. >> reporter: after scenes like this were posted on social media, cal poly tech nick president jeff armstrong said in a statement this event raises significant concern about the judgment exercised by part
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organizers and attendee. in january they placed all fra ternltss on probation ban all parties after sexual assaults and extreme intoxication of underage students. police are looking into weather any fraternities were involved in the event known as st. fratty's day. >> reporter: but no one expected what did happen. >> a hard lezen learned. >> reporter: carter efrps, cbs news, los angeles. well, a national fraternity is shutting down its chapter at the university of oklahoma after a video surfaced showing its members taking part in a racist chant. members of sigma alpha epsilon can be seen on the video singing a racial slur that blacks in leather be allowed in the fraternity. straight ahead now, smart watch close-up.
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on the "cbs moneywatch," it's time for apple's new watch, and president obama boosted training for high-tech jobs. wendy gillette is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, wendy. >> good morning, anne-marie. apple is expected to unveil more details about its apple watch this morning. its first all-new product since almost five years ago. the apple watch, the smart watch, will sell for $349. apple is hoping the device is a game-changer in the emerging wearables market apple's bet is that 5% of apple users who have iphones will buy the watches. that would translate into 15 million people buying apple watches or 55% of the smartwatch market. >> the apple watch pears with an iphone 5 or 6. wall street also took a beating on friday's jobs report. the dow jones industrial average
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was down 278 points. they plan to train more americans in high-tech jobs. he'll outline the plan during a speech in washington. it's expected to be the biggest federal boost to noncollege skills training in history. 20 cities will participate. the white house wants to place 50,000 graduates into high-paying jobs such as software development and cyber security. and if you can't beat them join them. u.s. online retail giant amazon launched a virtual store front on the marketplace of chinese competitor, alibaba. alleyibaba takes a cut. amazon has been struggling to break into the chinese market. alibaba wentz public in the u.s. last year raise 2g 5 billion dollars. anne-marie. >> wendy gillette at the new york stock exchange. thanks a lot, wendy.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. a former all-prorunning back chris johnson survived a deadly drive-by shooting in orlando early sunday morning. johnson who is just one of seven players to every ever rush 200 yards in a season was shot in the shoulder while stopped at a traffic light. the driver in the vehicle johnson was in was killed another passenger was injure. no arrests were made. he spent last season with the jets. and an underwater development is over. on friday he grets frustrated at the world golf championship.
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mcelroy slings his 3 iron into the water. the next day a scuba diver recovered the club from the alligator-infested club and on sunday he's given it back. he finished the tournament tied for ninth. and it is that time of year when colleges and universities big and small start dreaming of dancing. a school record crowd in attendance at the university of north florida sunday to watch their team qualify for the ncaa tournament for the first time in history. the fans storm the court as north florida beat south carolina upstate 63-57 to win the atlantic sun conference tournament. and the only place to see where north florida and the rest of the field of 68 teams are seeded is right here on cbs. the ncaa tournament selection show starts sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. eastern. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," comic actor martin short.
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a dog in massachusetts is safe and back with his family this morning after a daring rescue from an icy river. cooper went missing saturday. he was found saturday stuck on ice about 40 feet from shore. firefighters and in waterproof suits climbed into the frigid waters from the hiv. he climbed ashore. he was shaking from the cold but otherwise was okay. the rescue took about 30 minutes. one place where you can usually count on cold weather is alaska. that's where the iditarod dog s.l.e.d. race begins today but a warm spell has forced organizers to schedule a detour. danielle nottingham takes us to the starting line. >> reporter: this was the ceremonial start of the famed
4:26 am
iditarod race on saturday but it was more slush than mush. >> there is snow down fourth avenue but it's all been trucked here. this has been a bizarre winter in the state of arizona. >> reporter: parts of the legendary 1,000-mile course in a alaska looked more brown than white. since january 1st they've seized less than 2 inches of snow. compare that to boston at 70 inches. alaska wants their snow back. >> they took our winter. >> reporter: dave monson knows snow. he's raised the iditarod here. his late wife raced four times. >> my daughter wants her parka sent to connecticut. >> reporter: away from balmy anchorage into alaska's interior fairbanks. even so the snow won't
4:27 am
necessarily help mushers. >> it's very hard on the musher because you don't have any kushening. >> reporter: and it has them traveling on river ice for two miles. danielle nottingham cbs news, los angeles. well after nearly eight years and 3 billion miles, a nasa spacecraft is orbiting the dwarf plan net series. dawn will circle tl planet for the next 16 months. lit try to solve the mystery of a pair of shiny lights inside a crater. it could be ice or salt jo well coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more on the fallout of hillary clinton's private e-mail account. we'll hear from cbs political news director john dicker joon plus a fraternity at the university of oklahoma is shut down after racist comments were caught on video. and a warning about robots and other artificial intelligence. now, finally a baseball
4:28 am
game delayed by bees. a swarm of the angry insects stopped a spring training game between the angels and the royals before it even started. bees chased players from the dugouts and fans from the stands. an stern nadir was called in before they could play ball. maybe they wanted to play a little ball themselves. that is the "cbs morning news" for this monday. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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. >> breaking news, 300 year old inf fully engulfed in flames, delaware county, new jersey, fire fight verse all they can handle as they battle the flames at the sergeant ville in. good morning i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. also, following house collapse in camden, new jersey, we will tell you why the homeowner new something like this could happen. why they just couldn't do anything to stop it. kate? >> ukee, erika, starting off our monday morning with another winter weather advisory. this one not a big deal. it's been a string of rough mondays, but do you want to look outside today before you head out and watch for few slippery spots some light rain drizzle could cause some icing on area roadsment quickly show you the winter weather advisory, it is in effect


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