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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 10, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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right now at 11:00 o'clock a scare on the tracks. a philadelphia bound train crashes and derails leaving dozens injured. this is the story that is still developing as we join you tonight at 11:00 o'clock. good evening to you, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. a train full of passengers who weren't injured is due to arrive in philadelphia any minute now. >> but they did have a harrowing experience today for the hundreds who were on board this
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eight car train. this is a look at the train right now as it still sits on the tracks tonight in halifax county, north carolina. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live at 30th street station now waiting for those passengers to arrive. david? >> reporter: chris i'm told those passengers will be pulling up any moment here. i spoke to a woman who is visiting her mother scheduled to visit her mother. she says today has been a nightmare. the chaotic scene unfolded just afternoon in halifax county, north carolina. not far from the virginia border border. authorities say a big rig stalled on the tracks. causing the crash. several cars derailed. one of the passengers on the train lenora travis who was on her way right now to philadelphia to see her mother. we spoke with her on the phone. >> i didn't feel it immediately. i felt it after i sat down a little bit. >> travis called the scene a knit mayor. she watched as emergency crews quickly rushed dozens to the hospital. >> everybody was just, you know
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just shocked. >> reporter: other passengers helped emergency workers get on each train. >> they swept through the cars. you know, sort of like a triage situation i guess and got to the more serious people and work out very well. >> reporter: back at the 30th street station in philadelphia we spoke to passenger who's left for florida in the morning. but had to turn around in d.c. tonight because of the derailment in north carolina. >> except for the mercy of god it could have been me. i could have been on that train. >> we're doing everything we can as far as service recovery trying to get them refunded. >> authorities expect to to work through the night and have the rails cleared by tomorrow. >> it's a blessing no one lost their life. >> reporter: those passengers i should say will be arriving at platform three any moment now. investigators will be back on sight tomorrow morning working to open those tracks as soon as possible. we're live at 30th seat station, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you very much. breaking news tonight. names consume a commercial
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building in eagleville montgomery county. chopper three over this three alarm fire at a landscaping company at 400 north park avenue. the flames broke out just before 8:30 tonight and firefighters are still there trying to put out hot spots. we're told no injuries have been reported. and just moments before that chopper three over an atv chase through the streets of philadelphia. watch as this rider speeds by cars weaving in and out of traffic. eventually he cuts in front of a philadelphia police officer. just minutes later he almost runs into a another officer's cruiser but them speeds away. police eventually eventually cornered the driver in a building on the 1200 block of princeton avenue in the oxford circle section of the city. he was taken into custody shortly before 8:30. speeds by... >> in newark new jersey a worker missing after a chemical plant fire was found just a couple hours ago that bring the total number of injured people to four. the cause of that blaze still under investigation.
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we know one side of the building collapsed an after explosion during that fire. no word on the conditions of those injured or what kind of chemicals may have been releaseed in the fire. chopper three officer an overturned schoolbus in burlington county. this happened on the 300 block of main street in lumberton around 3:00 this afternoon the bus driver was taking three students home from the burlington county special services school in westampton. and that's when police say another vehicle slammed into the bus from behind. one student was hospitalized as a precaution but police say none of the injuries was serious. tonight son avenue murdered philadelphia police officer turned 10 years old. but there wasn't much celebrating instead there was a vigil held for a community to grieve the loss of his father. a man who served his community until the end. here's "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco. >> reporter: a memorial burns into the night in front of the game stop in north philadelphia where officer wilson was gunned down last thursday. just four days before his oldest child's tenth birthday.
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>> he just kept saying his father died trying to buy him a game and that's just -- that's a heck of a thing for a 10-year-old to deal with. >> reporter: hundreds of community members came out to show their support for police as officers from the 22nd and across the city are rallying around wilson's family. a 30-year-old father of two who died in a gun battle thursday when two armed men tried to rob the game stop. officer wilson was online buying his son a gift and took multiple round but kept firing. the two suspects are custody. >> we lost a really good guy. a good cop a good friend and more importantly a good father. >> reporter: this is the 22nd district's second big loss in recent years. nearly two years ago officer moses walker, jr. was killed in attempted robbery as he was walking home from his shift and he wilson were friends. >> it's going to take time. because we lost a brother. >> police commissioner ramsay addressed the crowd monday in hope plaza and shared their
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outrage. >> just makes absolutely no sense. i left a crime scene before i came here. and i mean when is it going to end? there's so much blood on the street that it was literally turned the ice red. >> reporter: police commissioner ramsay says the community needs to work with police in order to stop the violence. officer wilson's son turned 10 on monday. the fop has now started a gofundme page to raise money for his family. in north philadelphia, diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". well authorities said today that the teenager who went missing from his delaware county home last week cayman nai died from a self inflicted gunshot wound. the body of 13-year-old boy was found yesterday near a creek on his family's property in newtown square. his parents say the eighth greater left home on wednesday after receiving a bad progress report from school. cayman attend the shipley school in bryn mawr. counselors will be available for students there throughout this week.
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well it is guilty on all counts for page victoria windslow known as the black madam. jury convicted windslow earlier today of third degree murder. she performed illegal buttock enhancement procedures by inject injecting clients with industrial grade silicone in area hotels. that scheme came to an end after a 20-year-old london woman died from complications following the april corrections. police say that windslow was motivated by greed. >> it just made us sick to our stomachs human being could do that to another human being. she deserves as much jail as she can get at this point. >> she was a liar. she preyed on people who were unagented and head to be beautiful. she faces up to 70 years in prison. she'll be sentenced in june. >> the university of oklahoma is reeling tonight after video of fraternity members sing ago racist song went viral.
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that fraternal hat been shuddered and members have been ordered to get out. the fallout is just beginning. in less than 24 hours this cell phone video of a racist sing along at the university of oklahoma and the sigma alpha epsilon in the national spotlight. >> i was sickened by it and the neck thing i was so deeply saddened by it. >> on monday university president david bore ron ordered the fraternity house immediate. its residents given until tomorrow night to remove their belongings. >> pack their bags i hope they think long and hard about what they've done. >> sing along joked about lynching and said black students would never be admitted to ou's chapter of the fraternity. the group's national headquarters disowned the chapter. >> we are just as shocked as everybody else who has heard about this video across the nation. and we understand they're upset. we are upset as well.
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>> it appears this incident is already impacting the university outside of its fraternity. texas high school football stan out gene, committed to attend ou in the fall but announced on twitter he is now dee committed for what he calls personal reasons. ou's football team canceled part in campus protests. >> this incident followed this weekend's 50th anniversary of the bloody sunday civil rights march in seal ma, alabama bam. pennsylvania state senator vincent hughes returned from selma. we asked him for his thoughts about the university of oklahoma oklahoma. >> when somebody creates something like it's been sitting in their brain and sitting in their mind for a lot longer. and that's the thing that's got -- we've got to address. we've got to be our better selves that was not a representation of it. >> senator hughes also announced honor of the march in selma fife years he's introducing calling
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for universal legislation law in pennsylvania. all eligible people who use state services would be registered to vote. emotions running night madison wisconsin tonight. this rally at the state capitol was sparked by the shooting death of an unarmed black man at the hands of a white police officer. madison police officer matt kinney shot tony robinson on friday while investigate a call that the young man was jumping in and out of traffic hadn't assaulted someone. robinson had a previous conviction for armed robbery. tonight we introduce to you what's called the pothole killer. >> you will see how it's taking aim at some of the worst roads around our area. kathy? we are looking at a beautiful sunset that occurred earlier but rain on the way. won't see that tomorrow. we're talking about some heavy rain that will mess up your commute. more on that coming up with the seven day. >> carbon monoxide is a silent
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killer what three on your side discover about carbon monoxide detectors could be cause for alarm. next a warning you can't avenue for to miss. >> and we will go inside the grand unveiling of the brand new apple watch. when you can start wearing one when "eyewitness news" continues.
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there's breaking news on our top story right now. passengers on board that train that crashed into north carolina have just arrived in philadelphia. let's get right to reporter david spunt at 30th street station. david? >> reporter: chris and jessica i'm happy to say i'm with lenora travis she made it here safely she was in my story earlier night much miss travis thank you for talking. >> you're welcome. >> it has been a long day. coal tell me what today has been like for you what was it like the moment of the impact? >> scary. i mean, you know, it's like in a car sometimes you might see it coming. but when you're sitting in the back of an amtrak and you hit
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something and feel an impact and you don't know weights it was just -- just something i never felt before. never experienced and -- >> we know over 50 people were taken to the hospital. were people on your car taken to the hospital? >> yes. the woman behind me actually we all kind of, arc lot of went forward with the impact. and she hurt her neck and her back. and, you know, there was another woman that was in the ladies room and she kind of got knocked around in there. it was, you know, like i said you know, people -- like i said people handled it pretty well. you know i mean there was a lot of things that you know you thought would be scary. but the whole thing was scary but it was like everybody was thanking god that nobody was hurt. the truck driver. the guy driving the drain. >> reporter: sure. >> passengers were fine and amtrak people, you know, they did the best they can to keep us calm and all. >> reporter: thank you very much for talking to us. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> reporter: this is lenora travis.
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she's safe, sound and back in philadelphia with familiar. chris and jessica, back to you. >> david spunt live at 30th street station. david, glad she's all right. thanks so much. new developments in the boston march non bombing trial as jurors get a look at video evidence today. dozens of surveillance cameras ka* captured the tsarnaev brothers wearing backpacks within the crowd. tamerlan is seen moving toward the finish line his young worry brother can be seen stopping and setting down his backpack feet away from the youngest victim of the bombings eight-year-old martin richard. he's seen making a phone call and just after that, the first of two bombs went off. the president announce as new program to bridge the gap between workers and high tech jobs that need to be filled. it's a new program called tech higher president says the idea is to help workers without a four year degree get into the high tech work force. everything from software development to cyber security.
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20 cities including san francisco and new york are involved. >> tech jobs pay 50% more than the average private sector wage. which means they're a ticket into the middle class. >> the white house says at least half of the 5 million jobs available today are in tech fields. with all of the cold and snow we've been dealing with over the past month the roads are in rough shape. now, knowledge has unveiled one of its tools get the streets back into shape for spring. take look at the pothole killer. the state of new jersey rents 13 of these this time of year. the dot has increased their pothole repair budget by 25%. they will fix thee hundred thousand potholes. >> might be is travels the roads know that it has taken a beating and that, you know, we need to get on this right away. >> state officials say they need some help identifying the most beat up roads out that. if you see potholes in new
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jersey call 800-potholes g apple wants to move the internet from your pocket to your wrist. the tech giant unveiled the apple watch today. prices begin at 350 bucks. there's even an a.18 carrat gold version that starts at 10 grant. the watch connects to an iphone and allows users access to many of their phone's applications including social media and health monitoring and promises 18 hour battery live op this watch which hits stores april april 24th. well it is called a silent killer. every year more than 400 people die and thousands head to the emergency room after being exposed to carbon monoxide. a colorless odorless, tasteless gas. many home openers rely on detectors for protect. but tonight three on your side's jim donovan has a warning about them that you can't afford to miss. >> reporter: when seconds count, will a carbon monoxide
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detector alert your family in time? stacey, knows how dead car mosh can be just weeks before her parents 50th wedding anniversary their heater malfunctioned. overcome by carbon monoxide stacey's father died. >> very hard to think about him sometimes. >> they didn't have a carbon monoxide detector. but experts say everyone should have one. >> you see more people comeing in now to buy more carbon monoxide detectors. you see these things on the news. it's becoming a bigger thing now. >> even if you have a detector, you still may be at risk. 18 carbon monoxide detectors were put to an unscientific test by these firefighters. both new and used made by various manufacturers the detectors were mounted in a small room and carbon monoxide was pumped in produced by a generator. under writers laboratories require the devices to activate within 15 minutes of reaching an air concentration of 400 parts
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per million. prolonged exposure at that level can be fatal. but even lower levels can be dangerous, too. the firefighters expected the detectors to go off almost immediately. but they didn't. >> 525 parts per minute. >> at 525 parts per million only three detectors are going off. within 15 minutes 12 additional devices sound their alarms. so according to ul standards 15 of the devices worked as designed. but three others didn't. so what happened? well over time carbon monoxide detectors can break down. it's a warning you'll only find in small print. buried in manuals and industry reports. which say chemical and dust build up causes the detectors to lose their effectiveness. >> some people's houses because of pets have a lot of dust. the sensor are so dirty it's not going to work any more. >> most people's minds if it has a good battery it's a goodie infector. and that's not always the case. >> reporter: most experts agree that the live span of a
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carbon monoxide detector is between five and seven years. if your home is a especially dusty replace them sooner than later. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. >> kathy is here with us now a beautiful day to be outside really soak up the sun. but we got a little pay back tomorrow. >> pay back comes in the form of rain bring the umbrella. i would only suggest if it was necessarily necessary. i tried to rough the elements not tomorrow. we will see at least a half inch of rain across the region. outside right now just a few clouds rolling into the delaware valley. our "eyewitness weather" watchers are reporting in some cool conditions. you will see those observations at the bottom of your screen. take look outside where it is a lovely night in center city philadelphia. of course looking at the city hall with billy penn a top of it. temperatures are going to be falling into the 30s overnight. still comfortable though in center city philadelphia. you see the temperature right there of 50 degrees. on storm scan3 the rain is moving through the tennessee valley and deem south rich with moisture being tapped by the
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gulf of mexico this moving toward the northeast. storm system is expected to move offshore to the south of us. we will not bear the brunt of the storm. still 42 in philadelphia. 36 in millville with clear skies. allen up to at 32. the poconos at 27. there's warmth to the south even where we're seeing the rain. temperatures in the 50s overnight. so everyone pretty much above freezing. as the storm approaches, high temperatures in the 40s and some 50s. the storm exits right off the delmarva pep nine sewell la and we see clearing skies on wednesday. temperatures in the 50s some areas topping 60 in philadelphia i think we'll make it to 60 degrees. that would be the first time since last year on christmas that we made it to 60 or greater. for your thursday, high pressure builds in. more sunshine with cooler temperatures but still in the 50s which is above average. future weather shows some sun and clouds for tomorrow morning. the clouds thicken and rain moves in like a wall bite afternoon that falls heavy at times when you see the darker
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returns of green for tuesday afternoon, for the afternoon and evening rush and right into the nighttime hours by wednesday morning it's cloudy but it will be clearing. rain amounts in philadelphia when you look at all the computer models rpm the out liar most models look at a half inch of rain. overnight look for partly cloudy skies a low thrive. still icy spots. ground temperatures will be at or below freezing even though air temperatures are above. tuesday look for the rain to move in during afternoon the high 49 and on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast take look. 60 wednesday much cooler thursday. rain friday and saturday looking good sunday and monday. that's your seven day forecast. we'll be back with beasley
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veteran running back frank gore sounded like a perfect replacement for the departed shady mccoy but reports say gore is having a came of heart and may instead sign with indianapolis. at least the eagles looking for a running back.
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the final decisions are due tomorrow when the league announces official signings. five time pro bowler is coming off four straight thousand yard seasons. while some things are up in the air brandon graham is officially staying in philadelphia. a rare resigning today by the birds. graham inked a four-year 26 million deal with 14 million guaranteed. he was the birds number one draft choice in 2010. made a position change from chip chipped in with 5.5 sacks last season. phillies are waiting to hear from doctor james andrews about cliff lee's ailing elbow after cliff's first start of the spring on thursday he felt some discomfort in his elbow. he missed most of last season witness injury. cliff says if he was to have surgery it may be the end of his career. the fightings took on the orioles in grapefruit league today. andres blanco so low homerun the phillies blanked baltimore one to nothing. ryan howard went two for three
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in the contest. college hoops this week's ranings are out. villanova row mapes number four in the country. wildcats beat saint john's saturday by 37 points to finish the regular season with a school record 29 wins. they start the big east tournament that thursday in new york. last year they lost in the quarter finals. >> last year it was new to them and they did a good job last year but this year i just see a different level of experience because we've had the hype most of the year and i like the way they handled it. we got to to go prove it at madison square garden. >> the sixers are off tonight. rookie joe well um bead suffered a minor set back in his rehab. he's wearing a walking boot again. friday night joelle was shown throwing down between the legs did you know before the game against utah reportedly he's head to go california for checkup on his ailing foot.
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♪ "eyewitness news" has learned exclusively that when pope francis visits philadelphia for the world meeting of families in september he'll be making a stop at the liberty bell. >> that is according to archbishop vincent so paglia the man in charge of planning the trip. earlier today he visited pop belly sandwich shop with students the apostle school and helped choose an official milkshake for the pope's visit. it is called hash tag pope in philly. it's a vanilla based milkshake. we're sure it's beautiful. perhaps the holy father will enjoy one when he
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>> "eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl. and meteorologist kate bilo. we thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. for beasley, kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. up next the late show with david letterman.


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