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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  March 10, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new creation to train derailment in north carolina. many passengers were headed for philadelphia before the accident and just arrived home overnight. good morning everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. search for any missing woman. the 20 year he'd car was in king of prussia. but no one's seen her since friday. >> on her son's bird day friends and family gather to remember robert wilson killed while trying to buy his son a video game. kate? >> good morning, can't see me but i am talking. here i am. let's take a look outside. pretty quiet start to the morning. we have big changes by the afternoon, if you're out and about early, take a look down the shore quiet right now atlantic city skyline all lit
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up. the casinos looking good. unfortunately, rain moving on in tan gets hereby afternoon. so plan accordingly for your afternoon commute coming un, i'm time it out let you agree to expect. back over to you. >> see now little bit. in the news, new local reaction from amtrak passengers on board this train that derailed on its way to philadelphia. >> that train slammed into a tractor-trailer stuck on the tracks in hell i fax county north carolina "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at 30th street station where some of the passengers just arrived few hours ago jan good morning. >> reporter: erika ukee, good morning, what a long and unnerving day for dozens of passengers on that amtrak train, who were many coming home to philadelphia. now the train from north carolina, to philly, was supposed to arrive at 7:00 last evening. but just couple of hours ago people from philadelphia finally made their way home. take a look at the video. two late trains caring these passengers pulled into philadelphia late last night. one at 11:00 another around
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midnight. they were tired shaken up, and that's because around noon their amtrak train operating from charlotte collided with a big rig that had stalled on the tracks in hal fax county north carolina derailed some cars impact injured about 40 people. thankfully, no one was seriously injured. amtrak says there were 212 passengers, eight crew members on board at the time of the collision. and that included clinton jackman, from malvern he was in the cafe car during the collision, he says it turned out to be the first car left standing on the tracks. take a listen. >> it was just a big joke. and, well, right before the impact we sort of heard the brakes, sort of squealing, and then once we hit of course i mean it was a thrust, you know, great momentum. so it was pretty scary. >> now that train runs between charlotte and new york city every day. crews there in north carolina
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worked around the clock to clear the tracks. coming up later in our show, much mosh reaction from the 30th street station here in philadelphia. but for now we're live in philly. jan carabeo cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank youment also new this morning, a person is under arrest on suspicion of arson following a fire at a vacant building in west philadelphia. firefighters were called out to this property on hutton street. it is near fairmount avenue, happening just after 3:00 a.m. the fire was quickly placed under control and no one was hurt. >> now yesterday just beautiful day finally got to take off the coat. but we're seeing warmer weather today maybe some rain tonight, kate? >> that's right. right now we are tracking rain moving from south. not getting here until the afternoon, if you can get your day early home recall i you may miss the worse of it, heavier rain later this evening into tonight. mild day yesterday we got to 57 degrees, felt almost like summertime to me, warmest day we've had since january 4th which doesn't sound like much.
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remember, we had nice warm spell right around the christmas holiday and into the first part of the new year. we've got another round of mild weather on the way today. >> you can see warmfront lifting, a lot of mo is tour with it, pushing through portions of tennessee kentucky at the moment. rain will get hereby later this afternoon again, we have some real estate between us and the rain, so i don't expect it until probably after the lunch hour today. 35 degrees right now at the airport, nice to get out and have temperatures actually above freezing when you lever the house. watch out for freezing run offer. we had all the of the melting still occurring yesterday, i drove aunt bridge, and overpass this morning and a lot of water was dripping off of. that will with temperatures below freezing in some of the suburbs, you could have to watch for icy spots out there this morning. just play it safe. 9:00 a.m., again see the clouds rolling in, but still dry, by 3:00 p.m. that's when we start to see few showers getting in, i think it will get in bit sooner than that, noon to 3:00. then steady rain arriving by six p.m. notice it is heavy through 8:00 right through 11:00 p.m. tonight. then finally starting to move away during the overnight hours.
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by the time we go on air tomorrow probably just lingering showers to the south. we try to clear it outment take look wednesday 1:00 p.m. sunshine, it will be nice warm day. eyewitness day planner clouds increase through 9:00 a.m. by noon it is still mostly cloud, showers moving in probably between noon to 3:00 temperatures mid 50's again. now we check with jess. >> good morning everyone, 43 we go outside and see how things are doing on 95. already disable tractor-trailer, southbound lanes, right approaching the highland off ramp. so you can see, they are block that off right there as well, we'll keep you updated a the morning goes on, and when that becomes open again. over on the ben franklin bridge, all lanes are open, no problems heading into the city. not a lot in the way of volume, as well, headed westbound, no problems headed in new jersey, all lanes open there, as well. but out in new jersey, gloucester route 16 closed at evesham road. take atlantic avenue to get on by. also downed pole involved with this accident scene, as well. in middletown, big oak road is
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closed due to water main break between wood born road and chance i rode. take kill born to get on by the scene for a clean up meantime to be safe. out in lazy garden state parkway southbound approaching forked river, another accident taking out the right hand lane. over to you. >> jess, thank you. happening today philadelphia district attorney seth williams will announce grand jury recommended corruption charges against two state lawmakers and one former representative. all three facing charges are democrats serving philadelphia. now, it follows an uncover state sting investigation that involved cash and gift. williams charged two other state representatives ronald water, vanessa brown with corruption related offenses in december. they are expected in harrisburg courtroom for arraignment later today. erika? >> north philadelphia neighborhood holds a vigil in memory of philadelphia police officer, robert wilson. they gathered in front of the video game store where he was shot and killed during a robbery attempt last thursday. officer wilson had stopped thereto by his son a video
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game for doing well in school. his son turned ten yesterday. >> he just kept saying that, you know, his father died trying to buy him a game. and it i mean that's a heck of a thing for a ten year old to have to deal with. >> there is no word yet on funeral plans for officer wilson. police have charged two men with first degree murder. >> overnight firefighters continue to douse hot spots following this three alarm fire that ripped through a commercial building in eagleville, montgomery county. chopper three over landscaping company in the 400 block of north park avenue. now the fire started just before 8:30 last night. no injuries have been reported. >> and a man leads police on an atv chase through the streets of philadelphia. watch as this rider speaks by cars, weaver in and out of traffic. this happened last night in northeast philly. eventually he cuts in front after philadelphia police cruiser and officer just minutes later he almost runs into another officer's cruiser then speeds away. police eventually cornered him at a building on 12900 block
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of princeton avenue in the oxford circle neighborhood. he was taken into custody. >> police continue to search this morning for a 20 year old woman who vanished in montgomery county. deidra mclaughlin last seen leaving her home in royersford friday night. the car she was driving was found abandoned near route 422 in king of prussia. police found her purse with monday any it inside the car. >> the days go on, you just don't know, you just rack your brain, we just pray she's safe. >> family members say the 20 year old left home before, but never for this long. if you see her, you are asked to call police. >> autopsy results show that cayman naib died from self inflicted gunshot wound. the body of the 13 year old found yesterday near a creek on hits family's property in newtown square. his parents say the eighth grader left home on wednesday after receiving a bad progress report from school. cayman attended the shipley school in bryn mawr.
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counselors will be available for student this week. >> the woman known as the black madam faces up to 70 years in prison this morning a jury convicted padge page victoria winslow of third degree murder. she did illegal buttocks enhancement procedures by injecting clients with industrial grade silicone in area hotel. twenty year old london woman died from complications after the injection. winslow sentencing will take place in june. happening today, parents and members of the community are invited to take part in a series of meetings focusing on improving the state of he had in call camden, new jersey, tonight's meeting will be held the atlantic avenue 6:30 to 8:30. dinner will be served, inter tiff services will be available recalling again that's tonight. >> international outrage all over a soccer jersey. find out why so many people are upset with the manufacturer. >> plus, warm weather has been feeling so nice, time to put
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away the heavy coat. get ready for some rain on the way. kate has a time line of the storm. will it affect you today? that's coming up
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>> new soccer jersey causing uproar around the world but not the logo on the front, it is the label with the washing instructions. it says, quote give this to your woman. it is her job. end quote. the indonesian company tweeted apology say they never meant to demean women but also said, quote, not all men understand how to take care of their own clothes. women know better and are experts in such matters end quote. the team that the jersey represent re tweeted the apology. erika? >> ukee, disciplinary action is pending against members after university of oklahoma fraternity caught on video singing a racist song. now, this is the video at the center of this fire storm it showings several people on a bus taking part in a chant that referenced racial slur,
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lynchings, and also stating black student would never be admitted to the school's chapter of sigma alpha epp sal own. that fraternity since disbanded. >> shake up in ferguson, missouri courtesies tell, a state appeals court judge is taking control next monday. this follows adjust tis department report that site cases of racial profiling and bigotry by ferguson police. and also, a municipal court that functioned as a money making enterprize. >> 47gop senators have signed an open letter to the leaders of iran saying any deal signed by president obama could expire when he leaves office. the president is still hopeful the us and iran will reach an agreement. and says his congressional opponent are allying themselves with iranian hardliners. >> i think it is what ironic to see some members of congress want to go make common cause with the hard-line ers in iran. it is an unusual coalition. >> vice president joe biden
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says he takes offense to the letter saying it is an effort to under cut the president. republicans jet to the proposal because it allows iran to enrich uranium. >> just past 4:43, reach for the raincoat not the winter coat today? >> nice and mild, yesterday 57. i almost grabbed the flip flops in the afternoon. this looks like appropriate footwear. >> of course. >> but today you don't want flip flops. you definitely need an umbrella, a raincoat, because we have a storm moving in from the south. it is rain this time, definitely not cold enough for snow but looks like through the evening and into the overnight hours tonight it could be heavy in spot. here is a look at the storm as we take wide zoom on storm scan3, you can see where the rain is right now still back over portions every kentucky, tennessee, so this rain has time before it gets here, there is still a lot of real estate, so to speak between us and philadelphia, and where the edge of the rain shield; although i can see few showers getting in around the lunch hour, looks like the steadiest will not get here until mid to late afternoon. so get your errands done early, then, you know what, i
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will probably take a nice little nap this afternoon with the rain that starting to push on, in those are the best kind of days for a nap if you have early schedule, of course like we do. so see few breaks in the cloud cover. we could start the day with filtered sunshine here, there but eventually the rain will get n now, one thing i want to mention as well, notice temperatures in s suburbs are sub-freezing, had a lot of melting yesterday of course with temperatures near 60 degrees, and any of the runoff that's still on the roads could freeze up when talking temperatures down in the 20's, up through the lehigh valley, 31 reading, 31 millville, so just watch for isolated icy spots. i saw a lot of the water underneath an overpass and i thought to myself, if we were couple every degrees cold their would all freeze up. in some spots it is cold enough for. that will so the rain comes in this afternoon, moves out by tomorrow morning tomorrow's nice and warm, highs get into the low 60s it will feel fantastic. so we've already started daylight saving time. now we've only got ten days until the start of spring officially get here. in 25 days our average daytime high is 60 degrees. and in 27 days the phils home
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opener. got a lot of cheers coming around through the studios right now, and i'll cheer for that. 06 degrees will feel fantastic wednesday. we're close today. fifty-four cloudy, again watch for the rain in the afternoon. coming up we'll have more with the seven day forecast, ukee? >> kate, thanks so much. reports former 49ers running back frank gore has a case every cold feet. he might not sign with the eagles when nfl free agency opens later this afternoon. now, gore is reportedly also considering joining the indianapolis colts. the five time pro bowl is her coming off four straight thousand yard seasons and appear to be the perfect replacement for shady mccoy who is headed to the buffalo bills. final decisions are due beginning at 4:00 this afternoon. >> while frank gore's destination may and mystery eagles linebacker gram is staying put. he signed four year, $26 million deal with the eagles, 14 million of it is guaranteed money we're told, gram was of course the birds
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first round draft pick in 2010, five and a half sacks last season. onto baseball now, phyllis are wait to go hear from doctor james andrews about cliff lee's ailing elbow. now, cliff said he felt discomfort on the elbow on his throwing arm after his first start of the spring last week. he made only 13 starts last season, because of the same injury. he says surgery on the elbow could mean the end of his career. get well mr. lee. sorry to hear. that will erika. >> being, that ukee, still ahead this morning on "eyewiwitness news", it is officially going on sale. that will apple watch. we have the details on the new gadget and whether it is worth the money. that's coming up in your money watch report. first though here's what's ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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>> they expect to have the tracks cleared this morning at the scene of train derailment in north carolina. amtrak carolineian hit a
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tractor-trailer, the conductor, 54 people all injured when three cars derailed. some of the passengers were headed to philadelphia. there were also passengers head from the philadelphia to places like florida who had to be turned back. >> authorities from montgomery county hot epp public can help them find deidra varnished on friday. if you have seen her, please contact the police. let's get a check on business new now. >> money watch's wendy gillette joins us from the new york stock stock exchange, yesterday talking about the new big apple smart watch unveiling. what do we learn about this gadget what do you think wendty? >> well, pre-orders start next month, for the new apple watch. it was unveiled yesterday. and will sell for $349. from your writ you will be able to make phonecalls, pay for groceries track your work out, control music and manage photos. there is a stainless steel model, and even one made with 18 karat gold. that starts at ten grand. i'm sort of on the fence about
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it, i want to play around with it in the store and see what i think. >> i feel exactly like that. >> hey wendy mcdonald's last week was changing some of its standards in regard to it chicken supply. now, it may go even healthier. what's up? >> yes mcdonald's global sales declined again last month. the world's biggest hamburger chain has been losing customers to competitors with healthier alternatives. so, could the answer be kale? >> said jannie markets mcdonough's plan to use the levy greens in some of it menu items soon. i don't know, when i think mcdonald's, i definitely do not think kale. but i guess i have to re-think healthier. >> yes, can i get some fries with that, indeed. >> there you go, kale salad with fries. i like. >> ya, that sound really healthy. >> uh-huh. >> and a big mac? >> talk to you a littltle later this morning. after a short break, traffic and weather together. we do it o
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>> 4:53, let's get our traic and weather together. check in with jessica. >> good morning, everyone happy tuesday. 4:54 outside on 95, where we do have a disable truck in the area here, blocking out the right hand shoulder, and the southbound lanes and partially blocking the off ramp to highland avenue. let's get a check on new jersey, everything looking okay. starting to see a little volume in the northbound lanes of everything still moving along great. if you are headed northbound toward 295 or to philadelphia, the surround area bridges, no problems there. out in west vincent route 401 closed due to accident at saint matthew's road, you want to take shows shoe trail black horse pike closed at evesham road, due to accident taxing out the right-hand lane. downed pole in the area, as women. take atlantic avenue to get on by that scene otherwise out in new jersey again, water main break in middletown, big oak road is closed between wood born road and chance i rode. take kill born road to get on by for the time being.
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kate, who is it going? >> going great in fact, we have dry weather outside this morning. temperatures are actually above freezing in many locations, this morning. you don't need to heat up the car. in those areas you will have to watch for little bit of ice out there this morning we had a lot of melting snow yesterday, and in the area that had melt down has some puddles could sea ice i spots. >> nothing getting in few clouds, widen out take a look at the big rain shield portions of the mid south no kentucky into southern indianna, and it will get here within the next several hours. so 35 degrees right now at the airport, in the allentown though 28, reading is 31, lancaster, 31, so with all of the moment dollars snow watch out for icy spot in the areas. take you through the region in the city we start the day with cloud cover, rain will arrive probably between noon and 3:00. 54 degrees the daytime high. down the shore cloudy, rain arriving late, 52, and in the poconos, it is cool, at 43,
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but 43 means this should be rain even in the mountains. erika? thanks kate. >> chuck-e-cheese is supposed to be fun right? over the weekend there is was all over a game that wasn't working. a customer followed a manager back into the kitchen, and attack him after a woman with a birthday party was told that she would have to wait to use a broken photo boot. investigators say the people associated with the birthday party were cheering on the attackers. >> that's a shame. >> that's just horrible, and someone's birthday party at chuck-e-cheese? >> that's a shame. >> still ahead this morning still ahead hearing from passengers who survived violent train crash after they finally arrived in philadelphia overnight. they tell us about that terrifying ride. >> and entertainer bill cosby speaks out, hear his brief message to fans asomugha all the accusations continue to follow him. we're back at the top of the hour. see you in a bit.
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train ride to philadelphia interrupted by a violent collision after the train slams into a truck that was on the tracks. now, this morning, we ' hearing from passengers who just arrived in philadelphia. >> this guy don't want to show his face to "eyewitness news" cameras, that's coming up. why he's arrested overnight. we'll tell you where he is accused trying toutier. a building. >> good morning, everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. those stories and more, also talk about the rain, look at that moving, in don't want to forget the umbrella kate tracking afternoon showers may not need it now but you will want it later kate. >> exactly, and you'll look like smart cookie. if you want your umbrella walking out of work this
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afternoon, everyone else getting soak you say i listen to the forecast, rain moving, in could be her think afternoon, but another mild day. warmer weather on the way your full forecast coming up. jessica? >> thank you kate. yes, it is definitely still early, not a lot of volume to speak of. see smooth sailing, but few problems out in new jersey, i'll highlight all of those in just a couple every minutes. >> jess, see you in a bit. in the news this morning hearing from passengers on board this amtrak train that derailed after striking a tractor-trailer in north carolina. >> jan carabeo joins us at 40th street station passengers finally arrived overnight. jan, good morning. >> good morning. one man that we spoke to, had to hop on a bus to dc, then take another train here to philadelphia. but, many people are finally home here in philadelphia, this morning after a very long and unnerving day on the rails.


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