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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 10, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is tuesday, march 10. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new racist video emerges overnight. president obama accuses dozens of republican senators of siding with iranian hard liners over nuclear negotiations. >> could a documentary help solve a 14-year-old murder. 48 hours shows us the new evidence. we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> [ bleep ]. >> new allegations of racism at
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the oklahoma fraternity house. >> the vine video shows what appears to be the house mom nicknamed mama b repeatedly saying the n word. the police shooting of 19-year-old tony robinson. >> oh my god. >> 55 passengers and crew were rushed to the hospital after this amtrak train collided with a tractor-trailer. >> at the boston marathon bombing trial we saw the video that led police to the tsarnaev brothers. tragedy on the set of an international reality show. >> two choppers collide. this letter is a hard slap in the face of not only the united states but our allies. >> senate republicans trying to cut nuclear negotiations with iran. >> our leaders need to know a deal not approved by congress won't be accepted by congress. >> the other kids chased after
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the man and cried out for help. a violent wreck took out a toll booth in new hampshire. no one was inside that booth. >> brothers twerking. >> all that matters. >> i don't disagree with you. >> leo you got to calm down. >> on "cbs this morning." >> apple unveiled a smart watch, starts at $10,000 and tops out at $17,000 depending on how eager you are to get mugged. welcome to "cbs this morning."
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this morning new revelations of fuelling outrage over racist chants by some university of oklahoma students. several members of the fraternity could face disciplinary action. overnight another video surfaced. this one appears to show the fraternity's 78-year-old house mother using the same racial slir in 2013. >> reporter: good morning. we interviewed the sae house mother yesterday inside the frat house for a story about people who lost their jobs here. she did react to the nine-second video of students chanting the racial slurs but this morning it appears her own words have set the internet ablaze. >> [ bleep ].
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>> this video which surfaced last night appears to feature the 78-year-old sae house mother known as mom b. in the 2013 video posted on the vine website guilbeau is seen rapping lyrics to a song that included the n word. yesterday she seemed shocked when talking about the members on a charter bus chanting the same word. >> i heard the word. unbelievable. this is not sae. >> reporter: because of that video the sae house had been ordered closed. so after 15 years of living in the back room of the house guilbeau said she had no job and no place to live. >> what do you do now? >> this has been my family.
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i can't imagine tomorrow. >> reporter: not waking up here. >> i'm disappointed, ashamed and embarrassed. >> reporter: all those who live in the house face a deadline of midnight tonight to move out. the fraternity's national headquarters closed the chapter and suspended all of its members. the song was captured from at least two camera angles but the disgust is coming from all sides. hundreds of students marched on the campus on the university of oklahoma still reeling over what was recorded aboard that bus. >> somebody stood up and said we should not say this. >> reporter: on monday the greek letters were removed from the home's greek facade. the university's president stood along side ou students. >> i don't have words in my
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vocabulary to adequately describe people who use those words and chant in that way. >> reporter: as for guilbeau we reached out to her for comment and were unable to reach her this morning. the executive office of tridelta is investigating members here at ou to see if they were involved in that initial video that has gone viral. >> thank you very much in washington this morning democrats are denouncing a letter to iran signed by most of the 54 republican senators. this morning's new york daily news called those republicans traders. nancy on capitol hill spoke with the senator who wrote that letter. >> reporter: he says he was trying to educate the iranians on how the u.s. institution worked. democrats say it sends mixed
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messages. one top german publication called it -- in their open letter to iranian leaders 47 republicans warned if a deal is struck with secretary of state john kerry the senate must ratify it by a two thirds vote otherwise the next president could revoke the agreement. the state department and senate democrats accuse the republicans of trying to sabotage the negotiations. >> this letter is a hard slap in the face of not only united states but our allies. >> reporter: irans foreign minister called the letter propaganda and expressed astonishment that some members of congress find it -- >> the only thing unprecedented is an american president negotiating a nuclear agreement with the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism without congressional approval. >> reporter: tom cotton wrote the republican letter.
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shouldn't the iranians be getting one message from the entire u.s. government? >> the message we are sending is congress will not allow them to get a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: republicans worry that it will temporarily halt the path to the bomb while making the regime stronger. president obama was asked about the letter yesterday. >> well i think it is somewhat ironic to see some members of congress wanting to make common cause with the hard liners in iran. it's an unusual coalition. >> he says he does not need congressional approval for a deal. there were a handful of senate republicans who did not sign the letter. one told us at this point in these delicate negotiations republicans should be sharing concerns directly with the white house and not with iran. senator john mccain said that the white house is being, quote, hysterical about this and that he communicates with foreign
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leaders all the time. >> this morning testimony resumed in the boston marathon bombing trial. for the first time jurors saw images yesterday. more witnesses shared emotional testimony about their injuries and loss. outside the federal courthouse in boston. >> reporter: good morning. a forensics expert yesterday told the court that the fbi gathered video to compile a timeline of the tsarnaev brothers movements on marathon day. the brothers appeared in 70 clips of the video. in the early days of the investigation they were only known as white hat and black hat. the chilling video shows the tsarnaev brothers weaving through the crowd looking for a spot to plant their twin bombs. dzhokhar tsarnaev slip off his
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backpack. seconds later the spectators near him look left freezing at the sound of the first explosion. more images capture the younger tsarnaev darting away as victims lay scattered and bleeding. among them nurse and newly wed watching the race with her husband. i was focused on my husband right next to me. his foot was detached jessica told the court. a man came over and said ma'am you are on fire. you're on fire. jessica's injuries were so severe both her legs had to be amputated. jurors heard from the close friend of lindsay liu who died in the attack. she didn't find out for days that her friend had passed away. everybody knew that earlier but they didn't tell me because they were trying to protect me she
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said wiping her eyes. as boston grieved prosecutors say dzhokhar tsarnaev went after this daily life. surveillance tape showed him calmly buying milk. the next day more video captured him visiting his university gym. prosecutors captured a number of tweets. at one time he talked about expecting to die young. in a tweet he sent out the day after the bombings he bragged about being a stress free kind of guy. iraqi forces said they took the center of a town outside tikrit. the chairman of u.s. joint chiefs of staff visited baghdad on monday. he says he is a bit concerned the international coalition may not stay together for the long term.
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holly williams is in baghdad. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are two key battles raging here in iraq against isis. one for the city of tikrit and the other nearby. but u.s.-led air strikes are only being used in one of those fights and that may end up being a decisive factor. in the villages around tikrit this is the best fighting force iraq's leaders can muster army of soldiers and shiite muslim militias. american led air strikes have been critically important in other battles against isis. there is no direct u.s. involvement. instead iraq has turned to neighboring iran for help. with iranian offices on the ground reportedly commanding shiite muslim militias. the fight for control of tikrit
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is painfully slow. just to the northeast kurdish forces made a lightning assault on isis positions yesterday. they claimed to have retaken 40 square miles of territory. icesis countering the attacks with armored vehicles like this one converted into bullet proof truck bombs. the kurdish forces say they destroyed four of them with antitank missiles operating independently from baghdad and closely allied with the u.s. the kurdish fighters coordinate american air strikes from the ground. in their sites is a town where isis recently paraded, captured and caged kurdish fighters. kurdish commanders have repeatedly told us how important the u.s.-led air strikes have
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been. a shiite militia leader told us they do not need american air strikes to recapture tikrit. this morning u.s. ambassador to south korea walked out of a hospital five days after a knife attack. he bows not to give up his open and friendly diplomacy. the ambassador needed 80 stitches to his face. >> i feel pretty darn good all things considered. i mean it was obviously a scary incident but i'm walking, talking, holding my baby hugging my wife. >> he looks pretty darn good. he says the attack only strengthens the bond between the two countries. koreans held flowers and signs of support for the ambassador. >> madison, wisconsin's police chief is apologizing again for a deadly police shooting but is not admitting wrong doing. hundreds of people protested
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throughout the evening. officials say hackers targeted the government's computer overnight. dean reynolds is in madison. >> reporter: good morning. here in madison the protests have been getting bigger by the day but have remained peaceful. calls for change echoed through the state's capitol monday. >> we are here to make a change. we are going to do this. >> reporter: hundreds of people many students addressed the killing of tony robinson shot by police officer matt kenny on friday. this crowd of frustrated protesters crammed into a hallway to speak with madison's mayor. michael johnson, the president and ceo of the boys and girls club says the community which is 5% african-american has its
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challenges. >> 44% of the people who are housed in our county jail are african-american. >> reporter: since the shooting the madison police department is working together with community leaders encouraging peace and patience as state and county officials investigate the killing. >> our kids are not looting. they are not flipping over cars. they are voicing their concerns. >> reporter: on monday madison police chief posted an apology to his blog. reconciliation cannot begin without my stating i am sorry and i don't think i can say this enough. i am sorry. yesterday robinson's uncle standing along side the 19 year old's parents addressed reporters outside the home where his nephew died. >> we appreciate the police and understand the necessity for them. we want to know the facts of the matter and nothing else. >> reporter: funeral arrangements for robinson have
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not yet been set. on monday the wisconsin attorney general released a statement saying the state's department of justice and county officials are working with mr. robinson's family and will have ongoing contact with them throughout the course of this investigation. >> thank you, dean. at least 55 people aboard an amtrak train are recovering this morning after colliding with a truck on a crossing. cell phone video shows a tractor-trailer stalled on the track. you can see the train plow into it. itp happened just south of the border. the locomotive and two cars derailed. the train's conductor is among those hospitalized. most injuries were minor. a new york city man is under arrest accused at aiming a laser in an aircraft. the suspect faces multiple charges. the effected flights were taking
7:18 am
off and landing at la guardia airport. two were hospitalized with eye injuries. officers found a black device inside the suspect's home. a delta plane skidded off the run way may have had a brake problem according to testimony from the flight crew. they say the jet did not appear to decel rate after landing. this morning federal investigators continue looking into what caused the aircraft to stop. no one is seriously hurt. it is not clear if wintry weather contributed to the skid. france this morning is sending a magistrate to argentina after a crash killed three sports stars and seven other people. this happened during the filming of a popular reality show.
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it is 7:18 right now. ahead on "cbs this morning" international death investigation on the dog show circuit. who poisoned an award winning ir
7:20 am
a tv documentary brings life to a cold case. the latest episode ties a murder victim to the main character. >> do you know who knows? >> i think so. i'm pretty confident. >> and the potential new evidence against robert durst. >> the news is back in a moment here on "cbs this morning."
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it's a busy morning in studio 57. jim nance here talking march madness. will kentucky's undefeated season lead to redemption after last season's heartbreaker? >> they look pretty good this
7:26 am
year. >> they are undefeated and would this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning everyone, i'm ukee washington, we have some rain headed to the region here's kate in the weather center. good morning. >> good morning, the sun is up now, but not going to see too much of it today unfortunately, because rain is moving in. take a look at storm scan3 which is showing this big shield of precipitation back across portions every kentucky, moving into tennessee at the moment. won't get here until this afternoon. if you have to get out about do it before the rain gets in, do it this morning skies are just cloudy through the morning hours but watch what happens, as we go into future weather by 3:00, 4:00. the rain arrives, it will be steady, through the afternoon. so, today's high, 54 degrees, clouds in the morning afternoon rain, could be heavy at times right through tonight. then it clears out overnight and tomorrow, sun returning we get to 61 degrees, thursday
7:27 am
looks nice, as well, more rain late friday. here's jessica, good morning. >> good morning everyone. happy tuesday. just coming up on 73 we have accident out on 95, right around cottman avenue. pushed over into the right hand shoulder right through the work zone, already slow going in the southbound lanes headed into the center city area on just that accident scene just to watch out for. use some extra caution. over on the schuylkill expressway right around 202 volume east, westbound, head in the or out of the city give yourself little bit of extra time. ukee, back to you. >> next update is at clock 55. up next on cbs this morning cold case reopened did real estate icon get away with murder 15 years ago? for more local news weather trafaffic and sports, on the "cw philly" on these channels, i'm
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its relevance not lost on those sent to cover it. >> exclusive cnn drone video. >> this is the first time cnn has used a drone during the shooting of the story. >> how did this come to be? >> the whole team worked hard to show people images of the bridge. so many people watched the drone go up and were happy we were taking a look. >> one man was so moved he remarked i have a drone! that one day tons of slaves and slave owners can sit together and say, "look at that."
7:31 am
>> it was an interesting shot with the drone. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour apple hopes to change the face of watches. the company released details of the apple watch. we will show you how apple is trying to shake up the tv industry. >> one owner says someone poisoned and killed her 3-year-old irish red setter. why she refuses to blame her fellow competitors. time to show you headlines. the "washington post" report on the secret service testing ways to disrupt unauthorized drones. an official says over the next few weeks drones will be flown in the middle of the night. >> all about drones these days. >> update to a story we told you about yesterday, the los angeles times says hollywood director pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter sentenced to two years in jail plus eight years
7:32 am
probation. the accident killed sarah jones. >> our cbs affiliate says two teenagers stopped a kidnapping. surveillance video shows a man running with a toddler in his arms on sunday. he apparently snatched the little boy. the boys' siblings are seen running after him. two teenagers heard the screams and chased down the would-be kidnapper and found the little boy sitting on the ground okay. the suspect got away. "new york times" looks at a report by the ncaa that found wide spread cheating at syracuse university. it says a ymca played a key role in helping school. ymca was used as a haven where
7:33 am
men's basketball players could receive academic credit for fake internships and players also received money for volunteer work. documentary series sparking interest in an unsolved murder. the main suspect is the son of the new york real estate developer. 48 hours has reported on durst for more than a decade now. >> good morning. detectives have been chasing leads in the investigation for years and the case was never officially closed but after the latest episode of the jinx on hbo the case is back in the headlines once again. susan berman's body was found in her house on christmas eve in 2000 shot once in the back of the head and there were no signs of struggle.
7:34 am
retired detective, the lead investigator for more than a decade says police received an anonymous letter. >> addressed beverly hills police department. >> that letter became part of the story on sunday. a different letter was discovered. this one written by robert durst. the similarities were striking. >> the address written in the front is exactly the note. >> it was clear enough i might be dancing with the devil. >> reporter: the discovery adds to the body of evidence all circumstantial pointing to durst. police have compared the cadaver letters to all different samples. >> was that the moment you compared, the moment when he
7:35 am
became top of the list of suspects? >> he jumped up. just the totality of things but that note put him right up at the top. >> reporter: they were very good friends. police say berman likely knew her killer but durst denied he killed berman and was never charged charged. at the time of the murder durst was in california but says he was hundreds of miles away. >> the police have been investigating and are unable to put him in los angeles. >> they were able to put you in california. >> california is a big state. >> reporter: berman's friends still have doubts. they think after many years of friendship berman may have learned too much about the fate of durst's first wife who mysteriously vanished. durst was not charged in that
7:36 am
case but was put on trial for the death and dismemberment of his neighbor. durst claims self defense. >> we the jury find the defendant robert durst not guilty. >> reporter: some are saying durst have gotten away with murder. >> do you think you know who killed susan berman? >> i am pretty confident it is robert durst. >> he wasn't always the main suspect. for a time there was speculation that berman may have been the victim of a mob hit. she was also deeply in debt. durst's name has been at the top of the list. >> so is there enough evidence in this documentary to bring new charges? >> you would say normally no because it's very circumstantial and i think there is a limit to handwriting comparison. but this is l.a. and l.a. in
7:37 am
recent years has known the d.a.'s office has been known for taking these old circumstantial cases and turning them into convictions. it's almost as if robert durst is thumbing his nose by talking publically. >> and the '82 disappearance, too. >> of his wife. this morning we have the timeline for the apple watch. you can expect to pay at least $349 for the sport model. a stainless steel edition at $549. the luxury model could set you back up to $17,000. as john blackstone reports the watch world was not the only big announcement from apple. >> reporter: by adding a watch to list of gadgets apple betting it can expand the market for wearable computers. >> it is not a match market device. >> reporter: covers technology
7:38 am
for the "new york times." >> smart watch has a big hurdle in terms of consumer acceptance just because it is expensive and not something everybody wants. >> reporter: apple made an art form of convincing people they want devices they never knew they wanted. >> apple ceo presented the watch as an object of desire that comes loaded with apps for making payments. >> that's it. you are done. >> it can be used to hail an uber or substitute for a hotel room key. for many functions the watch must be linked to an iphone. the apple watch could be marketed as a labor saving device wan apple watch on their wrist they can answer phone calls, text messages and e-mails without having to go through the trouble of reaching into their pocket to take out their phone. apple enlisted model to present the watch as a fashion statement. >> this is my fashion favorite
7:39 am
i have to say. >> reporter: burns was the only woman brought on stage with the role of women a hot topic in silicon valley some wondered why angela aarons was not part of the presentation. but with everyone watching the watch it was perhaps another announcement that will ultimate ultimately get more people watching. >> that is hbo. >> reporter: cook announced that hbo will be available through apple tv no longer will hbo subscribers need cable tv potentially a major blow to cable providers. >> they have created ground breaking shows. >> reporter: apple, of course has done plenty of ground breaking itself and is hoping the watch may be the latest to do just that. for cbs this morning. >> there is a range for everybody. $349 up to $17,000. >> i expected he would have one already. >> i will have one soon enough. >> it's released on the 14th.
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good morning. accusations of a heinous crime have tarnished the prestigious dog show. a 3-year-old irish red setter died after appearing in the show. he apparently ate poisoned food. jagger's owner says she knows who didn't do it. >> reporter: the mystery may be deepening a little bit because overnight there have been reports of other dogs having come down sick with what appears to be poisoning. so far only one of them as you mentioned, is dead. the victim is a 3-year-old prize
7:45 am
irish setter named jagger. his real name satisfaction as in i can't get no and he died apparently after eating meat laced with slug repellent just 24 hours after winning second place in his class in the dog show over the weekend. it is a fiercely competitive event known for rivalry and back biting. so was it murder? maybe even a case of mistaken identity. maybe this dog, a champion setter was the real target. their statement goes on to say as with any international competition rumors of sabotage do surface. this is not in the spirit of competition and will not be tolerated. the scandal has rocked the dog eat dog world of canine competition. in the past some participants have been criticized for other
7:46 am
kinds of mistreatment and of course speculation is running wild over who done it. animal rights activists or a jealous opponent. jagger's owners have tried to diffuse the suspicion. >> i need you all to know that we can't and we won't face this with act of another exhibitor. >> solving the crime won't bring back jagger. here in the uk and also in belgium where jagger spent some of his time dog investigators are on the case. >> this is a case for sherlock holms. >> it's interesting they don't suspect another competitor. >> it is a dog show. murders and the dog killings around it seems nuts. >> take it seriously there.
7:47 am
hillary clinton is still not talking about her state department e-mails. could vice president joe biden enefit from this controversy? that is ahead. coming up next dramatic video of a nude man runnining ♪ ♪ ♪ this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by -- tigers, both of you. tigers? don't be modest. i see how you've been investing. setting long term goals.
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7:52 am
place. >> looked kind of naked to me there. >> it was blurred, i'm told. good thing we blurred it. >> thank you very much. >> wasn't hard to track him down. >> thank you very much graphics. on a much more serious note a serial killer led police to victims and gave more information on others. why did investigators stop the search for the rest. family of those missing are demanding answers this morning ahead on "cbs this morning." i am her best friend. i am her ally. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to her current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment like aricept® it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. vo: namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses. it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine, or who's had a bad reaction to namenda xr or its ingredients. before starting treatment, tell their doctor if they have or ever had, a seizure disorder difficulty passing urine, liver, kidney or bladder problems
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good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. we check in with kate bilo watching some rain for today. when do you think it will arrive. >> i don't think it will get here until after the lunch hour, maybe couple of showers around noon, but really 3:00, 4:00 the rain starts coming down in ernest. so meantime, actually seeing bright start to this day. but look what's lurking, off of the radar picture, if you step outside this morning, you may think oh, i don't need the umbrella, it will be nice, great out there. don't be fooled. here comes the rain, offer to the south and west now it, will get here later this afternoon, so, starting off with a little bit of sunshine this morning then the clouds roll in, rain by, again mid to late afternoon and it will continue to rain right through the first part of the tonight 6:00 to midnight looks like heaviest the rain will end overnight at 41 degreasing, and your eyewitness weather
7:57 am
seven day forecast, tomorrow we clear it out. clouds in the morning then some sun 61 degrees, and 51 on thursday, and then we're back to more rain friday into saturday. now, we check in with jessica. good morning. >> hey, good morning kate. good morning everyone, just coming up on 8:00. how quickly things can change. we head out to the ben franklin bridge, almost completely jammed solid in the westbound lanes, you can see right here, from new jersey. on into the city also, losing out that right-hand lane due to ongoing construction, eastbound into new jersey, erika, back over to you. >> thanks so much. next update coming up at 8:00 tax ahead on cbs this morning, before you fill out your bracket, they have preview of march madness. your local news weather and traffic continues on the "cw philly" on these channels. i'm erika von tiehl. have a great day.
7:58 am
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it's tuesday, march 10. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including hillary clinton e-mail controversy and how it may help joe biden. here is a look at today's eye opener. >> the sae house mother did react to the video but appears her own words have set the internet ablaze. >> there were ahandful who did not sign the letter. >> fbi gathered over 650 pieces of video to compile a timeline of the tsarnaev brothers. >> there are two key battles
8:01 am
raging here in iraq against isis. >> here in madison the protests have been getting bigger by the day but have remained peaceful. >> at least 55 people aboard an amtrak train are recovering after collided with a truck on a crossing. >> the mystery may be deepening. there have been reports of other dogs having come down sick with what appears to be poisoning. >> with an apple watch on their wrist an iphone user can answer phone calls, text messages and e-mails. toiling away in mines and factories to make it. are we hypocrites? >> no my friend. we are americans. >> today's eye opener at 8:00 is presented by prudential. >> ready seven. cue charlie. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king. norah o'donnell is on assignment. a new video depicting more
8:02 am
racism at university of oklahoma fraternity showing house mother repeatedly singing the n word. members of sae have been ordered to move out by midnight tonight. many have begun that process. university severed ties with the frat after video emerged of students singing a racist chant. >> inside access to the fraternity. we spoke to the chef who has been cooking for the students for 14 years. he says he is very disappointed by the video. >> were you surprised by that? >> shock. mostly tea lyly to think like that to eat your food and talk about how good it is that is very shocking. >> do you think these guys in the video or the people clapping, do you think they are
8:03 am
racist? >> those are new guys. they are new members so i'm not really quite close to them because they just are new members. >> do you feel betrayed in any way? >> yes. >> how so? >> house is gone. i have no house. i look forward every morning to come here and have fun with these guys. and everybody lost their home. >> dixon says he still considers the students his family. an online fundraiser was set up to help him. it has raised more than $34,000. president obama says 47 senate republicans seem to be on the same side as iran's hard liners. those senators signed a letter reminding that a nuclear deal with the u.s. could be scrapped by congress or the next president. vice president joe biden said that under cuts the president. he says he has never seen anything like it. biden said quote this letter sends a highly misleading signal
8:04 am
to friend and foe elect. a message that is as false as it is dangerous. >> ambitions could benefit from controversial e-mails. a source says she is considering breaking her silence on the issue. the former secretary of state avoided the matter monday at an event in new york. major garret is at the white house. >> the e-mail story has created a small political vacuum one democrats not yet sold on hillary's inevitability sold on other prominent potential rivals. one works right here. vice president joe biden visited iowa. iowa hosts the first presidential caucus. biden visited south carolina and new hampshire, the two most important early primary states. here is a little secret among national democrats biden is the only one to visit all three this
8:05 am
year. >> we are still the largest value added manufacturer in the world. >> reporter: with hillary still on the sidelines biden's schedule suggests he is keeping his options open. new hampshire senator has backed biden for years. >> timing is everything in this life. we know there comes a time when there is an opening. if that opening is something you believe you make a move. >> reporter: biden does have strengths. the president's point man, ukraine, iraq afghanistan, central america and south america. he managed stimulus spending without controversy and cut deals with republicans to avert a government shutdown and default. biden has this from our interview last april with him and president obama. >> i have somebody who i think will go down as one of the finest vice presidents in history. and he has been a great partner in everything that i do. >> reporter: that hasn't changed
8:06 am
but neither has biden's ability seemingly endless ability to act and speak, well memorably. from this odd moment with the wife of defense secretary ash carter to an entire reel of bidenism. talking foreign policy strength in 2012. >> i promise you the president has a big stick. i promise you. >> and welcoming a new senator to the club in 2013. >> biden supporters in south carolina and new hampshire tell us they feel like they are being keys in confidential conversations biden won't give them a straight answer. those closest describe him as a realist working through a process. clues biden hired no one, organized nothing and raised no money. >> perhaps signs. thank you very much from the white house. ahead here, the physician
8:07 am
trusted by the clinton pastor rick warren returns to
8:08 am
turning to a serial killer for help when law enforcement will not. >> who can i not trust? i cannot trust the authorities on this one. i can't. i have to trust a man that is in prison which is the convicted serial killer. >> how families are fighting to find their missing loved ones amid accusations of a cover up inside a sheriff's department. that's next.
8:09 am
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8:12 am
and in rare cases, may be fatal. get help right away if you develop unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto®, watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto® tell your doctor about any conditions such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® is proven to reduce the risk of dvt and pe, with no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for me. ask your doctor about xarelto® today. a convicted serial killer on california's death row says he
8:13 am
can show law enforcement where to find more victims. he may have been involved in as many as 70 murders in california nevada and utah. families of the missing say they are not getting help from the one place they expect it. ben tracy shows us allegations against the sheriff's department. >> what is in it for you not to bring these people home? for most of us it has been decades. we're ready. >> marie gillette's father disappeared in 1993. she believes he was murdered by these men, convicted serial killers known as the speed freak killers because of their drug fuelled murders mainly in california. when a killer makes a map and says here is where the bodies are, that's like gold to law enforcement. >> thats that's what i would believe. >> reporter: wesley shermantine
8:14 am
drew these maps from his prison cell. after the sheriff's department and fbi found five bodies they stopped searching in 2013 citing sherman tine's refusal to talk to them. >> he has not given me reason to not believe however the sheriff's department has given me reason to distrust information. >> reporter: cbs news received these e-mails showing five cases be ordered to be cancelled requesting removal from the national database of missing persons even though their bodies had never been found. jeff is a former fbi agent. >> is it rare for cases to be deleted off of this database? >> i have never heard of any active missing persons case being deleted from a state or federal database. >> reporter: you believe someone is trying to cover something up?
8:15 am
>> yes. law enforcement is supposed to serve and protect, not remove and destroy. someone at the sheriff's department gave the order to destroy these records for these missing persons. >> i'm ben tracy with cbs news. >> reporter: steve moore agreed to talk with us on monday but had few answers. >> are you aware of missing person records that would have been deleted by the request of your department? >> me no? >> this is the first time you have heard this allegation? >> as far as leading records that shouldn't have been deleted? yes, sir. >> the department of justice e-mails say the sheriff's department insisted on the cancellations but in a statement sheriff moore said the files were transferred for a period of time. marie's father was on the list of cancelled cases. she fears they will never find his body. >> who can i not trust? i cannot trust the authorities on this one.
8:16 am
i can't. i have to trust the man that is in prison which is the convicted serial killer. >> for "cbs this morning" ben tracy, sacramento. >> very interesting story. very different way of looking at things. wouldn't think you would go to the serial killer for help. >> frightening. thank you. we are gearing up for march madness. jim nance is in our toyota green room. we will ask him. and he is ready to reveal his number one seed projection. >> we'll see. >> go jim nance. you better get ready. >> that's next on "cbs this morning." and b vitamins plus more vitamin c than ten oranges. emergen-c transforms more than just water. emergen-c. let your awesome out. they say after seeing a magician make his assistant disappear mr.clean came up with a product that makes dirt virtually disappear. he called it the magic eraser. it cleans like magic.
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8:19 am
gina: we are setting our kids up to fail. (mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
8:20 am
the madness, selection sunday is this weekend. i bet you knew that. the excitement is building as fans get ready to break out brackets. jim nance will be in the middle of the action again. he led the play by play announcer and sports coverage of the ncaa tournament. this is his 25th year of calling the final four. >> good morning. >> i heard the music. ready to fill out brackets. >> 25 years. aren't you back where you started in indianapolis? >> that's where all my first championship. i hosted final four before that. indianapolis is a great host city. i can't wait to get started this
8:21 am
weekend. >> is this a good year for the final four? >> perhaps the historic run. >> starting with kentucky undefeated at this point going into the s.e.c. tournament 31-0. they win out they would be 40-0. >> how unusual is that? >> hasn't happened since indiana. last year we had undefeated team going into the tournament. wichita state and kentucky ended up beating them in a close game. kentucky is loaded. that's the first story i think going into this tournament. >> they have had difficult games come from behind a number of times. >> i think with this tournament you know -- it's setting me up. >> you can have duke's tie on. that would be in a lot of regards would be duke and kentucky and certainly duke would be capable of beating them. in this tournament there are other teams out there, for sure. >> like who? >> like wisconsin. wisconsin last year had them
8:22 am
down to the wire in the final four. they basically got the team back. wisconsin is an interesting case. they are trying to move up to that one line so they don't go to kentucky's bracket. >> cleveland is where kentucky is going to go. its path will be louisville then cleveland. all short trips for them from lexington and then indianapolis. >> you talk about teams that might be able to beat kentucky i think wisconsin potentially, potentially virginia. >> villanova is on a roll. notre dame is a little bit of upstart. he sounds like he should be my analyst. >> get your projections, final number one seed projection. gayle was put on the spot. i will say at this moment. >> take that back. >> you are right. >> at this moment and it's fluid
8:23 am
it has to change this week but if they want out it would go this way. if one of them -- kentucky is a lock and i think duke is a lock. let's say virginia doesn't win the acc tournament orville nova stumbles and wisconsin wins the big ten i will move them up to that line. at this moment those are my projections. i will talk like it is november. >> the surprise? >> makes the tournament special. >> any predictions about that? >> you want me to pick one of those way out there like man manhattan got in the tournament. it is hard to say if they pull off an upset. there are teams out there. i theng we have a list of them that are credentials, some view them as under dogs those who know college basketball know they are legit like northern iowa. they have been in rank all season long. wichita state, they are back and good again.
8:24 am
you can see this is a list here that they could be dangerous and win games. >> will tiger play in the masters? >> i think he will. i think a big thing to watch is this friday at 6:00 he would have to commit to next week's tournament. i think he would need not a month but would need one more tournament to play in and see where his game is before the masters. i hope so. >> he came back a couple years ago and did finish fourth and didn't play a tournament before the masters then. >> and made a run at the title there. >> march madness at the masters. a great stretch coming up. >> we don't have enough time to ask you. >> thank you, sir. begins 6:00 p.m. eastern. that is this sunday here on cbs. as you finish your breakfast you may want to rethink what leads to overeating. the new diet plan that could make a difference. he helped put springfield on
8:25 am
the national map. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> authorities are hoping the public can help them finds a woman missing since last weekend. twenty year old deidra magalon last seen friday night leaving her home in royersford, driving her sister's car and the car was found stalled near route 422 and the schuylkill expressway, in king of prussia. her purse cash and id were left inside, but no sign of deidra. if you have seen her please contact the police, right away. kate has your forecast in the weather center. good morning. >> good morning to you morning, everyone, coming off beautiful day yesterday. today starting off okay. now the clouds are moving in, and we are tracking some steady rain, for the late afternoon, and evening hours take a look at how much rain we are seeing here, on storm scan3, mainly across kentucky,
8:26 am
back into tennessee at the moment. still, a loft real estate between this storm and our area, but it is creeping in, pretty quickly and the clouds are starting to increase, so seeing some blue skies across the area this morning, get out, enjoy it now because later this afternoon talking cloud cover the rain will get in probably around 23:00 and then continue until midnight. that's the good news, warm up in talking all rain no ice or snow. the rain will clear out tomorrow afternoon, six 60s pretty nice, now we check in on the roads with jessica good morning. >> good morning, everyone, hammy tuesday, out on the schuylkill expressway, starting to see some jams in the westbound lanes, headed toward the king of prussia area. no real problem headed eastbound. wish coy say the same thing for the ben franklin bridge, pretty much jammed headed westbound, all lanes completely jammed into is the it i,. gels, thank you, next update 85:00, a up next on
8:27 am
cbs-3 morning oscar winner patricia arquet. for more local news weather traffic and sports we're on the "cw philly". you can find us on these channels. i'm ukee washington, good morning.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
the 50th anniversary of the civil rights marches in selma held sunday. >> we honor those who work so we can run. we must run so our children soar. >> that quote sounds familiar. where have i heard that? ♪ >> wait obama, did you just -- >> i was going to say he does like jay-z. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." the simpsons have made america laugh for 26 seasons. coming up in this half hour we
8:31 am
remember his co-creator sam simon. why tv's longest running sitcom is only part of the legacy. and patricia arquette in our studio. that is ahead. right now time to show you some of this morning's headlines. update on toddler who survived a car crash in a river. 18-month-old lilly grossbeck is making rapid improvement. the toddler is said to be watching cartoons and singing. lilly apparently dangled upside down in her car seat for more than 12 hours after her mother crashed their car into a river last week. the mother died. "wall street journal" says day light savings time is bad for relationships. the loss of sleep makes us more likely to argue with our partner. studies find we act more
8:32 am
selfishly and become more volatile and impulsing. and the "washington post" says
8:33 am
8:34 am
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
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8:45 am
every dollar she earned. that's money not going into retirement and money that we are not improving in our own nation. we have 40% of households who can't afford quality child care for their kids. >> do you think increased awareness that you might have helped produce will have real benefit? >> women have been talking about this for decades and working on this for decades. women my age have already spent
8:46 am
a good portion of their earning life losing out on this. we have a different demographic now. we have women as heads of households. we are not living this world where the male is the provider anymore. we have to change with the times. women can't wait anymore. we have 42 million women in poverty. >> when you are on the stage did you know the reaction? did you see meryl streep and jennifer lopez? >> i was so terrified. >> why? >> i knew i had to say it but i knew there would be haters. i knew people wouldn't understand what i was talking about. and certainly i am privileged on winning an award. i'm a very successful actress. i wasn't always a successful actress. i was a mother at 20. i lived in poverty when i was little. there were times when i didn't have a pair of shoes to wear. i have a lot of empathy for other people.
8:47 am
i feel like if i am fortunate enough to have success all these women have been crying out. nobody has been listening to them. >> i think whatever i went through in my life to be a good actor you want to understand humep beings. >> you come from an active family growing up in the house did you know this was something you wanted to do? a given i am going to do the family thing? >> i didn't know i would be good at it. my next choice was to be a mid wife. >> really? wow. didn't know that. >> can we talk about avery ryan for a second? did you see yourself joining csi franchise? >> i didn't and i was so excited this was the first time they had a female lead. a very different character for me, a real challenge because i'm
8:48 am
not tech savvy. my character is very brain based. her technology skills her profiling of people. i usually play characters that are very emotional. it's been a big challenge. you went to tech school to learn. >> it is crazy what is happening. >> have you met her? >> and she has done work with interpoll. her back story is very different from my character but her skill set is incredible. she goes through every script. >> do you use your devices differently because of the role? do you see things differently in your life? >> i recommend dual verification on e-mails. >> what does that mean? >> you can sign up for dual verification. you sign up once on your phone and once on your computer and then your e-mail will recognize those devices. if someone tries to sign on from
8:49 am
a different computer they will send you a text and tell you. >> this is somebody who was not tech savvy. i recommend dual verification. >> i have a phone that has no e-mail on it now. >> is this the goal? and the range i know we have to run here in a minute. "boardwalk empire," boyhood, a modern day drama and now csi cyber. is that the goal to try to spread your range as much as you can? >> i think it is part of it. it is exciting to be a part of this huge global franchise. the world changed so differently. we were airing at the same time in america as we were in asia and australia. >> we are thrilled you are part of the cbs family. oscar winner
8:50 am
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8:53 am
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good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. later this morning philadelphia district attorney seth williams will announce more arrest that is corruption case targeting state lawmakers. the d.a. says the charges will come against three people, two current lawmakers and one former legislature. accused of improperly excepting cash or gifts from a lobbiest. two other charged with with bribery and corruption, await trial in harrisburg. right now we want to check in with kate bilo, watching some rain for what this afternoon? >> this afternoon and this evening it won't affect your morning but your afternoon commute. everything little slower than normal probably today as the rain pushes n good news, it is rain, not ice, it is not
8:56 am
sleet, it is not snow. just plane old rain, as temperatures will warm up before the rain gets n you can see how heff that i rain looks off to the south and west at the moment. for us right now the clouds are moving, in rain still south and west of dc, so still hours away from us, and the rain gets in this afternoon it is a seasonable day though 54 degrees, for tonight, cloudy, rain coming to end late, 41, and we try to clear it out tomorrow. tomorrow not gorgeous day sun wise but we will get some sunshine back by afternoon and warm one at 61 degrees. thursday, more beautiful looking from start to finish, about 10 degrees cooler at 51. and then watch for some more rain friday night into saturday. good morning jessica. >> hey, good morning everyone, if you're headed out the door in the next couple every minutes, you'll see this on the schuylkill expressway. right around city avenue. something we've come to be able to count on, headed westbound, into the king of prussia area. you can see some jams there also on 95, right around cottman avenue, some slow going right here, and these disable vehicles have actually been here for quite some time blocking out the right hands shoulder through the work zone southbound into the center city area, so used to
8:57 am
those jams, as well. out in man too, a new jersey, woodbury, accident over into the shoulder, take main street to get on by. back to you. >> thanks, jessica. that's "eyewitness news" for nowment talk philly coming up at noon. i'm erika von von tiehl. hope youou have a great day.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> christina's boyfriend, breaks his silence. >> i hate bobby brown. p>> the world exclusive, it's turned intervention. >> i am done with the interview. >> you have taken any chance of me being able to carry a child again. >> an emergency hysterectomy, her step away mother is stepping in. >> what is it like having your wife, carrying your grandchild? >> let's take a look, michelle. oh, man! >> will the doctors take on her challenging case? >> the only way that we can give her back a new nasal tip. >>


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