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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  March 11, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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well, first it was shady mccoy and now another jaw dropping eagles announcement starting quarterback nick foles shipped off to the rams and all of the changes have fans concerned. good morning everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. also the the pennsylvania supreme court will hear oral arguments over whether a judge has the authority, to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate state attorney general kathleen kane kate? and, ukee and erika in the wake of yesterday's rain we are still dealing with a couple showers moving through the area with you bigger problem earlier this morning is the fog. the look at the the shore, ocean city boardwalk is fogged in at the moment and i can tell you from driving in this morning there are pockets of dense fog that do come up on
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you quickly. leave yourself extra time and extra space between you and the car in front of you. coming up i'll tell but dense fog advisory for portions of the area and then talk bay nice mild take ukee and erika, back to you. for eagles fans there is in lack of excitement this off season, nick foles is latest casualty shipped off to saint lou is in return for quarterback sam bradford. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us outside our sister station sports radio 94 wip with more on the the fan response, good morning. >> good morning. this is shaping up to be one of the more exciting off seasons in matter what side of the fence you are on as far as your opinion on the deals made recently and it will be the talk of the town here at sports radio 94 wip today. we will step in and talk to the host in just a short while but here's the latest big time move. the eagles have officially announced a trade that send nick fels to the rams in exchange for sam bradford. the eagles will get the rams
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fifth round pick in 2015. eagles are sending a fourth round pick and second round pick in 2016 to st. louis. of course this move comes on the heels of trading star running back lesean mccoy for kiko alonzo all moves that have eagles fans guessing about coach chip kelly's master plan, lets take a listen. >> i'm really not sure what is going on with them. i have no clue. i don't know what they are thinking. i feel like they are throwing everything away. >> we all have to believe in chip but it is like nick foles, he set a rorrer, young quarterback coming in for eagles, they get rid of lesean mccoy but we all believe in chip. >> reporter: back out here live, we will check in on host angelo cataldi later of course, host of sports radio 94 wip. no doubt his even if will be ricking off the hook this morning. we are coming to you live from olde city, jan carabao for
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> interesting stuff. we will have much more on the other changes coming up in sports. right now lets check our weather, traffic and weather together, here's kate, good morning. >> good morning, everyone. let look at our dense fog advisories. good news this was just scaled back. the it was in effect for the entire area and visibility have listen enough in philadelphia and i-95 corridor that the dense fog advisory drop. far north and western suburbs up through lehigh valley, lancaster county a and town the shore much of the burlington ocean, atlantic cape may cumberland county still under that dense fog advisory this morning. the here's why. look at our visability and see low numbers here but notice how it has cleared up with visibility about 4 miles at the airport. 6 miles in wilmington. allentown and lancaster visibility down to .3. wildwood at .8. there are pockets of dense fog especially areas with snow on the ground that rain and warm air, comes over that colder snow pack and, of course, causes fog out the there watch out on even the back road here
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this morning. notice we have some showers they are starting to clear the area but showers across portions of september rally with delaware into south jersey as well. we're see a few showers up through, vineland. we mention that had showers would be up to the south and we went on air and we will see gradual clearing through the morning. the right now 46 degrees at the a airport which is number we have not even this time of the morning in quite sometime. forty-eight in atlantic city. forty-four in millville. temperatures get a good jumping off point. we didn't drop down in the 30's so temperatures will be rebounding quickly even if we get filtered sunshine today. brakes of sun possible by the the noon hour. it may look like yesterday where cloud hang on but we will see some sun behind. that stronger march sun will be visible through cloud, 57 by noon and then at 3:00 p.m. clearing out, late afternoon sunshine probably a beautiful sunset tonight and it is nice and mild, 61 by 3:00 p.m. we will check my friend justin drabick here for traffic. >> it looks like main problem
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on the road will be road spray and patchy fog and mist to deal with over the the next few hours but one problem spot on i-95 north bound, this is the the exit to 291, that is closed because eastbound 291 is closed to not the get off on i-95. alternate is island avenue. we will check out ben franklin bridge looking good both ways in and out of the silt i but notice sheen on the roads. we have a gloss i wet road there to dealment with maybe a few puddles in that area, that follows some higher snow melt from the recent storm system. area speeds, look pretty good. fifty-five coming in the city from the northeast. slow, just before the conshohocken curve down to 489 miles an hour. >> but so far so good this morning. we have an accident in west norriton at main street the the at center avenue and then down in vineland route 47 delsea drive closed at chestnut drive and that is due to a down pole. alternate is west avenue or orchard road.
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that is your ride this morning we will send it back over to erika. >> all right, thank you. new this morning police take a sus neck custody after a fire attack in juniata park this was the the scene on palmetto street. crews put out a small fire in the basement and found an inn sinned yard idea vice. suspect was track down and taken to northeast detectives for questioning. happening today the pennsylvania supreme court will hear oral argument in the challenge brought by attorney general kathleen kane. high court will consider whether a why had the authority to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate kane. the grand jury run by that special prosecutor, recommended criminal charges of perjury against her, stemming from the release of secret grand jury material to a newspaper. kane has denied any wrongdoing. also today a case that attorney general kane decided not to pursue ended in criminal charges against three additional law makers from philadelphia state representatives, louise williams bishop, michelle brownly and former
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representative harold james, they were charged with conspiracy, bribery and other related crimes. they are accused of taking cash payments from a lobbyist working under cover for investigators. philadelphia district tern seth williams pick up the case after ka a ne. kane says the investigation was mishandled and that the public officials were targeted because of their race. a philadelphia a man is behind bars this morning for leaving a seven year-old son alone in the car while he gambled a at a casino. the this is the the suspect 32 year old brian bowls of philadelphia police say he left his son in the car for about three hours while he played blackjack. police were called after a passerby heard the child crying in the car. bolds was unable to post bail. well, police in bucks county community step up patrols after a man attempts to lure two children. two middle school girls say a man in his car approached them in north hampton. they told detective a man in the white car with tinted windows pulled up their street monday have afternoon and then
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repeatedly tried to get them into his car. the girls ran away. >> we're worried about the well-being and safety of our children in our neighborhood. >> i know we have crazies in this world today and we don't like it. >> police were called to the northampton school after someone reported a white car with tinted windows driving in and out of the parking lot. investigators say, however the the two cars are different makes and models. well, the university of oklahoma ex-pills a pair of opportunities on tuesday identified as leaders of the the racist chant on tape. this happened during a fraternity event. third student withdrew from the university. the sigma alpha epsilon house is empty, all had to move out by midnight as local chapter was hut down by national leaders. oklahoma is working to identify other students involved in that chant. 4:38 right now. this morning many are not happy with hillary clinton's explanation over the use of her personal e-mail during her time as secretary of state.
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during yesterday's news conference clinton said that she o pted for convenience. >> even if i had two devices, which is obviously permitted, many people do that you would still have to put the responsibility where it belongs which is on the official. so, i did it for convenience and now looking back think it might have been smarter to have those two devices from the very beginning. >> see her on the c17 flying to libya, we have no e-mails from that day. >> republicans are making it clear they are in the letting it go with clinton as a possible 2016 presidential contender. chairman of the national the committee, says that the clinton comments were completely disinn again with us and she only only she knows if she gave the the the state department every relevant work e-mail. crews are back on the pothole patrol today in philadelphia crews have filled an estimated, 9,000 potholes since the start of this year. this morning crews will be
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filling potholes at foulke rod and ramona in philadelphia justin finch will have a live report to see how things are coming. if you see a bad the pothole we want to know bit. post a picture or video on cbs philly facebook page or tweet us at cbs philly and we will get answer about when they will be repaired. so frustrating driving along. >> i hear you. >> damage on the tires, big time. >> verdict is in ferrell robin thicke and robin gay, who has to give it up when we come back. say good bye to the rainy weather and spend sometime outside. how warm will it the get? will we crack 60. kate has the check of the forecast that just may be
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it is the decision rocking the music industry jury decide that had the song blurred lines was copied from the marvin gaye song got to give it up. here's a listen to both tunes. >> ♪
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>> hey hey, hey marvin gaye's children filed the lawsuit against robin thicke and ferrell williams who put out mega hit blurred lines. for those who grew up yeah, we knew. injury a warded 7.3 million-dollar in damages. hey, hey hey. >> you were calling that from the beginning. >> yeah. >> from the start. i thought it was a remake the first time. i mean i like it. >> great song. >> but i said, oh, no that is not it. >> martin gaye's family, yes ding ding ding. >> they noticed as well. >> i never heard it so back to back. >> very similar. >> kate, finally the day, finally maybe 60. >> maybe 60. we are gunning for it and we are trying to hit it. i think we will as long as we get enough sunshine. we have some fog. we have some cloud. our system that brought the rain yesterday taking its time getting out of here but steady
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rain is over. the lets look the at dense fog advisories we have in place. we had to get fog to mix out and included to break to get the in the 60's. we will get there because we have such a solid jumping off point. temperatures still in the upper 40's right now. dense fog advisory canceled for philadelphia and i-95 corridor. still in place to the north and west and south and east. as we zoom out i want to show what you we are dealing with right along this same boundary where heavy rain fell yesterday there is dense fog in place because we have had a pretty decent snow pack in this part of the country. when we have rain and warm air coming over, we have snow on the ground that create is a lot of fog as warmer air, melts the the snow and we will get evaporation. dense fog today areas of dense fog pockets of showers. if you are in that advisory visibility less than a quarter mile. slow down. use low beams a how yourself extra time. even on the schuylkill i came across a few pockets of fog that come up quickly. it could be clear and then hard to see.
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play it safe take sometime to get where you need to go. the notice till a couple showers across south jersey and delaware. a few sprinkles to the north and west as well. the throughout morning hours we will clear this out and we will get sun back by late after afternoon. 61 degrees. that is the high today. we will get there. for tonight mainly clear colder night down to 36. for reference, yesterday we got the to 59 degrees even though rain came in by mid afternoon. it has been warm, warm air sticks around today, tomorrow is nicer day to look at sunny, beautiful cooler at 51. rain friday night, continuing through the day saturday but we will clear it the out wind which some sun for st. patrick's parade on sunday. ukee. welshing while a lot of the eagles moves this off season so far have been surprising signing quarterback byron maxwell is a big upgrade for the team. maxwell was top free agent cornerback and brings super bowl experience from seattle. he has agreed to a six year deal worth 60 million-dollar with 25 million guarantied.
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the the kid can play. frank gore did not sign with the bird, he got a better deal with the colt, three years and 12 million with more than 8 million guarantied. also on the colts now offensive lineman todd herremans and pass rusher trent cole. coal got a two year, 16 million-dollar deal with indy. his 85 and a half sacks are second most in history behind the great reggie white. flyers are struggling, struggling to stay in the playoff hunt but not the looking good right now. flyers had an early lead against dallas last night in south philly but the stars brent richie ties the game before the first period was over. and it stayed one-one until the third when the stars vernon phillips scores the game winner. flyers back it tomorrow night against the blue in st. louis. that is bad news from the cliff lee front in clearwater. the orthopedic surgeon doctor james andrews says cliff has the same tear in his elbow that kept him out most of last season. surgery would likely keep him out all of this season and
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could end his career. by the the way phillies owe him more than 37 million-dollar. right now it looks like he will try to pitch through any pain and see how all that works out. we wish him well. phillies looks to the tigers. they will play pirates later this afternoon. still ahead on "eyewitness news", yesterday was a rough street, warm day on wall street. the business news coming up in the money watch report. but first here's what is ahahead tonight on cbs-3.
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there is a lot of interest in our philadelphia eagles right now. latest bird to fly out of town is quarterback nick foles. he was traded yesterday to the st. louis rams for quarterback and former heisman trophy winner, sam bradford. we're talking live with merrill reese and paul jolowitz about the birds after 6:00 so stay tuned for that. a a lot of big changes. penndot crews are on the
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pothole pennsylvania patrol in the northeast. that is not the only area camden have crews as well. engineers say cold weather increased your currency of potholes. they are out there please be careful. pennsylvania supreme court is considering whether a judge had third to a appoint a special prosecutor, to investigate the state attorney general kathleen kane. the grand jury recommended charges over release of secret grand jury materials to a newspaper. time for a check of your business news. >> lets check with wendy gilette the from money watch up at the the new york stock exchange. this is a tough day on wall street. what is happening up there, wendy. >> reporter: wall street is looking to rebound after sharp losses tuesday wiped out this years gained for the the dow jones and s and p. dow jones fell 332 points or 2 percent marking its worst day of the year. s and p500 fell 35 points and nasdaq composite lost 82. asian markets were mostly down overnight but european shares rose in early trading.
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investors are concerned federal reserve will raise interest rates sooner then expect. erika. we have reported on the 60 minutes report about lumber liquidators. what is the latest from company. >> reporter: hardwood flooring company lumber liquidators indicated yesterday it plans to stand behind the safety of its products on a conference call that will take place thursday. the the company has been under scrutiny since the 60 minutes report this month said its laminate flooring made in china contains high levels of formaldehyde and may not need california safety standard. ukee and quarter. >> thanks very much. >> appreciate it. coming up, after a short break, traffic and weather we willll do together on the
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we have some breaking news right now out of pens coal florida this morning. seven marine and four soldiers are missing after a army helicopter crash this happened during a night training exercise at eggland air force base. search and rescue crews found debris from the crash around 2:00 this morning. we will will stay on top on
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this and bring you information as soon as we get it. 4:53. let get traffic and weather together and we will start off with justin good morning. >> reporter: we're look good on a area roadways. we have fog in some spots. little about bit of road spray as well. we will start on 76 west at city avenue. the headlights westbound looking good. moving so far. that will change probably in a few hours. taking you closer to philadelphia i-95, cottman looking good still some wetness, we may have to slow it down on the curves but we are flowing north and southbound. speed looking good across the region, on i-95 coming in the city, 52 miles an hour. looking better on 76, near the conshohocken curve back up to 55 miles an hour slower in center city but we are moving. i-95 northbound off ramp closed a at 291 eastbound closed there, alternate island avenue. that will be a two week project. we are watching an accident at west nor it town and main street at center avenue. forty-seven at vineland delsea
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drive closed a at chestnut, alternate is west avenue. also the route 102 trolley is showing between macdade boulevard and sharon hill due to flooding. that is a check of is what happening in the road. lets see is what happening in the sky. let's send it back over to kate. >> we are tracking showers moving through the area especially off to the the south this morning. we did have a flood warning earlier this morning for portions of the brandywine creek mere downingtown. that warning has been canceled but still watch for high water areas that are prone to flooding especially small are creeks and streams. the lets the look at storm scan three. we will take you down the shore first. you can see fog covering the casinos there we have a dense fog advisory in effect for shore points this morning as visibility remain low. fog does seem to be moving out quickly. that is good news. by late morning we don't expect too much in the way of commuter problems. just pockets of locally dense fog. storm scan three is showing some showers moving through. they are generally light. the steady showers down around dover and into portions of south jersey, and around maurice river and cape may county a area.
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future weather shows a quick clear out. couple showers around 6:00 a.m. notice sunshine tries to break through around 8:00 a.m. in the lehigh valley. we will try to get sun around ten. another band of cloud may come through late this afternoon before we start to clear it the out and cloud will hang on for most of the day. it is not most sunny brightest day we have ever seen but it is mile. 61 degrees is our high. that is average high for april 7th, and again, it is only march 11th. we will take it. unseasonably mild day, sound good to me. ukee, back over to you. thanks, kate. here's some of the stories our sister station kyw news radio 1060 will be following today. septa ace trying to make it easier to get around with new signage for riders. the facebook is removing one of thee mote gis after thousands of users sign an on line, petition. verizon file oz is dropping the weather channel for accu weathernet work. stay tuned, we will be right back good
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say farewell to nick foles, the eagles pull off their second stunning move in a week shipping out another face to the franchise. we have reaction from teammates and some rather shocked fans. also new this morning philadelphia police arrest a man for trying to set his ex-girl friend's house on fire. that is not the only a attempted firebombing overnight either. , good morning everyone it the is wednesday march 11th i'm's ukee washington. aim erika von tiehl. leave heavy coat in the closet all you need is a light trench coat. foggy start to the day as we look live in atlantic city. but it is a warm, wednesday, kate, say it the for me 60 degrees. sixty-one. >> 61 degrees is our forecast
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high today, erika. it is first time we have been in the 60's since christmas eve and chris months day which was nice and warm. it will not be the prettiest day we have ever had i'll tell you when sun returns when we come right back justin. sixty's look great. i may have to break out the the shorts. it is road spray, and potholes. we will take you to the vine street expressway. the this is westbound at between the fourth street. we are moving but wetness on the roads that may slow you down. we will have more on the traffic in a few minutes. >> i got the shorts on stand by indeed. it is million-dollar question what is chip kelly doing with the philadelphia eagles. another blockbuster deal sees nick foles trade todd st. louis for sam bradford. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us inside 94 wip. i imagine those phones have been blowing up overnight good morning. >> you bet. >> reporter: good morning. definitely a very busy exceeding off season for the eagles. the it has kept fans guessing. this will be the big talker this m


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