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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 11, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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forecast high today, erika. it is first time we have been in the 60's since christmas eve and chris months day which was nice and warm. it will not be the prettiest day we have ever had i'll tell you when sun returns when we come right back justin. sixty's look great. i may have to break out the the shorts. it is road spray, and potholes. we will take you to the vine street expressway. the this is westbound at between the fourth street. we are moving but wetness on the roads that may slow you down. we will have more on the traffic in a few minutes. >> i got the shorts on stand by indeed. it is million-dollar question what is chip kelly doing with the philadelphia eagles. another blockbuster deal sees nick foles trade todd st. louis for sam bradford. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us inside 94 wip. i imagine those phones have been blowing up overnight good morning. >> you bet. >> reporter: good morning. definitely a very busy exceeding off season for the eagles. the it has kept fans guessing. this will be the big talker this morning especially here
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at sports radio 94 wip, the big question this morning what is coach chip kelly thinking. the hit just keep coming for eagles fans. toss one more jersey out of the closet a quarterback switch is sending nick fels to the rams in exchange for sam bradford. >> i'm's in the the sure what the heck is going on with them. i have no clue. i don't know what they are thinking. i feel like they are throwing everything away. >> we all have to believe in chip but what will you do, it is nick foles. he set a record. young quarterback coming in for eagles. we are getting rid of lesean mccoy which is a big mistake but we all believe in chip. >> reporter: deal involves draft picks. eagles will get rams fifth round pick in 2015. philly is sending a fourth round pick in 2015 and a second round pick in 2016 to st. louis, some experts say we won't really be able to evaluate coach chip kelly a asthmas ter plan until after the draft. >> we have to wait a couple of months, until we see this
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total picture, we have to see what team he takes into training camp. >> reporter: some fans are reeling. this move comes on the heels of trading star running back lesean mccoy for linebacker kiko alonzo. >> i was surprised that they got rid of him. they seem to be getting rid of the half of the time. >> reporter: one thing for sure kelly is tackling defense first. changing face of the eagles including free agent signing of byron maxwell the great cornerback from seattle. >> i will stick with the eagles absolutely. >> reporter: we're a going to check with host angelo cataldi very soon in doubt, phones inside sports radio 94 wip will be ringing off the hook with very colorful comments. reporting live for now jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i like that colorful comments. if you thought eagles nation was stunned by the trade, even caught eagles players off guard. mal conn jenkins tweeted well, never a dull moment. also, we have got josh huff
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trust the the process, i necessity nothing almost like the old hogan's hero show but i fully trust chip and y'all should too. fly eagles fly, hash tag in chip we trust. and nick foles of course he tweeted this picture and said thankful for the opportunity to start my career in philly. i will miss my teammates and eagles fans and supported me. what do you think about the eagles trade? everything going on. connect with us on facebook or twitter using the hash tag cbs-3 chat. new this morning, police take a suspect into custody after an allege firebomb attack in juniata park this was the scene on palmetto street. crews put on you a small fire in the basement and found a device. the suspect was track down and taken to northeast detectives for questioning. second attempted firebombing this morning in north philadelphia a a device was found in the building in the 2500 block of north 17th street. there was no fire but people
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were inside at the time. no suspects and in injuries are reported. 5:03. lets head to the sky deck and check with kate. i imagine it is in the feeling too awful this morning. >> it is not feeling too awful at all. you will still want a light jacket. we are only in the 40's. it is march after all. but by afternoon you may be able to leave that jacket at home as temperatures head to the 60's. lets look at what we are dealing with today. you can see showers switching across delaware bay and portions of south jersey. you cane a few light showers moving through. rain is clearing quickly but we are seeing light round of showers developing over lancaster and chester counties and can't rule out a few sprinkles. you may need a few swipes of the windshield wipers out early this morning. the then everything starts to clear. dense fog is still in effect for portions of the area for the next hour, that includes our shore points and also the far north and western suburbs the cities like allentown easton, both home reading all included in the dense fog advisory. visability right now you can see getting better but still low in the north and western
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suburbs, allentown, reading lancaster and pockets of fog in the area temperature wise we have a good jumping off point, it is still 45 at the airport. forty-nine in atlantic city. thirty-nine in allentown. keep it in the upper 40's and then breaks of sun by noon and trying to clear out by late afternoon. not the the prettiest day but highs head for the 60es a a. the lets see how roads are shaping up on this foggy morning and check with justin. good morning. >> reporter: that area of fog especially north of the city where we have a higher snow pack and warm and moist air just getting cooled with that snow on the ground. beware also, wrap around the the area waterways, you might encounter that fog. but again we're looking good, vine street expressway, no problems there, at 24th street westbound, still a little bit damp roads to deal with this morning. we don't to have deal with the road spray. into new jersey route 42 freeway bet directions looking good. south and north bound so far so good as far as speed go as well.
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fifty-five on i-95 coming in the city. in center city we're running at 18, looking good on the turnpike and new jersey turnpike and 295. speed up to 65 miles an hour. i-95 northbound, the off ramp at bartram avenue island avenue is closed you cannot get off there. alternate would be island have avenue that project may go on for two weeks. we are tracking an accident in west norriton this hour at main street and center avenue. the mass transit looking good. that is a check of your ride. now back to erika. >> thank you. we have breaking news we're following from pensacola, florida this morning. eleven american troops are missing after an army helicopter crashed. they were taking part in the the night training exercise last night the when the helicopter was reported missing. search and rescue crews found debris earl they're morning but those troops are still missing. we will stay with us and bring you new information as soon as we get it. well, happening today pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane plans to be in philadelphia courtroom here
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for a state supreme court hearing. the the court will consider whether a judge had the authority to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate her. a grand jury run by that special prosecutor recommended criminal charges of perjury against kane stemming from the release of secret grand jury material from a newspaper. kane has denied any wrongdoing erika. 5:07 right now. potholes are a harsh reality when snow melts and temperatures thaw. road crews are busy filling them as fast as they can. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us from foulkerod and ramona where crews will be on the job. they cannot fill them fast enough. the justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is the season to plug those potholes. here we don't have to go far to find them. the here's a smaller one in the so bad but look right over here this one is so biggie can almost jump in here and easily jump out. the as you mentioned city state and county road crews are out the repairing these potholes throughout the the next several months hoping
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to get them more like this one right here patched up and fixed. a solution to those winter potholes, now seen and felt more than ever with the season's snow ape ice now melt ago way. all over the tri-state area, drivers are doing their best to stay clear of them because when you hit one hard it really hurts in more ways than one. >> i had to fix one of my wheels and bearings because of the potholes. >> the potholes are very bad messing up peoples cars. >> reporter: so over the next several months look for more crews patching up those holes and there are lots after our winter of record. >> we have had low temperatures and with the precipitation and the the snow, it just really takes a toll on the roads. >> reporter: camden county new jersey is getting especially aggressive plans to pave over its problem road come springtime. smooth road officials say are
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an investment. >> we want to be able to have businesses come in and have roads that their customers can drive on safely, so there is a lot of good reasons and why we want to improve our roadways in camden county. >> reporter: so there is a lot of work that has been done and even more to do, actually. we are told in new jersey there are about 300 county potholes per day on roads there. here in philadelphia, since the the start of the year more than 9400 potholes have been filled in our area of course, they need your help. when you see them police report them. number is 311. we have a number for camden county on our twitter page and web site. we are live from northeast philadelphia, justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". justin said, we want to remind you to be part of the pothole patrol. we want to see your photos and videos. post them to our cb. philly facebook page. you can also tweet them at cbs philly at our handle and we will get answers about when the repair jobs begin. they sneak up on you.
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>> justin, watch your step. they will swallow you up. >> you can stand in one. >> no question. >> still ahead is there more fall out the from the fraternity's racist chants as one of the students involved in the controversial video apologizes. alalso a scam alert on the main line the bold con thieves pulling off using counterfeit cash. >> ♪ robin thick and ferrell got the to give it up for copying one of marvin gaye's hit option for this song. how much they owe gaye's family in the highly watched case. that story is coming up.
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good morning everyone. jury decides lines were in the so blurred. robin thicke and ferrell williams were ordered to pay back millions for copying marvin gaye's got to give it up this verdict could have have a ripple effect on the music industry. >> reporter: that verdict was crystal clear but effects of this decision have yet to be seanez specially when it comes to protect and is what not when an artist copies another musician's sound n this case a federal jury decide that had singers ferrell williams and robin thicke crossed the line copying marvin gaye's song but not the necessarily on purpose let's listen to two songs, side by side. >> ♪ >> okay. so based on that comparison a jury rules in favor of gaye's estate ordering williams and thicke to pay back 7.4
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million-dollar a decision that gaye's daughter called a miracle but one defendant's attorney says was a mistake. >> he has been gone for 30 years so there was nothing else to do but stand up for him, stand up for his music. stand up for someone who is going to try to pill fur and take something away. when it is in the right it is not right, period. >> the song came from the the heart and song of ferrell williams and in one else. >> perhaps not even robin thicke who admitted he was high when it was reported and in the present when it was written. that song which earned a grammy nomination and old more than seven million-dollar and netted williams and thick american five million-dollar each. everybody made money on this deal including the late marvin gaye. ukee and erika. >> all right nicole, thank you. 5:13. lets get traffic and weather
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together. we will kick things off with kate. good morning. >> we are loving the the forecast, yesterday we had rain coming in and we had fog develop. there is still patchy fog out there this morning. the it is mixing out quickly. let look at what is happening on storm scan three. at the the moment we have a few lingering showers. they are starting to push south but you may need a few flips of the windshield wipers out and about even in portions of chester county, into delaware county. you can see a line of showers trying to line up here. not sure if that is reaching the ground. probably is. just a few light sprinkles here. this continues to push south and east ward during the course of the day. we have much nicer weather by this afternoon and then again tomorrow, and then another rain maker comes in by friday. so it is an active week but temperatures are warm enough to support plane rain and no ice or snow. the right now 45 degrees at the airport. forty-four in wilmington. up to 49 in the atlantic city. thirty-nine in will allentown. the let look at future weather showing how we clear things out in the course of the morning. a few breaks of sunshine may try to get in the lehigh valley sooner then they will get in the south and earn
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suburbs. during the the course of the the day cloud cover does start to dissipate a bit, and it will not be the press the yes, sir day we have ever seen though. still some filtered sunshine during the afternoon but it will be nice and warm. 61 degrees outside some clearing, nice mild day ire witt when weather seven day forecast. next rain maker friday night right through saturday. it looks like a wet start to the weekend but clearing it out sunday in time for st. patrick's day parade. new we will check on the road with justin. >> good morning. forecast is looking g i think road are looking good right the new, so enjoy it if you are getting that early start. road spray to deal with. we will start off at 95, at cottman avenue. this is southbound. things are moving pretty good. traffic picking up a little bit but at least speed are up to 55 miles an hour. we will check out roosevelt boulevard again, no problems on both directions there and so far, so good early this morning. and then again just a few areas of wet roads to deal with, with that rain and snow melt. area speeds look pretty good. coming in, i-95 55 miles
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april hour, looks good, coming in the schuylkill expressway 295 and the new jersey turnpike speeds looking good at 65 miles an hour. traffic light malfunctions now, in pennsauken this is messing things up westbound at route 30 at airport circle use federal street to get around that. mass transit reporting no delays. let check your ride let's head back to erika. eagles grabbing headlines again, this time with that quarterback switch. nick foles was 14 -five as a starter with the bird over last two years but he has been traded to the st. louis rams. eagles get sam bradford who has not played since the 2013 knee injury. police are questioning a suspect in the firebombing of the house on palmetto street in juniata park. investigators say the man is a former boyfriend of the women who lives there. pennsylvania supreme court has been deciding whether a judge was allowed to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate state attorney general, kathleen kane. a grand jury had has recommended criminal charges over release of materials to a
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newspaper. we will be right back.
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>> shoppers and businesses are on alert in montgomery county fake hundred dollars bills are floating around lower merion. a thief swindled the apple store at suburban square on sunday. we're told that suspect used 20 counterfeit hundred dollars bills to buy a gift card. also, on friday a shopper used a fake hundred to buy a pair of sandals at dsw. police are working to see if those cases are related. time to check your philadelphia jobs mark report and here's cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. >> reporter: everybody knows that the red hot information technology industry holds potential for growth with you where can new comers gain a foot hole. they conducted an analysis to find the best entry level jobs and it related positions took four of the top five spots.
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number one on the list was web applications developer. they have a median salary of $58,800. followed by information security analyst at nearly $58,000, here in philadelphia. if you're interested in technology based jobs has thousands of listings at every it level. you can also customize your search and narrow it down for positions in your a area. dice is great for analyzing technology trend getting career advice, dice even allows to you ask a tech question in the discussion area. you can create the a confidential profile to post your resume. the best parties it is all for free. i'm jill schlesinger for
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23. we know it will warm up kate but fog this morning. >> yes, still some fog out there especially north and west of the city and also down the shore. we are seeing visibility increase across the region. dense fog advisory goes until 6:00 and then things should improve after that. i want to show you we are dealing with showers still, just lingering, light sprinkles, very isolated but don't be surprised if you have to flip those wipers a couple times. over chester county a few light showers and delaware and south jersey a as well. let's check on that dense fog advisory for shore points coastal new jersey until 6:00 and far north and western suburbs, upper bucks, lehigh rally and poconos. temperatures right now nice and warm in the mid 40's right new and only will get warmer a as we head for 60's later today. we will see how roads are shaping up on this foggy wet morning with justin drabick, good morning. >> good morning. looking good so far. still a few areas of fog north up toward lehigh valley but around the city in problems. we will start off on 76 westbound just past 202
5:25 am
and, we are looking good. we are moving. that is good news at this hour but things will change, just a little bit. ben franklin bridge in problems in both directions right the now still seeing dampness outside on the roads, so just beware, coverted to a few areas of ponding from recent snowfall in all of the snow melt and rain. area speeds pretty good, no real slow spots to talk about across new jersey the city and up through northeast extension looking good this morning. so far. we have a traffic light malfunction in pennsauken this is airport circle will route 30 westbound closed alternate is federal street. in reports from mass transit looking good. that is a check of your ride now back over to ukee. thanks jb. in sports yet another change forbidder, this time nick foles goes to the rams for quarterback sam bradford. now bradford has shoulder and knee issues. he had a torn acl, a couple of them, a former number one pick and 2008 heisman trophy
5:26 am
winner. foles goes to the rams after four -five career as a starter. he missed half the the sees than last year with that broken collar bone. another new eagle is byron maxwell from seattle. he brings big game experience to the eagles secondary. maxwell won a super bell with the seattle seahawks. he will get a six year contract worth 60 million with 25 million guarantied over the first three seasons. we will talk about the eagles busy off season thus far live with merrill reese and paul jolowitz at 6:00 o'clock. stay with us. sixers host chicago bulls tonight in south philadelphia. the team is looking to go back to back there with wins for the first time since january. the bulls lost three straight. lets get them tonight. flyers and dallas stars at the well last night. stars tied the fly guys with the the first period goal by brent richie. flyers trying to stay alive in the playoff hunt but it is not looking good right new. flyers this 12-one on a third period goal by the stars. fly guys are now nine points out of the last playoff spot
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with 14 games left in the regular season. well, some bad news for fightin phillies, doctor james andrews says cliff lee has the same tear in his elbow as last season when he missed most of the season. surgery could mean the the end of cliff's year and possibly his career. all of the best to cliff. phillies still owe him more than 37 million-dollar on his contract. erika, back to you. thanks ukee. coming up next on "eyewitness news" eagles fans react to the surprising trade of nick foles. also, a brutal beating caught on tape an innocent customer is viciously attack inside a restaurant. and, hillary clinton breaks her silence on the e-mail controversy. hear her defense for using her personal e-mail account for personal state department business. still foggy out there looking live the atlantic city. justin and kate return with your traffic and weather together on the the three's. will we track 60 today? kate has th
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well, it seems like it just can't drive anywhere without hitting a rim rattling potholes. we are on the pothole patrol this morning. we will let you know where crews are working to day and how you can get help fixing some of the worst road out there and, of course thanks to the warm up and snow going a away, i'll take the warm up. let check with kate to get latest on our forecast and it will be warm, right. >> it will be nice and warm,er contact it the is warm right now. we will step out of the house with temperatures generally in the 40's even to start the day, compared that to last friday, just last friday we started morning n'synx will digits the in most of the area and high got up to 26 degrees. now our morning low is more than 20 degrees warmer then


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