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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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dad was homemaking spaghetti and meat balls as his son requested. >> i'm's sitting down and i got the a phone call from a friend saying that, you know i don't to have tell you this but your son has been shot in the stomach and he is in the hospital. >> reporter: police say 17 year old ivan overhalter had been playing with the gun he found the treat in his neighborhood a few days prior. it went off shooting becker once in the stomach. >> he took the clip out. he thought that there were no more bullets in it but there was one still in the chamber. >> reporter: becker was pronounced dead at hahnemann university hospital hours later. his father says his son had a big, kind heart. >> he loved people. he loved people. loved his family. he just loved people report report his neighbors here in kensington are devastated. >> just sat and cried that is all he could do. >> reporter: both becker and overhad halter went to kensington for creative and performing arts high school. in one on his home at susquehanna avenue would comment.
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becker's dad never met the suspect. >> i was just trying to give my son the best burial i can give him. >> reporter: this afternoon the school released a statement saying the capa family is deeply sat end by this event, and extend is sympathy to jimmy's family. though it is a a hard to believe that he is not with us anymore, our fond memories of him and his shy smile will be with us forever. funeral services for becker have been set for 10:00 o'clock friday morning at saint ann's church on lehigh avenue. live from police headquarters in center city, todd quinones, for cbs-3 eyewitness naus. >> todd, thanks very much. we're also following a develop story tonight the search continues at this hour for the the service members presumed dead after their black hawk helicopter crash last night. the chopper went down in heavy fog near eglin air force base in florida. aboard that chopper were seven marines and four national guard crew members. they were taking part in exercise that he is involved
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using small boats and helicopters to get troops into and out of a target site. well, full report on this developing story is upcoming on the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley that is next at 6:30 right here after "eyewitness news". it has been months since we felt temperatures this warm and we will get an early taste of spring today. question is how long does it the last? meteorologist kathy orr live on the cbs-3 sky deck enjoying this wonderful march evening kathy. >> is there more sun out here right now then there was an hour ago so at my back it feels warmer. temperatures soaring through the 50's today, topping off at 61 in philadelphia. that is warmest temperature we have seen since last december. it is going to get cooler. look at today's high atlantic city 63. wilmington philadelphia 61. trenton 58. redding 54 degrees. the cloud are giving way to clearing. we will have gorgeous sunsets tonight and then we will see some cooler air move in with those clear skies. temperatures falling in the
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50's, in the 40's by 9:00 p.m. at 11:00 o'clock it will be clear. temperature 44. going down 2409's. tomorrow we will get a break before more rain moves from the the south. it will will be mild but moist. we will have a rainy day this weekend. we will talk about that with the seven day forecast and looking ahead to the st. patrick's day parade. i will see you later in the broadcast when i join you inside. >> caught on camera suspects wanted in a series of hold ups in philadelphia's 19th police district. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has a look at armed bandits in action. >> reporter: their faces were hidden but gun certainly wasn't. a revolver with an 8-inch barrel pointed directly at a cowering employee at simpson's pizza in overbrook. >> like when you present in that time of the night in that environment, anything can go bad. >> reporter: no one was hurt but two suspects got away with $200 they didn't stop there just under an hour later, hitting jim's cakes in haddington.
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same guns, same mo, making way with cash there too. both businesses have been in the area a long time, nearly 120 years combined. >> with been in that community a long time. they are pillars. they want to be in those communities. they served a a lot of people over a lot of years. >> reporter: the same paris responsible for an early february robbery in this carol park bar. at the three robberies and counting, police are looking for help. >> obviously someone out there knows who did this. these persons are probably talking about it. they don't get big money. it doesn't look like they will stop. >> reporter: officers at southwest detective say because they suspects targeted such well known businessness those neighborhoods there is no reason to believe that this pair won't strike other businesses in the near future. matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". more surveillance video, police searching for two suspects wanted in the double shooting in ogontz. this happened sunday night after getting out of the car those suspects walked to fifth and beachwood where they opened fire on two people sitting in the car. both victims are now
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hospitalize. retrial of the philadelphia a priest accused of sex abuse end with the hung jury. reverend an crew mccormack was charge in the 1997 assault of the ten year-old boy at bride rectory lives. jury could not reach a verdict after three days of deliberation. first trial ended a year ago in a hung jury. prosecutors must decide if they will retry mccormack for a third time. the priest had been on administrative leave since 2011. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane's personal and political future is in the hand of the state supreme court. the the justices will decide the legality of the appointment of a special prosecutor whose hand picked grand jury recommended criminal charges against her. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter had has more from city hall. >> reporter: are you eager to hear what the court will say. >> yes, we will let court make their own decision and i should be hopeful. >> reporter: attorney general kathleen kane was optimistic, inside city hall for a hearing before the pennsylvania
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supreme court that could have a huge impact on her personal and professional future. >> reporter: are you concerned about the criminal charges or possibility of them. >> i will not have any further comment, thanks walt. >> reporter: kane's attorney asked justices to rule that the grand jury that would recommend criminal charges against her for allegedly leaking confidential grand jury document and the special prosecutor who led that investigation both were illegally appointed. >> it is all thin investigation was about. it is moth motivate by anything but the truth. >> reporter: but the special prosecutor argued to the justices that the investigation leading to charges being recommended against kane was completely proper. >> what is at issue is whether or not a sitting attorney jennies going to be charged criminally. so the steaks are very high. >> reporter: attorney george par i, a veteran former prosecutor, not connected to this case says predicting how the court will rule is very difficult.
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>> it is very hard to look at this just on the basis of the law as it exists, and know how they are going to rule. >> i'm very grateful that the court took time to listen to this important case for me and pennsylvania. >> reporter: if the justices ruled that the grand jury and special prosecutor were valid it will then be up to montgomery county district attorney risa vetri furhman to decide if any of the recommended charges will be actually filed. >> reporter: live at city hall it could be weeks if in the months before the court announces its decision. even if they rule in the favor, grand jury charges are not filed, the the ta can pick up this investigation and pursue it on her own. live from city hall, walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thanks very much. the philadelphia eagles head coach chip kelly plays some defense today following a take of moves that left fans scratching their heads. >> sports director beasley easies live inside the novacare complex in south
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philadelphia with what chip had to say today, beasley. >> reporter: yeah, it was a very busy day here. the coach and the team introduced their new quarterback sam bradford, their new flee agent cornerback byron maxwell from seattle and the coach did speak for the first time since his expanded role, starting with everyone talking about his plans to trade everything to get marcus mariota. >> let's dispel that right now, you know, i think that stuff is crazy. you guys have been going with that stuff all along. i think marcus is the best quarterback in the draft. we will never mortgage our feature because we have too many other holes that we have to take care of. >> reporter: so sam bradford is your new quarterback and new face of the franchise. he is most excited about running chip's offense. >> i think it is extremely quarterback friendly. i think every kid grows up wanting to throw the ball 40, 50, 60 times a day and that is what you will get in this offense. i can't wait to drive in and
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learn details and get to necessity how it works. but from the outside looking in it looks fun. >> reporter: coach says he wanted to keep maclin and mccoy but says it comes down to money and shady's trade, solved two problems. >> one of our plans going in we had to bolster our inside linebacker depth. that was a priority for us. the result of is money that was freed up. way we looked at it we got kiko alonzo and byron maxwell for lesean mccoy. >> reporter: and we talk to byron maxwell just minutes ago and you'll that have in sports a little bit late are on. from the nova a care complex i'm's beasley reese now back to you in the studio. >> to a hear from the head coach today beasley, thanks very much. less than 200 days from now pope francis will be in philadelphia and security will be tight. >> still ahead we are getting new information about who will be protecting the pope and hundreds of thousands whose will be taking part in this historic event. plus legendary singer returns to philadelphia after more than a decade, we will
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tell you who will be joining the philly pops for a concert unlike any other. kathy? it was such a beautiful day you may not have noticed that we had a good amount of rain the two south of us. as this moves off shore, skies will clear and temperatures will plunge. we will look at when the rain will be moving in the region for the weekend coming
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text messages, handwritten note, voice males this woman gets them from her boyfriend all the time. there is just one problem here, he is invisible. tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 why some people are pennsylvania paying for a relationship with a man or women of their dreams. philadelphia is two hundred days from pope francis stepping in the city and meeting millions of people expected to come see him. today we have learn the papal visit has been designated a national special security event, meaning that secret service, home land security and fbi will all be playing a role. our pat ciarrocchi has more. >> reporter: pope francis has become a magnet, his wednesday audience draws tense
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of thus toss st. peters square. meanwhile philadelphia is waiting for millions. a life sized cut out has become symbol of what is to come less than 200 days from right now. >> it is just the beginning. >> reporter: philadelphia's power elite met to support committees draft todd handle every aspect of the world meeting of families. beginning september the between the second, and capped off with a two take visit here by pope francis. >> there will be a high level of security the entire week. in order to pull off an event of this nature they can't do it the a at the last minute. >> reporter: security will be handled by secret service home land security and fbi. philadelphia's historic event is now designated as an nsse, a national special security event. >> there are a lot of governmental resources available to us. >> reporter: that means manpower and money. for the world meeting leadership it is a saving grace. fun raising stand at 32 million of a 45 million-dollar goal. most is in cash, without strings attached.
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>> it is never come up where someone whether it is a corporate or individual someone said hey what willie if the for this. >> reporter: with a family festival attracting a million to the parkway saturday the 26th which includes a 90 minute papal event and 2 million on the parkway sunday for mass, the waters may part for some. >> large downers certainly are interested, whether it is during mass or have another opportunity to be near the the the pope. >> reporter: organizers are saying that they need more families to host visitors in their own homes, and, 10,000 volunteers will go through high level security checks before being assigned to the event. in the sat center, pat ciarrocchi cbs-3, eye bitterness news. for more on upcoming papal visit and world meadeing of families we have set up a special section at cbs the philly pops is getting excited about its upcoming concert season. >> this season includes a celebration, of old blue eyes.
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>> ♪ >> frank sinatra style singer michael andrew helped the pops announce highlight of new season today. pops will commemorate sinatra's 100th birthday in october, they will also perform with the singer andre aboveel i at wells fargo center in december. some great shows another great season with the philadelphia pops. >> um-hmm. a beautiful spring-like day outside, i mean, a huge improvement over what we have seen. question is can we keep it going. >> i hepp so. but i'm just hoping. meteorologist kathy orr knows and she's tracking changes for us. >> i wish i could because as people left the building to day from cbs-3 somebody looked at me and said you nose everybody is happy. >> right exactly. >> little pep in our step. >> it is the weather. lets look at our eyewitness weather watchers are saying across the region. temperatures will stay seasonal, in the quite as warm
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as today though a cross the delaware valley our eyewitness weather watchers are reporting temperatures in the mid 50's to 60 degrees at this late hour. jerry is reporting a temperature of 56 degrees in blue bell. if i can get tighter in our viewing area you can see some new weather watchers. right now, el a a has a temperature of 60 degrees in centre square with wind out of the west at 10 miles an hour. and we will go to the south to the suburbs near downingtown where we're reporting a temperature of 56 degrees. nathan a new weather watcher from downingtown reporting in a pressure that is steady. take a look outside where we're enjoying some spring skiing at jack frost big boulder, and what a beautiful sight this afternoon, and one of our eyewitness weather watchers sent in this picture rhea twitter. margot is all over. the she's in buena vista township and she's showing us waving cloud this afternoon through south jersey and you can see the cloud shine through them. thank you, margot. we are looking at conditions that will be getting cooler
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before they get warmer. right now in philadelphia it is 60. sixty-one in millville. at this late her look at that dover checking in at 60 degrees. poconos. 49 degrees. to the south we have 60's, some 70's. to the west we have some 40's. we will be seeing a little bit of everything. high pressure will be dominating our weather tomorrow, it is coming from the north. we will see northerly wind and influence. temperatures will be cooler in the lower 50's but that is seasonal. high gives way to an approaching storm system in the tennessee valley, temperatures on friday will be approaching 50 degrees with some high cloud moving in again. it will be mild for saturday, and temperatures back in the 50's with this southern storm system but it will be raining so if you have any outdoor soccer games lacrosse games baseball games i think they could be postponed due to the rain on saturday. future weather shows we still had some sunshine but then rain ioves in during the evening after 7:00 o'clock and rains heavier at times right through saturday morning with lingering rain during the of
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afternoon. the as far as the amount we will look at our american model, gfs you will remember that from the winter and european model and they are both around an inch of rain. there is consensus for heavy rain showers. offer night the skies will clear, temperatures will fall back to 34 degrees in the city. cooler in the suburbs. the thursday sunny but cooler then today. this is seasonal. this is where we should be. 51 degrees. on the exclusive seven day forecast friday increasing cloud, rain comes friday night into sat the day, saturday that steady rain will slowly taper off late, we have philadelphia st. patrick's day parade on sunday. it looks good but windy. you still have to dress for i. high temperature of 50. fifty-five on monday. on tuesday a chance of the shower otherwise, the the high of 52. the last year it snowed. this is an improvement. wednesday look for a high of 50 degrees. >> i mean look look that seven day forecast is far better then this time last week. >> it is a winner. >> we were preparing for a snowstorm. >> hard to believe.
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>> it seems longer ago with mess of the snow at least now gone. >> thanks, catty you are welcome. at this time we're used to it being dark outside. 6:00 to. we are dealing with sun glare on our cameras here right around i-95 at 320 in the north bound lanes. as they squeeze by an accident scene as well. multi vehicles involved here. they are push over in the right-hand shelledder. all lanes get by slowly. over on the ben franklin bridge completely no problems a and beautiful shot. in problems heading in to new jersey and all lanes open. little slow go in the city but doing just fine. out in upper more london 611 easton road approaching pennsylvania turnpike there is an accident over into the shoulder on 422. another crash, on the shoulder on the westbound on ramp to route 29. and on i-95 northbound right at bridge street there is a disable vehicle blocking left-hand lane and mass transit doing great. september, new jersey transit patco speed line running on time with in delays. currently in delays at philadelphia international
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airport. rest of our majors just a little bit slow but it is nice day so role roar your windows down. schuylkill expressway eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway that will take but 27 minutes and 17 minutes and a heavy trip on 422 westbound from 202 into oaks. stay there cbs-3 "eyewitness
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the philadelphia eagles busy again today at the novacare complex make ago digses to the 2015 bird. they have reportedly signed running back ryan matthews, of san diego, and cornerback walter thurmond formally of the giant. thurmond will be reunited with his former seahawks teammate byron maxwell in the secondary. maxwell was highest rated
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cornerback in this years free agent class. playing in seattle maxwell was always tested since mess teams shied away from the corner on the other side richard sherman. he hopes he can teach some younger players what it takes to be a champion. >> experience can only help. maybe i can give something to the younger guy that he didn't have. so, i go in and see positives and leadership coming from my experience. >> now to baseball, the phillies and taking on the pirates in sunny clearwater. lets look at good weather and good baseball. cole hamels got the start this afternoon. he went three innings allowing this two run home run to jord i mercer in the top of the third. phillies came back, jeff francoeur hit a single to the left in the sixth inning scoring hernandez as phillies beat pittsburgh three-two.
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cliff lee threw a bull pen session today and afterward he said elbow felt the same. he has a small tear and cliff hopes he can endure discomfort and pitch through it this season. if not he will need season ending surgery. so busy day for the eagles and that is it for sports, we will have more news after ♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. [ r&b slow jam playing ] ♪ yeah, girl
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. cbs evening is next. search for missing servicemen continue. investigators looking in the cause of the helicopter crash we told but earlier tonight. plus a round up that could save one endangered species. here now from new york is scott pelley.
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>> pelley: the ferguson police chief and city manager are out after a federal report finds a pattern of racial bias. also tonight, black hawk down, a terrible toll in a crash off florida. and experimental therapy has added years to the lives of some cancer patients. and the great rhino round-up. >> there is a brief period of discomfort that could ultimately save his life. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: they are cleaning house in ferguson, a house that the federal government found filthy with racial bias from the police department to the courts. late today the police chief resigned, just hours after the city manager was forced out. the federal investiga


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