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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 12, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is thursday march 12th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." two police officers shot overnight in ferguson. we're there with the latest on the manhunt. >> secret service agents accused of crashing into a white house barrier after a night of drinking at a party. plus, finding faith in fitness. why churches are telling members hit the gym to get closer to god. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> officers down shots fired at the ferguson police department.
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>> two officers shot at a protest in ferguson. >> one shot in the face, the other in the shoulder. both officers were conscious. >> a violent end to the largely peaceful protest. >> we cannot sustain this forever without problems. >> two secret service agents were involved in a possible drunk driving crash last week at the white house. >> the agents were reportedly leaving a party for a retired colleague when they hit a barrier. >> they're squeezing the militants on two fronts. >> it's a difficult search to find all of the victims. >> a new fallout from the university of oklahoma. sau is now admitting they have been doing it for years. >> we're not going to put up with racist comments racist jokes. it's an epidemic in this country. >> yesterday services broke down. >> repairs ahead for a pizza
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shop after car plows right through the front window. >> all that -- >> last touched by henderson. sit up front. whoa. >> -- and all that matters -- >> the medical people. to you want them to meet you at the gate? >> a pregnant woman was on the plane and her water broke mid flight. >> i thought i was going have her on the plane. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> my reaction to the letter is utter disbelief. >> did you have any regrets? >> not at all. >> they say if this doesn't work they're going to send seth rogan and james franco. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." police in ferguson missouri are searching for at least one gunman who shot two officers overnight.
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the cell phone video happened at the moment of the shooting. it happened outside fersson police headquarters. >> the two wounded officers are in serious condition this morning. mike khouw lumboof our affiliate is at the scene in ferguson. mike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. last night's chaos has given way to calm this morning as the search continues for a shooter or shooters in ferguson missouri. we understand both woulded officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries. one was shot in the face. the other shot in the shoulder. nielkter work for the ferguson police department. they work outside of the st. louis area. both were brought in last night to help with last night's
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demonstrations. these shots were fired just after midnight as hours of intense protests were winding down. >> got officer down officer down. >> the gunfire came from across the street sending officers an demonstrators scrambling for safety. >> everybody down on the ground. police got shot. >> the bullets were literally right past my head. >> reporter: the injured officers are employed by the websters grove and st. louis county police departments, one of them seen here being taken to an ambulance. >> there were several officers standing together when this happened. they were shot just because they're police officers. >> reporter: jon belmar is st. louis county's police chief. >> one was shot in the ould ershoulder the other in the face. >> he felt this was the best way
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forward. >> jackson is the sixth ferguson official to leave in the last week. he's been heavily criticized for his department's response to last august's killing of unarmed teen michael brown and the reaction through protests that follow. the problems are far-reaching. ferguson's approach reaches racial bias. in a letter wednesday the chief wrote of five years it was an honor to serve and he will continue to assist the city anyway he can. bellemare says the volatile relationship between the law enforcement and the community can't go on. >> it's vegas difficult to sustain this. >> reporter: both injured officers are at the hospital this morning with their families. we expect an update on their conditions and a search for suspects at a news conference
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later this morning. gayle? >> thank you, mike. two senior agents allegedly drove a vehicle into a white house barrier last week after a day of drinking. good morning. >> good morning. considering else the secret service has been through recently and the fact that it's under new management it created shock and disbelief at the white house. at first they thought it was a joke laced with too much irony, but it's very real. >> mike connolly second in command on president obama's detail and senior adviser george ogilvie have been stripped of their majt duties and assigned to desk jobs. there was a suspicious package
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investigation at the white house. they were returning from a retirement parties for outgoing senior spokesman ed don oh van and allegedly near the white house. the investigation will focus on drunk driving and whether they overualed to conduct field sobriety tests. this is the first real test oh joseph clancy. he replaced julia pierson who abruptly stepped down due to security breaches. in september, a fence jumper made it into the white house through the unlocked front door and into the east room before he was apprehended and later that month a report surfaced that in 2011 it took four days for the
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agency to realize the white house had been hit with gunfire. >> without question the agency has been severely damaged in recent years by failures raging from misconduct and breakdowns undermining the trust and confidence that previous generations worked so hard to establish. >> president obama was briefed. he wants a tough, thorough investigation. it is said this was not only embarrassing but potentially dangerous. charlie? >> thanks. isis militants are fighting iraqi troops and militias. holly williams is south of tikrit with one pro-government militia and she joins us on the phone. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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i'm about five miles south of tikrit. iraqi forces have entered and are retaking the city street by street. they're just days away from recapturing the entire city. one of the commanders in our field tell us that there were 500 roadside bombs in this town alone in the course of one day. the kmaernlds told us isis may have fewer than 200 left in the city of tikrit while the iraqi forces number more than 20 thousand men. the bulk of them believe to shiite militias. there are reigning officers in the field. it's increasing iranian influence here in iraq but
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they're invisiting they're only advisers and they will el tell us they will take knell help they can fight. >> thank you so much. during a speech in tehran he seemed to respond to a letter from 47 republican senators warning any nuclear afwreemd could be revoked in the record. hominy said coat every time we reach a state when any gauche yaegss, the taupe of other side, especially that of the americans, becomes sharper, hard eric and more violent. this is part of techniques and tricks. military rescue crews resumed their search for the sign of any marines and four soldiers after a helicopter crashed in the bhanld.
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mark strassmann is in in navarre wrim where the rhett cue effort. good morning. >> good morning. you can't see any water because of the fog that is bag again this morning an these thee the soort of vud biblt that the black hawk helicopter went down. searchesrs have found human remains assumed to be that of the servicemen although this is still a search and rescue operation. >> we always hold out hope. i know they're going to be doing everything they can. >> reporter: two uh black hawk helicopter took off of an training skper seens.
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that it's >> it's hard to describe. it's like a metal noise. >> eddie connell said he heard something unusual out over the water. >> like two bat together. >> hee took photos wednesday of what he said was debris and a body bag. an air crew of four national guardsmen from louisiana. national guard officials say the chopper pilots were also instructed with the army's highest raping and several thousand hours of flying time in black hawk hawks. >> you go through all kinds of tests until you hit a fog bank. then you start flying instrumental instrumentally. >> many gathered in a
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candlelight vigil. >> this was a newer model black hawk. it cared a night data quarter and finding that would tlthe call what went wrong. norah? >> thank you. they're accused of targeting the u.s. consolate. government forces say he told undercover that he was going to set off bombs. they say malick is an isis supporter who moved there 11 years ago. the testimony continues in dzhokhar tsarnaev's case. the tsarnaev brothers ambushed and killed him once the fb i named him as the suspects. doddern gook mod rp.
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>> reporter: good morning. jurors and shaun collier's family were seen videos short-after he was killed and they wchbs put dzhokhar tsarnaev squarely at the scene. this video shows them heading toward collier's mit police cruiser only houses before they am bertsched him. >> oh my goodness. all units respond. officers down offices down. >> get on it! >> reporter: it's hard to make much of the video but nathan harmon riding his bike that night remembers what he say. saw. there was someone leaning in the door. he snapped up stood up turned around, and looked started.
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he was ask if he sees him in the courtroom. he said, yes, he's reat there. he has a blue shirt on. >> no, it does not. when you have an eyewitness who is certain what he saw, it's a good thing. >> reporter: the fbi identified the brother as the prime suspects this the difficult. >> reporter: jurors got to see a rem nachblts of the bomb. this morning they'll hear more the family of collier and a the car that was allegedly struck by
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them. >> this on tuesday she said she deleted about 30,000 e-mails from her years at the state department. they analyzed clinton's permanent e-mail address that reportedly found that for at least the first two months of her term her computer was. a that is the word this morning from the sigma alpha epps lon chapter. this stigma dates back at least three to four years but this morning there are more questions about the fraternity's rayist chanltd actually began on the cam pause. jericka dur can in more man, oklahoma. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. now they're looking at whether tla used the same raucous chant in texas. but this morning it was the
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studentnds who came together. >> people look at me crazy, look at my do-rag judge me on side. >> many hope the outrage over a video could usualer in change for the university and the city of norman. for days the campus chapter denied teaching a racist chant to their members. but hours later they said wednesday they discovered that a horrible cancer ended into the o.u. chan ter of sae three to four years ago and was not totally and immediately stopped. however they staid they would not teach such a racist hateful chant. ♪
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one of the so-called students in the video parker rice claim thad the song was taught to them. students have been holding rallies throughout the week. >> a lot of people aren't aware of the institutionalized racism that we face as minorities on campus. >> they will hire a vice president who will oversee the diversity programs. these student i say the door has finally been opened to talk honestly about case. >> i have a dream. >> the university president david bourn said he had been meeting with minority groups regularly before the sae incident. as for the investigation incident he said it's not over. he said more punnerment could
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come over. >> jericka, thanks. fema will investigate all cases. it comes after " 060 minutes" revealed fraud through insurance companies. they'll get a letter and have access to engineering reports. >> you might remember the frightening video we showed you earlier of an attempted kidnapping of a toddler. the suspect is in jail t >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing. >> testing.
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by edward jones where personal attention is a big deal. a modern-day prohibition battle over powdered alcohol. >> ahead and only on "cbs this morning," the product's inspector shows us why he believes the government has no right to decide what people drink. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning."
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the fight for faster trains is picking up. ahead, why the u.s. is taking so long to catch up after the white house approved visions for
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high-speed rail. >> plu good morning everyone i'm ukee washington. time to check your friday eve forecast here's katie with the forecast. >> good morning ukee it it will be a nice day. we are starting with clear skies, lots of sunshine and not only do we have sun in the sky but take a look at this camera, our rooftop camera and we are zoom into a beautiful moon as well. sunnies up and moon is still up as well, beautiful moon there over center city. the great day to if the outside and do sun or moon gaysing this afternoon. completely clear day. the breezy, cooler then yesterday but still a nice march day. 51 degrees is the the high. mainly clear and colder down to 31. you're witness weather seven day forecast for rain late tomorrow night and continue through the day saturday.
7:27 am
we will dry it out sunday into monday. we will see how roads are shaping up with justin good morning good morning. moon and sun up at the same time this is 476 blue route at ridge pike southbound with the headlights there picking up volume there as well, typical for the the rush her but check out ben franklin bridge coming into the city all stack up even outbound, slowing things down pretty good but at the least no reports of any delays from mass transit. that is your ride, ukee back to you. justin, thank you. next update 7:55. up next this morning the business of boxing. more local news weather and traffic and sports we're on the cw philly and you can find us on these channels. i'm ukee washington. have a good morning. see new a bit.
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when i got to work as secretary of state i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account which was allowed by the state department because i thought it would be easier to kari just one device for my work instead of just two. >> that's a hassle. you're like oh no my blackberry. oh, wait i'm getting another call. hold on. hold on. oh, no. oh. >> very hard to eat a supplyingndae like that.
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>> you have two. >> i do, but you can put your e-mail on more than one device. how many do you have? >> more than two. >> he's got seven. he's got other ipads. >> i love my ipads. i can never give them up. coming up. the biggest payday. one winner will land at least an eight-figure windfall. how a fight that's five years in the mareking could have a far-reaching impact. plus babe lily is in the hands of her father. she left the hospital. her dad's emotional response and what investigators found inside the car. that story's next. it's time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. they re-established a direct telephone link for the first time in 16 years direct calls can be made without going through a third country. it is the first signed agreement between american and cuban companies since the two
7:32 am
companies decided to renew diplomatic ties. >> "the new york times" has an update on the controversy we told you about over the upcoming release of harper lee's new novel. there's an giggs on whether she's mentally fit to public the second novel. harper lee announced she would release a second book. many now question the publisher's motive. the "chicago tribune" has a follow-up on the little league team jackie robinson west. the district was disbanded yesterday. it was stripped of its title. it used players outside of its designated area. the team will be sent to a new district. >> that was such a cinderella story. that's too bad. a sightseer died when a
7:33 am
whale crashed on the boat. the victim was taken on shore but died during treatment. teenage girls attacking a 15-year-old girl at mcdonald's in brooklyn. thal video is so hard to watch. the attack was captured on cellphone as the girl was beaten by four others. some were cheering and nobody here dialed 911. mcdonald's workers did pick up the phone. witnesses are refusing to testify so the attackers are not being charged. even the victim is affrayed to testify. they found the teenager who ran off with a young child on sunday. the suspect is in jail this morning. dramatic surveillance video captured the attacking kidnapping in sprog. vladimir duthiers is here to show us how he tracked down the
7:34 am
suspect. good morning. >> good morning. a family friend left a child nayed oh one unattended at a playground with the 10-year-old and a sister. that's when the man began a conversation with the treo and then snatched the stroller. >> 911. what's your emergency. >> surveillance have it owe shows a suspect running with the 22-month-old. moments later the brother and sister were seeking after him. >> she was trying to tell somebody but she couldn't get it out and then we saw the little brother drop. >> the suspect left owen unhurt in an empty lot and took off. giddings called 911. >> the man is loose somewhere. no one has seen him but we've got the baby. >> these two boys helped chase
7:35 am
after the kidnapper before he disappeared. >> it scares me that it would happen in sprague what is like nothing has ever happened in sprague. >> the surveillance footage taken at a grocery store was sent to an fbi lab for analysis. on wednesday one of owen's siblings identified the suspect in a photo. he was arrested. michael wright is the father of the three children. >> not only is my family safe but the other families are safe because he is off the street and they won't have to go through what i've had to go through for the last couple of days. >> he's been booked in a juvenile detention facility. police are withholding his identity because he is a minor. >> glad he's behind bars. this morning car crash survivor baby lily is recovering at home. >> lily -- >> you know lily's story. the 18-month-old was released
7:36 am
from a salt lake city hospital yesterday. we've been telling you how she survive add crash that took the life of her mother. she dangled upside down in her car seat for 14 hours after the car plunged into the water. he spoke about coping with the loss of his fiancee. >> that's hard for me now. i haven't wrapped it around my head. she was the love of my life. i still have to deal with that. >> they found pills, aer is ridge and what appears to be marijuana in the car. that i say this appears to have not played any role in the crash. floyd mayweather will face manny pacquiao in a boxing match. how millions of dollars and the future of the sport itself are on the line.
7:37 am
>> reporter: it was a stare-down before the smackdown between floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao. >> it's all about the fight, the best fighting the best. >> the fight is on. >> reporter: their may 2nd bout took five years of negotiation. it's exacted to shatter every financial record in boxing. pacquiao could make $80 million. may weather, the highest paid boxer could make $120 million. david avila is a boxing column columnistcolumn columnist. >> how unprecedented is it? >> it's unprecedented. >> despite that the undefeated and the pride of the philippines
7:38 am
are not nearly as well known as boxing former greats. >> want to fight joe frazer and george foreman in the same night. >> reporter: they were household names but when fights moved from tv to pay-per-view, they lost some. may weather and pacquiao are also fighting for boxing's future. >> is this going to be enough to bring boxing back to the forefront for the mass of people? >> i think this fight will do. it's going to be one of those fights it's going to be so quick because you're going to be glued to the television. >> because boxing is here to remind us it's not down for the count. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy. >> i cannot wait. >> i saw les moonves.
7:39 am
his friends need lots of tickets. my question is do you need a plus one? i'm told i'm a delightful date. >> we'll see. >> translation, no. thanks for offering. >> you've got to be careful. remember what he said about a first date yesterday. >> i could change his mind. this is funny, norah. my favorite son will e-mailed me, i agree with charlie. charlie said, sex on a first date is okay. >> not necessary but okay. will says i agree with charlie. i think they're both wrong. >> i agree with you, gayle. >> i'll stay in my 1950s cocoon.
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ahead, the outdoor enthusiast fighting critics to bring alcohol to store shelf this summer. gayle, what do we think about that? all right. >> you like it the way it is. if you're heading off to work, set your dvr so you can watch "cbs this morning" any time. we'll be right back. eat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you.
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a controversy band of alcohol is being brought up the across the state. it when mixed with water it turns to alcohol. more than a dozen states have banned it or are considering banning it. good morning. >> good morning. now senator chuck schumer is going to introduce a bill that would ban it nationwide but they say those fears are wildly overblown and his opponents could maybe use a good stiff drink. just add water and shake. it's as simple as that. 30 seconds later the powdered
7:45 am
alcohol is a cocktail ready to drink. >> there you go. you have liquid vodka. >> this is the founder. he found carrying bottles burdensome. >> if they're an outdoor enthusiast and they're going biking boating, anywhere where weight is an issue, powdered is lighter. >> reporter: so far rum, vod karks cosmo toe tan and posm o posmorita. phillips is tight lipped about the price. >> it will be sold on stores. >> new york senator chuck schumer is a palcohol prohibition nift. he wants to make it a crime if
7:46 am
you possess it. >> whenever you drink it it's in liquid form. but when it's in powdered form you can in jest a whole lot and do real damage to yourself. >> reporter: critics also worry powdered alcohol could be used to spike drinks or snort it for a quicker buzz. phillips disagrees. >> it really burned to snort it. just like if you sniffed vodka, it would burn like crazy. >> reporter: he added each contained enough alcohol to fill one shot glass and it would take an hour to snort it all. he thinks opponents should put a cork in it. >> why do we need big government telling us what we can drink and what we can't drink. >> reporter: schumer insists powdered alcohol is more dangerous than regular alcohol. >> some of the companies that
7:47 am
have advertised this have advertised it directly to kids in way that don't have any intent other than have people ingest a whole lot of alcohol quickly. that could be dangerous. >> now phillips says he's looking for a fifth one next week, lemon drop and he hopes to have them available on store shelf this summer. gayle? >> all right, jan. i think the audience will decide. >> scary though. >> for some people. i think the convenience might outweigh everything. we'll see. thank you, jan. forget about that apple watch. why there is now a drive for apple to buy tesla. how about that. plus vince gilligan says you've gone too far. knock it off. stop throwing >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing. >> testing.
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good morning i'm erika von tiehl. lets get over to kate with your forecast and not quite 60 today but not bad. >> not bad at all you cannot complain about seasonal temperatures in mid-march. we will be right where we should be, temperature wise today and just take a look outside at the what a beautiful day it is. look at that sun off the buildings there in center city. blue skies. i could not pick which camera to show you because they all look gorgeous. great dab to be out and b only problem weather-wise is sun glare. lets look at today sunny breezy cooler but nice 51 degrees. the breeze will make it feel chilly in the afternoon but perfectly seasonal march day. tomorrow is nice rain comes in tomorrow night. it will last us through much of the day on saturday. the here's just continue good
7:57 am
morning. >> good morning, everyone. forecast looking night but not so nice on southbound past cottman. things are stacking up good. look the at ben franklin bridge this hour. coming into the city, pretty long line up, with a lot of volume leaving the city, things are looking good. no reports of any delays on mass transit airport looks good, that is a check live new back over to you. your next update 8:00 256789 next up this morning duchess of cambridge visits the set of downtown abby. are you excited? i am. your local news weather and traffic continues on the cw philly on these channels. i'm erika von tiehl have a great morning.
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it is thursday march 12th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including new criticism of the republicans' letter to iran. the secretary of state goes face-to-face with senators who signed it. but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the search continues for a shooter or shooters in ferguson missouri. both officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries. >> considering everything that the secret service has been through recently this story gives reactions of shock and disbelief at the white house. >> they report heavy rocket and mortar fire. >> the fog is back and that's the sort of poor visibility the
8:01 am
black hawks pilots had. >> an eyewitness puts dzhokhar tsarnaev squarely at the scene. >> they look at whether they used the same raucous chant. >> not ochbl is my family safe but other families. >> chuck schumer is going to inproduce a bill that's banned nationwide. >> why would we want big government telling us what we can drink or can't drink. >> how unprecedented is it with the alt of money. >> there's never been anything leak. >> i need to know do you need a plus one? >> you have to be careful. you remember what he said about a first date. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by prudential. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell.
8:02 am
st. louis police say two officers were shot because they were police officers. cell phone video captured the moment of the shooting. a manhunt for suspects is still going on. the wounded men are in serious condition. one was hit in the face, the other in the shoulder. >> the shooting happened across the street from a protest outside ferguson police headquarters. the wounded officers work for other departments. tensions have been high in that st. louis suburb since the police killing of michael brown last summer. ferguson's police chief resigned yesterday. secret service is under investigation this morning. two senior agents allegedly crashed their white house vehicle into a white house barricade after a party. both have been stripped of management roles and reassigned
8:03 am
to desk jobs. lawmakers still have no common ground this morning on nuclear negotiations with iran. secretary john kerry yesterday sat through a fiery hearing on capitol hill. nancy cordes is there as potential presidential contenders weigh in. good morning. >> good morning. temperatures really did flairre as negotiations did come face-to-face. john kerry. >> my reaction to the letter was utter disbelief. >> secretary kerry slammed the letter slammed by senate republicans that warned the iranian regime that any dplier deal not approved by congress would be nothing more than an executive agreement and the next president could revoke it with the stroke of a pen. >> it purports to tell the world if you want to have any confidence, they have to negotiate with members of
8:04 am
congress. >> bob corker didn't sign the letter. >> mr. secretary that's a well written speech. >> not a speech my friend. not a speech. this is a statement about the impact of this irresponsible letter. >> five minutes and 26 seconds later you finished. >> four are likely presidential candidates and two used wednesday's high-profail hearing to take the legislation to task. >> i signed the letter to iran, but you know what? the message i was sending was to you. the message was to president obama that we want you to obey the law. >> believe that our mill tai strategy toward isis is influenced by our desire not to cross redlines about military presence in the region. >> absolutely not in the least. >> reporter: in the midst of her own controversy, likely candidate hillary clinton took a swipe at her potential opponents on twitter writing that no one
8:05 am
considering running for commander in chief should be signing on to that letter. >> everyone is weighing onto this letter including iran's supreme leader who said yesterday it is ridiculous disgusting, and gross. and, gayle, he added every time we're close to a deadline in the negotiations the tone especially by the americans becomes sharper and more violent. >> message received. thank you very much. many yierss experience it they say it could be an internal error and thank customers for their patience. >> they want to steer the tech giant giant. they want them to buy a car. dan ackerman is a senior editor
8:06 am
with our partners at cnet. good morning. >> good morning to you guys. >> is this a serious thing? >> this is a story that keeps coming back. they've hired people from tesla and other car companies and they're working on an incar system called carplay that you're going to see in cars later this year so it's something people keep bringing up. >> if they wanted to they could certainly afford it. >> they certainly could, but is that a company that's looking to sell. that's the other half of the equation. >> that was my question. is there any indication that elon musk is even interested in teaming up with app snl. >> he's a very classic guy. i'm not sure he wants to work in the apple structure which is very buttoned down. i don't know if he would be given six months off to bill a rocket ship or whatever he wants to do. >> what does apple have that could be good in the car that could be added to the tesla? >> people say the car systems are still very out of date the entertainment systems, the
8:07 am
interface. what apple wants to do is bring it into the modern era. google's working on the same thing. >> the interesting thing too all these guys know each other. >> of course. they trade employees back and forth all the time. they poach employees. >> do you get the sense that apple listens to what the public is saying? >> you know, apple is one of those companies that doesn't need to listen to the public. they don't have you know, activist shareholders out there like companies like yahoo! does where they need to go out and appease them. if you see apple executives talking about cars and their interest in the industry and interviews, that's clearly a little bit planned. >> thank you. >> wouldn't you long to see a car designed by them? >> that would be super cool. the design you bet. >> that would be cool. dreaming is cool. thank you, dan ackerman. it's a long journey for high-speed rail. u.s. doesn't have a bullet train
8:08 am
like japan does yet. ahead, why there's optimism that 200-miles-per-hour trains could arriving in this country. >> we're so far behind. >> oh, boy. wouldn't that be a great, to go >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing. >> testing. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 sponsored by prudential. solving problems for 135 years. prudential. bring your challenges.
8:09 am
keeping the faith while shedding pounds. manuel bojorquez shows us a new trend. >> these gym goers say they're strengthening not only their bodies but also their souls. we'll show you why churches are combining faith and fitness coming up on "cbs this morning."
8:10 am
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the scene from "breaking bad" originally aired five years ago but the real-life homeowners are still dealing with copycats.
8:14 am
the albuquerque, new mexico, house stood in for his house for years. several have shown up to reinact the pizza toss. yesterday they installed security cameras. >> we have people coming from all over the world and we welcome them as long as they ee respectful. if you're going to be a jerk stay away. >> you tell them. vince gilligan director of "breaking bad" tells them to cut it out. let me tell you. there is nothing original or funny or cool about throwing a pizza on top of their roof. he said she's one of the nicest ladies and said if you mess with her, you're a [ bleep ]expletive.
8:15 am
>> here in the u.s. high-speed rail has had a difficult time catching on. the white house unveiled its vision for new train corridors in 2009 but so far there has been very little progress. jeff pegues is in washington with how that can be or could be about to change. jeff good morning. >> reporter: good morning. top speed on amtrak's station leave at about 150 miles per hour but there are high-speed rail projects planned across the country with trains going 50 miles an hour faster than that. the developers behind those projects really believe the idea of high-speed rail in this country has finally turned the corner. this bullet train is as fast as it looks. in japan it covered 320 miles in just two hours and 25 minutes traveling at close to 190 miles per hour. high-speed rail in this country is also gaining ground.
8:16 am
within six years texas developers are promising a link between dallas/ft.-ft. worth and houston at 205 miles per hour. and in california another project will bring a 200-mile-per-hour system traveling between places like san francisco and los angeles by 2028. richard lawless is with texas central railway, believes the payoff is down the road. >> once the system is up and operating, people will appreciate its efficiency its safety, and its dependability, and that's what we have to do here. we have to demonstrate that this system can work in the united states. >> we're going to have 50 million people in california. >> dan richard is director of the high-speed rail authority. >> here in california we have three of the five busiest amtrak routes already and we know there's a tremendous need for ridership. >> reporter: between 2009 and
8:17 am
2010 alone there were three failed projects in florida, wisconsin, and ohio when funding for those projects were cut. >> that's an example of one that has turned into a real boon dog. >> reporter: this congressman sayed the $68 billion price tagg is a waste of money. >> there aren't enough ridership numbers to be able to balance the project and there also aren't private investors willing to invest in it. there won't be a profit if you don't have ridership. >> reporter: it's being funded in texas privately but they too, face a grohling opposition that could stop it in its tracks. it could require elected officials in every city in every county to approve the project. >> it's not feasible it's not reasonable, and it's not necessary. >> reporter: she owns land near houston that's been in her family for more than 130 years. the high-speed rail line could
8:18 am
force them to move. >> anyone in the united states or perhaps the world looks at the state of texas and they see cow, cowboy boots, horses, and people that farm and ranch. if they were to try to take texas railway right through this property they're going to destroy the very thing that makes texas the great state it is. >> reporter: they say they're trying to minimize the impact on community but it's the traffic in california that is really fueling that project out there. high-speed rail is really seen as a solution to the state's growing transportation needs. norah. >> okay, thanks. i know we think it's long past due. >> yeah. it seems a long way off, but i'm glad they're talking about it. >> agreed. coming up real-life royalty pays a visit to "downton abbey."
8:19 am
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you've got to keep your eye on the ball. this fan learned the hard way.
8:23 am
she was paying attention to her cell phone when the hor its made a cross-court pass that didn't work. >> oh, my gosh. look at her reaction. >> i feel that pain. >> her glasses. did you see her glasses? >> shot off from her face. >> i hope she's okay too. >> pay attention to the game. tv nobility is meeting the real thing this morning in london. cast members of "downton abbey" are posting prince william's wife princess kate. charlie d'agata was in the crowd as the future queen drove up. >> it is the moment that excited schoolchildren and i have been waiting for, the arrival of the duchess of cambridge otherwise known as kate middleton. she's here at the set of "downton abbey" where she's going to be meeting some of the stars and watching some of the filming. sadly, we're told she's not
8:24 am
going to be making a cameo appearance. that's what she's here for. what we're here for, of course to see what she's wearing and to see how that little baby bump is coming up. you can see the paparazzi behind me. they're excited. the flurry of photos. this is one of the last public appearances she's going to be making before she goes essentially in hiding to go off and wait for her baby and we go off to wait for her to have her baby. during their last trip to the united states, she and prince william said that they were big fans of the show and now that she'll be making fewer public appearances, she may have more time to catch up on any episodes she may have missed. norah? >> all right charlie. thanks. >> he was very smiley very excited to see her. >> d'agata? >> yes, he was. >> that's what i was waiting for. >> is george clooney in this season? >> he did something, but we're not going to see him. it's part of a promo.
8:25 am
we have a rare look at the inner wor good morning everyone i'm ukee washington. >> in the news car crashed in the trenton area home is now a murder investigation. chopper three over 1100 block of hamilton avenue. police say someone shot a man causing him to lose control of his car. he died in the hospital overnight, police continue to search, for the the gun man. kate is in the weather center with your forecast, good morning. >> good morning, everyone. what a good morning it is turning out to be, to look at blue skies across the area the lets get outside and see what the morning is looking like. boy, it is gorgeous out there. not a cloud to be found. it will be a sunny beautiful thursday, storm scan three we're sweeping the area not finding anything at all. radar working overtime this morning, nothing to track here
8:26 am
but that will change by tomorrow night as rain gives in. temperature wise pretty comfortable start with temperatures in the 40's from the city on south and east we are seeing upper 30's in the north and western suburbs at the moment. your day planner if you are out and about today again leave umbrella at home and heavy coat as well, light jacket the will do just fine. 42 degrees at 9:00. forty-seven by noon. fifty-one by 3:00 p.m. full sunshine and breezy. but still a great mid-march day. now lets see how roads are fairing with justin. >> good morning. nice looking forecast. you know, why deal with this when you can just take the day off. don't tell your boss i said so. enjoy the sunshine. seventy-six heading out of the city, in city avenue, almost at a stand still right now. slow crawl, trying to leave the city, and another crawl, coming in, to the city a as well, ben franklin bridge, leaving the the city, we do have the the right lane block here due to construction. have the the patients outside this morning. no reports of any mass transit. that is a check of on your
8:27 am
ride. back to you. next update 8:55. up next this morning fit knows and face, combining church and gym memberships, for more local news weather traffic and sports we're on the cw philly on these
8:28 am
jacklyn: our middle schools have classes that are devoted for test prep. my kids only have a half a year science and a half a year social studies to make room for preparing for the test. gina: we have no after-school programs, we have no freshman sports, we have no extra anything... okaikor: we're cutting those programs to make way for test prep. and we're not taking in to all the other things that makes a child whole. gina: we are setting our kids up to fail.
8:29 am
8:30 am
uh-oh. we've got a challenge for roerj. >> a pass to a young guy here. he looks like he's ready to go. >> look at this. the forehand. roger freaked out. but he gets a pass. >> he got it. >> a lob shot. you can see here roger federer were playing an exhibition match but it was this young player who stole the show. invited down to challenge federer, the young man invited to hit the shot. >> lobbed it right over his head. >>'ve been working on my lob shot. i'm not very good at it. >> i love that he's not even dressed in tennis clothes and
8:31 am
pulls that off. >> very nice. >> wonder how old he is. nicely done. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour they're nourishing the body along with a soul. a growing number of congregations are filling the pews by offering spiritual as well as physical health. how the sunday experience is really changing lives. >> plus if you get past the first date there could be a wedding. the cost of wedding trends. we'll show you the simple schedule changes that can save couples thousands of dollars. they's ahead. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the boston globe says it could take weeks. here's a look at the city buried under mounds of snow after a relentless winter. last month the snow pack in the region measured 46 irmgs. that is the deepest ever recorded in the past 130 years by the blue hill observatory in milton. predictions show that on march 20th the first day of spring,
8:32 am
there will be more than 22 image inches of snow and it won't be until april 20th the boston marathon, that it will all be gone. "the new york times" says a google cfo plans to quit and spend more time with his wife. he said he was watching the sunrise on top of kilimanjaro with his wife. she asked the killer question, quote, when will it be time. i could not wait any longer. we grabbed our backpacks and hit the road. >> just her asking the simplicity of that. i didn't have a good answer. off they go. wish them well. a kentucky pastor has figured out a clever way to keep people from sitting in the back of the shows. signs are for rival basketball
8:33 am
teams. he put up a life-size cutout of the coaches and a cut out of john calipari up front. that's pretty funny. >> it is funny. this morning president obama faces the final two years in his office without his close aide. senior white house adviser dan pfeiffer departed the white house last week. he went on to become white house communications director. we spoke with mr. fifer about what it is like working for the president. >> so tell me about the man you met then when you were applying for a job and the man you said good-bye to. >> at his core, he is the same man to me. now, there's evidence that we've all aged a lot in that period of time. >> grey hair. >> i looked at photos of myself from 2007. one, i can't believe how much i've ainched and, two, they
8:34 am
hired a child. >> he's battle-hardened. >> he's had to battal lot but the same genuine core. the same goodness. >> this guy has a certain peace of mind about decision-making. >> yeah. >> you receive that since you rode around in car with him. >> right. he's very sort of deliberative and calm at the point of decision and very rarely spending time second-guessing. he learns lessons from it. he lets the chips fall where they may. >> the president is cool and business-like. is that simply what ought to be recognized as his style and don't expect him to be something he's not? >> i think he is who he is. he is a person who adores people. if you see him campaign you see
8:35 am
that. he adores -- >> voters. >> voters the public interesting people that he gets a chance to meet with. he is not a transactional human being. he's business-like, he's smart, but he also doesn't need the admiration of other people to get up in the morning. >> what's it like different inside than outside? what do you see and know that we don't see? >> what's different about it is how -- you know sort of the amount of thought the president puts into things and how he wrestles with some really hard decisions. sometimes you'll be in a room and you actually don't know what his position is because he is arguing the other side for the purpose of -- this is the law professor in him to test out the opposite argument to see how strong it is. it's fascinating to watch his mind work as you see him work around the problem from all
8:36 am
different sides. >> here's a guy that was viewed as someone with a gift for language and speaking and kmun kmooun communicating. has he not been able to take the american people with the narrative they've under and responded to? >> i think in in the first two years i think we've all stepped back, you know and looked at it and realize thad the trees overwhelm the forest. we're doing health care. doing -- saving the auto industry saving the stimulus. each one of those things they're their own thing. i think on the issue the president cares about, public opinion is moved significantly in his direction over the course of our time in the white house, whether it's on core economic policies. >> same-sex marriage? >> same-sex marriage immigration reform. he's moved the country in that
8:37 am
if he could continue it toward the next we'll set the four corners did like president ronal reagan did at the end of the '80s. >> people feel they have an remarkable opportunity and they're there to give everything they've got. >> that is perhaps the think i'll miss the most is the camaraderie camaraderie. you're in the ship toke and it is a group of brilliant people. you know i'm 39 and i've probably had the best job i ever have had. sometimes i wake up earlier than i should and it's hard to believe it all happened. seems impossible to imagine. >> you don't expect him to say anything negative about the president but you do expect him to say things that are observational and when he says he's more like a law brother fesser, not transactional. that's what some of the critics point out, even lee on pea in
8:38 am
ta. >> i think he has great observations. what are his next plans? >> i don't know. he's taking a trip to asia and wants to read books. >> he has excellent taste in women. he's smart, and so is she. this morning faith combined with a gym experience. uel bow hor ka is following. >> she's following the church of god all the way to the gym since her workout is at her place of worship but the thought of going to any gym was daunting. >> when you're overweight, you feel like you shouldn't take up space. at any other gym, people aren't going to understand that god is
8:39 am
allowing me to take up space, so i will feel more judged there. >> there's a comfort level here. >> huge. >> toby gram graham who is also a cher. member is her trainer. >> i think people are starting to understand there's a really powerful connection between spiritual wellness and physical wellness. r and while a higher purpose may encourage a healthy lifestyle, it may also go the other way. one study from northwestern university found young adults who frequently attended church activities were 50% more likely to become obese in middle age than those who did not. throughout texas and other organizations will encouraging members to work out. charges members a nominal fee, as low as 10 bucks a month. there's even magazine. faith and fitness. brad bloom is the publisher.
8:40 am
>> these days people don't want to go where they go sing a song put money on a plate and go back to life. they want something that's going to be every day experience with their faith and this does that. >> reporter: at christ united methodist church in plano, texas, it's a way to reach new members and keep current ones engaged. >> if i go to a gym by myself, i'm not held accountable. these guys make sure i'm here as much as i can be. >> try to make the movement come from the hip. >> reporter: it was that kind of support from graham that changed again dwen kelly's life. in the past year she's lost 50 pounds. >> she never made me feel interior. there were times when i wanted to give up you know she'd be like you know you've got this, got's got this. you're doing it for him. >> and she plans to keep doing it faithfully. for "cbs this morning," manuel
8:41 am
bojorquez, dallas. >> i think that's great. >> i do too. >> anything that can get you to continue the exercise is good for you. >> and helps your faith at the same time. >> agreed. >> nicely done that ahead, >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing. >> testing.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
let's get your dress on.
8:45 am
>> that's the other problem. don't you dare laugh. >> kind of hard not to laugh with that dress. she may wish she paid a lot less for that wedding dress. couples spend a lot to make sure their day is big perfection. >> they're out with a real wedding story. the average cost is $31,000, that's up 4% from 2013. rebecca dolgin is editor in chief. good morning. >> good morning. the most expensive is the venue, i understand it's around $14,000. >> that's right. >> any way to reduce that cost? >> yes. a couple oi ways. you can go off-season. say june you can look in april or may or you have probably
8:46 am
noticed a lot of friday night weddings, a lot of sunday night weddings. that's another great way to save. either one of those two things can save you on the venue. >> new york is the most expensive, utah is the least expensive. >> that's right. >> how can? >> utah is a dry state, so that accounts for some of it. but new york everything is just more expensive. i think except for manicures. 's the only thing that's less. but you have more venues you have more people willing to spend a lot of money on these venues too. even the talent behind it. so if you're at the four seasons or have sylvia ya wine stock making your cake it's going to be more expensive. >> other than venue and the thing you just talked about, what are some of the other big ticket items? >> flowers are significant. menu is the second biggest thing. venue and menu and then band is a really big one. photographers is right behind bands. >> are you noticing people are
8:47 am
having bigger weddings now? isn't the guest list always a nightmare for couples? >> it is. it's the most significant way to save, to cut the guest list. interestingly over time we've seen the guest list has gone down and wedding spending has gone up. people want their wedding guests to have this amazing experience so they're inviting few ore f them but really going all out with them and really personalizing themes. they're having specific bands, amazing photo booths bringing in palm readers and poets. >> palm readers at weddings. >> yes. >> technology is playing a role your survey says. >> yes. even in the past three years mobile has doubled. >> what does that mean? >> basically it means that people are planning they're booking their weddings contacting their vendors right on their mobile phone. they could be watching tv
8:48 am
looking at wedding dresses. >> outdoor or inside? >> outdoor weekends are big. it's about 25% outdoor weddings. you receive a lot more rustic weddings lately and that goes with the outdoor and vineyard theme. >> what about the tradition of the bride or groom's family paying for the wedding? >> that's a good question. it's change add little bit. they're pay 4g 3% and the bride's parents pay about 43% and the groom's parents pay about 12%. >> the rehearsal dinner? >> typically the groom. >> october is a big month. >> yes. october is really like the big one now. it's always traditionally june and now october is right up there. >> gayle and i were june brides. we were june brides. >> she's still a bride. >> all right. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> wheel be right back.
8:49 am
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8:52 am
a well deserved honor for the late bob simon. they gave the long-time cbs news correspondent its lifetime achievement award. "60 minutes" executive producer jeff fager and his daughter tanya accepted the award last night. >> an incredible 47-year career. he covered everything imaginable in 130 countries. steve kroft said i didn't know there were 130 countries. >> wherever my dad went whatever he saw, he found grace and humanity even amid outrage and horror and he brought it to life in a picture and in words. >> we cannot say enough. bob simon died last month in a new york city auto accident. you cannot say enough about his passion for life and passion for stories, two things that drove
8:53 am
him, along with music. >> see you tomorrow right
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning i'm erika von tiehl. we are updating our breaking news for you, a demonstration turns violent outside the police building in ferguson, in missouri wounding two officers. we have video from the you stream showing right here the moment of gunfire, early this morning. the officers are from st. louis county and webster grove. both were told are in serious conditions. cbs affiliate kmov reports that the officer's injuries are not life threatening. lets check with kate with your forecast, love those 60's yesterday and today is in the the bad right. >> today in the bad at all but there is a chilly breeze wind 15 to 20 miles an hour at times. that will make it feel cold. step outside it feels great for a minute until breeze hits
8:56 am
you, cooler but nice at 51 for daytime high. for tonight mainly clear and colder. down to 31. chilly tart to your friday morning but most of friday is nice with sunshine giving way to cloud by late afternoon and then some rain arrives. that will come in late friday night. we will continue through much of the day saturday but clearing it the out for parade on sunday so sun and breezy sunday high of 50. machine looks great. another shower for st. patrick's day tuesday and will start to turn colder by wednesday of next week. good morning just continue. >> good morning, everyone. good to have sunshine today but still tail end of the rush we are still having problems 95 heading southbound at 322, there is an accident in the left side shoulder there. look at this, ben franklin bridge coming in the city, still stack up good, heading out to new jersey looking better but still the right lane, is taken out due to some construction. some of your travel times very slow on 476 from i-95 to the schuylkill north bound that will take you 33 minutes and then 202 route 30 to the
8:57 am
schuylkill northbound are slow as well coming in at 19 minutes. that is a check of the ride now back over to you erika. that is "eyewitness news" for now, talk philly coming your way at noon on cbs-3. i'm erika von tiehl. i hope you have a great morning.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> if it's happening we are covering it on the doctors. >> i have tried everything d everybody. i didn't think you guys would hear me, but you heard me. >> a skin condition so severe. >> i have never seen anything like that. >> annobody could give a diagnosis, until now. >> what was astonishing about this case is ... >> women who would rather die than have a bad body. plus the controversial ingredient in your favorite breakfast food. and, under going court ordered chemo; the teen in connecticut. >> what would you give up for the perfect body? the answers in a recent survey, bleu us away -- blew us away. >> girls will die to be thin. that's what the british study revealed when 30% of coll aged women said they would trade one year of their life


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