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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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with more, beasley what is going on there. >> we're all sitting and standing and eager anticipation to see, if the dimarco murray signing is a actually official and if he walks by us, he is somewhere in the building right now. this is the biggest news of all if they signed the leading, raining, rush champion of the national football league. that would be dimarco mur toy replace shady mccoy the 2013 rushing champion, huge news, take a look as he arrives today, reports say he was in the airplane that chip kelly was to use to travel to oregon for their pro day. that was canceled, of course, dimarco murray greeted with fans and handed an eagles cap. the his wife was deck out in green. the most importantly for eagles fans this definitely hurts the dal a as cowboys. reports say that it will be a five-year, 42 million-dollar contract with 21 million of that guarantied. so back here, just a row of cameras and reporters sitting
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around as we wait to meet some of the newest bird, reports say that walter thurmond will come out and talk to us in a few minutes. he is a corner back that signed a one year contract. ryan matthews from san diego signed a three-year contract, so the team is being reshaped and big moves, and the excitement continues, here at the novacare complex. so that is it for here i'm beasley reese now back to you guys good reshaped is one kay to put it, thanks very much. what do you think of this reported dimarco murray signing, if it does happen, is he better than shade i do you just love stealing a player from the cowboys? connect with us and let us know on facebook and at cbs-3, on twitter. right now, the man with the gunman who ambushed ferguson and, and, and, craig bos well tells us, it is latest and. >> reporter: members, smashed
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through a roof of the home in ferguson missouri just blocks from where two police officers were shot. >> they are going in the house. so searching the house yelling, come out, hand up we know you are in there. >> reporter: police questioned several people, but did not make any arrests. cell phone video captured the shooting outside police headquarters just after midnight as a protest started to break up. >> we saw the fire from the gun at the top of the street. we were all looking down. >> reporter: st. louis county police chief calls it an ambush. >> we're walking back, and we didn't lose two officers last night. >> reporter: one officer was shot in the shoulder, the other in the face. >> right here the high point of your cheek right under the right eye and the bullet lodgees right behind his ear. >> reporter: officers were called into ferguson from neighboring departments to help with demonstrations, just after the the the a announcement that ferguson's police chief was stepping down. tom jackson resignation comes a week after justice
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department issued a report for racial bias in the ferguson police department. family of michael brown oz fatal shooting by a white police officer sparks months of unrest, condemned to violence begins the two officers. craig boswell will for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". from washington to philadelphia, more tributes are coming in for slain philadelphia police officer robert will son. philadelphia city council started to day's meeting with the moment of silence to honor officer wilson. and investigators say he was shot and killed by two brothers during a game stop robbery in north philadelphia one week ago. u.s. attorney jenner i can holder says that the violence has to stop. >> with this killing of officer robert wilson the third in philadelphia, just last week, and with the tragic death of deputy united states marshall josey wells in baton rouge, louisiana earlier this week, these devastating incidents serve as a reminder that our law enforcement the
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officers perform a job that is extremely serious, that is deeply heroic. >> reporter: officer wilson will be remembered are, during a candle light vigil in west philadelphia tonight. coming up at 6:00 a touching tribute from officers of up north. we will tell you how massachusetts state police hockey team will honor robert wilson before they face off, against the philadelphia police team. also, a simply beautiful thursday, out there, the the question now is will it last? meteorologist kathy orr joining us from a sunny cbs-3 sky deck with more, and kathy. >> and, on the breezy side but we will take it. last week the a at this time we were talking about seven, eight, 9 inches of snow. what a difference, literally a week can make. take a a look at temperatures across the region. it is mild out there. right now in philadelphia we are at 51. that is the high. forty-three in the lehigh valley. reading berks county, 46. good skiing conditions in the poconos at 36.
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fifty-two in dover. we are looking at an average high of 51 for this time of the year. peak wind gusts ranging from 38 miles an hour in philadelphia and atlantic city to 31 miles an hour in trenton, allentown looking in the 20's as well. twenty-six in wilmington that is a decent gusts there. we are keeping an eye on our next storm right now over the deep south, and it will take all that moisture from the gulf of mexico, and move it toward the philadelphia area. so we're looking at a wide range of real estate, lots of flood watches and warnings all the way up to the midwest. we will expect at least an inch of rain with this. storm system will be bringing the heavy rain late tomorrow night, and into the weekend. so the big question is when does it move? how quickly does it move out to save at least half of our weekend. i'll have those answers when i join you inside. >> kathy, we will see you then, thanks very much. now to a hot top ache monk parents and teachers in new jersey it is partnership for assessment of readiness for
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college and careers test or parx. state officials say any schools where the students skip the new standardized tests could face funding cuts. our new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live in cherry hill with more, cleve. >> reporter: state officials don't have exact numbers for participation in the parc test yet but in some districts like cherry hill there have been parents that opted out. here in cherry hill high schools they have only about 25 percent or so of the students that actually started taking the test. needless to say there is a lot of parents that are concerned. >> not cookie cutter. >> reporter: katie refused to let her son michael take partnership for assessment of readiness for college and careers test known as parc test. >> i don't think it is benefiting him at all. >> reporter: she brought up thursday to watch new jersey lawmakers grill the the state commissioner of education about the test. >> i'm in the convinced that what we're trying to assess through parc is really going to be beneficial to the
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students. >> reporter: unlike previous standardized test the parc is done on computers, requires more writing and less multiple choice. the the commissioner says misinformation about the test is rampant over stating the classroom time it consumes and how much it is used to judge teacher performance. >> it is a very difficult environment to get information out to the grass roots especially in the face of millions of dollars of ads that are being run constantly. >> reporter: for nearly a month new jersey teachers union has been airing tv ads critical of the parc. >> standardized test is one of the weakest ways to assess student learning and knowledge. >> we're seeing the the impact negative impact, on the curriculum. we are seeing a real focus on testing and testing areas at the expense of the other things that we know has engaged students and kept them excited about schools. >> reporter: parents need to consider the the educational benefits of the parc which gives them more precise feedback then more previous standardized test about where students are struggling that is the the moment that yes this will empower my about
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information about the child that i need. >> reporter: now there is a risk for school districts that have low participation rates for the parc. there is a billion dollars in federal fund ago this comes to the the state of new jersey and some of that could be in jeopardy with low participation rates. live from cherry hill, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia's russell byers charter school held its annual admissions lottery today. dozens of parents and children were there anxiously await to go see if they got in. school officials say more than 1300 applications were submitted to fill 23 open kindergarten spots. >> i was hoping that my daughter would have got chosen for kindergarten but unfortunately it didn't happen. she will be on the waiting list for a while but i'm's okay. we have to keep looking for other schools. >> russell byers serves kindergarten through sixth grade, school officials say it is one of the highest performing charter schools in the city. new at 5:00 o'clock, authorities arrest to man, james clay, of georgetown,
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delaware being connected with the murder that was committed 50 years ago in the state of arkansas. claw is charged in the kidnapping and murder of james ricks of north little rock. the his human remains his remains rather were discovered on august 27th of 1967. investigators have not disclosed what evidence was left of clay but they say he will be extradited back to arkansas. in washington state police say they have a teenage inner custody who ran off with a 22 month-old child. a family friend left that child left owen wright unattended on a playground with his ten year-old brother and eight year-old sister. a young man then allegedly snatched owen from the stroller. surveillance video shows that young man, running with owen in his arms. owen's sister, and brother, can be seen sprinting after him. the suspect then later left owen unhurt in the empty lot. >> i'm relieved that the arrest has been made and they
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have a subject in custody because not only is my family safe but other families will be safe because he is off the streets. >> owen is doing just fine tonight. police where holding the teenage suspect's identity because he is a minor. a factory worker is in serious condition have after he was injured by a pallet of hams. investigators say that pilot felon top of the worker a at hatfield quality meats in montgomery county. chopper three over the processing plant on clemens road. the cause of the accident is now under investigation. still to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" the latest on the deadly military chopper crash in florida as officials discovered the wreckage. and a bus carrying college students get into a nasty crash two toss even people are injured there. plus, a disturbing situation, a fight between two girls is caught on tape in new england, as other students simply watched. how parents want answers.
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twenty people injured when a tour bus crashes in somebody indiana. >> this accident happened this morning on i65 in quad county. eyewitnesses say that bus rolled over several times. indiana police confirms it was carrying mens and with men's bowling teams they were heading to a competition in tennessee. no word right new on the extent of the victim's injuries. the cause of that crash is now under investigation. louisiana national guard says bodies of two soldiers have been recovered off the florida coast. divers found the black hawk helicopter that crashed tuesday night, the coastguard
5:14 pm
says that the bodies of two others are still believed to be inside the wreckage. eleven marines and solder were on the training mission when the chopper went down in dense fog. now to some disturbing cell phone video a maine mother wants answers a after her daughter was attacked by a fellow student at her high school. the victim's mother a says her daughter has no idea what provoke this attack by other student. what's more is other students just walked bias the beating continued. school officials are now investigating. it turns out that the wearing of green won't be translate nothing to as much green for retailers this st. patrick's day. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan takes a look at reason consumers may not be as willing to splurge this year. >> reporter: 127 million americans say they will celebrate st. patrick's day this year that is according to a annual survey by national retail federation. the total spending is expected
5:15 pm
around $4.6 billion, slightly lower then last years estimated total of almost 4.8 billion. last years spending got a boost when one in three americans say they would go out and celebrate at a restaurant or bar. this year that number is slower and about half of the americans say they will mark the holiday at a private home. either by attending a a party or enjoying a special dinner from their own kitchen. big st. patrick's day celebrations are usually a tough sell on the who will take falls on a week day as it it does this year. nonetheless, leading the way among st. patrick's day celebrations consumers ages 25 to 34 who will spend almost $42 a piece on the holiday. and we already have a problem on the vine street expressway, there is a accident taking out that right-hand shoulder right around eighth street in the eastbound lanes. we are heading in to 95 is
5:16 pm
there slow go by that same car, squeezing on by in, to one lane on and off. over on i-95 right around cottman avenue starting to see some slow go in the southbound lanes but that is something we are used to in the work zone through the the center city area. in vineland, new jersey is there a bus fire, delsea drive is closed in both directions at walnut street. police activity on the scene blocking off that entire area take south east or southwest boulevard, to get on by that scene. out in montgomery county an accident in huntington valley county line road at pine street blocking out one lane and out in plymouth emergency, accident cedar hill road at schoolhouse road that is also blocking out the shoulder. stay there we will be right back with more news
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(announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. it may be a cliche but what a difference a week makes. seven days ago we were dealing with the biggest snowstorm of the the season from northeast philadelphia, to moorestown new jersey to delaware, the snow has piled up, every where. >> that feels so long ago. >> i know. >> fast forward it is a beautiful sunny day out there signs of spring popping up. "eyewitness news" in the crowded rittenhouse square as people enjoyed the wet ther, which was cooler then yesterday but hey, sun was still out so not much to complain b will the wet wonderful weather last. meteorologist kathy orr is tracking the the latest for us >> yes you know how things
5:20 pm
change around here. we are looking at a brilliant end to the day. temperatures some 10 degrees keeler then they were yesterday at this time and it is breezy but can't beat that march sunshine doing a great job across the region melt something know in the northern and western suburbs. center city looking good and home of the river sharks looking dry opening day, for the river sharks, not until may 1st, that is the home opener, and many a away games before. that lets go to the live neighborhood network and we will show so brilliant footage here this is from kutztown area middle school. watch the sunrising, we have a lot of snow pack on the field, and thinks a soccer field but watch as that march sun works on the ground and the sunshine makes the walkway rhea peer. still some snow out there but it will continue to melt. temperatures 44. wind north/northwest and they are light. fill at high is 51. that is seasonal. forty-three in allentown. cool in reading. poconos back to normal at 36 degrees. 50 degrees in millville and 51 in dover.
5:21 pm
to the south we have 60's and 70's. so pretty much everyone rebounding from where we were last week at this time. temperatures in the 40's for your friday, approaching 50 degrees, and then the good news is we will have morning sun and then cloud will increase from the southwest toward the the northeast, so you can see high clouds sun will be shining through them and then clouding up late the in the day. watch the rain moving in late friday night, falling heavy at times into saturday. the a saturday's temperatures in the 50's. the it will-a mild but moist day and then this finally moves on through and we will dry it out for sunday. here's the timing. now rain will be arriving by about midnight the saturday morning and it will continue through about 2:00 a.m. arriving from west to east. then we will be seeing a heavy between saturday early morning through about noon time, steady heavy, period of rain falling heavy at times. then it tapers off around noon. it will be showery through evening period with ponding on area roads. we will look at computer models and everyone seemed to
5:22 pm
have a different of opinion. they are coming together i with this particular storm. overnight tonight the mainly storm but cold. low 31 in the city. twenty's in the suburbs. during the day tomorrow morning sun increasing cloud. it will be cool but close to seasonal levels. the high temperature near 50 degrees. looking ahead on the three take forecast, friday is dry saturday very wet and then by sunday for philadelphia st. patrick's day parade, 51 degrees sun and some wind. so be careful out there, man make sure you dress warmly, we will see you there that is the eyewitness weather forecast, more on the warm up with the seven day coming up next half an hour. we will be rig
5:23 pm
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is there news that robin
5:25 pm
thick and ferrell williams will appeal the blurred lines verdict that came down tuesday. >> the insider louieagary is in los angeles where stars are speaking out about the decision. >> notable names seem to be split about the judgment and while ferrell released a not so happy statement robin was still in the mood to celebrate. >> just keep having a great time and god bless you. >> reporter: verdict accused of robin thick seven copying didn't affect his birth take spirit. just hours after the jury a award gay's family 7.4 million-dollar, robin celebrated his 38th with the barely dressed beauties at the his tmz footage. >> maybe if they could go back, they would add in a little line saying blurred lines featured an interpretation of got to give it up then just denying credit all together. >> reporter: jason believes that it is in the over for robin and ferrell. >> people can now sue if a song is not only jacks a
5:26 pm
melody or a line, or a rhythm, but just, a vibe a feel, and that is why people are so surprised by this. >> ♪ >> lesson is that you've got to be careful. >> reporter: last night as american idol celebrated top 12 in hollywood verdict was a hot topic with the judges. >> some people are saying this is good because now the the true artists the original artist are getting credit for songs. like chuck berry, mar win gay other people are saying it is sad you cannot be inspired by other artists. >> i feel like we're alms inspired by things in the past but i guess there is a line. i don't know, you know, it is tricky. i feel both side. >> you cannot copy right a sound or a feel. the it is a very, very gray area. >> inside sources tell us that the gay's are seriously considering a second lawsuit against ferrell a's song happy. chris and jessica back to you. more to come there. coming up in the next half an hour here, new luxury condoness philadelphia but you'll have to make big bucks to live there.
5:27 pm
also, it is a powder that turns in toy a cocktail but now one u.s. senator wants this banned. our health reporter stephanie stahl will take a a look. new at 6:00 o'clock tonight the pothole patrol is back the on the road driving through problem areas, plus we check out trouble spots you told us about.
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another's following breaking news tonight. eagles continue to make a big splash in free agency. there are reports that, the cowboys running back dimarco murray has agreed to sign with the bird tonight. the the team also officially signed former charges running back ryan matthews within the hour. also two police officers shot during protestness ferguson missouri have now been released from the hospital. the manhunt continues for the gun man. it is the latest act of violence in the city that has been torn by racial tension. fire breaks out in a gentlemen's club in south jersey thinks on delsea drive-in vineland. there are no reports of any injuries. kathy? >> chris, we're seeing temperatures that are going to be falling big time tonight. it is going to turn chilly. then cloud will be running but it will stay mild for the the most part. rain moves in for the weekend. we will look ahead to st. patrick's days in the seven day forecast, little later on in the broadcast. see you then, jessica? >> kate, thanks. big ground break nothing philadelphia today.
5:31 pm
new 26 story ultra luxury condo building is going upright near independent mall. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live with this very big project, matt. >> reporter: jessica, the the new building will be called 500 walnut and one developer i spoke with earlier today it is just more proof that center city isn't what it used to be. fast forward to spring 2017 500 walnut towers over independent mall philly's new high end condos. >> the the future dynamic of center city has potential to be entirely different then they have been. >> reporter: tom developed the new towers and calls it ultra luxury, in other word you need to be a multi millionaire to own one of these 38 units inside the new building. cheapest condo is nearly 3 million. >> the fact that those people are willing to move into center city philadelphia, really a says something. >> reporter: it also says something about the continuing tax abatement program here in philadelphia. property taxes on 500 walnut
5:32 pm
will be very low for ten years, a driving factor in construction. proponents argue lower taxes equals increased development, bringing in richer citizens spend money in the city. >> they eat out a lot, they buy a lot of services, and goods, so it is great for the city. >> reporter: still while those people get a break many long time residents without as much money could face a tax increase. the city council is set to debate a property tax jump in year to help fund education but proponents of the the abatement says increased development is good for everyone and so far it is working. >> since january of 2014, we have either completed announced or presently under construction eight and a half billion dollars of economic activity. >> reporter: some of which is attributed to 500 walnut part of what officials called a development boom. developers also tell "eyewitness news" that nearly 25 million-dollar worth of condos inside that new building have already been reserved meaning their spots
5:33 pm
are starting to go fast. we're live from center city, matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much. is there in more trouble for secret service tonight . two senior agents have been reassigned after they were involved in crashing a car in the white house security barrier a after a night of dripping. cbs news correspondent mark albert is at the white house. >> reporter: secret service agents mark connolly, second in command on the president's security detail and george ogelb.a. senior supervisor allegedly hit a barrier with their agency suv within the white house complex after a nice of drinking last week. another supervisor is under investigation for overruling junior officers, who wanted to give the agents field sobriety tests. >> any private citizen who crash in the white the house and had been drinking would be arrested, would be given sobriety tests. >> reporter: but these agents weren't. >> these agent were not. >> reporter: ron kessler is author of two books critical of secret service management.
5:34 pm
he says the the president appointing long time agent joseph clancy as new director has done little to change the agency's culture. in the past few months most of the senior secret service leaders have been replaced, director has been replaced and this incident still occur. is there still a problem do you believe. >> the managers that mr. clancy replaced have been replaced by other managers who have the same mentality. >> reporter: clancy still has support on capitol hill. >> i believe he is the the right person for this job at this time. he has talk about zero tolerance and i expect him to react a accordingly. >> reporter: the the two agents are on desk duty. president obama knows both men personally. mark albert for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in the the boston area today a man carjacked by the the a accused boston marathon bombers took the stand in court today. he told jurors that tamerlan tsarnaev jumped in the car, put a gun in his head and ordered him to drive to new
5:35 pm
york. dunn described making his escape when tsarnaev's pulled in the gas station. prosecutors say the tsarnaev brothers killed an mit police officer just before that carjacking. lumber liquidators is defending the safety of some have of its products in the wake of the 60 minutes investigation that found some flooring made in china a may contain unsafe levels of formaldehyde. sixty minutes bought 31 boxes of laminate from his lumber liquidators. all but one failed to meet california formaldehyde admission standard. the company defended it products. >> what matters for our customers and our brandies whether these products contribute any significant formaldehyde to the the a air in their homes. they do not. we are confident our flooring is safe. >> reporter: lumber liquidators say if customers are concerned that the company will offer them free air quality testing carried out by a third party. we're dealing with some jams on the schuylkill expressway at the 5:35.
5:36 pm
right around conshohocken curve you can see in the westbound lanes slow go heading up to the blue route, eastbound doing better at the this point but heading in to center sit the eye slow on and off in some spots. over on the ben franklin bridge, everything is actually okay heading in to new jersey. heading eastbound you are dealing were not a whole lot of problems and a little bit more volume westbound into philadelphia we have a building fire at a gentlemen's club in vineland. delsea drive is closed in both directions at walnut road. now police activity on the scene there as well. take south east or southwest boulevard to get on by. now this is starting at 6:00 p.m. we have 20 minutes or so in plymouth, plymouth road will be closed between blue route and butler pike for emergency sink hole repair. you want to take germantown pike or joshua road to get on by that scene for the time being. the out in bensalem knights road and street roadtories an accident in the shoulder. another crash in chalfont cedar hill road at schoolhouse road that is blocking the shoulder.
5:37 pm
the the got news is mass transit is doing great. september, new jersey transit and patco speed line are running on time with no delays. currently no delays at philadelphia international airport. you can see our majors are doing bad here. on the blue route from the schuylkill into i-95 southbound pretty we have bye 47 minutes. eighteen minutes on 422 westbound from 202 into oaks. chris and jessica back over to you. the the count down is on, for spring. >> and philadelphia's mayor michael nutter wants to you help keep the city clean. >> spring is almost here and that means it is time of course for renewal and growth. this season i want to encourage philadelphians to extend their spring clean up beyond their homes and do something great in their own communities. >> "eyewitness news" in east germantown where mayor announced eighth annual philly spring clean up. he is asking residents to volunteer to clean up projects around the city that make it more livable. philly spring clean up will be held saturday april 11th. still to come a powder problem, just add water and
5:38 pm
you have a quick cocktail but one politician has a big problem with this, we will tell you yes wants to ban the powder. also take a look at this gator. do you think he is real? many wonder, after this massive guy was spotted
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
let's check the philadelphia job market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger has more. >> some jobs may be under rated and not glamorous, but they still may be worth considering. remember the movie the graduate by dustin hoffman's character reacts to the eye tea of the career in plastics? well, before you reject any positions, consider this, career cast assembled a number of under rated professions that may be worth a second look. first, there is exercise physiology, this field includes professionals who are involved with injury and illness prevention, rehabilitation, personal trainers and recreational therapists. they sport an average annual salary of $42,700. then there is market research analyst they design surveys that break down statistics to help companies track consumer spending and best way to sell products and services.
5:42 pm
the demand for market research analyst should grow by 32 percent over the next eight years which means their average annual salary which is is $71,540 here in philadelphia will go up too. a career in either of these unsung positions is certainly a lot more interesting then one in plastics. i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
5:43 pm
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well trending right now is it real or is it fake? check out this massive gator, on a florida golf course? the picture is from the myakka pines golf club, in florida. members grabbed that shot of the prehistoric alligator taking a stroll but not everyone is impressed. photo sparked a debate over whether it may have been photo shopped. the golf club posted their on their facebook page nope, we just grow them big in these parts. i don't know why would you doubt that. those things are all over the place down there. >> that is giant though, i mean that is giant. what if that came around the corner i'm just trying to play a hole here. >> sometimes you lose a ball in the woods sometimes you lose it in the water in, that case you lose on it the green. just move on to the next hole.
5:46 pm
through go. in weather we're just talking about some mild temperatures and some rain, moving our way. our eyewitness weather watchers are enjoying another brilliant day of sunshine and seasonal weather. right now temperature is 59 degrees, that is being reported in cherry hill by allison. she's saying we have some wind out of the northwest a at 16 miles an hour putting a chill in the air. on the pennsylvania side it is 51 degrees media, reported by jim, saying not much wind, relative humidity is quite low at the this point. a few great pictures to show you this afternoon a couple minutes assent in this brilliant picture from chesterfield, new jersey. looking g a look at the deck at some snow left in the shady tree. wow. well, soon the snow will be melting. if you take a a look outside it is feeling like spring down the shore as well. people on the board that is not just a sign of spring that is a sign of summer. temperatures are warming up, from the city to the shore. mainly in the 50's, but we're looking for something a little
5:47 pm
bit warmer than that by may. right now in the city it is 51. that is our high for the day 467893 in allentown. cool to the west. look at millville 50. fifty-one in atlantic city. fifty-one in dover. to the south we're in the 60's and 70's where we should be. last week we saw heavy snow even places in kentucky, and even in north caroline, south carolina not this week. try conditions a and more seasonal weather. we're watching a storm system in the gulf pulling all this moisture northward. got news is we will stay on the warm side of this storm because some will see snow out of this, but we have luck out again. on friday, we will see high pressure giving way to increasing cloud during the day, so sunshine at least in the morning through the midday and then rain moves in friday night through saturday, it is going to rain heavier at times, so please be aware of that. anything plans outdoors sporting events, will be likely canceled. here's the the timing. moves in midnight to 2:00 a.m. saturday morning and moves from the west. it will fall heavy right through saturday at noon but
5:48 pm
still, raining with period of rain in the afternoon becoming more showery toward the evening and expect ponding on area roads and slow go. as far as accumulations they are pretty uniform across the region ranging between half inch to an inch of rain, you can see in dover, reporting in a forecast of little over an inch but i feel like that will be close to the inch pretty much every where. overnight mainly clear and cold low 31 in the city, with you 20's in the suburbs. with that march sunshine we will rise quickly in the 40's in many locations, near 50 in philadelphia morning sun will be filtered through those high clouds and it will look like this, and then cloud thicken during the afternoon. once again we're looking ahead to the weekend and better half will be sunday, for the philadelphia st. patrick's day parade, at 1:00 we will kick it off at partly sunny but windy. wind gusting to 30 miles an hour but temperature mild at 50 degrees. here is the seven day forecast saturday rain, wind sunday, nice monday, st. patrick's day looks good on tuesday, and then cold and
5:49 pm
windy on wednesday, a touch of winter before we rebound nicely on thursday. that is a look at your seven day forecast. well, on the cbs-3 healthwatch today powdered alcohol, it has been approved for sale by the federal government. it is being taughted as convenient but there are plenty of critics including one senator who wants it banned nationally. >> reporter: health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more information on all of this. >> reporter: we have local lawmakers against an instant cocktail designed for traveling or outdoor activity, lighter than having to carry around a liquid while the federal bureau that controls alcohol approved it lawmakers in states, including right here in pennsylvania and new jersey, want local bans against powdered alcohol. just add water and shake it is as simple as that 30 seconds later the powdered alcohol is a cocktail ready to drink. >> and there you go, we have liquid vodka. >> reporter: powdered alcohol is brainchild of mark
5:50 pm
phillips so far four varieties won government a travel, each pouch is roughly equivalent to one milk drink. >> cot that makes this bad bad product. >> reporter: new york senator chuck schumer is a powdered alcohol prohibition is in. >> when you drink regular alcohol, beer, wine it is in liquid form. you cannot ingest that much that quickly. in powdered form you can ingest a whole lot and then do real damage to yourself. >> reporter: critics also worried that powdered alcohol could be used to spike drinks or even snorted for a quick bus. phillips say each packet contains only many in alcohol to fill just one shot glass and it would take an hurry to snort it. >> really burns to snort it. really uncomfortable. it is alcohol. as would you if you sniffed liquid alcohol. there is nothing pleasant bit. >> reporter: he claims powerful liquid industry ace begins the powdered product because it might hurt their business why do we want big
5:51 pm
government telling us what we can drink and what we cannot drink? we don't need a nanny government telling us what we can do. >> reporter: phillips say he hopes to have p thealcohol packets available on store shelves and on line this summer. no word on pricing but you have to be 21 if you are interested in buying, palcohol. >> the same rules apply there. >> exactly. >> all right. >> stephanie, thanks. still ahead, preparing for st. patrick's day, a philadelphia school with a rich are irish heritage gets ready to join tradition for the very first time. >> we will be right back.
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well philadelphia st. patrick's day parade is just around the corner and they were celebrating the irish at city hall today. >> ♪ >> "eyewitness news" was there at the the mayor's reception room there was irish music and dance. members of the city consul and mayor proclaim march irish month in philadelphia a a and they called on all philadelphians to reflect on the great contributions the irish community made to the nation and, of course, to the region. >> yes lots of great step dance to go come over these next few days. >> and great band, as well. now we will go to the place that is living the the spirit of st. patrick a west philadelphia school, once home to many irish immigrants, new has students from more than 30 countries. this year, for the first time they will march and perform in the philadelphia a st. patrick's day parade. >> ♪ >> reporter: with every puff into her french horn 13 year-old akira sanders gets her part a little closer to
5:56 pm
perfect. the 12 year-old trombone. the 17 brass band at saint frances desales is polishing two songs. danny bonnie a iron establish wash woman for this years st. patrick's day parade. >> it is a big deal for us. >> reporter: how excited are you guys to be in a parade. >> very. >> reporter: this is the first time, saint frances desales will be represented in the parade but it is not their first rodeo. school has an orchestra of 150 players, they have played every where from the kimmel center to major sporting events. >> there is nothing like being an orchestra to keep a student on the road to success. >> the idea is that the hands that hold a instrument will never hole a gun. >> reporter: orchestra reflect a neighborhood long home to immigrants. back in 1904, when the school open most were from ireland. >> irish immigrants built up this school for other people and other immigrants to come and learn. >> reporter: over the decade the school became a melting pot and now includes students
5:57 pm
from africa, asia and latin america. the the principal sister marry mcnulty says it is a wonderful reflection of st. patrick's life. >> he was a missionary and in a missionary's heart it opens and goes out the to all people. >> he taught immigrants, the the irish, about the the trinity, the the father, son and holy spirit by using the the shamrock leafs. >> reporter: so on parade day in st. patrick's honor these two girls will be ready. >> ♪. >> there good yes. >> we're looking forward to seeing them. >> of course those brass instruments doing very well with the weather we will be having which is fairly mild. little will bit windy. we cannot wait to see them perform as well as other groups. reminder sunday is philadelphia's st. patrick's day parade. join me, chris may and kate bilo for this years broadcast. it begins at 1:00 on our sister station the cw philly. you can watch it streaming live at cbs all of
5:58 pm
those relatives broad as well. is there an encore broadcast on st. patrick's day tuesday morning at 9:00 here on cbs-3. >> jessica, you will be float with jim donovan and other cbs-3 folks. it will be a great day. can't wait. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00. >> what a week, we are following more major developments with the eagles. the team may be on the verge of its biggest move just yet, we are live with the play by play. also live tonight the the community is prepared to gather in remembrance of the philadelphia police officer robert wilson the third. we will tell you how this fallen hero is being honored tonight around the country. and some parents are giving a new standardized test in new jersey a failing grade. we will look at both side of the debate over the parc test. plus... >> expensive and a nuisance? potholes, they are every where. we will check out the the latest coming up.
5:59 pm
developing right now at 6:00 o'clock eagles fans, just take another deep breath, the bird may have landed one of the best running backs in the nfl. "eyewitness news" was there as dimarco murray a arrived in philadelphia today and of course murray coming from our biggest rival the dallas cowboys. good evening i'm jessica dean. aim chris may. beasley easies live up side the novacare center in south philadelphia with the very latest developments beasley. >> we are waiting. we are waiting for dimarco mur toy walk in for philadelphia eagles to make it official. what we all anticipate to be the signing of the raining rushing champion, in the national football league. take a look at his arrival to the philadelphia area today. his wife, and some foreign dignitaries coming to town. choppers in the air limousines, private planes. the plane was supposed to be used by chip kelly to go to oregon for their pro day.
6:00 pm
that was canceled because he felt like it would be more important for him to greet mr. murray. so they are working on that right now. it is reported to be a five-year, 42 million-dollar contract with 21 million of that guarantied. they also announced and we heard from ryan matthews, running back, formally of san diego. a three-year contract, 11 million-dollar, five of that is guarantied. so, the the running back position just might be healthy, if, in fact, dimarco murray is a philadelphia eagle. as you said that really hurts the dallas cowboys, in fact there are reports on social media that jerseys are being burned in dallas. coming up we will hear from cornerback walter thurmond who signed a one year deal and from ryan matthews. we will hear from those guys later in sports. from the novacare center i'm beasley reese now back to you in the the studio. >> thanks so much. so much drama. eagles fans are hanging on


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