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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  March 13, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and today is friday the 13th of march, good morning i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. >> developing right now a man out walking his dog is robbed, shot, and left for dead. it is a stunning act of violence. this morning the search is on for the gunman. >> forget the dallas flyers club, it is the eagles spreading out the cash. the birds pony up demarco murray. the newest eagle says believe it or not it was not all about the monday. >> i and the saturday soaker. live look at storm scan3 showing the system that's about to make for a wet start to the weekend. dave's tracking some showers plus we'll have the saint patrick's day parade forecast, all of that and more coming
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up. developing right now a man gunned down while walking his dog in west fill. >> i and this morning police continue their search for his killer. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us at police headquarters with the latest information, good morning. >> reporter: erika, ukee good morning, police say this man was first robbed, and then shot and then left for dead, in the middle of the street with his dog sitting right by his side. take a look at video police say very unusual area, for something like this to happen in. this robbery and homicide happened in the overbrook section of the city just after 8:30 last night, police responded to the 6400 block of woodcrest avenue for shots fired called. when they arrived police found 51 year old man unconscious in the street. police believe he was walking his dog at the time of the attack. that will dog stayed with the victim, found lying rate next to him. fifty-one year old taken to the hospital, shot once in the chest, pronounced dead short time later. police say the victim walked his dog in the area at the same time every night and his daughter usually walked with
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him, but last night he was alone. take a listen. >> fortunately his daughter wasn't with him tonight out here. tragic incident. looking for anybody who has information to contact our tip like at 215-685-tips. >> now, the victim was found again lying in the street with his flashlight in one hand, and his dog's leash in the other. police say that dog was not injured in the meantime police are is her clinic for this killer, they are also asking witnesses to step forward and this time, they believe the motive is robbery. reporting live outside of police headquarters, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. new this morning accident injuries three people in germantown over night. it happened just after 2:00 this morning at wayne ave. and hansberry street two. cars were involved. the three injured passengers have been taken to the hospital. none of them are considered to be life threatening. >> coming up on 4:33, we want to check in with kate. how is our friday looking? >> generally good until we get
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into friday night. for the most part, today is pretty nice. see the rain still got a lot of ground to cover before it gets to us, a lot of moisture lifting up through portions of the mississippi river valley, st. louis down no portions of southern mississippi louisianna. little rain starting to work its way into kentucky, again a lot of ground to cover before it gets us to. looking at generally mostly sunny friday, clouds will increase by the late afternoon hours. colder start to your morning than yesterday and the day before it, having temperatures in the 40's in the morning now talking below freezing, many locations, 30 allentown 30 in reading and 31 in wilmington most of the area dried out yesterday with the gusty winds, but if you see anything that looks like water on the roads expect it to be ice this morning still few patchy areas of that. you can see the rain comes through during the day tomorrow. then we try to clear it out. good news for sunday for the st. patrick day parade. put it on a loop. see most of saturday is wash out. good news is watch what time this gets in here. not until about midnight, 1:00 a.m. tonight and that means, we got nice day to look
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forward to until the rain arrives. now today's actually few degrees cooler than yesterday. yesterday we got to up high of 52 degrees, today i think we top out in the 40's, see 9:00 a.m. mostly sunny 35 degrees at 44 by noon with some sun and just few clouds, then at 3:00 p.m. clouds increase 49 degrees, will be our daytime high, but it is actually going to feel little warmer as we go through the day, and that of course is thanks to less wind than yesterday. winds yesterday got to up near 40 miles per hour. now we check in on the roads with justin. >> good morning happy friday. get away friday. good news is that rain does hold off until later tonight. this morning's ride does look pretty good. we start you off on 76 westbound at city avenue. smooth sailing early this morning. also the ben franklin bridge looking good in both directions, in and out of the city with clear skies no threat of in precipitation around this morning. area speeds, looking good all across the region, 55 miles per hour, coming into the city on 95 south philadelphia no problems on the schuylkill, in
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and out of the city looking pretty good at 55 miles per hour, 295 and the jester turnpike, moving at 65 miles per hour. overturned vehicle in plymouth township, germantown pike between hollow well road and pleasant roadment took down pole. all lanes blocked. alternate east twp. line road. also the roosevelt boulevard on the inner drive southbound approaching rhawn street dealing with another accident this morning. and, also, remember, exit ten on 95 northbound, that off ramp is close today get to 291. the alternate exit 13, island avenue. mass transit looking good. that's a look at your ride this morning ukee, we send it back you. >> this morning the nfl's range rushing lead is her waking up a philadelphia eagle . >> e-a-g-l-e-s! >> you got that right. demarco murray received a warm welcome at the nova care complex last night. the former cowboys star inked5 year, and spoke to beasley
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reese about leaving dallas. >> i see a lot of spirit here, you know, like i said, i am happy to be here, cowboys dallas, a lot of great fans, there as women, and i'm excited to be here, be an eagle. >> and the news has created a frenzy monkeying else fans still reeling from series every stunning moves made over the last week. many were wondering what coach chip kelly had up his sleeve. >> to be causing all of this, distrust, anacine civil within the city that he's got to have a greater plan. >> i'm fan. i think unless you take a bigotries being you are never going to have a shot at the ultimate prize. so i'm with you jets. >> you can save some fans down in dallas are all fired up about the deal. and these on line videos proof t some fans took their frustration out on murray's old cowboys jersey and number by lighting them on fire. >> 4:36 right now. happening today, philadelphia prepares to say good-bye to officer robert wilson.
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a viewing is set for this evening. >> ♪ ♪ >> last night an estimate the 200 people gathered for a canned light vigil in cobbs creek where he grew up. many were femme owe officers, friends, and family, and they shared stories after down to earth man with pride that he translated into his job. >> today just seeing the support from everyone, it helps, it helps. it really helps. just to support and the love shown, and just knowing that my brother he touched everyone, just as much as he touched us. >> officer wilson was shot to death over a week ago during a robbery attempt at a video game store near 22nd and lehigh. two men were charged with first degree murder. today's viewing for officer wilson will be from 4:00 this afternoon until 8:00 this evening at the francis funeral home on whitby avenue. second viewing tomorrow morning from 7:00 to 10:00 at
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the university of pennsylvania palestra on south 33rd street followed by the funeral. his burial is at fernwood cemetery in lansdowne. >> happening today funeral for teen accidentally slot and killed by a class made. seventeen year old ivan, shot and killed 17 year old james becker, a week ago thursday afternoon. he was playing with a gun he found on the street in his neighborhood. police say he thought the gun was empty at the time. becker's funeral is scheduled for 10:00 this morning at saint ann's church lehigh avenue. >> well, 2,000 philadelphia families can afford to send their children to better schools this morning parents learned last night they want scholarships from the children's scholarship fund of philadelphia. phonecalls to the lucky parent when she found out her son had received a scholarship. >> i am greatly honored and i'm happy and excited at the same time. to. prayer works.
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>> i'm glad. >> oh, wow thank you so much. >> nicole brewer will have these stories of other scholarship recipient coming up later this morning. >> protesters gather in ferguson for a second night as the investigation into the ambush shootings of two police officers continues. we'll let you know what attorney general eric holster saying about the case. >> also, yet another secret service scandal watch officials are accused of doing in front of t the white house and the evidence lawmakers want to see. we'll be right back.
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>> top leaders in washington want newly a pint dollars secret is her vest director
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joseph chance toy offer an explains into another controversy. two agent allegedly drove into a security barrier, at the white house after night of drinking earlier this month. it happened at a time when other agent were investigating a bomb threat near the white house. officials are demanding clancey offer for mow tails as well as surveillance video. >> authorities say some people have been questioned but there is still nearness yesterday's shooting of two police officers in ferguson, missouri. about 50 gathered to hold a vigil last night for those officers. later another group marched in front of the police department and called for the resignation of ferguson's mayor. attorney general eric holler, spoke about the shooting yesterday, and had some harsh words. >> this was a punk, punk, trying to show discord in a area that's trying to get it act together and trying to bring together a community that's been fractured for too long. >> the two injured police officers have been released from the hospital.
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>> coming own 4:43, checking in with kate with the weekend forecast little mix? >> half and half weekend, err cape, looks like steady rain through the day tomorrow. tomorrow not the day to be out and b a lot of st. patrick's parades across the area, i think one in springfield, one in conshohocken tomorrow, nun atlantic city even. these may have to be rain dated, because tomorrow doesn't look great. now, the philadelphia st. patrick's parade sunday, looks like you're going to get a bit of respit, we see some sunshine return, it will be windy day certainly sunday much better day. definitely have to keep an eye on the forecast for your saturday plans. "skycam 3", atlantic city quiet, you can see the city all lit up. but no rain to talk about just yet. if we take a look at storm scan3, you can see the rain still pretty far away, the steadiest of the rain coming down over southern illinois right down into the gulf coast this morning. tan will continue to lift through the area, and really impact us starting late tonight, probably around midnight actually looks little slower than it did yesterday. we were saying between 9:00 and 11:00 now looks like probably over night tonight, but will continue through most
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of the day on saturday. an until about 5:00 p.m. at least. so some flood concerns for areas off to the west, you can see flood watches extend interesting new orleans, all the way to up charleston, west virginina -- virginia, early weak system, also had a lot of snow on the gown, portion every kentucky, not specking much in the way of flooding in our area. rain heavy at times, you can just got it watch the areas prone to flooding and specially poor drainage areas. could see ponding there amounts, in our area, between three quarters of an inch and inch of rain for your saturday. let's talk about the weekends, saint path trick's parade sunday, tomorrow not great day. rainy day, dreary, at least in the 50's, all rain. but sunday some sun windy 52 degrees. we'll take you to the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, now the weekends un our belt monday looks beautiful. fifty-seven with sunshine, saint patrick's day on tuesday, now trending drier great news, and then it gets little cooler, back to the 40's by next wednesday. now we send it over to ukee for a look at sports.
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>> thank, kate. the annual maxwell football club awards kin is her later tonight at the tropicana in atlantic city. receiving the maxwell award college player of the year, oregon quarterback marcus mariota no word if chip kelly will be attending the event. high school players of the year tackle trenton thompson, from albany george a talk earlier this morning speculated yesterday 2014nfl rushing champion demarco purpose is he now a member of your philadelphia eagles. he'll hook up with his college roommate new birds quarterback sam bradford. sam won the heisman while playing with oklahoma at oklahoma. murray says his roomy talked him into coming to philly. >> there was huge influence once i heard that he was getting traded here. he immediately texted me and told me, hey jump on board let's go in it, and i'm excited to get back with him. close friend of mine, and i'm excited to play with him again. >> jump on board and let's go win it i like. that will joining murray and backfield ryan matthews, spent the first five seasons of his
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career with the san diego chargers. rain for more than 4,000 yards with san diego with 23 touchdowns. >> this should and fun season with murray, matthews, and darren sproles already being called, and i love there is the legion of zoom. talk with merrill reese about these new moves coming up live in our 6:00 hour this morning. hey, six and sacramento kings. miller and evans on the kings. mt. laurel native jason thompson out of riderment to the college tournament, biggies quarterfinals four, villanova against marquette at madison square garden. put on a clinic from beyond the, a 59% from three-point range. they were hot. josh heart had 20, nova beat the golden eagles 84 to 49. the wildcats play the providence priors tonight in the semifinals. >> how about the atlantic 10-ton until the brooklyn with lasalle taking on u-mass. the explorers lewis hits the clutch three pointers with a
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minute and a half left to give lasalle a lead they would not lose. lasalle beats u-mass 76 to 69. explore he is take on the a10 top seed davidson at noon today. flyers on the road last night in st. louis. all comes down to the shoot-out. and the blues would stop wayne simmons and win one-nothing. tough loss for steve mason who made 35 saves in a losing effort. flyers now ten-point out with 13 games to play. flyers and red wings in south philly tomorrow afternoon. that was a tough loss. well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, the cost of throwing a wedding gets higher. >> we'll have the result after new survey coming up in a money watch report. first, what's ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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>> deadly shooting in the overbrook section of philadelphia.
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robbery was the likely mother whiff 51 year old man was gunned down on the 6400 block of woodcrest avenue. officers found his body in the street with his dog by his side. neighbors say he walks the dog every night. >> hundreds turned out last night for a vigil to honor fallen philadelphia police officer, robert wilson. officer wilson was killed last week when he interrupt add robbery in north philadelphia. his viewing is tonight in wets philadelphia. >> and nfl rushing champion demarco murray will be rushing for the eagles this coming season. murray signed five year deal yesterday to join his college roommate quarterback sam bradford with the birdsment the latest bombshell from chip kelly reshaping the eagles this off season. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, the market opening in positive territory. good news there. >> yes it, has been a wild ride this week. so we'll see if stocks can build on the momentum today. yesterday bank stocks saw the beg he is gains the fed has said that the banks do have
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research to get through another financial crisis. hopefully stocks can end on this friday on high note. ukee, carriy? >> jill, looks like couples and their family forking over little more money to say i do. i understand you have the result of a new studdie? >> yes, study from the wedding website the knot not found the average comes after wedding roast to new record high, more than $31,000. now, that's up by about 4% from 2013. manhattan is the most expensive wedding location, with the average costing more than $76,000. that's got to hurt. but new jersey and philadelphia both made the top ten when it comes to cost. and about 24% of couples are now opting for destination weddings. so definately some new trends there when it comes to weddings. ukee erika? >> always l little chapel in vegas. >> and save a whole lot of monday. >> i safer your money, exactly. >> appreciate t coming up after a short break, traffic
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and weather together we do it on the
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all right, just past 4:53 we want to check in with justin and get our traffic report. >> good morning everyone, looking pretty good this morning on most of the major roadways this is vine st. expressway at 24th street, in and out of the city looking pretty good both east and westbound. take you to i-95, again looking pretty good again both ways, as well. so no problems yet. area speeds looking pretty good across the region. limb bit slower coming in northeast southbound on 9550 miles per hour. up to 55 in south philly, 55 on the schuylkill expressway. few accidents to talk about in plymouth township agreement have an overturned vehicle that did take down a pole. germantown pike, between how well road and pleasant roadment all lanes blocked with this vehicle accident. the alternate will be east twp. line road. and on the roosevelt boulevard inner drive, southbound, approaching rhawn street, we have hit-and-run there involving one vehicle, mass
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transit looking good. report nothing delays. that's a look at your ride. now kate. >> let's look outside. we start you off on storm scan3, looks a-okay, no problems out there as we sweep the area. that's going to change at this time tomorrow that entire storm scan3 picture will be shrouded in green as rain moves in. look at all of the moisture off to the south and west. we can expect rain starting right around midnight tonight. continuing until perhaps as late as 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. periods of rain heavy at times. let's time it out for you here. you can see, through the rest of the morning looking at dry conditions, the sun will come up, it will be a beautiful sunny start to the day. by about 3:00 p.m., you will start to see those clouds, those first high cloud moving on in, by 6:00 p.m., it is cloudy, the rain arrives by around midnight, then is just keeps coming in waves. there is 5:00 a.m. there is 8:00 a.m., all through the day, noon, tapering to showers late afternoon, then it is out of here. yesterday's winds 35 miles per hour, good news today less wind, that means even though the temperatures little cooler
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it is actually going to feel warmer than yesterday did. ukee, back over to you. >> thanks, appreciate t here is a check of stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 will be following for you today. how disneyland inspired new bill on littering in city council. a preview of the southwest festival, begins today and review the latest adaptation of the new he will a. check in two three, four times a day "kyw news radio". >> cinderella comes out today. live for search for killer after man is murdered just walking his dog. >> also, never before seen video of carjacking victim's dramatic escape from the boston marathon bombing suspects. see how he got away from the dow dow brothers. >> waning your waistline with a necklace. how the jewelry can help you keep off unwanted weight. we're back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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>> developing right now, detectives look for clues after heartless crime. a man taking his dog for a walk is robbed and killed. we're on the scene with the search for the shooter. >> also, remembering a hero. the tribute happening today for officer robert wilson, as the city prepares to say farewell to the murdered police officer. >> hi, everyone, it is friday, the 13th of march good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. demarco murray is all smiles after the eagles steel the running back from the dallas cowboys, intensifying their rivalry with the boys, we'll tell you why murray took less money to play for the eagles. >> kate? >> and, it is a chill morning out here on the skydeck even though mile wet they are week,
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clear skies this morning causing temperatures to go down below freezing, so make sure to bundle up before you lever the house. then tracking some rain it, gets in tonight will continue through much of tomorrow. the latest on that coming up. justin? >> good friday morning everyone, good news there at least the weather is dry right now, this morning looking at the ride right now on 76 westbound, both ways actually, looking pretty good this morning couple every accidents to talk b more details coming up in your full traffic report. erika? >> thank you developing right now, a man walking his dog in west philadelphia is fatally shot in what appears to be a robbery gone bad. >> and now the search is on for the person who pulled the trigger. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us from police headquarters with the latest on this investigation. jan, good morning. >> reporter: ukee, erika good morning. police say this was the victim's routine. he went out for nightly walk had his dog usually the same time, same place usually with his daughter. but last night he was alone and someone took advantage. >> police say he was


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