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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 13, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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is a cold blooded crime. a man is gun down while walking his dog. >> jan carabeo joins us now at police headquarters with new information on the murder morning. jan, good morning. >> reporter: ukee, erika, good morning, police are searching for this kill they are morning, who they say likely, robbed this victim, shot him left him for dead in the middle of the street with his dog, sitting by his side. take a look at this video. police say this is very unusual area for something like this to happen in. this robbery and homicide, happened in the overbrook section of the city, just after 8:30 last night.
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police responded to the 6400 block of woodcrest avenue, for shots fire call. when they arrived police found 51 year old man unconscious in the street. police believe he was walking his dog at the time of the attack. that dog stayed with the victim, found lying right next to him. now the 51 year old was taken to the hospital, shot once in the chest and was pronounced dead a short time later. police say the victim walked his dog in that area at the same time every night and he usually walked with his daughter, but last night he was alone. take a listen. >> fortunately his daughter wasn't with him tonight out here, a tragic incident, and looking for anybody who has information to contact our tip line at 215686-tips. >> now, the victim was found with a flashlight in one hand, his dog's leash in the other hand. police say the dog was not injured. in the meantime again they are searching for the kill they are morning asking witnesses to step forward so they can help identify the suspect. now, if you have any information, call police at this point police believe the
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motive for this attack is robbery. reporting live outside of the philadelphia police headquarters, jan carabeo cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. viewing begins this afternoon for philadelphia police officer, robert wilson. just one week after he was killed in the line of duty, fellow officers, family, friends, held vigil in the cobbs creek neighborhood where the officer grew up. a neighbor recalls growing up with him and also, praised the work of the police. >> so, i remembered him from then. and i'm really so sorry for the family. and i give all of my respect to all of the officers that's out here, working for us, and keeping us safer. >> officer wilson the father of two was shot to detmar fifth. during robbery attempt at video game store police have charged two men with first degree murder. >> today's viewing for officer wilson will be from 4:00 this afternoon until 8:00 this evening, at the francis funeral home on whitby avenue. second viewing will be tomorrow morning from 7:00 to 10:00 at the pal treason south 33rd street followed by the funeral. his burial will be at fernwood
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cemetery in lansdowne. coming up on a 33:00, your traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> good morning ukee, good morning, everyone, happy friday. we made it to friday. pretty nice week, all things considered, we had little wind yesterday, making it feel little colder than the thermometer indicated of course we had the rain tuesday evening, but today's another quiet day. we will see sunshine to start the day. you can see storm scan3 sweeping the area, not finding anything at all that quadruple sweep working over time, but tomorrow that sweep will be working hard for us, tracking the rain that's moving in from the south and west, you can see a lot of moisture with the system as it lifts right along the mississippi river valley. it will be headed our way again, starting at about midnight tonight. temperatures in the meantime, want to start you wolf this. look at the difference. yesterday we were generally mid 30's, low 40's in the morning. today, seeing 20's out there. while everything is pretty dry now things to the wind wet spots on the roads i went under overpass this morning that still had dripping water coming down, temperatures in the 20's, below freezing, do
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you have to watch for just isolated icy spots here this morning. temperatures about ten to 15 degrees colder, now than they were at this time yesterday. so, your day planner chilly start to the morning we will be around 35 at 9:00 a.m. need heavier coat than you've needed the past couple every days. by noon at 44, then clouds start to thicken up by this afternoon, 49 degrees, at 3:00 p.m. so sunshine to start the day. then watch this afternoon how clouds start to stream in about 4:00 p.m. it is cloudy at 7:00. then the rain arrives by midnight 2:00 a.m. raining all across the reason own. now we check in with justin. >> good morning i'm shoot not a lot of people looking forward to the rain, but next friday spring officially arrives one week away, astronomical spring. toking look forward to there. traffic looking pretty good right now something to look forward to hitting the roads no majors problems to talk about, 76, approaching 202 eastbound is the headlights, and we are moving pretty good this morning let's take to you 95 around cottman volume picking up just little bit. headed south toward the city northbound little bit less
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volume to deep w typical slow spot coming in the next hour or two. speeds coming down just little bit on 95, but we're moving, so we'll take it, 51 miles per hour, 76, no problems there, at the speed limit, coming in at 55 miles per hour. accident upper southampton continues county line road between davisville road and new road. no delays reported on mass transit. that's a look at your ride, erika, we send it back to you. >> thanks etch s5:35n business news this morning why the owners of the chevy bolt have being offered a software upgrade. >> what's next for lumber liquidate ores? up in new york at the stock exchange hey jill? from almost bick liquid aters will pay for tea is he tasting for its lamb nature floors. take answer hit since the 06 minutes report found they contain high levels of formaldehyde cancer-causing chemical. the company says it is confident its floors are safe. and lumber liquidate orrs stock soared on the news. mark lets open today back in
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positive territory for the year. stock rallied after big losses earlier this week. bank stocks, saw the biggest gains, the feds say they've enough reserve do you have get through another financial crisis. the dow jumps 259 points yesterday, the nasdaq climbed 43. >> new study from the institute of medicine, find, that raising smoking age from 18 to 21 would substancially reduce the number every teens started smoking and cut l the numbers of americans who smoke by 12%. only congress can raise the smoking age nationally. >> warning about the chevy volt. gm says the car is so quiet that people are forget to go shut it off. and that can be very dangerous, it can cause potential carbon monoxide build up, if it is parked in your garage. now, gm, says owners could bring the car in for software update that will automatically shut the car off if it has been idol for more than 90 minutes. ukee, carriy? >> all right, jill thanks so
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much. >> now, to the latest in the boston marathon bombing trial. a witness who survives his encounter with the dzhokhar brothers, told his story to jurors. >> more on the carjacking he barely escaped while the defendant and his brother were trying to flee boston. nicole? >> reporter: that's right. that victim told jurors it was the most terrifying moment of his life, and the most difficult decision he had to make. but in the end he made the ultimate escape fleeing the suspect after they jumped in a his car and pointed a gun at him. now, for the first time, we're seeing that surveillance video. take a look here. after driving around, the brothers can be seen using his atm card to get cash. they also transferred bombs from their honda to his mercedes sv. in the only television interview, he told cbs at news he had no idea who they were. >> i was totally shocked. i was like what's this? what is this? i thought -- >> he said tamerlan said otherwise, claiming they were
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responsible for the bombings. when they stopped for gas and smacks, that's when he made his move running into the gas station and pleading with that attendant to call 911. now, the dow dow's fled at that point. but mang assisted to police, alerting them to the gps system led them to one of their suspect and also that shoot-out. that killed tamerlan dzhokhar. so, a harrowing story and one that now has the pictures to go along with it. the prosecution by the way will present testimony about the violent shoot-out next week. ukee, carriy? >> nicole, thank you. >> right now 5:38. we have some important news if you're trying to shed a few less pounds. >> more than just what you eat, but when you eat. we'll let you know the time you should avoid eating. >> also, oklahoma's football team makes powerful statement in response to the racist fraternity scandal. see their silent protest as the fraternity prepares to fight back. >> and our roads are dry right now, but will be a wet weekend. kate is tracking the rain when we do traffic and weather together. we do it on the 3's and we'll be
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>> police say robbery likely motive in the shooting of 51 year old man in overbrook. neighbors say the man was walking his dog when the shots rang out. also hundreds turned out to honor philadelphia police officer, robert wilson, last night. officer wilson was killed, during a robbery attempt last
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week in north philadelphia. wilson's viewing is tonight. his funeral is tomorrow. >> and, from the sport department, the eagles have signed 2014nfl rushing champion demarco murray. murray left the cowboys to join chip kelly in south philly. he joins his college quarterback and college roommate sam bradford now with the birds and joins the eagles backfield full of innings mosey runners. >> the university of oklahoma fraternity that was disband dollars for racist chant is thinking about suing the school. the university shut down the sigma alpha epsilon fraternity, expelled two members after that video surfaced showing them using racial slur. now, the fraternity brothers have hired a lawyer. labeled everyone in the fraternity as a racist, and biggot. and we have some new video here of the oklahoma football team responds g to the scandal yesterday with a silent protest. instead of practicing, they marched on to the field arm in arm, and stood therefore several minute. the team also released a
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statement calling on other leaders at the fraternity to be disciplined. >> well, happening today bankruptcy judge plans to rule on the sale of the former revel casino hotel in atlantic city. florida developer glenn straub wants to buy it, but loophole in the deal still leaves the door open for revel's owners to except a higher bid in one materialized before the march 31st scheduled closing date. union casino workers will be on picket line outside trump taj that hal l protest carl icon's plans to strip workers of their health insurance, and pension coverage. just yesterday, a delaware bankruptcy judge approved trump entertainment resorts reorganization plan t gives icon control of the re-organized company and the taj mahal. >> let's get our traffic and weather together, looks like we're doing some weather trivia. >> it is that time of the morning, it is friday, weather trivia, and we're talking about saint patrick's day last year, philadelphia, at the airport we got 4.7 inches
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every snow on saint patrick's day. i almost forgot about that until i was reminded i think of all of the storms last year just blend together. but we talk about saint patrick's day snow. the question s. how many other st. patrick's days has philadelphia received at least 1 inch of snow? and your options are a two b, six c ten or d, 14 other times with a inch every snow? i want everyone to yell out their answer at once. i think we'll disqualify justin from this. >> oh, ya, right true, he knows the answer. >> i don't know what do you guys think? >> b. >> i like six. >> justin, i'll give awe shot. >> i go a be different. >> well, let's see. two for b. no fair! he knew. >> i told you's ringer. >> see that's traffic and weather together the wrong way. >> exactly exactly well, yes, only three times in our history have we got answer inch of snow or more on saint patrick's day last year the
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snowiest one we've ever had. nice job justin, you guys will get the next one don't worry about t storm scan three rain lifting in, no snow, for this saint patrick day, talking about some rain at least for tonight and into tomorrow as it is going to be heavy at times see three quarters every an inch to inch of rain watch do expect for your saturday? again, what i just said, period of rain heavy at times, three quarters of an inch to inch. ponding on the roads possible. temperatures in the 50's not expecting widespread flood threat, but any poor drainage areas prone to little bit of poor drainage flooding you can see that through tomorrow. today, mostly sunny clouds will increase, through the afternoon, less wind than yesterday, and then tonight here comes the rain overnight it will continue through much of the saturday. coming you your st. patrick's parade forecast in the seven day. let's check in justin doing double duty weather and trivia. >> good morning i swear did i not know that. >> ya, ya, ya. >> most likely answer, just like my forecast. >> please, please.
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>> 202 northbound, this is at the 422 exit, looking pretty good both southbound and northbound northbound the taillights. the ben franklin bridge still smooth sailing both directions. we have some incoming volume into the city. but no restrictions this morning. area speeds across the region look pretty good on the boulevard, 37 miles per hour, 55 on 95, all areas in green that's good, so traffic moving, even into parts of south jersey, 295 the turnpike, up to 65 miles per hour this hour. >> we do have accident in warrington valley road and at street road there. pottstown, disable vehicle at route 100 southbound at high street. and upper southampton still dealing with this accident on county line road between davisville road and new road, and still, we have to deal with the downed lines and plymouth germantown pike, some lane restrictions there that's a look at your ride, ukee we send it back to you. >> happening today american healthcare work here contracted ebola while
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volunteering in africa will be admitted to maryland hospital. the patient will be treated at the national institutes of health in bethesda, maryland. patient been volunteering at ebola treatment center in sierra leone. there is no word on their identity. >> in this morning's health watch, when you eat may be just as important to your heart health as what you eat. researchers in san diego found limiting the eating hours of fruit flies prevented aging and heart problems. previous research suggested that people who eat late in the day tend to have a hyper risk every developing heart disease. and, dieters could have new high-tech way to keep track whatever they eat. check it out. >> this diet necklace use as censor that vibrates and measures vibration toss measure when you're eating and drinking. the device also tells users what they ate, how about that, how quickly they ate it and even gives some suggestions when you should miss a meal. researchers say the necklace is up to 90% accurate, and the
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device could be available later on this year. how about that, ukee? >> very cool. final preparations being made for sunday's saint patrick's day parade. west philadelphia school getting ready to march in the parade for the first time. kathy orr takes you to the school that's living in the spirit of st. patrick. >> ♪ ♪ >> with every puff into her french horn, 13 year old gets her part little closer to perfect. same with 12 year old trombone player lala the seven piece brass band at saint francis de sales is polishing up two classic irish songs. danny boy and the irish washer woman for this year's saint path tress ache day parade. >> very big deal to us. >> how excited are you guys to be in a parade? >> very. >> this is the first time saint francis de sales in the parade. not the first radio. orchestras of 150 place. they played everywhere, from
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the kimmel center, to major sporting events. >> there is nothing like being in the orchestra to keep a student on the road of success. >> the idea is that the hand that holds an instrument will never hold a gun. >> orchestra reflect long home to imigrants. knack 1904 when the school opened, most were from ireland. >> the irish immigrants held build up the school for other people, and other immigrants to come and learn. >> over the decade, the school became a melting pot now it includes student from africa asia, latin america. the principal sister marry mcnulty, says wonderful reflection every st. patrick's life. >> he was missionary. and i think a missionary heart is open and goes out to all people. >> he taught other immigrants, the irish about the trinity the father, the son the holy spirit, by using the shamrock leaves. >> so on parade day, st. patrick's honor lal a and ikira will be ready.
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♪ ♪ >> oh, love seeing the children and the arts. you can join kathy chris may and kate for the saint patrick's day parade sunday. it begins at 1:00 on our sister station the "cw philly". you can also watch it live on cbs philly. com. and, if you missed the parade sunday, catch the encore broadcast saint patrick's day, at 9:00 tuesday morning right here on cbs-3. >> right now it is 5:49. and a whale watching adventure ends in tragedy. what went wrong on the way back to the shore. >> and disney just couldn't let it go. we have the word on the just announced sequel to frozen, and how you can get your frozen fill before that. >> first though here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3..
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>> words is disney cannot let it g. >> they just announced new frozen movie in the works. just ask frozen fever, short film, spin off, hits theater today. no release date has been set for frozen two but the studio hoping to strike box office gold all over again. the first frozen film was the highest grossing animated film of all time. >> oh, i love olof. so funny. hey the egg industry has just hired phillies own kevin bacon. together the two make up the timeless comedy of bacon and eggs. will appear in new ads showing the virtue every eggs. he calls himself an obvious choice. bacon, after all. comes as protein craze fuels the sale of eggs which for years revealed as bad for our cholesterol. >> phillies own, all right. well, from bacon to more bacon, wilmington blue rocks need help naming their latest
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artery clogging ballpark treat. get ready to wrap your head around this one. check out. hotdog topped with bacon raspberry jam then sandwiched between a specially made crispy cream donut. now, you can only finds this snack at the stadium. if you have that flame for the donut dog look for something creative here, told to tell the blue rocks before tuesday the win letter get to throw out the first pitch on opening night. and i would try that, between the sweet and the salty. >> you know what? i think i would take a big old bite myself, ya. >> quick shortstop to goodness, you know? >> all right, that's all i got 567:89:53. here's kate, good morning. >> good morning, i put that on my facebook page, i would try it for science. do you have do everything for science. >> for science. >> do you have dot research. >> what? >> i think we should call it the widow maker because that's what it kind of looks like to me. outside, we start off with tonight's forecast, cloudy night, rain will be arriving late tonight, and i just want to take you into the seven day outlook, we have to get through there is a lot going on in the next several days.
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today mostly sunny again clouds late tonight like we said, rain comes in overnight tomorrow a wet day 55, periods every rain, all day long maybe drying out by late afternoon or evening. sunday better, some sun windy, then 57 degrees on monday, nice start to next week, looks like pretty good st. saint patty's days on tuesday justin? >> good morning, everyone, loving the 50's coming up in the forecast, we start you off route 30, eastbound just past business 30. and traffic looking good this morning, with the clear skies no precipitation, ben franklin bridge inbound and out bound looking pretty goodment volume starting to pick up little bit headed into the city. still area speeds looking good around the city, even into new jersey, south jersey around 295 and the turnpike, no problems on mass transit. more news when we return.
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>> is a whale crashed into a sightseeing boat surfaced under the boat and a woman died after being tossed into water. two other people on the boat were injured. there are mexican laws for both coming near the whales, but those will soon not apply in the area around cab owe sanan lucas. we'll be right back.
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>> good morning, thank you for joining us, developing right now, in the news, apparent robbery turns deadly in west philly. >> the search on this morning for the person who murdered a man just out walking his dog. "eyewitness news" reporter, jan carabeo, joins us now at police headquarters with the developing details. jan, good morning.
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>> reporter: a. >> goods morning, he would walk his dog same place same time, usually when his daughter. last night he was alone and someone took advantage. police say he was left in the street to die. just out for a walk with his dog on thursday night, 51 year old shooting victim found unconscious, with his flashlight, in one hand, and his dog's leash in the other. >> just seem to be very scared, shake glenn deadly shooting happened here in the 6400 block of woodcrest avenue, in the overbrook section of the city. around 8:30, police were called to the scene after someone heard a gunshot. the victim, found in the street, and rushed to the hospital, shot once in the chest. he was pronounced dead, short time later. investigators say this is an unusual scene for overbrook. >> walking around this neighborhood relatively safe neighborhood. not much crime. >> it could have been worse had his daughter joined him. usually the routine. >> his daughter wasn't


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