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tv   Eyewitness News at 6am  CBS  March 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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from the cbs-3 broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new this morning injuries after a car crashed on the boulevard. we'll have the latest coming up. also ahead honoring a fallen hero. the city remembers the life and sacrifice of officer robert wilson iii who was killed in the line of duty. >> and a powerful cyclone hits an island nation. more on who is stepping in and stepping up to help. >> today is sunday, march 15th, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. let's see, it is 6:00. let's sends over to carol. sounds like it will a pretty good day when all is said and done. >> ya -- >> i don't like the that i sounds. >> i didn't like the way that sound either. basically, yes, it is not going to be raining today but we're going to be finding winds gusting maybe as high as 40 miles an hour, as we go
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through the afternoon. it will be sustained winds at least of 20 to 25 miles an hour, with those occasional gusts, as high as 40 miles an hour, stowe really does change just exactly how that day feels. but it looks nice out here, looks a lot nice they are morning, than it did yesterday morning. we got rid of the rain. and we've turned on the wind machine. we've got very nice temperature through center city of 44 degrees. looking out at philadelphia from the palmyra cove nature park in new jersey, 43 degrees, those winds will be picking up as gee through the day. storm scan3 nothing much going on out there for us. we will be finding some clouds moving in, especially later this afternoon. so we start partly sunny we ends up mostly cloudy and the winds will be strong, 44 degrees, right now in philadelphia, look at these temperatures, this is about as warm as i've seen it in i don't know how long over the entire area. forty-two trenton, 43 wilmington, 41 allentown 39 degrees down in wildwood. our day today shapes up like. >> this by noon, 46 degrees, but those gusty winds will really be starting, it is
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pretty breezy out there right now, but these winds will start to gust a lot more as we move through the afternoon. by 3:00 p.m., very windy temperature around 50 degrees, and expected to feel colder, however, as you're going out to the parade. because of the very strong winds. future weather let's see do we see any clouds? yep, couple, going through 9:00 this morning few more as we hit 1:00. that's the parade time on cbs-3. and we are going to be looking at 3:00 p.m., still some clouds, but it is winds that you will really notice today. we'll check out the seven day forecast, we have some colder temperatures coming back on that, and i'll show you that just ahead, nick snow. >> carol, thank you. new this morning woman is rushed to the hospital after her car hits a tree and overturns in philadelphia's lawncrest neighborhood. it all happened in the inner lanes of roosevelt boulevard at somerdale avenue around 3:30, no word on her condition. investigators are checking to see if speed played a role in that accident. also, new this morning, a pick-up truck crashes into a home in aston, delaware county. it happened just before 1:00,
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400 block of hidden valley vote. no one was inside that home, no one was injured rather who was inside that home. driver and passengers were taken into custody. >> well, honoring a fallen hero. thousands remember officer robert wilson iii, who was killed in the line of duty during a robbery attemptment at game stop earlier this month. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson with the emotional service. >> a final farewell for one of philadelphia's finest ever. saturday morning, a march through west philadelphia, officials, dignitaries joining with the city's force the very tip of the spear that would usher in thousands. friends, family, citizens, and officers, from departments acro the country all coming together to pay respects to one man. philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii. >> officer wilson was willing to take the heat and sacrifice
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himself. >> on march 5th 2015, officer wilson was buying a gift for his nine year old son, at this game stop in north philadelphia. inside by himself he fought with two armed rob remembers drawing fire away from patrons, using his very last breath to save other. >> he laid down his life for people in that store. >> inside the palestra saturday afternoon tribute from those who witnessed his heroism. >> i've been in policing for 46 years. and i've never witnessed an act of bravery like i saw that day. >> wilson remembering the warm smile and caring nature, and the ones he left behind. >> i'll always be there for you, just as i know rob would for my family. >> and as the pipes sounded for that final farewell,
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officer wilson would leave as sergeant, deck rate the with honors valor believed and hailed for trading his life so other could live. >> robert f wilson iii is an american hero. >> during his speech, commissioner charles ramsey not only mentioned he would be awarding robert wilson iii one of philadelphia's highest honors, the medal of valor but for courage the likes in which the commissioner had never seen since he would be re-naming the award after philadelphia's latest fallen hero. reporting from west philadelphia i'm steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and for more on the tribute to slain philadelphia police officer, robert wilson iii go to our website >> well, a group of women are injured after their car flips onto its side in queen village. now, police say that car hit several vehicles in that parking lot at fifth and bainbridge before going into reverse, and crashing through the fence.
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now, people inhat parking lot had to run for cover. >> i just heard some screaming from the people working here, like no, no, and it was literally 90 miles an hour, just going reverse i'm still shaking, and i just turn around, car just flew right back. i just literally like dove. >> the four women inside the car were taken to the hospital. no word yet on their conditions. >> at least one person has been hospitalized after a crash in florence township. it happened on columbus road shortly after 5:00. now, police say one person was ejected from one of the vehicles. but investigators have not said how many people were hospitalized or the severity of their injuries. >> a woman in seaside heights new jersey, is recovering after she was caught in a home explosion. according to police, the blast happened just after 10:00 a.m. on the first floor of the sumner avenue home. the 26 year old woman was on the second floor. now, she was brought to the hospital for evaluation, with minor injuries, the cause of the blast is still being
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investigated. overseas now the death toll is expected to rise after a massive cyclone hit the president of the south pacific country is asking the international community for help to reach communities hit heart by the storm. at least eight people were killed. cbs news correspondent brian web has that story. >> cyclone pam left massive devestation after it slammed awatu, wind approaching 200 miles per hour, stirred up rough seas, ripped roofs off homes, and tossed boats like toys. >> i'm speaking with you today with a heart that is so heavy. i do not really know what impact cyclone pam has left on vanuatu. >> left damage across six an islands, many areas have no running water. extent of the damage is still unknown, but united nations secretary moon expressed concern it is widespread. >> i conveyed my personal on behalf of the united nation
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action, our deepest condolances as well as our strong commitment of solidarity to the people of to. >> authorities crammed 1500 resident from the capitol city port villa into 23 emergency shelters just before the cyclone hit. about 47,000 people live in the capitol. but more than 200,000 other are spread over dozens of the small island. relief is on the way. new zealand has pledged a million dollars in aid and australia is sending emergency response teams. they need that help in a hurry. another cyclone is forecast to hit near the island chain in the next few days. >> brian web cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> well, health officials say a number of americans returning from west africa are being monitored after possibly being expose today ebola. the cdc won't specific how many but they are check to go see whether they show any symptoms that far disease. they will be howls dollars near the university of nebraska medical center in omaha.
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the national institutes of health or emory university hospital in atlanta. none of them have been diagnosissed when ebola. still to come this morning, a powder problem. just add water and you have a quick cocktail. but one politician has a big problem. why he wants to ban t we'll explain. >> plus, fly eagles fly. how this birds eye view is breaking records. and drying out from a day of heavy rain, carol returns with your which witness weather for cats for the week when we come back.
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on the cbs-3 health watch powdered alcohol or palcohol, tolt dollars as convene gent, but plenty of critics to this. one citizen wants it bands nationally. health reporter stephanie stahl has more. >> reporter: just add water and shake. it is as simple as that, 30 seconds later the powdered alcohol is a cocktail, ready to drink. >> and there you go. you have liquid vodka. >> it is a brain chimed of mark phillips. so far four czar identities have won government approval. each pouch is roughly equivalent to one mixed drink. >> the company that makes this bad, bad product -- >> new york senator chuck assume sera palcohol wants it banned. >> beer, wine, hard liquor, alcohol, you can't ingest that much that quickly. but when in powdered form, you
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can inch just whole lot and do real damage to yourself. >> critics also worry powdered alcohol could be used to spike drinks, or even snorted for a quicker buzz. philip says each packet contains only enough alcohol to fill just one shot glass. tan would take an hour to snort it. >> really burns to snort it. really uncomfortable. because it is alcohol. as you would if you sniffed liquid vodka. it would burn like crazy. there is nothing pleasant about it. >> he claims the powerful liquor industry is against the powdered product because it might hurt their business. >> why do we want big government telling us what we can drink and what we can't drink? we don't need a nanny government telling us what we can do. >> it is three we do have incredible video for you after eagle flying off the world's tallest tower breaking a world record. mini cam strapped to this bird's back as it flew off in
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due by in the united arab emeries. highest recorded birds flight from man-made structure more than 2700 feet. ya. that's what you call a true birds eye view. the chicago river has gone green for the saint patrick's day holiday celebration. check it out. residents and tourists looking at the green waves made for the saint patrick's day parade for saturday. >> meantime here in philadelphia we're celebrating irish product at today's saint patrick's day parade. see it at 1:00 on our sister station the cwf philly. also watch us live on if you miss the parade don't worry, watch the encore on saint patrick's day parade right here tuesday morning 9:00. quick heads up for you. carol, we will be cueing the wind machine, aren't we, for that parade? >> yes. we will definitely be feeling that wind machine nicole, because the winds will be cranking. we had low pressure leave here
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yesterday. high pressure is building in. that pressure gradient is tightening. and, boy that is going to be funneling these wind. they'll be dom willing -- coming out of the north wells. it is mild enough out there already this morning. this is 39 degrees, up in the poconos, it will start melting even some of what they have up in the poconos. but, the wind is going to be what you remember about the weather today. temperatures, and maybe it started little bit on the mild side this morning, 44 in philadelphia, 42 trenton, 43 wilmington, 34 up in the poconos, and then we have 41 down in millville, 39 in wildwood. so the temperatures will not be the issue today. they'll get to about 50 degrees this afternoon but with the strong winds i think you can fairly assume that it will feel colder than that. to the north this is our old departed storm system, we're going to be finding some clouds, especially as we move on through the afternoon. so partly sunny starts to the day. mostly cloudy, we end the day. at the present time we have sustained winds about 10 miles an hour, coming straight out of the west, but later on today, they will be coming out of the northwest.
6:16 am
they will start to really pick up in speed and in intensity and go right through this evening. so we're going to be finding our temperatures today barely getting to the 50 degrees mark. and then, by the time we get to tomorrow, maybe we find these temperatures getting dare we even say probably just 60 but it would be nice if it got couple of degrees higher. i just wanted to get to that 06 degrees mark, because then this blue line means that we will be finding temperatures dropping again they'll be in the 50's by tuesday you might pick up a brief shower, very light one, early on tuesday morning. otherwise, the colder air is back there and we will be find that coming in, as women. future weather not bad to start the day. by the time we get to 9:00 this morning, we are looking at couple of clouds over the area. by the time we get to 2:00 this afternoon few more scattered around. you find few more at 3:00 this afternoon, then, just pay attention to the air coming up. notice, these clouds, coming up in this direction. that's that warm air starting
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to drive up here. we'll finds 60 degrees, or so, tomorrow. so that looks like maybe it will be the warmest day and maybe the nicest day of the week. now, by tuesday i mention that that front comes through here. should be light precipitation if you see any. but this is tuesday morning early, early. so just right after monday night as the front comes through, and before, actually before the front comes through, we get this precipitation. and then that front will be following, and that's going to be dropping our temperatures mid-week. the future wind gust, 25-mile per hour wind gust, can be fully expected as we go through this morning. by later on this morning, they are in the 30-mile per hour range. and some areas, you will be finding winds gust to go around 40 miles an hour this afternoon. so just expect in every location, that it is going to be a very windy day. temperatures about 50 degrees, at the shore 48, and in the poconos, 42 degrees, it is mostly cloudy there. it is windy everywhere, i keep underscoring that, because that's really going to be what you will have to dress
6:18 am
for today. even you yes even you he's going have to hold onto his hat, our little leprochan today at 1:00, partly sunny 50 degrees, great day for the parade, it will be dry and they can do all of their irish dancing on dry pavement. still, they will be tossed around a little by the wind, 50 degrees tonight, we drop down to 35 degrees, partly cloudy still windy and then as we go through tomorrow, the winds die down. temperatures come up, 06 degrees. tuesday maybe the early shower otherwise 52, and then look at that, nicole, wednesday's high is only 42. only 42 degrees. and we're below freezing at night again thursday, 45, friday, 48 maybe some wet weather that day. next saturday, looks to be 52, and at this point, it is dry. >> all right we'll take it, carol, thank you. well freshman senator is putting his mark on nuclear talks in iran. he's only been in office for two months, but he's already getting world-wide attention after writing and sending an unprecedented letter to the
6:19 am
iran leadership last week. cbs news correspondent nancy courtis talks with him. >> reporter: senator tom cotton of arkansas is so newest still working out after temporary basement office. and yet with one letter, he made himself known to diplomats world-wide. >> germany's foreign minister called your letter un helpful. french diplomate sass you under mine, does that bother you at all? >> always said basics facts of constitutional law under our constitution. >> but this is still the international reaction from our allies. >> then maybe we need to send a message to the entire world. >> cotton is a harvard educated lawyer who also led troops in iraq and afghanistan as a n pantry officer backgrounds that gives him clout with his gop colleagues. >> first lou tenant iraq. >> it doesn't hurt that he just defeat add long time democratic senator by 18 points. after serving just two years in the house where he was known for his hawkish views.
6:20 am
he has called the talks with iran -- >> sham nuclear negotiations. >> you probably wouldn't be all that upset if this letter ended up interfering with the negotiation. >> if we don't approve the deal we won't except the deal. we did not speak about the terms of the deal. i personally oppose the terms that president obama has already foreshadowed. >> those terms include iran possibly being allowed to keep some of its nuclear infrastructure cotton says he went one by one asking republican senators to sign on and none of the 46 who said yes has said they regret it. nancy courtis cbs news, capitol hill. >> senator cotton will be on cbs's "face the nation" this morning at 10:30, right here on cbs36789 also, we'll talk with bob she have area little bit about it and get live preview of today's broadcast that's coming up in our 8:00 hour. well weddings bells are ringing for sarah palin's daughter bristol palin now engaged. the daughter of the former
6:21 am
alaska governor set to honor dakota meyer. the pair announced their engagement on social media. 24 year old halls six year old son with former fiancee levi johnson. no word yet on a wedding date. 6:21 coming up next on "eyewitness news", a word of warning to uber users. the data that the ride sharing program is collecting likely without you even knowing t and what's more, it could leave you stranded. we'll be right back.
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>> back on "eyewitness news" the ride sharing service uber has become extremely popular. and after taking a trip, did you know ride kearse actually rate how good or bad their driver was? did you also know that uber drivers can rate passengers, "3 on your side" consumer reporter jim donovan shows us how. >> emily relies on 3:00 a.m. cup of coffee to get her going and a ride from ooh tear get her to work by 4:00. up in a ride suddenly became less reliable, when uber drivers all but stopped picking her up. >> i'm late. >> the early morning tv producer first thought there was something wrong with her uber app. >> fifteen seconds to air. >> but instead, she soon discovered she couldn't get a ride because some uber drivers thought there was something wrong with her. >> i asked the driver what was going on. he basically told me i had a really low uber rating under three out of five. >> like many, she had no idea that uber drivers rate riders. and decide who to pick up
6:25 am
based on that score. not surprising, since riders can't see their score unless they ask a driver. uber says feedback is a two way street. meant to curb disrespectful threatening or unsafe behavior. but the feedback doesn't include any details so riders like emily are left to guess why theirs are solo. she suspect it is because she's not so perky on those 4:00 a.m. rides to work. and is determined to improve her score on her own by being uber friendly to every uber driver she meets. and just in case you're wondering, there is currently no way for uber riders to dispute their uber score. reporting for "3 on your side", i'm jim donovan. >> you got to be nice to your driver right? 6:25 right now. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" flipping over a car submerged in a river. officers rush to go save a baby trapped in her carseat. see the new video from inside this dramatic rescue. also, a soggy start to the weekends so what can we expect today?
6:26 am
carol returns with your sunday forecast, coming up next.
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today is sunday, march 15th, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us i'm nicole brewer. it is just about 6:30 right now. we send it over to carol for more on today's forecast, of course the parade is today so a loft people are wondering
6:29 am
how we'll fair. >> it will be dry all day long it will also be very windy. that will knock down the temperature that's very acceptable at 50 degrees this afternoon, nicole. it is going to make it feel colder than. that will but i think it is still a great day for a parade. we have some clouds out there right now. the winds are not all that bad right now. and the streets are dry. as we take a look at center city from the cbs-3 studios. now, you have got dry conditions on the boardwalk unlike yesterday morning down in rehoboth beach. remember how much rain we saw yesterday? it was gloomy, and cloudy, and foggy, and we're not looking at that for today. so you may be finding couple every clouds out there. storm scan3 showing that we've got snow? new york state our storm system has departed, and we're just left with the winds that is following in behind. at this point, it is probably the lightest wind we'll find all day. they are out of the west at 10 miles an hour through philadelphia, 12 miles per hour through the atlantic city area in the poconos out of the west north west at 16 miles an hour, but they will be cranking, later on today. and in fact, it is not totally
6:30 am
out of the realm of possibilities, that some of the temperatures that you see there, that could also reflect the wind speed. so winds 40 miles an hour not out of the question. 344 in philadelphia, right now. temperature wise, 42 in trenton, 43 in wilmington, fairly mild morning. forty-one in allentown, 41 in wildwood. we have temperatures that don't climb all that much more. but they do get to about 50 degrees, with the windy think it will very much feel cooler. now, this future weather is saying that by 10:00 around 43 degrees by 2:00 p.m. at 49 degrees. starting to crack that 50 degrees number which we'll do by 4:00 this afternoon. it should stay dry all day long. we'll check out seven day forecast, one really nice warm day on it, and couple that are not so warm. we'll check it out coming up. nick snow. >> carol, thank you. final farewell for one every philadelphia's finest. thousands remember officer robert wilson iii. now, officer wilson was killed in the line every duty during a robbery attempt at a game
6:31 am
stop in north philadelphia on march 5th. he was buying a gift for his nine year olson when he fought with two armed robbers drawing fire away from patrons. >> i've been in policing for 46 years. and i have never witnessed an act of bravery like i saw that day. >> during a final farewell, officer wilson was promote today sergeant, and the department's metal of valor was renamed in his honor. wilson, eight year department veteran, city's tenth police officer killed in the line of duty in the last nine years. >> well, turning now to the ongoing situation in ferguson, missouri. manhunt continues for who ever shot and wounded two police officers during a protest last week. now, police say they are following up on more than dozen tips, and have asked the community on edge for their help. craig boswell is in ferguson with the latest. >> reporter: st. louis county police chief says the search for suspect is a priority. >> can i not tell you at this
6:32 am
point that arrest is imminent. there is certainly nobody in custody. >> tips including one that led police to search a home just blocks from the ferguson police department turned up nothing. the two officers shot outside the department early thursday are not recovering at home. one of them with a bullet still lodged near his ear. the clergy and community members comdemn the violence, praying for peace during a candlelight vigil the night after the shooting. just down the street, as protesters gathered officers were keeping their distance, and no visible riot gear. a noticeable difference from the response to demonstrators after the shooting every un arm black teenager michael brown by white police officer darren wilson, last summer. now, months later, glimpses of reconciliation, as some reform takes place. six employees including the police chief have resign or been fired since the justice
6:33 am
department report found widespread racial bias in the police force. demonstrators also want the mayor to step down and many have told me they want the police department dissolved. the st. louis county police chief did say friday that the county in talks to take over the department, but no contract has been written or assigned. in ferguson, missouri, craig boswell, cbs news. >> a captain is dead and three crew members are rescued after their tugboat since in icy waters near fire island. that tugboat was returning to new york when it started sinking yesterday. the crew member managed to make a cell phonecall to the coast guard. the crew members in suits were rescued from the water and treated for hypothermia. authorities say the captain had not been able to put on an emergency suit as the boat was singing in 37 degrees waters. there is no word at this time what cause that boat to sing, but the accident did occur during a storm. >> well, back here in our area inspectors are trying to figure out what caused a pair of building collapses here in
6:34 am
the city. the first one happened shortly before 5:00 saturday morning in kensington, at this home the 2700 block of emerald street. firefighters rescued 43 year old resident from the return. he was hospitalized, and is expected to recover. the remnants of the property will have to be demolished. >> the second partial collapse was in south philadelphia on the 700 block of south street. you can see these bricks fell off the front of the building right above a domino's pizza. now, fortunately, no one happened to be walking on that part of the sidewalk at the time. it it is not clear what caused those bricks to fall. well, we are getting our first look at what the 22nd and market street building collapse memorial will look like in center city. designers set up full scale plywood model sculpture where the permanent memorial will be built in that park. they want to make sure the american yourments are correct. 12-foot banner resembling the black granite wall draped over the plywood. memorial honors the six people killed in the collapse salvation army thrift store back on june 5th of 2013.
6:35 am
seeing us here today gives us the sense of what it is going to be. and i think it will be a beautiful park and healing it will be a healing place for us, and for the city. >> fundraising continues to raise the necessary fund to complete the memorial park. well, last week, the rescue of baby girl in utah made national headlines the 19 month olds found in a river strapped to her carseat upside down. well released incredible video how she was saved. cbsvanita meyer with what many people are calling miraculous rescue. >> i'm okay. i'm going to make t i'm just really tired right now. >> nineteen month old baby lilly grossbeck is healthy and alert, after surviving the car crash that killed her mother. jarring video from a policeman's body camera gives us glimps of the scene as he raised toward the frigid
6:36 am
spanish fork river. the car was found upside down in the water, with lili and her mother inside. the policeman was met by other officers and firefighters, who decided the only way in was to flip the car over onto its side. police firefighters, then struggled to free little fry her carseat, which had been dangling right above the water. they rushed her to a waiting ambulance. paramedics suctioned lilly's nose while the officers performed cpr. lilly was transported by helicopter to primary children's hospital, in salt salt lake city. the upside down vehicle was first spotted by a fisherman last saturday, police say lilly was therefore 14 hours before she was pulled out. they are still investigating the cause of the crash. lilly's mother, 25 year old jenny grossback, was killed, she was engage today lilly's
6:37 am
father, devon. >> i haven't really wrapped my head around that yet. she was the love of my life. and i'm going to miss her a lot. >> but baby lilly is home safe and sound. >> wave bye bye. >> cbs news, new york. >> just no words for a story like that. 6:37 right now. it is time to show our irish pride. we'll have a live preview of today's saint patrick's day parade coming up next. plus, helping students. we'll show you how some catholic school amylum my showing how students afford a better education. will irish eyes be smiling on today's forecast? that's the question. carol comes back with the answer next. others. now, americans everywhere are discovering that... spoon after spoon... dish after dish... time, after time, after time again... deliciously creamy galbani ricotta inspires meals, and
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moments, that are simply better. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). italy's favorite cheese brand. now, america's number one ricotta.
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sometimes, caring for your neighbors means going the extra mile. when our patient, susan, mentioned her dad couldn't make it in to pearle vision to get his eyes checked... we went to him. and we realized, if he had trouble getting new glasses... he probably wasn't the only one. to us, eye care is about living dr. pearles legacy. building a trusting relationship with the person behind the eyes. this is genuine eye care right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. dave: the effect that standardized testing is having on our students is already coming through, it's already showing, and they haven't even taken the test yet. my first-grader came home the other day and cried, because he couldn't -
6:40 am
he didn't feel like going to karate practice. after he was done with his work, he said, "mom, i'm just tired," and started to cry. in first grade. what are we doing? what are we doing to our kids? timmeney. tim none past. >> just couple of days away from saint patrick's day celebration also starting early. houses are expected to turn out to downtown philadelphia today for the annual saint patrick's day parade. cherry gregg our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 live along the parade route with what we can expect. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. i'm here at 16th and jfk where the parade will begin in just a few hours. let me tell you, it is a 245th annual philadelphia saint patrick's day parade. one of the oldest in the nation. it began in 1771. it is also one of the largest 20,000 people are expected to
6:41 am
gather here, all along this parade route will again here at 16th and jfk. it will go down and around the parkway, and around eakins oval to the art museum, and there are about 150 groups supposedly taking part today. the parade, it will include marching bands dance groups, floats flags sea of green. it will all start around noon today. the theme for this year is st. saint patricks bless strength and pray for our families. lots of festivities to celebrate. and back out here live at around 9:15 the annual mass will begin at st. patrick's church at 20th and locust streets. there is also a leprochan run on west river dr. beginning 9:00 a.m. and of course, you know, there will be at noon, there will be the parade, and there is going to be a lot of folks from cbs out there jessica dean, jim
6:42 am
donovan, nicole, you'll be there, riding the float waiving, lots of fun to be had. and of course it will all be shown live on the "cw philly". at 1:00 p.m. today. nicole, i want to gave you a quick fun fact about saint patrick's day. did you know that all leprochans are male? no women are given out those pots of gold, only the guys. i don't know why that is. live in center city, cherry gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> yes, us women we want to keep that pot of gold. why give it out when you can keep it for yourself. goodness, i don't know. thanks, 6:42 for 26 years the alum my of sanes zero st. thomas more high school have marched in the parade. now back on the parkway. golden bares are special group. their own school has been closed for decades but as "eyewitness news" anchor chris may shows us, they are still making a difference for the next generation of catholic school student. >> cardinal o'hara high school in springfield, delaware
6:43 am
county, 1,110 student strong. many afford their tuition with the help of financial aid. >> i think it is critical. i mean, you are probably talking right now between, you know 30, 40% of the student couldn't come here if it wasn't for some agree of aid. >> comes from variety of sources perhaps none more unique than the alum my association every saint thomas more catholic boys high school. tommy moore as it is known stood for 39 years at the corner of 47th and we lewesing in west philadelphia. from 1936 to 1975, 5,000 boys roamed its hauls. >> it was a mixture of irish italian, african-american, german students, we all were treated equally. and it was just a special place. >> once left of tommy moore now in the bear layer at cardinal o'hare a, a room where tommy moore alumni get together a mid the school's rich history. their loyal bunch. for 40 years devoted financial resource toss help provide for catholic students. >> we have already given away
6:44 am
$905,000 toward catholic education. >> that money is award in the annual scholarships, from 500 to $2,500 each. they benefit students like o'hare a senior ryan. >> i am one of five, and catholic is casino of hard, so it is nice to have that relief from saint tommy moore. >> o'hara's onya has received a scholarship during her fresh nan, sophomore, now junior years. >> it is a thousand dollars off of my tuition each year. so it helps out my family a lot. >> and the tommy moore alum my keep going strong, despite holding few fundraisers and receiving no corporate help they expect to pass the $1 million mark in giving by april. >> raising a million dollars is an extraordinary accomplishment. how has it been done? >> mostly the mom and pop individuals with the small checks. >> it is a remarkable legacy for a school that is more than just a memory. >> school itself may be gone, but the spirit of tommy moore
6:45 am
is alive and strong, and it will continue, it is unbelievable, very inspiring store. >> i chris may cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and make sure you join us for the saint patrick's day parade today. chris may, kathy or, and kate bilo will be broadcasting on surround sister station the cw i. if you miss the parade catch the encore broadcast 9:00, tuesday morning right here on cbs-3. you're saying clear today, not the perfect day? >> we will be okay, finding clouds moving through the afternoon, but i think nicole, you will be on that float that mostly what you will be dealing with, the winds. we will be finding very windy day, and already we've got some clouds out there this morning, but we will find some breaks in that, and then few more clouds coming by later on this afternoon. it is not cloudy though in one place, look at this, down in rehoboth beach. looks beautiful down there. yesterday morning, it was rainy, foggy, awful but great
6:46 am
start to the day down in rehoboth beach. everybody's got comfortable temperatures out there this morning. we're in the 40's, which is a pleasure to see temperatures above the freezing mark in all locations at this point. the ocean even warm willing up, 36 degrees right now. we have temperatures to the north, 41 quakertown, 39 willow grovement mt. holly 44 degrees. pottstown, four; we jump many all over the areament some of the clouds are out there our storm system from yesterday is off to the north gone, except that it is here, high pressure building in, the difference between the two like two neighbors that can't stand one another gets pretty noisy on the block. that's going to be what's happening here. as we watch the winds funneling down between these two competing pressure systems. winds right now not that bad. out of the west 10 miles an hour but they will be picking up already starting to turn little out of the northwest through the poconos and the winds speed picking up there. we will will be find that throughout the rest of the area. but, the temperatures today will be about 50 degrees.
6:47 am
we did that yesterday as well. today it comes with the wind, and then tomorrow, if you can just hang on till tomorrow, we've got temperatures that could be in the low 60s 60 degrees maybe let's just make sure the weather cooperates for this, all of that is in advance of this next system that's coming in here. so in advance of this cold front, that's that comes through monday night early tuesday, we will be finding these temperatures really nice tomorrow. then, by the time we get to tuesday, just a brief shower possible in the morning no big deal, associated with this front, after that, the temperatures do fall down. now, future weather we are looking at conditions that are going to be not bad today few clouds around, again, it is the winds that you will notice. and then tomorrow, we do start to pick up few clouds, coming up, and then, by the time we get to tuesday, do you see very light shower scattered around early in the morning early tuesday morning. and then it gets out of here. we will be left with conditions that aren't bad on tuesday. but it will be breezy once again. now, the future winds
6:48 am
25 miles an hour, 30 miles an hour, they could go as high in some spots as 40 miles an hour, and you can see that through the poconos. but, just know, it will be a windy day in every single location, all day even as we head on into the evening. our temperatures for this next week well, they're great tomorrow but as we go through the rest of the week, they'll be below average. we get another shot of cold air in here. not so much here today today's just again those winds. fifty, philadelphia, shore 48, the poconos 42 degrees, the leprochans will be dancing around, and they'll be dancing around with the winds again the sustained 20 to 25 miles per hour gust to go 40 miles an hour. our winds the problem today? tonight, they die down after midnight, it will still be wind think evening though, 35 degrees, and then, over the next couple every days, we've got some nice conditions coming up tomorrow, some clouds but 60 degrees, tuesday, 52, maybe that early shower, and then wednesday, a lot colder, 42 degrees, and we hang in the 40's after that. i have a question for you.
6:49 am
do you like making something simple hard to do? it seems that a bunch of area middle and high schoolers do. and they're in a competition this weekend. and they turned a simple task into a complex one. thanks to the influence of rube goldberg. i checked out one. participate g schools. friends school, there is no student named ru goldberg. but the middle school kids in this messy science room can't stop talking about -- >> ru goldberg. >> i've heard about him before. >> yes that old timer. his name on the tiny sailboat, and in history books making a career out of making everything difficult. >> actually surprisingly hard to do a really easy task like erase ago blackboard in such a complicated way with so many steps. >> six students with adult supervision, three months, and one goal, are -- >> trying to erase a board. >> and where else would these followers of ru goldberg start that simple board erasing
6:50 am
than with a golf ball that makes a hole in one into a cup and -- >> there is a poliosis tell that starts, which knocks down this right here. >> and on and on, 22 inter-connected steps in all. >> sometimes it works well. sometimes it gets hard. but it is really fun. >> kind of like life. >> ya. >> but they push on. sometimes bouncing off success, sometimes piercing it, with spring as the theme and many elements in the way that board will be erased, either the kids way, with a lot of science know how and difficulty, or another old timer's way, with years of just get it done. >> i wasn't expecting that. >> no, that board was going to get erased. the robot that came down that slope was still being programmed. so it wasn't therefore that. >> wasn't quite finished but were you therefore the job? >> i was there. it was going to get done. if i'm in charge it, will get done. >> i love it carol thank you. sounds like great project. fun to see how it is completed. thank you. 6:50 let's check in with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning ann. >> good morning, nicole,
6:51 am
carol. looking at i-95, allegheny avenue. we had disable vehicle here. it's been cleared the southbound lanes, and everything is moving along fine both north bound and southbound this morning. we're going to move the traffic cam to the schuylkill expressway, at spring garden street. no delays or problems on the schuylkill this morning. it is in fine shape. though volume is picking up at this point. on to the ben franklin bridge mid-span. again, not too many cars on the ben franklin this morning. but it is in fine shape further up no delays on the 42 freeway or 55. that is the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm ann evans -- evans, back to you. >> thanks for the update. march madness is here. in fact, today is selection sunday and villanova is showing the committee that they de is her after one seed. leslie van arsdale has the highlights from this weekend's game coming up
6:52 am
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the biggies tournament championship villanova taking on xavier, the last time nova won, back in 1995, and villanova just dominant last night, off the nova's good passing, darren hilliard hits the three. nova is up by seven. nova led by 13 at the half. and just kept scoring going josh heart with the lay up there. that's going to make it a 17-point lead. great defense by the wildcats. this time, heart again. villanova runs away with this one, at the garden, winning it 69 to 52. so they are the biggies champs. >> temple facing number 20,
6:55 am
smu, quint on with the shot off the glass right here. temple led by two. at the half, former sixers coach larry brown had smu playing the right way. nick moore running the floor. emanuel on the ally-oop. smu will win this 169 to 56. delaware state trying to win their conference and get into the big dance. todd hughes with the lay in right here. hampton out scored delaware state by 21-point in the second half. hampton will win this 182 to 61, will got to the tournament with sub 500 record. >> the red wings have been one of the best teams in hockey for what seems like forever. but just can't win in philadelphia. last time the wings won here, was in the 1997 stanley cup finals. first period of the game, the flyers will get on the board first, braydon, deflect into the straight shot one-nothing flyers, but look again as to who tipped this in. more on that in a minute. second period, flyers on the power plan.
6:56 am
schenn once again, pick up the power play goal. the flyers will take three-one lead. >> then we have 11 seconds into the third period. schenn again. it looks like for the hat trick. so fans are going to throw their hats down on to the ice. we have hundreds of hats on the ice but not so fast. there was a scoring change, the first goal, credited to wayne simmons. so, a bunch of fans out after hat. flyers go onto win this 17-two. >> sixers hosting the nets at the wells fargo center, coming off a friday win against sacramento. the sixers with some good defense. noel with the block. then on the run we have jason richardson, throwing the ally-oop off the glass to robert covington. we have time winding down in the first half smith will take the last shot for the three pointer right here. very excited about that. runs right up the hallway to the lockerroom. sixers led by five at the half. in the second half, that belonged to the nets. former sixer that young next
6:57 am
driver sixers lose a tough 197 to 87. that's all for sports, lables i van arsdale. have a great day. >> that's it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00. here's what we have for you coming up at 7:00. wisconsin teen laid to rest a mid controversy and protest over his death. we'll hear from family, friends, and other of tony robinson. then it was a student's surprise cell phone video captures a very special moment for a local teen. and carol has your all important saint pat's parade forecast, that and more when we come back.
6:58 am
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new this morning, a driver is returned to the hospital after this crash on the roosevelt boulevard. we'll have the latest. also ahead the city gather to honor the life after fallen hero. we'll have more from the services for officer robert wilson the thirds. >> and it is the annual saint patrick's day parade, right here in philadelphia. while we know irish eyes will be smiling the question is: will the weather gods? today is sunday, march 15th, good morning to you thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 7:00 on the dot. let's sends it over to carol now for more on this forecast for the parade. people hoping for good weather, carol. >> yes, it will be dry out there not finding anything falling, the grounds is


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