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tv   Eyewitness News at 8am  CBS  March 15, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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out the green. irish pride steps off in the city today with saint patrick's day parade. we'll have a live preview whatever you can expect coming up next. good morning to you, today is sunday, march 15th, 2 days from saint patrick's day. i'm nicole brewer. it is 8:00. we send over to carol for more on the parade forecast which all-in-all not too bad. right, carol? >> not too bad. we'll find clouds out there seeing them already out there this morning and there will be cup kel of is under breaks, but the wind you notice, temperature at 50 degrees not bad. winds are too high for comfort. looking outside boardwalk plaza, rehoboth beach see earlier it was very sunny and beautiful. now the clouds are moving in in that direction. and that's just a trend for the day. now, the winds have not really started in ernest yet. so this is a great time in the morning to get outside secure those trash cans, and anything else that you need to do. forty-two in trenton, 43 in wilmington fairly comfortable start to the day with the
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temperatures as high as they are, high even to the north, 41 quakertown, pottstown, 40 doylestown, 43 degrees in mount hole think morning. storm scan3 if you look very closely, you can see those clouds. it is almost easier to see where they aren't. and that's off the coast of maryland. but clouds out there this morning, storm system, rainmaker, snow maker to the north of us. we will be finding these winds starting to pick up. every time i show this the wind speed has pick up. these are sustained winds pick up 2 miles an hour. 14-mile per hour wind not big deal. but, we get them sustained 20 25 miles an hour today. and they'll be over 30 miles an hour as we move through the afternoon. and in some cases they can be close to 40 miles an hour. temperatures this afternoon get to go about 50 degrees. i think it is a day that you can probably enjoy this weather. we do have some temperatures, though, going through the next couple of days that show a huge change from tomorrow, through wednesday, it is one
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day's happy and the other day you may not be so haddie. we'll check all of that coming up nicole? >> carol thank you. new this morning, woman rushed to the hospital after her car hit the tree and overturns into philadelphia's lawncrest neighborhood. happened in the inner lanes of roosevelt boulevard at somerdale avenue around 3:30. there is no word on her condition. investigators check to go see if speed played a role in the accident. >> also new this morning pick up truck crashes into a home in aston, delaware county. it happened just before 1:00 in the 400 block of hid n valley road. no one inside that home was injured. the driver and passenger were taken into custody. group of women injured after their car flips on its side in queen village. police say that car hit several vehicles in the parking lot at fifth and bainbridge before going into reverse and crashing through a fence. now, people in that parking lot say they had to run for cover. >> i just heard some screaming, from the people working here, like no, no and it was literally 90 miles an
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hour just going reverse. i'm like still shaking. and i just turn around, car just flew right back. i just literally like dove. >> scary moment. now the four women inside the car were taken to the hospital. no word yet on their conditions. >> new this mornings the kosher supermarket in paris has re-opened two month after a deadly terror attack. the supermarket suffered extensive damage back in january. four jewish hostages were killed inside. now, overnight dignitaries patrons, crowded that store. france's interior minister was the first to make a purchase with what appeared to be a bottle of wine. well, the death toll is expected to rise after a massive cyclone hits an island nation. the president of the south pacific country is asking the international community for help. all this to reach communities hit hard by that storm. at least eight people were killed. cbs news correspondent brian web has that story.
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>> cyclone pam left massive devestation after it slammed winds approaching 200 miles per hour, stirred up rough seas riffed roofs off homes ripped boats like toys. >> i am speaking to you with a heart that's so heavy, i do not really know what impact sigh loan pam has left of vanuoto. >> knocked out power and communications across the chain of 65 islands, many areas have no running water. the extent of the damage is still unknown but united nations secretary general bonn ki moon has concern it might be widespread. >> i express our deepest condolances as well as our strong commitment and solidarity to the people of vanuato. >> crammed 1500 residents from the capitol city port villa into 23 emergency shelters just before the cyclone hit. about 47,000 people live in the capitol. but more than 200,000 others
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are spread over dozens of vanuoto islands. relieve is on the way, new zealand pledged a million dollars in aid australia sending emergency response teams. they need that help in a hurry, another cyclone is forecast to hit near the island chain in the next few days. brian web cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, health officials say a number of americans returning from west africa are being monitored after possibly being expose today ebola. the cdc won't specify how many, but they are checking to see whether they show any symptoms of the disease. they'll be housed near the university of nebraska medical center in roam a the national institutes of health or emory university hospital in atlanta, so far none of them have been diagnosed with ebola. and, happening today the annual st. patrick's parade in center city, thousands are expected to participate in the festivities, full of music dancing and singing, cherri gregg from our sister station
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"kyw news radio 1060" is live along the parade route with a preview, good morning, cherri gregg. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. i'm here at 16th and jfk. the portapotties have been set, the barriers are being put up. and anticipation of the 2,405th annual saint patrick's day parade here in philadelphia. 245th annual st. patrick's parade. making philadelphia sparks parades the second oldest in the nation and folks, 20,000 folks to be exact wearing their green are expected to show upright here beginning at this 16th and jfk. they'll go down and along the parkway, up and around eakins oval. the staging area, is located right near 23rd street along the parkway about 150 groups are expected to take part, marching bands dance groups, floats, flags, and of course, lots of sea green all sea of green and all sorts of beads
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are expected to cover this area. let me tell you, there is a lot of festivities also planned. there is a mass, church at 20th and locust, leprochan run, all west river dr. and public crawls this afternoon. so lot of fun to be had. and back out here live, the festivities start at noon, at 1:00 live on the "cw philly". and you can watch a lot of folks from cbs-3 jessica dean, jim donovan lot of folks who will be live on their float. and just so you know, philadelphia has the second largest irish population, or folks who claim they have at least some part of irish descent right here in philadelphia, they're nearly 35 million people who claim irish descent across the united states. that is seven times more than the people who live in ireland. i don't know if you knew that, nicole i'm learning all sorts of things about saint patrick's day today. live in center city, cherri
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gregg, "kyw news radio", for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> lots of trivia for us, cherri gregg keep it many doing. we appreciate it. let's see, it is 8:08 right now. carol's coming back with the forecast for the parade and rest of the week coming up. also, flipping over a car submerge in the river. this is an incredible story. officers rush to save a baby trapped in her carseat. see the new video from inside that dramatic rescue. >> and want somebody special in your life but just can't seem to find the right person? maybe you should just make one up. coming up next, why people are opting for the invisible partner oh goodness, we'll see how that shapes out. we'll be back.
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>> nineteen month olds found in a river strapped into her carseat, upside down. well, now police have released the incredible video of how she was saved. cbs's more on what are calling a miraculous rescue. >> say i'm okay, i'm going to make it, i'm just really tired right now. >> nineteen month olds baby lilly grossbeck is healthy and alert, after surviving the car crash that kill her mother. >> jarring video from a policeman's body camera, gives us glimpses of the scene as he raised toward the frigid spanish pork river. the car was town upside down in the water with lilly and her mother inside. the policeman was met by other officers and firefighters, who decided the only way in was to flip the car over onto its side. >> police and firefighters then struck told free little fry her carseat which had been
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dangling right above the water. they rushed her to a waiting ambulance, paramedics suctioned lilly's nose, while the officer performed cpr. lilly was transported by helicopter to primary children's hospital in salt lake city. the upside down vehicle was first spotted by a fisherman last saturday. police say lilly was therefore 14 hours before she was pulled out. they are still investigating the cause of the crash. lilly's mother, 25 year old jenny grossback, was killed, engage today lilly's father, devon. >> i haven't really wrapped my head around that yet. she was the love of my life. and i'm going to miss her a lot. >> but baby lilly is home, safe and sound. >> say bye bye. >> cbs news, new york. that's an incredible story. take a look at this. millions of bees escape from their boxes after they were hit by a truck in china.
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around 100 bee boxes were busted up, busted open, and scattered all across the road. officials say some of the irritated bees attacked the keepers trying to round them up. >> scare moment, united flight landed on blown tire in denver. see the tire coming apart there. passengers cheered when the plane came safely to a halt. thank goodness it did. the united flight was headed to kansas city and forced to turn around for that emergency landing, a shortly after take off. man, thank goodness it was a safe landing. >> some call them the perfect relationship. partners who are a tentative considerate, like made just for you. and "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean tells us in truth they are. with a new app that lets you create an invisible partner. >> he loves to ski and go horseback riding. >> reporter: this woman is talk about her new boyfriend. >> we met at school. >> reporter: she don't want her identity revealed because
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she's been lying to her friends and family, because he doesn't really exist. >> my mother is always asking when are you going to get married, or are you seeing anybody. >> reporter: she created her special someone through a new app developed by matt hoeman. >> you get to create your girlfriend or boyfriend choose their picture build a relationship story how you met, pick their personality. >> users get 100 text messages, a handwritten note and weekly voice mail from their fake boyfriend or fake girlfriend. >> hey, i just wanted to call and tell that you i miss you. >> reporter: this busy college student did it because she was tired of people pest erring her to go on dates. >> the imaginary boyfriend or girlfriends really serves as a defense it keeps people away it, backs them up. >> reporter: but relationship expert doctor jane greer adds that being less than truthful may ultimately do more harm than good. >> you want to be able to be honest with yourself, and with other people, and not put energy into having to lie and pretend. >> reporter: divorced marry
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wheeler didn't want to succumb to dating pressure but she didn't want to lie. >> my initial thought was to pretend, but i couldn't do that. >> reporter: she told families and friends about her invisible boyfriends. she said she kept up the relationship because she enjoyed the texting interaction. >> it is like i invent in the person and the conversation is even better than i had anticipated. >> while doctor greer said she may be wasting her time on a boyfriend that doesn't exist -- >> all of the energy that's going into this fake relationship is lost on the opportunity to meet somebody who is present and available. says the service provides very real benefit for her. >> this is a stepping tone for me, an exercise in positive communication. so i think will benefit me a lot. >> reporter: the invisible boyfriends-girlfriends app cost 24.995 month and they plan to roll out additional services like flower deliveries, in the near future. jessica dean cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". oh, my goodness. 8:15. >> i'm texting my invisible boyfriend on my invisible phone. >> is that why you get so many flowers delivered here to the station, carol? >> yes, it is costing me a fortune, too. we've got clouds, we've got some breaks of blue, it is not a bad looking day because it is not raining like it was yesterday. but will be a lot windier than it was yesterday. which is going to be the one weather problem i think that we will encounter today. we have 44 degrees, temperatures comfortable, 42 trenton, 43 degrees in wilmington, 44 in the poconos 43 down in wildwood. so not huge range on the temperatures, all of them fairly comfortable and they're above freezing. our old storm system here, few clouds, over us right now we will be finding some sun breaks but a loft clouds, i think, today as well. as these winds start to funnel down from our departing system and the high pressure that's building in. high pressure system that's building in here to the point that tomorrow our temperature will be 60 degrees.
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how nice. and then, a cold front comes through here. that knocks our temperatures back, with maybe a spring early on tuesday. into the lower 50's, and then, a lot colder after that. unfortunately, we see, a return to some cold. not nearly as extreme as it was, but still cold. going through the day finds some clouds out there not a big deal, so it is cloudy, so there are sun breaks. it is the winds, i think that's going to be the issue. but tomorrow, the winds have died down. the temperatures are climbing. and we will be looking for nice day. i mention that front on early tuesday morning, maybe triggering a shower and couple of spots. but, not a big deal. just the chill-down that we will be finding after that. so starting the day on tuesday, maybe with a couple of rain showers. now, what you can do today. we've got wonderful parade today through philadelphia, but if you want to go to a pet event, we have that, too. one to 4:00 today, learn how to build a shelter for the philadelphia street cats, or any ferrell cats that might be in your area. and, try and help them out and also, help with the
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reproduction of that, so that we cut down on this problem. and that's going to be at 8514 germantown avenue. best friends animal society and brenda's cat rescue, sponsoring that event. we are looking at temperatures today, for the parade, 50 degrees, and for anything that isn't the parade, still around 50 degrees. but, remember these winds they'll be in excess of 30 miles an hour, gusty at times with us is continued winds, 20 to 25 miles an hour. tonight we drop down to 35 miles -- 35 degrees, but our wind are going to be about 35 miles an hour. so, expect to find a windy night, until around midnight or so. these winds will start to die down. and then, the temperatures start to climb. tomorrow 60 degrees. by tuesday, with the front coming through maybe early shower, 52 degrees. wednesday's temperature 42, that's the high, and the low at night 28 degrees. so weight into some cold weather middle of the week, thursday only 45 degrees, down to freezing, thursday night. friday, maybe some wet weather coming in. we will watch. that will then by saturday hopefully we are looking at
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sunshine and 52 degrees. i don't have to tell you this. it is rough out there on the roads. we are not talking just about the traffic. it is those craters in the pavement. potholes, you know it, they are every place. and they are just waiting for us to put a dent in our wallet. >> the pothole swurves gliding dance mover done in a car, but get it wrong the dance ends fast, and ugly. >> broken tires broken rims and all. they need to get them fixed. >> in new jersey, road banners alert drivers the state is trying to fix the big problem there. 300,000 potholes to fill. so far less than half are done. in philadelphia, this one done and gone at walnut and 33rd. and asphalt comb-over followed by a heavy weight smooth-over. 10,000 potholes filled this winter thousands more to go. >> how much longer is it going to take to get them all done? >> probably whole summer. >> on its website the city wants to know about potholes, so does cbs-3 on twitter.
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>> hashtag cbs-3 pothole patrol, brought us to this pothole that's been a problem in this port richmond neighborhood, for quite a while. >> neighbors say this pothole has been filled before. but once again it can swallow matt's boot as easily as it did his car. >> i was driving by the other day. i hit the pothole. got a flat tire. the city should pay tore it. >> interesting but not likely, and as fast as potholes pop up, they turn into fish stories, everyone has a bigger one. >> you go up here three blocks actually drive your truck right into the home. >> another port richmond road crater, and more swerving cars, that can practice the pothole swerve at walnut and germantown. listed on hashtag cbs-3 pothole patrol. and you know you can join me cbs-3 pothole patrol, send photos videos, and that sort of thing share them with us on facebook, twitter instagram, and use the hashtag cbs-3 pothole patrol. and we will get you answers about when the repairs will
8:21 am
begin. so, it is a mess out there. anyone who drives, anyone who is a a passenger you know how bad the roads. >> and dangerous because you're driving out of a pothole and may be swerving into something worse. >> if you know there is a pothole there but nobody unfortunately knows, that you drive in a new area, you don't know where they are. >> i just cringe. >> i know. >> how much is it going to cost me? carol, thanks, we appreciate t it is 8: 21 let's check on the roads potholes and cbs-3 traffic center. hey, shane. >> hey nicole, carol how are you doing? looking at the vine street expressway, the ben franklin parkway, hopefully no potholes here. and of course we do have some grainy conditions on the lens. and again excuse us for that we have to go out clean that lens, but the vine street expressway at the ben franklin parkway, do have closures to run do you with you jfk boulevard will be closed at 9:00 a.m. from 16th street to schuylkill avenue. sixteenth shutdown market street to the ben franklin parkway. twelve p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and the ben franklin parkway
8:22 am
shutdown 16th street to aikins oval. that's also from 12 noon to 3:00 p.m. that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic centerment i'm ann evans, "eyewitness news" will continue right after this. trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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. great britain has a long and storied history. much of it housed in the manners that dot its country side. tracey smith takes us on tour of the estate where the late lady diana once lived with her brother charles spend err. here is a preview whatever you will see coming up a little later on cbs this sunday morning. >> reporter: about two hours north of london the estate is
8:25 am
13,000 acres of english farmland and forest. it is a spread roughly the size of manhattan upon which sits one very grand house. and, no, that's not it. this is it. at 506 years old truly magnificant. but oh, the upkeep. >> yes i've been in charge for 20 odd years. i've done new roof, new exterior, new plumbing new heating. >> that makes sense. and i would imagine that living there is a lot nicer if you have good water pressure. >> yes. >> this was richard. way. >> each and every room rad i can justly beautiful with furniture that often pre dates the american colony. but even in this living museum, there are clues that are aureola family lives here. >> you know what strikes me about this room, you have all of these beautiful formal portraits. >> yes. >> and then family photos. >> yes. >> like any of wows have in our house.
8:26 am
>> this is last month with my seven children. >> and sometimes those kids run the house. >> they go down the main staircase on trace, you know like breakfast trace really fast. and i just think that's great. you have to enjoy the space. >> you're kidding me? >> did i t my father did t i think it is a bit of a family tradition. >> inside the childhood home after princess, that's this sunday morning, right here on cbs-3. you got to have those family photos right? makes a house a home. it is 8:26 right nowment honoring a fallen hero. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", how the city remembering the life and sacrifice of officer robert wilson the thirds who was killed in the line every duty. also ahead it has been two years since the election of pope francis we'll take a look back at the historic dale day, and examine the effect he's had around the wormed. hold on to your hats today. going from wet to wind think weekends. carol back with the details coming up
8:27 am
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we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! today is sunday, march 15th, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is just about 8:30 right now, we send it over to call or for more on the forecast, a lot of people will head out to the parade today carol. wonder if they need the green jacket, green scarf, what do you think? >> i think a combination of both will be helpful. you can always tie your scarf around your waist if you get hot. with the winds we are expecting today it can feel chilly. 50 degrees is great. but when you have winds that are over 30 miles an hour, gusting at times that can bring that feel down. ben franklin bridge looks okay. the sky has few clouds in it. but it is not a bad thing.
8:30 am
we're looking at ocean sit. they don't even have any clouds in their skies. notice people out on the boardwalk right now boardwalk is drying out from the rain that we saw yesterday. ardmore, we have lower merion high school, 41 degrees, and most of the snow is gone there. you can see, just couple of fringes, probably, in some shady areas. but his is going to be leaving, as well today. because these temperatures remain well above freezing. forty-four in philadelphia, 43 in wilmington, 42 in trenton and it is just about everybody right around that same level. storm scan3 few clouds over us but it did look nice, at the ocean city boardwalk this morning. now, our temperatures today get to go about 50 degrees this afternoon. remember those gusty winds. they start up around the noon hour. economy through the afternoon. so let's time out when you can find some of these temperatures. as we go through the start of the parade, the saint patrick's day parade at 1:00 o'clock, 48 degrees in philadelphia. and by the time we finish that parade around 51 degrees. so our high temperature could be in the 50's, and then we drop down by 6:00 p.m.
8:31 am
49 degrees again. with the winds though it, will feel chillier. we check out warm day on that seven day. and couple of colder days coming up. nick snow. >> carol, thank you. honoring a fallen hero, thousands remember officer robert wilson the thirds killed in the line of duty during a robbery attempt at a game stop earlier this month. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson was at that emotional service. >> ♪ ♪ >> reporter: a final farewell for one of philadelphia's finest ever. saturday morning a march through west philadelphia, officials dignitaries joining with the city's force the very tip of the sphere that would your nerve thousands friends, family, citizens and officers from departments across the country all coming together to pay respects to one man. philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii. >> officer wilson was willing to take the heat and sacrifice
8:32 am
himself. >> reporter: on march 5th 2015 officer wilson was buying a gift for his nine year old son at this game stop in north philadelphia. inside by himself he fought with two armed robbers drawing fire away from patrons, using his very last breath to save other. >> he laid down his life for people in that store. >> reporter: inside the palestra saturday afternoon tributes from those who witnessed his heroism. >> i've been in policing for 46 years and i've never witnessed an act of bravery like i saw that day. >> reporter: wilson's friends and fellow officers remembering that warm smile and caring nature making declarations to the family he left behind and the one they now join. >> i'll always be there for you, just as i know robert does for my family. >> reporter: as the pines sounded for that final
8:33 am
farewell officer wilson would leave postumously promote today sergeant, decorated when metals for honor and valor beloved and hailed for trading his life so others could live. >> robert f wilson iii is an american hero. >> reporter: during his speech commissioner charles ramsey not only mentioned he would be awarding officer robert wilson the thirds one of philadelphia's highest honors, the metal of valor but for courage the likes and which the commissioner had never seen since he would be rename being the awards after philadelphia's latest fallen hero. reporting from west philadelphia, i'm steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well a woman in seaside heights new jersey is recovering after she was caught in a home explosion according to police, that blast happened just after 10:00 a.m. on the first floor of the sumner avenue home. the 26 year old woman was on the second floor. she was brought to the hospital for evaluation, with minor injuries. the cause of the blast is under investigation. inspectors are trying to
8:34 am
figure out what caused a pair of building collapses in philadelphia. the first one happened shortly before 5:00 saturday morning in kensington this home the 2700 block of emerald street. firefighters rescued a 43 year old resident from the return. he was hospitalized and is expected to recover. the renmant of the property will have to be demolished. well the second partial collapse was in south philadelphia, on the 700 block of south street. you can see these bricks fell off the front of the building, there right above domino's pizza now, fortunately, no one happened to be walking on that part of the sidewalk at that time. it is not clear what caused those bricks to fall. well, we are getting our first look at what the 22nd and market street building collapse memorial will look like in center city. designers set up a full scale plywood model sculpture where the permanent memorial will be built in the park.
8:35 am
they want to make sure the measurements are correct. a 12-foot banner resembling the black granite wall draped over the plywood. memorial honors the six people killed in the clams of the salvation army thrift store on june 5th 2013. seeing us here today gives us a sense of what it is going to be. and i think it will be a beautiful park, and healing, it will be a healing place for us, and for the city. a fundraising continues to raise the necessary funds to complete the memorial park. the catholic church now two years and two days into the papacy of pope francis his popularity has reached what one analyst calls rock star status. as pat per ciarrocchi records it is pivot at al to reform the catholic church. >> wearing the symbolic purple of pennsylvanians, pope francis begins the third year of his papacy calling for holy year of mercy. it is the call that fit the francis style. >> francis is a rhetoric on mercy and compassion and all of that, i think it resonates because of who he is, that is, people look at him they see
8:36 am
merciful and compassionate man. >> john ellen veteran journalist covering the vatican has watched closely the dynamic of this papacy. >> rock star pope takes the world by storm. a mean, he is out letterly revitalized the fortunes of the catholic church. and i think in many ways that's his signature accomplishment over these two years. >> yet year three may test him. peeling back layers on vatican reform in areas of governance and finances, and holding bishops accountable for clergy sex abuse and on families that aren't traditional especially, did divorced and re marble i had couples, be able to receive communion, gay marriage and contraception. a bishop senate is expected to be contentious as doctrine al hardliners bump up for those with more open interpretation. eager to hear francis in philadelphia. >> the emphasis of family, family life, what does that look like. i would love to see him really
8:37 am
motivate us to reach out to people and finds out the best way to connect people to fate. >> i think it is abundantly clear that francis is pushing the church to the most compationate tolerant, merciful possible, understanding, and application of its traditional teaching. >> preparing for the world meeting of families area bishops pal ya of the vatican sees the francis effect simply >> fantastic. you really reach reach all hearts of the people. believers and non-believe ers. >> sinnedly hip sheik, and cool, to be catholic again. >> with addressing both the congress the first ever for a pope, and the united nations francis is said to be nervous about speaking in english. >> whatever his limits in english may be, it is has nod to -- snot stopped her from 90% approval rating.
8:38 am
>> more, the papal mass here where 2 million people will make pilgrimage to see him. pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 ooh wins news. all right, and of course, we do have the latest on the pope's upcoming trip to philadelphia very, very exciting day for the fateful just led to our website click on the papal visit tab. and there is much more still to come here on "eyewitness news" this morning, coming up next we'll check in with face the nation's bob schieffer with a look ahead at today's broadcast, we'll be
8:39 am
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>> sparks parade kicks off this afternoon, tradition for more than 200 years. as "eyewitness news" anchor chris may shows us for one woman, the day comes with a very special honor. >> open ooh -- i'm still pinching my heff, to be the grand marshal. >> cathy magee burns only the fourth women to lead the saint patrick's day parade.
8:41 am
>> two nuns before me, i actually thought would have to go during the convent to get ever get to be grand marshall. >> the proud mother of nine, and grandmother of 15, serving the irish community for years. including the duffy's cut progging. >> for some reason, i started to feel drawn to it. >> the project focused on irish immigrants who came to pennsylvania in 1832 to build a section of railroad. the area in chester county was called duffy's cut. fifty-seven of them died during a cholera outbreak, but some fearing the disease after found in a mass grave funeral was held. and the remains of one victim who was identified were sent back to ireland. >> whether it was time to take john back, i gave them money to take him back. >> back to his home of donnie gall also the ancester home of kathy's family. >> put the remains of somebody who died over here in the
8:42 am
grounds, in their home, probably most important thing we dover. >> bill watson and his brother friend led the effort. >> cut i's cut unable us to help move on with the dig. >> now, katie is doing it again. paying for the remains of another victim, the only woman to go home. >> catherine burns is ready to go back to ireland. lately, felt this great pull to the one woman, one woman and her name happens to be catherine burns. mine is kathleen burns. but what a coincidence. >> in gratitude she's been given a nail from catherine burns' coffin, like the one she has from the other immigrant she sent home, john rud. >> i it is just so wonderful to touch them. there is like a magic that comes out of them. >> connections to the past that cathy magee burns will treasure forever. chris may cbs-3, "eyewitness news". so no female leprochans, but woman leading the parade. good to seement make sure to
8:43 am
join us for the st. patrick's parade today all broadcasting beginning 1:00 on sister station the "cw philly". also live on if you miss the parade, we've gotten could your broadcast for you on st. patrick's day 9:00 on cbs-3. >> right now cbs "face the nation" will be coming your way, 10:30 here on cbs-3. joining us with a preview live in washington, is the moderator and cbs news chief washington correspondent bob schieffer. bob, good morning to youment hearing about this freshman senator, only two months on the job making international waves of course talking about senator cotton from arkansas. i understand you will be talking to him this morning? >> we are going to, nicole. he is our guest this morning on "face the nation" but before we hear from him we're going to hear from secretary of state john kerry who sat down last night with our mag role brennan, headed into this final rounds of talks in
8:44 am
switzerland, ann margaret flatly asked senator kerry do you believe that this letter has derailed these talks kerry came down very hard on it, said he is not sure, but he really opened up on tom cotton, and this contacting the iranian's directly, while these negotiations are going on. so we're going to hear what kerry has to say about that, where he thinks he's negotiations are and then we will be talking to the arkansas republican senator on the john, about 06 days now, tom cotton, who has really turned this town on his ear with this letter which went directly to the iranians and said, basically unless congress goes along with this, it is not worth the paper it's written on. so, we've never quite had anything like that in recent times, and i'm anxious to see exactly why senator cotton thought this was a good idea. >> yes unprecedented, is the
8:45 am
words that came to my minds. bobby look forward to that interview, both of those interviews should be very interesting to watch this morning. >> okay. >> thanks for the preview. >> all right, it is 8:45 right now. it is time to show your irish pride. live preview of today's st. patrick ' day parade coming up next. will irish eyes be smiling on today's forecast? that's the question. carol has those answers for you, coming up next.
8:46 am
8:47 am
n's oval. >> expect sea evergreen at today's st. patrick's parade. >> live along the parade route, no irish jigs just yet right? >> reporter: that's right. but, in just a few hours of course, 20,000 people are expected to gather along the parade route. i'm here at 16th and jfk where it will all begin around noon
8:48 am
today. barriers set up, police gathered to start the security patrol. the parade route will start here 16th and jfk go down the parkway, the performance area around 23rd street. and the parade route will continue around eakin's oval, up north of the art museum, about 150 groups marching bands, dance troops, floats, and more, will participate. they will be decked out in green and of course after the parade there are public crawls and all sorts of other celebrations, there is also a mass at about 9:15 at the st. patrick's church 20th and locust streets. so lots of celebrations. we had in honor of st. patrick's day in center city, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, cherri gregg thank so much. 8:48 right now. we will check in on the forecast with carol. >> and, the weather watchers are up early this morning and enjoying these temperatures that are milder than what
8:49 am
we've seen over the last couple of mornings. and it is nice out there. we've got temperature let's try this one 42 degrees, and that's the temperature that bill is finding, naught broomall. and he says good to see the sun after all that rain yesterday. yes, but i'm afraid, some of his sun will be fading again we have 41 degrees temperature, and this is with michael real lee out in sanatoga says the rain is gone, but the winds is picking up. that is so definitely the trends for the day. as you go through the day these winds will be getting stronger and stronger, especially during the middle part of the day. and here's 42 degrees temperature, which seems to be kind after representative sample. we find out that out in lawrenceville pressure of 29.55. peter, thank you, very much, for getting up. and joining thus morning and letting us know what the weather is there. let's look at the shore shore looks pretty nice. we look at ocean city right now, we move along and the sun is out and people are walking along the boardwalk
8:50 am
riding along the board walk, it looks fit for a parade. but the parade isn't here. the parade is in philadelphia today. it will be cooler than the actual 50 degrees that we'll see because of the winds. now, out in reading some of the snow still has to melt. we've got to get rid of. >> this we have spring starting later friday. so we've got to get rid of this. and i think we will. but notice the clouds out there. that's not helping a lot. but still these temperatures are well above the freezing mark, that will be really aiding in getting rid of any stubborn snow pile that you might finds any place. there are very few every them left. forty-four out at the airport in philadelphia. forty-two in trenton. forty-one in allentown. we've got 44 down in dover. forty-one in millville this morning. and, the sky conditions, they are not great but they're not horrible. we're not looking at any precipitation coming down out of this. this to the north is what we dealt with yesterday. colder up there. they're getting snow out of it, we saw the rain, but it is now gone. we have the clouds, and kind of a carved out area right like this, now as the winds
8:51 am
start to funnel down today you will find these temperatures feeling a lot colder than the actual 50 degrees that we'll get. wind will be gusting, past 30 miles an hour, and in some cases, even as high as 40 miles an hour. windchills today probably staying in the upper 30's, most of the parade, and most of the day, as you're outside. future weather we put this into motion, are there some clouds out there from time to time today? yes. we can deal with that. though. at the end after winter, what are couple every clouds? then tomorrow morning it starts niles, but then we start to see few clouds filter in here. but the temperatures start to climb. upper 50's, to 60 degrees tomorrow, which will be nice, and this, 4:00 a.m. tuesday that's part of a frontal system that's coming through. very light spotty rain showers, clouds otherwise that moves on through by 6:00 a.m., according to present timing, through the philadelphia area, then it is gone. no big deal. but the bigger deal is the colder air that's it is going to start ushering in. middle of the week starts to
8:52 am
get colds once again not as cold, how much. and it is all about the degrees. fifty in philadelphia today. shore, 48. the poconos 42, every single location, it will be windy, and it will feel colder than the actual temperature that you see here. winds right out of the northwest. sunrise at 7:13. our sunset is at 7:08. i hope you're enjoying these later sunsets. we have temperature tonight of 35 degrees the skies will start to clear out little bit later on, and the winds finally start to die down. but it takes until after midnight for them really to start to die down. now, monday, we put 06 degrees, does it stop at 59 maybe, but close enough. looks like the warmest day of the upcoming week. tuesday, as the front comes by early in the morning you might get early shower, no big deal, 52 degrees breezy on tuesday though. and then, by tuesday night those temperatures drop to 28 degrees, that's cold start to wednesday and wednesday's high only 42 degrees. we get some sunshine, but we get below freezing again on wednesday night.
8:53 am
thursday 45 degrees. and friday, maybe some wet weather, we will watch for that but by saturday, it is spring around here, and it better act like it. nick snow. >> you tell them carol. i'm on board. okay, let's see 8:53. we check in with ann evans one last time, of course parade this morning and traffic going to be impacted by that at all? >> you bet it is and this is one of the highways you might take nicole. the vine street expressway, this is heading toward the ben franklin parkway. traffic headed toward the parkway to the right of your screen, there traffic going away from, headed toward the bring parkway today. now i go over the closures for the saint patty's day parade. first jfk boulevard closed 9:00 this morning 16th street to schuylkill avenue. close from the 9:00 to 1:00 this afternoon. also 16th street will close market street to the ben franklin parkway from 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m. and the ben franklin parkway itself will shut down 16th street to eakin's oval. that's also from 12 noon to 3:00 p.m. we move the traffic cam again and here you go.
8:54 am
this is 422 and collegeville. we have disable vehicle there to the right of your screen, not really affecting traffic. and other than that, no delays or problems on 422, however we do have some pothole repair going on, westbound, between sanatoga and arm orthopedics hammer boulevard. left lane closed much further up. and on to the walt whitman bridge mid-span, walt whitman bridge is in good shape this morning. no delays. that is the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm ann evans. "eyewitness news" will continue right after this.
8:55 am
8:56 am
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8:57 am
>> now, we have temperature of 50 today. how about tomorrow? it is 06 degrees. winds will have died down, more clouds will be in the air, but still a nice warm day. by tuesday though, early light shower is possible, and then 52 degrees, breeze picks up wednesday, look at that, 42 degrees and 28 for the low. i mean, yes. >> i don't like that, as much. >> i don't either. >> i'm thankful today is not yesterday in terms of the rain and this parade. >> yes. >> so we can deal with a little bit every winds. >> absolutely. >> carol thanks. that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now. signing off on television, always on line sunday morning with charles osgood is next. make it a great day. come out to the parad
8:58 am
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