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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  March 16, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning we start with some breaking news right now, two people hospitalized after flames tear through a home in northeast philadelphia. justin fin such live this morning where the fire broke out. good morning justin. >> reporter: good morning, yes, two people taken to the hospital, a short time ago after a fire at this home on the 3500 block of brook dear road. as you can see fire fight remembers still going through that home, trying to knock out any hot spots. you will see there is still smoke, and lots of damage to the home t appears to be complete lost. just gutted by the flames. early this morning let's take you now video from just few hours ago. firefighters got here after 1:30 this morning found the fire heavily involved. the flames quickly moved up the dwelling, and spread somewhat to the homes on the
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left and right of this center house here at 3571 brookview road. we are told that far one inside did make it out. but again there were people taken to the hospital. one of whom we are told is a firefighter. now, neighbors here, on the scene, tell us that neither appear to be suffering any major injuries, perhaps smoke inhalation, that has not yet been confirm by fire officials here on the scene. but at this time, at this hour firefighters still combing through any hot spots they can find on this home. they are finding lot of smoke still at this hour inside the house. let's take you back out live to very large firefighter response here, many of them remaining on scene as they investigate this fire, and of course, try to find a caught what spark this blaze here overnight. live in the millbrook section justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. right now we want to get back to katie get a look at the forecast for today and the weekends looking pretty mild today? >> definitely looking milder than it has been for sure,
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milder than average, too always a plus. for now things are pretty quiet. nice quiet start to the week for you here as we take this live look overlooking center city on sky cabbing three, ben franklin bridge, a-okay all good, all calm, quiet. chilly start to the morning however, we are going to rebounds nicely as we get more of westerly component to the wind flow kicking in. on out to storm scan3 next, all tranquil here, as well, still under the influence of high pressure, wind cranking yesterday as that was building in, and now as it is starting to retreat by tomorrow, we actually ends up with new cold front. for now sort of seen this mix of just clear skies or cloud cover. that's essentially what you will find out there throughout the course of the day today which means some sun some clouds, call it partly sunny sort of split the difference there. meanwhile temperatures as they stands right now yes off to chill side here, thankfully the winds has tapered off substantially, with the temperatures still at least hovering near freezing, you got to bundle up. you still have to have the heavier coat ready to go as our temperatures are remaining
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near the freezing mark, exclusively across the board. on par here with not just points off to the south here like richmond, for example but scranton, albany, new york, up toward boston even, and those temperatures ready -- pretty much on par. cold easing up so i and it is path nice bright day. there will be intermittent clouds along the way but expect to hit the daytime high of al degrees, not bad 4:00 p.m. today with the sunshine, so looking good. now there is always a chance for bit of wet weather here tomorrow. that will comes courtesy of the next cold front i mention moment ago we talk bit more about that as the show progresses meantime chilly air eventually returns so enjoy the mild air while you have got t jessica good morning. >> good morning, everyone, 4:33 relatively quiet so far. it is still early. we're out on the schuylkill expressway right now at city avenue, than is something we don't see that often headed westbound, not a lot of volume headed into the king of prussia area. everything moving just fine over on 95, no real problems here, as well, you can see if
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you are headed through the work zone, southbound into center city moving along just fine no problems northbound as well. some good news, we're dealing with some construction out on 422 westbound, some pothole repairs, will be out there until about 6:00 a.m. so for another hour and a half near sanatoga dealing with right lane being blocked. road work out on 95, this will be out there for another week or so, off ramp to route 291 is block you want to take island avenue to get on by. out in cherry hill, some more ongoing road work, due to sinkhole that will be on route 70 eastbound, at springdale road. that's blocking out the right-hand lane, as well, and the good news septa, new jersey transit patco speed line all running on time with no delays, no more delays at the philadelphia international airport, diana, back over to you. >> happening today, big endorsement for a philadelphia mayoral candidate. the philadelphia federation of teachers will officially endorse former city councilman jim kenny this afternoon. kenny pick up another big endorsement from the afl-cio last week, one of six
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democrats running in the may 19th primary. >> happening today septa holds public workshops to discuss the king of prussia rail project. residents are encouraged to take part, get preview of the ex it end sean of the norristown high-speed line. the first workshop is today at the radisson hotel valley forge from 2:00 to 4:30, the next march 25th at the double tree hotel valley forge that's from four p.m. to 6:00 p.m. then later if 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. septa's seeking the public's input on this project. >> investigators say the men charged in the shooting of two police officers in ferguson, miss your had i attended protest earlier thursday night. jeffrey williams is charged with two counts of first degree assault. the st. louis county prosecutor says williams told investigators he was not firing at the officers. >> we're not sure we completely buy that part of. >> this but, in any event, it is possible he was firing at some other people, and the officers of course were in the back. >> police recovered a 40
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caliber handgun during a search of williams' home. they say that they match the shell casings found at the scene. both officers are now recovering at home. real estate error turned murder suspect, duster arrested before the finale of serial documentary about his links to three sensational murder, in the finale of the series the jinx dorsad he quote killed them all. agent arrested him at new orleans hotel in connection of the murder of susan burr man found dead in 2,000 as cold case were ready to question her in the killing of duster wife. 4:36. upper merion police want the public's help this morning, in the search for a missing woman. they say heather walked out of einstein medical center in east norriton township on the evening of february 26th she has not been seen since they
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say she is five-two, shoulder lent blonde hair, you see her they in the picture wearing blue or green knit hat and red jacket. >> demonstrators gathered guns to protest in lower merion township. came to speak out against the board of commissioners and ordinance know say prohibit from openly caring guns in public parks or at least gives that impression. protesters claim the ordinance is illegal because it pre em ups existing state law. pennsylvania is an open carry state. >> we can't simply ignore the law, violate the law and say it should be okay because i'm a publicly elected official. it is protecting our children in the parks. we disagree with the people who are out here, yet who think that this is going to add to safety. >> this morning protesters want that ordinance repealed, and are threatening to sue. lower merion commissioners argue the township ordinance does not prohibit legal gun owners from caring in public parks. boston makes history with its saint patrick's day
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parade. for the first time gay right groups were allowed to take part. the private group that organizes the 114 year old parade had always banned gay groups from participating. but this year under new leadership the group invited two gay rights groups to take part. some politicians had previously boycotted the parade because of this controversy. but, massachusetts governor, charlie baker and boston mayor marty walsh both took part this year. the first time in 20 years a boston mayor has marched in the parade. and, right here in philly, a great day for the irish. the city hosed the annual saint patrick's day parade. that's the second oldest pap aid in the country. people lined up along that parade route in center city as dancers, singers musicians performed, the windy chilly weather didn't seem to bother anyone. irish on the. >> this was awesome. the crowd is unbelievable. i love saint patrick's day. i love being irish. >> just the tradition of it, my mom's from ireland. you don't have to be irish
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today. >> few members of the "eyewitness news" team waived to parade goers from the cbs-3 float there. is jan carabeo nicole brewer, jim donovan katie fehlinger out there having a good time. >> sure was. >> well, still ahead this morning, on "eyewitness news" it is march madness and it kick off with selection sunday where some local teams landed on the bracket. >> also, how is the weather for your work week shaping up? katie has your forecast when we come right
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>> negotiations surrounding nuclear program underway in switzerland. secretary of state john kerr any the country for several days for talks with iran's foreign minister. world lilled ers less than two weeks to reach a deal about nuclear program for lifting sanctions. secretary state kerry talked about the negotiations on "face the nation". >> we are working very hard
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with other interested parties to see if we can reignite diplomatic outcome. why? because everybody agrees there is no military solution. there is only a political solution. >> the talks commas there is backlash from members of congress. forty-seven senate republicans wrote a letter to iran saying that any agreement with the us could be undone, as soon as president obama leaves office. >> the pacific island vanuoto trying to recover from cyclones. six people died after cyclone pam hit the nation with wind up to 168 miles poor hour. new zealand, australia france, all providing rescue assistance and disaster relief. >> chilly for the st. patrick's parade. >> sure was but nice break between systems high pressure in place nice warm upcoming our way. so quiet day. >> we like quiet. >> specially for a monday, nice way to just ease into the
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work week. >> okay, i can get back to that, let's slug it off get you out the door. looks like nice quiet day for you. you're probably going to want a pair of sunglasses ready to go. not the brightest sunniest day, but it will be smidge above average for the daytime high. we do, again have lighter wind, and also some very quiet weather to get you out the door. start things off by taking/to the nice quiet view, granted handful of clouds out there. nothing all that impressive. it is not real assign of things to come or anything like that, eventually, there is going to be cold front that does cross that will happen tomorrow, how much so, in the meantime enjoy the break right? not terribly winnie, not bad excuse if you want to get outside, have some outdoor plans, maybe take jog later today. >> this will be nice day for it. now, you can see at least little hint of some moisture, creeping in here across portions of eastern canada. that's sign of the next front that's eventually going to roll our way. again, weaver quiet day today but this front kind of sluggish. so we will be singing in
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slowly, and if it doesn't really have ton of moisture with it, but it does knock our temperatures back. here's how it all shakes out. upper 50's today still high pressure that's mild for the standards, normal high about 53. we'll take what we can get. looking ahead to tomorrow before the cold front crosses i still think we have the wherewithall to get to the up ear's, will be a shower washing through not wash out but green appropriately enough on the radar for st. patrick's day. temperatures get knock back probably lower 40's by this point. so the chill will return, and the atypical chill is going to be back too. meantime under the clear sky that we've got out there now already on the chilly side. we mentioned this earlier in the program already at this point still stuck in the mid and lower 30's, in a lot of spots, so still want the heavier coat. later today dress in layers. not saying shorts and t-shirts weather but it will feel good to you outside light wind, feels like what the thermometer reads, not bad. forty-six tonight that's not bad either. that comes courtesy of the blanket of cloud cover that's
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going to be settling in for us here. soap, still flirting with 60 come tomorrow. there will be shower or two around, i would say probably get away without umbrella if you are not crazy about carting it along but will be something that you have to dodge, perhaps, then stuck in the 40's, again from mid-week on. diana being back over to you. >> thanks, katie. villanova wildcats will be the number one seed in the east regional when the annual march madness tournament starts this week. the wildcats celebrated the announcement yesterday evening, selection sunday was broadcast right here on cb. three. this is the second time jay wright's wildcats have been number one seed. and nova plays the patriots league championship, laugh yell leopards from easton northampton county, first time in 15 years the leopards are headed to the big dance, by the way laffayette coach, fran oh, hanlon, is a villanova graduate. temple owls were hoping to make it, however they were ignored for the second straight year. the owls finish with 23 wins, but wyoming, who won the
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mountain west tournament, made it instead. the owls are now number one seed in the nit. they host bucknell wednesday. still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news" seinfeld addict could have a way to watch every episode on line but it will not be cheap. more of that coming g up in your money watch report. first though here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> a fire sweeps through home in northeast philadelphia's morrell park. one firefighter and civilian were treated for smoke inhalation in that fire along the 3400 block of brookview road t took firefighters almost an hour to control that fire. the cause remains under investigation. >> jeffrey williams faces two charges in last week's shooting of two police officers in ferguson, missouri.
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williams reportedly said he was firing his gun at someone else not the officers. those officers are recovering from their injuries. >> and the philadelphia federation of teachers will formally endorse former democratic city councilman, jim kenny for mayor of philadelphia today. kensy one of six democrats running in the primary on may 19th. 4:49. check, time for check every business news. >> jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, jill, the dow open in native territory for the year watch investors watching this week do you think? >> good morning invest remembers watching as the fed has its monthly policy meeting. so they'll really be looking for clues about whether the central bank could raise interest rates which are still at record low levels. now, last week, the price of oil plunged which sent energy stocks lower but every corpse, there is some good news that does mean lower prices at the gas pumps. so little good and bad there. >> all right. jill we all love seinfeld. we hear there could soon and
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new way to watch? >> reporter: that's right. all 180 episodes every seinfeld could soon be available for stream willing. now, sony pictures reportedly shopping the rights to digital buyers, including hulo, amazon yahoo. price per episode could top $500,000 which is what netflix reportedly paid for friends. >> wow. per episode? >> that's a lot of money. still making money on that one. thanks jill. coming up after the break weatather and traffic on the 3's. we'll be right
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>> it is official, boston breaks the seasonal snowfall record. last night official measurement, 108.6. 108 inches, that breaks the previous record of 107.9 inches the 1995-96 season. >> this makes it the snowiest season since 1872. the final 2.9 inches came
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after a record setting monthly snowfall of 64.9 inches in february, and oh, and i imagine they cannot wait for spring to start on friday! >> looking at those pictures, this is just making me cold. >> no kidding. 43:53, we opportunity get our traffic and weather together. >> so tough to see that. my gosh, yes we although we were looking forward to spring. those poor folks. but, you know what? spring is around the corner for everyone, today we actually see nice moderation in thermometer readings not just here but all the way up to boston. you can actually see the storm system that helped that city achieve that record total of snow still making its full retreat here. little left over snow falling at this hour, across atlantic canada, but at least the snow is gone, at least the system is retreating. so you have high pressure taking its place from boston, so we ends one pretty quiet day. tours as they stands are chill. do you need to walk out the door with heavier coat ready to go, temperatures at least flirting with the freezing mark or actually below it, in a lot of the more outlying and more remote suburbs.
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but you get hint of moderation coming in off the open ocean water, so you're a bit milder. but still you're into the 30's. so i hate to call cape may 37 degrees mild. it is just little bit eased up here as you hit the shore line. meanwhile, here is st. patrick's graphic happy leprochan on there for you with clouds and shower or two coming along with the radar here tomorrow. you will have little green to go along with the day itself. 58 degrees what we are still expecting for the daytime high, and another quick check for you here on the eyewitness weather seven day outlook. notice, the temperatures do start to drop off a hint here, and that comes courtesy of the front that bridges in those couple of showers tomorrow. soap we're back to the 40's wednesday, thursday, and friday, for that mother, but friday's also another chance for our area for some rain, with new storm system off to the south. we'll keep an eye on. that will jess, we send it over to you. >> good morning it seems like pretty typical monday, not dealing with much in the way of weather. over on 95, right around the airport, no problems if you are headed northbound toward
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the airport back there or southbound as well. not a lot of volume there. also on the ben franklin bridge, all lanes are open, and that's definitely a good thing. so headed westbound into the city you can see hardly any volume to speak of. no problems into new jersey, as well. all lanes open there. over out in chester, there is a disable vehicle though on 12th street at edgemont avenue. so we'll keep an eye on, that some pothole repairs definitely good thing that's going to be out there for another hour until about 6:00 a.m. on 422 westbound right near sanatoga, it is blocking the right hand lane. over on 95, this is going to be out here for about another week or so. we have some construction on the off ramp to 291 that's being blocked. so you want to take islands avenue to get on by. out in new jersey on route 70 eastbound, right in cherry hill around springdale road. some more road work there that's going to be blocking out the right-hand lane. good thing is septa, new jersey transit patco speed line running on time with no delays, and currently no delays at the philadelphia international airport, and we'll definitely keep you updated. diana, back to you. >> thanks, jess a check on
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stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 is following. this morning, the doors open on a new wellness center in north philadelphia that will service the city's most needy population. and the archbishop of the ukrainian catholic church is asking the vatican to put his cathedral on the list when the pope visits philadelphia in september. also, a local bio tech start up created by pen graduates competed in the south by southwest competition and received some significant accolade. check in one two three, four times a day, "kyw news radio 1060" on your a.m. dial. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", we are continuing to follow breaking news, two people hurt including a philadelphia firefighter after an overnight row home blaze. >> and a driveway disaster, when a stroller ends up pinned under an s.u.v. the quick thinking heroes who saved the baby inside. we're back at the top of the hour. stay with us.
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we're following breaking news right now. a firefighter rushed to the hospital while battling a row home fire in north philadelphia. we are live at the scene with the latest on how he's doing right now. also, this morning, a big boost in theights to become philadelphia's mayor. the key endorsement one candidate is receiving today. good morning, it is monday march 16th, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm diana rocco. ukee off this morning. also new this morning let the madness begin. march madness is here. where our local teams will play in their quest for the title, and the one school that got snubbed on selection sunday. katy? >> and erika we've got pretty quiet start to the week for you here. high pressure hooking us up with pleasant weather to kicks things off for you here, nice and mild, as well, talking temperatures, but the chill will return. we'll talk about that, as well, coming up.
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jess? >> good morning, everybody no problems out on the schuylkill expressway, right around 202 if you are he had headed eastbound, westbound and this is pretty much similar story for what most of the majors look like. there is some patches of construction and pothole repairsment i'll tell you all about where they are coming up in just a bit. >> back to the break news in northeast philadelphia, house fire injuries two people once again including a fire fighter. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in the mill brock section to bring us to up date this morning. justin? >> diana erika good morning we are told both of those people that firefighter and the person from this home here that caused the fire were taken for smoke inhalation, awaiting official confirmation from fire officials about the extent of their injuries at this time. but, take a look behind me here. you can see they are still working to knock out any hot spot, for the most part, most of the focus at this point has appeared to have died down. >> this fire did also spread to two nearby homes on either side spoke to neighbor who


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