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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 16, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> good morning, everybody no problems out on the schuylkill expressway, right around 202 if you are he had headed eastbound, westbound and this is pretty much similar story for what most of the majors look like. there is some patches of construction and pothole repairsment i'll tell you all about where they are coming up in just a bit. >> back to the break news in northeast philadelphia, house fire injuries two people once again including a fire fighter. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in the mill brock section to bring us to up date this morning. justin? >> diana erika good morning we are told both of those people that firefighter and the person from this home here that caused the fire were taken for smoke inhalation, awaiting official confirmation from fire officials about the extent of their injuries at this time. but, take a look behind me here. you can see they are still working to knock out any hot spot, for the most part, most of the focus at this point has appeared to have died down. >> this fire did also spread to two nearby homes on either side spoke to neighbor who said he has water and smoke
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damage in his home because of this fire. it broke out they say just before 1:45 this morning. they saw flames, and the backs of their homes and they all rushed outside there were two people, two adults in that center home there and two children who all escaped to safety outdoors. we are also told in the garage of their home a man was sleeping and pretty much had to fight and scream his way out of that garage, which is where we are told most of those flames were errupting when firefighters did arrive hereby 2:00. they had at least one transport to the hospital. soon after that second transport was taken as well, one of which we now know was a firefighter, again we are told, their injuries are not severe. but we are awaiting official confirmation from officials here on the scene, about the extent of their injuries, back out live, we do know the red cross is assisting two adults, two children from that center home behind me here. we know many are throughout the neighborhood, neighbors right now keeping warm, and
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being comforted after this major fire overnight. we are live northeast philly, justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. >> meanwhile, upper merion police need help finding a woman who addition appeared from a hospital. take a look here, we have picture of heather. she walked out of the einstein medical center on west german town pike on february 26th no one has seen her since then. we're told she was wearing a blue or green knit hat, and a red jacket. >> and a philadelphia family homes someone has seen 19 year old tiara black. she disappeared ten days ago after leaving her home on north 49th street. black's family says that she met a new boyfriend, who they don't know. >> coming up on 5:03, our traffic and weather together. and nice start to our week. what do you think katy? >> overall looking pretty good. at least things dried out for us did have to deal with pretty nasty wind, as well as quite a few clouds, that really didn't want to let up and give away too much sunshine here. but i think you'll see little bit of brighter skate out there today, still clouds
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around overall not bad day whatsoeverment as we take you out live, nice clear sky right now, there are handful of clouds out there which i am going to show to you here, but we start things off with another look at storm scan3 just the radar being viewed here. and the tri-state sweep being made by all of the different area radars, not picking up on anything. but i want to throw the satelite over top. we just showed you ac, crystal clear, but there are some clouds that are starting to nudge in, so that's actually going to help us limit our overnight cooling, which is some good news. meanwhile, as we take you out to another field camera, another shore point, or beach area out at the boardwalk plaza, very, very tranquil start to the morning all of the snow has melted, isn't that a welcome site. it is chilly though. your temperatures currently into the 30's, from ac, up the a.c. expressway, to philly, and then also in below freezing at mount pocono right now. still a tad breezy up that way, too. but notice how we warm up. i think we actually hit about 58 degrees. that will will happen about 4:00 p.m. today or so. some clouds along the way
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granted. but the winds is lighter. the sun little more prominent. overall, it is a nice day. and jess, actually going to be little above average for a change too. not bad. >> good day for run. have to do that later today. good morning 5:04, going outside and seeing how things are doing on the schuylkill expressway it, you can see not much in the way of volume here headed east or westbound, but eastbound lanes where the headlights are disable vehicle but something to watch for. out on the 42 freeway in new jersey, no problems here, as well northbound lanes looking just fine, headed into possibly philadelphia the surround area bridges on 295 interchange. south philadelphia, accident just popped up on baltimore avenue 57th street, so take christian street to get on by. out in chester disable vehicle, on 12th street. at edgemont avenue. use some caution and on 422 westbound, pothole repairs until about 6:00 a.m.
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that's definately good thing. near sanatoga blocking out the right-hand lane, diana back to you. >> happening today former city councilman jim kenny picks up big endorse until the his bid to become philadelphia's next mayor. federation of teach letters endorse ken think afternoon pick up another endorsement from the afl-cio last week, now one of six deng kratz running in the primary on may may 19th. >> suspect now in custody shooting happened last thursday as protest was winding down outside the ferguson police department. chris van cleve explains how the manhunt came to an end. >> charging jeffrey williams go two counts of first degree assault for shooting two police officers during protest in ferguson. >> he has acknowledged his part in firing the shots in
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fact, did he fire the shots that struck the two officers. >> prosecutor says williams claims he was in a dispute with someone earl early thursday not targeting the police. >> no not sure we buy that but in any event. firing at other people officers of course in the back >> shell casings found at the scene, williams on probation for receiving stolen property. arrested late saturday, after massive manhunt. >> what got me, police to this point, is the information that was provided to them, by members of the community. >> ferguson has been the site of sometimes violent protests since last august, when former police officer darren wilson shot and killed 18 year old michael brown unarmed. most recent demonstrations came after ferguson police chief tom jackson and other resigned following a department of justice report showing mostly white ferguson
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police department had pattern of racial bias. two officers were shot thursday are recovering at home, the investigation continues. chris van cleve cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> now, police say williams took part in the demonstrations on thursday, before he shot the officers. they're investigate willing he acted alone. diana? >> reporter: erika, let the madness begin. ncaa tournament tips off tomorrow night in a few local teams will try to win it all in the big dance. the villanova wildcats celebrated last night avenger the top seed in the east region by winning the biggies title. they also set a school record this year with 32 wins. the wildcats will try to avoid historic up sweat at the take on another local team, the the leopards thursday night in pit burying. tiff ' seen a lot of lafayette. i know that's a tough match up. do you have find your way and we played different styles this year. i think we'll be prepared for it. >> the leopards will try to become the first ever 16th seed to beat number one
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seed in the tournament. this is their first trip to the big dance in 15 years. you'll hear all about lafayette's connection to nova coming up in sports. >> how far can the wildcats go in the tournament? start filling out your bracket now in the cbs bracket challengement take on some of your favorite personalities here on cbs-3. and have a shot at winning a $5,000 gift card. just go to to sign up. >> all right thanks, diane a real estate air comes clean after the focus of a cable series. he's already dodged one murder conviction now hear his stunning admission in a unguarded moment that could help crack several unsolved cases. a firearms fight in a local community where people are fighting for the right to carry their guns in public parks. and, got some good news for you you don't need the heavy coat by this afternoon. it will feel down right like spring. how about it? katie let you know honk long they are warmer weather sticks around when we do traffic and weather together. looking liver at center city,
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37 degrees right now we will be right
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updating breaking news right now two, people injured in fire in northeast philadelphia. a firefighter and a resident were treated for smoke inhalation in this blaze. it happened on brookview road in the millbrook section. so far there is no word on the cause. >> this afternoon the philadelphia federation of teach letters endorse democratic mayoral candidate jim kenny. kenny and five other democrats are after the nomination. primary is may 19th. and 20 year old jeffrey williams is in custody in ferguson missouri charge in the last week's shooting of two police officers. those officers had been released from the hospital. williams tells investigators that he was shooting at someone else, not police. >> real estate air robert
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duster waking up in new orleans jail. seventy-one year old has long been lins dollars to two murders in the 1972 disappearance every his wife. the finale, apparently heard off camera saying that he, quote, killed them all. brian web has the story. >> in the final scene of the hbo documentary robert goes into the bathroom with a wireless microphone still on, transmitting what sound like a shocking confession. >> killed them all the worse. >> fbi arrested the 71 year old durst saturday new orleans hotel using assumed name, one day before the final episode appeared. it was called the jinx. the life and deaths of robert durst. his attorney spoke to cbs radio about the show. >> i was rather underwhelmed, given all of the build up of new evidence, new this or that frankly expected more than bathroom muttering or
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muse action. >> documentary examined the 1982 disappearance of durst wife kathleen, the 2001 murder and dismemberment of his one time neighbor black. claimed self-defense in that case, was acquitted and the murder of his friend, susan burr man in 2,000. >> and the la police have been investigating for awhile now. and they're unable to put him in los angeles. >> the documentary also shows a letter durst sent to burr man that closely resembles note tipping off police to burman's body, the writing is similar, and the word beverly is misspelled in both. family released a saying they hope he will be held accountable for all he has done. >> brian web cbs news, new york. 5:13, we want our traffic and weather together. kick things off with katie. good morning. >> good morning, erika. hi everyone, happy monday to you. we can expect to see pretty quiet start to the week here weather wise things are nice and tranquil. lighter wind will get some sun and actually little miler out there for you today too
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folks. we'll take it, right? storm scan3 nice and quiet. granted you have handful of clouds, but not indicative of anything on the way today rather, just couple of clouds between systems right now. there will be more cloud cover increasing later tonight however, from this guy. you can see at least the combination of some moisture with our next front, let me zoom it out one more time for you so you can see in the entirety. very sluggish frontal boundary, main thrust actually will bypass us off to the north. but we are going to likely ends one quick shower. i want to point out before we move on here in future wet they are is a model. so it is one of those things that gives good guidance, but not gospel. however, here's your front by later tonight. touching overnight fire. but notice main thrust of moisture well off to the north. but because this is model i think some of this could creep a bit further south. so i opportunity allow for shower or two, as we go throughout the day tomorrow, the casino every thing where you need umbrella no, probably get away without it if your not crazy carting 11, but if you have entry kit
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hairstyle, your pick, throw out the pros and consment look ahead to today nice one 58 degrees with some sunshine, milder for you little above average. >> keep the temperatures pretty mild, 46 at worse for the overnight low then we see the temperatures take another hit here, in the wake every frontal boundary but saint patrick's day also might feature little green on the radar as a result. jess, good morning. >> good morning 5:15. relatively light on volume so far this morning. that's typical of this time. out on the schuylkill, everything moving just fine, where the headlights are coming through eastbound into the center city area, something to watch out for disable vehicle in the right hand shoulder you can see just something to watch out for. over on the roosevelt boulevard, no problems there as well. if your honor headed southbound into the skewing norristown moving along just fine. southwest philadelphia, though, we do have an overturned vehicle on
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baltimore, take christian to get on by, now out in chester there is another disable vehicle at 12th street, at edgemont avenue. definitely keep you updated on details there. pothole repairs on 422 until 6:00 a.m. westbound, near sanatoga blocking outright hand lane. diana, back over to you. >> thanks, jess. hike fresh philadelphia is killed in a freak accident. we'll let you know what happened to him on the appalachian trail. plus: oh, fun day philadelphia goes grown from saint patrick's day. we've got the highlight of yesterday's big st. saint patrick's day parade coming up. we'll be right back.
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>> gun rights protest in lower merion township, cable to speak out against the board every commissioners and ordinance that they say prohibits people from openly caring guns, in public parks
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or at least gives that impression. protesters claim the ordinance is illegal because it pre em ups existing state law. pennsylvania is an open carry state. >> we can't simply ignore the law, violate the law and say it should be okay, because i'm a publicly elected official. it is protecting our children in the parks, and we disagree with the people who are out here who think that this is going to add to safety. >> protesters want the ordinance repealed. lower merion commissioners argue the existing law does not prohibit gun owners from caring in public parks. it is 5:19. philadelphia man hiking the appalachian trail dice in a freak accident. large tree fell on 36 year old jason paris yesterday morning as he hiked the trail near the maryland west virginia border. an off-duty park ranger was nearby and performed cpr. but they couldn't save parish. an investigation is underway this morning into a fatal accident in mercer county. eighty-seven year old man died
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sunday at the federal city road and i-95 interchange in lawrence township. police say the man's vehicle crossed into the opposite lane and struck three other vehicles. a driver and passenger from one of those cars were taken to the hospital to get checked out. >> still ahead this morning, a remote region devastated by a powerful cyclone. we'll show you some of the damage left behind. >> and, no password? no problem. the simple way you can still access your e-mail, even if you always have trouble remembering your passwords. that's me. it is monday morning we're coming right back. stay with us.
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thank you, cable for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability - 8 years running. plus, fios has the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. period. see the difference for yourself. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price, guaranteed for two full years! plus, get a $300 bonus with a two-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> developing right now, the president of the small south pacific nation vanuoto asking
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forayed at pam left destruction. storm killed at least eight people. president said the cyclone damaged about 90% of the buildings in the capitol and has also cut off communications. >>right now 5:23. we want to check in with katie and get our traffic and weather together. hey, good start to our week. >> absolutely, nice and quiet start to the week for us here in the delaware vale, we can expect to see some sunshine, certainly couple of clouds, but the wind tapered offer temperatures have chance to rebounds good to here. we take you out to live look at storm scan3 off in the distance liberty place lit up in green in honor of the holiday for saint patrick's day tomorrow. 36 degrees the current temperature, though. so it is chilly, the breeze is still perhaps a little noticeable especially if you're walking through those skyscrapers, in center city, but overall, it is an easing wind, and we are expect to go see bit more sunshine, and also easing temperature reading for you today. so, storm scan3, yes handful of clouds out there. but we do keep it dry for up, as i said, there will be intermittent clouds, some sunshine, but we will take it if it means we have a chance to flirt with 60. tomorrow we dot same.
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there is cold front crossing through. so that will touch off shower or two throughout the course of the day. but then it sends our temperatures on another nosedive by wednesday. jess over to you. >> katie, good morning everybody, 5:24, starting things out on the vine street expressway, right around 24th street, where it is still really quiet. you can see little bit of shaky cam right there headed east or westbound no problems. out on the ben franklin bridge, everything looking great, there as well. all lanes are open. so the headlights are headed westbound, into the city, from new jersey, you can see no problems there. but, out in southwest philadelphia, we do have over turn vehicle on baltimore avenue at 57th street. you want to take christian to get on by. and few small incidents out there, as well, another accident out in upper merion on gulph road and guthrie road. chester, disable vehicle on 12th and edgemont avenue. we are dealing with some pothole repairs as it is definitely a good thing until 6:00 a.m., on 422 westbound near sanatoga. they're blocking out the right-hand lane.
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diana, back over to you. >> thanks, jess. villanova wildcats open this week's march madness tournament as a number one seed. the wildcats celebrated i announcement last night, ranked number four in the country at the end of the season, but now they know they're up against the best. >> we know now where we're in even greater position being the one seed. and just can't take anything lightly. >> we can't let that get to us. >> villanova will play the lafayette leopards out of easton northampton county. p leopards won the tight toll pun. ticket for the first time in 15 years lafayette's head coach, fran o'hanlon, was 1970 graduate of villanova. >> i followed them so closely all year, i know how good they are, or maybe i should say how scary they are. they are a scary basketball team. maybe it would be better playing somebody i hadn't seen as much. >> the temple owls were snubbed for the second season,
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in a row and they juan 23 games. the owls will now be a number one seed in the nit which tips off tomorrow. the owls won't play until wednesday when they take on the bucknell bisons, erika? >> the six kearse only play spoilers at this point in the season. they are in boston tonight taking on the celtics who are making a playoff push after winning six of their last seven. to the ice now flyers playoff hopes are getting slimmer after a shoot-out lost in ottawa last night. claude giroux got stumped in the shoot-out. the flyers lost two-one they're nine points out of the playoffs now with only 11 games left. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" we're continuing to follow some breaking news this morning after overnight fire in northeast philadelphia. we'll get up a date from justin finch at the scene. >> also, stroller pinned right underneath an s.u.v. do you see that? how a quick thinking neighbor prevent add real disaster in the driveway. >> and jessica katie return with your traffic and weather
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together on the 3's. it is monday morning. and we're back in two minutes.
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>> fear fighter returned to the hospital, the latest on how they're doing. the work week getting off to very comfortable start. we like that. how long will this spring weather stick around? >> good morning, a lot of times you will see thee swings on the thermometer where it is just mild enough for it to feel like a dose of spring, and then you get these little cool-downs. that's casino whatever this week is going to provide for us. we will talk about the system that will bring that to us, talk temperatures of course, and have all of the details for you in the next few minutes, jess?
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>> having relatively great drive out on the ben franklin bridge, we go full right there, and show you no problems headed into the city, out of the city, all lanes are open definately good thing. pothole repairs few accidents, i'll cover all of those in just a second, back to you. >> house fire in northeast philadelphia sends a firefighter and another person to the hospital. >> justin finch live at the scene in the millbrook section of the sit. good morning justin. >> diane, a erika good morning, we just learned a short time ago that both of those patient firefighter and that man from the home that burned down here, were taken to area torresdale hospital, the firefighter with heat ex has ton injuries, one person with smoke inhalation, as you can see home behind us now total lost, 3500 block of brook dear road here in northeast philadelphia, as you can see from top to


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