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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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uries, both expected to be okay. we're also now here on the scene, neighboring living on either side of this burned out home, 3500 block of brookview may need housing assistance, at least just for today. let's show you that house as it stands now completely gutted by those flames. black, windows completely charred, see firefighters inside soaking all of those hot spots, that may be lurking still inside. that's major reason why the neighbors living on either side will need housing assistance, smoke and water damage set to be great in both of their homes this morning. video from earlier there is fire broke out we are told just after 1:30 or so, this morning. lots of flames, coming out the back that far home there at 3571 brookview road. neighbors quickly saw the flames nearby, and sprung into action. alerting neighbors as quickly ' they could. >> my wife heard some noise coming from out back. and she jumped up and look out. she thought that she saw
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lights. and then, she said oh, my god i think there is a fire. i jumped up, look out, coy see the flames, and i yelled to her, call 911. and i ran and found my cell phone, i also called 911. >> i just thank god we all got out safe and sound. but nobody was hurt stuff we can replace but a life, something else. >> as you heard there relief this morning no major injuries to report, the red cross now assisting that family, living in that center home, two adult, two children, they also have their pet rescue, showing you house on the very end there we are told elderly woman lives there with member of her family. they will be okay. once peco turns their lights back on, we understand, but the two homes nearest as fire, they'll be out of their homes for some time. again, two people injured firefighter as well as one person told sleeping in the basement of one of the homes
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also n hospital, should be okay with injuries at this hour live in northeast philadelphia justin finch cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> new this morning, a neighbor dispute leads to shooting in upper darby, it happened in the 2200 block of harwood avenue. >> victim went to neighbor's house, knock on the door, then shot. the home own here allegedly pulled the trigger was taken into custody after a brief stand-off with police. upper merion police need help finding a woman who disappeared from a hospital. take a look at the picture of her right here, this is heather, she walked out of the einstein medical center on west german town pike on february 26th, and no one has seen her since. we're told that she was wearing blue or green knit hat, and was wearing a red jacket. >> also missing, 19 year old tiara black on march the sixth she left home on north 49th street, to go to her father's house but we're told she never showed up. black's family says she recently met a new boyfriend
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but they don't know him. >> coming own 603 checking in width kay, loving today's high temperature, kale. >> i looking good. erika, along with the daytime high temperature, which is already going to be about 5 degrees above average, you have also got lighter winds and you have also got little more sunlight that what we ended up with yesterday. all things considered, just plus by comparison to yesterday. and we'll continue to see that last us all day today. but there is a little disruption in the atmosphere, in the days ahead which we'll discuss. so storm scan3 nice and quiet, completely empty, you have got handful of clouds, meanwhile, our sunset times continue to get later and later and later. and as of today we're going to see the sun go down in philadelphia at least at 7:11 on the nose by april 1st goes down to 7:25, flirting with 8:00 p.m. by april 30th, which does basically mean that you're gaining about two and a half minutes every daylight where passing day at this time of the year. now, temperatures as they stand, yes, off to chilly start, even though we see the
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sun coming up, and helping to warm things up eventually, you're still flirting with or at or even below the freezing mark right now. but we do see nice moderation, can you imagine if we were actually starting off on milder note, we pro easily be in the 60s here. but i expect we flirt with 60, and we should hit about 58 degrees come say 4:00 p.m. or so. but will be bit more sunlight, will have lighter wind as promised, granted when lighter wind and temperatures that are a bit milder. just nice day. >> good morning everybody, 04:00, starting things off on the 30 bypass where there is currently no problems. everything moving along just fine. >> no problems on on the ben franklin, all lanes open if you are headed westbound into the city, or eastbound, into new jersey. but, we have an accident out in southwest philadelphia,
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right around baltimore avenue. at 57th street several vehicles involved here, and clean up crew on the scene there, as well. >> charlestown, there is an accident there also, at route 29 southbound between pickering damn road and peaks pike road take charlestown road to get on by, erika back over to you. >> a suspect in the shooting of two police officers in ferguson missouri is in custody. the gunfire errupted last thursday as a protest winding down outside the ferguson police department. >> st. louis county missouri prosecutors charging 20 year old jeffrey williams with two counts of first degree assault, for shooting two police officers, during a protest, in ferguson. >> and he has acknowledged his participation in firing the shots. in fact, did he fire the shots that struck the two officers. >> prosecutor robert mccullough says williams claims he was involved in a
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dispute with someone else early thursday, and was not targeting the police. >> not sure we completely buy that part, but in any event. >> the officers of course were in the back. >> police recovered 40 caliber handgun during search of williams home which matches shell casings found at the scene. williams was on probation for receiving stolen property. arrested late saturday, after massive manhunt. >> what got the police to this point is the information that was provided to them by members of the community. >> ferguson the site of sometimes violent protest since last august, when former police officer darren wilson, shot and killed 18 year old michael brown who was unarmed. the most recent demonstrations came after ferguson police chief, tom jackson, and others resigned, following a department of justice report showing the mostly white ferguson police department, had a pattern of racial bias. the two officers who were shot thursday are recovering at home. the investigation continues.
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chris van cleve cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> now, police say williams took part in demonstrations on thursday, before he shot the officers. they're investigating whether he acted alone. diana? >> time now 6:07. gun rights supporters attend a rally in lower merion township. they came to speak out against board of commissioners and an ordinance, they say prohibit people from openly caring guns in public parks or at least gives that impression. protesters claim the ordinance is illegal because it pre em ups existing state laws. pennsylvania is an open carry state. we can't simply ignore the law, violate the law and say it should be okay because i'm a publicly elected official. protecting our children in the parks, and we disagree with the people who are out here, who think that this is going to add to safety. >> protesters want that ordinance repealed, lower merion commissioners argue the existing law does not prohibit gun owners from caring in public parks.
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>> jim kenny picks up big endorsement in his bid to become philadelphia's next mayor. the philadelphia federation of teachers will officially endorse kenny this afternoon kenny pick up another endorsement from the afl-cio last week. he is one of six democrats running in the primary, on may 19th. erika? >> diana, 6:08 right now. it is time for the craziest tournament in sports, and it is why it is called march madness, of course, ncaa menace basketball tournament tips off tomorrow night with the play in games. villanova wildcats celebrated last night, they are the number one seed in the east region. they won 23 games, this year, and the biggies title. the wildcats take on another local team, the lafayette leopards, from easton, northampton county thursday night. >> i've seen a lot of lafayette. i know that's a tough match up. so, you know, do you have find your way, and we play different styles this year, so i think we'll be prepared for it. >> now, the leopards will try to become the first ever 16
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seed to beat number one in the tournament. this is their first trip to the tournament in 15 years well done. and hey there is a connection here between these teams laffayette coach fran o'hanlon. he played basketball for villanova, graduating in 1970. a tough break for the temple owl, they had missed tournament for the second year in a row. now, it is hard to swallow specially after 23-win season. the host bucknell in the opening round. nit at the liacouras center on wednesday, good luck to our owls. >> and hey now is the time to start filling out those brackets for the cbs bracket challenge. you can match your skill against some of the favorite personalities here in cbs-3 and this is even better, you can win $5,000 gift card. not bad right? you're ineligible, katie sorry. go to always fun to play. >> well, i've got any back. >> the you're on top of things. >> first, hillary clinton now another prominent politician rumored to be thinking about a run for the white house is
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accused of using private e-mail on the job. that's coming up. >> also ahead robert durst accentric biliary, host of cable series, now under arrest. the bizarre rambling accidentally recorded during the final episode that led to murder charges. >> and three days after a cyclone swept through vanuoto true horror of it destruction just starting to become clear, that's next. >> ♪ ♪ >> it be also nice day too. katie saying we'll add 58 degrees, oh, going to feel down right spring like. >> love that. good morning everyone. it is monday, time to get out of bed and start that day. we'll be right back. caring for you and your eyes... ... just got a little easier.
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developing right now, aid workers are starting to arrive, after the destruction from cyclone pam. authorities have declared a state of emergency after the storm tore through the pacific island nation with winds up to 168 miles an hour. eight people confirmed dead, but that number could increase, most of the country does not have phone or internet service right now. >> so official have no way where the psych clone hit the hardest. >> and we do not know if it is safer or not. and as a leered of the nation, my whole heart is for the whole people of the nation. >> australia along with new zealand, france, and the uk, have pledged their support to rebuild the nation.
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>> our forecast, katie, loving the up ear's,. >> not bad. i know something you have been looking forward to for very long time, my friends. we're finley here, but we are going to see some ups, downs, march after all. do you tend to seat swings on the thermometer, what we'll finds so i advise to you enjoy today while you have got it here. not terrible forecast coming up but does gel little cooler. for now more than couple of high clouds, the combination at least, of the next frontal boundary that's going to be sliding on through here. very sluggishly. so we get the whole day or whole monday in without a hitch. some sun, some clouds, temperatures rebounds nicely, high pressure in place. and that pollen graphic, it is back again we're get to go that point of the year, where spring allergies might start to crop up on you so maple juniper, medium to medium high level over the course of the next couple of days, probably one of those days to take advantage of and get outside while you can right? so, keep that in mind, maybe have collar continue, whatever you need to take ready to go. but we should at least flirt with 60 for the next two days,
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cold front crosses with nothing more than quick rain, shower, or two, i should say here tomorrow, and then, back into the chill again back to the 40's for wednesday thursday and friday. jess, over to you. >> thank you katie. good morning everybody actually just look around, do have disable vehicle over in the right hand shoulder, right approaching this part, the northbound lanes around girard avenue. actually fixing a flat tire, so that's not setting anybody back too much as you can see cars still moving along by but something to watch out for southbound lanes doing just fine. out on the # two freeway in new jersey, starting to build in the typical volume here in the northbound lanes but still moving along great there. we keep watch on that, as well. out in southwest philadelphia, we do have an accident, involving several vehicles, one vehicle actually into a pole, there as well. on baltimore avenue, 57th, take christian to get on by out in charlestown route 29 southbound take charlestown road to get on by. diane arc back to you. >> thanks, updating breaking news this morning, two feel
6:16 am
are rushed to a hospital after a fire in northeast philly. the flames tore through row home in the millbrook section about 1:30 this morning. the cause still under investigation. one man being treated for gunshot one, another man in custody after shooting in upper darby. police say it was a dispute between neighbors. >> jeffrey williams in custody this morning in connection with the shooting of two police officers, in ferguson, missouri last week. williams insists waist not shoeing at police, but rather, at another person. we'll be right back.
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>> to demands impeachment. country's current president many peaceful protesters dawned green yellow shall for the brases ill yan flag as they marched. protest criticized protest within the government, called for the president and the ruling workers party to leave office. 6:19 right now. real estate millionaire robert durst arrested for murder and expect to appear in court in new orleans this morning. the 71 year old has long been linked to two murders and the 1982 disappearance every his wife. >> finale of his cable documentary, apparently heard off camera that he killed them off. brian west has the story. >> in the final scene of the hbo documentary being robert
6:20 am
durst goes into the bathroom with a wireless microphone transmitting what sounds like shocking confession. >> i killed them all all worse. >> the fbi arrested the 17 year old durst saturday at new orleans hotel using assumed name, that was one day before the final episode appeared. it was called the jinx. the life and death of robert durst. durst attorney spoke to cbs radio about the show. >> i was rather under well many given all of the bill up of new evidence, new this, or that. i frankly expected more than a bathroom uttering or musing. >> documentary examined the 1982 disappearance of durst wife kathleen, the 2001 murder and dismemberment of durst1 time texas neighbor doris black. he claimed self-defense and acquitted and the in murder of his friend, susan burrman. >> and the la police have been investigating for awhile now. and they're unable to put him in los angeles. >> the documentary also shows
6:21 am
a letter durst sent to burrman that closely resembles a note tipping off police to burrman's body. writing similar and the word beverly misspelled in both. robert's family row least add statement saying they hope he will be held accountable for all he has done. in new york, brian web for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". 6:21 right now still ahead this morning another prominent politician accused of using a private e-mail account from work, that's next. plus it could change the way lifeguards save lives. see how drones are getting into the action, that's next. stay with us.
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>> this will be the nicest day, just few clouds, colder by comparison that same time yesterday. so grab the heavier coat walking out the door. when you look at the temperatures, you understand y not terribly breezy, but just enough, that it is going to feel chilly to you. but we rebound nicely here, guys, flirting with 60 degrees the next two days, but tomorrow a weak frontal boundary rolls through, knocks the temperatures back by wednesday, and you slight to dodge quick shower or two along the way as well. jess, over to you. >> thank katie. good morning everybody just coming up on 6:30, starting things off on the schuylkill expressway actually off the schuylkill expressway, this is the eastbound schuylkill right here. so coming offer of the eastbound schuylkill, you can see, this is actually the ramp to spring garden, where we have tractor-trailer, that has run into one of the guardrails. so you can see all traffic stopped, at this point and we will definitely keep you updated as soon as that gets out of the way residual backups, over on 95, around
6:25 am
cottman avenue, typical delays here through the work zone headed southbound, pretty much jammed headed into the center city area. out in southwest philadelphia, though, there is an accident at baltimore avenue and 57th street. this is involving a few vehicle, one in a pole, clean upgoing on, there take christian street, to get on by. diana, back over to you. >> thanks, jess. families of the children killed in the sandy hook elementary school chatting filed lawsuits against the estate of the gunman's dead mother. they allege nancy lanza was careless and neglect leaving assault rifle unsecured in her home. adam lanza used the weapon to kill his mother before storming the newtown school in december 2012. twenty children, six adults, lost their lives in that massacre. the 20 year old later killed himself. 6:25, right now. just hillary clinton who has e-mail controversy. washington post reports jeb bush used his private e-mail account when he served as florida's governor. the emails discuss security
6:26 am
and military issues. according to this newspaper report, the e-mail exchange is included details of florida's national guard troop deployment after the september 11 attacks. bush is actively considering a run for president in 2016. and, as the us considers legislation restrict the use of drone technology, one company in chile is hoping to put it to use to save lives. drones flitted when camera microphone speaker being tested on the beaches to help lifeguards rescue distressed whim ers. if approved, the company hopes to put the drones to work on beaches, next summer, great idea. >> not bad. topping sports right now, the sixers are on the road, in boston tonight the celtics are gunning for the playoffs. and the sixers are not. there are 16 games left in the regular season. to the ice now flyers have only 11 games left, last night, they took the senators to shoot-out but claude giroux was stopped and ottawa beat the flyers two to one the flyers play the can nux
6:27 am
vancouver tomorrow night. it is a 10:00 o'clock start. that is of course back east. >> right now 6:27. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" we are live with an update on breaking news, justin? >> erika firefighter and fire victim are injured after flames gut northeast philadelphia home overnight. i'm justin finch live in northeast fill which their conditions and more coming up. >> nuclear negotiations with iran resume, as a critical deadline fast approaches. i'm susan macinnis in washington with the story. >> and jessica katie return with your traffic and weather together these. quiet morning out there. we're back in just two minute. yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state
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>> a fire in northeast philadelphia sends a firefighter and another person to the hospital. >> neighbors warn each other to prevent a tragedy this morning, "eyewitness news" reporter just tip fin. liver in the millbrook section of the city. good morning justin. >> reporter: diane, a erika good morning the relief now this morning is there are no major injuries to report after this fire here on 3500 block of brookview road. we end stand that a dog at this time is unaccounted for but a pet cat and lizards have been found. let's show you the scene
6:31 am
behind us right right now fire bright ers breaking down after several hours of hear work knocking down the fire that broke ought about 1:30 or so this morning, flames shooting from the basement of this home here, at 3571 of the you'll see the home now gutted from top to bottom. let's show you now video from earlier, firefighters were on their rooftops, securing any hot spots they could finds in this home here. we understanded that water and smoke damaged from this home has spilled over into those two homes next-door. and that has displaced neighbors therefore at least one day. we are told, again, it was the quick thinking of this community that got the neighbors out safely and ahead of the damaging flames. take a listen. >> our neighbor here came banking on the doors screaming fire, fire, there was something out back, and you know, we just got all our kids and we got out of the house as soon as we could
6:32 am
. >> effort by neighbors to save themselves, did great job, told by officers and officials on the scene, two injuries to report, a firefighter as well, at first in one every these homes here taken to area torresdale hospital, that firefighter has exhaustion injuries person inside smoke inhalation, and both expected to be okay. red cross housing at least one family, two adult, two kids, who live here at this home, that is now completely gutted by the flames. live in northeast philadelphia, justin finch cbs-3, "eyewitness news". new this morning neighbor dispute leads to shooting in upper darby. it happened in the 2200 block of harwood avenue. police tell "eyewitness news" the victim went to his nab or's house, knock on the door, and then was shot. the neighbor who allegedly pulled the trigger was taken into custody after a brief stand-off with police. >> coming up on 6:33, hey it has got to be monday, going back to work, but hey got
6:33 am
nice temperature at least right? >> not bad at all. actually few other pluses we can add to this. not as windy as yesterday. it is actually going to be little brighter than it was yesterday, with bit more sunlight for you and ya, you have got milder air to work with here, too. so we are off to chilly start. we can't minimize that message one of those mornings where you need the heavier coat, i'm not talking about shorts and t-shirts kind of day by any stretch, but feel a lot more comfortable for you later today. here's y storm scan, all calm. notice over the lace three hours, few more clouds started to sort of bill owe in here. and what that has done has allowed at least little hint after breeze for you but you have also seen bit more moderation on the thermometer in the last hour or two. but, because we had clear skies overnight it, meant the thermometer could drop bit more readily. so it feels more like the 20's right now technically texture readings hovering around the freezing mark most spots. but dress for again the 20's this morning. but by this afternoon look at the spike, we flirt with
6:34 am
60 degrees 4:00 p.m. about the time this time of year that we hit that daytime high. again flirting with 60, i think, in philly anyway, shooting for 58. but that's still five above average. we will take it, we also expect some sunlight to go along with it, so it will be a nice day. is it the brightest day we've ever seen, jess? probably not. but still decent, still looks good. >> definitely we take it. >> for a monday, yes, another good thing we have going for us weather will be nice, and it won't be 1 degrees remember those days? >> let's not think about that. >> won't think about it, no complaining today allowed. as we go outside we check out how things are doing on most of the majors, doing okay, still light on volume in some places but do have few problems, this is actually right around the schuylkill expressway, that's the schuylkill right behind us right there. you can see traffic being blocked off on this exit ramp. this is the eastbound schuylkill. exit to spring garden, see stopping off traffic right here. and there is a tractor-trailer actually, that bumped into one of the guardrails, and can't really fit to get off of this exit ramp.
6:35 am
now blocking off traffic police activity right here, trying to figure it out this situation, definitely going to be dealing with a lot of residual delays on the schuylkill we'll keep you updated on that as women. over on the ben franklin bridge, no problems, if you are headed into philadelphia, all lanes open, and heading into new jersey, pretty much the same story just little bit of less volume head that way. over on southwest philadelphia, though, an accident on baltimore avenue at 57th street. there is several vehicles involved there. one of them has been hit with a pole. and activity on the scene trying to get that mess cleaned up. you want to take christian street though to get on by for the time being. out in charlestown route 29 southbound, between pickering damn road, and peak road, accident there as well. take charlestown road to get on through that scene. diana being back to you. >> thanks, jess. secretary every state, john kerry, continues negotiations in switzerland with iranian officials over the country's nuclear program. as susan macinnis reports the meetings come after 47 republicans sent letter to iranian leaders warning them
6:36 am
against securing a possible deal with president obama. >> with a critical deadline for a framework agreement just two weeks away, secretary of state, john kerry is back at the negotiating table with his iranian counterpart, to hammer out a deal to restrict and monitor iran's nuclear program, for at least ten years. in return, the us would ease some of the crippling sanctions imposed on the country. >> if it is peaceful, let's get it done. and my hope is that in the next days that will be possible. >> it is the first time the two men are meeting since 47 republicans sent a controversial letter to iran as leaders last week, warning that a deal might not last beyond president obama's term in office. >> this letter was absolutely calculated directly to interfere with these negotiations. >> tom cotton, who authored the letter defended the move and threat toned ratchet up sanction it is no deal is reached. >> if they block this week, call their bluff. the congress stands ready to impose much more severe
6:37 am
sanctions. >> the white house has urged lawmakers not to interfere in negotiations after two senators introduced legislation, suggesting congress review any deal struck with iran before its implemented. administration officials say any action the president makes on iran would be an executive agreement meaning congress does not have the right to make any changes to it. susan macinnis, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". three more american aid workers coming back to the u.s. today after possibly being exposed to ebola in sierra leone. all three had contact with a co-work here was diagnosed with the disease earlier this month. so far none of them have shown any symptoms, they really -- they will be monitored for three weeks. >> also breaks out at one of moscow's most visit attractions. >> this happened in the bell tower of moscow's november owe dif each i convent. tower under restoration and has wood n scaffolding surrounding it. we're told the scaffold that caught fire, the tower itself did not suffer any significant
6:38 am
damage. the capitol dates back to the late 16 hundreds. it is official boston breaks the snowfall record. last night's official measurement of 108.6 inches breaks the previous record, of 107 month 9 inches. that's in 1995, to 1996. this makes it the snowiest season there. since 1872. as for us, we only got about 23 inches so far this season. and, while boston deals with the snow, los angeles, it is the heat get to go residents. at the la marathon yesterday 185 people were treated for mostly heat related injuries. thirty-six people were taken to hospitals including a man who had a heart attack. 6:38 right now. just a great day for the irish in philadelphia. the city hosed its annual saint patrick's day parade. the second oldest parade in the country. people dressed in green they lined up along the parade route, in center city, as dancers, singers musicians
6:39 am
performed the the windy chilly weather didn't seem to bother anyone. irish or not. >> this was awesome. the crowd is unbelievable. i love saint patrick's day. and i love being irish. >> just the tradition of it, my mom's from ireland. you don't have to be irish today. >> of course not. few members of the "eyewitness news" team waived to parade goers from the cbs-3 "cw philly" float including our jessica dean, kate bilo, nicole brewer, jim donovan leslie van arsdale and jan carabeo. having great time. you got to dance it stay warm sometimes. little windy out there. >> doing good job of it. >> great job. now, if you missed the parade, you can catch encore performance, our broadcast is tomorrow at 9:00 a.m., right here on cbs-3. you can also find it at a day wherever one gets to feel a little bit irish. >> everyone's irish for the parade. >> there you go. >> well, if you often ask people to repeat themselves while they are talking or maybe complain at that time
6:40 am
tv's too loud? it could be an early sign of hearing loss. coming up: doctor rob is here this morningng, with a list of early symptoms, and things you can do to keep your hearing in check. >> justin bieber gets roasted even makes apology. philly's own kevin hart gives us an idea just how bad it got for the bieber. that's coming up. you don't want to miss it. >> ♪ ♪ >> we have a shining day ahead of us, and word; rihanna is making history in the fashion world. all of that is coming up this beautiful monday morning. 6:40 happy monday shall everybody, time to start your day. we'll be right back.
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>> today is dry much like yesterday. casino of the only thing we have in common. should end up with win miler air, but i do want to start things off with the chill in the air you've good temperatures currently either into the 20's in a couple of more remote suburbs or the low 30's, so, chilly start out there, folks. 34 degrees was sent to us from phil, and he's in north wales. specifically where there is just handful of clouds. but at least the wind has calm down. that's plus for us right?
6:44 am
34 degrees was sent in to us from sharon, gloucester township generally just nice clear sky. crisp, clear calm, cold. i love the a little ration actually very lovely, she said. just chilly. so as long as you're ready for it you will be just fine. to one more, 26 degrees was sent into us from steven, he, too, out in robinsville, has nothing more than handful of clouds, chilly start granted but we'll take it if it mean we end up were more sunlight. that will in fact is what we should ends up w i don't think it is the brightest sunniest day you've ever seen. going see some clouds out there. but quiet tranquil overall high pressure in place. this little sliver of moisture that's basically reading along the canadian border, the combination of the next cold front. not real strong front when it comes to moisture content. but it is going to send our temperatures on yet another tumble. yes, another one. so, my advice is this. enjoy today while you have got t even though we hit 58 degrees again tomorrow, that's when you start to see the front dropping in, so more clouds, and probably a shower or two though not wash out by any means and then the
6:45 am
temperatures do take another dive here, though the sun does return we'll have hard time even breaking out of the 40's, for the majority of the week. so we say it again enjoy it while you have got it. jess, over to you. >> nice day for monday, too. good morning everybody, we have an interesting situation happening right now, at 6:45, out on the schuylkill expressway, so this is the schuylkill right around spring garden, the ram top spring garden right here, this is eastbound schuylkill expressway. so you can see this tractor-trailer right here actually stuck he hit one of the guardrails little earlier. and can't seem to turnoff of this ramp onto spring right here. what we're doing all traffic being stopped right now just a second they'll allow all of the cars to go through and pason by the tractor-trailer and then they're going to close off the schuylkill expressway, right behind here, so this tractor-trailer can back out and get out of the way right there. so for the time being there is will create, therefore quite some time, as we get all of the residual delay out of the way. take kelly drive, staying mlk drive or girard to get on by, definitely keep you updated on that diane a back over to
6:46 am
you. >> thanks, jest. updating breaking news, firefighter and another person are injured this morning, in a fire in northeast philadelphia. it broke out about 1:30 on brookview road in millbrook. the cause is still under investigation. >> also, investigators say a dispute between neighbors led to a shooting in upper darby. police say that one neighbor shot another along the 2200 block of harwood avenue. the victims in the hospital. the other man is in custody. >> wealthy accentric robert durs. it will face murder charges in los angeles the 71 year old accused of killing a writer in the year 2,000 as police prepared to question her in the death of durst's first wife. >> listen up, parents you may want to remind your kids to turn down that volume. >> yes, or take those ear buds out, according to the world health organization, more than a billion teens and young adults could potentially be at
6:47 am
risk for losing their hearing. family physician doctor rob dan off joins us now with the details, with all of the steps we call do to prevent hearing loss. >> good morning, how are you? >> doing great. now, new study what's the study look at, are we just overloading our ears? what do you think? >> you're right, we, are in study by the world health organization showed over billion people between the ages of 12 and 35, are at risk of losing their hearing. mostly because of all of these personal listening device that is so many people walk around with in the blue tooth devices in fact, in our country, one in five teenagers has lost some of their hearing and the problem is once we lose hearing, it doesn't come back. >> we were just testing it. you have this app on your phone? >> i do. >> how loud things r just testing ourself out and you wouldn't believe how loud it is even in the studio. >> no, you know, we look -- >> oh, so what happens is that decibel, okay, there we go, thank you very much. so decibel levels are sometimes very loud. and we don't realize it, so
6:48 am
when we talk, we are talking about 60 decibels. eighty-five is about what it would be say in a office or environment. if we go out on the spree eight a to 90, but those personal listening devices they're about 100 105. >> wow. >> here is the thing. we listen to that more than 15 minutes, it can start to damage our hearing. and many people don't realize it. have you guys ever walk behind someone with one of those ear buds or personal listening devices in. >> or sit next to someone -- >> i feel like saying, turn it down because you know what, it is hurting their ears. because it is such concentrated sound in there and over time, they're going to start losing hearing. and at first it is very subtle, but over time, as they get to be little age gifted, they're not going hear that well. >> you mention turn the volume down. one of the things to do to protect urinary. >> he (whenever you listen to the personal listening devices 50% of volume maximum. also you have some ear buds there. >> you brought us some governments, thank you. >> you can put them in your ears when you walk around city
6:49 am
traffic or again, use those earmuffs type of ear buds instead. they're a little better, noise cancelling device, turn volume down, be aware of loud noises, and also, do you know that certain products have decibel ratings on them? so whether it is appliances, or tv's, you look at it, make sure you have 85 or below be careful when you go to night clubs or bars or sporting events. >> in seattle the decibels over 100 that's dangerous so wear those ear plugs when go there. >> you know when you walk out of concert and your ears are ring that it was too lloyd in there. >> good point. you can get ringing in your ears or buzzing then you know your ears have been temporarily damaged tan should come back. over time it may not come back. >> what are signs of permanent hearing loss? >> people just say dock, i can't hear on the phone when i use mobile phone so even use one ear, also if i am talking to both of you and you are talking at the same time, i'll hear your sound but i may not be able to hear it, it sounds mumble to movement turning the tv louder, turning radios louder, other people will say
6:50 am
to you don't you hear what i am saying? or you ask people to repeat it. >> so frustrating for everyone. >> very frustrating so hearing really protected specially the kids. >> doctor rob thanks so much. 6:50, see what's coming up on cbs this morning. >> chair rose joins us live with a preview, good morning, charlie. >> good morning, diane and erika. ahead, apparent murder confession and arrest, robert durst documentary in studio 57 along with erin moriorty spoke to his attorney. cbs news investigate on the donations of the clinton foundation from foreign governments and companies. and from a $100,000 mattress to a sleep con sarg. we lock at the multi billion dollar industry to help the 70% of americans who are sleep deprived, the news is back in the morning, see in you about ten minutes. >> i think we're in that 70% right, charlesy? >> yes, i think so. , see you in a few minutes.
6:51 am
>> the word this morning is roads, celebrity lined up this week toned curious continue bieber. >> they taped the rose of justin bieber which was hosted by phillies own kevin hart. snoop dog, shaquile o'neil and martha stewart. >> now, we did not get inside look at the taping, but we did get preview. >> how hard am i going to go in? you know not so hard where it hurts, christ, but heart enough to where i set the tone and basically make people understand that. going to be night going to be a night. >> flock off limit, it is a roast. >> a lot of people might pay to see justin bieber cry. >> 's got new hey do, there looking nice. >> should be funny one. the roast of justin bieber airs march 30th. top star rihanna makes fashion history. she's been the new face of dior making her the first black woman to represent the french fashion house. the 452nd singer makes her first appearance in the brand
6:52 am
secret garth end campaign this spring. >> even without her glass slipper, cinderella live action disney reboot brought in more than $70 million. how about that? run all night came in second place, grossing just over 11 million, kings man the secret service made more than 6 millionment focus and chappie tie rounded outt your top five. we'll be right back.
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>> looking good, beautiful sunrise about to get underway. very pretty colors across the sky scape for you here. isn't that beautiful? i love bringing you the shots like. >> this that's the one real big benefit of ac early riser like we are right? 34 degrees, so it is chilly out, there folks make sure to bundle up. as you walk out the door, but later today we anticipate that you will easily get in the up ear's, so some spots might actually hit 06 degrees, in philly shooting for 58, which we should hit about 4:00 p.m. or so. and we call it partly sunny day, sun clouds, sort of intersperced throughout the day. less wind, milder air just nicer day by comparison to yesterday. jess? >> thanks, katie good morning, everybody, 65:55, checking out how the suing suing is doing around spring garden, eastbound lanes the ram top spring garden right here. so, what's actually going on is they are shutting down this
6:56 am
off ramp here. the tractor-trailer you saw up ahead, trying to get off the ramp at one point couldn't fit through to turnoff and hit one of the guardrail. now what they are doing shutting down the ramp and having him back out backward, so we can get back on the schuylkill expressway, and get out of the way so cars can actually start exiting offer the off ramp. time being take kelly drive mlk or girard. cars still getting by on the schuylkill as you can see it will be out there for quite some time. diana, back over to you. >> thanks jess, good look at some beautiful animals this morning. >> oh, and those animals are used to the attention by now as women. this is the fifth year for charleston's annual beautiful bulldog contest. these contestants dress up in just about information to win the most coveted beautiful bulldog. raises money for the city del and to take care of the city del the mascot of course the bulldog. how can you pick with so many cute precious pups. >> oh, my. >> the best. >> too cute.
6:57 am
coming up in just a couple of minute, more local news weather and traffic together over on our sister station the "cw philly" we're live on the scene after fire that injured a firefighter and resident. >> then a little later on on the "cw", it is the cw's latest brain child you might say with a heart all its own. talking with the star of the new crime drama i zombiement looks good. >> next on cbs this morning arianna had your inning ton. to continue follow your local news weather and traffic turn over to the "cw philly".
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good morning. it is monday march 16th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." an eccentric millionaire sentenced for murder hours before a documentary airs a confession. and designers dolce & gabbana accused of being old-fashioned. why their views on family have celebrities like elton john demanding a boycott. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. the heir to a multi-billion-dollar fortune connected to three mysterious deaths with a microphone. >>


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