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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  March 17, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now, two temple university football players arraigned overnight facing serious charges including assault. we're following this developing story for you. good morning i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm diana rocco in this morning for ukee washington. also following over night shooting in juniata park. the victim was shot four times, but is clinging to life. and, health officials declare an outbreak of whooping cough at a montgomery county high school this after two high school student are diagnosed with the disease. >> and guys, we can expect to see some very mild weather to kick start our morning here. temperatures are actually going to already be into the low 60s looks like, by lunchtime. but, then, we start to see some colder air rush in, the
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winds starts to kick in, temperatures start to drop. so it is casino of one of those days that's split in two. you start off pretty nice, and it will be a very different finish to the day. we'll shall talking about that, more details on the temperatures plummeting coming up. diana? >> thanks, katie. "eyewitness news" is working on developing story. these two temple university football players are formally charged overnight and facing a long list of charges including aggravated assault. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now at temple university with the latest justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. student dion dawkins and has and reddick surround surrendered to police overnight facing charges, they each posted their $10,000 bond. since arraigned. those charges include simple and aggravated assault wreckless endangerment as well as criminal conspiracy, each are 20 years old dawkins is a junior offense i have lineman, reddick registered
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sophomore linebacker. they are accused of as all ago temple university student off campus party back in january that student said to be severely wounded by that attack. the university has responded saying in a statement the university has and will continue to fully cooperate with the police investigation and will take appropriate actions outlined in the student conduct code. they go on to say the students have been suspended from football activities pending further investigation. and back out live, first hearing set for march 31 at 8:00 a.m. in the morning. live on the temple cam pulls justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. new this morning a man is fighting for his life after he shot five times in juniata park. it happened shortly before 2:00 on the 4600 block of ellis street. investigators say he was shot in the chest and head. his condition is unknown at this time. that shooting is under investigation. also, new this morning philadelphia police are investigating a homicide in
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the cobbs creek neighborhood. investigators tell us a 19 year old man was shot twice in the head. the shooting happened in the 6,000 block of irving street just before 10:00 last night. the victim died in the hospital. there is no word right now on a suspect. >> 4:33, let's check in with katie. good morning. >> good morning, hi, everyone, we expect to see pretty quiet start to the day. the problem is later on this afternoon things are really start to get interesting. so we've got half and half forecast for you starting it off with very tranquil weather. "skycam 3" view over atlantic city is a classic shaky camera when there is wind. you're not seeing too much shaking going on. off to nice tranquil start as far as the winds is concerned. that will will change however. going next to storm scan3 overthrew the overnight ended up with very light handful of showers, actually checking in with the last six hours of observations from our eyewitness weather watcher network, only finding one, two spots, where the watchers pick
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up light rain. mainly looking like there was something falling from the sky, a lot of it wasn't actually verifying at the ground level. off to the north, you have got a bit more moisture to work w so the poconos probably end one stray shower, maybe even down the shore here today. but this is basically it, as far as the precipitation goes. now, just waiting on the temperatures to start dropping off. and we'll have a little bit after window of opportunity to enjoy mild air. currently, currently you're at 45 degrees, not shabby, 46 in ac, 43 reading take you out to couple of other shore point here, generally speaking, around the entire region talking mid low 40's, around moles of the board. so we've got the warmth to start with. and we should by lunchtime shall in the low 60s not bad. the problem is that is when the wind starts to kick in, cold air starts to rush in, and if i step out of the notice notice by 3:00 p.m. normally hitting higher temperature, not this time around however we are expecting to see these temperatures begin their decline through the second half of the day. jess good morning. >> hey, katie, good morning
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everyone 4:34, starting off on the ben franklin bridge. if you are headed in or out of the city you'll have no problems doing so. so westbound all lanes open. no problems headed into new jersey if you're haded eastbound. schuylkill expressway, pretty clear shot for the entire lent, out almost around girard avenue. see eastbound, westbound here, no problems. there is an accident, though, out in cheltenham, willow avenue, at old york road. actually a car that's crashed into a polander the area. so there will be some clean up therefore little bit. we'll definitely keep you updated on that out in 295 new jersey northbound lanes at the black horse pike the off ramp being blocked for construction until about 6:00 a.m. another hour and a half. dish any inbetween that spot on 295 northbound, between 42 and the black horse pike, one two lanes will be block for the ongoing construction, as well, for the next hour and a half. good thing no problems for mass transit. see everything running on time with no delays. currently no delays at the philadelphia international airport. diana, back over to you. to march madness wildcats
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leave for pittsburgh this morning, ahead of their first game on thursday. the keystone state battle temple versus lafayette. march madness has taken hole of the villanova cam pulls. on line machines sales tripled over the weekend. we'll have much more on thursday's tip-off coming up in sports. >> so do you think your bracteole gentlemen can't be beat? put your best bracket to the test. you could win a $5,000 gift card in the cbs bracket challenge. go to to sign up good luck. >> this morning another student at montgomery county high school has been diagnosed with per test us, also known as whooping cough. bridges the number every cases at the souderton area high school to two. health department has declared the school to be in outbreak status. officials recommend any student with a cough not come to school until they've been examined by their doctor and tested for whopping cough. >> the search continues this morning for a suspect in a
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stabbing on the campus of lasalle university. it happened just before 2:00 yesterday afternoon in the bathroom at the cold and blue dining commons. the victim is a delivery man for the jack and jill ice cream company. he is hospitalized, but we're told his injuries are not life threatening. >> 4:37. shocking twist in the murder investigation of a new jersey woman. police say her mother-in-law helped cover up the crime. mrs. arrested 67 year owe joe crosby yesterday see her here prosecutors say she helped her son hail crosby hide the evidence in the murder of his wife 26 year older kay cript inch. family members say they last heard from erica december 30th before she went out to dinner with her husband. >> i'm know we're going to find her, i know we, are because it's been so long, and i don't think god can see her any more than we already will. >> kyle crosby still behind bars charged with murder, authorities are still searching for erica's bod. >> i happening today, new jersey governor chris christie is holding another town hall
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meeting, this one in monmouth county. he is expected to talk about his budget and his reform initiatives. that meeting starts at 3:00 this afternoon at the national guard armory in freehold. 4:38. the problems keep growing for million estate air robert durst, new charges he is facing in louisianna and serious consequences co-face if convicted in the death of his friends susan burrman. >> the wildcats leave today for round one of the ncaa tournament. what you need to know about thursday's game and the tournament action you can watch right here on cbs-3. >> also, we have some spring-like temperatures yesterday. but that's gone for now. temperatures will be plunging soon, how cold will it be? when can you expect the warmer weather to return? katie has the answer. we'll be right back.
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these little angels build in softness. and these little angels build in strength. and that little angel says "weeeeeeeee!" 60% more sheets than charmin. everything you want and the value you love. angel soft. >> welcome back, happening right now, israelis voting for parliament for the next prime
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minister. netanyahu voted this morning. he is seeking fourth term in office, and in a last minute push he declared that a palestinian state will not be established on his watch. he will likely take weeks of coalition talks after the vote to determine whether he stays in power. >> happening today the only err of the bullet ridden boat where the boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar was found after the a take takes the stand. just or visited the both yesterday with the 21 year old suspect. back in the courtroom watertown police officers describe the gun battle thal killed tsarnaev older brother tamerlan. also admitted to his role in the 2013 attack. he faces the death penalty. >> los angeles prosecutors have filed first degree murder charges against real estate air, robert durst that could carry the death penalty. prosecutors charge durst with first degree murder yesterday in the killing of his friend, susan burrman. he also now faces weapons charges in louisianna after he was found over the weekend
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with a revolver. burrman acted as durst's spokesperson after his wife disappeared in the 19 80s his story portrayed in the nbo documentary in the jinx where he appears to admit he committed those crimes. >> happy saint patrick's day. philadelphia's going green for the holiday. here is a look at the skyline overnight. >> love that. >> isn't that gorgeous? >> get in the spirit of things. >> i'm in the spirit of things today. >> i have to work at a green wall, so i can't get in the spirit of green. >> you would just and floating head. >> i imagine people headed out today, what's it looking like? >> lunchtime is crunch time. that's about the time when things start to shift in the atmosphere. that's when the wind start to kick in, the colder air starts to funnel in, so you have got this nice little window of really pleasant weather initially, and then it is just going to be totally different
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afternoon. outdoor plans get them in early. up with us now get on up with the sun and why not take advantage of it? there will be some nice mild air to kick start the day for you here. then later on today, it is all because of cold front crossing through, things just start to transition for us. so we go on outside. show you another view of the center city skyline off in the distance, tough to make out the green in the skyline there. but we definitely have nice bright lights, and certainly more clouds overhead, but they are higher up in the atmosphere. don't have to worry about any kind of visibility problems this morning also, notice the winds, you have ally light right now, 45 degrees, not bad outside palmyra cove nature park, where the shot is from, in the live neighborhood network. here is the system, still finding some snow here, up across portions of say the ad iron dabbing, new york, canadian border, but way too far removed. too mild at this point. frankly a lot of the moisture too far removed at this point too, probably will evening out generally dry day. could there still be a lingering shower specially up towards the poconos
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absolutely, but that's about it really as we transition, the temperatures and the winds kicking in all that start to notice more as a weather factor today. now, doesn't this look innocent enough? over portions of northern mexico here, the combination of moisture, which will eventually turn into a new storm, which will eventually potentially bring us our next round of precipitation. we walk you through. >> this we hit the low 60s early on today right around lunchtime, then the temperatures drop off. by tomorrow we're stuck in the low 40's, at best. we struggle to barely even get you there. come thursday, quiet between systems. then we look ahead to friday. that's when we've got this possibility, storm will be there, it is where does it go, when does it move through and also, you know, are the ingredients going to be there. but rain and snow is a possibility, meantime, today 62 degrees blustery conditions as the day progresses. but starting off pretty quiet initially, 42 come tomorrow, that's the best we can hope for, and then by friday that shot for rain and snow returns. diana, back to you. >> thanks, katie.
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truck news this morning for phyllis fans, lefty cliff lee now on the team's 60 day disabled list. lee has another forearm strain which is the injury that side lined him for much of last season. surgery is recommended. but that would likely end his season, and possibly his career. the phils and lee have agreed try to rehab the injury without undergoing the knife. march madness tips off tonight and tomorrow night with the playing games. in dayton, ohio, these region's number one seed wildcats wait until thursday when they take on the lafayette help around. tip-off 6:50 p.m. thursday on cbs. wildcats won team record 32 games this season, only two losses, and won the biggies regular season and the biggies tournament. but all celebrations are on hole for now. it is tournaments preparation time. >> sunday's we went to cbs2 years in new york, and then we had a bus ride home. and our bus broke down on the new jersey turnpike, so the
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celebration was over. we came back, and it was a selection show, and we just started focusing immediately on lafayette. >> oh, that's no fun. here's how it shapes up on tv thursday on cbs-3. it is notre dame and northeastern, at noon, then butler against texas at 2:30, cincinnati goes against purdue at 7:30, then at 9:30, unbeaten number one overall kentucky against tonight's winner hanson against manhattan. we'll get you ready for march madness tomorrow night 7:30 with our march to indianapolis. special right here on cbs-3. sport director beasley reese will will host a panel of experts leslie van arsdale will be in pittsburgh with villanova. erika? >> can't wait. thank you diana. still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", starbucks and usa today are teaming to up tackle a big problem facing america. we have the details for you coming up in the money watch report. first though here's what's ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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>> updating developing story this morning, two temple football players face charges. dion dawkins and has and reddick a rain overnight. they're charged with aggravated assault wreckless endangerment and other crimes. temple university says allegations of improper conduct at off campus location back in january. these men face court appearance march 31. a suspect is in custody in a shooting in juniata park this morning. the victim was shot four times, along the 4600 block of ella street. there is no word on his condition. >> and the montgomery county health department has declared sawed err ton area high school to be in outbreak status. two students have been diagnosed with per test us, also known as whooping cough. parent are being told to keep coughing students home until they can be examined by a doctor and tested for whooping
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cough. >> 4:49, check every big business. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange jill, good morning, hearing that starbucks and usa today, they are teaming to up tackle the issue every race relations in the u.s. what are they doing exactly? >> well, good morning. this week, barista's will write two words on customer cups. race together. now, it is meant to spark dialogue in starbucks ceo howard shultz says that discussing race is really the first step in confronting and solving racial issues in the nation. usa today will also have a special section in its paper about race relations with conversations starters like questions including how have your racial views evolved from those of your parent. >> of course today is saint patrick's day so you are wearing your green the luck of the irish we hear is brinking in a loft green for businesses. >> yes wallet shush crunched the numbers they found parters will spend on average
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about $36.50. they will drink 13 million points every guiness. st. patrick ace day is the fourth post popular drinking day of the year behind new years, christmas, and the fourth of july. and four out of five people who celebrate will be wearing green. so, i got the memo. diane, a i hear you got the memo. erika, i guess we won't hold it against you. >> we all can't wear green. then it just looks goof. >> i we just got this yesterday. >> thanks, jill. >> you took one for the team for us. >> thanks, see you later this morning. >> coming up after the break weather and traffic on the 3's, we'll be
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imported chicken's been in the news a lot lately. for chicken that hasn't crossed an ocean look for perdue. we're the first company to have the usda verify that our chickens are raised in the usa. to bring your family a fresh-tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. >> 4:53, let's get our traffic and weather together. >> good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. we're outside on 95, around girard avenue. everything moving along just
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fine so far. if you're headed southbound, northbound currently, in problems on the 42 freeway out in new jersey, right around creek road. some cars out actually even for being so early headed northbound, into the bridges or possibly the 295 currently going to deal with no problems and no volume. plymouth road, that's closed due to emergency sinkhole repair between the blue route and butler pike. you want to take germantown pike to get on by that scene for the time beingment we'll definitely keep you updated as soon as the clean up work becomes a little better for our morning commute. blue route northbound ramp to the germantown pike, there is also an accident there on the pa turnpike, weaver disable vehicle on the northeast extension southbound before the pa turnpike, the left lane actually blocked right there now, katie having easy drive so far. how's the weather going affect the commute? >> i would say not too terribly likely ends up being one of the mornings that features more clouds than anything, not going to have to dodge too much in the way of sun glare issues, and even though there is little hint of green, as promised, for saint patrick's day really not going to be all that
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impressive in terms of what it delivers. it actually any of the green for the most part over our area has already rolled through. a lot of it really, continued to move on through. through the overnight. even if you had wet roads along the way that's basically all you will find. temperature difference in the lace 24 hours certainly warmed up. about 10 degrees milder by comparison to the same time yesterday. but temperatures are going to starting to on serious nose dive. we'll hit the low 60s we think, by lunchtime, then already by 3:00 p.m. kids getting out of school, back to the 50's, which isn't term, but we're bottoming out to the 30's, low 30's, no less, by later on tonight. so, big old drop on that thermometer, as much colder air starts to rush in. erika, back to you. >> katie, thank you. new must i can video from children's hospital of philadelphia is going viral and now meeting the kids behind this youtube sensation. >> ♪ ♪
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>> got to love. that will patient created their own rendition of taylor swift's shake it off among the many stars, 15 year old heylamb smith who needs a liver transplant. >> think of everything in a positive way. don't think of everything as being bad. >> that video that's had over 200,000 views on youtube created by the child life department which coordinates programs like art music and pet therapy. >> think possible, just like he said. coming up, we are following some developing details of two temple university players charged with several crimes including aggravated assault. >> plus, a gloucester county teach is her accused of secretly taking inapropriate pictures of female student while they were in school. >> a promising young nfl star is retiring after only one season in the league. we'll tell you the reason for retiring from the game so early. we're back right after this.
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developing this morning, two temple football players just got out of jail after being a rain overnight. what they are accused of doing and the university's response. >> also, brand new video this morning, of a scare in the skies, the passengers held down on a plane. we'll let you know about the trouble he is accused every causing. good morning, today is tuesday, march 17th, we of course know that means happy saint patrick's day to you. i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm diana rocco. ukee has the day off. >> how two philadelphia fire fight remembers doing after getting shot. >> this happened in a freak accident while putting away their ladder. katie? >> erika, today will actually be one of those days where half the day is actually
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really nice, the other half starting to get colder. talking temperatures today. meantime, not bad. full detail for you coming up. jess? >> happy tuesday everyone, just 5:00 a.m. no problems out on the schuylkill expressway, check it out so east, westbound whatever you're doing around spring garden, you will do just fine, we do have few accidents, and couple of patches of construction, i'll tell you about all where they are in just a second. >> back to the developing story right now, two temple university football players are temporarily off the team. >> both booked on number of charges this morning included aggravated assault in connection with off campus incident. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live on the temple campus this morning, to tell us more about it, good morning, justin. >> reporter: good morning those student dion dawkins and hasson reddick positioned bonds every $10,000, facing several charges which include simple and aggravated assault as well as wreckless endangerment, criminal conspiracy. dawkins junior


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