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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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called, 2.0. >> we are looking for any victims, any potential victims that come forward and contact the state college police department. >> reporter: authorities believe that there are dozens of pictures out there and they are working with the former fraternity brother to find more. the the news out of state college comes just two weeks after members of the sigma alpha epsilon fraternity at the university of oklahoma were ex-is spelled for chanting racial slurs on a bus. that fraternity is gone from oklahoma's campus, cappa delta row is currently suspended in state college pending a review. according to the warrant, 144 people had access to the page some were alumni, some were current students, some of the drugs mentioned were marijuana, medication force attention deficit disorder and cocaine. the fraternity is suspended for a year. live from the sat center, david spunt, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". two temple foot the ball players are free, on bail as university and police looking to claim they were involved in the off campus assault. university officials have
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identified, junior offensive lineman dion dawkins and red shirt sophomore linebacker hasan reddick as players now under investigation. they are facing charges of assault, criminal conspiracy hain reckless endangerment for at alleged attack of a student at an off campus event back in january. temple university released this statement, it read, quote, the university has and will continue to fully cooperate with the philadelphia police department, in its investigation, and will take appropriate actions outlined in the student conduct code. the the two students have been suspended from the football team activity pending further investigation. we're also following breaking news this afternoon a u.s. air force vet has been arrested accused of trying to join the terror group isis. a grand jury has indicted tyrod nathan webster pew on charges of trying to give material spot to that terror group and also in charge of obstruction of justice. authorities alleged that pugh traveled from egypt to turkey
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in january hoping to cross the border in to syria to join isis. turkish authorities denied him entry and return him to egypt. now pugh it was sent back to the you had where he was arrested in asbury park, new jersey. his last known u.s. address is in bridgeton cumberland county. pugh is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. philadelphia police have have made a major break through in the search for the the killers of a man who was gunned down walking his dog. this happened thursday night on wood crest avenue in overbrook, "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live with new information in this investigation, walt. >> reporter: well, jessica flowers mark where james spill man was shot to death, cbs-3 is now learning through police that through video and investigation they know the motive for this murder. they necessity how many suspects. how the suspects were dressed. they have video, a very good idea of just how those three suspects went about committing
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a terrible crime. >> it don't seem real. still does not seem real. >> reporter: andre andrews still struggles to understand how four nights ago, on the the street just outside his home, 51 year-old james spillman was shot to death, walking his dog molly, as he did almost every evening. >> it is just like a shock to the neighborhood. really a shock to the neighborhood. >> reporter: but police say through video and investigation they have uncovered the motive for spillman's murder long with the number of attackers. >> this was an attempted robbery we believe by three black males wearing hoodies all with backpacks. >> reporter: captain clark told me moments before they gun down the man the three had been stalking another dog walker but then decided to target him. >> it does appear to be very random, these guys just walking down the street saw him and for whatever reason targeted him.
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>> reporter: captain clark says until the the three are caught neighbors should ab leather keeping the the eye out for each other. those neighbors hoping that the vicious random killers will soon face justice. >> i just hope they catch these guys. that is the main thing. i hope they catch these three guys and just take it to the fullest. >> reporter: mr. andrews other neighbors here working at reforming their neighborhood town watch. meanwhile detectives carefully going through still more video. they are looking for a clear, identifying picture of the faces of the three killers and they say if they get that, they may well release it to the public, so that the public can help catch the killers. live from overbrook park i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good walt thanks very much. in weather it was a gorgeous day to day temperatures soared in the 60's, some spots even hit 70. "eyewitness news" in center city philadelphia where, some folks broke out short sleeves. but we hope that they and you enjoyed it the because temperatures are already
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starting to fall. we have a drastic drop coming. our meteorologist kathy orr is live outside on a very windy sky deck with what we should expect kathy. >> what a beautiful afternoon chris, it is still comfortable, nothing like around the the midday hour though, noon or 1:00 o'clock when we reached our high temperatures for the day. right now i can feel a cool breeze moving into the philadelphia area take a look at these high temperatures though. these are very impressive. today we have new members of the 70-degree club. dover, atlantic city making it in the 70's. wilmington 69. philadelphia 68. trenton is 63 degrees. now we are looking at conditions that are still mild out there but look at what is going to happen. at noon we are at 67. 3:00 o'clock 646789 we are forecasting a temperature of 54 by 6:00. forty-five by 9:00. midnight only 37. that is a 30-degree temperature drop in a 12 hour period of time. once temperatures fall they will stay quite low. look at current wind gusts we are gusting to 40 miles an hour in reading, 41 in the
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poconos. thirty-eight in philadelphia gusting to 39 miles an hour, in allentown and trenton. those are like tropical storm force gusts. we are seeing some lake enhanced clouds from the great lakes, with all have of this cold air that is coming across and we will be feeling the difference coming our way later on tonight. then all eyes on a developing storm system in the south that will redevelop as a coastal low, bringing rain and a chance of light wet snow as spring begins, later this week. we will talk more about that with the forecast a little bit later in the broadcast. i'll see you inside. >> kathy, thank you. new information in the sexual harassment investigation involving atlantic city's fire chief. he is accused of dropping his pants in front of the female security guard and city is releasing video of that alleged incident. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in atlantic city which more cleve. >> reporter: jessica, in the word of the city employee i spoke to today you cannot make this stuff up. through an open record request
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we have a video showing chief brooks dropping his pants in public. the it happened here in the lobby of the public safety building where he works. it was a brief action, but it could have long lasting consequences for the chief. it was a move that leaves many scratching their head at one atlantic city employee mortified this video from march 5th shows fire chief dennis brooks going through security checkpoint at public safety building. female security guard asked him to re move metal and after shuffling through his clothes, brooks appears to unbuckle and pull them halfway down his thigh. attorney sebastian iona represents the the security guard. >> he undid his pants pulled them down and told her he was having a bad day. >> reporter: iona says brooks behavior isn't just behavior but sexual harassment and expressed the security guard's concerns. >> she was humiliated, embarrassed, she really didn't know what to do, concerned about her job even though she didn't do anything wrong which is consistent with how many victims of sexual harassment
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feel. >> reporter: ac officials say as they investigate the incident chief brooks is on paid administrative leave. he has been part of the fire department for 36 years. she's considering a lawsuit but waiting to see how city respond. >> it was clear to me this was not accidental, not as if the the chief removed his belt and his pant fell down. it is clear it was premeditated he grabbed the side of his pant and pulled them down. >> reporter: we weren't able to get any comment from the chief or his attorney today. we contacted city hall. they have no comment on a pending investigation. live from atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, march madness is here nova nation is getting pull and, the villanova wildcats left for pittsburgh this morning for their first round game in the ncaa tournament. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao has more on the excitement on cam puts. >> reporter: strike up the band and cue the cheerleaders, the the road to a national championship for villanova
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mens basketball team starts here. the first off pittsburgh where the number one seeded wildcats take on number 16 lafayette. don't let smiles and cheer fool you though, nova nation has its game face on and expectations are high. >> i think they would be disappointed that he didn't get to the final four but they know it is possible they might not, but we have to deal witt. we can stick to the process one game at a time and they have done a good job all year. >> reporter: it looks like jay wright is pack for long hall and a he and his team have a lot of support from the youngest fans. to a family of wildcats. >> i went toville know of, my wife and i were married at villanova. all four of our children went to villanova this little one was baptized as well as our granddaughter so we are a villanova family. >> reporter: school fried running high as this campus and student staff and alumni alike prepare for their own road trip to pittsburgh. >> we are going up there thursday morning. go wildcats.
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>> reporter: the the excitement and anticipation is only growing fans can't wait to get this party started. first game is thursday at 6:50 p.m. reporting atville know of, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". villanova's opening round of opponent lafayette college is heading to pittsburgh. sixteenth seeded leopard boarded their buses on the eastern pennsylvania campus this afternoon. the little tournament trivia for you the 16th seed has never beaten a number one seed in the history of the tournament ever. we will see if nova keeps that streaking. okay bracket experts we know you are busy pouring over your brackets you could win $5,000, $5,000 gift card in the cbs bracket challenge just go to cbs, sign up and good luck with the brackets. still to come here in the next segment of "eyewitness news", airline aisle take down passengers jump into action when a man tries to rush the cockpit.
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retiring at 24, an nfl player makes a stunning announcement we will tell you why he is walking away from the three million-dollar contract. former presidential contender mitt romney has a new opponent, we will tell you yes will step in the boxing ring with evander holyfield as
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airline passengers take matters into their own hand tackling a man they say rush the cockpit . this video shows passengers holding the the man down after the disturbance. this happened on a united airlines flight on its way to
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denver from washington d.c. the airline says the man failed to listen to the crew's instructions forcing the pilot to return to washington. the here's what he told air traffic control. >> we had a passenger becoming violent no weapon involved, he is restrained by other passenger though. we don't necessity his mental condition but sound like he is restrained but we need to get on the ground. >> police took the passenger off the plane and later taken to the hospital for evaluation. another local college professor is also accused of behaving badly on a flight. doctor karen howlandis an assistant professor at penn state university in abington. officials say that the five two-year old went on a rant and smoke a cigarette on board a flight from nicaragua from miami over the weekend. she was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. school officials say they are aware of the situation and they are looking into it. four women are arrested in a prostitution sting operation. here are three of the
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suspects. police say that they began this investigation with a tip about what was going on inside the rose spa, on county line road, in huntington valley. it led to the discovery of a develop s for the the the spa on a web site that advertising prostitution. good evening everyone. happy st. patty's day. if you are traveling out and but will find rush hour no doubt bit. but we have incidents that are not giving you too much luck right now. if you are traveling i-95 in the southbound direction, of course, right in the construction zone at cottman avenue we have a accident which is compromising the the left-hand lane. it is multiple vehicle. it seems to be here at least three vehicles that i can see here involve. the southbound i-95 delayed back toward academy, if you are traveling on the northbound side of i-95 we have a gaper delay in the only around cottman but rush hour delays milk in as well as you make your way out of the city moving toward the the north east. taking a look at tacony palmyra bridge they are reporting an opening soon but
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on the northbound side of the to cone that i is making your way up from new jersey into pennsylvania, you will find a disable vehicle causing some problems as well. speed sensors are low 15 is your average on the boulevard 17 on i-95, 25 on the blue route. traveling out and about expect usual delays for sure but very minor delays for mass transit which goodies news and i'll leave with you that, you can good luck, jessica. >> thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a beauty retail train under fire for the the name of the lipstick color. are you looking for a job? how would you like to look for a royal family. william and kate are hiring? see if you qualify coming up, beasley. villanova wildcats are taking their talent to pittsburgh for round one of the march madness and penn quakers aren't going dancing but they hope this guy can change that for next season. meet the new
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"eyewitness news" at the annual st. patrick's day ceremony at the irish memorial on penns landing. the members of the philadelphia a irish community gathered there to celebrate their ancestry and to commemorate those who left ireland during a very difficult time. our kathy orr was part of today's ceremony and as always some irish step dancing topped off the occasion. well, it is a great day to be outside. i know it is windy but still
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sunny, warm good day for dancing. >> great day for dancing because especially last year we had 5 inches of snow. >> that is right no room to dance. >> this year there was no room to dance. they were shuffling early in the morning. this year, it was like golden nshine. we have to love that. as we continue to celebrate st. patrick's day temperatures are falling during the evening. we will be seeing a big change in our weather. our eyewitness weather watchers hard at work, with their forecast and you can see them at the bottom of the screen. take a look outside where there is one beautiful place to be outdoors. boardwalk in atlantic city, folks on the beach, and glorious day to be outside enjoy it where things will definitely change. in philadelphia we have an official high of 68 degrees the the highest temperature, since november, 25th. and some spots even making it to 70 degrees. the atlantic city airport. here is our peak win gust in the poconos gusting to 44 miles an hour. in wilmington a 43-mile an
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hour gust. allentown 40. philadelphia 39. atlantic city at the airport wind gusting to 35. we will continue to be strong right through the evening out of the northwest cooling us down significantly. look at poconos already 34 degrees allentown 48. reading 49. philadelphia a we're down from 10 degrees from earlier today in wilmington still holding on to 60. sixty-three in millville and atlantic city. dover at 64. they made it to 70 as well. we will see mild air to the south but look what is coming. we are at 34. forty-one in state college. 41 degrees in pits berg. the colder moving in behind this front cold high pressure will really come in. enduring the day tomorrow we're talking about temperatures in the 40's. wind gusting to 30 miles an hour. when you combine the two it the will be a a blustery day. so more like we're going back in time closer to winter. thursday another cold day with high pressure in control and then as high slide off the coast it will a allow our next weather make tore move in. now early friday morning
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between about 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. the precipitation will move in. rain through south jersey, little bit of the mix in philadelphia and snow to the north and west, the best chance of seeing any type of accumulating snowy think will be to the north and west of philadelphia we have limiting factors of a strong march sun angle, lack of true arctic air over us will arrive during the the kay. temperatures will warm. our surface temperatures will be above freezing. it will be hard to do that across the region but we will have light accumulation to the north and west. overnight the mainly clear. it will be very windy. low of 29. we're talking about a wind chill overnight, in the teens. wind are blustery mostly sunny, high of four two. looking ahead on the three day forecast, it stays cold temperatures in the 40's, at least ten to 15 degrees below normal for this time of the year. the storm moves in friday and that just happens to be the beginning of spring. how fitting. when we come back we will take a look at sports with beasley and next half an hour kate
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will talk about a sight out of this world. you may be able to see it tonight. we will be right bac well, sir. after some serious consideration i'd like to put in my 15-year notice. you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent i plan to retire in 15 years.
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well, the villanova wildcats hit the the pennsylvania turnpike this morning, they are in pittsburgh for their round one of march madness. all eyes are on the number one seeded cats who play another relatively local team on thursday night, 66 miles separate villanova and lafayette. the leopard got in the dance by winning the a patriot league tournament. >> i think our guys will take from our bucknell game and hourly high game and lafayette game last year a great respect for lafayette. they know that style of play.
5:26 pm
very smart, intelligent players. tough. well coached, disciplined. >> pennsylvania introduced new basketball coach steve donahue, he is a local guy native of delaware county. donahue was an assistant at penn from 1990 to 2,000. he spent the next decade at cornell and a four year run at boston college but he says this job is special. >> obviously i have been very fortunate in my career to be in great situations. i have never been more nervous excited then i was to day. >> we will prepare you for march madness tomorrow night at 7:30 with our march to indianapolis, sports special, right here on cbs-3. i'll host a panel of experts and leslie van arsdal will be in pittsburgh with villanova. phillies pitchers and catchers are well, pitchers
5:27 pm
are dropping like flies. jerome williams was scratched from today's start. he tweaked a hamstring running sprints last sunday. how fast was he running like a five-two. yesterday cliff lee was placed on the 60 day disable list. that leaves cole hamels and dave buchanan as only healthy starters. >> well, they better keep them healthy. >> they are not known for hard work down there in spring training. >> they run striders he strided too wide. >> apparently. >> yes. >> that is how it goes. >> not good news for them. we will keep a eye on them, beasley, thanks very much. still to come we will tell you why an nfl football player has retired at the age of of 24. then fate of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, hangs in the balance he pled for political survival as voters head to the polls. put up your myths, former presidential candidate takes on a new fight, we will tell you why he has challenge the former heavyweight wait champ
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evander holyfield. new at 6:00 an "eyewitness news" exclusive a sign of ever lasting love and engraved with initials and very special message self years ago. wedding ring found in the parking lot
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stories for you, develop will now cappa delta row fraternity has been suspended at penn state over alleged secret facebook pages. authorities say those pages featured pictures of the nude, unconscious women hazing and drug transactions. u.s. air force veteran is and reza accused of trying to join isis. tyrod pugh traveled from egypt to turkey hoping to cross the border in syria to fight for the terror group. officials released video of what shows the atlantic city fire chief dennis brooks dropping his pants in front of the female security guard. the guard says she was sexually harassed. brooks is now on leave while the city investigates. we had temperatures in the upper 60's around noon time and temps are dropping. as skies clear we will talk about potential viewing of the aurora importantales on our horizon tonight and then we will enter in a cold windy patterns tonight and we will
5:32 pm
talk about snow for first day of spring on friday. latest details on that system coming up jessica. >> kate, thank you. voting wrapped up in israel's hard for the parliamentary election to decide if prime minister benjamin netanyahu wynn a fourth term in office. exit polls show this race is very close. tina krause reports from london. >> reporter: prime minister benjamin netanyahu cast his what will on the in jerusalem and urged israel toys keep him and his conservative party in power. but there is not society event push across israel to vote netanyahu out. >> we need something else for more than a decade we have netanyahu, and right wing party. >> reporter: netanyahu says he will block creation of the palestinian state, if he wins another term. a prom that is puts him at odd with the obama administration which has called for a two state solution. polls have given a slight lead to netanyahu's main opponent, the leader of the center union
5:33 pm
says he will work to restore relations with the palestinians. his approach appeals to israelis who want peace. this tel aviv resident says we hope that there will be a change for the the better for all of the people of israel. some voters say israel's high cost of living is the biggest election issue for them. tina krause for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, head of the secret surface period before law make tours day answering questions about the latest scandal involving the the agency. the director joe clancy faced tough questions about a incident from march 4th in which two senior agents allegedly ran their suv in the white house barrier disrupting a suspicious package investigation. a supervisor sent the two home without making them take a sobriety test. >> it will take time to change maybe some of this culture. there is no excuse for this information not to come up the chain.
5:34 pm
>> during the hearing today clancy admitted he did not the know about this incident until several days after it happened, clancy says he is awaiting results of the investigation to determine if the agents should be fired. mitt romney is looking to income out a get for in the boxing match. the the 2012 republican presidential contender will take on the former heavyweight wait champion evander holyfield. the two plan to duke it out to raise money for charity vision, an organization that focuses on blindness in developing countries. that match is set for may 15th. it will take place in salt lake city. new jersey is back in court fight to go legalize sport betting at casinos and race tracks in the state. federal appeals panel in philadelphia heard from attorneys for sports leagues and state today. state argued a 2013 ruling allows new jersey to offer sports betting as long as state does not sponsor or regulate it but sports leagues argue new jersey is still breaking the the federal law
5:35 pm
that bans sport betting in all but a handful of states. >> the third circuit laid out a couple years ago a path we could follow and we have followed the path and we convinced them. i'm confident we are in the position to initiate sports betting in the locations where it is designed to be. >> new jersey rewrote its sport betting law to follow the 2013 rules and a decision is expect in june. an nfl player with a promising future leaves the game over fears of brain injury. san francisco 49ers chris borland made that announcement after just one year in the league. reporter brian web has more. >> reporter: twenty-four year-old chris borland shocked the the nfl and his team announcing his retirement after only one year. told espn i just thought to myself what am i doing, is this how i will live my adult life banging my head. from what ivory searched and experienced i don't think it is worth the risk. in his rookie season borland
5:36 pm
49ers intact else. he was set to replace patrick willis as starting linebacker but instead he will be following willis who announced his retirement last week over other health concerns. >> i feel like i have no regrets standing up here today as i have no regrets yesterday and the day before. >> reporter: borland fears began at training camp where he thought he may have sustained a concussion he played on hoping to make a team. more than 07 former nfl players have been diagnosed with neurological disease after their deaths. >> i think awareness of the health risk of repetitive head trauma has significantly increased over the past five to ten years. athletes and families are considering sports that have less head trauma involved in them. >> reporter: borland will be walking away from his three million-dollar contract from the 49ers n new york brian web for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a new and improved playground is coming to north
5:37 pm
philadelphia, "eyewitness news" on west more land street today for a ground breaking ceremony. mayor michael nutter was there with others taking part in the festivities. the jose manual play ground had fallen into disrepair but construction will make things better and will soon get underway. good evening everyone we have a a lot going on today first and foremost, traveling the usual majors like i-95 schuylkill expressway, vine street expressway you will be stuck in rush hour but i-95 southbound commuters have no luck tonight. lets talk about the southbound side right around cottman a multiple vehicle crash. a as we take in this shot the here notice we have four vehicles involved on the southbound lanes of i-95 at cottman right in the construction zones. we are seeing this backup through to academy and growing. any plans to make your way in to center city philadelphia using southbound side of i-95 you will get stuck. we have an apartment fire three alarm apartment fire in
5:38 pm
the northeast section of philadelphia at the academy road which is now closed at convent avenue. your best alternate toys take penny pack traveling in and around that area elsewhere lets update you from mass transit. most mass transit is running fairly well but through lansdale doylestown regional rails you are experiencing a suspension between link belt and doylestown this area right around chalfont is where suspension is and it is as a result of down wires, on a septa train and being reported. so more information comes in the traffic center we will continue to keep you updated but the best thing is just to give yourself some more time, jessica. >> vittoria, thank you. still to come william and kate are hiring? do you have what it takes to work for the royal family. we will have more on their help wanted ad. from loss of activity to party purchasers, three on your side will look at march madness the the cost to both fans and to employers kate? speaking of march madness
5:39 pm
we are tracking the chance for a little bit of snow in the sky as we head into our friday temperatures taking a drastic drop this afternoon and cold air sticks around. i'll let you know if we have a warm up in the extended forecast, coming up when we
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apple may be looking to get in the streaming cable tv business. wall street journal reports that apple want to launch its own streaming cable services as early as this fault. the report say the company is in talks with the major networks. the proposed service is believed to cost somewhere between 30 and $40 a month but it would include fewer channels. apple is not commenting on that journal report. the the international cosmetics change sephora is under fire for name of the new lipstick, the the lipstick's name is under age red. the the controversial cosmetic is part of reality star kat van de's make up line. people lit up twitter with angry comments and as a wealth the company has stopped selling color in store and on line. it is time for the the philadelphia job market report.
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>> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here with more. >> reporter: with the arrival of the spring, now is a good time to update your professional image your linkedin profile is an ideal place to start. there are three basic questions you should answer before cleaning yourself up. one, what do you do in two, who do you serve? and three, what do you want to communicate to the people thaw want to attract. once you have your answers you're ready to getting with the most important part of your linked in profile, the summary section. your summary should include a brief bio explaining who you are and your intentions. also write an objective statement similar to one would you find on the resume. try to avoid most common and over used word like passionate driven, motivated and responsible. you don't have to complete every field of the profile but do list previous jobs. especially those that demonstrate your ability to execute and problem solve. you should also add a
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winter is start to go wind down and for most it cannot happen soon enough. >> definitely in that group but it will in the go away quietly. >> never does. >> meteorologist justin drabick is live to explain why, he is with the cbs-3 mobil weather lab at love park just continue? >> good evening, guess contact winter certainly being stubborn this year. last week of winter but it will not feel like that, role arer coaster ride today we were in the upper 60's a good 25 degrees or 15 degrees above average and now temperatures are dropping. check out people here in love park the in the heavier coats and swtat shirts as the wind is whipping up as a cold front moves on through. we're talking about a big change tonight. we will bring you back here with the cbs-3 mobil weather lab. we were up in the upper 60's this afternoon. here we are at 53.2 degrees. temperatures will keep
5:48 pm
dropping over next few hours. if this drastic changes isn't enough for you we will track snow in the forecast. >> if you thought march signalled in end of snowstorms think again. snow is common this month averaging two-point 9 inches. do you remember last st. patrick's day, there was white with the green. philadelphia area pick up more than four and a half inches of snow and just two weeks ago we were digging out from 7.5 inches our biggest snow storm of the season and it happened in march. biggest march snow on record was the super storm of 1993 on march 13th and 14th a foot of snow fell. here's some weather trivia for you, latest measurable snow wasn't even in march but april 19th and 20th 1983 where 1.9 inches fell. believe it or not it can snow in may and dit in a eighth 1947 just a trace latest snow ever recorded. something to look forward to
5:49 pm
spring has officially a arrived this friday but we could get on ohio snow that is a term for a spring season snowfall. there is trivia to impress your friend. for more on that forecast coming up for friday let's send it back to the studio with kate, good evening. >> good evening, just continue. on ohio snow or you see snow on the daffodils and tulips trying to poke their head up. the not something most of us want to see. the here's something we may want to see. we have a shot in the philadelphia area and in new jersey and delaware of seeing the aurora gamales. we are showing you where it is strong across canada and arctic region but here in philadelphia we are in the light blue category. is there a strong geomagnetic storm happening in space right now. widespread aurora last night and the storm is strong enough to put us again in that possible category. what you want to do is get in the very very dark location that is where viewing conditions will be the the best probably not in the city of philadelphia but any roaral areas with natural light in the sky produce need strong
5:50 pm
storm, stronger than forecast ted, two storms formed into one. the best seen away from the city lights. look to the north horizon and look low on the horizon and you may see some of that beautiful collar in the skies tonight if you see it, let us know on twitter and facebook. we will try to get your pictures on tv f you see it i will head out and look for it because that is on my bucket list. lets look at eyewitness weather watchers what they are reporting. we are looking at temperatures in the 50's after we saw temperatures in the 60's earlier today. lets look at this heading up to the north and west. rick is wearing his ireland shirt but he is reporting a chilly temperature right now of just 46 degrees. the still hanging on to the the 50's nearby in the philadelphia area barbara lane in willow grove is 592 right now with some sunshine and still is at 56 degrees as we check in with doug in southampton, new jersey. another look at our campbell's field camera. lets look outside. you can see a beautiful afternoon but it is windy out there, it is a blustery afternoon as that wind of
5:51 pm
change blasts from the north and west bringing much colder air our way. storm scan three shows us clear skies that is good news if anyone wants to hoed out and see the aurora tonight we will not look for much cloud cover, here's our next system in texas with moisture witt, that is lifting up as we get into friday a and that will bring the chance for snow for at least some of us. you can see cold air working its way in the 40's in allentown and reading. hanging on to 60 in wilmington. sixty-four in dover. notice how cold to the north and west. peak win gusts got over 40 miles an hour. philadelphia, 41 miles per hour wind gusts. the stays chill which gusts to 30 miles an hour tomorrow. high pressure in place. then we will watch that storm sneak up from the south. what i want to show you is how temperatures faired during the course of the system. we will be in the upper 30's in philadelphia notice north and west is best chance to see a slushy inch or snow of slow. mixed of rain and snow in the city and friday afternoon we are in the 40's and it is just plane rain.
5:52 pm
definitely could see snow falling from the sky. the question is does ate cumulate? best chances north and west. overnight tonight mainly clear, windy and cold. 29 degrees and for tomorrow the high 42, but with wind gusting to 30 miles an hour it will feel like 30's all day long. here is your seven day forecast partly sunny less wind thursday. watch for that rain/snow mix friday. nice day saturday but we're right back in the chill below average again sunday and monday. we will send it back to you in the desk. kate, thank you. the royals are coming britain's prince charles and his wife duchess of cornwall will arrive in the u.s. tonight. royal couple will begin their trip in washington where they will attend a reception for british embassy staff. they will also meet with president obama and visit mount vernon. employees there are busy making sure everything is in tip-top shape. the couple will visit louisville kentucky. british royal officials announce that had prince harry will retire from the armed forces in june. prince harry served for ten
5:53 pm
years including two tourness afghanistan. the his final duties will include a assignment the with the australian defense force. prince william and his wife duchess of cambridge took time out to celebrate st. patrick's day. in the meantime they have placed a help wanted ad searching for a housekeeper for that he is home. the duties include care for clothing, clean silverware and glass wear purchase groceries, deal with deliveries and occasionally care for children and dogs. sound like a good gig. >> yes. >> sign me up. >> still ahead march madness generates tons of money for every organization involved from cities hosting the games to advertisers. >> but there is also a down side. three on your side with the both to both fans and employers next.
5:54 pm
i've just arrived in atlanta and i can't wait to start telling people how switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance.
5:55 pm
but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. >>sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries. well, car's here, i can't save people money chatting at the baggage claim all day. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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let the games begin march madness kicks off this week, basketball fans around the country will invest time and money, on behalf of their favorite teams. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan looks at cost to fans and to employers.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: clem basketball blitz known as march madness leads to more spending then you might think. not just in those office pools. >> gear, maybe buying a new flat screen tv and, of course parties and those brackets. it is a big spending sport. much higher then you might anticipate. >> reporter: is there a cost for employers too distractions like filling out brackets and catching a glimpse of tournament play during first two days of games could cost businesses as much as $1.9 billion in lost productivity. one survey find that 27 percent of respondent will find a way to tune in during work hours, 14 percent said they would be willing to call in sick to give themselves more time to watch the action, others will take a longer lunch. what will americans give up to make time for march madness? almost one-third said they would skip their work out routine to watch. >> these games are really all encompassing, they are only 21 days long so things should return back to normal after
5:58 pm
the final game. >> reporter: fans aren't only ones excited about march madness businesses are hoping to cash in too. $1.1 billion was spent last year in commercial spots over the course of the tournament since national companies know they have a captive audience. >> yes, they do. >> now you can watch tournament games on your computer, on your phone, is there so much ways that you can do it and maybe the boss doesn't know what is going on at that moment. >> reporter: aim not saying anything because our boss is watching. >> there are options. >> you are digging your... >> still go to work and be productive. >> yes. >> jim, thank you. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 fraternity house scandal a penn state fraternity shut down over allegations of secret facebook pages. what reportedly is on those pages that has police, pep state and national fraternity investigating. a fire chief under fire, we now have the video that shows him dropping his pants
5:59 pm
inside at an atlantic city public safety building. kathy? in weather, after temperatures soared in the 60's and 70's, the wind are change are moving in, cooling down big time. we will talk about wind chill come tomorrow morning. the plus a spectacular sight the northern lights could be in view tonight. we will show you where to look. an "eyewitness news" exclusive, a wedding ring engraving from some 60 years ago, found in the local parking lot. now the the search is on for the bride and group. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. we will begin at 6:00 with breaking news. u.s. air force veteran is in custody accused of trying to join the terror group known as isis. federal grand jury has indicted tyron nathan webster pugh of giving material support and obstruction of justice. authorities say pugh traveled from egypt to turkey back in january hoping to cross
6:00 pm
border in to syria and join isis. turkish authorities denied him entry and return him to egypt. pugh was later deported back to the u.s. and arrested in asbury park, new jersey. the his last known u.s. address is in bridgeton cumberland county. pugh is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. we do know he was fired last december while working as an aircraft mechanic in the middle east. the the company that employed him, gryphon or lanes who says in the third quarter of 2014 mr. pugh was considered for a future project but did not meet qualifications. company decline to hire pugh. personnel are cooperating with the authorities. we will continue to follow this story on the air and on line at cbs and developing right now nude unconscious women exploited. authorities say a fraternity at penn state university posted their pictures, on


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