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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 18, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> tonight at 11:00 a fire at an apartment complex burns into the night. more than 100 residents are forced out of their homes and there are some injuries. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. certainly a dramatic scene that unfolly in the 9100 block of academy road in the great northeast. that is where "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live tonight. david? >> reporter: chris jessica crews took control of this fire about three hours ago but the water behind me is still
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flowing. five people taken to the hospital with minor injuries. many people displaced. >> this is the most devastating thing i've ever seen in my life. >> reporter: flames poured out rita grace apartment homes on academy road for hours. the fire started just after 4:30 and as night fell, crews were still at it. >> a lot of stuff is still inside. the only things i got out was the kids and the animals an few things of clothing. >> crystal lives in the complex and she's not sure if anything will be there when she gets home. >> horrible. terrible. i don't really know -- i never been through this before. i don't know how to react it to. >> reporter: over 100 residents are without a home. >> because the spread through the walls and extended to the third floor. at that point we start evacuating all the occupants out of the building. >> reporter: crews helped displaced residents get on to buses that took them to lincoln high school. temporary shelter where many will wait for more information. >> i'm stunned. i'm speechless. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: donna lives across the street and nervously
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watched everything unfollow. >> you don't know what to feel. you don't know what to say. it's just -- it's so sad. >> reporter: throughout the night the wind picked up several times making it even more difficult for an already exhausted crew. the water know will continue for the next several hours. fire commissioner sawyer said tonight on seen to us that the fire started in the utility part of the basement. still no official cause of that fire. we're live in northeast philadelphia, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right david, thank you. breaking news now. a tree topples on to a home in delaware county. take a look at this video from chopper three. this happened at 2319 franklin avenue in ridley township. it's unclear if the gusty winds tonight played roll in that tree coming down. but we do know it fell on the master bedroom on the second floor of that home. thankfully the homeowner was downstairs at the time and no one was injured.
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the house has been condemned and although we don't know for sure weather could have played a role. we've seen strong winds all day and night a drastic drop in temperature as well to go with that. meteorologist kathy orr is live outside on the cbs3 sky deck where it's getting colder and colder. kathy? >> it is just amazing. many people going without coats dressing in shorts and t-shirts this afternoon and now bundle up. winter is back. and, yes jess, whipping winds tropical storm strength gusts over the course of the day. here's a life at the peak wind gust across the delaware valley and the poconos gusting to 46. wilmington 43. in philadelphia gusting to 41 miles an hour. 40 in allentown and atlantic city gusting to 38. temperatures have fallen significantly we're talking about a 30-degree drop since noon right now in philadelphia it is 39. allentown 33. in the poconos only 26 degrees. here's a look what it had feel like come tomorrow morning. it stelle will be windy at 7am wind chills in the t in philadelphia
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wilmington, millville, dover 19. 16 in allentown. it will feel like four in the poconos. coming up we have to talk about the possibility of snow and more on the aurora bore rielle list something that has been lighting up facebook and twitter some siting throughout the northeast. we'll talk about the times you can look at this and try to get a glimpse. there's still time i'll have more on that coming up when i join you inside. >> great pictures of that on twitter tonight. kathy, thank you very much. well a fraternity at penn state is in trouble now. police say that its members post posted nude photographs of women on secret facebook pages without their knowledge. the fraternity has been suspended for the year. you're looking at photo copies of some of those posts they featured images of women who were either passed out or asleep asleep. some of them in compromising's. police say that members of those pages included alumni and that they also shared photos of drug use and hazing. these activities could result in
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criminal charges. victims are being encouraged to come forward. >> contact the state college police department and come forward so that we can do one of two thing. we can aid in the identification of any perpetrators that will aid us in investigation and prosecution of any body responsible for these despicable acts. secondly, we want to be able to provide any type of victim services that anyone may require as a all the of being victimized at that fraternity. >> we received a couple of statements tonight. one from the national fraternity of kapa delta row. they say that they're committed to hold our brothers accountable for their actions. we embrace the. (of respect for all persons and we will adhere to that principal in this matter "penn state also released a statement saying the university will hold accountable any groups and individuals found responsible. they say discipline and accountable for penn state's fraternityies can occur on several levels since these are
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private organizations. a viewing tonight for the man who was gunned down walking his dog last weekend in overbrook. 51 year old james stoleman was shot to death while on his nightly walk with his dog on wood dreft avenue. threw video and investigation philadelphia police now say they've uncovered the motive for his death. >> attempted robbery. we believe it's by three males three black males wearing hoodies all with backpacks. >> according to authorities this was an random attack. police say just moments before they gunned down stoleman the trio of suspect has been stalking another person walking their dog in that neighbor. well there's developing news tonight tonight. a letter addressed to the white house you tester positive for cyanide. it was received at off site mail screening facility. we're told that no one at the mail sorting center was injured as a result of that letter. us air force veteran from
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new jersey has been arrested and accused of trying to join the terror group known as isis. federal grand jury has indicted tie rod nathan webster pew on charges of trying to give material support to isis and obstruct of justice. investigators say pew traveled from egypt to turkey back in january hoping to cross the border into syria where he would join isis. turkish authorities though denied him entry and sent him back to egypt. now pew was soon return to the u.s. where he was arrested in asbury park new jersey. his last known us address is in bridgeton cumberland county. pew was set to be arraigned tomorrow. we do know he was fired last december while working as an aircraft mechanic in the middle east. the company released a statement tonight that reads in the part in the third quarter of 2014 mr. pew was under consideration for a future guy ton project but did he not meet the qualifications. so guy ton declined to hire mr. mr. pew.
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guy ton personnel are cooperating with the authorities authorities. new evidence in the sexual harassment investigation involving atlantic city's fire chief could lead to a lawsuit. today city officials released surveillance video appearing to show chief dennis brooks unbuckling his pants and dropping them in front of a female security guard. this happened march 5th at the public safety building's metal detector. an attorney for that guard says she asked brooks to remove metal from his pocks and was baffled by his response. >> it was clear to me this was not accidental. not as if the chief removed his belt and his pants fell down. it's clear that it was premeditated that he grabbed the sides of his pants and pulled them down. >> the city has placed the chief on paid administrative leave. the garter is waiting to see how the city responds before the deciding whether to file a lawsuit. new jersey is back in court fighting to legal sports betting at casinos and race track in the state. a federal appeals panel in philadelphia heard from attorneys for the sports leagues and the state today.
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the state argued a 2013 ruling allows new jersey to offer sports betting as long as the state doesn't sponsor or regulate it. but the sports leagues argue new jersey is still breaking the federal law that bans sports betting in all but a handful of states. >> the third circuit laid out couple years ago a path that we could follow and i think we followed the path and we convinced the third circuit we followed the path. i'm confident we'll be able to have sports betting. >> new jersey rewrote its sports betting law. the a decision is expected in june. >> march madness is under twinight in east bracket there's an all pennsylvania matchup and some very long odds for one of these squads one of the tournament favorites the villanova wildcats on the left of your screen left for pittsburgh today where they will square off on thursday night with lafayette who also left for their destination today. "eyewitness sports" anchor lesley van arsdall is there for
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the game. >> ♪ >> reporter: the villanova wildcats have won 15 games in a row heading into their east regional open and one seed for the second time in program history their fans beaming with pride and making sure that they received a proper send off. >> my wife and i were married at villanova all four of our children weren't to villanova. >> really makes me proud to be a student here. >> really exciting we're really pumped for them. >> villanova will take on 16 seeded lafayette heading to the big dance for the first time since 2000 sand. the wildcats have not made it to the regional semi finals since 2009 when they went to the final four. jay wright says anything short of that will be a disappointment disappointment. >> i think they would be disappointed they didn't get to the final four. they know it's possible they might not. you got to deal with it. the on thing they can do is stick to the process. one game at a time and they've done a good job of that. >> this could be the best team that he's ever coached both teams will be practicing here at
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the console center tomorrow ahead of the big game thursday night. reporting from pittsburgh lesley van arsdall "eyewitness sports". villanova does prepare for big game in the east bracket our first play in game was in the midwest tonight. manhattan and hampton going for the 16th spot in the right to play the undefeated kentucky wildcats the number weren't team in the country talk about allows see draw. you see hampton we have already penciled they wouldn't tonight's game 74-64. and they entered the round of 64. so the question is, do you have your brackets filled out? if not, you better get to it. you could win a $5,000 gift card if you compete and within the cbs bracket challenge. all you have to do is go to sign up and fill out that bracket. we wish you luck. a major recall of a popular man mack crone knee and cheese brand tonight. important information for you neck. also passengers aboard an
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airplane take matters into their own hands after they say a man tried to rush the cockpit. kathy? >> clear and cold back to blustery in the forecast. but take look at this. it's rain over texas but it will be rain and snow for us. we'll talk more about that coming up with the seven day forecast. and our second royal visit in just a few months. this time we'll tell where you charles and camilla will visit. >> and dropped in a local parking lot a good samaritan reaches out to "eyewitness news" to try to get this wedding ring back to its owner. can you help us find h
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no, cull on. >> airline passengers had to take matter noose their own hands and tackle a man who rushed the cockpit on board their plane. this is video showing them holding that man down following the disturbance. it happened on a united airlines flight traveling from denver to washington dc. united says the man failed to listen to the crews instructions
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and forced the pilot to return to washington. the man was taken to a hospital for an val weighing. three on your side tonight has details on a craft macaroni and cheese recall. craft is recalling 242,000 packages of original player mac cheese because some of the boxes may contain small pieces of metal. the 7.25 bocks have best when used by dates of september 18, 2015 through october 11, 2015. they're also mark with a co c2. craft says it's not aware of any injuries as of now. for more information on that recall, just head to town hall meeting to night new jersey governor chris christie talk about the need to reduce state pension and health benefit costs for public workers. governor made those comments while discussing his budget for the up coming fiscal year. >> we've made governments smaller. we've made it less expensive. we've held the line on taxes. things are a lot better than
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they were five years ago from a state fiscal perspective but this is the big problem. and if we don't fix that problem, we'll go broke. and i don't know how that helps anybody. >> this was governor christie's 131st town hall meeting this one took place at the national guard armory in freehold, monmouth county. after bruising campaign tonight the israeli prime minister netanyahou claiming victory in that nation's general election. exit poll do's put his party neck and neck with isaac herzog's zion any of the union party. netanyahou fighting to remain as prime minister. two leaders will need to win support from other parties to form a governing coalition. the illinois congressman aaron shock resigned today over questions about his excessive spending. republican renovateed office on capitol hill was modeled out downton abby he also used taxpayer funds to pay for
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chartered flights lavish trips and concert tickets. then today the final straw political reported shock billed the government for 170,000 driving miles between 2010 and 2014 but the odometer in his car registered just 80,000 miles much the 33-year-old shock was a bit of arising political star. he once beared his impressive abs for men's health magazine. >> new tonight the royals are here britain prince charles and his wife visiting the us. they stepped off plane earlier at andrews air force base in maryland and tonight they visited the british embassy in washington. the couple will meet president obama during their visit. they're also scheduled to visit several cultural and educational sites including the lincoln memorial and the martin luther king, jr. memorial. they'll head to kentucky before heading home. prince charles last visited u.s. in 2011. we do hope that the royals have a pleasant weather while
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they're in our country. >> they're probably going to have to bundle up a little bit because it looks like winter is going to hang on before spring gets its hold on. >> yes. a lot of cold air out there right now. we're talking about temperatures in the 30s and the 40s. so if you step outside to check out the aurora bore rielle list or northern lights you'll definitely going to need a heavy coat. let's talk about this. show was it means. it's actually natural light or colors in the sky called by -- caused by geo magnetic storms. storms on the surface of the sun that actually disrupt our geo magnetic field on earth. what does that mean? well, if you get a away from the city lights you can view these beautiful northern lights. you're lucky if you do because it's not an every day occurrence here. look to the north and low on the horizon between 11:00 p.m. the current hour and 2:00 a.m. and that is our best chance. if you look really close in our area we are real possible spot to see it more likely as you go into new york and new england and this area there have been a lot of reports through on the
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washington canada many reports seeing them. in our region they'll be few and far between but it's still possible. please be aware of that and check it out if you have the chance. "eyewitness weather" watchers are showing us temperatures quite cold though if you step outside. 30s are wild. lows to night will be in the 20s 20s. bar bra reporting a temperature of they degrees with a light wind. winds out of the northwest at about 3 miles an hour. so they've decreased. david saying in clementon the temperature is 40 degrees. outside in philadelphia, we're talking about the 30s already. take a look. at center city philadelphia. we have clear skies. the winds slowly diminishing but still quite nippy. 30 degrees cooler right now than it was at its peak earlier today today. in the city it is 39 degrees. the city decked out in green for st. patrick's day. poconos 26. reading 35. and right now in dover it is 41. quakertown at freezing. doylestown at they. pottstown at 35. so falling fast. in the wake of this front it's going to be cold and gusty for
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your wednesday. high pressure builds in so we'll see some sunshine. but temperatures are only going to be in the 40s and that's still about 15 degrees below average for this time of year. it stays cold thursday. high pressure slides off the coast. allows our next storm to move in from the south. it means rain and it means some wet snow. the best chance of seeing that accumulate will be to the north and west of the city. rain and west snow showers still along the i-95 corridor for your friday. little bit of a slushy mess and then through south jersey and delaware just mainly rain that precipitation moving in for the morning rush on friday. it will be mainly clear overnight. still windy. low temperatures in the 20s but with that wind gusting to around 30 miles an hour that means wind chills only in the teens. for your wednesday blustery, but sun she. the high temperature 42. wind chills in the 30s as we look ahead on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast thursday 45 degrees. our storm system moves in friday morning. incidentally spring begins on friday.
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certainly won't feel like it and then we warm it up a bit of a break on saturday. more seasonal. the high temperature 53. but turning much colder with another front moving that was saturday night. reinforceing that cold air. temperatures below freezing sunday morning in the afternoon just getting to 44. monday 44. and then of course by tuesday near 50. you can get updated forecasts any time with the cbs philly weather app. check live radar get severe weather alerts and share your storm pictures with us. you can download that app now on i tunes and google play. of course, katie will have the very latest tomorrow morning on the weather especially friday morning keeping eye on that. the team starts at 4:30 on cbs3 and continues on the cw beginning at 7:00. you have have to watch that storm. it will be a storm that redevelops off the coast. hasn't really come together yet. so a lot can change with that. >> we'll keep an eye on that. >> thanks. >> thanks kathy. >> beasley is here now. smorgasbord of college basketball ahead of glass really all about villanova. >> yeah. >> that's what we have.
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villanova headed to the march madness. basically underway on thursday. plus will this the man right here to get penn back to the big dance. philadelphia pro
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it's all about march madness this week. we're focused on villanova but the tournament actually started tonight with the play in game. hampton versus manhattan. close game. until the final couple of minutes. hampton with the steal outlet pass. they get through. they won the game 74-64. they are rewarded with a second round matchup against the undefeated kentucky wildcats. our while cats hit the road this morning. number one seed villanova is in pittsburgh. ahead of thursday's matchup with lafayette. nova is playing great basketball. but they won't take the leopards lightly. >> definitely well coached in that whole league is very good. so we know they're coming into it. we struggle withed with
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bucknell. that was in the beginning of the year. we'll find our way. i think we're hitting a stride on the defensive end which is most important. >> today pennsylvania introduced a new basketball coach steve donahue local guy delaware county native. donna had you was an sift tan at penn from 1990 to 2000. he spent the next decade at cornell h4 year run at boston college but he says this job is different. >> actually i've been very fortunate in my career to be to be in a lot of different situations. i've never been more nervous excited than i was today. has all to do with what this place is all about. >> 10 years at penn, 10 year at cornell, donahue took big red to the sweet 16 in 2010. he was born in springfield township. then played college ball at you're sinus. he held a number of local jobs and even serve assistant to herb magee at philadelphia university. all right. get ready to watch basketball
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here's thursday's schedule on cbs3cbs3. notre dame and northeastern at noon. butler versus texas at 2:30. cincinnati takes on pursue at 7:30 then at 9:30 it's undefeated kentucky versus the hampton pirates. we'll prepare you for march madness tomorrow night at 7:30 with our march to indianapolis a sports special right here on cbs3. i'll host panel of experts and lesley will of course be in pittsburgh with villanova. flyer on the road in vancouver name late start for this game still scoreless in the second period. meantime, the phillies pitchers are dropping like flies. right hander jerome williams scratched from today's start he tweak a hamstring running sprints last sunday. yesterday cliff lee was placed on the 60 day disable list that heaves cole hamels and david buchanan as the only healthy starters. the union enjoying their new digs for the very first time. brand new practice facility was
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built next to ppl park the team used the practice inside the stadium inside. commute to a local park. but not doing that any more with this new facility. they'll host dallas on frida
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♪ tonight the mystery of a wedding rink that's been found in a local parking lot. a local woman turned to "eyewitness news" to help her locate the owner of this ring. she found it in the parking lot of the target along route 1 near woodhaven road. it's inscribed with the initial mrs and jrs plus a specific date in 1955. now what's more she found it on valentine's day. so we're trying to help her fine the owner. if you know who this ring might belong to, let us know on twitter or facebook. we'll be right back.
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"eyewitness news" returns in the morning at 4:30. erika von tiehl, diana rocco and meteorologist katie fehlinger will be along. in the meantime we thank you for watching eyewitness nouse at 11:00. for beasley, kathy and everyone here i'm chris may. >> i'm jes


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