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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 18, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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another twist in the already dramatic investigation of accused murderer and mill yaur robert durst. authorities in california look into whether he might be connected to a cold case disappearance. despite a tight race israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu comes away with an election victory setting up the likelihood with further strained relations with president obama. poisoned letter. a letter addressed to the white house tests positive for cyanide but is discovered before it reaches its destination. away we go. the ncaa tournament is off and running. >> and the madness begins. the first games of the ncaa tournament kicks off and one team is already vying to be this year's cinderella. captioning funded by cbs
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this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, march 18th 2015. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. real estate millionaire robert durst is scheduled to appear in a new orleans court next monday. durst is charged with first-degree murder in los angeles but is being held in louisiana on drugs and weapons charges. durst was transferred to a mental health facility in louisiana yesterday. it's unclear when he'll be sent to california. but also yesterday federal agents and police searched durst's pant for several hours and came away with two boxes of evidence. the durst investigation is picking up steam. now police in eureka, california, are looking into the point that durzst is connected to another missing woman.
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brittney talked to another reporter. >> i've always maintained since covering this case since back in 2000 that he was psychotic. >> reporter: matt bur beck spoke to us via skype from new york. for years he's been covering robert durst, the real estate heir who was just charged with murdering an l.a. woman and was the subject of "the jink" linking him to others. bur beck says durst needs to be looked at in two other california disappearances who both went missing in 1997. >> durst had visited or seen mitchell at a homeless shelter that she had volunteered at. >> reporter: at the time mitchell was living in eureka and at the time durst would visit her store even dressing in drag. he was said to be at the store when she disappeared. this is a picture of the
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suspect. the other picture, durst. as for the only woman, her story was featured in "most wanted" in the 1990s. dust was living in the area. >> before these cases even came up before the public he had been living this random bizarre lifestyle throughout the 1990s. he had been stealing identifies. mon a fair's father said there are potential red flags to look at. but he told me in his heart he doesn't believe there's a connection. >> that was brittney hopper reporting. durst waived extradition. if convicted he could face the death penalty. the secret service intercepted a letter that possessed cyanide. the letter was received monday at a screening facility. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> anne-marie good morning. this letter is now on its way to
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another lab for more confirmation, but it has already tested with what's called presumptive positive for cyanide. the envelope was addressed to the white house but screened with all other mail and never got near the white house. the secret service said an envelope sent to the white house was potentially tested positive for cyanide. it was located miles from the executive mansion where white house mail is screened. initial biological testing showed up negative but then it did. it's reportedly being tested. the secret service has not said if the envelope was addressed to president obama. the sample has now been taken to another facility for more testing. cyanide is a lethally toxic substance that attacks the heart
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and nevernervous system. the secret service says investigation into the letter is continuing. pack ajs of poison have been sent to the white house in the past. in january of last year a mississippi man got 25 years in prison after pleading guilty for sending letters laced with ricin to president obama alsoing to a mississippi judge. >> thank you, susan. a air force man was arrested. he is accused of attempting to travel to syria earlier this year. prosecutors say a search of his computer found nearly 200 gee ha different propaganda videos. he faces charging for allegedly providing support for a terrorist group and objectnbstructing
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justice. prime minister's netanyahu's opposent conceded and that sets netanyahu up to form another government and serve his fourth term as prime minister. barry petersen joins us now by phone from tel aviv. barry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, i think there's some interesting parts of this. first it was a surprise. netanyahu on view ya netanyahu was trailing but did well in the polls. second talking about president obama, it's been rocky. it's been rough. there is some fence mending that's going to stro be done. also the iran nuclear deal which the obama administration is trying hard to make netanyahu is against it. he came to the u.s. congress and said the ultimate to a bad deal is no deal. so there's going to be some real
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resistance. he's not among the parties -- israel is not among the parties making deal but certainly influential in the united states in terms of generating any anti-deal sentiment. and finally let's talk a little bit about the palestinian question. the prime minister said he supported a two-state solution right up until the night of the election when he simply said he doesn't. now, what this means is it's going to be really more complicated to figure out mid east peace a term that's always used loosely and so far never achieved. so i think it really throws some significant road blocks into any effort to resolve the issues between israel and the palestinians that this is not a good sign. his opponent said he wanted to work it out. netanyahu is no way. anne-marie? >> barry petersen, thank you so much for your observations.
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well, premera said it has been the victim of a cyber attack. the company learned in january that hackers had gained access to its technology systems last may. so far there's no evidence that information has been removed. illinois congressman aaron schock says he will reseen from the house at the end of the month. there was mounting evidence that the republican lawmaker used taxpayer money to pay for a lavish lifestyle. the 33-year-old was a rising star in the gop and a top fund-raiser. schock made headlines by decorating his capitol hill office like a set from the tv show "down"downton abbey"."" he was stepping down because constant questions had been a distraction. coming up on the "morning news," a new fraternity scandal. and sparks fly in one of two
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list will find a top rated provider to do the job. start your project for free today. in texas 20,000 pounds of illegal fireworks were exploded by police over the course of three days. the midland police bomb squad detonated the fireworks. they had been seized by the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms explosives. the court ordered that the fireworks be destroyed. two wild police pursuits ended dramatically. last night in los angeles a woman driving a stolen car tried evading police for more than an hour even after her tears were shredded. you could see the sparks fliering from her car. once she stopping a man gets ow of the passenger seat and makes a run for it.
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officers chase him through a neighborhood before finally apprehending him. the woman was also taken into custody. earlier a driver fleeing from police hit speeds of more than 100 miles an hour on a highway near san francisco. it all comes to an end when his suv crashes and flips over. moments later the driver emerges from the vehicle apparently escaping any injury. after surveying the damage he was placed under arrest. a fraternity at penn state university has been suspended after police say members used the facebook page to post nude women on line. police say tuesday they don't think the women knew the photos were being taken. kris van cleave has the story. >> reporter: kappa delta rho fraternity at phen state university has been suspended for a year. their facebook page featured nude or partially nude women who appeared to be asleep or passed
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out. >> we were able to capture some images, graphic js some very disturbing images. >> reporter: the pages included comments from those who could view it. some bragging about certain sexual acts. some talks about cocaine, marijuana, and add medication. police say the secret facebook page called 2.0 was created eight months after after an original page was seen by a someone. last week a frat at the university of oklahoma was suspended and two students expelled after a video of a raceous convenient went viral. >> we're looking at harassment which could be a summary or miss demeanor level. >> reporter: investigators are
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violent confrontations between police and anti-austerity protesters in germany this morning. in frankfort demonstrators set fire to police cars and burned barricades around the headquarters of the european central bank. thousands of protesters are trying to disrupt a ceremony for the new building over the bank's efforts to reduce debt in countries like greece. on the "cbs moneywatch" now a mac and cheese recall and a european airline is set to offer super cheap airfare to the u.s. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, jill. kraft is recalling. some of the boxes contain small pieces of metal. they have best when used by dates from september 18th, 2015 to october 11th 2015. they're marked with the code c
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2. the infected boxes were sold in the u.s., puerto rico caribbean, and south america. consumers should return the boxes for a full refund. asian stocks rose on the possibility of new stimulus from china. the shanghai composite gained more than 1% for a seven-year high shanghai's added 1%. the fed release as policy statement today. the dow lost 128 points yesterday. the s&p fell nearly 7 points. and the nasdaq finished nearly 8 points higher. microsoft is finally giving up on its once aligned internet explorer. it will use a new name. code name. project spartan. the new browser is expected to be the primary way for windows 10 users to access the internet. another way to send money from your phone is facebook's
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messenger app. it's free and available on android and apple devices and desktop computers. facebook will process the payments. its payment systems are separate from other netbook services for security purposes. and ireland's ryanair is beginning trance tlks flights. promotional flights are starting at $15. they won't start until 2020. they'll fly to 14 u.s. cities including boston new york, chicago, and miami. anne-marie? >> $15? something tells me the peanuts are going to cost about $35. they've got to make that up somehow. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. thanks a lot, jill. when we return a tall order. after winning his attorney meant in the ncaa one coach plans to face a top team. we'll hear his plan on how to beat kentucky.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. the madness of march is under way. the first two games of the ncaa tournament tipping off last night in dayton ohio. in the late game, byu appears to have things under control against mississippi. the cougars holding a 17-point lead at the halftime, but mississippi uses some hot shooting from stefan moody to get back in the game. the rebels rally to win 94-90. they will take on xavier in the next round. hampton was the only team to enter the tournament with a losing record, but they will keep playing. the 68th and final team to earn
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a spot in the bracket beats manhattan 74-64. it doesn't get any easier for hampton though. their next opponent is unbeaten kentucky. coach edward joyner jr. was asked how his team will climb that mountain. >> hold on. i told you i had jesus on speed dial. hey, jesus, first of all, you can't play so i can't worry about you. they want to know how much of a mountain and what our odds are. hello? hello? i guess he'll get back to me so i'll get back to you. >> the madness begins tonight with the remaining first four games. robert morris takes on north florida. followed by dayton and boise state. coverage starts at 6:40 eastern on trutv and the round 064 starts tomorrow. you can watch notre dame take on northeastern at 12:15 eastern. that's right here on cbs. this is the "cbs morning news."
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a royal visit to washington. britain's prince charles and his wife camilla are going to visit cultural and educational sites in washington in the next three days including lincoln memorial and martin luther king jr. memorial. prince charles also meets with president obama. and in western new york a man is being called a hero for
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rescuing a man trapped in his burning vehicle. rich newberg of our affiliate reports. >> reporter: imagine this happening on a throughway right before your very eyes. >> oh my god, it ooh goes doing explode, bro. >> reporter: he watches flames licking up alongside of his truck. he was trapped along the guardrail and his cab was filling up with smoke. he could not break the windshield which was his only way of escape. >> i thought that was it. i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: that's when brunner pull up. at his own peril saw the driver was trap and used concrete to break the windshield. his motivation was simple. >> to save a human being. the guy was trapped. he had to do something. >> reporter: he escaped and with brunner's help crawled along the
4:27 am
narrow guardrail about 40 feet above the ground. after paramedics began attending to the driver he left the scene and he never got to thank him until now. we brought the two together less than 24 hours after the accident. >> how are you, big guy? >> really good. thanks, guy. >> you're welcome. >> being able to throw that hard concrete into that windshield to get my husband band out of there, my husband would have been gone. >> my guardian angel. >> i'm very grateful that i was there to be able to do that. >> reporter: ed, by the way, had shoulder surgery recently but told me he wasn't thinking about that shoulder when he picked up the concrete when he threw it to free the drive jeer coming up on the "cbs this morning," the latest on the white house cyanide investigation. major garrett has details. plus hertz rental cars
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installing cameras in its vehicles. we'll go to its headquarters. and we'll take you to jackson hole, china. a city drawing inspiration from the west. that's the "cbs morning news" tackle this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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more than a hundred people are out of their homes this morning after a four alarm fire tore through an apartment building last night. now crews are working to clean that all up. i'm erika von tiehl. i'm's diana rocco in for ukee washington. we are following up on a new jersey man a accused of trying to run off to join terror group, isis. how he got court and his suspect court appearance later today, katie. today will end up being a a nice quiet day overall except for the fact that it is still windy and definitely colder by comparison. we did just have a system rolling through when you look outside on sky cam three all is calm, all is tranquil to look at but we will see a lot of shaky field c


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