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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  March 18, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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more than a hundred people are out of their homes this morning after a four alarm fire tore through an apartment building last night. now crews are working to clean that all up. i'm erika von tiehl. i'm's diana rocco in for ukee washington. we are following up on a new jersey man a accused of trying to run off to join terror group, isis. how he got court and his suspect court appearance later today, katie. today will end up being a a nice quiet day overall except for the fact that it is still windy and definitely colder by comparison. we did just have a system rolling through when you look outside on sky cam three all is calm, all is tranquil to look at but we will see a lot of shaky field cameras today.
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that wind is still blowing and blowing at a good clip that you will certainly notice it. here in center city and every where else although skies have cleared out nicely for you you can expect to see some sunshine as well it will be just colder. we will to have talk temperatures here today and eventually, some snow, is in the forecast. i'll have details for you. >> all right katie. one resident calls this the most devastating thing she has seen in her life a four alarm fire tears through a northeast philadelphia apartment building. >> this morning a hundred people are searching for air place to live while investigating look into how it started. >> "eyewitness news" news reporter jan carabao is live at academy road this morning good morning. >> reporter: about a hundred people are displaced this morning out of their apartment because of this huge fire. that apartment building is still taped off and road are all blocked off as well so keep that in mind heading in this area of northeast
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philadelphia. as this remains block off the damage is evident a and a lot of people who live here are worried this morning that they will have nothing to return to when they are allowed back home. take a a look at the video. flames are just extensive. this four alarm fire started just before 5:00 at receipt grace manor apartments in the the 9100 block of a academy road in northeast philadelphia when crew as arrived they found fire in the utility room that fire was spreading quickly up the walls and all the way up to the third floor. crews evacuated the building a and five people had to be taken to the hospital for minor injuries. crews battled the flames for about three hours a as they work residents hopped on to shuttle buses and were taken to a temporary shelter at lincoln high will school. let take a listen. >> a a lot of stuff still inside, only thing i got was kid, animals and a few things of clothing. >> you don't know what to feel or say, it is just so sad. >> reporter: fire commissioner
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tells us that more than 50 people had to stay in that temporary shelter last night and red cross is estimating a hundred people displaced. you can see behind me that this area is still taped off, many roads blocked off, so remember that as you head through the area this morning have the the the cause of the fire is still under investigation. reporting live from northeast philadelphia jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". what a change in 24 hours. this is center city yesterday as people enjoyed st. patrick's day spring like weather, coats off, people sitting back, enjoying the the sun. >> gorgeous. but things, they are changing. the here's a live look at center city courtesy of sky cam three. you better bun will up. it the is a cold, winnie morning. katie, what happened. >> it was just a cold front that dropped in here and man did it bring with it, you know, the trueness of its name. cold front cold air, wind as well, wind is always what gets you. it makes it feel that much more different and it will be
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a cold wind for us but storm scan even now, still completely empty, completely tranquil, say for a couple of very light, believe it or not lake enhanced snow showers at the this point up across upstate new york. we however are clearing out nicely. we will see full sunshine with you never take days like this at face value. the current wind speeds flowing out of the northwest but they are not the damaging wind but they are noticeable. if you are talking 15, 16, flirting with 20 miles per hour sustained wind speeds this is sustained wind but not gusts that will be noticeable and make it feel colder. the it send a chill when you talk temperatures below average. the we are only expect to go hit lower 40's later today. there will be sunshine to go with this all day long here but breeze will persist to go a long with that and that said as we head low 40's here today we will not feel any better then say the the freezing mark. even though we are going to be officially kicking off first day of spring on friday isn't
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that beautiful with have daffodils, tulips and sunshine, guys, we are looking a a head to a storm that could be bringing us some snow. i will have more details on that as the the show moves forward. sorry to be a buzz kill. >> hard to believe but thank you katie. developing now three people dead and four others are in the the hospital after an apparent drive by shooting in northern california. the hooting happened near a corner store in stockton last night. about 40 miles from sacramento. two women and a man were killed in this shooting, one died at the scene while others died at the hospital. happening today a u.s. air force veteran is speak he can to plead not guilty to charge that he is he tried to join the terror group isis. federal grand jury indicted the man on trying to give material support to the islamic state and obstruction of justice. he is in custody and will appear in federal court today. authorities say pugh traveled from egypt to turning any january in hopes of crossing
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the border in to syria to join isis. turkish authorities denied entry and sent them back to egypt. pugh was then deported back to the u.s. where authorities arrested him in asbury park new jersey. his last known u.s. address was in bridge top cumberland county. happening today another endorsement for philadelphia's mayoral candidate, jim kenny. the the philadelphia afl-cio will back him at the a news conference this have afternoon. a. if. lcio represents 13,000 blue color workers in the city, second major announcement in the past week. he has support from the the philadelphia federation of teachers, the mayoral primary is may 19th. new this morning israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu declared victory for a fourth term with nearly all of the votes counted they a appear to have earned 30 out of the parliament a's 120 seats, as the polls shown a tight race with the opposition union but it wound up with
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just 24 seats. netanyahu will now have have a relatively easy time putting together a coalition government with right wing and religious allies. 4:37. penn state fraternity could face criminal charges a after members allegedly posted nude photos of women on secret facebook pages without their knowledge. cappa delta a row chapter has already been suspended for a year. we have photo cop its on have those post they have images of woman who a appear to be passed out or compromising positions. the members included a alumni and that the group shared photos of drug deals and hazing. victims are encouraged to come forward. >> contact the state college police department and come forward so that we can do one would have two things, we can aid in the identification of any perpetrators, that would aid us in the investigation and prosecution of anybody responsible for these despicable acts. secondly, we want to be able
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to provide any type of victim services that anyone may require as a result of being victimized at that fraternity. >> in a statement the national the fraternity of kappa delta row says national leadership is committed to hold our brothers accountable for our actions. we em raise respect for all persons and we will adhere to that principal in that matter. penn state says this this statement, the university will hold accountable any group and individual found responsible, disciplined and accountable for penn state's fraternities can occur on several levels since these are private organizations. time right now is 4:38. sexual harassment investigation involving a plant i can city's fire chief could lead to a civil lawsuit this video appears to support a female security guard's claim that the chief dennis brooks dropped his pants in front of her. incident happened march 5th in the lobby of the public safety building, the the guard's attorney says his client is
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considering legal action, depending on the cities response. chief brooks has been placed on paid administrative leave while the city investigates. fire officials, have in the been able to determine a cause of the december fire that killed lieutenant joyce craig. he was the first female fire fighter to die in the line of duty. fire began in the basement of the two story row home in west oak lane. however officials say investigators could not determine the the source because the room was destroyed by intense names. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a florida teacher suspended after saying racial slurs to a student what she said to a 14 year-old boy. and what a difference a day makes, colder temperatures and high wind, this morning. it feels like we are back to winter. katie tell us how long we can expect to it last coming up. happy wednesday, we will
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we have new information on at rest of real estate
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millionaire robert durst. authorities carried a away two boxes of searching his houston home. the the 71 year-old durst is charged with murdering his friend susan berman in california, 15 years ago. officers spent hours searching the home yesterday. last night they carried out two cardboard document boxes. durst is subject of the hbo documentary where he appears to admit guilt through the death of susan berman and disappearance of his first wife kathy durst. secret service says an envelope sent to the white house has tested positive for cyanide. screeners received a letter at a off site mail facility on monday. initial testing was negative but another test returned positive for cyanide. that sample has been taken to another facility for further testing. a florida teacher is under suspension for a week without the pay, after allegedly using a slur begins a muslim student. maria rally with december must attend diversity change the complaint a accused valdez of
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making reference toes a 14 year-old references to a boy. the punishment was in the harsh because it had to follow state, federal and union guidelines. presbyterian church will amend constitution to now include same sex marriage. the the change follows a favorable vote from a majority of the church's 171 regional bodies. the in this revived constitution marriage will be defined as a commitment between two people this will take effect june 21st. gusty wind could be to blame for toppling this tree on a delaware county home last night. check that out. "eyewitness news" on the the 2300 block of franklin avenue in ridley township. home owner a says he was watching tv downstairs when that tree sliced right through his second floor bedroom. he was able to get out safely with his two dogs, that home has been condemned but man, i didn't think much about the wind until walking in to work this morning. >> it is crazy. >> it is really brisk out there, peco building said
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35 degrees. >> that sound about right. you factor in that wind it feels colder then. that be ready for that. winter is just another last hard ray, i feel like we already had a last hard ray. >> we just can't let go. >> okay. >> it looks like we will see a little will snow on friday. first day of spring with snow no less. so, i will break everything down. those that are not craze bye snow don't want to hear that news but it will not be a kind of snowfall where you have to shovel away a ton of it. a at worst case scenario we're talking a coat to go an inch in the city, because we're right on the rain/snow line yet again. let me show you what is happening. not a heck of a lot. we have win. you will notice that. it the is clear, quiet you will see sunshine both today and tomorrow outside here on the live neighborhood network. it is chilly. 31 degrees at palmyra cove nature park. that is where you sit in many
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locations. storm scan three is showing storm system and cold front that is long gone right now all wind driven very light lake enhanced snow coming up a across upstate new york and in the poconos there were flurries but that has had a chance to wind down. this was less than it did yesterday, don't you think. this is very same batch of moisture and disturbance starting to gather some strength and it will be the very next big thing for us as its rolls east and moves in the mid-atlantic and we will even up on the rain/snow line it appears at this point. this is a a general expectation, you will will see more wet snow then anything. i say draw a line as far south perhaps, as western chester up to upper bucks county and all point north, wet snow but not much accumulation. at the best you would be maybe looking at a coat to go an inch or two, or up to three. mixes with rain to limit accumulation in philadelphia and primarily just a rain maker further south you go this would be a forecast that creates a mixed bag across the
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region. sunny skies in the meantime though but you have to factor in the the chill and win. high hits 42, feels no better than freezing mark, drop it to 27 tonight and that win tapers off. more sunshine tomorrow and there you go new storm just in time to usher in the new season. diana, back to you. we're focused on thursday villanova lafayette march madness tipped off last night with the play in game. the first one was hampton verse man hot hat on, close game until two minutes left. hampton with the steel and outlet pass, they get the the basket and foul. pirates go on to win, 74-64. their reward is match up against undefeated kentucky wildcats. that will happen tomorrow night. also last night byu tyler has scored 34 but ole miss rallied and 17th half deficit they came back to beat cuters 94-90. stephan moody had 27, ole miss plays xavier tomorrow.
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tonight it is boys i against dayton and robert norris a against north florida. the number one seed in the east region villanova a wildcats departed for pittsburgh yesterday. they will take on the the the lafayette leopard who left from easton last night as well. should be a fun game, tomorrow night on cbs. one of our cities, six teams is introducing a new mens basketball coach penn's new boss is steve donahue a delaware county native. he was a penn assistants for ten years spent time at cornell and boston college. good luck with the quakers. we will prepare you for march madness tonight at 7:30 with march to indianapolis special right here on cbs, sports director beasley reese host a panel of experts and leslie van arsdal is in pitberg with nova. the flyers are on the road playing late on the west coast, but unable to have solve the the canucks. vancouver paid tribute to the late pat quinn before the the game. he coached the flyers before leading vancouver to their only stanley cup finals
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appearance. in the game canucks alexander baros scored two goals, 17 seconds apart and the canucks win four-one. flyers in calgary tomorrow night. erika. >> thanks, diana. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a major health insurance company is latest victim of a sign's tack. jill wagner has details in the money watch repeport but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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a hundred people are forced from their hems by a huge fire in northeast philadelphia a apartment complex. the rita grace manor apartments on academy road went up in flames around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. five people suffered minor injuries investigators say that the fire started in a utility room. tarod webster nate on pugh faces charges that he tried to
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give material support to the islamic state. pugh last known u.s. address was in bridgeton cumberland county. he was arrested in asbury park after returning from the trip to the middle east. penn state fraternity could face charges after its members a allegedly posted inappropriate pictures of woman on a secret facebook page. kappa delta a row is suspendedded for a year, police say facebook page included pictures of hazing and drug deals. well, it is 4:51 and time for a check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. another massive data breach, this time from a health incher, what have you learn, from blue cross. >> which premierea blue cross is a victim of the cyber attack that could an 11 million people. it may have exposed names birth date social security numbers and bank account information. even, claims and clinical information. the company says that hackers gained access through systems in may, and didn't discover
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the breach until january. there is no evidence that any of the information that was stolen was actually used inappropriately. so we will definitely keep an eye on that, erika and diane. we hear there is a new way to send money over your phone can you tell us about that. >> reporter: yes facebook has said users can send money to friend via its messenger app a. it works. pretty simple. link a debit card to the service and you can send money instantly. the payment systems are separate from other facebook networks for security purposes. now, it is getting easier and easier to send money. >> yes. >> thank you. >> very convenient. thanks, , jill. coming up, after the break weather and track on the
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good morning everyone it is pretty quiet out there, overall, we're in the dealing with too many delays or problems, i would say it is usually this time approaching 5:00 a.m. we are in the dealing with too much at all on a usual day. it is the usual. looking at ben franklin bridge no delays in either direction fantastic, all bridges are moving well. however, yesterday when i was reporting traffic in the the afternoon we were reporting a four alarm building fire and apartment fire in the north east on a academy and as a result of that as they still try to work on the clean up both on and off ramps to academy are closed as you will notice on the camera. if you are traveling in and around that area a academy at convent avenue is closed and those ramps from i-95 are closed. however mass transit is in the the clear but right now lets get a check on weather with katie. >> shaking camera is totally my fault vittoria. >> come on now, katie. >> it is all because that wind is getting into action here.
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i said this earlier in the show if you will recall i have a feeling we will see shaky field cameras today because that wind will be noticeable and you will definitely notice it too walking out the door and you are not prepare. storm scan three is quiet. that is empty. you can expect full sunshine. but here's how it feels, for mid marsh, this is in the fun, 24 degrees is the the the best you can hope for walking out the the door in philadelphia. it is a cold start and we only get in the 40's, erika. coming up more than a hundred people are out of their homes have after a fire spread through an apartment complex last night. we are following latest details for you. we first told you bit on "eyewitness news", yesterday morning, but it turns out star bucks race relations plan has backfired in a big way. and, quite a light show from alaska to british columbia. the the beautiful sight. the cause of these brig
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fire fighters have been busy putting out hot spots overnight after a massive apartment fire that left more than a hundred people home less. we are live there with the search for what sparked that fire. and also, another fraternity under fire this morning, this time it is at penn state, the scandalous secret facebook page rocking the the campus and could lead to criminal charges for some students. good morning, it is wednesday march 18th, i'm erika ron tiehl. i'm diana rocco in for ukee washington. also this morning a cold windy wednesday morning. quite a change there yesterday. it does not feel like we are only a couple days away from spring katie. >> it sure does not erika. i have to say i'm so grateful
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the win has yet to pick upright here on the the the sky deck but it is a blustery start in a lot of spots. we're talking temperatures, wind and maybe some snow in? i will have all of the details coming up, vittoria. >> snow, say it ain't so, good morning everybody. traveling out and about you are doing just fine except area was talking about that four alarm building fire. we are still dealing with closures off majors specifically i-95. we will have have have more details coming up stay with us. fire investigators vittoria was just talking about are looking into a burnout apartment bill nothing northeast philadelphia. they are looking for clues as to how this fire started. >> four alarm fire on the 9100 block of a academy road forced out 100 people overnight. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at the scene for us, good morning. >> reporter: diana and erika good morning. the the scene is still block off and a lot of road are block off as well so keep that in mind if you are coming in this area of northeast philadelphia a this morning. meantime this fire did


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