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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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carabao is live this morning. good morning jan. >> reporter: diana and erika, good morning. destruction left behind after this four alarm fire broke out yesterday here on the scene this morning the apartment building is still taped off roads in this area are block off but we can make out in the far distance through some trees that fire crews are on the scene. ladder is outstretched and water poured on the building. they are taking a look and keeping an eye out on the hot spots. the as you mentioned displaced rest departments are wondering what they will come home too when they are allowed to return. wind fueled flames, raged out of control for more than three hours tuesday evening at the rita grace manor apartment in northeast philadelphia the fire created a path of destruction leaving about a hundred displaced residents fearing the worst. >> a lot of stuff still inside. i got kid animals and clothing report are the report fire on the 9100 block of academy road broke out just before 5:00 p.m. they found flames in the
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building's utility room and these flames spread quickly. >> because fire spread to the walls and extended to the third floor, at that point we started evacuating occupants of the out building. >> reporter: five people were taken the two the hospital with minor injuries. as crews battled the flames residents were with used to the temporary shelter at lincoln high school. >> we are making sure they have what they need to get through the night. >> it is horrible. terrible. i have have never been through this before. i don't know how to react to it. >> reporter: many in the neighborhood watched the inferno from a across the street with that same disbelief. >> you don't know what to feel or what to say, it is just so sad. >> reporter: fire commissioner adds that out of the roughly 100 people who have been displaced because of this fire american 50 had to stay at that temporary shelter. here on the scene you can see that this areas still block off, if you travel in this part of the northeast philadelphia. the the cause remains under investigation. reporting live jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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developing right now three people are dead and four others hurt, following an drive by shooting in northern california. it happened in stockton last night 40 miles. two men and a woman were killed. one died at the scene while others died at the hospital. delaware county home owner is staying up late and watching television may have just saved his life. back yard tree fell right on to the man's home on franklin avenue in ridley township last night. home owner was in the living room when the tree sliced, right through the the second floor bedroom. he told "eyewitness news" that is where he would have been if he hadn't decided to stay up late. >> usually i stay up until 10:00 o'clock during the the week but i decided to stay up later if in the i would have been upstairs when that fell. i guess somebody upstairs is watching over me. >> wow. >> he was able to get out safely with his two dogs. the home has new been condemn.
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it is just about 6:03. time for a look what ace head today. chilly out there, katie. >> i can attest to that, you can believe wind have pick up on the sky deck and it the is that win. if you are standing out here as long as you have a nice heavy coat scarves gloves you are fine but right before you guys came over to me here that wind was picking up and it was not comfortable. the let me take you out to storm scan. we have a nice clear sky out here and right on cue here comes that wind again. what it is doggies making our live neighborhood network temperatures and every where else feel much more leash 10 degrees off. that is how it the will feel. we are in the the 30's in many electricians, there are spots where we are bottoming out below freezing into the 20's even. with that current wind speed it is not much it is enough to notice it though. it is out of the north west coming from the colder place. that send a chill through your bones. daytime high is 42 degrees. we would normally be in the
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lower 50's at this point of the year. obviously not going to happen. we have a poor chance of hitting 30 degrees in the poconos. there is sunshine to go with it. you just to have factor in the chill and the wind today. the those are big stories. tranquil by tomorrow, but we cannot get rid of winter. there is more snow on tap and comes in time for force day of spring. more on that later, vittoria. >> thanks, katie. good morning everyone. we have a few incidents rumbling up now and of course it is right in time for rush hour that is now starting. lets first start by getting you outside and giving you a live look, first at southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard where we are dealing with some activity here that is compromising right-hand lane approaching the area of the schuylkill. as you will notice you will see a few what seems to be penndot vehicles on the scene as well as police. with the squeeze here you will notice southbound delay that will stem back further toward broad street.
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again that is running right into rush hour traffic. we will switch things up and head to woodhaven road. we had an eastbound accident. by looks of this camera funny how things can change. they have cleared that out with the earlier incident around franklin mills where i believe it is now philadelphia mills mall. but as of right now in northeast philadelphia, academy we are still dealing with the close another of academy at convent as a result of the four alarm building fire, there we go apartment building fire, that if you are traveling in and around this area, grant avenue or welsh will be better ways, for mass transit. happening today a u.s. air force veteran from new jersey accused of trying to join isis is expect to plead not guilty. federal grand jury indicted tyrod nathan webster pugh on trying to give material support to the islamic state and obstruction of justice. pugh is scheduled for a rainment in federal court in brooklyn. authorities say he traveled from egypt to turning any
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january hoping to cross the border into syria and join isis. turkey authorities denied entry and sent him back to egypt. pugh was then deported back to the u.s. where authorities arrested him in asbury park. the his last known u is s dress is in bridgeton montgomery county. pugh is from neptune where residents say they cannot believe what they are hearing. >> it is shocking. i would never think somebody from little neptune will do something like that or even have an idea of plotting something like that. >> the government says information retrieved from one of his lap tops revealed searches of ice is beheadings and letter to his egyptian wife that says he will use talents and skills given to me by allah to establish and defend the islamic state. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for pierce boykin charged in the stabbings of two members of the nicki minaj's road crew. boykin allegedly killed devon picket and wounded eric parker. the the stabbings happened
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february 18th outside the che bar and grill in stenton avenue in east germantown. 6:06. another scandal rocks penn state this morning. the members of a now suspended fraternity is accused of posting nude pictures of woman on a secret facebook page. "eyewitness news" reporter just continue finch is live in the sat center with new information, on these disturbing allegations that could now amount to criminal charges, justin. >> reporter: officials could face at least misdemeanor charges, penn state's kappa delta rho fraternity members had secret facebook pages with salacious behavior. now much of that has been cleaned up but frat's future is in jeopardy. in this case, it is far there closed. police uncovered two pages, one could covert business, other 2.0. authorities say the pages count as many as 144 members, some current brothers others
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alumni. >> we were able to capture some images, graphic images. >> reporter: images kappa delta rho national arm calls quote highly inappropriate events which includes use of cocaine, marijuana and add medication. there is evidence of hazing and several images of women in compromising and sexually suggestive positions. >> we did become aware of this on march 3rd, state college police let us necessity about that. >> reporter: penn state officials called them appalling, offensive and inconsistent with the university values and expectations, chapter is now suspended. former brother tipped off police back in january telling officials that the first page was discovered by a with man found her face on it and that prompted a launch of the second page. >> we are looking at an invasion of privacy which is a misdemeanor charge. we can be looking at harassment which could be a summary offer a misdemeanor level.
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>> reporter: police are encouraging anyone believes they are a victim to come forward. that goes for any brothers members of those pages. for now kappa delta rho's national office has shut down penn state captain chapter for one year. live i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new this morning victory in israel as prime minister benjamin netanyahu wins a fourth term. with nearly all of the votes counted's peers to have earned 30 out of the parliament's 120 seats. exit polls had shown a tight race with the opposition zionist union but it wound up with 24 seats. netanyahu will now have have a relatively easy time putting together a coalition government with right wing and religious allies. up next a security scare for the the white the house, we're learning new information this morning about the man suspect of sending a dangerous substance to the president. also, lost and found we're on the hunt to find owner of the ring that a stranger spotted in a local parking lot. more on that. it is battle for
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pennsylvania in march madness hear how villanova and lafayette get ready for their big game tomorrow night. the wind will be how long all day long and a shake some tree branches. katie has your updated forecast including the threat have snow this week and when we do traffic and weather together on the three's. we have a big announce. don't miss it coming up. >> it is a good one. he will we be right back.
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a letter sent to the white house that tested positive for cyanide is under going analysis. screeners received the envelope at an off site mail facility on monday. initial testing returned negative findings but another chemical test showed positive readings. the envelope reportedly game the return address of the man has sent several packages to the executive mansion over the last two decade. right now 6:13. lets check with katie, standing to the side which shows we have an interesting news. >> the moon hanging super, low in the sky, and i wanted to show you this right and depending on your television resolution you might be able to see that there is a halo around it but thinks a live look in atlantic city on skies cam three. as we zoom in do you see that there is a little outline there of the moon. isn't that awesome. we aring to go see a full day of sun unfold here but the problem is despite the that sun even they we go to storm
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scan three and totally quiet there, well, it will be cold. reason you know that there is still wind is even just by tracking clouds and this little sliver of lake enhanced snow which isn't affecting us, it is too far north but it points to the fact that you will end up with a win out there. still noticeable. maybe you heard it in the middle of the night. we sure d we have a storm brewing across the deep south of texas that will get here by friday. we have two trait days of just some sunshine with high pressure. once its gets here we are looking at a rain/snow line setting up over our area. essentially right over philly and i-95. it looks like it will start off with a chilly wet the snow across philadelphia and then turn over to rain. we have best chance to stay wet snow, the the further north you go. we could potentially draw this line further south in upper bucks, western montgomery and chester county. even just a couple towns over will be critical a as to what you end up with but primarily rain the the further are south.
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chilly rain, i'll give thaw but further south the you go less likely you will to have deal with the white stuff here on friday. and then by saturday quick rebound, doesn't last long another cold front noxious back by is sunday vittoria. >> good morning, everyone. the first lets start with the the roosevelt boulevard where we are dealing with the incident compromising the the right-hand lane. police are on the scene as we have a set of police vehicles and tow trucks tending to this incident. it is compromise ago this right-hand lane so causing a squeeze, southbound on the boulevard, trying to get to the schuylkill will be slow and delayed on top of rush hour traffic so just be mindful of that. we are giving you an update on i-95 i-95 on and off ramps to academy have been reopen. still at academy at convent, we are still dealing with the closure that was earlier that is as a result from an earlier fire that occurred yesterday, a building fire apartment building fire, so again you will still experience, some maneuvering in that area. elsewhere we're heading down
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to the pennsylvania turnpike where eastbound approaching valley forge we have an accident. traveling on the schuylkill expressway as well as i-95 we are picking up rush hour delays but nothing major just yet we are still waiting erika. fire fighters spent the overnight hours dousing hot spots at the scene of the huge fire in the northeast. flames tore through rita grace manor on a contacted in my road yesterday and last night. hundred people were forced from their homes. five people suffered minor injuries. so far there is no word on the cause. penn state fraternity already suspended, could now face criminal charges for allegedly posting in a prep eighth pictures of unconscious women on a secret facebook page. the page also included pictures of the hazing and drug dealing. much more ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning we will be right back.
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welcome back. march madness is here, villanova wildcats are waking this morning in pittsburgh, this is the scene of tomorrow night's match up with the will fey yet republican ordinary in the ncaa tournament. "eyewitness news" at main line as wildcats hit the road yesterday. nova is a number one seed after winning the big east and big east tournament, coach jay wright wants to make sure his young players appreciate the experience. >> when you are leaving town and know it is for a road game and everyone is out here that is when it hits thaw we're in it. this is a good start to it. >> yes, it is. lafayette coach fran led his republican ordinary on the bus
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for their trip from northampton county to pittsburgh. a fun fact for you, fran graduated from villanova in 1970 and he also played in the nba. last night's march madness play in games byu cuters got 33 from taylor has but was in the enough to get by mississippi rebels. they erased a 17-point deficit to win 94-90. rebels stephan moody had 26. next up for ole miss, xavier. there are two more play in games tonight. get ready for all of the march madness with march to indianapolis, that special airs tonight, sports director beasley reese and panel of experts break down all you need to know plus leslie van arsdal is reporting from pittsburgh ahead of the villanova lafayette game tonight at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. erika. can't forget about those temple owls they in the ac c coach of the year, fran dunphy, they take on the bucknell team tonight in game within of the nit this new york city.
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temple is a one seed for that tournament bucknell is eight. to the ice new flyers game out west where canucks paid tribute to former flyer and canucks coach pat quinn. canucks broke a one-one tie in the third period when alexander baros scored two goals in less than 202nd. canucks win four-one. flyers are in calgary tomorrow night. up next rocky returns to his old stumping ground today. >> we have word where you can see sylvester stallone in action today nicole. >> that is right erika with an umbrella inner hand mary poppins takes flies. we are live from cherry hill high school with their high flying production, you cannot miss this this is really cool, we will be right back.
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dave: the effect that standardized testing is having on our students is already coming through, it's already showing, and they haven't even taken the test yet. my first-grader came home the other day and cried, because he couldn't - he didn't feel like going to karate practice. after he was done with his work, he said, "mom, i'm just tired," and started to cry. in first grade. what are we doing? what are we doing to our kids?
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lets get traffic and weather together, bun will up. >> exactly. >> we actually ended up flirting with 07 degrees right before the noon hour. we have 68 degrees. and then temperatures started to drop and then this happen. here you stan right now below freezing in allentown reading, you are flirting with it at the the airport right now. so yeah it is cold. we're going to stay that way. we were craving days in the 40's recently but now it is like come on can't we get 50's. it is never good enough. this is below average. i hear you. by friday a storm comes along that will likely begin with snow in philadelphia and then turn to rain. maybe a quick coat to go an inch further north you go you might pick up a little will
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bit more. i know i have had enough, vittoria. >> here, here, katie i second that. thank you. good morning everyone. i'm sure you have already had enough if you are traveling on the roosevelt boulevard, we are dealing with the a bit of the the squeeze play here. if you are traveling in the southbound direction of the the boulevard out of the broad street the area down through to the schuylkill we have a incident here blocking the right-hand lane making it a very slow commute. give yourself more time there trying to get to the schuylkill expressway. forty-two freeway revving up to rush hour traffic approaching creek road making your way down toward 295, delays are starting to spark up on 55 approaching the the 42 freeway usual stuff. anticipate usual stuff building on the schuylkill expressway, at city avenue and mindful east bound on the turnpike approaching valley forge, mass transit in the clear, erika. >> ♪ >> vittoria, thank you. word this morning is deja vu sylvester stay len returns to the italian market to film
6:26 am
latest scene for the latest rocky movie. rocky in rocky two stallone is seen running through the italian market ending up at the top of the art museum steps. here he goes going up. the pose everyone does. stallone and michael jordan filmed at the top of those now famous steps. rocky becomes a trainer to apollo creed's grandson. we are told it is going to be released in november. hoping to catch sly head down to south philadelphia. >> i love that. >> yes. >> he comes back here. he is so proud to be here when he is. >> happy to have him. coming up next on "eyewitness news" three on your side with a big recall you will want to hear before you make plans your dinner to day, jan. >> reporter: fire crews remain on the scene of the alarm fire in north philadelphia right new putting out hot spots. i'm jan carabao live on the scene and we will have a look at the work overnight and update the on the cause of the investigation. also a lost symbol of
6:27 am
love, found in the local parking lot, only "eyewitness news" is on the hunt for the owner of this lost wedding ring see the clues as we try to track down the person it belongs to. also vittoria and katie return with your traffic and weather together on the three's, plus we have some news of a member of our cbs-3 family to tell but, you will want to stick around for this one. it is good. we are coming right back stay with us.
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good morning an investigation is underway into what sparked this fire, it happened at a northeast philadelphia apartment complex. the the four alarm fire left about a hundred people homeless. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us now on academy road. i understand part of that is still close todd traffic this morning, jan. >> reporter: erika, that is right, closed to traffic and as you mentioned some 100 people left without a place to stay. red cross is helping them out. apartment complex remains taped off and road behind me here block off so that is why we are far from the scene but video on your screen shows what has been happening overnight, off and on all night long. fire crews remained on the scene dousing those hot spots and just as recently as 30 minutes ago that ladder was
6:31 am
extended and they were throwing water on the the building from above. taking a look at video from yesterday you can see when this fire raged out of control this fire started just before 5:00 p.m. at rita grace manor apartments in the 9100 block of academy road in northeast philadelphia when crew as arrived the on the scene they found a fire in the utility room and that fire was spreading quickly up the walls and all the waste up to the third floor. crews evacuated the building and five people had to be taken to the hospital for minor injuries. meantime crews battled the flames for more than three hours as they worked on hot spots. the residents were taken to temporary shelter at lincoln high school. take a listen. >> the the ladder truck was still inside. i got kid, animals and few things of clothing. >> you don't know what to feel or what to say. the just so sad. >> reporter: a lot of these residents are left wondering this morning what they will find when they finally are allowed to return, so many of
6:32 am
them fear and return, to little or nothing. this scene is still blocked off, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. reporting live from northeast philadelphia jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". fill will a police need help finding a missing father and daughter this morning. look at the the picture of the the man and his five-year old daughter. they have been missing since machine morning when they left their south philadelphia home, and they never made it there. freikha goes by the name of paul le ban. he was driving a white 96 acura tl with the pennsylvania license plate fl x-9436. we may never necessity what caused a basement fire in the west oak lane row home that killed philadelphia fire lieutenant joyce craig. philadelphia officials say that investigators have been unable to determine the source of these december 9th blaze because the room was just completely destroyed. craig became first female fire fighter in the city to die in the line of duty.
6:33 am
6:32. happening today another endorsement for philadelphia's a mayoral candidate jim kenny. the philadelphia afl-cio will back him at a news conference this afternoon. afl-cio represents 13 you this blue collar workers in the city. it is second major endorsement for kenny in the past week. he also has support of the philadelphia federation of teachers. the mayoral primary is may 19th. former congress woman gabriel giffords will be in trenton for round table discussion on protecting women and families, hit by vial tones day. earlier this week she pushed for a new gun bill in connecticut. it will force subjects of restraining orders or protective order to surrender their firearms and ammunition within 24 hours of being notified of that order. right now 6:33. lets check with katie on a windy wednesday. you want to bundle up. >> it is in the just the wind erika we have much colder air in place.
6:34 am
temperatures, since this same time yesterday has dropped from ten to 15 degrees. you know we have flirted with 70 degrees yesterday. talk about over achieving? it was so brief glorious, and then wind kick in. temperatures started to tropical back down. sure sign of things to come. we knew it was on the way. here it is. cold has settled? i mean it will stay empty. we have an absolutely gorgeous sunrise, expected out there, look at the the beautiful colors popping over the horizon. if you look really closely well off in the distance sort of on the right-hand side of the screen the moon is still visible lying low in the sky this morning outside kutztown area middle school. look at that temperature. 26 degrees. wind in the terrible that way and it is not even strong enough win and, it is not bad out there right now. generally in higher than 15 to 20 miles an hour and will taper with time too. still noticeable enough that it makes it feel that much
6:35 am
more colder anytime it the blows. be ready for that. it is bad enough our temperature hits 42 degrees. that is ten below the average. but then when you factor in the windy don't think it will feel much better than freeze to go take. the just like winter just can't give up. it continues to hammer home that it wants to stick around. we have the potential for some snow as we look a head to the tail end of the week. we have to discuss that. the there is cold, there is win. there is snow in the forecast. come on. i hear you complaining you too, vittoria, i know you are not craze bye that. >> i'm not pumped at all about this. >> i will just keep a smile here and just grin and bear it. >> keeping on the inside. >> exactly. >> good morning, everyone i have a feeling folks on the road are doing the same thing. you just kind of yeah, you got to put, you know your best foot forward and put a smile on and get to work. the lets get outside and give you an idea what rush hour looks like. it is out there as we lah at
6:36 am
the schuylkill expressway, well, we were, there we go, 76 around the area of 202. heading in the eastbound direction that would be your head lights making your way out of the king of prussia and down gulph mills and beyond. it is not awful but it is starting to get slow. would i say heavier would be westbound schuylkill a approaching city avenue and make are commute past gladwynn. moving to i-95 southbound it the is a slow one from the northeast down through the vine street expressway. you'll fine big old pockets of traffic through construction zone at cottman and girard. switching gears off the majors in north philadelphia where girard between 27th and 28th we have a fire location there poplar is your best alternate. try to avoid that area. roosevelt boulevard experiencing still southbound delays approaching the the schuylkill diana. >> thanks, vittoria. >> delaware lawmakers want to increase minimum wage by $2 an hour over next four years. the it is now 7.75 going up another 50 cents in june to
6:37 am
8.25. supporters want to see minimum wage rise to $10.25 per hour by 2019. they say they will stimulate the the economy. opponents argue it will lead to higher prices. delaware may put e cigarettes under its indoor smoking ban bill would treat e cigarettes like tobacco products banning them from restaurant, bars and other public places. e cigarettes which do not contain tobacco heat liquid nicotine in the vapor. and e cigarettes emissions include harmful chemicals. time right now 6:37. many people would rank their wedding ring among their most prized possessions. when a wedding ban turned up in a parking lot a local woman did her best. she turned to us at "eyewitness news" for her. our math the math rivers has this exclusive. >> reporter: golden glow caught her eye ring lying on the pavement in front of the target on route one south of woodhaven road. diane deets picked it up.
6:38 am
>> right around this area. i looked. at first i didn't notice an inscription. >> reporter: closer inn expects showed it did, two sets of initials, mrs and jrs and a specific date in 1955. diana deets thought one thing. >> it looks like my father's wedding band. >> reporter: but he still had his so that meant someone out there lost their. just a few months of what would be a innings yet wedding anniversary. worse still dianne found the ring on valentines day. >> sixty years to have something on your finger and lose it, i would be upset about that. >> reporter: he did what a good person would she tried to find the man to whom it belong. >> i went on facebook, i went on, i called target reported it to them. i went on craigs list. >> reporter: she got no where. >> nothing, everybody just kept saying how bad they felt. >> reporter: she called "eyewitness news". >> i watched channel three. worst you can say is no, maybe we will get lucky.
6:39 am
>> reporter: we tried to take it a step further on the off chance they got a marriage license in philadelphia, we thought they would check city record but officials tell us that with the one last name it is nearly impossible to figure out who this couple is. so that leaves us with you at home, if you know anything about the rightful own other have this ring, let us know, on facebook or twitter. matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". what a great lady to go through so much efforts hopefully to return it. >> hopefully we will fine them. if you are out there and missing your ring, give us a call. >> if the initials look familiar. all morning licensing we have been telling but a big announce. >> wait is almost over, someone in the studio right now has exciting news to share. >> guess who? >> first up lets check with nicole, good morning. >> good morning, guys in every play there must be an element of fun and today, we are here at cherry hill high school with their production of mary poppins. i have the umbrella.
6:40 am
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crews are making sure any hot spots around the scene of the huge apartment fire yesterday in northeast philadelphia. a hundred people were forced from their homes at rita manor on academy road. the causes under investigation and penn state fraternity kappa delta rho could face criminal charges for secret
6:43 am
facebook page that showed inappropriate pictures of unconscious woman. the frat is already on suspension. tyrod nathan webster pugh makes his first court appearance facing charges gave material support to the islamic state. he was arrested after a trip to the middle east. pugh's last u.s. address was in bridgeton cumberland county. 6:43. lets check with katie and weather watchers, good morning. >> they are all up dark and early with us. we are looking ahead to what promises to be a beautiful sunrise out there, my friend. look at these temperatures. you cannot go by face value of what this day has to offer up, gorgeous sunlight but it is cold. we have got temperatures at or below freezing almost across the board with the weather watchers. twenty-nine sent in from michael riley. crystal clear skies in sanatoga. it is chilly w that clearing skies you don't have cloud cover to help you out there rick sent in from bethel, sweet profile picture i love that one. 28 degrees. modest for him. he has a nice clear sky.
6:44 am
clear, brisk morning, shining bright, from above. very, very pretty looking start to the day as we mentioned but we do have a storm system that is beginning to brew. starting to brew yesterday, if you have been with us the last day or so this was just a little pocket of moisture over big ben of texas. it is the moisture stepping all the way up toward kansas and that is going to roll east and we will be stuck on the rain snow line here in philadelphia a general synopsis of how it will shake out here friday morning because it will be cold enough because it is mix of rain and snow likely in philadelphia we will pick up a coat to go an inch. higher totals further north and west. limited to 3 inches at this point for northwestern most suburbs. in philadelphia it will turn back over to rain, chilly rain, but should help turn any of that snow to slush this isn't a major snow storm but still snow, on the the first day of spring, we only have one day that is even close to
6:45 am
seasonal of the next seven and that is saturday. notice it the gets knocked back down to another cold front but at least the the weekend looks quiet with sunshine. we have that going for us. >> something to look forward to. good morning everyone. you won't be looking forward to your commute this morning because now rush hour is starting to ref up. we are looking first at 422 traveling in the eastbound direction out of oaks down toward 202 speeds are dropping in the teens. give yourself more time. on the ben franklin bridge light volume making your way from the mid span down toward eighth and vine and philadelphia heading into new jersey, there are in delays at all, usually we don't have have too many problems n north philadelphia we are dealing with the fire location on girard between 27th and 28th so poplar is your best alternate. since we're on this map traveling on the roosevelt boulevard i know my sister texted me that earlier accident cleared on the southbound approaching the schuylkill but still slow there no major delays for mass transit, erika. we are loving this story
6:46 am
this morning. >> yes. >> the production of mary poppins live in our area. >> so supercalifragilisticexpialidoc ious. >> yes. >> can i say that. >> students at cherry hill west high school are spinning their magic on the classic musical this weekend. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is here to give us a sneak peak good morning. >> well, opening night isn't until march the the 20th but i have to tell you this high school production of mary poppins is practically perfect in every way. this morning i'm standing here live with the two students play mary poppins. we have caylee and brook. in the show mary poppins likes to say in every jolt that must be done there is an element of fun. >> and today lucky for me that funnies flying. >> i'm a little nervous. do you that day in and day out once the show start. what is it like playing mary poppins and suspending in the air. >> it is exciting, it is more
6:47 am
different then i thought it would be but it is more comfortable with it each and every time. >> reporter: what is it like singing in a harness, is that more difficult. >> not really, necessarily i think walking in it is mostly the problem but singing is not that much have of a problem. >> reporter: you feel bow legged because i am wearing the harness with my fashionable mary poppins skirt. we will try this thing. any advice bring take flight. >> just, i don't know. >> reporter: have fun, and hopefully don't fall. jim, strike up the band. i will pass you this microphone, you give me my umbrella. >> i'm scared. thank you. >> let me know how i'm doing. >> you're doing good.
6:48 am
>> ♪ >> looking great. >> she's a wonderful mary poppins and the kid sound outstanding. >> yes fantastic. this is cherry hill west. you can still get ticket, mary poppins this weekend. nicole you are looking fantastic. how did it feel? what do you think. >> was it just like during the show. >> yes you are a natural. >> this is why i love them. it is interesting i'm smiling the entire time but give me the the true mary poppins face. >> very stern. >> let's see it. come on, you are actors, don't smile, don't you do it. don't break. >> all right. >> thank you so much. >> give yourself a round of
6:49 am
applause. >> this is a cast and crew from mary poppins at the cherry hill high school west. it opens march the 20th. now back to you in the studio. >> i'm giving them snaps. >> well done nicole, very brave of her going up in that harness. >> time to see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> gayle king joins us live from insuring with the preview, good morning. >> good morning dianne and erika. >> where police mann. >> he is on vacation, somewhere enjoying life, getting out of this cold. >> well, everyone deserves one. good to see you diana. you too, erika. >> we are gathering information on death threats made against u.s. ambassador caroline kennedy. how threat tone americans feel by isis. we have a heated focus group. star bucks controversial new campaign tackling race relations, we will look at the stinking backlash there the news is back in the morning we will see new just about ten minutes and counting from
6:50 am
now, back to you too. >> thank you. >> looking forward to it. we will be right back with monday more check of traffic and weather together.
6:51 am
6:52 am
> this is just in, montgomery county sheriffs and philadelphia authority conduct an overnight raid arresting parents late on child support
6:53 am
payments. eight people were rounded up, parent owed support to montgomery county children but their last known address is were within philadelphia city limits. one of these defendants we're told owed nearly $50,000 for two children. three on your side has details this morning on a ka macaroni and cheese recall. kraft is recalling 242,000 packages of the original flavor mack and cheese because some of the boxes contain small pieces of metal. the seven and quarter boxes, have a best when used by date of september 18th, 2015 through october 11th, 2015. they are also marked with the code c2. kraft says it isn't aware of any injuries. for more information check out cbs and nfl star from wilmington shares a major milestone in his daughter's fight against cancer. former penn state football player devon still posted this
6:54 am
picture on instagram saying quote that moment you get the best news you have ever received and don't necessity what to do so you just flex. that news he is talking about is doctors do not see any signs of cancer in stills four year-old daughter. so happy to hear. that doctors at chop have been treating her for a rare type of cancer. they are awaiting mri and bone biopsy results this week to make sure that the cancer is cruel willly gone but doctors are optimistic that lee a will have a clean bill of health. if you cannot flex over that i don't know what you can. that is wonderful news this morning. >> absolutely, so thrilled for their family. that is amazing. it is a very chilly start to the morning for us out there. we are seeing temperatures well below their average starting off below freezing here 20's from i-95 on south you are only stuck in the teens as far as feels like values. we are factoring the wind here, it feels more like three out at mount pocono. we will look forward in the seven day forecast and it is chilly, one day of the next
6:55 am
seven that is seasonal, and that is at day, but we will have a new cold front coming in back in the 40's, again. but on a unrelated note guys i know many of you have noticed that i'm starting to get bigger, i have been gaining a little bit of weight and it is not because i have been, you know housing gobblers, but it is because happy news there is a 100 percent chance of my husband steve and i, becoming parents and the big due date is september 27th which may sound familiar to you because it is also the day that pope francis is delivering a papal mass on the ben franklin parkway. >> we found that out we were just so thrilled but i feel like i need to clear something up here. there is a mistake on that graphic. no fault of our weather producer jeff but my husband and i are not expecting a baby bye we're expecting two.
6:56 am
>> we're having twins. >> having twins. >> that is huge. >> my belly has been giving me away for a month. >> i'm so thrilled. >> thinks one and only thing we could keep a surprise, so thank you to all have of my collogues that did know for being understanding i wanted to keep that a secret until just now. >> what a surprise. >> you look amazing. >> you're doing well, everyone is doing well. >> babies are passing all test with flying colors. everything is going well. >> what a wonderful addition to the cbs family. >> yes, i was balling and laughing at the same time when we found out. it was a flood of emotion. it was amazing. >> september 27th. >> march the calendars, big day. >> yes. >> wow. >> congratulations. >> that is amazing.
6:57 am
>> you don't top it. >> we just get to break. >> what do we do now. coming up we will check with nicole, mary poppins a show your little ones will love. >> give it sometime here. >> we are all taking flight so tune in for that. >> yes. >> congratulations. next up on cbs this morning death threats made against u.s. ambassador caroline kennedy. >> air force veterans to isis supporters new jersey man has been accused of a attempting to join t looking for one of these?
6:58 am
yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
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7:00 am
it is wednesday, march 18th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." death threats made on the life of the u.s. ambassador caroline kennedy. and the home brewed starbucks. the talks about race. who is watching when you drive a rent a car. we go to hertz rent a car to find out why they're installing tens of thousands of cameras. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> investigators say a man who spoke english called the u.s. embassy in tokyo multiple times saying he was going to kill


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