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tv   Eyewitness News at 8am  CBS  March 22, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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we got them. >> i guess maybe the trade off is at least it is dry today. we're not dealing with anything falling and we are going to be finding more melting out there in case you still have snow left and sick of looking at the it. so is the the sun it will work on that a little bit today. we have blue skies over ben franklin bridge, beautiful here and all locations, in fact, ocean city also looks nice and somebody is riding on the boardwalk. now, the temperature is 35 degrees. palmyra cove nature park overlooking delaware and city of philadelphia. beautiful start to the day. these temperatures will warm up but we will stay in the 40's today. storm scan three clear skies looks nice, stay dry all day 38 at the the airport right now and in wilmington. thirty-five in trenton. thirty-one in allentown and reading. just below freezing up there and 22 in the poconos. we will head down to wildwood 42. our temperatures showing a wide range this morning. our wind chill is with us and it does feel colder if you are
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outside. it feels like 9 degrees in the poconos, 31 the at the the airport in philadelphia with the wind, 23 is the temperature on your skin and 23 in allentown. our high temperatures only getting in the 40's. we do see sunshine out there looks nice. very slow warm up to the 44-degree mark and then we will stay there plus it will be wind which wind gusting to 25 miles an hour. future weather nothing going on. nothing at noon either. by the time we hit 3:00 in the afternoon we are still looking at clear skies and skies will be cleared tonight one of the reasons that these temperatures will be dropping below freezing by tomorrow morning. we will talk about just how low they go and how much higher they can get on the seven day forecast coming up, nicole. >> carol, thank you. we have some is breaking news this morning out of philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood. police get a search warrant for a home where a 12 year-old boy was shot. shooting happened 2:30 on the 3500 block of janey street.
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investigators tell thus started as a domestic dispute. that boy was shot in the thigh allegedly by his mother's boyfriend. the boy is in stable condition. so far no charges have been filed. also an is 11 year-old girl is recovering after a bullet grazed her head. police say her brother extently pulled that trigger. eye witt the necessary news reporter david spunt spokes with stunned neighbors in the wissonoming section of philadelphia. >> reporter: teenage boy and his mother left this home on charles street, after police say an 11 year-old girl was accidentally shot by her older brother. >> ambulance came and took her. >> reporter: cherit a allen knows the the 11 year-old. she said she suffered a grace wound to the head and was conscious when she went to the hospital. >> i don't want nothing to happen to my children but we have to respect the family. they didn't give us any news. no one told us nothing. >> reporter: police say the shooting happened inside the home. neighbors stood outside and watched the scene unfold there should nobody guns in sight of
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kids, you know any of these kids could have got shot too. who knows. it is crazy. >> you have to keep them all lock up. when there are kid around you don't pull them out. that is my motto. the that is how i live with it. >> reporter: police have not released any names and said accidental shooter was 14. police interviewed the girl's parents. the 11 year-old is expect to be okay and there is in word on any charges n northeast philadelphia, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile philadelphia police are working to identify a man found floating in the delaware river near brideberg. the body was spotted saturday afternoon near bridesberg wreck center. the the victim was an older man but hat not released any other details. well, march madness is now over for villanova the top seeded team failed to clinch a win against north carolina state losing 71-68. here take a look at the the players coming off the court there looking deject from their loss.
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jay wright's squad going home much earlier then nova nation expect. it is especially hard for seniors on this team. darren hillard and jayvaughn pinkston. hillard had a game high 27 points. they made a game of it and in the end they did well. it was just not enough. "eyewitness news" was in the locker room after the game. >> it is tough. these guys have meant so much to me. the these guys are my brothers my everything. i felt that we had it. but we let it slip away at the end but we battled. we just were not the the best team today. >> we will all had high expectations. we were able to live up to those expectations whole year. we ran into a good team. we're definitedly disappoint budd we should keep our heads high because of how well we played this year. >> a lot of fans spirit busted as nova exit add lot earlier then expect. even ass game went on and
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north carolina state held a lead fans held out hope. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live outside villanova university with reaction from the disappoint ed fans steve. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. hearts are broken. nova nation is crying, and brackets every where are now busted. students had to take it worse as you might imagine last night. we were there as students had a huge game watch on campus . this is the connolly center, bellaire terrace. what a roller coaster. the you could see from the very beginning that something was up. the fans were worried as to the state of play that nova was putting on. nc state was shooting lights out. by half time fans were very worried. the second half was, of course, a lot worse as it went back and forth. wildcats did push it within one, within a minute left, and so fans got up and started cheering. they thought they were going to win. they were so in it, so close but could not seal the deal at
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the end. we spoke to nova fans who were of course very upset after last night's loss. >> tears in my eyes. i'm not kidding. rough to watch. >> it is rough because they had a good season and you expect so much from the team. oh, my gosh i just can't breathe. it is an unfortunate outcome but we are so proud to be wildcats and proud to be part of the community. they work hard. it was such a tough, tough game but we will get them next year. >> reporter: something else is going on with nova right now. there is a viral thing on social media pickleo player one of the band members for we will cats was crying for the game. cbs sports captured her doing it on camera. since then there has been a huge viral social media thing that has broken out from it. check out her social media account she's a class act taking it in stride as is nova nation. the it is a funny look at march madness and how it
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effects the psyche after a loss like that. we will send it over to you. >> she is he the face of neff a nation and lots of tears i'm shire flowing from that group, thanks steve. philadelphia is mourning the loss of a legend. eagles great chuck bednarik passed away yesterday after a brief illness. he defined an era in the nfl and hall of famer is also considered the greatest eagle ever. natasha brown has his story. >> reporter: he wore number 60 but they call him concrete charlie. he was famous for being one of the more physically dominating players in the the history of the game. he was the last of the nfl's two-way players playing center on offense and middle linebacker on defense and only coming off the field for kick off. former eagles coach dick vermeil says that bednarik was philadelphia it didn't take you long coming to philadelphia from the west coast to recognize that chuck bednarik was a symbol of excellence, a symbol of toughness, winning, being the kind of person that he was
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very up front and out spoken he was sort of immortalized. >> reporter: after serving in world war two the bethlehem pennsylvania native began an all american career at the university of pennsylvania. drafted with the first pick in the 1949 draft by the the eagles he led the team to two nfl championships including the teams last championship in 1960. in his 14 season with the eagles he only miss $3 games while playing in eight pro bowls. he what's electric to the pro football hall of fame in 1967. >> he was the greatest eagle of all time. when i think of the great eagles and there have been great eagles going way back to steve van buren and norman van brooklyn and tommy mcdonald and reggie white if i were to name one eagles who i would put at the top of the list it would be chuck bednarik. >> reporter: chuck bednarik was 89. natasha brown for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". team owner jeffery lurie issued a statement saying in part philadelphia fans expect tough necessary all out effort and workmanlike attitude from the team. so much of that image has its roots in the way chuck played the game. you can learn more about his extraordinary life and his career on our web site just go to cbs right now though new details about the the suspect in the bizarre attack at new orleans international airport. we will have details for you coming up next. also ahead a scary day on the slopes when a ski lift ridings the wrong way and then throws people to the ground. march madness generates tons of money for every organization involved from sit the is hosting the games to advertisers, but there is also a down side, three on your side with the cost to both the fans and your employers. we will be righ
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authorities say the man tried to attack security agents at new orleans international airport has died. richard white was shot multiple times by another security agent. police say that white was carrying a back loaded with weapons including six molotov cocktails. danielle nottingham has the the story. >> reporter: police say six three-year old richard white of kenner louisiana died late saturday afternoon after he was shot three times friday night inside the louie armstrong airport as he tried to attack airport security personnel. witnesses say white approached the tsa checkpoint and started waving a machete and insect repellant. >> he is wielding a machete
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this long and spraying folks to disable them with wasp spray in the face. >> reporter: sheriff says one of his lieutenant deputies shot white as he swung machete and chased a tsa officer. >> turf say this officer is my hero. she saved my life. the man was within inches of whacking me with a machete. >> reporter: officers found a bag near white after she was subdued. >> what the bag revealed was six, half point mason jars with cloth wicks into a liquid that we now necessity to be gasoline which would you commonly refer to as a molotov cocktail. >> reporter: deputies also found a barbecue lighter letter opener and crush smoke bombs near white. a search of his car turn up more smoke bombs and tanks of freon, oxygen in the trunk. investigators say they may never know why white launched his attack. the his family is cooperating with police. they say he had a history of
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mental issues. danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". take a look at this video out of ohio where a gas explosion damage at least seven homes. it happened saturday afternoon near ohio state university. fire fighters say gas employees were investigating a possible leak in one of the homes before it exploded. thankfully in another just injuries were reported. eyewitnesses saw debris from that explosion several streets away. well, seven people were hurt after a chair lift malfunctioned at a ski area in maine. 200 people were riding the lift at sugarloaf mountain resort when it stopped and then went backward. investigators are trying to figure out us whatted mishap. they are all expect to recover. sugar lift was the site of another chair lift accident in 2010. eight skiers were hurt in that incident. check this out more than 10,000 tourist traveled this weekend in northern france to watch what was call the high tides of the century. it happened around landmark
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shown here, at the times the wall of water, four stories tall crash in the landmark island. experts say this tides was especially powerful due to the super moon on friday. >> man, that is quite the the scene, even without the the water crashing up on to that island. >> talk about a mote that will keep out anybody. >> yeah. >> nicole, we will go on a little tour. >> all right where are we going, are you up for that. >> sure, where are we going. >> this is our vacation spring tour. we have to start even though temperatures haven't started them yet but we are looking at citizens bank park. phillies have their home owner monday april 6th cannot wait for that and hopefully our weather will be warmer. now lets go to the shore and we have got ocean city, people running around biking, ignoring the chill in the air and they are having a great time in the sunshine and ocean city boardwalk now that the snow is off it. snow is not off the slopes jack frost big boulder so people can come down these
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slopes if they feel like it. nice day up in that location with some sunshine as well. another boardwalk, we have got plenty of boardwalk. i saw somebody running along this boardwalk just enjoying a beautiful start to the day in delaware. otherwise no matter where you are, we have got cooler temperatures this morning and not as cold as we have seen. thirty-eight in philadelphia, 35 in trenton. thirty-eight wilmington. it is just below freezing 31 in allentown but now just above freezing. thirty-four in reading. still 22 in the poconos. when you factor in the wind in the poconos it feels like 9 degrees out there. forty-one jumping up to 43 degrees in wildwood. the day will be relatively comfortable. relatively comfortable. not as comfortable as it should have been but not as uncomfortable as we have seen this winter. temperatures get in the middle will 40's. but know we have got 37 in northeast philadelphia, 36 in mount holly. thirty-one just below freezing, in doylestown and 32 degrees as you head further
8:17 am
to the north of that. as we head to the north we have got some fairly nice sky conditions through the poconos, lehigh valley, berks county, head through philadelphia it looks beautiful and great through delaware as well. the it will stay dry today. temperatures in the the 40's. say around 44 degrees but with the wind we expect today because of the pressure gradient which is high and low and that pressure between the the two of those two competing systems the wind funnels out of the northwest and it will feel like the 30's all day long. tomorrow our temperatures will probably be a little bit lower then it is today with this high pressure over us but it might feel more comfortable because wind won't be as high tomorrow but temperatures right around 40 degrees. tuesday we will add a couple degrees to that. still in the 40's though. it takes us until wednesday to get to normal but wednesday we will pick up a chance of the shower in the have afternoon. right new we have wind of
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10 miles an hour coming straight out of the northwest. these wind can gust later on today up to 25 miles an hour, so expect a breezy, chilly day to day but a bright one, which is nice and it will be clear tonight and those clear skies tonight will allow any kind of temperature that we were able to build up, to what 44 degrees. well that goes. we have cut them in local half. we are around 22 degrees in a number of the suburbs. not much warmer than that through center sit the eye. maybe 24 degrees. bright around here over next couple days with high pressure in charge of the weather. we will take that trade off. it doesn't matter, we will get it anyway. temperatures in philadelphia 44. the shore 45. poconos 32 degrees for the high there and we do have to remember the wind gusting to 25 miles an hour and remember tonight we are in the through with the heaters just yet because these temperatures get down well below freezing, 24 degrees, lets average it out and that is a night to bring pets in and of course i
8:19 am
know you'll keep yourself warm and keep yourself warm at the bus stop tomorrow morning too. kid need jacket tomorrow morning to start the day and probably to finish out on the playground at 42 degrees. the tuesday 45. wednesday we will get in the 50's but we will pick up a chance of showers and maybe again a warmer thursday at 62 degrees. >> i have to laugh my sister posted a photo of her kid at the play ground covered in snow. i thought oh man and first day of spring. that is how we are starting this season. 8:19. lets check on the roads with ann, good morning. >> good morning, nicole. we are out in bucks county. thinks i-95 right here near yardley exit. you can see snow covered median there. in delays or problems on this portion of i-95. i-95 looks all right through philadelphia and suburbs. no delays this morning. the just nice to look at this picture a bit and soon trees will have the leaves on it. we will move traffic cam to the mid county tolls of the pennsylvania turnpike n delays or problems on the mid county
8:20 am
tolls. heading to the the northeast extension or heading to the poconos there is no problems on the northeast extension or the pennsylvania turnpike. our carol talk about the wind they are shaking our camera as you can sianni shaky camera there. on to the walt whitman bridge mid span in delays or problems on the the walt whitman further up 42, five 5295 look okay. in problems on the expressway or garden state parkway. that is very latest from the traffic center i'm ann evans now back to you. as you know march madness is underway and basketball fans are willing to invest time and machine toy watch their favorite teams. consumer reporter jim donovan looks at the cost of fans and their employers. >> reporter: college basketball blitz known as march madness leads to more spending then you might think and in the just in those office pools. >> gear, maybe buying a new flat screen tv and of course parties and those brackets. it is a big spending sport
8:21 am
much higher then you might anticipate. >> reporter: cost for employees too, distractions for catching a films of tournament play during the first two days of games could cost businesses as much as $1.9 billion in lost productivity. one survey find that 27 percent of respondents will find a way to tune into the game during work hours. 14 percent said they would be willing to call in sick to give themselves more time to watch the action others will take a longer lunch. what will americans give up to make up time for march madness? one-third said they would skip their work out routine to watch. >> these games are all encompassing. basically they are only 21 days long so they should hopefully return back to normal will after the final game. >> reporter: fans aren't the only ones excited about march madness businesses are hoping to catch in too, $1.1 billion was spent last year in commercial spots over the course of the tournament. since national companies know they have a captive ought yens. reporting for three on your
8:22 am
side i'm jim donovan. people love their basketball. 8:22. we will take a short
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actor john hand considers himself lucky as his part of john draper business to come to an end along with the mad man television series. cbs sunday morning anthony mason tells us why in an interview you will see later on cbs sunday morning. >> get out. >> there is a cast and crew you work with but you will walk away from john drape shore has become part of the american culture. how will it feel to walk away from john draper. >> it will be hard. it is for better and worse that the most defining role that i have ever played.
8:25 am
>> happiness is, happiness is a smell of the new car it is freedom from fear. it is a billboard on the the side of the road that screams with reassurance that whatever you are doing, it is okay. >> ham has made draper his own. but the amc network was reluctant to cast him at first. >> you auditioned eight times. >> yeah, you know, you are just waiting to fail. that will be my autobiography waiting to fail. >> why did you want this part. >> i had never read anything like it. >> who are you? >> i bet i'm the new girl. >> quite a journey for you. i'm not the same personally was when i started the show. i was 35 years old. i had done, you know some work here and there but i have been afforded opportunities that when i graduated college with a english degree and theater minor i thought well
8:26 am
maybe some day i'll get five lines on 90210 and it has work out better than that. >> how about that. mad men's john ham and ice carvings that are cool this sunday morning right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 o'clock. 8:26. we are following a heart breaking story out of new york this morning in. seven children killed when flames went through a brooklyn home. coming up next how investigators think that fire started. go ahead put your feet up for just a few you minutes or do what you see mick jagger doing here new research that shows it goodies for you coming up, how these and other simple poses can actually change your body's chemistry and life. plus spring is here but it is not likely to feel like it carol is back to tell us about colder temperatures ahead in the fore trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation.
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today is it is sunday march between the second good morning to you thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. 8:30. lets check with carol for more on this forecast and some colder temperatures ahead, right carol. >> i know yesterday we go in the lower 50's. we did a lot with the melting and people saw their snow go and is there still some to go and we will have temperatures above freeze to go day and they are certainly above freezing at this point. but they are not far enough above freezing. ben franklin bridge looks great from our campbell's field camera. look at that beautiful blue sky, beautiful looking today, really pretty every place. ocean city do you see that person feeling great this morning, jog ago long the boardwalk and saying, why am i
8:30 am
dressed in head to toe covering. the shouldn't it be warmer? it should be. it should be 10 degrees warmer then we are fine to go day but this is what we will get. thirty-four in ardmore, lower merion high school still a lot of snow for sun to work on and these warmer temperatures above freezing. they will get below freezing tonight though storm scan three lots of clear skies, looks pretty out there this morning. thirty-five in trenton. thirty-eight in wilmington. thirty-one in allentown and redding this morning. just 22 up in the poconos. we will head down into south jersey 38 millville. thirty-seven atlantic city. forty-three down in wildwood. we have temperatures that feel colder, so that temperature that feels like 31 out in the airport, 27 is how it feels out in trenton and 31 is the feels like temperature in the wilmington area our highs today only getting to about 44 degrees. cooler then yesterday and probably more winnie then yesterday as well. a much cooler feeling day with
8:31 am
these highs at 44 with the wind feeling more like the 30's all day long. our future weather shows that it is dry pretty, enjoy sunshine i'm sure and maybe you will enjoy watching that melting. lets see if we cannot melt it all and we will show you temperatures coming up on the seven day, nicole. >> carol, thank you. new a car crashes in the restaurant in the overbrook neighborhood. when investigators arrived they found an empty car wedged in the oasis sea food restaurant on oxford avenue. in one was inside at the time. investigators are checking to see if the car may have been stolen. >> police are investigating a multiple vehicle crash in the lawncrest neighborhood. three cars collided in the inner lanes of the roosevelt boulevard at adams avenue. it happened just before 1:30. no one was injured in that accident. a family escapes flames at their burning home in olney, fire started in the rear of the row home located on the
8:32 am
200 block of arounddale street. fire fighters quickly placed the fire under control and fire is under investigation. an orthodox jewish community mourns loss of seven children kill in the house fire in brooklyn, new york. funeral services are scheduled for today. the children's mother and her 14 year-old daughter managed to escape and they are clinging to life this morning. cbs news correspondent wendy gilette has more on how that fire got started. >> reporter: fire fighters threw clothes from the second floor window that was still billowing out smoke after the victims were removed from the home. fast moving fire in brooklyn took lives of three girls age six, 11, 15 and four boys ages five eight, one some 12 all members of the same orthodox jewish family identified as the sa thesoons. >> thinks the largest tragedy by fire that this city has had in seven years. >> reporter: the children's mother and teenage daughter both survived after jumping
8:33 am
out second floor windows. >> i was up in the back room upstairs on the computer and i hear screaming from the child mommy, mommy, help me and the smoke and flames are horrible. i could not get in from both side. back was terrible. >> reporter: the the block was closed off after fire fighters left. fire started just after midnight while children were sleeping in five bedrooms near the rear of the home. the investigators say a malfunctioning hot plate left operating on a kitchen counter caused the fire. many religious jews do not use electricity on the sabbath the to keep the day holy. fire safety team visited the neighborhood saturday afternoon. >> we're saying these items have to be monitored. >> reporter: investigators found a working smoke detector but no others anywhere else in the house n brooklyn new york, wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> such a tragedy. children's father was out of town when the fire got
8:34 am
started. >> 8:33. new developments in the wrong way crash that left two people dead including a lyndon new jersey officer. investigators applied to test the blood alcohol level of the driver pedroiabad. it happened on the west shore expressway in staten island. the authorities say 39 off-duty officers and another man were heading home from the strip club and hit a tractor trailer on the wrong side of the road. well, chilling surveillance video has emerged of the two gunman responsible for a deadly museum shooting in tunisia. the gun man killed 21 people on wednesday before dying in the shoot-out with police. tunisia prosecutors say 20 other people have been detained in connection with the attack. investigators believe the attackers were trained in neighboring libya. >> one day after deadly sue site bombings, the u.s. military had has decided to remove all american troops from that country. the sources tell cbs the news that there was in direct threat driving that decision
8:35 am
but the country is deteriorating politically. friday's bombings left 137 people dead including at least 13 children. a group claiming an affiliation with isis took response for the attack. 8:30. pope francis spoke to crowds in naples italy this weekend. holy father addressed residents of scam sevenea a impoverish neighborhood controlled by mop store. he implored them to resist organized crime and pursue honest work. the francis ate lunch at a local prison, with inmates in a room normally used as a chapel. if you are planning to have a next vacation head down to the pennsylvania convention center. the travel and adventure show is now underway. expert from around the world are helping attendees plan a trip of the lifetime or just a week even getaway. host of the hit cbs show phil is sharing ideas. we asked him if the show will ever return to our neck of the
8:36 am
woods. >> we will try to get to every single place in america. we have been on 26 seasons. my gosh i don't know how many states we have been to now but, we will be back, i have no doubt. >> you can watch at macing race friday night at 8:00 on our sister station, right here rather on cbs-3. well, the the easter bunny is traveling here in our area he made a stop at a maria's mom bakery in marlton burlington county this weekend, two weeks before his big day. the children there were very happy to see them. each received a free easter cookie. they will see a easter bunny, get a cookie, a good day right. is there still much more to come on "eyewitness news" this morning we will check with bob schieffer for a look ahead at today's broadcast. before we go to break we hope you can join cbs-3 and cw fill think tuesday march between the fourth for our ronald mcdonald house charities phone bank. money you donate will comfort sick kid and hear families. ronald mcdonald house
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providing a home away from home while children get medical attention they so desperate thely need. our phone bank starts at 6:00 a.m. and runs until 8:00 p.m. lots of opportunities to donate. we hope you will join us on this very special day, we will be right back. 14 irresistible flavors. one for the mood. one for the moment. each one can make every day more delicious than the last. the taste could only be baileys. the experience could only be yours. baileys coffee creamers. this is the one.
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face the nation will be coming your way later this morning at 10:30 on cbs-3. joining with us a preview live in washington is moderator and chief news washington correspondent bob schieffer bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. we will start with the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee bob corker, one of the republicans who did not sign that letter to the the iranians warning them to be cautious with the deal with the obama administration. he is a key player in all of
8:40 am
this we want to find out number one where he thinks this deal stand right now number two does he think it is a good deal, number three, will he still insist that the congress vote up or down on it and four i want his take on what he thinks this has done to relations between the united states and israel. there is a lot to talk to him about this morning. we will also cover the waterfront here. we will talk sports with the 49er rookie linebacker chris borland said this week that he said basically football ties dangerous and decided to forgo millions of dollars he was going to make and retire from the game. we have a lot to talk about this morning on face the nation good can't put a price on your health bob thank you. appreciate it. 8:40. still to come spring is here but winter is still hanging around unfortunately carol returns to tell us about colder temperatures in the
8:41 am
forecast coming up next. also ahead put your feet up just for a few minutes or just act like mick jagger. new research shows good for you. coming up next how these simple poses can change your body chemistry and your life. one of the big sport stories this weekend number one being kick out of the ncaa tournament, knocked out i should say, we will hear from coach jay wright when "eyewitness news" continues. "ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play) ♪ i ride the highway... ♪ ♪ i'm going my way... ♪ ♪i leave a story untold... ♪ he just keeps sending more pictures...
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gina: what am i going to learn for my child from this test that my teacher can't tell me right now? new research shows if you want to feel strong and control it might be as simple as striking a pose. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us the posts. >> standing tall with your chest opened. >> reporter: sonya is striking a power pose. >> it is really making you feel more dominant. >> reporter: she is practicing the wonder woman pose and she
8:44 am
says while she may not acquire wonder woman's super powers after just two minutes that she feels more in command. >> i feel calmer and more confident. giving yourself a pep talk without talking to yourself report report new study published in the journal of science claims power posing changes the body's chemistry increasing testosterone by 20 percent after two minutes and reducing stress hormones, the the result, those who posed acted more assertively and felt less stressed. >> at first it feels awkward. >> reporter: researchers identified other power poses, this is called the other bam a a pose similar to the one that the president favors. another is called the performer, named after a pose frequently struck by mick jagger. >> so tied up with dominance and power and confidence. >> reporter: psychologist adam, who has studied psychology of the power posts say they all have something in common that lead to changes in behavior: body language. >> the poses all involve some type of making the body
8:45 am
expanded out, longer, wider, taller. >> reporter: power posing is routinely practiced by woman at grace institute a job training center. women hearsay they hepp the the posts will give them an edge during job interviews. >> it is a great way to build confidence. >> my pose make me feel very big and strong. >> reporter: while research indicates that the effects are relatively short lived some say it could be a first step toward permanent positive change. >> it could serve as a catalyst, toward changing other things in your life. so lets look at power posing as a beginning to think about how you can have last continue change. >> reporter: another study shows those who posed before beginning a mock job interview were more likely to be hired and another one link power posing before a college entrance exam to higher scores. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
8:46 am
is that your power pose, carol. >> that is all i can do. now i'm exhausted. now a nap called be my real power pose. eyewitness weather watchers are up and looking out their windows. we are so glad they are. we have 38 degrees. pretty mild this time of the morning. the peter is finding that in lawrenceville, new jersey. he said clear skies great day to enjoy a walk run or being outside. yes, as long as you got a coat because we have colder temperatures. the lets see another 38-degree temperature and what do we find here from kyle, kyle in hatboro says that spring is here so lets hope the temperatures make it feel like spring soon. it hasn't been. yesterday temperature got the close. we were in the 50's but, you know, we had all that snow. it took some of the fun. we got another 38-degree temperature, this is walter and he ace in newark, delaware another great day. i love optimism. they must be all doing power pose to go day. 32-degree temperature in the heart of the south jersey.
8:47 am
margot is saying in the buena vista township that please close the the freer are door, wind are making it feel like the 20's. spring where are you. i see a lot of text going on there lets take a walk over shall we on the ben franklin bridge, blue skies, it looks really pretty out there this morning. we are going to keep the the nice blue skies today. you might see cloud from time to time. it is the temperatures you'll notice which will not be as high as yesterday and with the wind they will feel colder then actual air temperatures. our weather we will be dealing with weather conditions a at this point will be rather interesting. we have conditions that are going to look pretty nice as we go through the next bit of time. so enjoy nice clear skies as we start the day-to-day but as we go through the next few days, we cannot really do all that much more with our weather. so lets just enjoy what we have got at this point. so, looking at reading ah,
8:48 am
looks nice there you got rid of the snow. nice. because temperatures did climb yesterday. it melt add lot of what we had on the ground at that point but storm scan three is showing that we continue with the clear skies here. we've got some cloud to the south, otherwise, things looking nice if you like it on the chilly side. it ace above freezing in many locations this morning. thirty-eight in philadelphia and millville. thirty-one in allentown just below freezing mark there high pressure in charge today, it is cold breezy, it is in the 40's but dry. we have to give it that. it is dry here tomorrow and in the 40's but probably lower end of the 40's and dry here on tuesday and we're still in the 40's, and by that point maybe in the middle will 40's and then after that we do start to warm up a bit. future weather as we take a look at 2:00 this afternoon not much going on by the time we hit 11:00 o'clock tonight. still not much going on except temperatures dropping like crazy. we will start to get below freezing and we are well
8:49 am
below, by the time we get up tomorrow morning. then monday tuesday, everything looks fine. the just chillier then they are supposed to be. wednesday we will start to get where we are suppose to be temperature wise in the 50's but may find a rain shower. not a rain sure today. today just melting going on and temperatures in the 40's. forty-four in philadelphia. forty-five at the shore. poconos 32 degrees. the wind you will probably feel today is at 25 miles an hour making it feel like the 30's all day long. tonight look at this 24 degrees. this is supposedly spring. very cold night coming up for us tonight. so the the heating will have to continue, bring the the pets inside. that will have to continue. somebody on twitter was telling me they lost one glove and now cannot find another one in the stores because winter gear is gone. so hopefully it is i a myth even he lost and switch it back and forth between his hand. we will find temperatures on tuesday, 45 degrees. wednesday 53 degrees.
8:50 am
and rain showers, maybe a thunder storm before six to degrees and we cool down again. you love watching the weather. you too can be featured by becoming an eyewitness weather at >> carol, thank you. lets check on the road with ann, good morning ann. >> good morning and i this is the the schuylkill expressway at girard and spring garden, volume picking up on the schuylkill this morning. we have in delays, in construction to talk about. it is a nice ride on the schuylkill, keep in mind in the neighborhood to the right of your screen that is martin luther king drive shut down through parkway, montgomery drive for recreational activities. kelly drive is closed between strawberry mansion and hunting park avenue for regatta moving traffic cam at 202 at allendale road in king of prussia in delays or problems on 202 here or throughout the area. 202 is in good shape. on to the ben franklin bridge mid span volume picking up on the ben franklin bridge
8:51 am
definitely getting busier but we have no delays or problems further up 42 admiral sill son boulevard and 676 all look okay. that is the the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm and evans and now here's leslie van arsdal with "eyewitness sports". after an unbelievable season villanova's magical run comes to an end against nc state. the wildcats just seemed off from the very beginning of this one to the game, time winding down in the the first half trever lazy hit a three pointer at the the buzzer which is huge and nc state takes a four-point lead at the half. villanova had a rough night nc state just so strong. malik abuy with the huge slam, villanova did make a late charge but was not enough. nc state with the upset beating number one seedville 'nova and here is coach jay wright on the tough loss. >> there is not a lot you can say. you tug them tell them you love them tell them you are
8:52 am
proud of them and then you tell them in the short term we just got to deal with this right now. everybody is hurting. there is no lessons tops talked b lets support each other, support our brothers and try to get through this day because it is shocking. but it is life. it is part of what you lay it all out there on the line and when you lay it all out there and awe expect to be successful and you are no the it hurt. >> reporter: he was known as concrete charlie a nickname that define one of the toughest players in eagles history. born in bethlehem he was old school foot wall at its best playing 14 seasons in philadelphia dominating on both sides of the ball. chuck bednarik was part of the the two franchise championship in 1949 and 1960. the voice of the eagles merrill reese said he was one the of the most toughest and feared players to ever wear an eagles jersey. >> he was fashion nate. he played the game with the
8:53 am
lustt. he loved to play football. he was a guy who absolutely hated the man who line up across from him. he was about to demolish anybody in his way, and after the game he was a sportsmen. would shake hand. he could be your best friend but when he was between the lines he was ferocious. when i think of chuck bednarik i think of mr. eagle, mr. number one of all time. >> chuck bednarik dead at the age of 89. but his legacy will live on forever, as one of philadelphia's best football players. leslie van arsdal "eyewitness sports". well, in pressure here, right? president obama just watching from the stand as he played for march madness yesterday. he watched lady tigers of princeton beat green bay in college park maryland. the president's niece leslie robinson plays for princeton yeah. that ups the pressure a bit but it looks like they still came away with the win good
8:54 am
for them we will be right back. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes. buying used cars is all we do... all makes and models... no dealership pressure. we'll even settle your loan or lease. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now at
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all right. lets get one last look at this forecast. >> let's judge this book by its cover, all right, because it looks better than what it will read today. we've got blue skies over ben franklin bridge. really pretty start to the day through the philadelphia area and it looks lovely at the shore as well. if you like to get out when it is cool you can do that. the the sunnies out. temperatures are not up, however. we found them in the 50's yesterday. today back down in the 40's. maybe we will get to 44 degrees. feel more like the 30's with the 25 miles an hour wind. tonight we will hit low 20's tomorrow our highs only in the lower 40's and we will stay in the 40's on tuesday, wednesday we are at 53. thursday 62 with you some showers come in sound g you know you are always posting on facebook being twitter and lots of people climbing n we appreciate that when we hear from you this morning. posted aboutville know of, march sadness a if you replies. the path trick hughes says it
8:57 am
was a great season. another from alfred spencer who said villanova need to be encouraged from the great run they have had. an amazing season. the lit disappointing end. >> but you have to look at whole journey and realize they did a great thing. >> they encourage everybody. >> thanks for weighing in or facebook and twitter. we always appreciate hearing from you. that is "eyewitness news" for now we are signing off on television but we are always on line cbs sunday morning with charles osgood is up next. make it a great day. >> bye-bye.
8:58 am
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> osgood: good morning i'm charles osgood this is "sunday morning." first, spring. those of us looking forward to warmer temperatures spend more time outdoors. why the american rocket man the mission which he's about to embark going to involve an awful lot of time indoors. david pogue will be reporting our cover story. >> this is what we use


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