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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 23, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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several cars broke mean overnight in the rhawnhurst neighborhood of philadelphia. the thieves were targeting airbags. this is the knot first time it's happened, either. good morning i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm diana rocco in for ukee washington overnight. senator ted cruz the first candidate to announce he's running for president, and did he it in a very unique way. >> let's get a check of our traffic and weather together. >> i know a loft are you wondering where the heck is spring, why isn't it here yet coming in with nice warm air that's prolonged. well, it is one of those situations, guys we are just stuck unfortunately with these waves of cool air that keep on coming in. so that's where we start the week off. but there is a nice little warming trends down the road, jess. we are talking about temperatures that actually even get into the 60s for at least a day.
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so, a look ahead and we'll talk about it. >> definitely something to look forward to, this morning it is feeling cold, but the good thing it is dry and we have really not a lot going on on the majors. this is the schuylkill expressway right around conshohocken westbound, our taillights eastbound headlight, everything moving along just fine. we are going to check in with mass transit. we have few spots with some road work we will cough -- cover in just a second. >> back to the developing story. airbags stolen right out of cars in northeast philadelphia. >> nos the first time this has happened. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live at the scene in rhawnhurst for us this morning. with details good morning jan. >> reporter: diana, erika, good morning talk about adding insult to injury, monday is already tough enough. just about half dozen drivers in this area monday is going to be even worse. they'll come out to their cars and notice this, the driver side win shield smashed in some cases the airbag ripped right from the steering wheel. that's what at least five people here in rhawnhurst are
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dealing with this morning. police say five cars here in this neighborhood were broken into overnight resulting in the theft of three airbags. couple of cars were located in the 2,000 block of heartel avenue, others few blocks away located near hair tell and front knack. all late model hondas, sounds familiar? just earlier this month, nine late model hondas broke mean in the same area. airbags are hot commodity on the black market. according to the national insurance crime bureau, airbag can cost a thousand dollars or more from legitimate dealer over repair shop, but only cost 50 to 200 bucks on the black market. so thieves get just pennies to the dollar but their victims will have to pay a hefty pricement back out here on scene you see they have to replace the airbag and replace the broken window. police of course are investigating. we've seen quite a few police officers patrolling in this area alone and of course,
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northeast detectives is on the case. anyone with information should call police. we are reporting live in rhawnhurst, jan carabeo cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. gunman shot and killed by another customer inside a west philadelphia barber shop. it happened at the bash he shop 600 block of north preston street in mantua before 3:00 yesterday. investigators tell us a man got into an argument with another man inside and started shooting. then another customer pulled out his gun and shot the armed man. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. >> it was just legal gun permit carrier, he responded and i guess saved a lot of people in there. >> no one else was injured and no criminal charges have been filed. >> 5:33, we check in with katie to get our forecast. winner coat just not getting a break. >> if you thought you would be able to put it away for the season not so fast, at least here in the northeast we can't
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catch a break. i think what adds little bit of instill injury for us, basically, the rest of the country has had a chance to moderate on the thermometer nicely, and for us we keep getting pulses of cold air that keep coming in that's why we've had a loft ups and downs. alone in this here in the delaware valley. for having to still deal with the chill. outside we go to atlantic city down the shore in general nice calm, quiet little hint after breeze out there so when we get next to storm scan3 that will be evident. you can see the movement. clouds out there noise -- flows out of the north, hint of breeze, it is chilly so you have to be ready for that. >> i know this isn't something you want to look back on, but i show this just to give you highlight of what happened over the course of the winter. if it felt generally colder to you for reason, it was colder than average january
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february, certainly thus far this month in december, do you remember the nice spike we had? pretty mild. at least to a kick start of the meteorological season of winner initially but that just went away, didn't it? 28 degrees currently outside the airport, 25 in trenton chilly start up and down the shore point too at or generally below the freezing mark or maybe slightly above t but the point is it is colder than average. be ready for that. at best top off low 40's down the shore as well as in philadelphia. today up in the pocono we expect full sunshine, but do you have factor in the chill. there will be trade off with every day of this forecast. by mid week the trade off mild air for wet weather. probably trade off a lot of lust gladly take. >> nice weather favorite weather. everything moving along great so far. we don't really have a lot of volume on a lot of the major
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not really a pot of problems, out in conshohocken, everything moving great eastbound, over on 95, right around cottman avenue, volume headed through the work zone everything moving just fine into center city. new jersey the 42 freeway everything moving just great here. as we take a fly from depford headed northbound, up into the walt whitman bridge, speaking of bridges everything moving great, there as well. on the walt whitman bridge, headed east or westbound, in or out of the city, you currently have no problems there. if i can actually advance this map, i don't know if my producer chris over there can forward for me. there go. walt whitman bridge east or westbound no problems, no problems on the betsy ross or the ben as well head in the or out of the city. currently for our travel times you can see like i said earlier, real quiet 202 northbound about 13 minute, # minutes on 422 from 202 into oaks if you are headed westbound, diana back to you. >> business news this morning the best state to retire.
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>> and the latest on the lumber and liquidate ores investigation. money watch's jill wagner at the new york torque stock exchange with those stories and more, good morning jill. >> good morning, new york senator charles shooter asking the consumer product safety commission to investigate whether lumber liquidate ores is safe he want the floors recalled if needed, 60 minutes report found the floors contained high levels of formaldehyde which caution cents cancer. lumber liquidate ores insists the floors are safe, even offered free test cuts to customers. more on wall street, stocks opened following strong finish on friday, the dow jumped 169 points, the nasdaq was up 34 cloe closing at highest level this 15 years now? striking distance of record high, which was reached in march of 2,000. at the height of the. com bubble gucci getting into the wearable technology game. designers collaborate withing will i am on wearable smart
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band consideration make phonecalls and text and play music, they say it is both fan recall, tech logically advanced. still no date when it will be released. many people may dream of retiring in florida or hawaii. how about wyoming? looking at the states with the best to require, based on taxes, cost of living healthcare and the weather wyoming one followed by colorado utah, idaho and virginia. new york ranks in the bottom five. erika, diana? colorado i understand, wyoming in. >> must be going by cost of living. you get a ranch you move throughout with your family, be happy right? >> thanks so much. see you later this morning. >> happening today new jersey governor chris christie orders allstate builds togs fly flags at half staff. captain shaw, a decorated and
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dedicated marine, is a native of basking ridge, new jersey. shaw was assigned to special operations command when he lost his life during a training exercise off the coast of florida. the first major candidate to announce his intentions in campaign 2016 did so overnight thanks to twitter. ted cruz will make more formal announcement. susan macinnis shows us he might be the first but he definitely won't be the last. >> hours before what was expected to be his official announcement, at virginia's liberty university, texas republican ted cruz took to twitter to announce his bid to the white house. >> help make america great again. >> the tweet posted shortly after midnight include in the campaign video with message to voters. aids reportedly say his re morning today. in 2013 cruz gain note or eye
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at this when he famously delivered a 21 hour long filibuster on the senate floor, in a attempt to de-fund president obama's healthcare law some democrats are already blasting his, on appearance on nbc meet the president california governor jerry brown, who ran for president three times called cruz unfit to run. particularly, because of what he called his extreme views on climate change. >> direct false if i case of scientific data. >> cruz's announcement makes him either party to officially throw his hat into the ring. freshman senator will have to set himself apart in a crowded field of republicans, expected to include former florida governor jeb bush, and governor scott walker of wisconsin. over the next few weeks florida senator marco rubio and kentucky senator rhawn paul also expected to launch their campaigns. susan macinnis, cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> congress is seeking answers this morning after about apparent secret service breach that took place outside the white house. house oversight panel is asking the out is he director foreign employees to testify at a hearing tomorrow. there are allegations two senior agent had been drinking and drove into a secure area. >> history has been made in deaf walt, the presbyterian church ordains same sex couple as ministers. kacie clark porter and her wife holly clark port remember ordain yesterday afternoon at first and central presbyterian church in wilmington. church members say that they believe these women are the first same sex couple to be ordaned jointly. earlier this month approved same sex marriages in its constitution. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning isis appears to have released a hit list for about 100 military members of the united states military and they're calling on americans to kill the people listed. also, meet the newest post
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of the late late show. i sat down with james cordon for details on his new show it, premiers tonight. >> if you are just getting up with us this morning, it is cold out there. katie hasas a check of your forecast coming up next. stay with us. here's to the explorers. those diagnosed with cancer who didn't settle for just one opinion on their diagnosis or recommended treatment plan they explored their options. and discovered a new level of empowerment. at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, that's what we do-empower our patients with a comprehensive second opinion. and because time is of the essence, we do it a single one day. explore your options with a one-day second opinion. learn more at
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>> residents of rhawnhurst wake to up damaged cars for
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the second time this month. thieves targeted several hondas for their airbags, same section of town hit by thieves on march 1st. >> police investigating a shooting inside west philadelphia barber shop this morning. investigators say man inside the bar took a shot at a man with a license to carry a gunshot back, hitting the first gunman, then the man died at the hospital. >> and texas republican senator ted cruise the first to declare his candidacy for president. cruz did it via twitter overnight, will make formal announcement later on today. >> five had 44 -- 5:44. time for traffic and weather together. >> a lot of are you up nice and early for us this morning giving us updates. we start thing off to the north, too definitely chilly up in the poconos, keith sending in generally just clear skies up in sailors berg modest breeze, it feels tad cooler out there. very cold, he says, need to wear the layers again today.
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that goes for everybody. you know, always talk about the poconos typically being the coldest spot on the map. generally, that's true. but, you have got 20's pretty much across the board here guys to start things off. twenty-five the temperature that was sent into us, there we go, 25 from rhawn russell he has clear skies in riverside, light wind for him at least. and we go to one more, one of the gold star weather watchers, clear sky last 15 minutes, 27 degrees in middletown and, you know, it is short and sweet cold start for the morning, that's how it will generally stay. at least we break out of the 30's today. at least we have that going for us. but still barely getting into the 40's here. although we do have nice strong dome of high pressure in place and what this strong dome of high pressure will do is actually allow this little disturbance to fizzle away, as it rolls our way. so not going have to worry about that particular piece of energy. rather, the next two days are quiet. but what we do end up with is largest storm system, that bridges tide off with it granted we probably have some
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showers to deal with, maybe even by wednesday night and specially on thursday, that's your wettest day. but also look at this the warmest day talk about a spike. we shoot for the mid 60s maybe even with thunderstorm since we have clash in the atmosphere, then drop it back for you here into the 50's, and another day that far strung he will to break out of the 40's by saturday. so, a lot of ups and downs, it is march what else is new but, jess, no snow. no snow in this forecast. >> i'll take it. >> i'll take it, too i'm with you. >> i will take the rain in it is 65 degrees, no problem with that at all. happen hine day, quiet so far this morning at 5:46. blue route around ridge pike, see volume here headed southbound, but no problems headed northbound, as well. roosevelt boulevard everything moving along great there as women. so southbound lanes at the bottom headed into the schuylkill expressway normally where you see most of the volume. you can see little more there than headed northbound. out in northeast philadelphia, though, we do have an accident on longshore avenue and oxford avenue.
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just watch for some police activity around the scene there. currently for our bridges, no problems headed in or out of the city from the walt, betsy ben, currently for the rest of the majors still real clear. like i said 95 northbound, woodhaven road headed into new jersey, 18 minutes on the schuylkill expressway from the blue route into the vine street expressway eastbound only about 14 minutes there. so no problems. we will definitely keep you updated. don't forget when on the road get updated information about traffic backups with the new cbs philly traffic app. download the app now on itunes or google play. >> thank up, isis has released what appears to be a hit lit -- list of 100 members. us military. on line post is from a group calling itself the islamic state hacking division. it lists personal information of service members including pictures rang, and addresses. cbs news is now identifying those on the list. the group says it is posting this information to urge followers to kill those listed. >> this is exactly the kind of
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tactics that we are starting to see increase, not only here, but in other parts of the world where thesis lamb i can extremist elements are look to go different so-called soft targets. >> in the wake of the threat, military officials are warning service members to be careful about what they post on line so they don't become targets especially, since isis continues to call for these lone wolf attacks. developing now, an un special envoy says yemen is, quote, on the edge of civil war. the shiite rebels who control yemen's capitol in much of the north have now taken over the country's third largest city. they say they plan to take over the entire country the un envoy is urging all parties to step back from the brink and resolve the conflict peacefully. still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news" pizzeria owner makes pope francis' dream come true. >> why he went out of his way to hand deliver this pizza to the pontiff. that story is next.
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>> we have a new set, which is great, which you can see behind me here, that has that one it has a bar in it there. you me? >> very nice. >> look at. that will there is the couch and the desk. and we're going to bring all of our guests out at the same time. >> oh, okay. >> all of our guests will be out together, which i hope will create perhaps some more organic conversation, if you like.
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>> the late late show with james corden premiers tonight on cbs-3 right after david letterman. but i am guessing from you're waking up right now you are probably not up for the late late show, but maybe dvr it. 's great guy. >> 5:53, check in with katie and get our forecast. >> certainly what i always do. you can be a day late with some of these late shows. >> still fun. >> i absolutely. so that said, you know, as we look ahead to the rest of the day today and the week itself, it will be one of those things where each day bridges one of two things. it is sunny and coal or it is damp and a little milder. let me start you off by taking you out to one of the live neighborhood network cameras. the campuses up there at broads heads ville, it is cold. so you can understand and assume we would be looking at sunshine here based on what we just said. 20 degrees chilly start quiet storm scan, though, that's thousand will stay today and tomorrow for that matter. a lock at the current winds speeds, not terrible, very modest breeze, if that, is all you're going to find.
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but, we struggle to even just get into the 40's today. and we will get there again tomorrow. so still about ten below the average for the next two days, come wednesday however we start to spike. warmfront moves through. bridges in some clouds. possibly even couple of showers along the way too we keep an eye on the possible, along with that again little trade off. basically with every single passing day. jess we send over to you. >> thanks, katie. good morning happy monday. 5:53 outside on the schuylkill expressway, things moving along just fine, you can see if you are headed westbound, around city avenue, king of prussia area, eastbound lanes moving along just fine, as well. no problems really for the lent of the ben franklin bridge. you can start to see some volume. all lanes open headed westbound into the city. no problems, no problems headed into jersey, as well, all lanes open there. out in northeast philadelphia, though, we do have an accident at longshore avenue at oxford avenue. as for septa route 11, route 13, trolleys are operate withing delays, due to earlier accident. right around island and woodland avenue. but for the rest of the mass
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transit, great alternate so far for today septa, matco speed line, all running on time no reported delays. stay there right back i
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>> one of pope francis' one fan of pope frantz is went out of his way to make the pontiff's wish come true. >> the pope said he missed being able to go out there and get pizza unnoticed so pizzeria decided to help him out during visit to the sit. get there is the owner jumped over the fence and then hands
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the the pizza to the pope as he drove by. there he goes. >> the colors, yellow, and white, are a vatican flag. now that? runs up, hands him the pizza. >> that's what i call service. >> no kidding. >> i'm sure the pope lovers that. >> still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", tony danza will join us, talking about important event in philly tonight. plus live with the developing story, thieves smash car windows and steel airbags overnight. this is not the first time this has happened in this neighborhood. >> using bacteria to help in the fight of the battle of the buldge. more on n that coming up in the health watch. we'll be right back.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning developing right now airbag thieves strike again in northeast philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now, at the scene, in rhawnhurst with the latest, so frustrating jan good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning there is isn't your typical smash and grab, but it is happening more and more, not only nationwide, but specifically in this neighborhood. this is the second time in one month that thieves have targeted rhawnhurst, targeted honda's, and targeted the airbags inside. not a way you want to wake up in the morning to fine your driver side window smashed out and in some of the cases the airbag ripped right from the steering wheel. but that's what at least five drivers here in this neighborhood are cooling with, this morning. police say, five cars, here in rhawnhurst, were broke mean overnight resulting in the theft of three airbags. cup old of cars were located in the 2,000 block of heartel avenue, others few blocks away where we're located at heart he


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