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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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e it, ever so slightly, and enough to be able to get some we havery machinery on there and pull it back out on to a solid surface. but so far no luck that plane is still very much stuck. it is hike any vehicle that gets stuck in the patch of mud, except about 70 tons heavier. monday airport crews, mechanics, engineers, contractors, and air national guard, spent most of the day trying to remove this air bus a319, there the ground. sunday night orlando bound frontier flight 1435 was traveling a at low speed, down a taxiway at new castle airport. about 9:30 airline officials say that the pilot veered off course from the concrete surface to a patch of grass. both nose gear and right main gear sank engine hanging inches from the ground. representatives from frontier airlines would not comment on how the accident happened but released a statement saying quote the safety of our customers and crew is always
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has been the the the first priority and frontier is cooperating with local and federal authorities in investigating what occurred. there were 105 passengers and five crew members on board, no one was hurt. the passengers, including several families with young children were given hotel vouchers overnight and boarded a second flight to orlando, on monday after noon. and pack live here one last look at crews trying to figure out a solution to get that plane out of the mud. once they have lifted it out of the mud and on to a flat surface the hope is they can toe to a local hanger, their state local federal officials have an investigation into why this all happen in the first place. it bears repeating got news here is nobody on board that plane was hurt and this has not disrupted flights whatsoever. we are reporting live, from new castle era port steve pather on for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we have all been there steve, thanks very much. developing news right now there has been a head on crash
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in mayfair that has left two young people in the hospital and in critical condition. we are told those two were riding on a a mote the or cycle southbound on harwthorn street when they were collided with an suv. both were taken to the aria health/torresdale. chopper three over a scene where a car crashed in the house. it is 800 block of summit a avenue in prospect park delaware county. it happened around 4:00 this afternoon. there is no word at this point on any injuries but we are continuing to follow that developing situation. also in delaware county tonight police are searching for a robbery us peck who held up a gas station and then ran down a man with his car while making his getaway this happened just before 10:00 along the the 3300 block of market street in upper chichester. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live with more alexandria? >> reporter: good evening. we now have the name of the victim hoist also the got smart tan here, his name is mark moyer, a friend of the
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store own shore risked his own life trying to catch a criminal. a according to the owner of the shell station on the 3300 block of market street the good samaritan in this case is also a good friend who sits and talks with him inside the store daily. that is what he a says they were doing when this man entered with a knife. we had an actor white male who went in the shell station and produced a large knife and requested the owner of the store to hand over money. >> reporter: so he did and suspect ran out with less than $150. that is when the the owner says his friend mark moyer ran after the the man. >> they got the in the altercation with him out in the parking lot. >> reporter: upper chichester police said altercation led to the suspect running over the good samaritan with his car. >> front and rear tire went over him. >> reporter: this person who does in the want to be shown works across the street e saw the hit and run and rushed to help moyer. >> gentlemen who was stuck under the car, car then presided to go overtop of him and then took off down the
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road. >> reporter: moyer's injuries were non-life threatening. police say they commend his actions but don't conn down them. >> we don't want people to do that. we would rather call 911. i will say he is courageous for doing that. >> reporter: again, this is a photo of the man they are looking for. they believe he is dangerous and may be driving a 2005 to 2011 role ohio v50. anyone with any information should contact police. the reporting live from delaware county tonight alexandria hoff for cbs-3. >> thanks very much. gas leak in the mount holly neighborhood forcedded more than 50 people to evacuate their homes. chopper three over that scene in the 400 block of kirby court shortly afternoon time today. pse and good -- g struck a gas line forcing 50 to 60 people to evacuate to a nearby school, they have since repaired the damage to that gas line. a raging barn fire kept crews busy this afternoon in burlington county.
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chopper three over that two alarm fire in the 26,000 block of mount pleasant road in mansfield, new jersey. it took fire fighters about a hour to get those flames under control. we are told no one was injured and got news is there were no animals inside that barn. a mob, attacks a passenger on a philadelphia a subway and it is all caught on tape. this attack from last thursday shows a small mob approaching and pummeling a man waiting for a train the on the walnut locust platform. as the victim tried to runaway the crowd continues beating and punching him. philadelphia police say that victim was treated for only minor injuries but they are looking for the the suspects if you know who they are, they ask to you call 911. more video from chopper three over west chester university campus where police are investigating three separate assaults, two off campus and one on campus. they all happen last week n2 instances students were a approached on the street the
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by men who demanded money. the other involved a sexual assault. police are encouraging students in west chester to be on alert. to weather now it definitely did not feel like spring this morning. the most of us are waking up to temperatures in the 20's but before the week is over those temperatures will be rising and by quite a bit. meteorologist kathy orr is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with the first look at the forecast, hi kathy. >> maybe i'll get rid of my winter coat, i don't know. not so fast this spring season. we are looking at cold temperatures again tonight but we will be on the rise toward the end of the week. look at storm scan three we have a clear sky but look at that, snow over ohio. the good news this is moving toward the south east and it is expected to make tonight to baltimore and washington possibly crossing the eastern shore with a dusting in dover overnight tonight. we will keep an eye on. that we are just talking about cold temperatures. for the the the rest of us a
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few cloud. forty-three in philadelphia, 39 in allentown only 27 in the poconos keeping that ski season going. the the average high is 55 degrees for this time of the year. we are 12 degrees below normal. future temperatures show tomorrow morning we are in the 20's throughout most of the region by the afternoon warming backup in the 40's. so another chilly day a across the the region. even wednesday morning in the 20's and the 30's. but coming up we will talk about showers returning to the forecast chasing 70 in the seven day ape chilly even to the month of march. looking forward to april on this sky deck. the that is a look for weather for now back to you. >> looking forward to getting rid of the winter coat kathy, thanks very much. today justice department released a report on the philadelphia police department and use of deadly force. it followed a request made by commissioner charles ramsey after a surge in officer involved shoot initial 2013. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live at police
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headquarters with more on that report walt. >> reporter: chris, when you talk to veteran officers the the decision to open fire with their guns is often one that officers have to make in a few terrifying seconds. now you this new study suggesting new policies planning, training that will help cut down on the amount of time that officers in must use that deadly force. concern about scenes like these where officers used deadly force, commissioner charles ramsey back in 203, invited a special department of justice unit to look into officer involved shootings in philadelphia. those findings, now made public in this 174 page report. >> we have identified 48 finings that do identify what we would call serious deficienciness key areas. >> reporter: study makes 91 recommendations to improve deadly force policies, training and practices. >> we will examine fully this report and work on realistic
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approach for implementation of the recommendations as quickly as possible. >> reporter: by far highest percentage of those shot 80 per september were african americans. the the study stating it is clear that the black community is disproportionately impacted by extreme violence involving the the the police. these interactions have caused significant strive and distrust. >> well, about 85 percent of our homicide victims are african-american, 58 percent of the people that do the homicide are african-american. >> leaving the press conference, ramsey passed demonstrators in which the department and district attorney's office found officers acted properly. and, tait-brown's cousin reacted to the report's findings. >> it really was everything that we already knew. we know there is a major issue concerning black and brown people and powe lease. >> reporter: the number of officer involved shootings
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here is actually down from 58 in 2012, to 30 in 2014. coming up at 6:00 when we rejoin you more from this report on additional recommendations on cutting down on the use of deadly force. live at police headquarters i'm walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> looking forward to hearing more about that, walt, thanks very much. seven jewish children kill in the house fire in brooklyn over the weekend have been raid to rest in israel. mourners packed a memorial service in jerusalem for sasoon children age five to 16. in a tearful eulogy their fat are described how his wife, burned jumped from the second floor window in search for help. she remains in critical condition tonight along with the couple's 14 year-old daughter. investigators believe a hot plate that was left on likely sparked saturday's deadly flames. still to come on "eyewitness news" first out of the gate texas senator ted cruz announced his run for the the white house. we will have more from the tea
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party favorite on getting a head of the republican field. also mo'ne davis takes action we will tell you how the little league star is responding after a local college team kick off an athlete for posting an offensive tweet about her. not all reward credit card are created equal, three on your side jim donovan will tell us about some that may be scaling back on their
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the senator from texas ted cruz made it official today he is running for president. cruz kick off his campaign at
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a christian university in virginia. cbs news correspondent craig boswell has more. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz says conservative christians should rise up and restore promise of america. >> that is why to day i'm announcing that i'm running for president of the united states. >> reporter: he made the formal announcement at liberty university a evangelical christian college. forty-four year-old republican laid out his vision for the next administration calling for a flat tax, securing borders, and ending president obama's health care law. >> imagine in 2017 a new president, signing legislation repealing every war of obama care. >> reporter: senator cruz gained national attention in 2013 leading a 16 day government shut down as he urged congress to cut off money for the the health care law. cruz, a tea party favorite, and first major candidate in the 2016 race not only
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criticized president obama but took aim at likely g.o.p. challengers. >> imaginary peeling every word of common core. >> reporter: jeb bushies a defender of the education initiative former florida governor with kentucky senator rand paul, wisconsin governor scott walker and several others are expect to join cruz in the coming months in the crowded field for the republican nomination. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". fun campaign. well, from frequent flier miles to cash back, a lot of shoppers have credit card that give something in return for spend bug not all are created equal. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan tells us about a survey that find one category of credit card may be stalling when it comes to benefit. >> reporter: using a credit card with loyalty reward from a fast lean chain may seem like a good idea but new survey, says benefits are dwindling. credit found an average apr or annual
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percentage rate of 24.14 percent across the 20 largest gasoline credit cards. that is compared to an average of 15 percent for general purpose cards. a money ways ter for anyone carrying a ballot gasoline card from one month to the next. they also found the process of obtaining benefits attached to the card in the the so straightforward. six of the 20 required a minimum monthly purchase before any reward kick in, another six capped off reward after a certain point. consumers may find they get more benefits when they use a general credit card with a cash backbone us at the gas pump. now report did site a few good uses for gasoline credit card, among them using credit card as a building tool for those without a lot of experience using credit and like more card they have an introduction bonus for new years. >> take advantage of these award. >> reporter: not on the gas card because obviously and, you know, key thing is as long
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as you are paying it off every month, as long as you pay it off it that is interest rate 23 percent that is ridiculous. you need your head examined for that one. >> take advantage what you can. jim, thanks very much. always good to see you. how much homework is too much homework. still to come amount researchers say gets the very best results. a restaurant pulls off the the ultimate delivery of pizza to the pope while he is riding in the pope mobile, it is all caught, and we will show it the to you, beasley. nfl owners meeting is underway in phoenix several rules changes on the table. several fans will celebrate one big switch. i will tell you why it won't affect eagles fans coming up in sports.
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well, kathy is back from outside, a very sunny day but still a little will bit chilly. >> definitely need your winter coat or fleece. >> but sunnies nice it makes things better. >> most of the snow if not all has melted ape weekend is decent. we cannot complain that much. guess how long it is until opening day. >> in the long. >> not long at all. take a look outside citizens bank park. this is our bank cam. >> it looks good. >> you can see field is ready, skies are beautiful and it is not long at all, as a matter of fact, chris if you had to
5:21 pm
take a guess how many days do you think. >> is it somewhere in the studio. >> less than 20. >> fourteen days. >> yes. >> crowd goes wild. fourteen days home opener phils take on the red sox. good thing it is not at fenway, monday april 6th and it will be a beautiful day, we hope, it is tough, usually those opening days are the not the best weather-wise. we deserve it. live neighborhood network takes us to palmyra cove nature center and across delaware and city it is a decent afternoon with temperatures in the 40's with west northwest wind and they are picking up ape, the wind last hour, out of the northwest at 7 miles an hour. wind sustain at 18. breezy, and still please a ant with that strong march sunshine. in allentown 15 miles an hour and, 11 miles an hour. we are keeping an eye on this patch of precipitation over ohio. it is moving south and east, so baltimore washington, has
5:22 pm
a weather advisory, you have to say yes you may see snow overnight but nothing of consequence. if it continues to stay together it could make it to dover perhaps a dusting overnight, that would be it for our region. in philadelphia the temperatures 43. in millville 42. dover 42. poconos 27. holding on to that snow pack. you can see throughout the north east, northern plains cold but warmth is building in the south. if you are going spring breaking down through florida temperatures in the 80's where they should this be time of the year. you can see temperatures in the region with the sunshine keeping it comfortable throughout the evening with the clear skies, and then by tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. we will see some cloud approach but then it is wednesday and we are looking at showers. the showers move in during the day wednesday afternoon and then it is just cloudy for wednesday afternoon, some rain also thursday with our warming temperatures. we will get a break tomorrow before we see clouds and the rain. so overnight we will see a few
5:23 pm
clouds low of 26. during the day tomorrow partly sunny, quiet, high of 46. on the three day forecast we will see showers wednesday afternoon, more showers thursday afternoon but temperatures sore well in the 60's with strong southeasterly wind. we will have rain less than an inch though and even chance of then that are would be first time this spring. the that is a look at 39 day forecast, we will be back with the cooler weekend forecast next half an hour, we will be right back wi hmm... fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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we invite to you join cbs-3 and cw philly tomorrow for ronald mcdonald house charities phone bank, money you donate will comfort sick children and their families. ronald mcdonald house provide
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a home away from home while children get medical attention they need. the phone banks starts at 6:00 a.m. and runs until 8:00 o'clock tomorrow night. we hope you will join us for a very special day. nfl owners meetings underway in phoenix with the teams considering several rules changes for 2515. they will drop the blackout rule this season. doesn't affect philadelphia because eagles sellout every contest but there are nfl cities where the games were not televised because tickets were available. jeffery lurie will talk about the eagles changes tomorrow from phoenix. chip kelly speaks on wednesday. here's eagles great ron jaworski on the eagles moves. >> i believe chip kelly felt the team wasn't poised to win a worlds championship which would be the goal to hoist vince lombardi trophy have the parade down broad street and he felt like he didn't have have horse toes get job done so he decided to make changes. i applaud that courage.
5:27 pm
but we will find out come fall if these are the right moves. >> it was media day for ron's philadelphia soul arena football team. they kick off sunday night in orlando. last season soul finish nine-nine and wasn't good enough a run so he made changes to the roster and coaching staff with one goal in mine. >> our goal, it is to hoist the jim foster trophy symbolic of the championship in the arena football league. this is a good young team a aggressive team. we will have fun playing. we will bring a winner to philadelphia. >> ron and chip just mixing things up, making changes so we can get a title here. >> all about championship that is the goal. >> thanks very much. still to come here in the next half an hour residents on alert after air bag thieves strike again. we will tell you all bit. new hope for children born deaf, meet a three-year old, who hear her mom voice for the very first time. an act of kindness from
5:28 pm
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i'm chris may, here are the day's top stories for you
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you crews continue to work to free a frontier airlines jet stuck in the mud in new castle airport in delaware. that plane got stuck yesterday while taxiing for take off. it was bound for orlando. do you recognize this man? he is accused of robbing a shell gas station in upper chichester delaware county and then running down a customer as he made his getaway. the fortunate willly that customer was not seriously injured. philadelphia police want to know if you recognize any face necessary this surveillance video that shows a mob attack that took place on the walnut locust platform of the broad street line last week. the victim was not seriously injured. kathy? chris, in weather we're talk big a writ of changes. we have a mid week surge surgeon in temperature but we will see that wet weather make a return with some rain a good deal of it, and then here we go again a cold blast for last weekend in march. it will be easy to say good bye to this month. ill will's have details in the seven day forecast later in
5:32 pm
the broadcast. >> kathy, thanks very much. unfortunate case for deja vu for car owners in a northeast philadelphia neighborhood. vandals strike for second time in the month smashing windows and ripping air bags from cars. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao spokes to residents in rhawnhurst about these bold thefts. >> i looked out to only see two guys with a flashlight near my car and i screamed to my husband joe, someone is trying to take our care. >> reporter: rude, awakening for half dozen drivers in rhawnhurst monday morning. up before the sun only to find their driver side window smashed and in many cases their air bag rip right from the steering wheel. >> he ran down the steps and hit panic button and by the time he came down, they were gone. >> reporter: when keyhoes sounded the alarm they likely saved their neighbors. you can see thieves were able to get in but didn't get out with the goods. but police say three were stolen a after being broken in to at least five cars near
5:33 pm
hartel avenue near front knack street. >> it is unfortunate. turf replace the window. >> reporter: target turned out to be late model honda to remove their air bag. not their typical smash and grab but growing nationwide and especially in rhawnhurst. this is second time this month that thieves hit the neighborhood. on march 1st police were investigating air bag thefts in nine cars. >> it is a sad situation you cannot leave your car park out front these days. >> reporter: air bags are a hot commodity on the black market according to the national insurance crime bureau, they cost a thousand dollars or more from a legitimate retailers. thieves will sell them to a couple hundred bucks on the black market n rhawnhurst jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". is there new information today in the case of that reported gang rape at the university of virginia. today police there said they cannot confirm the incident ever took place. it was described in great detail in the rolling stone
5:34 pm
magazine article from 2014. this story described the gang rape of the student identified only as jackie at phi kappa a fraternity house in, 202 but police fine goes don't match what has been said and reported. >> so, this case is not closed, it is not closed by any stretch of the imagination but suspend ed until such time that we are able to gather more information or such time until someone comes forward and provides with us more information. >> the accuser who has only been identified as jackie, did not cooperate rate with investigators, soon after rolling stone published that article discrepancy where is found in the magazine later apologized. robert durst was back in a new orleans courtroom today fighting for his release and former nfl player darren sharper's stunning plea deal. the the insiders's lucy ageara joins us from l.a. with both on those cases. >> reporter: plea deal nobody saw coming from darren sharper but let's begin with robert
5:35 pm
durst who was hoping to be freed tonight after his day in court today in louisiana. louisiana court deemed durst a flight risk denying the accused killer bail. this is on the heels of his attorney arguing his arrest was illegal and issued to coincide with the final episode of the hbo documentary the jinks where durst mutters an alleged confession. accused of killing his friend in 2,000 durst spent last week in the prison's mental health unit. his attorneyes claiming serious medical problems could affect his potential trial. >> he has had hydro even self lights and has a shunt in his brain. he had esophageal cancer. i'm not a doctor. there are serious things. >> reporter: super bowl champ darren sharper plead guilt the toy rape. the saints i havety and nfl all pro charged with drugging and raping nine women in four states pled guilty to the arizona and nevada sexual
5:36 pm
assault charges today and no contest to charges in kalas part of the the global resolution deal to resolve all case's begins him. a global plea deal means that sharper will get to serve all four sentences simultaneously and nine different victims in four states will be spared having to endure a trial. >> our legal insider darren on the ultimate penalty sharper is facing. >> given the nature of these charges he will do nearly a decade behind bars. >> reporter: darren will be able to serve all four sentences the at the the same time and likely save him more than two decade behind bars. chris, back to you. louie, in hollywood for us. for more on those stories check out the insider tonight at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. mo'ne davis is asking bloomsberg university to reinstate the baseball player who sent out a derogatory tweet about her this past weekend. first base man joey castlebury used an offensive word chris
5:37 pm
citing the news that the disney channel was planning a movie about mo'ne davis. the tweet made reference to taney's lost to nevada in last um isers lit league world series. davis camp sent an e-mail to the president of the bloomsberg that read in part while i admit i was hurt when i read his comment i felt sad that he was dismissed from the team. i hope you will give him a second chance and allow him to play. bloomsberg university responded saying that mo'ne's request demonstrates the type of person that she is, her level of maturity and empathy that her family and coach teach her. the bloomsberg university stand firm on our decision however, his consequences will be reviewed as is common in disciplinary actions like this. this story is generate ago lot of buzz on social media where else? join the conversation about it if you connect with us on facebook and twitter you can do just that. use the hash tag cbs-3 chat.
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pennsylvania senator bob casey is pushing for universal prek today. senator visited parent infant center on locust street in philadelphia. senator casey introduced a universal prek bill in the senate that he calls the prepare all kid act. >> kid lower than more now they will in fact earn more later. that is just not a nice rhyme but it is the truth. >> senator casey says that his bill puts special focus on the children and families with incomes below the federal poverty level as well as for kid with special need. still to come here on "eyewitness news" an exciting moment for a three-year old girl who hears her mom's voice for the very first time. our health reporter stephanie stahl is on your side with a new device that is giving hope to children born deaf. how do you deliver a pizza to the pope. >> see how one restaurant gave the pontiff a slice of heaven after learning about his
5:39 pm
craving. >> he got pretty close. we are talking about cold temperatures for now but temperatures will be soaring with a mid week warm up, you will not want to miss. details coming up a as "eye
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5:42 pm
well, president obama announced 240 million-dollar in pledge funding for stem education at fifth annual white house science fair. stem is the study of science technology engineering and had math. the president also celebrated student winners of various competition is a cross the country today calling their bright mind critical to the nation's future. >> they remind us that there is always something more to learn and to try and to discover, and to imagine and it is never too early or too late to creator discover something new you. >> this years fair focused on diversity, the president says he hopes the new stem funding will inspire students from under represented groups. new study from the american siege lome logical association says more homework is not necessarily better.
5:43 pm
researchers found that just one hour of homework a day is enough when it comes to math and science. study looked at 8,000 teenagers, researchers say performance on homework actually drops after 90 minutes. we will be right back.
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just a few hours there abby new face joining the late night line up here on cbs-3. late late she with jammed corden debuts after the late show with dave letterman. james gave us a look at his new studio. >> we have a new set, which is great, which you can see behind me here. it has a bar in it there you can see. and as lou behind me look at that is there couch and the desk. we're going to bring all of our guests out at the same time, all of our gusts will be out together which i hope will create perhaps a more organic conversation if you like. >> smoke surprise james also had some fun with our anchor erika von tiehl. take a look. >> i overheard you saying you wish you could see people were you talking to. i tweet had you a moment ago so i could say hi. >> in, did you not. >> i sure did. >> let me look at this.
5:47 pm
hang on. hang on. >> power of technology right. >> hang on hang on. >> i'm erika von tiehl e von tiehl is the handle. >> i will follow you right now. >> you are a doll. >> i'm following you. >> there we go, erika von tiehl, morning anchor for cbs-3 and cw philly, you are followed, it is done. >> thank you. >> see how easy that is that is amazing. james has nearly 5 million followers of his own on twitter. little bit of background he is 36 years old, married with two young children. he moved to l.a. to get the show started in january but this guy is a house hold name in britain. huge star there, very talented. he starred in the film into the wood and begin again. he won a tone a ward for the comedy one man, two governors on broadway. very talented. we are very excited about him getting started tonight. it all begins well, after
5:48 pm
midnight, the the late late show with james corden premieres tonight on cbs-3 right after the the late show with david letterman. very exciting. now i think erika will have millions more folks right. our eyewitness weather watchers are following the weather and say yes beautiful day, plenty of sunshine but not quite as warm, as we hoped it would be this time of the year. temperature right now 42 degrees reported from bensalem. steve says wind from the northwest at 8 miles an hour south jersey we are looking good, in burlington township 41 degrees, bob says not much win right now, pretty day, nice clear day, but still cold. he sent inta beautiful picture as well of the bridge i want to share on this nice sunny day. looking good. blue skies. quiet on the water. it looks warmer when you are inside looking out. take a look at the the sky cam here of jack frost big
5:49 pm
boulder. you have to love it. still extending the ski season with temperatures only in the 20's in the mountains. on storm scan three we have snow that will be keeping an eye on. it is not making it to atlantic city with temperatures in the 40's but there is a a chance that some could make it down toward eastern shore of maryland baltimore, washington a few snow showers and dover possible ly picking up a few flurries overnight tonight. for rest of us just a few cloud. redding 41. wilmington 42. millville 43. 39 degrees to the north towards allentown. coal to the north and west. better to the south and east. we will see that warm up by mid week per. march is a month that we will not have a problem saying so long to. look at this, today's almost 4 degrees below average. where you see blue first week below average. then a a above average for a stretch through the 17th and then you can see well below average again. we will stay that way pretty much right through the end of the month.
5:50 pm
we will end below normal. once you get 1 degree below normal it is actually a a lot. we are still below normal with high pressure to the north and warm front approaches by wednesday and pushes the warm moist air toward us. we have some showers but temperatures in the 50's. after that we will go even better thursday with temperatures in at least the 60's and some spots pushing 70 degrees. you can see future weather high pressure dominating the weather and then cloud roll in late tuesday. a few showers after the noon hour on wednesday and real warmth moves in thursday with the chance of a few thunderstorms. something we have in the talk b it hasn't been warm enough. we have a mild surge at least for one day as temperatures get very close if not make it to 70 degrees and then turns chilly again toward and over the weekend. overnight increasing cloud low temperature of 26. during the day tomorrow high of 46. we will jump up some 20 degrees with that strong march sunshine. on the exclusive seven day
5:51 pm
forecast wednesday a few showers, more rain thursday but much warmer and then friday okay, saturday chilly sunday high near 50 and by monday milder the high of 54. on the cbs-3 healthwatch a new brain implant is offering hope for children who are born deaf. our health reporter stephanie stahl has more on how the device works. >> reporter: with the help of the brain implant three-year old kennedy steel is herring her mother's voice for the first time. >> yeah. >> reporter: happy tans happened every time researchers stimulated nerves with the implant. >> something i'm looking forward to for a long time. >> reporter: kennedy was born without any nerves, she is within of the small number of deaf children in the u.s. testing auditory brain stem implant that bypasses what is missing in the inner ear. >> early result are quite encourage nothing that we think these kid are getting the information and on a
5:52 pm
trajectory to develop oral language acquisition and oral speech. >> reporter: doctors have successfully used the auditory brain stem implant with older patients, but f.d.a. just approved testing on children. the big unknown is what the brain will do with these new sound. >> is that enough information to allow her to understand speech, to produce speech and to develop language. >> reporter: kennedy's mom says it is exit rate to go see her doubt are respond. >> my family is looking forward to get to go communicate better with her. >> blowing kisses there. helping children here is just part of the equation as doctor said next step will be to see how they understand words and if speech develops but wow what a big development, here your mom's voice for first time when you are three years old. >> a life changer. >> no doubt bit. >> thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness
5:53 pm
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many of us love pizza and pope francis does as well. so much so he le meant had not being able to grab a pie unrecognized since become the pontiff. well, pizza maker in naples decided to take matters in his own hands by hand deliver pizza to the pope in the motorcade. becky anderson has the pictures. >> reporter: he may be proud from air again tuna but the the the man, pope francis does not have italian tastes. when asked in the recent interview what he missed most since taking on top job in the catholic church pontiff replied to some by surprise. the only thing would i like is to go out one day without being recognized a and go to the wrist rhea for a pizza she aid. >> reporter: hearing of the pope's visit to the home of piss city of naples, one
5:57 pm
resident decided to make holy father a's day. >> while i was making pizza a for my clients i heard the pope's car coming. i got ready. while his kara approached i jump over fence and gave him pizza and with a smile he aid thank you. >> as it turns out the the pope isn't the only global icon to save your delights of the family business. pizzeria don ernesto. >> in 1994 my dad did a little pizza a for american president bill clinton. when i got to know the the pope was in town i decided to make him a pizza and give to it him as a gift. >> reporter: end. so is waiting to hear whether pope francis enjoyed the experience but pizza chef has a lot of pride. >> it is hard for me to understand what i imagined to do giving piss awe may with your own hand with your own hand and hand it to the pope. it is hard to val another the gesture for a man we love and value for a beautiful person
5:58 pm
full of humanity. >> reporter: with clientele like this perhaps he can expect a heaven sent boost to his business. becky anderson reporting for us tonight. of course, we have the latest on the pope's upcoming trip to philadelphia head to cbs and click on the papal visit tab. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a suspect is on the loose after a robbery and hit a run in the delaware county gas station. we will tell what you police say that suspect may be driving tonight. also mayhem on a busy subway platform police need your help finding a group of kid behind a wild attack caught on tape. kathy? in the forecast finally turning in for the 70's, we will look at the seven day coming up. and stuck in the mud we will tell you how crewness new castle county airport are trying to pull a plane free.
5:59 pm
now at 6:00 a hit and run suspect is on the loose. police say this man ran down another man outside a delaware county gas station, after sticking up the place. jessica's off tonight good evening, i'm chris may. police say that suspect may be driving a black volvo tonight. this incident all took place right before 10:00 o'clock this morning at a shell station in the 2300 block of market street. that is in upper chichester. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has the latest from upper chichester. it was were 10:00 a.m. when the the owner of this shell station was confronted with this man police say he pulled out a large knife and demanded cash. the the suspect left with under $150. but not so fast. >> got into an altercation with him out in the parking lot. >> reporter: he is talking about a friend named mark moy shore ran after the suspect. >> witness who didn't want
6:00 pm
his face schenn says he saw a fight and then suspect run moyer over with his car. >> we have seen a gentlemen go running out behind another vehicle, and the door was open vehicle backup. >> reporter: suspect then took off leaving the good samaritan with non-life threatening injuries. >> no issues before occasional accident but that is bit. so, you know it is scary. >> i believe he is dangerous. if he has done this once he has done it once before we need to get him off the street. >> reporter: while they commend his good samaritan efforts they don't conn down them. safees thing to do is to call 911. reporting from delaware county alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police are looking for young people involved in the beating of a passenger last week on the walnut locust platform of the broad street line. you can see the group continuing to beat the victim even as he tries to runaway. the man was treated for minor injuries. police are hoping that


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