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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 24, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> right now on "eyewitness news" news at 11:00. smashed windows, stolen air bags and angry drivers. new details how big of a problem these street side smash and grabs are becoming. good evening, i'm chris may. jessica is off night. police tell "eyewitness news" these thieves have now hit multiple neighborhoods in our city and they are still on the loose tonight. it all began this morning when drivers in the rhawnhurst
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section woke up to find smashed windows and missing air bags in their cars and then tonight more evidence from the queen village neighborhood similar break ins occurring there. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in queen village david, these thieves are targeting very specific brand of vehicle. >> reporter: chris specifically hondas and act kuras it's a shame to see this kind of thing but unfortunately it does happen. this is one of the cars hit. this is a hahn today. you can see right now the air bags taken out the wheel has been messed with. you can see the glass on the seat. unfortunately this is something that happened not only here but all around philadelphia. >> i never end countered it before. i was kind of like what the she can going on. >> justin walker says from now on he'll never park his car on the street without having a game plan first he's one of 20 victims in queen village who quickly found out their car windows were smashed and air bags were glob. >> when i call the insurance company they said this is something that has happened before devil, and they can get a lot of money for stealing these
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thing. >> reporter: according to philadelphia police, the queen village heist included 17 hondas and three ab cure rahs. >> i guess trying to make a living some way. that's what you have to do that's pretty sad. >> reporter: experts air bags can be swiped in just seconds and be sold for hundreds of dollars on the black-market. if you're a victim and have to go to the body shop you'll may pay for more than just a new air bag. >> might have to get your door repaired or row placed. you might have to get it painted, sanded, that's a lot of money. >> search intensified overnight after five hahn today's in the rhawnhurst second of the city were also smashed. >> i was thinking about buying a honda. now on my list not to do. >> now, it's good. >> now justin walker will use this club not only to keep his car from getting stolen, but to keep his air bag where it should be. >> i am going to have to pay my deduct tick. i hope they catch whoever did it i can get compensation for it or something. >> reporter: we're learning it's possible a lot of drivers don't even know that their cars have become victims. they have become victims.
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as far as the rhawnhurst police are still looking for suspects in that case. we're also told on march 1st there were nine cars broken into. if anybody has information police want to hear from you. reporting live in queen village david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. there's developing news tonight a threat against president obama's niece prompted increased security at a college basketball game tonight. lesley robinson is a freshman on the princeton university women's basketball team. they were playing at the university of maryland. security was reportedly increased on maryland's campus during that game thanks to threat that came in a phone message that was left at princeton. neither the president nor the first lady attended that game but two supreme court justices were there. new at 11:00 o'clock penn state wants a task force to take a close is sorry look at greek live on campus. that review comes following the suspension of capita delta roh. that fraternity is accused of of
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posting pictures of naked and incapacitateed women in compromiseing positions to a private facebook page. in a statement today penn state's president eric baron said i ask for your understanding as due process proceeds. at the same time i believe we must embark on supplement tea action that will have more long-term impact on the issues we face. next week, i will name a task force to look into fraternity and sorority live at penn state ". well police want students and faculty at west chester yesterday to be on alert. new at 11:00 o'clock "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones details violent attacks that have happened there in just the past week. >> reporter: back to back to back alleged violence crimes including on campus sexual assault as west chester students concerned. >> i was pretty caught off guard much it's so close to campus i wasn't used it to. >> it was surprising. i never heard of -- i never seen anything like it before. >> reporter: students showed
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us text alerts and follow-up e-mails campus threes sent out to them three days in a row. thursday friday and saturday students were assaulted on campus or just off it. thursday night at 10:00, thee suspects demanded money and struck one student. happened just off campus near sharp less and cartilage ton streets. >> when i talked with my roommates we definitely have these conversations like why is this happening so much? let's make sure we're always around each other just in case anything goes wrong report around 11:00 friday night in a campus residential facility, a student reported a sexual assault. >> campus police indicate sexual assault that occurred friday night was not a random attack. that the victim and the suspect knew each other. on saturday night just before midnight a third student says he was hit in the face when he resisted an attempted robbery by two men. it happened a few blocks off campus at east niles street and sharon ally. >> i always usually make sure i have friends with me. i don't like walk anywhere by myself or anything.
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>> reporter: west chester university public safety department is reminding students to be aware of their surroundings and avoid walking alone. the suspect descriptions in the two attempted robberies vary and it's not clear if they're related. so there's no word of any arrests. reporting in west chester chester county, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". more doubt is being cast on a reported gang rape that became the focus of controversial article in rolling stone magazine. that story describe the rape of a university of virginia student described as jackie in 2012. charlottesville police said they cannot confirm the incident ever took place. and their findings so far don't support what was reported. >> so this case is not closed. it's not closed by any stretch of the image nation. it's suspended until such time as we are able to gather more information. or such time until someone comes forward and provides us with
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more information. >> the accuser jackie did not cooperate with investigators. soon after that article was published discrepancies were found and rolling stone apologized. well new tonight this frontier airlines jet is no longer stuck in the mud at the new castle airport in delaware. crews tonight used an air bag to lift a portion of that plane freeing it just enough to be towed back on to pavement. this was the scene though earlier today. the plane became stuck in the mud while taxiing for take off on night to orlando. passengers had to be rebooked. the good news is no one was injured. well philadelphia police are still looking for a gang of young people that attacked a man along the broad street line. the attack on the walnut locust station platform last thursday afternoon was caught on camera and so were the suspects. who continued to beat that victim even as he tried to run away. the man was treated for my nor injuries. if you recognize any of the faces that you see in this video
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video, you're asked to call 911. well this man is the suspect in a robbery that ended in a hit-and-run. in upper chichester police say that the man pulled out a large 95 and demanded money at the shell station on market street this morning. he ran out of the building with about 150 bucks. then ran over a man who came out of the store to try to stop them. fortunately the man who was hit by the car was not seriously hurt. police believe that suspect may be driving a black volvo. the justice department makes close to 100 recommendations to improve the philadelphia police dement. those recommendations come in a report commissioned by police commissioner charles ramsay following a series of police involved shootings in 2013. the study recommends better training and better policies. and equipping more officers with non lethal weapons. it also found that about 80% of suspects in those police involved shootings were black men. >> i think what we're doing here
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today is a start. so you say what can we do now? we're doing it right now. and that is having a press conference and letting people know exactly what's in the report. >> the report also recommends that shootings of unarm suspects be investigateed by independent agencies. isis has publish a hit list with the names and personal information of members of the us military. the majority of those on that list are from the navy and the air force. those are the two branches of the service that have been conducting an air campaign against isis. the first list appeared on a polish website frequently used by isis as a propaganda platform platform. from there though it quickly made its way to youtube with the names home addresses and photographs of 100 u.s. military personnel that isis wants killed killed. new at 11:00 tonight new jersey governor christie reveals when he will make a decision about running for president. we'll tell you all about that and it's not quite spring out there with this winter chill but
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there is warmth on the way. >> um-hmm. >> kathy. definitely cold for now. it will be cold tonight with some flurries moving our way. we'll talk about the chances of how far east these are going to get tonight and when it will warm up. temperatures will be soaring into the seven day. mo'ne davis a making a statement tonight. see her surprising reaction to an insulting tweet want she wants to happen to the person who sent it. there are big new plans for a wawa in the city, and inside of it is something you don't often see. we'll tell you more. >> the countdown is on. the new late late show debuts tonight right here on cbs3 and the new guy behind the desk he's already got a big following in our area. we'll have his store when "eyewitness news" continues. ♪
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>> in a little more than an hour from right now we'll meet the
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new host of the late late show here on cbs3. and check that out. he's got a couple of a list terse for his first guests. that's mila kunis and tom hank on the couch as well a new kind of late night talk show featuring the talents of james corden he arrived in holly rood from the uk and has a following here in philadelphia. >> you may remember james corden from his movie rolls into the woods -- >> don't like that woman. >> or begin again. >> he's also been on broadway winning a tony for his performance in one man two governors. >> if i do get confused easily. >> the arthritic year old actor is a huge star in britain making a name in his 20s in the drama the history boys and co writing and starring in the smash comedy gavin and stacey. >> i love you man. >> i love you. >> he's even been a game show host there. >> but now he's sailing into new territory moving to la with his
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wife and two children to join the late nightclub. >> we have a new set which is great which you can see mind hee that has -- it had a as bar in it there. you see and if you look behind me, look at that, there's the couch and the desk. >> i'm james corden new host of the late late show on cbs. >> it may take an eye catching bit like this for corden to introduce himself to some americans but just mention the name james corden to britt chris bateman. >> i just laughing in my head. >> a waiter at the dandelion in center city bateman predicts corden will be a hit here. >> hilarious funny, charismatic charismatic. somebody you can work to. you guys will love him. i don't see how you can. >> transplanted english businessman silver stone scene what happened when corden goes out in public. >> people will surround him and he'll stop and sign autographs and take selfies.
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>> british born owner gary coleman predicts the same. >> i think he'll be very successful. big buzz with the royal family. the royal baby comes in april. anything in the uk is pretty good. >> corden is leaving up a list guest for his first week at the interview desk. >> we'll bring all our guests out at the same time all our guests will be out together which i hope will create perhaps a more organic conversation if you like. so intent on making the show unpredictable. i hope that we can make a show where you'll turn up and see us every night and you won't always know what's going to happen. >> hey, can you hear me? you can hear me you're in a hybrid. wow. shooting over there in that building pro have id we can work out how i get down. >> well he will get down. and make it to the premier of the late late show with james corden tonight right here on cbs3 at 12:35am. >> stay up with us.
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the new jersey governor chris christie says he'll make a decision in late spring or early summer on a run for the white house. tonight on new jersey 101.5 ask the governor he commented on the process that he's going through and the challenge that his kids might face particularly his daughter sarah. >> sarah who the freshman at notre dame is not thrilled about the prospect of secret service protection while she's in college. >> i can understand that. >> any college student could understand why. >> meantime texas senator ted cruz is wasting no time he through his hat into the ring earlier today. today i am announcing that i'm running for president of the united states. (applause). >> there it is. ted cruz kicking off his campaign at liberty university in virginia. the 44-year-old republican laid out his vision for the country which includes a repeal of president obama's health care law and a flat tax. ted cruz heads to new york this week he'll start fundraising for his campaign. mo'ne davis says that the
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college baseball mayor who insulted her on twitter should get a second chance. bloomsburg university first businessman joey castle berry tweet add sexist insult at mo'ne when he found the disney channel was planning a show on her life. mo'ne sent an e-mail to block burg's president saying while i admit i was hurt when i read his comments i felt sad that he was dismissed from the team. i hope you will give him a second chance and allow him to play baseball. bloomsburg university released a statement saying that mo'ne's request demonstrates the type of person she is. her level of maturity and her family and coach team her. bloomsburg stands firm on our decision however his consequences will be reviewed as is common in disciplinary actions like this ". so what do you think about all of this? and about mo'ne's response in particular? >> let us know on facebook and
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twitter and share your opinion. it looks like wawa might be moving into center city philadelphia. take look at the proposed sight. the corner of broad and walnut previously occupied by robinson luggage. wawa says they have a contract for that space and that they're working to obtain approvals before making any official announcement. the new location though will reportedly occupy 5300 square feet and also contain indoor seating. >> we can go for dinner. >> how about that. have a hoagie, right? no doubt. >> shorty. still pretty cold outside if you're going to get a hoagie bundle up. >> at least for a couple more days right. >> yes the tide will turn. that comes with a price. first we still have to deal with more cold. outside in center city philadelphia it's getting cold. we have temperatures in the 30s. and in the 40s across the region region. right now we're seeing some clouds move in. the reason why we have a weak disturbance moving through central pennsylvania and you can see it on storm scan3. the clouds moving in but they're
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coming into a roadblock that's dry air we are expecting the clouds but we are not expecting the snow showers. those snow showers moving toward the south and the east and there's a good chance they could make it along the eastern shore of maryland and quite possibly even into delaware. so dover could be seeing a few flurries. and it is possible that some of these flurries could be making night our northern and western suburbs if that dry air gives way. so that's just about it though as far as the flurry activity is concerned. our "eyewitness weather" watchers are saying all dry on the home front right now. it is 31 degrees to the north of pottstown. eileen is saying in gilbertsville it is only 31 with winds out of the northwest. you can see down through southeast pennsylvania near upper darby and swarthmore and media the temperature is 35 degrees and jim is saying yes, the clouds are rolling in. i'm staying to the north and west we have most the cloud cover. john reporting in 33 degrees. no win right now but the pressurizing in philadelphia. still enjoying a clear sky.
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now, as we look ahead we're looking at condition that is are going to get even colder. you can see where we have the clear skies that's where the defendant temperatures are. millville 32. atlantic city 31. 37 in philadelphia. allentown 31. the poconos only 21 degrees. so cold enough to make more snow even at this late date in march. you can see to the west state college 32. seeing some snow showers. pittsburgh right now sitting at 30 degrees. we're going to watch as that high pressure system continues to move over the northeast and really governs our weather we'll see those clouds giving way to sunshine tomorrow. still cold with that northerly wind influencing our weather. but then as the days progress by wednesday we see a warm front approach it brings some rain and moisture but at least temperatures will get back into the 50s that's where they should be for this time of the year just really haven't seen much seasonal weather in the month of march. by the time thursday rolls around we have all this warm southerly airway header of this cot cold front. we'll seizures and rumbles of
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thunder possible but look what happens thursday the jet stream rides well to the north. a huge ridge builds and temperatures climb close to 70 degrees. but we'll have some rain. always have to pay the price or have a trade off weather wise. overnight increasing clouds a few flurries possible to the north and west. during the day tomorrow the high frick. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast temperatures get milder. little bit wetter and cooler over the weekend. sunday near 50. monday 54 looking pretty decent in that seven day forecast. that's a look at the "eyewitness weather" forecast. we'll be back with beasley and sports right a
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the sweet 16 starts thursday right here on cbs3. and out on the mainline the villanova wildcats are still trying to get over saturday's loss to nc state. they had a final team meeting today. the cats had a great season. 33-three winning the best east regular season and post season
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titles but another early exit from the tournament. >> obviously we wish you would have did some things better. you wish you wouldn't got a rebound or made a big time steal or a shot. you can't control it now. >> there's no problem failing unless you blame somebody else much it's on us and we got to get it done. but i also want us to learn from it and i want to us grow and i want it to impact us positively next year. >> the only team playing in the post season is the temple owls they beat george washington yesterday to advance to the quarter finals of the nit. to night louisiana tech took on texas a and m with the winner to face the owls on wednesday. alex hamilton scored 25 points. bulldogs beat theing a geese 84-72. they play the owls for the second time this season. temple won that first meeting by seven. >> nfl owners meeting underway in phoenix. jeffrey lurie will talk about
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the eagles changes tomorrow from phoenix. chip kelly speaks on wednesday. rules changes under discussion. moving the extra point from the two to the 15-yard line. ideas as extreme as indianapolis calling for a new scoring system in the preseason. where after touchdown teams that add a successful two-point attempt earn a 50-yard kick that could result in a nine-point play. and funeral arrangements for eagles legend chuck bednarik have been released public viewing will be held on thursday from noon to 4:00. and then again from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the connell funeral home in bethlehem pennsylvania. private mass will be held friday for friends and family. bednarik passed away saturday after a brief illness. he is considered the greatest eagles player of all time. we'll be right back.
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>> new at 11:00 trying to better understand what leads to hunger, homelessness and poverty in philadelphia. philadelphia archbishop charles chaput is leading that effort. >> catholic church we need to do two things. we have to serve the poor and we have to love the poor but you don't do that unless you meet the poor. otherwise it's just theory. >> archbishop will be joined by sister mary scullion of project home in visits to homeless shelters soup kitchens and other locations that serve the poor. those visits will take place on the day of commitment ahead of pope francis' visit to philadelphia for the world meetingmeeting of families. for more on the pope's visit the address is
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>> "eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with erika von tiehl, nicole brewer and meteorologist katie fehlinger. be sure to join cbs3 and the cw timly tomorrow for our ronald mcdonald house charities phone bank. ronald mcdonald house provides a home away from home while children get medical attention they desperately need. our phone bank will start at 6am and it will go until 8:00 o'clock tomorrow night right here on cbs3. and don't forget about the premier of the late late show
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with james corden that comes your way right here on cbs3 at 12:35 a.m. big time guests include tom hanks and mila kunis. first, though, the late show with david letterman is next. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for armando montelongo live events. you're about to meet a man that can change your future now. he is america's top real-estate investing expert, he has been featured on the number-one real-estate hit reality show "flip this house," and is a best-selling author. he is the most sought-out real-estate expert in the world and has changed thousands of people's financial futures. you now have the opportunity to spend time learning armando's money-making real-estate strategies at his live event coming to your area. >> after attending one of armando's seminars, i started making offers, got into a property, made $35,000 net profit. >> after learning armando's techniques, me and a partner of


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