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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  March 25, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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welshing developing right now you are looking at a staging area this is a live look at french alps where crews begin their efforts to recover bodies and wreckage from the down air liner. i'm erika von tiehl. i'm nicole brewer in for ukee. also today police are investigating a car crash that led to the police involve shooting in nicetown. what we're learning this morning. and former sports broadcaster done ton tollefson will learn his fate today for scaming people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, katie. today we will be one of those days where we will start off with one thing and start to end up with eras day progresses a and that is all because we have traps situation taking place with our latest warm front coming to move in. as it does so we will see
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skies start to get covered with clouds and eventually wet weather. we will take you out to sky cam three, live look at center city. skies have cleared out and we will start off on a chilly note but not terrible outside. it is quiet for now but things are about to get active as we track our latest storm system. we will do that here in the the next few minutes erika back to you. developing right now looking for clues into what caused a german jet line tore crash yesterday morning. the thinks a live look at staging area in the french alps just after 9:30 in the morning. search and recovery operations began at day break. the mostly by helicopter crews will a attempt to bring back bodies and wreckage. the black box voice recorder has been recovered, however it was damage. officials are still optimistic it can be reconstruct. air bus was less than an hour from landing in dusseldorf on a flight from bars len a tuesday when it went down this is video from the helicopter
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of the debris. close to 150 people were on board that plane. this were no survivors. this morning police are investigating a car crash, foot the chase and police ralph shooting in the nicetown neighborhood. >> it began when officers responded to a report at 17th and cayuga street last night. they discovered a minivan with bullet and man shot in the street. as officers approached they said another man the georgia out and began to walk away. police gave chase and saw that he had a gun. >> the officer force man to stop, drop his weapon show his hand stop running. male refuse. he turns. he pointed the weapon this is direction of both officers. that is when one officer discharge his weapon. >> police say the suspect was shot three times authorities are also looking to see if the suspect was shot inside that minivan. he and the initial shooting victim were taken to the hospital for treatment. happening today, two men charged in the murder of philadelphia police officer
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are due in court for a prelimb nan are hearing. carlton hipps and ramone williams allegedly shot and killed officer robert wilson on march 5th. officer wilson was buying a present in a rid ohio game store when the the two men attempted to rob it. also happening today a preliminary hearing for the the 17 year-old boy charge in the fatal shooting of his classmate. ivan overholtser shot james becker in the stomach in his kensington home. investigators say he was playing with the gun he found in the street in the neighborhood. police say the teen throughout the gun was empty. it his 33:00. lets send it over to katie, good morning. >> good morning hey everyone we are starting off with a nice quiet storm scan three. it the is still sleeping. it will wake up and get active here as the day progresses. we will zoom it out one time. you can see beginnings of the the moisture starting to pack up here across virginia, well really the virginias and this will eventually all head our way. this is your warm front,
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leading edge of it the. we will have a chance to moderate on the thermometer with time but any sun we will start off with will get skewed by clouds and we will be dodging a couple of showers dotting the radar. mainly this afternoon and into tonight. morning drive should be fine no wet weather issues there 30 degrees is the current temperature at philly international. the good thing we don't have precipitation because we might have icing issues. twenty-four in allentown. twenty-three in reading. the just very chilly yet again to kick start our morning here even up and down the shore points at or below freezing this morning. so as we go through the day it is a warm front. that means temperatures have a chance to at least moderate and we should flirt with 50, but there will be showers that do eventually move in with this and we will be tracking on wet weather for the the next few days with this storm. more details and timing on that as we move forward vittoria, good morning. >> good morning, katie, good morning everyone. all and all your majors are moving very well. we are not eag a problem or
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delay out and b it is only 4:34. usually we are doing just fine as we are. if you are traveling newtown yardley area we are dealing with an incident that is at, was at one time closing all lanes on the north bound size of i-95 around newtown yardley between exits 49 and 51. you will notice that they are allowing the left lane to bypass this incident, and we have gotten word that allegedly a tractor trailer had rear ended another vehicle. so as they continue to work on this it is very active scene you will notice delays, in this area as we look at ben franklin bridgette is quiet, no delays in either direction from to and from new jersey. fill at reverse. we are moving well all over. if you are traveling in ambler we have an accident on mount pleasant avenue at north ridge a avenue so try to be mindful of. that disabled vehicle on 422 westbound between the two and royersford but still very light traffic so you are doing okay overall. the in mass transit is in the clear, nicole. >> thank you. happening today a why will sentence former sportscaster
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don tollefson for pulling off a massive scam. jury quick tollefson of scaming more than 200 people out of more than $340,000. he promised charities sports travel packages but never delivered the goods. tollefson blames his mistakes on poor bookkeeping. he faces a maximum of 37 years in prison, his attorney is arguing for a lighter sentence. a disturbing discovery now in the city's frankford neighborhood a woman's body found partially buried in the backyard of the home. eyewitness took pictures of the man being taken into police custody right there. he was reportedly brought down by with a taser. he has not been charged. it is unclear what connection, if any to the woman he was found buried. new this morning an investigation in the allegations of widespread miss management and disability claims of the philadelphia office of veterans affairs. investigation aims to determine whether the the the problems are isolated incident or part of the large are problem. the review comes as va's
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acting inspector general plans to release a report on its investigation into the the philadelphia office. also this morning, big changes to troop withdraws in afghanistan. president obama said the u.s. will keep just under 10,000 troops in the country through the end of the year this comes at the request of afghanistan's new president the commander in chief had originally planned to cut number of u.s. the troops in afghanistan to 5500 by the even of the year. nicole. now an update on the story we first brought to you yesterday morning, police identified the pedestrian hit by two cars, and killed in bensalem as 28 year-old cristina a massey. she may have crossed against the light at street and knights road when she was struck. one driver stop but second kept on going. police track that driver down at home in new jersey. no charges have been filed so far, a recent study by time magazine and national highway traffic safety administration found that street and knights road is the most dangerous
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intersection in the country. well chopper three was over a fatal pedestrian accident in williamstown new jersey. police tell us that a pedestrian was struck and killed on tuckahoe road in route 322 in gloucester county. driver remained on the scene. the accident remains under investigation. south jersey school district is working to get things up and running this morning after hackers broke in the district's network of computers. four elementary schools in the swedesboro woolwich district got hit with hackers monday morning. the hackers messaged they wanted to be paid 500 bit coins a digital currency equivalent to $120,000. there is no word who is behind those attacks. right now 4:38. still ahead new jersey governor chris christie is expect to arrive in philadelphia today but he is not the only one coming to the city to make a statement. finally get ready for warmer weather ahead we are so ready for this but no promises it will be dry. katie is up next with the check of the fo
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happening today new jersey governor chris christie will be in philadelphia to raise money for his political action committee and protesters are expected to follow. the pack has been raising money to support a potential presidential bid. workers, officials and activist are planning a joint news conference to demand mandatory paid sick day policies. christie opposes sick days saying that they hurt the the economy. cape may resident are not hiding their opinions over a controversial decision to demote cities police chief. captain robert sheen hand received a standing ovation as he entered the council meeting at congress hall. council demoted him because they were concern sheehan was part of the investigation in the abuse of cop time. the prosecutors said that after the meeting was sheehan was not facing any criminal charges. neighbors pack in the haddonfield, new jersey commissioner's meet to go voice their concerns over a
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proposed drug treatment center. bank croft school is moving to mount laurel in 2017. recovery enters of america based in king of prussia want to move in but the sale isn't final. neighbors are concerned that haddonfield high school is right next to the campus and an elementary school is just a few blocks away. >> i think it is a little dangerous for the neighborhood, selling it is fine, it depend on who they will sell it too. >> we have to give them a fair shake. they have to come in and make their presentation. that is what we will do. >> there is no official timetable for that sale to go through. develop are need to submit the official proposal before the commission. the president of philadelphia city council is calling on the archdiocese to hold off on plans to demolish saint laurentius church. darryl clark is disappointed by the the demolition decision. the archdiocese said it will cost too much to restore the historic fishtown church. it closed a year ago after officials say portions could
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collapse. saint laurentius was first polish roman catholic church in the city built in the late 1880's. another day of these cool temperatures but warm up is on the way. >> even today will be a little bit warmer then yesterday. again, till not shorts and t-shirts weather, in the yet. >> not until july. >> not really anytime soon. >> yeah. >> but activity is starting to get underway. what we will find here is a warming trend for a day and a half. it does go away by the weekend. we will take what we can get. this has been a slow start to the spring season with so many ups and downs and we might even see a flurry this weekend. that is how chilly it will get. the we are no talk ago accumulating snow. you should see the the look nicole is giving me right now. you have a's got to be kidding me? >> i hear you. >> but let me show you what is going on. this is a very significant swing that takes place on the thermometer, beginning of the warm front very obvious and visible because bulk of
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moisture will just move past up to the northwest, we will still see showers but we will not get doused with rain. it will be just scattered variety showers this afternoon and into tonight. cold front not completely obvious just yet but here is your warm front back here cold front is draped through and that is more distinct with time and as we take you to future weather let me show you. high pressure yields, there are your showers. then we have tomorrow we will have a chance to spike to near 70. that is nice. is there trade off. there will be showers that you can see sitting in the warm sector of the storm and then cold front crosses through non-severe then are storms will cross with it and we will be lingering showers as it retreats on friday morning. then we have a chance to clear out but temperatures drop. day by day we will walk you through it again, 49 degrees, sun and clouds and showers this afternoon and then into tonight. there will be fog with light
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wind as we sit between those front. temperatures stay steady upper 40's the spectation all night long. that will allow us to spike in the 60's with showers, thunderstorm as well cooling it back down by the weekend especially. that high of 42 if you start off at 32 and a hint of moisture it might be a ren gate flurry that you see flying not the nicest thing to see on late march saturday morning. i know, nicole. >> still shaking my head, katie but we will september it. philadelphia team playing post season basketball is the temple owls and tonight owls host the the louisiana tech bulldogs in the the semi finals of the nit. number one seeded owls work out on north broad street. temple beat bulldogs in november. on the line is a trip to madison square garden for semi finals and of course the final. sixers play nuggets in denver looking to avenge a tough loss late last night on the west coast. sixers and kings in
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sacramento. nerlens noel had 14 points and ten board for sixers but game belonged to demarcus cousins who had 33 points, 17 rebound four steals and four blocked shots. sixers dropped this one in the final seconds, 107-106. so close. nfl owners meeting is underway in phoenix and eagles owner jeffery lurie after the bird personnel shake up. there are new faces and spaces including the front office. laurie was asked fit was his idea to move chip kill a head of howie roseman in the chain of command. >> i decided it was important enough to adopt the vision and philosophy of integrating the scouting with the coaching on a daily basis. he felt that he could be maximized best with a senior personnel executive that was of his choosing and, of course, with my approval. i feel that was important to back him on that.
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>> the owner was also asked about chip's decision to trade the teams all time rushing leader shady mccoy. >> to maximize his power spread offense he always admired the one cut runners and that is what he add mired. you have to let a coach try to bring in a player that fits what owe is all about to maximize what he is trying to accomplish. still a head this morning on "eyewitness news" another recall for blue bell ice cream, the food born illness found in yet another product. but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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two moan are in the hospital one shot by a philadelphia police officer. authorities tell "eyewitness news" that the suspect pulled a gun during a foot chase and aimed it the at the officer. police say other man was found with gunshot wound lying next
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to the minivan at 17th street in nice continue last night. former sportscaster don tollefson faces sentencing in a bucks county court. he could be sent to jail for 37 years for scaming people with bogeys sports trips he claimed would benefit charities. authorities located at least one of the black boxes from the german jet line their crashed yesterday morning in the french alps. there is in sign of survivors 150 people on board were on board when that plane went down. on your healthwatch this morning blue bell ice cream adding yet another product to the list of items it is recalling. company is recalling 3-ounce ice cream cups because of a possible listeria contamination. a contaminated 3-ounce cup of ice cream has been traced to a plant in oak a blue bell recalled ten products this month after three people died from contaminated ice cream. all right. it is 4:50. it is tax time. people work for federal government owe billions in back taxes. >> money watch's jill wagner
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joins us from the new york stock exchange. why do these irs workers owe so much. >> reporter: well, good morning. workers owe more than $3 billion in backed taxes from last year. according to the irs is workers at the department have of housing and urban development have highest delinquency rate. workers at treasury department that includes the irs has the lowest compared to the general public though federal workers are more likely to pay their taxes. erika and nicole good that makes sense. >> we hear google is working on something new that will make it easier to pay bills. what is this all about? >> reporter: a new g mail feature is reportedly in the works that will let users pay and receive bills directly from their e-mail inbox. it will let users forward bills to other people like roommates to split up the balance. according to recode that service is called pony express, and it could roll out later this year. i like the name.
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>> thanks, jill. coming up after this break we will have traffic and weather together on the three's for you. >> stay with us, we wi
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just past 4:53. lets get traffic and weather together. good morning vittoria. >> good morning everyone. it is still pretty light out there. i know you are seeing activity depicting a different story but for the most part overall i don't want to you get nervous. it is 4:54. you are doing well out there traveling on i-95 there is one area we are dealing with the close another point north bound side of i-95 right around newtown yardley between 49 and 51 those exits you will notice closures as a result of the serious accident compromising all lanes at this point. they have been intermittently blocking both lanes. the as you maneuver in and around that area you may note
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that is closure. they were allowing left-hand lane to get by. the as they continue to work on that be mindful. forty-two freeway, new jersey remainder of the pennsylvania and delaware moving smoothly. do we, however, katie have a smooth weather report in our forecast. >> no. >> oh, okay, never mind. >> okay. but you know what at least vittoria i would say smooth weather will continue for the morning drive so you will be okay, maybe put your feet up and relax a little bit here. that will not put any kind of damper on your morning and eventually that will feature some dots on the radar. scattered showers will move in with that later today but tomorrow really is in the just warmest day but the weather day. we will be dealing with period of rain some of which is heavy and rain amounts we could exceed a half inch. so ponding on roads will be a concern this feels like a much
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more spring like forecast. you will have a handful of thunderstorms that rumble through with the actual cold front passage by thursday night. come friday we are knocking back in the mid 50's here and that drop on the thermometer will continue this weekend. erika, back to you. we have some great news thanks to our wonderful sponsors, role tears and you yesterday cbs-3 and cw philly our phone bank raised a grand total of $1,176,590. let's give that a round of applause. all this was raised in support of the ronald mcdonald house charities helping so many families out there. thank you to everybody who donated. >> such an amazing day and fun day too. >> yes. still ahead we have new developments overnight the in the deadly plane crash in france. search crews are back at that scene and we are their life with the latest obstacle that could hamper investigations. helping family of the fallen officer the special fundraiser to
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a wild scene on the streets of nicetown as philadelphia police shoot a man, we are live with the investigation into what led up to that shooting. also happening today it is sentencing day for former sport castor don tollefson and punishment he is facing for pulling off a massive scam. >> good morning it is wednesday march 25th i'm quarter von tiehl. i'm nicole brewer in for ukee. you might want to grab your umbrella storm scan three shows us some rain. katie is tracking the afternoon showers. >> that is right guys we can eventually expect to see that wet weather overtake the map but for now no umbrellas required. that is something that will change which we will talk
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about. we have at least a warming trend to go witt. full details straight ahead, vittoria. >> thanks, katie. we have a incident raining on your parade traveling i-95 around newtown only one lane of traffic intermittently let bias a result of the accident. we will have more tea tails and rest of that rush her building volume in just a few minutes, erika. >> thanks very much. new this morning a 37 year-old man is in critical condition we're told after a stabbing in the fairmount section of philadelphia. police say he was stand several times inside a home on the 900 block of north 29th street. victim is expected to survive owe far police have have no suspects. we are also following a developing story philadelphia police are investigating discovery of the woman's body partially buried in the backyard of the home. body was fund yesterday on the 4700 block of frankford avenue. eyewitness took pictures of the man being taken into custody. there is a picture.


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