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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 25, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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change which we will talk about. we have at least a warming trend to go witt. full details straight ahead, vittoria. >> thanks, katie. we have a incident raining on your parade traveling i-95 around newtown only one lane of traffic intermittently let bias a result of the accident. we will have more tea tails and rest of that rush her building volume in just a few minutes, erika. >> thanks very much. new this morning a 37 year-old man is in critical condition we're told after a stabbing in the fairmount section of philadelphia. police say he was stand several times inside a home on the 900 block of north 29th street. victim is expected to survive owe far police have have no suspects. we are also following a developing story philadelphia police are investigating discovery of the woman's body partially buried in the backyard of the home. body was fund yesterday on the 4700 block of frankford avenue. eyewitness took pictures of the man being taken into custody. there is a picture.
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he was reportedly brought down with a taser. it is unclear what connection, if any, he has to the rick tim. developing right new french interior minister says black becomes voice recorder from the alpine jet crash is damage but believed to be usable. this is video of the debris in the french alps as search and recovery operations resume today. german air liner was on its way from spain to germany when it crashed yesterday morning. all 150 people on board are believed dead. we will have the the lateness less than ten minutes. right now police involved shooting in philadelphia leaves a man hospitalized with multiple gunshot wound. >> police say the the suspect may have been shot elsewhere before confronting those officers. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live with the details, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the investigation into this officer involved shooting continues this morning. the man was shot by police is new in stable condition and he was shot three times but as you mentioned it is unclear
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how many times he was shot by police. we know he was shot at least once by police gunfire but investigators are looking in the possibility he was shot before police arrived on the scene as well. look at the video. this happened around 7:30 at 17th and cayuga streets. police responded for a shooting and when they arrived they found a minivan that crashed in the utility pole and had been hit with 15 bullets. police found the 23 year-old driver lying on the ground shot in the the torso. up investigators say police then saw a he can man exit the back and start walking away. they say he had a gun with the extended clip officers gave chase and chase that had man to the street. >> the officer ordered the male to stop drop the weapon show his hand, stop running. the male refused. he turned. pointed the weapon in the direction of both officers. that is when one officer discharged his weapon.
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>> reporter: police say that the suspect dropped two guns when he was shot. no officers were injured. police are looking into whether this man was shot in the van as well, before police arrived this comes a day after u.s. department of justice release aid report finding deficient is in police training and transparency here when it comes to officer involved shootings. we will have much more coming up later in our show but for now we are reporting live outside police headquarters, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". let's head back out to the sky deck and for late march, chilly out there, i bet. >> i know the at least wind are not terrible. i will try to find the bride side. the the fact that it will warm up by especially thomas we expect to flirt with 70 degrees. that will be nice. very spinning like forecast coming up here as we will dodge some showers. here's a thought maybe your car covered with the salt from snow as ovulate. you can leave it the out in
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the rain tomorrow and it will get a nice little car wash how does that sound. storm scan three nice and clear for new but when we throw that coverage on top as well as radar we have beginning of the warm front beginning to advance and that will dot the the region with some coverage of some showers this afternoon and tonight. here's where we stan can you imagine if that wet weather was here? we would be dealing with the icing issues. we are in the 20's and teens in the mountains but later today we should flirt with 50 degrees in spots. the cloud will start to build. there will be showers that move in. right along with this it is a warming trend. so temperatures once they hit these upper 40's stay steady even later on tonight and it will only get warmer from here tomorrow vittoria. >> good morning everyone. welshing traveling out and about on the majors overall we are moving extremely well but by activity behind me we have a little something to talk b lets take a look. ninety-five traveling north bound right here around
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newtown yardley area compromising situation and making things slow between exit of 46 and 51. what had happened is a tractor trailer rear ended a vehicle will and caused this incident here compromising the right-hand lane. the left-hand lane is getting by but this is only intermittently. traveling in and around this area, be mindful of the clean up as well as what looks like a very active zone that they are still working on. elsewhere very quiet. schuylkill expressway moving well. pennsylvania majors moving exceptionally well. even traveling in new jersey 42 freeway in the clear, in delays for mass transit, nicole. >> thank you. happening today done ton tollefson learns his punishment in the bucks county courtroom. judge will hand down a sentence to the former sportscaster quick of selling bogus trips that he report thely said would help charities. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live with more just continue. >> reporter: good morning, yes. he will learn his fate in
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just a matter of hours. his attorney acting on his behalf asked the judge for minimum sentence in this case. he does face 37 years in prison. the lets take you to video, you'll recall a jury did convict him of scaming charities and donors of more than $300,000, pulling money from pockets of some 200 plus people. and then tuesday a lawyer acting for tollefson asked the judge to consider a quote minimum sentence and lengthy and regimen of community service in place of hard prison time but the prosecution now hitting back they want the former sportscaster to spend maximum time behind bars. they are also asking for a quick restitution paid to victims in this case. back out live tollefson has been in jail in bucks county since his conviction. we are live just continue finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also today two alleged killers of philadelphia police officer have a preliminary
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hearing. carlton hipps and ra men williams are charge in the march 5th murder of robert wilson. the officer was in the video game store buying a present for his son when police say two men attempted a robbery. police say officer wilson saved lives by drawing fire from other customers. a holmesberg restaurant is raising money to help officer wilson's family. sweet lucy's smoke house on state road will donate half of all sales 50 percent to a fundraiser for officer wilson. restaurant is opened from 11:00 to 9:00 o'clock tonight nicole? a bucks county teacher is out of jail accused offing an inappropriate relationship with the student. warminster police arrested michael swider they say the teacher at william tenant high school kissed a seven year old student and then they planned to meet at the a hotel for sex. school put swider on leave. 5:07. crews are back a at the scene the of the deadly plane crash in france.
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developing right now search and recovery operations are underway in the french alps where a german plane crash yesterday morning. tina krause is in france now with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: french officials say that the black box recovered from the germanwings crash site in the french alps is damage but still believed to be usable.
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investigators say the box contains the voice and cockpit sound recorder. >> cockpit voice corder of course will let us know conversations between the two pilot, any noises, any type of alarms, flight data a recorder actually tells us everything we need to know about the aircraft. if the engines were working properly. >> reporter: search teams are combing through debris where the the jet liner carrying 150 people crashed tuesday. air bus a320 climbed steadily up to cruising altitude in clear skies after departing from barcelona. within just eight minutes the plane descended at about 450 miles an hour directly into the mountains. the pilot event no distress call. >> pilots are train to fly airplane and fly it we first and then begin to analyze situation and take action and only after that is all done then to communicate by making a distress call. >> reporter: recovery operation is being direct from below about 15 miles by
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helicopter from the crash site. it is such ref terrain crews are dropped in from helicopter. most of those on board were europeans from germany and spain including 16 german high school students taking part in an exchange program. their tiny town of halter will hold an event in their honor today. tina krause, cbs news, france. coming up on 5:13. we will check with katie. we have a warm up on the way. >> we do. today we will start that trend. it won't be incredibly mild but not quite as chilly as yesterday was eventually. we are off to a chilly start. don't misunderstand the message here but there is a warm front that has started to move through and once it does any sun we start off with will start to just get moved over by cloud and then some showers that move in with it. but as we go out to storm scan three we have more activity to pinpoint for you here. you can notice that the bulk of the moisture is up over
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indian, western ohio and that will primarily bypass our region to the northwest but we are close enough. you can see that moisture southwest of d.c. right now that will lift in and bring with it a handful of showers. and that is showing up by this afternoon on our future weather cast. we will see scattered variety of showers into tonight but temperatures stay pretty steady overnight and then by tomorrow with light of day we will have a chance to spike nicely. there will be round of rain as well as eventually thunderstorms that move through at anytime. we have some breaks along the way. then we will see a line of non-severe thunderstorm rumbling through with our cold front tomorrow evening. now behind it, yep, it looks like it may turn cold enough for pocono region, may be far northwestern suburbs to see a little bit of very wet snow mix nothing but that is not a concern at all for rest of us, it is residual rain showers friday morning before skies have a chance to clear. any sun get followed up by
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clouds and we will even up with some showers this afternoon and tonight. we will have some fog that redeveloping overnight as we sit in the warm sector of our storm and we will flirt with 70 tomorrow. behind the cold front though temperatures take yet another dive and we are in for yet another chilly upcoming weekend, vittoria. >> is it over yet. >> no. >> come on. >> come on, you guys. >> good morning everyone. the right now we are in the process of clearing away an accident, but that is some good news for commuters. we are traveling around the area of newtown yardley. overall we are not dealing with a rush hour, very non-existent at this point. it just doesn't exist right now at the 5:14 we are still waiting in the wings of rush hour. usually happens in about an hour maybe 45 minutes. as we wait we are looking at 95 pretty quiet scene but regardless of the quietness we are dealing with over toward left-hand side or right we are still trying to clear an accident again, northbound right around newtown yardley. traveling around a area you
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may notice a gaper delay. vine street expressway still quiet no delays to and through the schuylkill. 422 west we have a disable vehicle between the two and lawyers for not causing too much problem. there are potholes all over and we have a pretty serious pothole in upper providence, south lewis road at old mill road. nicole. police are investigating a fatal pedestrian accident in williamstown, new jersey. chopper three over the scene in gloucester county. investigators say a pedestrian was struck and killed on tuckahoe road on route 322. the driver remains on the the scene. a philadelphia police officer shot and wounded a man who pointed a gun at him last night the in nicetown. police arrived to find a 23 year-old man shot in the chest lying beside a bullet riddled minivan. police say another man got out and refused to drop his gun and that is when police shot him. that suspect is now in the hospital. a 37 year-old man is in critical condition after a stabbing inside a home on
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north 29th street. victims expect to survive so far police have no suspects. former sportscaster don tollefson faces sentencing in bucks county. tollefson was quick of selling bogus sports trips that he claims would benefit charity. 5:16 right now. are you looking for work this summer? well, three is on your side. we will let you know where to find a summer job. >> i like the sound of it. >> also talk about lending a hand or rather lending a trunk? see how these elephant stepped into help after a truck accident. that will be when we comeme right back. >> wow.
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we're following a developing story, it has been a deadly night for police in two different states n san jose, california a manhunt is underway for gunman who shot and killed a police officer. the veteran officer died while
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responding to a report of the suicidal man. police spokesmen says responding officers were met with gunfire. also a state troop inner wisconsin was shot and killed in the line of duty. police say the trooper was pursuing a bank robbery suspect. the there was an exchange of gunfire killing both trooper and robbery suspect. if you are looking for a summer job you can find work today at the philadelphia parks and recreation department. they are holding their first ever job fair from 6:00 to 8:00 tonight at christie recreational center on south 55th street in west philadelphia. anyone, 14 and older can apply for a job. if you missed tonight's job fair there is another one saturday at lawncrest recreational center. it is 5:19. time to check your philadelphia jobs market report with cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. >> reporter: nine years after nation's real estate market peaked buyers are returning with gusto, more activity and rising prices are making realtor jobs appealing once
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again. real estate agents are not the just sales professionals, buying or selling a home is one of the biggest financial transactions of a lifetime. successful realtors have a wide variety of skills but in the new era a background in finance, business administration marketing, economics and even law can differentiate you from the competition. in addition to being immersed in the industry staying current with the regulations, laws practices, acts to have support clients through the complicated transaction. the salary range a among realtors is wide starting from 21,000 on the low end all the way up to 100,000 but those higher salaries come at a cost. in real estate you have to be prepared to work when everyone else is not. if you are ready to dive in, go to the philadelphia great's so of realtors to learn how to be a real estate agent. i'm jill schlesinger for
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let's get traffic and weather together, good morning, katie. >> good morning,er contact we are starting the day with a nice clear sky and light wind. when we take you out to storm can three you will notice cloud billowing in here and that is very beginning of the warm president from that will lift through as the day progresses. while we are off to a chilly start once we see precipitation on radar it will be warm enough to be strictly rain but looking forward we are looking at wednesday, p.m., through thursday, and friday a.m. rainfall and as it moves through it the is going to be dealing with essentially with two day straight of wet weather issues
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here we could end up with an inch or maybe more than that here as through portions of central new jersey and those choice locations where we see blue shaded areas on the future rain amounts there. meanwhile as we look ahead in the seven day forecast it is just a rain producer right. but we will look ahead to the weekend and chill does return and because there may be a little bit of lingering moisture on saturday you might see a ren gate flurry flying out there, i know, 43 degrees is best we can hope for on saturday moderating up a little bit on sunday but this will be another chillier than average weekend and then we will finally get into well, we will call it milder territory but more than anything more seasonal territory into next week, over to you. >> i don't know why the word renegade flurry makes me laugh, a flurry with a bandana on that is the the vision i got in my head. >> somebody needs to make that a cartoon. >> actually, get on. that good morning everyone. if you are traveling out and
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about we are moving well. the schuylkill expressway is fantastic. in delays in either direction. still early for rush hour but we are just waiting in the wings for that development. as we take a look the at i-95 a at cottman if you are traveling around this area notice southbound taillights here no major delays to and from center city at this time. speed sensors all over the the place are still high up if you are travel in the only pennsylvania but new jersey. 295 you are at 65 miles an hour. all good news. the mass transit is in the clear. however traveling on 422 westbound between the two and royersford we do have a disabled vehicle not causing a problems because we are in the looking at rush hour but it is out there and may notice gary traffic there. be mindful of potholes just generally all over but this one here in upper providence nicole. >> vittoria, thank you. eagles held coach chip kelly takes center stage at today's nfl owners meeting in phoenix. owner jeffery laurie said he
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gave chip control of the team because he wanted chip to have his own say on personnel matters. he addressed why it is a tough call forbidder to mortgage the future for marcus mariota. >> i think it is great to mortgage the future for payton monk and not very important to -- great to mortgage for done van mcnabb. again it comes down to people. it is not a system. >> laurie also talk about the trade of shady mccoy. he wanted chip to have the opportunity to bring in players that fit his planned attack. temple owls take on louisiana tech bulldogs tonight and winner earns a trip to new york city for nit semi finals. top seeded owls worked at the liacouras center yesterday. tonight's game in north philadelphia will be the second time this season that the owls and bulldogs squared off. temple won the first game back in november. good luck to our owls. to the pros and sixers against kings out west nerlens noel had four points and ten
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rebound but sacramento demarcus cuss honeys stole the show. he had 33 points and 17 rebound and sixers lose it by one point 107-106. that extend the sixers road losing streak to 16 don't like the sound of that. they will play nuggets tonight in denver. the flyers are back in action tonight at the well. they play black hawks in the return of long time flyer kimmo timonen. the flyers have just eight games left in the regular season and it looks like they may miss the playoffs for the second time in three years. erika. >> nicole, thank you. coming up on "eyewitness news" there is a new scandal brewing at the veterans affairs department this time it involves an investigation right here in philadelphia a. jan? and another officer involved shooting in philadelphia, this one is in nicetown i'm jan carabao reporting live outside philadelphia police headquarters this morning. coming up this morning the latest on the investigation. thanks. taco bell shaking up breakfast again.
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we will show you new creation they are cooking up as part of the morning menu make over. it looks good. vittoria and katie return with traffic and weather together on the three's. we are back in
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good morning. bullet holes riddled a cars windshield after police, philadelphia police shoot a suspect on the nicetown streets. new this shooting comes just a day after a report criticizing the department's use of deadly force. we are live with the latest on that shooting investigation. beware hitting the road we will let you nor where police crackdown on distracted drivers. but first lets check on weather and traffic with katie and vittoria. >> good morning. today will be a transition day


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