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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 26, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> breaking news on the crash of a germanwings airplane. new york times is reporting audio from the cockpit voice recordings suggest one of the pilots was locked out of the cockpit and could not get back in. and that the pilot could be heard trying to break down the door. we don't know why the pilot left the cockpit or why he could not get back in. but this mystery of why this
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plane crashed killing 150 people and among those killed a woman with ties to philadelphia. g evening i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. emily selke was with her mother when that plane crashed yesterday morning and tonight friends and former classmates at drexel university are remembering a woman known for her big heart. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live on drexel's campus tonight. david, what are you hearing from her friends? >> reporter: jessica there's understandable allot of sadness confusion and shock. emily went to class behind me inside this building at drexel and graduated in 2013 and every day passes we learn more about the flight that took her life. >> i just keep saying over and over it's surreal. >> reporter: haley holmes in shock over the death of her close friend emily selke. >> yesterday morning i woke up on my phone high a text from my friend i had breaking news alert about the plane crash and remember thinking that's really sad. >> later holmes found out selke and her mother were on the plane. recovery teams expect several more hours of work as they search for a hundred 50 victims
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across a 10-acre site in the french alps. >> at this time we can confirm the deaths of us citizens yvonne selke and emily selke. >> reporter: she garageed from drexel in 2013 she was a former vice-president of gamma sigma sigma a service sorority on campus the group post add tribute on its facebook page. writing emily always put others before herself and cared deeply for all those in her life. investigators have to fly in by chopper to access the crash sight but the big question, why did this happen? >> we don't yet know what the first link in this causal chain of events was that started this crash. >> reporter: cockpit rice recorder is heavily damaged and new york times is recording one of the pilots left the cockpit and could not get back inside before the crash. analysts are still trying to find out why the jet stayed at cruising altitude for a minute before taking an eight minute decent with no distress call.
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there was a third american on board we do not know that person's name. the selke family released a statement earlier today thanking people for their thoughts and asking people for their prayers and privacy. we are live on drexel's campus david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> tragic loss, david thank you so much. you can stay with "eyewitness news" as we track the latest on this plane crash. you can always get the latest on the investigation any time at also breaking tonight a deadly outbreak of severe weather tornadoes touched down in oklahoma and as you can see in these images that have just come into our newsroom there is devastation in moore oklahoma. this is the very same city that was leveled by a twister just two short years ago. officials in tulsa county say at least one person is dead there and many others have been injured in this first outbreak of severe weather this season. this video shows the tornado in moore and you can see the force triggered some small explosions on the ground perhaps
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transformers that were there. cars and trucks were also no match for the force of mother nature there. some were flipped over on an interstate. i'm in the weather center with meteorologist kathy orr. this same system is coming our way but we don't expect it to be anywhere near as severe, correct. >> that is correct. right now that storm is weakening as it moves through arkansas and the midwest. let's take you back to storm scan3. we'll show you the center of the storm associated with a cold front that's moving eastward but already some severe reports in confirmed tornado reports from places like oklahoma city moore as chris men'sed extending out until arkansas and some of these just really devastating. we did mention one proving fatal already core made dough in san springs destroying a donut shop another one with extensive damage in oh a mobile home area these are weakening as they move eastward. so during the day tomorrow, we expect downpours with these storms. frequent lightning, even some strong winds but the good news is the threat for hail and even
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the threat for tornadoes is low with these particular storms. here's a look what we do expect for your thursday. showers, some thunderstorms. up to about half an inch of rain ponding on area roads and with any type of thunderstorm, there's always that risk of cloud to ground lightning and gusts at least to 35 miles an hour. coming up we will time these storms. it will ab line of storms that will be moving through we'll show when they'll be moving through your neighbor. in the meantime chris we'll zen it back to you. >> kathy, thank you very much. a woman is injured in a crash involveing a philadelphia fire truck today. the suv that she was driving was knocked on its side by the force of that impact. it happened at third and grange in olney at a four-way stop. now some did report hearing the fire truck sirens at the time of the that crash. tracy martinez took this picture of the driver of the suv being taken away in an ambulance. >> i was just in the living room watching tv and we heard the sirens going real loud and we heard a real loud loud loud bang. we ran up and you saw the car
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flipped up on the side. >> the injuries to that driver are not life threatening. bucks county judge sentences former sportscaster don tollefson to two to four years in state prison and 15 years probation. tollefson was also ordered to pay back $165,000 in restitution restitution. he defrauded nearly 200 people in a sports charity scam. >> not about the money any more. it's the principal. as long as he can't do it to anybody else any more. justice really has been served. >> tollefson could be releaseed in as little has 14 to 15 months for good behavior and time serve serve. a new jersey attorney and court appointed guardian has been sentenced to prison for stealing millions from elderly clients. the i-team shall hot huffman first reported on this case last year. and she was in court today and has an update on this i-team exclusive. >> reporter: barber lieberman wore handcuffs and orange jumpsuit in court facing a very different life than the one
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she's used to. >> do i know you? >> my name is charlotte huffman i'm with cbs3. >> i-team exposed lieberman in november. prosecutors say she and three others stole $3.8 million from at least 16 victims and used the money to pay off six digit credit card bills and buy things like this bmw and a luxury condo in florida. >> authorities say the women offered legal and in home services to the elderly then took control of their life savings. >> miss lieberman was the quarterback of this team of exam artists. this is why people don't trust lawyers. >> reporter: how do you sleep at night. >> lieberman tried to hide from our cameras last fall but today there was no place to hide. >> i am truly sorry. >> lieberman gotten years in prison. she's eligible for parole in 3.5. she also agreed to pay $3 million in restitution but all of her victims except one have already died.
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afterwards her husband said he never knew what was going on. >> my wife is an attorney. she should have never done this. we did not need the money at all all. >> she got what she deserve. she had to go to prison. the crime was a significant crime. >> reporter: others may also go to jail with the help of testimony from lieberman. last week, a grand jury indicted her alleged co conspirators and two others connected to the case. for the i-team i'm charlotte huffman cbs3 "eyewitness news". we also have new information tonight in a three on your side investigation into alleged local used car scams. today the pennsylvania attorney general's office filed a lawsuit against car vision, car vision. and drive the businesses operated three dealerships in montgomery county and philadelphia. they're accused of of selling used cars at inflated prices and vehicles that were not road worthy. 130 complaints were investigate investigated. the attorney general is seeking restitution for consumers.
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tonight prosecutors say they will prove both suspects fired the shots that killed philadelphia police sergeant robert wilson. a preliminary hearing for carlton hips and rah-rah moan williams was delayed today. it's now set for may 20th. in court prosecutors plan to place security video of march 5th shoot out inside the north philadelphia game stop store. they say it will show both men are responsible for sergeant wilson's death. philadelphia mayor michael nutter signed an executive order createing a civilian oversight board to address police involved shootings in the city. the latest incident happened last night in nicetown. that's where police shot a suspect who they say pointed a gun at them at 17th and blah voice. that man did survive. well this happened a day aft the justice department released a new report saying that philadelphia police needed better training in how they interact with the community. >> when you take a close examination of the recommendations for reform within the department, it is
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clear that changes need to be made with regard to the use of force and certainly lethal force in the philadelphia police department and all across our city. >> the oversight board will monitor the implementation of policy changes. well she may be just six years old but one little girl in vineland is already a hero. >> when her grandfather got sick she jumped into action likely saving his life and she told us her story tonight. clark notice all about 911. >> it's important to call them if it's a real emergency. not if someone stole my crayon. >> on february 22 and she used that knowledge to help save her 84 year old grandfather's life. >> i saw he was not talking right. and then i noticed he said he's feeling all right but he's not. >> wins ton clark suffers from diabetes. asha new his blood sugar dropped and she waved no time. >> i called the ambulance and at
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first the police came and then the ambulance came. >> her bravery did not go unnoticed. just this week asha received a certificate of heroism from the city of vineland emergency medical service. she is proud but her grandfather is prouder. >> she made me shed tears. tears of joy. tears of joy. my baby saved my life. >> these two make quite a duo and thanks to aisha their love and devotion for one another will continue to shine bright. >> i really appreciate it. i thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> now aisha told us she was was scared. >> sure. >> she knew what she had to do to make sure her grandfather was okay. a wonderful lesson in bravery from a very little girl with a big importance. were a great pair they make. the importance of knowing those three digits 911. >> scratch off lottery tickets supposed to be a pick me up for sick man in pennsylvania but he
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got a big surprise inside of his get well card. we'll tell you about it next. also, on the way tonight, he was the centerpiece of a racist video and we are hearing from the expelled student for the first time. we'll tell you what he's saying about himself. kathy? >> in the wake of this storm, in the warm air it will be turning much colder by the time we make it to the weekend. we'll talk bout ups and downs in that seven day coming up. and with all of today's technology it's easy to find yourself getting distracted but there's a new device that claims to give you a window into your brain. it will help you get focused they say. just ahead that new technology that colted let you retrain your
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one of the students who was caught on camera leading a racist chant with his fraternity brothers at the university of oklahoma speaks publicly for the first time today. levi pettitte said he was sorry and embarrassed that he took part in that chant. when the individual crow went
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viral earlier this month the university closed the school's chapter of sigma alpha epsilon. it also expelled pettitte and another student who was leading the chant. >> bottom line the words that were said in that chant were mean hateful and racist. i will be deeply sorry and deeply ashamed of what i've done for the rest of my life. >> the other student who was expelled parker rice has only released a written statement. the army sergeant bowe bergdahl who abandoned his post in afghanistan has now been charged with desertion and misbehave your before the end knee. bergdahl was held captive by the taliban for five years. last may, he was handed over to u.s. special forces in afghanistan in exchange for five taliban commanders who had been held at guantonimo bay. speeding tickets could become obsolete thanks to new technology from forward for. the automaker's new s max model comes with intelligent speed technology. camera on the car will read speed limit signs and slow the
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car down accordingly. now, drivers can override the system by pressing firmly on the accelerator. ford says the technology will be available worldwide. on the cbs3 house watch tonight wearable technology let's us track the steps we take, the food we eat and how we sleep. >> new device claims to show us how we think and provides a window to our brain. our health reporter stephanie stahl has more on one of these new products. >> reporter: spence sore roth says he's constantly distracted by technology. shows retrying special glass that is are supposed to help improve his focus. >> it's helping me train my brain focusing becomes more natural and more of like an inn tint rather than like something i have to force myself to do. >> reporter: new brain training device is called narvis developed by mother and son lindsay and devon greco. >> i wanted a technology that fit into people's lives and they can use while doing every day
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activities. >> reporter: glasses have sensors the grecos claim to monitor brain activity so when you are fully concentrating the lenses become lighter. the goal is to learn to stay focused. >> you are getting constant feedback on what your brain is doing, and very gently it's subtly changing the intensity of what you see. >> i'll be working on something i'll notice the glasses have been clear for a long period of time and really reassureing. >> reporter: there are other devices that claim to monitor the brain to help with stress and focus brain game exercises and video training programs to help improve concentration. the glasses are the first to use any activity as an opportunity for immediate feedback. >> you can play video game. you can watch move z you can watch the television. you can do your work whatever that is. so it can be used to improve your engagement in a particular task. >> reporter: neuroscience expert heather berlin questions the he can tiffness of the brain monitoring devices. >> the question is what are we really measuring with these
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sensors and how informative is that information? >> she says sometimes just a simple change in routine or even physical exercise can bring back focus and help brain funk. >> changing up your environment or learning something knew can lead to neuro plasticity forming new connections and that's healthy for the brain. >> reporter: the glasses cost around $300 and so do some of the other brain tracking head bands. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs3 "eyewitness news". well easton man got a get well card that ended up making him feel a whole lot better. >> you can say that. 46-year-old joseph, was in the hospital recovering from hernia surgery. his dad gave him a get well card and in it a scratch off new york lottery ticket. well that ticket turned out to be worth $7 million. >> scratched off this ticket and it came in a get well card and it was a complete shock. >> how about that? >> after tacks it's worth about
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$4.6 million. >> not bad. >> that will make you feel all right. guys, this video just in from moore okay he can showing the damage from to tonight's tornado outbreak a gas station destroyed arc truck flipped over. homes and businesses damaged. so far eight confirmed tornadoes over oklahoma and extending into arkansas. devastating there tonight. on storm scan3 you can see dry over the delaware valley but this is the severe weather the line of severe weather that's moving through st. louis and heading towards cincinnati. the good news is, this is weakening as it moves eastward. so by the time it makes it into the delaware valley, it will just be some garden variety thunderstorms. a line of thunderstorms but not expected to be severe. that is the good news with this. we are looking at temperatures though that are warming ahead of this cold front that's setting off severe weather. and you can see the numbers down through delaware in the 40s and they will be rising overnight. greg reporting in a temperature of 43 degrees with mostly cloudy
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skies. and marshaltown. we'll take look in south jersey the temperature near collingswood is 41 degrees much the clouds thickening and hal is saying rain full just six hundredths of an inch we expect a half an inch during the day tomorrow. some cooler temperatures with the skies a little bit clear earlier lou reporting a temperature in eagleville, pa of 39 degrees. outside right now in philadelphia we are still holding on to the 40s. we have some clouds rolling through in center city. it's 43 in philadelphia. and in allentown 40. trenton 40. the poconos 34. so cooling down a little bit before those temperatures begin to rise. 50's in washington and richmond still in the 50s in pittsburgh. so this is how it will play out. the strong storms to the west will be moving eastward. associated with that cold front. during the day tomorrow, all this warmest air gets squeezed up the coastal plane it crashes with the air behind the front which is cool and dry and then we see the thunderstorm activity late in the day extending into the evening period. now looking at future weather
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we'll time it out. you can see tomorrow morning some showers and some heavy downpours through south jersey and delaware. mainly cloudy skies and some increasing winds elsewhere and it will be warm. then we'll see this line forming in the evening 8:00 o'clock, 9:00 o'clock 10:00 o'clock possibly moving through philadelphia with many bedded thunderstorms you'll hear a few rumbles of thunder and it clears out by about the midnight hour. so overnight some spotty showers developing. some fog and rising temperatures through the 40s into the 50s for tomorrow morning. and during the day tomorrow, 68 to 70 degrees with some showers in the morning. and then those afternoon showers and thunderstorms rumbling through but the wind will be whipping late in the day as temperatures do soar. on the exclusive eyewitness wet seven day forecast in philadelphia, i'm looking at new information i think we'll make it to 70 degrees because it is going to be really strong as far as the wind is concerned and they'll be strong southerly winds. friday 52. colder for saturday. some spots only in the 30s and then we bump it up sunday and
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monday even tuesday not tow sad but wednesday happens to be the first day of april and it will feel like it. it will be mild and windy with temperature in the 60s. be sure to wake up with "eyewitness news" in the morning. katie will have the very latest on tomorrow's rain and storms. the team starts at 4:30 here on cbs3 and then continues on the cw beginning at 7:00. so this would be our first round of thunderstorms for this young spring season. >> it's been awhile. kathy, thanks. >> beasley is here. great moment down in south philadelphia tonight. >> return of a very popular player. eight seasons here. kimmo timonen at the wells fargo center we'll talk about that and chip kelly still answering all of those questions. running back squab front office shake up we'll hear fro
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chip kelly at the owners meets in phoenix and back on the hot seat explaining the latest changes in the eagles organization again. here's the coach on the rise to
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power over howie roseman. >> i didn't go in with a plan saying we need to make all these maneuvers. i just said this is how i think my vision is of how this organization should be but it's mr. lurie's decision on what he wants to do. he came back and said i want to do this, this and this and i want to you concentrate on that that's what i would have done. we tried to maximize everybody's strengths and howie does an unbelievable job from that side and we're just moving in a different direction in earn nel the. >> hockey night in south florida florida. the flyers played host to the blackhawks. chicago hasn't won a regular season game here since 1996. here we go. kimmo timonen back saluting the fans in his return to the center for the first time since he was traded to chicago. no score in the first after a black hawks turnover. matt read to wayne simmons for his team leading 28th goal of the season. now in the second ryan white with the redirection pass cory crawford and the orange and black on top two to nothing. later the captain finally scored his first home goal and the
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flyers beat the blackhawks four- four-one. sixers now in the rocky mountains taking on the nuggets. looking to end a 16 game road losing streak. here we go. nerlins noel making a strong case for nba rookie of the year. grabbed jimmy grants miss and hit a jump hook. so far with 14 points. 14 boards, four blocked, four steals incredible. robert covington with another good night shooting three pointerspointers. late in the fourth quarter the sixers lead none-83. nit act temple hosting louisiana tech way chance to advance to the semi finals in new york. the owls never trailed in the contest. quinton did he cozy with the three to give temple 18-point lead. led the owls with 21 points. later jesse morgan hit a triple chipped in with 17 points. temple will face miami in the semi finalings next wednesday with the 77-59 win. all right.
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great finish in the nit quarter final game between murray state and old dominion. old dominion is headed to the big apple with a 72-69 victory.
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♪ new at 11:00 o'clock tonight a multi cultural celebration of freedom on independence mall. >> the third annual freedom theater was held at the national museum of american jewish history the original freedom took place on april 4th 1969 that was one year after the assassination of martin luther king injury the first major event to connect the struggles of israel lights with the struggles of african-americans to achieve equality in the
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>> "eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with erika von tiehl, nicole brewer and katie fehlinger. we thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. for bees, kathy and everyone here i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at up next


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