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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  March 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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looking live right now at storm scan three heavy downpours and high wind expected today as a storm moves across our area and we could see then are storms later on tonight. good morning i'm erika von tiehl. i'm nicole brewer in for ukee this morning. we have new video of the violent start to the nation's tornado season. several twisters spotted in oklahoma and arkansas, one person died when powerful wind tore through a mobile home in tulsa, oklahoma. at least 15 others were injured. tens of thousands of people are waking up without power. that same system is bringing us some rain. >> katie fehlinger is in the weather center tracking that and a lot of green behind you, katie.
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>> absolutely. i can report that this is not any kind of the severe system that it has proven to be across the central plains but even as a second ago how much moisture is with this. once moisture start to move in and we will see activity picking up again we will likely be dodging intermittent round of rain and drizzle at anytime. would i say rain gets underway for us yet again probably later this morning, nine or 10:00 a.m. is when we will see that green overtaking our area. but for now we have got a little bit of the break in the cloud cover here. fog is an issue because we are still technically sitting in the warm sector of the storm system as we speak. now specifically erika mentioned possibility of thunderstorms, it is mainly this evening because it the is when the cold front is crossing through. we have a lot of moisture leading to these round of rain and drizzle. we could pick up half inch of rain with these scattered pockets that will be moving through. ponding on the roads is a
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concern, wind will pick up with time, that will alleviate the fog issue but you're still looking at, you know, poor travel concerns, when it comes to the day at hand whether it is from fog initially or eventually the rain that will be dotting the radar for us here with you at the moment your poor visibility across new jersey at least according to these observations under 2 miles through dover. getting better out toward reading where we are starting to see that wind, begin to pick up. but we at least are still expecting a nice, mild day, we're still shooting for upper 60's here folks 62 degrees down the the shore and cloudy day with showers up in the poconos as well, erika, back over to you. i want to give you latest on the germanwings flight that crashed in the alps. officials say audio recordings indicate one of the pilots was locked out of the pilot. it came from the black box recovered from the debris. air bus on the way from barcelona to dusseldorf began
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to descend and then crashed in the french alps. all 150 people on board died in that crash. one of the american crash victims has ties to philadelphia a. >> yes she's a drexel university graduate. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live on drexel's campus jan. >> reporter: we are hearing from emily selke's alma matter her friend and family all remembering the young woman as a caring person who was dedicated to giving putting others before herself and service, lets take a look. this is emily selke she studied at the urban center at drexel university and graduated with honors in 2013 earning a muse being industry degree. during her time here in drexel selke was vice-president of the service sorority gamma sigma sigma. they credit selke as an integrate part of the growing the chapter at drexel and members are remembering her as someone who put others before herself. selke and her mother yvonne died when their plane crash in
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the french alps from the trip to dusseldorf. one of the many friend spoke to cnn about the the tragic news let's listen. >> it is just so surreal. you always see these things on the news and you think, you know, it is horrible but you never know anyone involve. you never know anyone. chances are so slim. even yesterday morning i woke up, and on my phony had a text from my friend and breaking news alert about the plane crash. i remember thinking wow, that is sad. i opened my friend and went about my day. >> reporter: the university has now released a statement, drexel is deeply sat end to hear about the tragic loss of the alumni emily selke and her mother. our thoughts and prayers where her family and friend. emily and yvonne are two of those 150 people who died when that plane crash. we are reporting live from drexel jan carabao for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" as we track very latest on then plane crash get it anytime on cbs happening today, a woman quick of the kidnapping and molesting a five-year old girl awaits her sentencing. the prosecutors say that cristina rug us tears walk in a elementary school identified herself as girl's mother and then left with that child. she was found the next day in the upper darby play ground. driver accused of causing this deadly crash in the township is expect to be form will willly charged today. twenty-five year-old thomas mirror was driving under the influence on valentines day when he slam his pickup truck in the minivan on route 100. two teenage siblings were killed and mirror faces charges like homicide by vehicle and dui. a preliminary hearing today for robert palin robert palin attacked two women in the park several years ago. detective used dna to find
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palin in a wisconsin prison last year. a bucks county judge sentences former sportscaster don tollefson to two to four years in state prison and 15 years probation. tollefson was also ordered to pay back $165,000 in restitution for defrauding nearly 200 people in the sports charity scam. he could be released in as little as four to 15 months for good behavior and time served. prosecutors say they will prove both suspects fired the shots that killed philadelphia police sergeant robert wilson. the prosecutors say that they plan to play security video in court of the march 5th shoot-out inside the north philadelphia game stop store. they say it will show that both men are responsible for sergeant wilson's death. yesterday's preliminary hearing for carlton williams and hipps were delayed and now rescheduled for may 20th. protesters are calling for police reform after a violent struggle with police at
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lawncrest recreation center last week. police arrested ten demonstrators after the protest turned violent. protesters are part of the philadelphia coalition for racial, economic and legal justice. during an event at city hall the the group will demand to know information relating to the death of brandon tait brown a man shot and killed in december during a routine traffic stop. they will also ask that all charges be dropped against those arrested last week. meanwhile mayor michael nutter makes strikes to i am have prove relations. he created a civilian oversight board to address police involve shootings here in the city. latest incident happened in nicetown tuesday night. police say officers shot a suspect who point aid gun at them at 17th and blavis. he did survived. it happened a day after the justice department released a report saying philadelphia police need better training in how they interact with the community. >> when you you take a close examination of the recommendations for reform within the department it is
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clear that changes need to be made with regard to the use of force and certainly lethal force, in the philadelphia police department and all across our city. >> the board will monitor the implementation of those changes. still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news" the oklahoma university fraternity student recorded leading his fraternity brothers in the the racist chant is speaking out. what he has had to say about the incident. warm weather today but there will be rain with it so can we expect a wash out? katie is up next with the check of the forecast, we will be right back.
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new this morning the the white house says president obama has authorized intelligence support to saudi arabia. the country has launched air strikes against shiite rebels seizing power in yemen. the those rebels say saudi jets have been striking a rebel controlled military base. meanwhile army sergeant bowe bergdahl faces life in
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prison this morning. bergdahl has been charged with decision and misbehavior before the enemy. he was held captive by the the taliban for five years. the last may he was handed over to u.s. special forces in have afghanistan as part of the exchange for five taliban commanders imprison at guantanamo bay. if convicted of both charges he could face life in prison. happening today a university of virginia student, bloody while being restrained by two state liquor control agent plans to plead in the guilty in court. marquis johnson facees two misdemeanor charges. the entire incident is caught on tape. the gash in johnson's head required stitches. virginia's governor has ordered the agents be retrain. a student caught on camera using a racist chant with his fraternity at the the the university of oklahoma is speaking publicly for the first time. levi petit says he is sorry and embarras that had he took part in the chant. when the video went viral earlier this month the university chosed the school's chapter of the sae and
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expelled petit and other student for leading that chant. >> bottom line is the word said in that chant were mean, hateful and racist. i would be deeply sorry and a shame of what i have done for the rest have my life. >> second student expelled, parker rice has only released a written statement. we have some more video here of the oklahoma storms caught on camera. a cloud here funnel cloud in sam springs oklahoma. there have have been reports that several tornadoes in oklahoma and arkansas, and that same system is now heading to our area. katie joins with us more but they are seeing severe weather. we're not going to see anything that extreme. >> it should not be that extreme. the storm prediction center has increased marge mal risk for stronger storms for southeastern new jersey so maybe stronger gusts or heavy downpours. i cannot rule that out. tornadoes, absolutely not. >> i noticed some fog coming
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in. >> that is the initial problem. that is here and now concern. i don't think you have to deal with too much on the radar here this morning. with that said you're really your main morning concern for your commute weather-wise is just some damp road and left over pockets of fog since we are sitting in the warm sector of the storm. that classic thing that happened fog can settle in before the wind kicks in but we are waiting the arrival and passage of the cold front. there is the beginnings of it. that was the the same batch of moisture that led to all a of the severe weather that we saw yesterday unfolding through central plains. as this is rolling east it will not have anywhere near as much charisma to it to provide that kind of clash in the atmosphere. so as i mentioned while we still got that potential at least for maybe stronger storms southeastern mess new jersey, kent sussex counties in delaware we could have have strong wind gusts, definitely potential for heavy downpours and i could see lightening out of the thunderstorms even though you are not necessarily
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looking at the major severe weather out break as we saw net central plains. let me show you mainly just clouds for morning drive, nine or 10:00 a.m. we will see activity on the local radar. the notice it being scattered. you might not see something in your neighborhood where as somebody else a couple counties away is getting drench. keep umbrella at the the ready since we could get hit anytime. little break this afternoon and then a line of thunderstorms we talk about and there could be localized stronger storms across southeastern new jersey and delaware. we have lingering showers hanging on in the overnight. the currently we are still off to a chilly tart but we are anticipating the rebound to take effect here flirting with 50 in ac we do still expect to at least flirt with 70 here out across the area today. there will be showers to track, there will be a couple thunderstorms to track and certainly there will be fog initially and then eventually take another nose dive and we are in for a chilly weekend,
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vittoria. thanks so much katie. good morning everyone. traveling out and about right now this morning you will not notice any major problems at all, usually still very early time to see those type of developments even rush hour at this time. all and all we're great. looking at the ben franklin bridge we have in delays in either direction. to and from new jersey and philadelphia it is a smooth smooth ride. not only this bridge but all of the bridges look this great. we will take you to i-95 if you are traveling not too far from the philadelphia international airport at bartram have avenue notice traveling in either direction we are looking great out there. however if you are traveling on i-95 we are dealing with the closure of that northbound ramp to bartram have avenue and that has to do with the industrial highway eastbound closed as a result of the bridge deck replacement. traveling in and and that area with that closure point stay on i-95 north northbound or stay on island avenue. speed sensors are fantastic. it is still very early for
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anything to go going on. fifty-five is your average. lots of green in pennsylvania, traveling in delaware and new jersey we are looking great. we have an accident in new jersey in east greenwich closing democrat road at swede bureau harmony road is your best alternate nicole. well, flyers win a game but unfortunately lose one of their best players wayne simmonds is out for the season with a lower body injury. last night marked return of long time flyer kimmo timonen his first time back here since his trade to the black hawks. wayne simmonds scored his team leading 28th gel before he went down with that injury and offense kept firing after that. the flyers beat chicago four-one. they will host san jose sharks saturday afternoon. sixers in den letter last night and finally an end to their long road losing streak, thank goodness. nerlens noel continues to make a case for rookie of the year. he grabbed jeremy grant miss and hit the yum seven hook. he had 14 points and 15 rebound. robert covington had 25 for
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sixers who beat nuggets 99-85 to win on the road for the first time since january, a stretch of 16 games. sixers back home against the clippers tomorrow night. nit where temple was hosting louisiana tech bulldogs in the the quarter finals. owls never trailed in this game, quinton decozy led temple with 21 points. jesse morgan had 17. temple wins 77-59 and moves on to the semi finals in new york next tuesday. by the the way they play the miami hurricanes. public viewings are to take for eagles legend chuck bednarik. viewings are from noon to six and 6:00 to 9:00 at connell funeral home in bethlehem. is there also a private mass tomorrow. concrete charlies a member of the the pro football hall of fame and regarded as one of the greatest eagles of all time. he passed away saturday at 89 years old. erika. >> nicole, thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" facebook is expanding yet again, what the social
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media network is up to next in money watch. but firsrst here's what is ahead on cbs-3.
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there are three american victims in the plane crash in the french alps and one of them thinks woman 2013 drexel will graduate emily selke. selke was traveling with her mother this third victim has in the been identified. searchers located the cockpit recorders and investigators want to know why a pilot was lock out of the cockpit before the plane went down. accused child rapist cristina regusters identified herself as five-year old girls mother and walk her out of the west philadelphia elementary school in 2013. the girl was found a day later. 4:50 right now. the facebook is expanding again. >> they always seem to do this every few months. >> money watch's jill wagner
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joins us. so jill what are they up to now at facebook. >> reporter: facebook is moving messenger service beyond text messages by allowing other social network and business toss add app toss messenger. so more than 40 new apps will be available to start. users will be able to book reservations, shop on line and message with customer service people. one of them is called diddy that sings personal in messages to the friend in the tune of famous songs. this sound like part fun/part business here. >> i love the sound of that. job interviews, switching gears here, job interviews can be daunting when an interviewer throws some off the the wall questions, curve balls at you but glassdoor has come up with some of the most odd, right. >> reporter: that is right job candidates need to be ready for anything but glass door combed through tens of thousands office interview questions shared by candidates over the years and they came up with the most odd. here's one what is your
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favorite 90's jam? who would win in the fight between spider man and batman? if you were asked to unload a 747, full of jelly beans, how would you do it. i got nothing. >> i'm guess they want you to relate it back to work and the skills you have that would be useful to them. >> sure, creativity, in some professions vice important. maybe your answer can be well crafted. well we now know to b be prepared. >> interesting nonetheless. >> yes. >> any job that requires you to unload jelly beans from a 747, you might need to pass. >> right, good tip. >> thanks, jill. coming up after the break we will have have traffic and weather together on the th
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just past 4:53 lets get
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traffic ape weather together. good morning, vittoria. >> good morning everyone. still a great commute this morning. we're not even at 5:00 and usually we don't see rush hour until 6:00 o'clock or 6:00 is a. whale we wait we will take advantage of the beautiful commute. we have schuylkill expressway looking great, not too far from center city and beyond throughout your western suburbs or heading toward walt whitman bridge. traveling on i-95 this shot around girard avenue indicating it is great barely any vehicles. speed sensors nice and high no delays. looking great there and for mass transit but are we looking great weather-wise. >> not really. you know what vittoria i would say only weather-related travel concern we have is the fog that is out there. it is patchy but it is out there and you will notice it in the typical area. look closely but we have haze and if you look at street lamps in pleasant valley middle and high school in broad headville in the poconos, 31 degrees. the just enough moisture to allow that haze to develop.
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it is not horrible but visability out toward the the shore points have definitely dropped off. watch out for that. in the meantime you can see moisture building up here and i would say about nine or 10:00 a.m. we will start to see that moisture overtaking our radar and then it is with us anytime during the day. within of the days an umbrella is a good idea even though rain and drizzle will be intermittent. it is a mild day. by this evening there will be thunderstorms that rumble through, erika. kate, thank you. coming up next we are following new developments about the frantic final moments inside the cockpit in the deadly plane crash in france. a woman missing for days suddenly returns home, why detectives say they were duped by her disappearance. she's a little life safer meet young new jersey girl whose quick thinking saved her grandfather's life, we will have that story and we're back at the top of the hour good morning. imported chicken's been in the news a lot lately. for chicken that hasn't crossed an ocean
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developing right now new questions for investigators looking into the deadly plane crash in the french alps where one of the pilots was just moments before that plane went down and why that is now raising concerns. plus video shocked the community a young girl snapped from the cobbs creek elementary school by a stranger. today the kidnapper learns her punishment for that horrific crime. severe storms tear through tornado alley, we have new video from the aftermath of those deadly storms and that system is now moving in our area, not as extreme though. good morning it is thursday march 26th, i'm erika von tiehl. i'm nicole brewer in for ukee. storm scan three shows that same system heading our way
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and it will dump rain on us you're tracking the very latest. >> we are expect to go see i would say intermittent round of rain and drizzle, off and on at anytime but it looks like it will not get here immediately, the the initial concern when you walk out the door right new will be a little will will bit of fog that you may run into across southeastern new jersey and especially notable right now. lets go out to the full screen version of the storm scan where we have a very very solid batch of moisture northwest of the ohio river valley a and all heading our way. that is leading edge of the both president cold front that will do its part to income our temperatures back but thankfully we are not expecting as the anchors mentioned anywhere near severity of what we experienced across the central plains. with that said there is still a severe weather threat, more marginal risk for heavy rain and a stronger gusts through southeastern counties and we could have lightening out of it as well since we are expecting thunderstorms. you may not have


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