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tv   Eyewitness News at 6am  CBS  March 29, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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new this morning a violent home invasion and one person is rushed to the hospital with stab wound, and also this morning we're following the latest developments of an off-duty officer hot dead in delaware county a live report is straight ahead. and thousands gathered in vatican city to join in palm sunday day mass, led by pope frances. today it is sunday march 29th good morning i'm todd quinones, nicole brewer is off this morning. we will begin with a look at weather which brings us to meteorologist carol erickson. good morning to you. >> nice to see you, todd. we have a coal morning just in your honor. >> thank you. >> below freezing. but at the least it is dry out there. we will take that. we have wind chill which makes it feel colder but we have a week you will will's like
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temperatures more than you do this morning. 25 degrees as we take a look from the palmyra cove nature park across the the delaware to philadelphia. so a very cold start to the the day-to-day. the it is quiet though. if you like quiet weather in the morning you will definitely have that going for us. you can be expecting to find as we look at storm scan three not much going on right now. not much in the way of clouds. that is one of the reasons we are finding that these temperatures dropped to the level that they are because we have clear skies that left that almost 40-degree temperature we had yesterday go right up to space. twenty-six the at the airport. twenty-four in trenton. twenty-four in wilmington. just 15 in the poconos. factor in the wind and we have wind chill of 16 in philadelphia and trenton. feels like 14 degrees in wilmington and we have seen it colder. yesterday morning a at this point we were 10 degrees colder this morning then we were yesterday morning. you will notice a difference
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when you walk out the door. the at november noon should be several degrees warmer. we have sunshine. it looks like a fairly nice looking day. the no, sir as windy yesterday. not dead calm but not as windy as yesterday. future weather says we have got the great weather right through 2:00 this have afternoon and possibly beyond. that we will look at the seven day forecast, with a little warm up on its way coming up. todd? thanks carol. new this morning police in north philadelphia are investigating a home invasion stabbing and robbery on the the 700 block of west erie a avenue. the 25 year-old home owner was stab in the head and rushed to temple university hospital where he is in stable condition right now. the suspect would dress in the hood eye and jeans. that suspect is at large. a fire in the bakery near between the second and cambria street in north philadelphia fire fighters battled the fire for an hour before gaining an a upper hand. there were apartments on all sides of the the businesses but everyone was able to get
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out safely and there are in reports of any injuries. the the cause of that fire is under investigation. a developing story this morning a darby boro police officer is dead after a shooting at his home. cherry greg from our sister station kyw news radio is live at the darby boro police station in delaware county with the very latest developments. >> reporter: good morning, todd. police say that the 26 year-old officer was off-duty when he was shot in the chest saturday afternoon. he was rushed to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. police say it happen just after 4:30 p.m. at his home in the 600 block of magnolia drive, officers responding to a report of shots fired, arrived on the scene and found the 26 year-old officer in an upstairs bedroom with the gunshot wound to the chest. the the officer was taken to presbyterian hospital where he
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died. >> he was a shining star in the department. he was an even tempered nice guy, anybody that met him, always had a good word for them, you know, he knew how to talk to people. >> reporter: now darby police chief bob smith smith said that officer was part-time and a fire fighter in the yeadon. the the home that he was shot had been known to have domestic dispute reports filed with police. now a woman was also found at that location when police arrived and police are expected to file homicide charges later today, the the name of the officer has in the yet been identified. at darby boro police headquarters cherry greg, kyw news radio for cws3 "eyewitness news".
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>> okay, thank you. a philadelphia police officer is charged with drunk driving and assault after a confrontation with the the supervisor early saturday morning. officer darryl cathey is accused of pulling up to the 12th district, driving a patrol car with three flat tires. investigators say a supervisor who came out to see what was going on smelled alcohol on the officer's breath. the six year veteran is accusedded of assault ago this supervisor as he tried to take him into custody. officer cathey is suspended for 30 days with the intent to dismiss. a raging fire has caused septa's manayunk norristown regional rail to be hut down until further notice. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has details. >> unaudible. >> reporter: four alarms three and a have half hours 65,000 square feet. saturday the numbers stacked against philadelphia fire fighters, as they work to take out aggressive flames.
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>> burnout structure. >> reporter: fire fight's arriving on the scene around 2:30 saturday morning to this fire consuming a vacant metal manufacturing plant, as the the battle intensified the alert jumped from two alarms to four. >> this fire was a pretty difficult fire to reach. >> reporter: fill fire commissioner derek sawyer says there were a number of issues in the way of getting the fire contain, chief among them a large structure collapsing on both sides. >> when we have that amount of fire it will cause a serious collapse at some point. >> reporter: sawyer says his operation started from a defensive posture both to keep constant water pressure from overhead and to keep the team on the ground safe. >> it was a vacant property we don't risk life for vacant property. >> reporter: another complication this, a september regional rail line running right in the back of the structure, cutting off a crucial access point for fire fighters. they had to focus on will halfering the top of the building with constant water
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pressure. meanwhile a fire marshall is investigating the the cause. no injuries were reported. reporting from north philadelphia, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well deadly explosion rocks a berks county manufacturing plant, this is video from late friday night at the the timet plant the on the 900 block of homelock road in morgan town. the circumstances have the blast remain unclear but investigators have identified the victim as 27 year-old jacob lopez from ephrata. he is survived by his fiance. osha and a state police are investigating that accident. a teenager is accused of stabbing to death his mother inside their brideberg home. police say that the 19 year-old zachary pritch it critically injured his grandmother in the house on the 2800 block of reynold street. police say he first told investigators that stabbings were as a result of the home invation. he now faces murder aggravated assault and other charges. now to the latest on the
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deadly plane crash in the french alps cruits continue to search the crash site for remains of the victims and for the the plane's flight data recorder. we are also learning new details about the the co pilot whom investigators say intentionally brought down the plane. cbs news correspondent chris van cleve has the the the very latest from germany. >> reporter: woman claiming to be a flight attendant and former girlfriend of co pie lot andreas lubitz that she said lubitz would do something and everyone will know my name. investigators believe lubitz intentionally crashed flight 9525 killing himself and all 149 other people on board after locking the plane's captain out of the cockpit. german prosecutors say that there is evidence that he had a medical condition and treatment, including a shredded doctor's note excusing him from working the day of the crash. now, media reports say he sought treatment for a problem with his vision. police remain outside lubitz family home in germany where
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residents are trying to make sense of the tragedy. >> this neighbor says he is shocked, adding it will take time for people shore to process what happened. investigating here in germany met with the french counterparts sat the day to discuss what they had discovered so far including evidence a gathered at the family home here. about 200 people from the communities near the deadly crash in the french alps gathered for an emotional mass to honor victims and show support for their families. she says it is terrible horrible for the families, there are no word i'm broken. chris van cleve for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". of course, stay with "eyewitness news" as new details emerge in the crash of the germanwings flight, we will bring you all updates on tv and anytime on line at cbs today is palm sunday day the first day of the most solemn week of the roman catholic church calendar and this is video of pope francis
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celebrating mass this morning in st. peters square. many of those gathered are young people, marking the annual diocese world youth day, the the pope of course is expected to visit philadelphia this september for world meeting of families. coming up next on "eyewitness news" the the latest on the search for people who are still missing the in the wake of that building collapse in new york city. and, happy memories fading a new report says an alarming number of alzheimer's patients are not being told they have the disease. health reporter stephanie stahl tells us why so many families are being kept in the dark. and it is last weekend in march but it feels more like february carol returns with the latest on this spring chill we will be right back.
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back now on "eyewitness news" crews are working to clear the massive pile of debris, from the gas explosion, and building collapse in new york city, they are carefully removing every part of the three century old buildings that came crashing down in the east village on thursday. the medical examiner's office a along with the nypd's k-9 unit are also assisting. they have not found the two missing people, one of the survivors lost a cat in the fire. >> the air conditioner i have face nothing to the air shaft
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for our apartment got knocked out of the window into their window started to break smoke started filling the room, i kept looking, i stayed low. >> as for the cause of the explosion investigators right now are looking into whether plumbers made an illegal gas connection in one of the buildings. dramatic video has emerged of flooding aftermath in chile's northern desert region to day some victims tried to dig out their homes and businesses while others stood in long lines to buy food. heavy rain early this week caused flash floods north of the capitol of santiago. a total of nine people have been confirmed dead. landmarks around the world celebrated earth hour last night, an international event to focus attention on climate change. among the locations that switched off their lights at 8:30p in m local time was last night the eiffel tower. this happened. times square, empire state building, gateway arch in st.
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louis and also las vegas all participated here in the united states. carol, it is getting warmer but it is still not warm, is what going on. >> it is not warm this morning, at all but as we go through the afternoon todd you are right and this week we do start to warm up a little bit. we will get to where we're supposed to be and where we should have been temperature wise for a long time now into the 50's. we don't get there today but we will, starting tomorrow then ben franklin bridge area looks lovely this morning. we will head out and get down to rehoboth beach and very quiet on the boardwalk down there but i wanted to bring this picture into show you that the horizon is brightening and we will find sunrise coming up. it looks like a very nice bright day but it is so cold out there. here we are, we should be at 38 degrees this time of the morning but we're at 26 degrees at the the airport in philadelphia and temperatures could still drop more. twenty-four in trenton. twenty-four wilmington. fifteen in the poconos.
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27 degrees down in wildwood. you will go up to quakertown at 21 degrees. same deal in doylestown and pottstown. twenty-five in mount holly this morning. the these are temperatures, we have seen, enough of. storm scan three, and, if you are watching the top of the show we had wind chills, there are 16 degrees outside in philadelphia right now. storm scan 3a few clouds, not that much because we didn't see clouds overnight, we were able to keep these temperatures, to just bottom out. we have high pressure building in. temperatures today with unshine will be getting in the upper 40's. and then by tomorrow we're in the the 50's, well in the 50's, you might tomorrow morning start to see just a very brief shower and i'll show thaw in a second and then tuesday another chance of a shower coming up as well. here we go with the future weather this is a look at 4:00 in the morning. the it wants to bring a rain and snow shower in the area at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. do we see them scattered around early and then by
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10:00 o'clock rain at the shore before this gets out of here. that is very possible. then tuesday another chance of picking up some showers through the area and that is as we go through the afternoon hours on tuesday and here it is tuesday, late afternoon with still chances of some showers but temperatures this week are a a lot wetter than what we have been experiencing. which is probably not hard to do. we will be dealing with temperatures that won't be anywhere near, the very high or very low this month, about 46 47 degrees for to us day. we will not be adding to the precipitation totals and the temperatures continue to run, about four police below where they should this be time of the year. forty-seven in philadelphia shore 42 poconos 42 degrees. sunshine in all locations not as windy as yesterday but still not dead calm air. north westerly ten to 15 miles an hour. tonight we will drop down to the freezing mark. after midnight very first thing tomorrow morning could you see a believe rain or snow shower? it is possible.
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then by the rest of monday 58 degrees, we will get some sunshine tuesday, 52. at the this point it the looks like in the afternoon we will get rain. wednesday, 55. how about thursday. 65 degrees. maybe rain on thursday night, maybe gannon friday, maybe to start the the day on the sat the day but temperatures highly acceptable i think you would agree, todd. >> i do indeed thank you. welshing on the healthwatch this morning more than half million americans will develop alzheimer's disease this year but there is new information that as many as half will never be told of their diagnosis. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us what is behind this a alarming statistic. >> he was very happy there. >> reporter: those happy memories are fading for 76 year-old dick stiger lives in south jersey. her father has alzheimer's disease a devastating diagnosis that the family doctor did not initially rereal. >> i'm angry, very angry.
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>> reporter: new report from the alzheimer's association says many families are left in the dark by doctors. only 45 percent of alzheimer's patients and their families are told about it. >> this is not acceptable the alzheimer's association believes that people have a right to know their diagnosis. >> reporter: carol says her dad saw the the doctor alone when he was put on an alzheimer's drug but nothing was explained to the family who was worried about his memory trouble. >> i think with dad he left the office and forget about it. he may not have have wanted to share it because he was afraid. >> reporter: there are laws that prevent doctors from talking about patients unless the patient agrees. that is why families are advised to get involved ape ask questions. there is in cure for alzheimer's but when detect early, it can be slowed and patients and their families can have time to make plans. >> i have a lot of anger and now i think i also have a lot of sadness because i always wonder how much better could he be, that we could have have
6:20 am
helped sooner. >> reporter: now waiting game for carol and her family who can't figure out why the the doctor was in the more forthcoming. >> one of the more common reasons they are worried about causing emotional distress. >> reporter: doctors say it is difficult to explain a complicated fatal disease in the limited time given for appointments. there is a proposal that would allow doctors to bill medicare for time spent counseling patients and caregivers. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". camden county honors a hero coming up next how supporters thanked a 91 year-old veteran of the battle of iwa jima. special ceremony honors high's ward for battle. but we will show you about why it was much more than just recognizing the the past. we will be
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happening today lots of love on the parkway nearly 10,000 runners are expect to take part in the second annual love run philadelphia a half marathon. this is video from last years event. the race begins at 8:00 o'clock near the the a art museum. there will be road closures to look out for there eakins oval to independent mall and, throughout fairmount park. the south jersey welcomes home a world war two hero this week end... dozens of veterans and first responders rolled into west machines camden county. they celebrated the career of 91 year-old john laurieillo.
6:24 am
he returned home from a visit to iwa jima, it was first time on the japanese island since he landed on it with thousands of other marines in 1945. >> i had high emotions, low emotions, that caused me to well up several times. i just couldn't help it. in fact, i still do. i probably will for the next week or so. there is so many memories there for me even though it has been 70 years, they are just as fresh as though it happened yesterday. >> the group warrior's watch riders organized the home coming. this past week a special day commemorating our country's high's ward for valor in battle. carol erickson has more on how their sacrifices have not been forgotten. >> absolutely not. wet was national medal of honor day and they had a ceremony of valley forge park but it was american just about recognizing the past.
6:25 am
former master sergeant vietnam vet and chaplain ralph biscuiti still has that military bearing approaching a just laid wreath to honor the best of the best on national medal of honor day a small crowd in the medal of honor grove in valley forge shared patriotism, memories and family stories. misty's father was a young marine in vietnam in the late 60's captain james livingston. >> we're in the fire fight the whole time up to the point where we link up with the battalion. >> reporter: now you general livingston was awarded the medal in 1970 and his daughter sees big picture of the honor that it is not nearly for old soldering remembering. >> the recognition of the medal of honor is more than just about veterans but it business all of us because it that is story about doing something greater than yourself. >> reporter: medal of honor symbolic wreath circumstance isled the past and future together. these children posed by it quickly broke rank as kid do but got licensing term message as americans.
6:26 am
>> i think about all of the people who gave their lives for us to keep us safe. everybody who fights for our freedom, is very brave and i'm just very thankful. >> reporter: in the still of the medal of honor grove far from the roar of old battles that make heroes memories echo. >> these are the the the guy is that will jump on the grenade to save their buddies. that is why we're here. that why is we enjoy our freedom today. >> reporter: it was very nice to remember. there have been since the 1800's when they started the medal of honor, 3500 but 70 percent are awarded posthumously. there are not that many that are still alive that get that award. >> great story, thank you car will ol. coming up next half hour of "eyewitness news" live report on the inside the latest of the investigation of the off-duty officer shot and killed on saturday. also ahead angelina jolie had makes her first public appearance since announcing her surgery to prevent cancer. more on the award show she
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attended with very special guests coming up. this weekend feels a lot more like winter, this unday's forecast when we come right back.
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and today it is sunday march 29th, good morning everyone i'm todd quinones. we are off to a very chilly
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start this morning. here's meteorologist carol erickson with eyewitness weather, carol. >> can you believe it is almost the very end of march and we have temperatures of 26 degrees. >> everyone is sick of it. >> sick of it, yes. i think we're all in great consensus on this that this has to end. we've got to warm up. we have been cold long enough. we will start to see a warm up on the seven day forecast but i wanted to start out with a chilly shot because, why not jack frost big boulder in carbon county and you can see cold enough to keep the snow there. it is cold there this morning. we will head to the shore. it will be shore season soon we're happy to say. ocean city very quiet but they are out there working on something on the boardwalk. good, because we're coming down there. we've got temperatures in kutztown with a beautiful sunrise. look at how pretty that is. 21 degrees. that is not so pretty. we have storm scan three showing quiet conditions, a few clouds but they are not in too many places, and in fact we saw clear enough skies that we were able to get these
6:31 am
temperatures way down overnight. 15 degrees in the poconos right now, 22 in allentown. twenty-four in trenton. twenty-six in philadelphia a24 in millville. twenty-seven in wildwood with the wind, it feels like 16 in philadelphia. so temperatures feeling in the teens, and they are in the 20's and we are finding ourselves some 10 degrees colder this morning then we were yesterday morning. now as far as the warm up today goes, we will get above freezing, by noon we're at 37 degrees sunshine. by 3:00 p.m. lots of sunshine but still well below average temperatures. we should be in the upper 50's by now. it is 46 degrees. we will get the to the upper 50's and see it by tomorrow but we have another chilly day on the weekend but it the is a bright dry one we like that. we do have a chance as we get well into the late overnight time period of seeing maybe a chance of a rain or a snow shower so we will talk about that a little bit but let's not focus on what might not be a a big deal at all and probably won't be but a better
6:32 am
week ahead. i will she you that on the eyewitness weather seven kay forecast todd. developing right now an off-duty officer involved in a rate night shooting is dead, and police are investigating. cherry greg from our sister station kyw news radio is live at the police station in darby boro delaware count which new developments in the investigation. >> reporter: good morning, todd, the the darby boro police department is america loss of one of their own this morning, 26, the 26 year-old officer was shot and killed inside of his home saturday afternoon. police say it happened just after 4:30 p.m. at his home in the 600 block of magnolia drive, officers responding to a report of shots fired, and, arrived on the scene and they found a 26 year-old officer in an upstairs bedroom with a gunshot wound to the chest. the officer was taken to presbyterian hospital where he died. >> he was a shining star in
6:33 am
the department. he was an even tempered nice guy, anybody that met him, he always had had a good word for him. you know, he knew had to talk to people. >> reporter: darby police chief bob smith smith told police yesterday that the the part-time officer was also a yeadon fire fighter and that he will be missed. police say a woman was found in the home when they arrive, they say that homicide charges will be filed later today but the officer a has yet to be identified, until they contact the family. live from darby boro cherry greg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a decorated boston police officer is fighting for his life this morning in a hospital officer john money hand a former army ranger is in a medical willly induced coma after he was shot during
6:34 am
a traffic stop at boston's roxbury neighborhood. he was shot and killed by other officers. the the officials believe the the the gun fire started after officer money honey hand to get out of the car. >> you can see his right arm coming up, point blank and shoot officer right below the eye. >> reporter: two passengers were a arrested on unrelated charges and a woman at the scene was hit by gunfire. the she's expect to be okay. three other office are were taken to the hospital, with stress-related issues. we're learning more about the co pilot authorities say that intentionally crashed the germanwings passenger jet in the french alps last week. cbs news correspondent alan pizzey has the latest from the co pilot's hometown. >> reporter: figuring out why co pilot andreas lubitz acted as he did is proving to be
6:35 am
complex. german media today quoted unnamed sources assaying lubitz was suffering from a eye problem that could have affect his job. police found medicine for psychological pills in two residence and he was treated by psychologists and neurologists. flight crews are supposed to report illness that he is could affect their performance but it is voluntary. lufthansa first officers marcus vol is spokesmen for the pilots association. >> if the person in question wants to conceal things lying and suicidal thoughts cannot be prevented by any tests. lubitz is no longer able to hide anything it seems. germany's leading tabloid quotedded a former girl friend saying he told her that within day quote everyone will necessity my name. on the slopes of the the mountain below the the crash site family members made their way to a memorial plaque today. area was closed to all but
6:36 am
them. in a nearby village local people held services to deal with the drama trauma they too suffered but to honor victims and support their families. it is terrible. it is horrible for families this woman said. there are in word for that. i'm broken. retrieving bodies and tend to go crash site in france will take weeks. each red flag marks a body part so far several hundred have been found. they will be identified through dna testing and dental analysis. alan pizzey, cbs news germany. two people are seriously injured and ten more in hospitals after a train and car collide in los angeles. officials a that a hyundai turned in the path of the light rail commuter train near university of southern california campus. the train derailed after the crash yesterday morning, details of that crash are still under investigation. and this man 22-year old david daniels is facing a
6:37 am
tempted murder charges after police say he shot seven people in panama city beach, florida. it happened during a spring break house party early saturday morning. victims were found inside of the home even a across the street. the several of the victims are in critical condition and said to be students at alabama a and m university. the sheriff says that the shooting was chaotic. >> we have drunk people under the influence of drugs with guns and in respect for themselves others, and most of all authority. we have arrest pea for disaster. >> officials say that daniels sprayed the house with gunfire and they recovered a 40 caliber hand gun in the yard of the nearby home. it was quite the night and quite the sight at one pennsylvania highway, take a look at this eight horses escaped from their pasture and took off down route 219 in somerset county. drivers had to slow down and
6:38 am
stay back while animal owners rounded them up and got them back into the pasture. in horses were injury. bachelor party crasher joey has made it to philadelphia here he is wearing the st. joseph's shirt at the the the field house in center city. seattle man got inn tried to the jeff manetti bachelor party for accident. he had been mistaken for a friend of the june with a similar last name and he was getting e-mails about the the party. after fighting about the the mix up, he inn righted him anyway. the bachelor party crasher raised thousands of dollars on line to pay for his trip here to philadelphia. "eyewitness news" at the sixth annual promise a boutique prom fair in camden where high school girls with treated to a personal shop tore find a perfect prom dress. juniors and seniors received a new or gently used gown, accessories and new make up items for $25 or less, the event was put on by the non-profit organization the
6:39 am
mvp foundation. and a driver knows this time of the year there are plenty of potholes around but coming up next how new technology is detecting those nasty road craters, before they become a problem. and also ahead a surprise appearance by angelina jolie at the kids choice award, hear her special message. we will also show how got soaked from los angeles all in the tradition of slime coming up. winter returns for the weekend, carol is tracking when it gets warmer in the eyewitness weather forecast. now, americans everywhere are discovering that galbani ricotta inspires moments that are simply better. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). italy's favorite cheese brand.
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back on "eyewitness news" and potholes are the bain of any driver. well, now some researchers in boston are using new technology to spot those nasty road craters before they start. cbs's eric fischer reports. >> if you go down this one fast enough it is like a a roller coaster. >> it is tricked out brainchild of the team of engineers at northeastern university in boston. a city still reeling from record snowfall. >> we're not just seeing things that are obvious the to the human eye. >> reporter: it comes equipped with the recording of the sound of the road digital camera to document it and radar to see beneath it. >> this is grouped penetrating radar. >> reporter: david kavanaugh is the driver and a ph.d. candidate. >> it the is hard for sit toys locate where all of their
6:43 am
potholes and more obvious damage is so we do help them do that. >> reporter: his high tech ride does in hours what it takes inspection weeks or even months to complete. >> on that road there were potholes cracks, there were patch is or ban eighths over the potholes and we would detect all have of those things. >> reporter: after just a few hours of driving around you have piles have of data to process all to answer the question exactly how much work has to be done. >> you also get the image of the pavement. >> reporter: research assistant, shown here showed us the results of the survey done last november in beverly a city just north of boston. using google maps they color code each street pointing out damage pointing out which ones require immediate attention and the system can even calculate the estimated cost for a least pair for a city. the professor wong could use the team. >> how much could they save by using this program. >> you can cut down about 50 percent of your cost. >> reporter: half of the cost
6:44 am
in about 50 times less time to do it. >> yes. >> reporter: time that can be used to repair the road and smooth out the ride ahead. in boston, eric fischer for cbs news. high wind are being blamed for damage across the great planes including two alarm trucks blown over on a montana interstate. the the trucks were traveling at i15 near the town of dillon yesterday, when wind gusts tipped them over. there were no serious injuries but the trucks were damaged and some parts of the montana and south dakota reported wind gusts of up to 60 miles an hour. well thankfully we don't have severe weather here but we could use more sunshine. >> we could use more warmth, i know yes. the sunnies in effect and we will be finding plenty of sunshine. it is starting to brighten upright now but does not do much for our temperatures. we will above freezing. we're in the right new but we will get there to about 47 or so degrees. the beautiful start to the day.
6:45 am
look at how pretty this looks if that warms your heart. outside it doesn't work at all but if you are inside looking out it could warm your heart. it looks very pretty this morning but it is cold. 22 degrees. do you remember last weekend? we had snow all over this field. some areas were picking up and gotten 7 inches from that storm that we saw at the end of last week? well, that is a whole other, it seems like a lifetime ago except temperature wise with these 22-degree temperatures and wind of 12 miles an hour. we are not looking for snow, although there could be a brief snow shower in a spot or two overnight into early monday morning but that is a whole other story. right now let just deal with the story we have at hand and that is clear skies. we will enjoy them but not so much this. twenty-six in philadelphia. twenty-four in trenton. twenty-four in wilmington. fifteen in the poconos. twenty-four in dover. twenty-seven in wildwood. it feels like in the teens in every single location. so wear your jackets, layers on, heat on and pets inside in
6:46 am
temperatures like this. 10 degrees colder then it was yesterday morning at this point. we definitely have the cold air here. high pressure is trying to do the the the right thing and tomorrow we will get in the 50's but there could be an early morning shower a brief one and then by tuesday there could be another shower coming in here because that would be a rine shower coming up. let take a look here's our computer model and see fit change his mind about where and what we are expecting and it has not. it says 59:00 o'clock in the morning some areas could see a brief snow shower tomorrow morning, maybely little bit of the mix, rain to the the south so just pay attention to that if you are out early tomorrow morning. some models are saying this isn't going happen but this one says it is. and then by 8:00 in the morning still a couple rain showers bay 10:00 o'clock they are at the coast gone, done, things look better around here. we're well in the 50's tomorrow about 58 degrees and then by tuesday could we see another little batch of precipitation, it is entirely possible especially i think in
6:47 am
the afternoon we will start to sees rain shower chances coming in here on tuesday, we will clear out for wednesday but the temperatures that whole stretch really will be great in the afternoon. a lot better then this, 47 in philadelphia today, 42 at the shore, poconos 42 degrees but at least it is sun any all locations and in the as windy as it was yesterday. northwesterly breeze at the ten to 15 miles an hour will make that 47 feel colder there. thirty-two tonight. the mostly included which that late shower. by late i mean late in the nighttime, time period but early in the morning on monday. otherwise, monday 58 degrees tuesday, 52 with those rain shower chances in the the afternoon, wednesday 55 looks great. thursday 65 degrees but maybe a rain shower at night and to start the day on friday and maybe another one on saturday todd. >> all right carol we're getting there. time to check the roads. lets get to ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center good morning, ann.
6:48 am
>> good morning todd. you're looking at ben franklin parkway site of the love run and we have closures to run down. ben franklin parkway is in the process of being closed for the run. also kelly drive is in the the process of being shut down. kelly drive to the right of the screen. to the left it is martin luther king drive. that is shut down between the parkway and montgomery drive like it is every weekend for recreational activities. the raza monk them today. we will move the traffic cam again today to the schuylkill expressway right at girard avenue. heading to the zoo like families might be no delays or problems on the schuylkill, moving smoothly through philadelphia and it suburbs. on to the ben franklin bridge mid span light volume on the ben franklin bridge. further up no problems on 42 or 55 but on the atlantic city expressway westbound on route 38 there is a an accident and left lane is block. the also a net from september the a the on the manayunk norristown line services have been suspended due to a warehouse fire or clean up from a warehouse fire on west moreland street in north philadelphia.
6:49 am
that is very latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann he evans, now todd, back to you. >> angelina jolie makes her first public appearance since under going cancer preventive surgery. jolie appeared at the kid choice award last night in los angeles. she hugged her two daughters, when her name was announced for favorite villain an award she won for her role in the movie maleficent and in a her acceptance speech jolie had a message of empowerment to youngsters. >> different is good. so don't sit still, don't ever try to be less than what you are and someone tells you, you are different, smile and hold your head up high and be proud. >> on tuesday jolie announced she had her ovaries removed after doctors told her she was showing early signs of cancer. as for the other winners of the night emma a stone won best ago rest for her role in
6:50 am
the amazing spider man two, she escaped the traditional green slime but the host of the ceremony nick jonas, ended up getting drenched. >> we will be right back.
6:51 am
6:52 am
dave: the effect that standardized testing is having on our students is already coming through, it's already showing, and they haven't even taken the test yet. my first-grader came home the other day and cried, because he couldn't - he didn't feel like going to karate practice. after he was done with his work, he said, "mom, i'm just tired," and started to cry. in first grade. what are we doing? what are we doing to our kids? march madness continues a saturday night thriller, notre dame taking on undefeated
6:53 am
kentucky with the final four birth on the line. thirty-three seconds left in the ballgame inn all tied up. kentucky drives and gets a foul and that will put andrew harrison on the line. here he goes he will hit both shots. notre dame, will get one final chance on this one. they get the ball over to jeremy grant. he goes all the way in, takes it to the corner, the three ball does not go down excellent defense down the stretch by kentucky, they get the job done. wildcats win 68-66. thirty-eight wins and zero losses arizona and wisconsin this guy so fun to watch. frank, a seven footer drives to the basket, reverse lay up puts badgers up by nine. time winding down, wisconsin up by five and they will just put it away. sam decker with the easy three to seal the deal. even aaron rodgers live that. they win 85-78. they are heading to the final four.
6:54 am
>> elite eight wraps up with two games right here on cbs-3. first up we have michigan state take on louisville at 2:20 and gonzaga verse coach k and duke blue devils at 5:02. mike krzyzewski is polish, gonzaga has a polish. they a announced and if they can pronounce and spell each names. >> can you spell cornowsky. >> you know polish people don't to have do that, you know and would i say cornowsky. ask him how he really pre announce is it. ask him to pre announce my name. >> like k-r-z-y-w-a... , i don't know. >> pretty close. >> so close. flyers begin the the week nine points out of the playoffs seven games left and borrowing a minor miracle they are not going to the post season.
6:55 am
we are paying attention to jay voracek bat tolling finish the season as the nhl points leader. san help say sharks paying a visit to the wells fargo center. flyers down one, moving the puck, voracek to michael grossman and michael rafl. that is good enough to earn an assist with voracek and he is at the game tied. surgery. flyers on the plow play, claude giroux lights the lamp. voracek got era cyst. the flyers tie up the game, and then at two. this one initial to a shoot-out. you know this has been a problem for the flyers. they lost game three-two. voracek is keeping pace with sidney crosby in the race for the the art ross trophy. >> i think jake is facing a very competitive guy and his priority is to win a hockey games first and foremost. you know, he has to produce for us and he has all year. he will continue to try to do that. >> that is all for sports i am
6:56 am
i'm leslie van arsdal have a great sunday. saturday was training day for new coaches in the archdiocese of philadelphia catholic youth organization. they participated in the the play like a champion at archdiocese pastoral center. coaches learn how to make sports more safe fun and developmentally enriching. approximately 3,000 children participate in the sports programs offered by the archdiocese. those of us who are familiar with events like the wing bowl can relate to a brand new competitive eating world record. competitive either molly skylar polished off, the at the the challenge at jetrow's barbecue in west des moines iowa. she down a 4-pound sandwich that included pork stake brings kit bacon, cheese buffalo chicken tenders ape of course, a pound of potatoes. she ate that in two minutes and 55 seconds. later today molly says she will be eating 5-pound of
6:57 am
bacon. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00. here's what we have at 7:00. new this morning a plane makes a hard happened going off the runway in canada, we will have more video just from the scene. and then it is a cold start out there, will we ever be able to ditch these winter coats? carol's forecast and more when we continue at 7:00. ♪ ah, push it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ push it. ♪
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new this morning, 30 lease are investigating a violent home invasion/robbery, a resident is stabbed and rush to the hospital. also this morning an off-duty delaware county police officer is shot ape killed. we're following latest development overnight and we will have a live report. thousands gathered in st. peters square as pope francis says mass this palm sunday day. today is sunday march 27th, good morning, i'm todd quinones in this morning for nicole brewer. the here's a look at weather that brings us, of course to meteorologist carol erickson. carol, little warmer today but not as warm as we want it to be. >> we need 75, we need about three weeks of 75-degree temperatures, in problems at all, but instead we're well below freezing but we do warm up this week. we are getting closer a lot closer. we should be by the even of the week to see


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