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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  March 30, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" an out of control barrels into police officers at a traffic stop. what happened next in a live report. good morning i'm ukee washington. >> welcome back. >> good to see everybody. >> i'm erika von tiehl. >> a police corruption trial begins today for six former narcotics officers accused of stealing money and drugs. and it will likely pin former officers against drug suspects. >> and a wild night on the street of south philly when this smashed up taxi led police up and down several streets the wrong way. now that driver is facing several charges. more on that in a bit. right now let's get more on the forecast, here's kate. >> i good morning, welcome back from us here in the weather department, as well. and we are actually tracking a
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little bit of wet wet r out there on the radar this morning for you guys, frontal boundery being dragged through as we speak, yes over my shoulder you might see little purple showing up on the map. we do expect temperatures stay generally above freezing this morning, so we will talk more about what the radar has in store for this morning little damp for sure, but there is a nice spike on the they thermometer coming our way this week that i think the anchors will be looking forward tonight i know you guys like that milder glare yes yes. >> love it. >> thank you, in the news this morning, police in bucks county community are investigating a crash that injured one of their officers and several other people. >> it happened during routine traffic stop on route one in falls township. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now from the scene with the latest information, jan good morning. >> reporter: erika ukee, good morning there is was very serious car accident, fortunately, police say the officers involved did not suffer life threatening injuries. however, six people were injured, in a this three car crash here on route one north late last night. you can see though, the road has reopened this morning.
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this lands 10:45 route one near route 13, falls township police offers her pull over a driver clock going 90 miles per hour. a short time later police say a third car crashed into the patrol car causing a chain reaction so, the officer's car hit the vehicle that had been pulled over. four people in that vehicle were taken to the hospital. so was the officer. none of them have life threatening injuries, once again, fortunately there is morning, police are still investigating, the cause of the crash but they do have some preliminary information. take a listen. >> the operator of the striking vehicle did appear to be impaired. and we are investigating this, as a dui accident at this time. >> now, police say that driver did have serious head injury. no update on the drivers condition this morning. meantime, police say, this is a very dangerous stretch of roadway. they often clock people going 90 miles per hour or faster. much more on that part of the
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story coming up later in the show. for now live in morrisville jan carabeo cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank upment also new this morning taxi driver crashes through a fence after leading police on a chase. police say that they got calls of attacks i going the wrong way in south philadelphia. when officers found that taxi, they say the driver was asleep behind the wheel. when he wouldn't wake up, they broke his window and that's when the driver took off leading them on a short chase. that finally came to an end when the driver lost its front tire and crashed at delaware and oregon. the driver tried to get out around run but did he not get very far. this morning, he is facing charges, several of them, including dui. in burlington count a fatal crash involving a car and tractor-trailer. the crash happened late last night on i-295 northbound south of exit 45 in westhampton. the cause that far crash is still being looked into. right now 4:33, pretty seasonable today katie what do you think? >> actually will be for a change, who new we could see days like this.
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my gosh, i feel like it hasn't been seen on recall, a day well above average or not even close to seasonable. but when we look out on "skycam 3", definitely looking pretty dreary out there this morning, actually because we do have some wet weather to track for you here, on the radar. all from much larger system, bulk of energy, take you next to storm scan3 actually well off to the north. but, i don't want you to get too scared off by the fact we're seeing light snow mixing in here. our temperatures are generally going to stay above freezing this morning unless go up toward i80 in the poconos pretty much the only spot where you may see a little bit that far snow actually accumulate, but would you have to be at hi, high elevation for that, generally if it comes down maybe even as a sleet pellet, it won't be anything in a has a chance to stick to the gown or lead to slick travel. damp absolutely, but temperatures have actually gone up a little bit here. you're about ten to almost 15 degrees miler since the same time yesterday and as that translates to the they are mom term, yes, it is chilly but you're above freezing, that's the key here. you have also got south
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component to the wind flow here too not necessarily going to be slick commute but will probably be a damp commute specially if the wet weather is coming down as you are traveling. might even still be few showers around by 9:00 a.m. as the typical morning rush is beginning to wind down. mostly cloudy by noon, and eventually, the sun will break through the clouds, and we are actually warm willing up bit more by comparison to yesterday to 58 degrees. yes, seasonable day. jess over to you. >> thanks, katie. good morning everybody 5:35, 4:35, excuse me, way ahead of myself here. out on 95 right around cottman avenue. this is actually off ramp to head to 95 southbound, you can see completely closed there due to ongoing construction, opening, though, today at before a.m. so about another hour and a half of that we will be able to access 95 from the spot. over on the ben franklin bridge, little bit of gloomy camera here, all lanes open headed into the city. no problems there headed into new jersey as well. speaking of new jersey we do have due to earlier accident some downed polls and wires in the area on pennington road at
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olden avenue. all lanes are being blocked there, north and southbound, so you want to take route 29 to get on by that scene. and back over to 95, dealing with some ongoing construction southbound between marsh road and route 202. that's go going to be out there for another half hour so far this morning. currently mass transit no problems except for the route 38 trolley dealing with some but the l bussing at this time. back to you. >> thank you. happening today, a sweeping police corruption trial begins, six former philadelphia narcotics offers remembers on trial for allegedly stealing drugs and money, and robbing drug dealers. convicted former officer jeffrey walk is her expected to testify against his long time colleagues. walker admits he planted evidence in a suspect's car. and stole $15,000 from him. that trial is expected to take ten weeks. police say they plan to file charges soon in the shooting death of off duty police office nerve glenolden a delaware county official tells "eyewitness news", the victim is 26 year old mark
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hudson. the darby borough officer was off duty saturday when shot in the chest inside glenolden home. he died of his injuries at penn presbyterian medical center. police confirm there was woman in the home at the time of the shooting. she has not been identified. >> well, federal aviation investigators are looking into the cause after deadly plane crash in chester county. the small plane went down yesterday afternoon, near saunders lane in andrew drive in west goshen. the plane crash shortly after take off from brandywine airport. authorities say the plane's pilot and passenger died on impact. shortly after take off the plane starts to sputter and then basically took a nose dive, came in down in the woods behind us. >> pie pilots fly out of here, stood hear the people didn't make it. >> the victims' identities are unknown, the cause. crash remains under investigation. erika? >> authorities don't expect to find more bodies in three new york city apartment buildings after last thursday's explosion. search crews found two bodies
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yesterday. the buildings collapsed after apparent gas explosion. that blast injured 22 people, four critically. mayor bill de blasio says someone mass have improperly tapped a gas line before that explosion. investigators are working to determine the cause of a fire at a popular bakery in north philadelphia. firefighters battled the flames at denise's delicacy near 22nd and cambria streets for an hour before gaining an upper hand. there were apartments on all sides of the business, but no evacuations or injuries were reported. >> the search continues this morning for a suspect in a hunting park home invasion. police say that suspect broke into a home on the 700 block of west erie avenue early yesterday morning and stabbed the 25 year old homeowner. the victim is in stable condition at temple university hospital. there is no word on what if anything was taken from that home. march madness is reaching
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its big finish, field of 68 is down to the final four. two more teams punch their tickets yesterday the michigan state spartans beat louisville and the block due devils overall kentucky in happen list this weekend, more on the games coming up in just a few minutes in sports. >> how is your bracket looking? >> what bracket? >> common. >> what bracket? busted after the first two days. you're doing -- >> pretty generous. >> you have one more team left? >> i get gonzaga will not win it all. >> they're done. >> still on "eyewitness news" not good opening day for new yorkrk's coney island. what happened that got this iconic roller coaster stuck. >> expect normal temperatures in the beginning of week. but get ready for an end of the week warm up. katie has your forecast on the other side.
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judge. >> cyclone roller coaster got stuck on its first run ride was 10 feet from its pie he is point when it just stopped. about two dozen riders were stranded up there work heard helped them down a walkway that runs adjacent to the tracks, no one was hurt. park is working to figure out exactly what happened here. >> prosecute remembers expected to wrap up their case against boston bomber tsarnaev dzhokhar with medical examiners. expected to describe the fatal injuries to two victims including a eight year old boy. his lawyers maintain older brother tamerlan was the the master behind behind the attack. >> other countries are already placing changes following the germanwings plane crash last week. australia is mandate that at least two people stay in cockpits during flights. officials will explain the new arrangement later on today. french prosecutors blame 27 year old co-pilot andreas lubitz for the crash that killed 150 people last week.
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tsunami warning is in place for the pacific nation of pappa new guinea. officials say powerful 7.7 earthquake hit the country last night. earthquake caused strong shaking on land, now word on any injuries or damage. >> 34:43, all over the place temperature wait finally follow al season day right? >> basically what we're looking at. started off on the damp side, but eventually see some sunshine, does get better if here, actually warmer than it was yesterday. even in spite of a front passioning through. nice warming trends that goes on this week. temps slowly but surely, i've been proud to say it took a while, but going to get there finally. >> al lie ya. >> actually one of these warm days might actually be really nice. there is always some casino of trade off, it is either cold and sunny or rainy and mild. >> time to bring out the shorts? >> you might be able to. i could see you playing a couple of holes on government course.
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>> all right, all right couple. what happened to the rest of the 16? i need 16 more after the couple. >> okay, let's get to it, i'll show you what's going on here. think you will like what we have in store here. two in a row before we see the temperatures get knock back little by easter weekends. start it off with somewhat dreary view here on the live neighborhood network clouds are lying low do have frontal boundary crossing through actually as he week zoo. >> there are signs every snow here, because generally our temperatures region wide, unless you're in really high terrain up in the poconos they're generally above freezing. so you will be looking at damp roads. even if you saw a heavy wet snowflake or little bit of sleet, die are don't worry about that having a chance to stick. precipitation is generally light anyway. i can't say i'm really crazy about how this future weather model has initialize dollars because we definitely have more wet weather on the radar as of now but it gives you a
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guide to gave you a sense that there is still going to be handful of showers around by mid to late morning. >> just clear out generally speaking through the overnight do, have chance to drop bit more on the thermometer because of that i promise you season on recall day, that's dead on for a change with where we are normally at on this particular day of the year. 58 degrees dropping down to upper 30s later tonight then here comes the good stuff. so tomorrow cooler, see rain come through in the afternoon and at night but wednesday sunny, 54, thursday, not only in the six 60s but it is sunny, when have we said that lately? i can't even tell you. enjoy that while you have got t looking ahead to what may end up being chillier upcoming easter weekend. erika, back over to you. >> we'll take that sun on thursday.
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>> get ready to go through extra security. after trial run at the end of last season, the park is now requiring all fans to walk through medical detectors and immediately after their tickets scanned. detectors used at all major events including phillies games and concerts. this added security is part of a mandate by major league baseball opening day though good remind is her coming up on monday, ukee? march madness coming down the home stretch. final two spots recently decided yesterday michigan state louisville game went to over time. as soon as extra period started, the spartans pulled away. they beat the cardinals 76 to 70. coach is headed to his seventh final four "magic" johnson just loving it. parts abilities face duke, blue devils beat ganzaga. just continues winslow led the blue devils with 16 points, coach k going to the final four for the 12th time and that ties him with the
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legendary wiz after every westwood, from ucla, for most trips for a coach. so it is michigan state, duke wisconsin and kentucky this weekend in indianapolis. >> yesterday her game tops beat florida state 80 to 74 to go to their final four. south carolina's first ever trip to the final four congratulations, coach staley, and the entire school organization and fans. the only local team playing post-season basketball, the temple owls. they are in the final four, the nit. and they left philly for new york city yesterday. the owls play miami tuesday night at madison square garden, good luck. and knott much after surprise here. ryan sandberg says cole hamels will be the phils opening day starter again this year, it is kohl's second career opening day start and once again the phils open regular season a week from today against the red sox in south philly at citizens bank park.
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that time of year. here we go. erika, back to you. >> not really spring until baseball arrives. >> it is on, game on. >> still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news"; jay-z about to change the way we listen to music? we'll tell you coming up. first a look at what's ahead on cbs-3.
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>> a falls township police officer and several other people are in the hospital after a car crashed during a traffic stop. it happened last night at route one and route 13, a car plowed into the rear of the police car that had pull over another driver. police are investigating if alcohol may have played a role in this crash. also, six former philadelphia narcotics office remembers on trial starting today. they are accuse of stealing drugs and money and robbing drug dealers previously convicted office is her expected to testify against his former colleagues.
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>> after leading police on chase in south philly, police were alerted by reports of attacks i driving the wrong way, and when officers approached him he drove off and tried to get away on foot. did he not get far. >> nutrition store gmc is taking steps to make sure their herbal supplement are safe. >> mine watch's joe wagner joins us from the new york stork stock exchange, so jill, what did you think behind this latest move by gnc? >> good morning gnc wants to make sure its herbal supplement are really the real thing. now, cord together new york times, the retail hey as agreed to implement sweeping new testing procedures that far exceed what's required by federal law. so this all comes after an investigation from the new york torque steak attorney general, accuse of retailers like target, wal-mart, walgreens, of selling fraudulent supplement. we'll see what happens with this one. >> what do you know about this big announcement today from
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jay-z? >> he scheduled media event to layoff quota new direction for the music industry from both a creative and business perspective. last month jay-z bought a swedish music streaming service for about $56 million. it is a little known service that only has about a thousand subscribers, but it does cost $20 a month, which is a lot more than a spotify or pandora. so something tells me, we will be hearing a lot more about its title. that press conference at 5:00 p.m. this afternoon. >> thanks, jill. talk to you a little later. coming up after a shirt break traffic and weather together we do it on the 3's we'll be
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>> just 45:00, starting out on
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the schuylkill expressway right around 202-6789 originally popped up this camera because we were seeing snowflakes around the area, obviously not setting anybody back too much. roadways still dry. but jousting something to look at for this monday morning, so this is actually headed eastbound, westbound, no problems there as well. currently, having problems out on woodhaven road with police activity, you can see these are actually in the westbound lanes, right here, blocking this off. you want to take academy road to get on pipe. it doesn't seem to be closed right now but it actually is beyond this point because that far police activity, the actual cars that you see going through are coming off the off-ramps at that point. definitely keep you updated on this erika back to you. >> thanks so much. hey, a live look right now at center city courtesy of our "skycam 3", and if you look very closely i can't quite see it here, but neighbor if you have a great hd tv see little bit of snow coming down katie we may see couple of other flakes this morning? >> absolutely, yes. what's going on here is that we have frontal boundery that is being dragged through the area, because temperatures are cold enough, we're seeing some snowfall. but because they are not cold
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enough it, is not going to have a chance to stick. so right on the edge. i think generally speaking we are talking damp roads. could there be slick travel? it is possible. so i want you to still be careful out there. as you look at the radar it looks a lot scarier than it actually s yes, you will find some showers out, there yes you will find some snowflakes. here is a look at the current temperatures. coldest spot definitely the poconos. up that way highest terrain might see quick coating. no where else. but do watch for the potential of not just damp roads but maybe little slick travel. nice warming trends comes our way later this week. erika, back to you. >> still ahead this morning we are following the latest on accident that injured six people including a police officer in bucks county. also the pennsylvania state trooper injured in a ambush last fall is speaking out about his future. more on his aspirations after he recovers. >> and startling video after firefighter falling through the roof of a burning home. finds out how he managed to get out that far building. we're back at the top of the
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in the news this morning several cars are rec after a traffic stop crash in bucks county, a police offer is waking up in the hospital this morning not the only one hurt, learning more about the driver accused. this car crash. >> talking one wild ride for the driver of this taxi. the big trouble he's in for leading police on a chase through south philly overnight. and investigators will be back at the scene of this deadly plane crash in chester county today. trying to figure out what went wrong on the plane. neighbors tells us what they heard just moments before the crash. it is monday march 30th, good morning i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. the work week getting off to a
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bit after wet start. some seeing flurries, you're on the skydeck watch are you seeing out there? >> i expected to seymour. virtually nothing going on out here right now. and it is funny because we had just seen a little bit of very light snow falling here, at our station headquarters, so so quick hilt and miss, some will see slick travel, but also got news of a nice warm up. which we'll also get to, that's all coming up. jess? >> thanks, good morning, everybody, we do actually see some snow falling right around, you can see right under the light right here, right around woodhaven road you can see police activity. don't have ton of details on the scene. the onramps are open right there, but beyond this point in the west and eastbound lanes, just past woodhaven road closed, take academy road to get on by. back to you. >> what start as routine traffic stop ends in a crash that injured a police officer and several others in bucks county. it happened late las


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