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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  March 31, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. >> good morning everyone, hire ' what's happening in conshohocken, fire crews on the scene after house fire, 100 block of west first avenue. that fire is under control now. but as we will show you in a matter of moments it did do a lot of damage. >> no injuries have been reported, at least one person had to be evacuated. we're staying on the scene for you. >> good morning, everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. shooting death of darby borough police officer mrs. already arrested his girlfriends, but on different charges. we'll have live report in a few minutes. first, a check on the forecast katie tracking the possibility of snow again? >> not in philly. let me take that perfectly clear. we hear the word snow. everybody's just like no, no more. i get it. it is the end of march. we're officially rounding out the month at this point.
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and april fools day comes tomorrow. but dow promise much nicer weather by that point. but yes further north you about, it will be cold enough to feature some snow with quick hitting disturbance outside we go to the live look on "skycam 3", overlooking center city and the ben franklin bridge. it is very calm. >> this day starts off in innocently, enough, will not necessarily stay that way. let me take you on out to storm scan, a-okay, clear as a bell no problems whatsoever. all do you have do start to zoom things out. tail end of the loop see the beginning of some of the moisture associated with the storm system. i don't even want to call it a storm systemment less in the call it a storm system, disturbance it, will have gusto, bit more moisture, but fast moving, generally with us here this afternoon and this evening then it is out of here. now, that said, it is going to be cold enough that specially on unpaved surfaces up in the poconos you could end up with 2 inches of snow out this, unpaved surfaces, highest elevation. this is not going to be a concern the further south you go although, coy see maybe
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quick little coating, a cents could the lehigh vale, even our far western suburbs so really the out skit of town where you have got the coldest air in place right now that is your best bet to find any snow mixing in today. otherwise, actually off to pretty decent start here. 44 degrees currently at philadelphia international airport. forty-four in ac, 34 millville, chilly granted but when this system gets here it is the afternoon. so we're already going to be moderating on the thermometer in other words, that does mean that we will have chance to see strictly rainout of this system. but it is on the way. you may want to grab the umbrella headed out the door, guys, back to you. >> see you in a bit, thank you. inin the news, authorities hope to press charges today. >> officer mark hudson shot in his glenolden home. he only he and his girlfriends were the only people inside. jan carabeo joins us from darby borough police department. police have charged hudson's girlfriends with a separate incident jan good morning.
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>> good morning, that incident stems back to august, more information on that in just a bit, but still, there are a loft unanswered questions in this case today. namely, who shot and killed this off duty darby borough police officer you was shot and killed in his very own home. we hope to learn more information today. take look at the video we hope to hear if charges are filed, possibly many coming down as early as 9:00 this morning, now officer mark hudson was fatally shot saturday afternoon. police have said the 26 year old's girlfriend, tie anna finch, was the only other person at home at the time. she was questioned that day. sunday finch was hospitalized for medical issue and now as you mention we have learned that she in custody on charges stemming from incident this past august. that's when authorities say finch threatened the officer with a weapon, now following that incident, sources say hudson took out a restraining order against his girlfriend, on saturday, police say hudson was shot in the chest fatally in his own home with his owner is advice weapon. take a listen.
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>> unfortunately, in this particular case, there was only two people in that room, in that area, when this occurred. people are upset. they are grieving because why does this happen, why should it have happened. report report now, finch faces number of charges for that august incident including assault, possession after weapon, and making terroristic threats, as for this case, again, we hope to hear more information later today. possibly charges coming down as early as 9:00. we're reporting live at the darby borough police department, jan carabeo cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan thank you. the cause of this deadly house fire in darby township is under investigation. that fire broke out last night on the 1,000 block of jackson street. firefighters say when they arrived they heard explosions coming from the house. nearby residents were evacuated as a precaution, after the smoke cleared firefighters saw the body of elderly man and his dog in a basement. >> two temple university football players are scheduled for preliminary hearing today
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dion dawkins has and reddick charged with aggravated assault for attack on a student. it allegedly happened at a night club on january 18th. temple has suspended both dawkins and red he can from the football team pending further investigation. also happening today a preliminary hearing is set for ivan overholtz-er charged in the fatal shooting whenever is class make james benning err happened in the kensington home march 5th. investigators say he was playing with a gun he found on the street in his neighborhood, police say the teenager thought the gun was empty. >> the trial continues today for six former police officers charged with stealing millions of dollars in drugs and cash from drug suspect. the trial is already getting dirty. lawyers for the former that the core -- narcotics officers say the prosecution case relies on 19 lying drug dealers and a quote dirty despicable turn coat cop. the trial is expected to take ten weeks. this morning convicted cop killer mumia abu-jamal is
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in the icu at a schuylkill county hospital. a lawyer for ash ooh jamal tells the associated press that prison officials will not disclose why his client is hospitalized. abu-jamal is serving a life sentence for the 91981 murder of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. >> montgomery county investigators looking into alleged sharing of nude photos of female student at north penn high school. now, students tell "eyewitness news" the photographs were posted on drop box which lets users share note ers on mobile phone or tablets. hundreds every student met with administrators including the school superintendent. he spoke exclusionly with "eyewitness news". >> we are working hard to be able to understand what is happening here. it appears it happens in our community, then it spills over into the schools. >> montgomery county d.a. risa furman says it is material toy say if charges will be filed because of the investigation is ongoing. the families of two women
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killed by a disgruntled employee at the kraft food plant in northeast philadelphia in 2010 received $38 million in punitive damages. a jury handed down the verdict against us security associates of georgia yesterday. finding they will neglect in the death of tanya wilson and latanya brown. surveillance video from the former nabisco plant showed a guard running away from the scene of the shooting at the plant. >> security associate guards of the largest facilities in philadelphia. >> this sends them clear message that their guards can't simply run away in the event after crisis. they have to call management. they have to get on the pa system. they have to get on the walky-talky radios, and announce that there is a person in the building with a gun. >> us security associates issued a statement reading in part: us security associates believes that its personnel on duty on the night of the shooting made reasonable decisions and acted with courage in the face after direct threat to their own lives. we are disappointed today's
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verdict and intend to appeal. >> as we continue this morning, meet the newest host of the daily show. he may not and household name just yet but john steward's replacement is already getting a loft attention from viewers. >> and, are you ready for some warmer weather? ukee, i know you are. >> we will see some beautiful days through the end of the week. we just have to get through a few showers first. katie has your seven day when we come b
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>> negotiations in their final hours before the target deadline to reach a nuclear deal with iran. negotiations including secretary of state john kerry, hope to come up with a framework that would ease international sanctions against iran, in exchange for limits on its nuclear capability. but so far diplomats say they've not reached a deal and that differences still remain. well, authority are not saying this morning why two men dressed as women tried to enter the national security
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agency's campus at fort meade without permission. nsa spokesman says an agency officer gave the driver instructions for safely leaving the area, but the driver disobeyed them. the car rammed no a police car which was blocking the road. one person i am side the car died at the scene. >> this morning republican lawmakers in indianna are scrambling to reform a law that bans a state trim posting on religious beliefs. state legislate ours passed a law last week, but created fire storm of criticism on social media. critics say that law will sanction discrimination against gay and lesbian people and boycotts have already been called foray cross the country. >> the search for john stewart's successor is over. >> thirty-one year old trevor noah will be the new host of the daily show. he debuted as a contributor just few months ago but comedy central really liked what they saw from him. he is a by racial, south african native. noah joke about his heritage
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on the letterman back in 2013. >> speak language ... it is magic it sounds like chinese new year in your mouth t just pops. >> funny, too. noah does a bit everything, he does stand up comedy, satire, writing, act producing now will quickly need to learn the in's and outs of washington, as well. stewart is expected to step down from the show sometime after this summer but john stewart said hey when i first took this job no one new who i was. >> remember when craig first son left, like who is this -- >> right, right, exactly. it will be a household name. >> he real i i'm dig that choice. >> i do, too. >> are we dig our forecast? >> depends on which day you are looking a. even half of the day is actually looking pretty good here today. eventually though you will need to have some rain gear ready to go. not shovel necessarily but heavier coat perhaps. >> and that snow were you talking about is not in this area? >> not if philly.
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go to the lehigh valley, poconos, even if you are driving west on the pa turnpike into harrisburg on business or something like that, you will probably run into snowflakes. but doesn't get going until this afternoon. so mornings are all right. >> i think the morning drive is totally fine. we have that going for us here. yesterday, we had the morning drive affected with rain this morning at least it is our turn to catch a breaky guess. but eventually there is wet weather on the way. and you know i guess you could call this a clipper system. but it doesn't meet all of the criteria. it is coming from the same location as a typical clipper o it is moving very speedily as a typical clipper would. but it has got a lot of moisture to work with. it also has rain with it, which you don't tip beingly find. clippers are usually known for brinking in much colder air. even though little bit of drop back on the thermometer out of this again, it is not really meeting cry tear y but i don't want to call it a storm cyst at the time either. little disturbance will quickly hit us herement like we said, yes talking about snow, you are going to have to go far north if you want any
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casino of accumulation that is at least significant. so there is a winter weather advisory posted for the poconos, out along the i80 corridor, do you have watch up for, that you might have to pick up coating through the far north and west suburbs lehigh valley included. thirty-three your current temperature, so you will be pulling out of chilly air to begin with here. temperatures are still in the mid 40's, along portions of i95, not badment chillier further north you g but remember this certainly in the morning, by the time this is getting here you are talking afternoon. so we have a chance to rebound be be well above freezing by that point. that's why it is strictly rain for philadelphia, and the immediate vicinity, don't worry about shoveling any of this away, but, you will need to slow it down for the evening rush here, and that rain will continue this evening, then eventually clear out later on tonight. looking forward in the forecast, here comes the good stuff. thursday specially looking lovely. little breezy, i give that you, we take it, we flirt with 70 friday. by that point a new storm is brewing. jess, good morning.
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>> good morning everyone, 4:44. outside checking out how things are doing on 95 with the con going construction taking out two left hand lanes, northbound side right between the vine street expressway, and girard avenue. so you can see only two lanes getting by so far. now, over on the ben franklin bridge, no problems, all lanes are open really headed westbound into the city. you are going to have no problems there. and you can see even headed into new jersey, in problems, there as well. we usually lose that right hand lane, little later on in our commute. right now obviously not affecting anybody. over the talcony palmyra bridge, opening approximately 5:05 this morning, take the betsy to get on by. we'll keep you updated on. that will closed between maple and forest, take elm street to get on by, ukee, over to you from conshohocken. >> let's check the sports page. sixers and lakers are in the midst of high lottery pick battle in this year's nba draft. last night a wild battle between the teams in south philly.
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over time. now old comes through with two of his 19-point. new orleans finished with ninth double double this month. but the lakers come back, episcopal academy duane ellison back home finds jordan, with less than second to go. sixers had nice lead early in the game, plenty of lead changes, lakers win 1113, to 111. eagles are adding another former cowboy to the nest, according to reports this time it is wide receiver miles austin. austin played 11 games for the cleveland browns last year before kidney injury knocked him out for the rest of the season. he has had hamstring issues in the past, but tops a thousand yards for the the cowboys in 09 and ten. sources say he'll get one year, $2.3 million contract with incentives. the birds have also extended the contract of linebacker demeco ryans. ryans says he'll be ready for training camp despite missing end of last year with second achilles injury.
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two year deal worth 7.5 million, which could make it to 10 million with incentives. 6.25 million is guaranteed, erika, back over to you. >> thank ukee. still ahead mcdonald's making big changes to its menu, the fast-food giant's new plan to battle slumping sales. first though, here's what's ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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charge could a.m. early as this morning of shooting of an off-duty police officer. darby borough officer mark hudson was shot inside his glenolden home saturday afternoon, and died a short time later. his girlfriend is held in connection with a domestic incident last summer, she's been in custody since saturday. two temple university student athletes face a hearing this morning, dion dawkins, hasan reddick
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assaulted fellow student at a night club. a check on business news, jay-z had big announcement yesterday about new streaming service. >> we were talking about this. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, anything new about this announcement, jill? >> good morning real a who's who of the music industry yesterday. so jay-z and a lot of the other big names announce the first ever artist-owned on line streaming service called title, alicia keys, kanye west madonna, jack ponds nicki minaj all among the owners of title. it is a membership based service. so it provides access to on line music and videos, subscribers could pay $10 a month for standard quality or $20 for a high fidel at this sounded. so i think that was the big question mark yesterday well, what it would cost. $10, that's about what a service on spotify costs as well. >> okay. >> competitive. >> indeed. hey, jill, we hear mcdonald's has a new strategy to fight
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slumping sales. what do you know about it? >> we like it. >> well, how does all day egg mcmuffin sound? mcdonald's new strategy to battle those slumping sales is all day breakfast, so starting next month mcdonald's will test the idea at certain locations in san diego. right now the cut off for breakfast is 10:30 a.m. monday through friday. they will be starting with partial menu and see how it goes from there. i'm thinking next up we should petition for philly and new york. >> why not? >> 100%. >> game on. >> so do you sleep in on the weekends and you miss it. >> that's just what we need. >> not like we sleep in, 6:00 a.m. on the weekends. thanks jill. well, if you feel like you sit in traffic for most of your day you might not be far off. >> philadelphia's been named one of the worse traffic cities in the u.s. how much the a average driver spends in their car, how much time they spend in their car and how it compares it other cities across the country. we'll break it down for you when we come right
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>> philadelphia has been named one of the worse traffic cities in the u.s.a. >> we are asking this morning how much time do you spend driving in traffic? you might not believe the number. the average that; justin fin love have the answer coming up in the next hour. but let us know on social media, twitter facebook, we want to know how much spend you spend in your car might make you feel better when you see other people are expecting it too. >> oh, i can't stand being in traffic. >> one perk of working this shift, no traffic on the way. >> indeed. >> roads are clear right now jessica? >> roads are always clear right now. just before 5:00 a.m. we're doing pretty good. usually what we have to deal with at this time is a lot of road work, ongoing construction, currently looking at the schuylkill expressway, right around montgomery, you can see if you are headed westbound eastbound, into the city, no problems there. the only big thing we're seeing when we are losing two
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lanes on 95. northbound, due to ongoing construction, so two lanes getting by there. you can see cones out in the way, so only two lanes getting by right between the vine and girard avenue. dealing with a house fire, though fought conshohocken, actually under control getting word it is under control currently. still dealing with road closures, so west first avenue closed between maple and forest. you want to take elm street to get on by. that point and for the tac-pal, that's opening at 5:05, take the betsy ross to get by. currently we'll keep you updated on the opening in case it is early or tiny bit late. katie, doing pretty good so far this morning weather wise, what's the rest of our week looking like? >> it depend -- it depends on the day, but the rest of today does progressively go downhill. so starting off innocently enough out there this morning and even you're going to see some sunshine, but eventually these clouds start to build and we will start to see this move in. and right on cue. the storm scan, you have got not just rain but yep some snow. and that is how it is going to
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play out in our area, as well. now, in philly, immediate vicinity all points south, this is strictly rain producer, very temperature dependent situation, as far as the precipitation goes. so you can imagine, you know, basically going to have to go into the coldest spot, the coldest suburbs far north and west, lehigh valley, poconos that's where you are going to see the smokes mix in. it is primarily just some snow in the poconos so you could even pick up couple of inches specially unpaved surfaces, going coating to 2 inches in the mountains, but otherwise mainly chilly rain or wintery mix, and specially down through philly and the immediate vicinity and the shore points, it is strictly rain. it does move in again by this afternoon. temperatures little cooler than average. we keep it that way tomorrow. sun comes back. thursday looks awesome. little breezy but we'll take it, mid 60s good stuff. >> fantastic, thanks katie. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", new jersey wawa worker fired for having fun trying to pump gas.
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firefighters called out to the scene when flames rip through a home in conshohocken. >> looking live right now storm scan3, it is not the morning rush we're watching, but rather a system moving in for the afternoon. some folks are going to get rain, and part of our viewing area could even see snow again today. >> it is tuesday march 31st, good morning i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. right over to kate which more on what we can expected to. so grab the umbrella for later today, katy? >> it depends on when you plan to be out. if you are only out the first half of the day, you can probably get away without t after lunchtime typical lunch hour, noon or so, when the wet weather starts to move on in. it will be one of those situations where it is temperature dependent. so little bit after variable precipitation situation, i guess could you say depending
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on your location, and i am slipping into verse here. storm scan3 clear as a bell though. we start off innocently enough. you can see already little hint of the moisture out across western pa. really just matter of time. like we said, mainly this afternoon, winter weather advisory take effect at noon, because you could actually pick up couple every inches earn mainly unpaved surfaces but yes snow on the way for the highest terrain in our area and that of course is the poconos. 40 degrees though currently here at philadelphia international airport. temperatures have taken little bit of had ate since last check, but even though we have this chilly start, it is quiet for now. so by the time this wet weather gets here, we will have moderated well above freezing, and that means, it is basically a rain event for philly and the immediate vicinity, but the further north and west you travel, there will be some snow that mixing in, and as we said, the highest terrain is where you are going to even find maybe little bit of accumulation out of this system today. jess, over to you. >> thanks, katie. good morning everybody yes having relatively easy start. mainly right now what we have to deal with some o


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