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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  May 11, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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saw a cop running across the street, i look up, i saw one apartment, i saw flames in one apartment and then all the sudden, just flames got really big and tore up the whole roof. >> the video is incredible, just like huge balls of orange. have you ever seen anything like that? >> nothing like this before, no pretty scar. >> i dozen of residents out here this morning how have people been handling such a site and to know that people have lost everything? there? >> sad. i really opportunity know myself. i would just be worried about anybody getting out saferly that's all. i'm sure everybody wants to get out safely. >> we've heard someone had to jump from the second floor. >> that's what i heard too but did i not see it. >> didn't see it. what are you thinking this morning? you live across the street. this third floor building there evacuated. but you're safely across the street. what do you make of the whole situation? >> i feel for the people that live there. because i know everybody works hard around here, and it is hard to lose everything. >> do you know anybody that lives over there?
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>> no, i don't know personally. >> have you seen anything like this before in this neighborhood, in this apartment complex? >> there was couple of years ago something similar to like this but not as big. >> not as big as this? >> right. >> dozens of firefighters, three alarms? >> pretty bad, pretty bad yes. >> anthony, thank you so much. for staying up with us. i know a loft people out here are very tired today. again, officials not giving us too much information on scene right now but you can see that dozens of firefighters do remain on scene the flames are out but every now and again, there is a hot spot that flares up. that's why firefighters go inside. they still have the hose running, still couple of ladders extended into the air. awaiting for official word this morning about where this fire started, how many people have been displaced, possible cause, that could come much, much later in the morning of course. the main, main purpose right now, to get everything control. but does look like it is winding down bit nowment you can see the firefighters wrapping up the host, just little bit here, so, hopefully that means that officials are now going to get together all
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of the pertinent information. we can bring it straight to you. for now live in east windsor. >> get back to us when you can, thank you. other news this morning brawl breaks out on darby borough street and someone decides to settle the dispute with a gun. even as dozens of children are playing nearby. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is in the darby borough right now to tell you more about it, justin? >> reporter: ukee, good morning, major near miss here, police say they have an idea of just who this guy may be but still they want as many eyes as possible on him they want to catch him before something worse happens. >> a look here at the man darby police are after. his safe and hands caught on cell phone video also rolling on this, mothers day brawl. >> you can see him pull the gun out of his fatigue-type cackies, shots were fired. it is really, morons, the only way i can put this. >> bats, and fists swinging
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third street and greenway avenue when police pulled up sunday evening. no word on what fueled this fight. but the risks were evident. >> there were about 30, 40 kids playing in the street when this happened. it was an all out fight between male and female, bats, and one guy with a gun. >> guy chief robert says, fired at least six rounds with one striking a home on the 100 block of north fourth street. the chief says the violent incident is the fourth his department has handled in almost as many days. his fear, that the next one may have a sadder ending. >> sooner or later someone's going to be -- going to be fatality here. i have got a car with nine bullet holes in it, had four people in it, and that bass lucky. another woman pregnant, her car was shot at. that car was luckiment tonight very fortunate. there were number every children on that street, it is a very populated area.
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>> and again fortunate indeed here. the guy you saw in that video wearing black t-shirt, red shoes, and khaki cargo pant, police say, if you see him or know him be careful. remember he is likely armed. live in darby justin finch cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. >> right now just past 5:33, we want to check in with katie get the forecast, another humid start to the day right. >> certainly is. it will certainly feel very much like summer to us for the next two days. eventually some relief comes in the way of some cooler and drier air. that settles in for our area. but, you know, i think a loft people aren't actually complaining about the fact that we've had this heat and humidity out there. it really has been sort of like the dog days every summer which some us look forward to. right? storm scan3 meanwhile definitely showing a lot of activity for one thing i get immediately drawn to the deep south, where we continue to track numerous rounds of severe weather just variable squawl line setting up across portions that far area. also just off to the south look just next to raleigh north carolina, with less now whatever was tropical storm
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ana, now actually moving a bit on shore. but it will eventually recur of watch are we looking at? more than anything, minor indirect impact from both of these system. for now low-lying cloud cover and fog. even though there were dense fog advisories posted, they have been allowed to expire. they have since been lifted. but still going to find that fog. the thing is it probably lift little sooner in a place like cape may courthouse, evident with the fog out there today. and, right now that is. going throughout the day we do expect very norm day. normally high hit 72 degrees, we are shooting for 84 once again. shy of record territory for sure, but still feeling like summer out there. as we lock ahead. tracking what's left of an a and cold front. both systems do affect our area in an indirect way. and we will talk more about that time things out for in you our seven day forecast, a little later in the show, justin? >> i know people already complaining, but would you rather have 28 degrees? >> seriously.
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>> that's what we had on this day 1966 coldest temperature ever record recalled for philadelphia in the month of may. yep, can get coal. we'll take the 80s i think the ben franklin bridge inbound, out bound, no problems right now, both directions visibility is looking good. speeds are looking good. volume starting to increase little bit inbound, but still okay this hour. we do have back up here, the 42 freeway north to get onto 295 north. lined up here, the reason is there is an accident once on 29, an accident between 42 and the black horse pike, overturned truck. so we are dining with two right lanes blocked that's why we're back up all the way to the 42 freeway then farther north, to the turnpike southbound, there is an accident before the molly pitcher service area. also remaining in new jersey, east windsor, we have the fire going on, devonshire drive between dorchester and yorkshire drive. then downed polls and wires on woodhaven road at waldemere drive. this is due to earlier accident, crews are on the scene trying to clean this up. and in port richmond, richmond street remains closed between
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lie heighten and cam june 1st. >> thanks so much. 5:37n business news this morning, cure i can is bringing back a popular accessary. >> another company going natural. money watch's jill wagner joins us now up in new york at the stock exchange, hey jill, good morning. >> good morning, ukee, erika we will see if the markets can build on friday's momentum. strong jobs report sends stocks higher. the dow climbs 267 points, nasdaq jumps 58. labor department says the unemployment rate fell from 5.5% to 5.4% in april. there was one negative in the jobs report. paychecks aren't getting much bigger. howeverly earns only increase by .1% in april. >> snack wells the latest company to go natural. the company announced it is cutting high fructose corn syrup, unnatural fats, and artificial flavors from its products. a snackwell executive says custom remembers demanding more natural ingredients.
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and keurig admits it made a mistake by taking away re-usable k cups from its latest coffee machines. that is the accessary which lets customers brew their own coffee many times less expensive coffee, keurig says sales fell by more than 20%. now they are promising to bring back that accessary. ukee erika? >> oh, terrific, because it gets so expensive buying those k cups. >> sure does, adds up. >> save some monday. >> i thanks, jill. i tell you what a site on the parkway yesterday. tens of thousands of people were decked out in pink for the 25th annual komen philadelphia race for the cure. >> cbs-3 proud partner for this very special event. our jest did a dean takes a look back at some of the inspiring stories. >> twenty-five years, a silver anniversary, but on this day pink was the color. >> i ran for the women that can't. i spread my message for the women, so they understand, awareness is the key. >> more than 6,000 cancer
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survivors walk down the art museum steps this mothers day. but it is a first race in 1991, it was a much smaller crowd. stigma of the disease still strong. now, they march and an army of women and men no longer content to simply whisper their diagnosis. they converge on the parkway with a single goal: beat cancer. >> i'm here standing today and i didn't think i would be, and they just have to continue to fight. we are a band of brother and sisters, we will stick together. i carry each other's throughment. >> the crowed here at the 25th and ears race for the cure included young and old men and women disease does not discriminate. we saw children thereto honor their moms. >> happy mothers day. >> and survivors honored by the support. >> for me, it is just to see all of these survivors and all of their families, come out and just support and just come together with one another, and just show love. >> the women and men of "eyewitness news" were there
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in full force. snapping selfies, running in the race, and cheering on the crowd. >> we are here with team k diva. >> every person ther story of hope, love, or remembrance. alex lost her mother to breast cancer when she was seven. this year, she flew all the way from florida to surprise her father, who was walking in the race. >> i was just in shock. i started cry. i was surprised. like i said, we've been doing this ever since her mom passed away. >> this would have been the first year that she wasn't here. >> year after year, step-by-step, this community has celebrated the survivors and remembered the ones we've lost. all of this as the we push to finish the fight. >> five year survivor three time breast cancer survivor. all i can say is fate and hope. one day we will have a cure. >> we won't stop until we do. along the parkway in philadelphia jessica dean, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> oh, yes fate and hope, here here. >> always a special day for
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us. you can have the special memories of the race for the cure by going to also watch complete coverage on xfinity on demand, look for the race for the cure under the get local section because again, thousands of people were there yesterday, maybe they were interviewed you want to see yourself, see your family member, friends. >> survivor, amazing stories amazing stories the love in that parkway, no doubt about it. >> and survivors and also the families of the survivors because that fight really is not just you and the fight. it is your whole family. >> all in this together. family indeed. we're updating this morning's top stories including the latest on breaking news, massive fire that ripped through a new jersey apartment building overnight. >> also, a house square for former president jimmy carter. why he had to return home earl fry a trip overseas. >> and, pitching sensation mo'ne davis; giving back, how she is helping some of the victims of the devastating earthquake in nepal. we'll be right back.
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you've tried to forget your hepatitis c. but you shouldn't forget this. hep c is a serious disease. left untreated it can lead to liver damage and potentially liver cancer. but you haven't been forgotten there's never been a better time to rethink your hep c because people like you may benefit from scientific advances that could help cure your hep c. visit or call a hep c educator to help prepare you for a conversation with your hep c specialist. >> muggy monday morning that being said, specking summer like heat and sunshine to return. very mild air in place this
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morning. charles out in bath, pa, more remote suburbs up in the pocono region, plenty of cloud, again 07 degrees to kick start the morning here. that's not what i wanted to do. let's do that again at 69 degrees mean mile, if we can zero in on barbara in willow grove with some clouds, we take to you one more, 67 degrees, sent in to us from jason, with plenty of clouds out in middletown, delaware, did he have comment patchy fog for him in a couple of spots there. was dense fog advisory, that has since been allowed to just expire it, actually has been lifted by the national weather service, but still going to find some fog out there, the thing is, it hopefully will lift little bit sooner this time around. meanwhile take you on out to nice wide zoom. this is a lot going on. we've got what's left now of ana, off to the south, you have very potent line of thunderstorms off to the west, even yep, some snow, through the dakotas and portions of colorado, but this whole thing is going to move east. and ana will move north. first and for most we see ana
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sipping on out to sea here. that's shown very well in our wide zoom future of weather. ana starts to retreat. shower or thunderstorm because of t we heat up to one of the hottest days we've seen yet tomorrow in advance of the cold front. notice bulk of the activity, it is off to our north. so we will probably see shower or thunderstorm, but that's it. no severe weather potential this time around, no major widespread wash out, then high pressure here. so glancing blow caught by comparison from both of those systems, for our area, and we ends up with some real nice weather in it wakement back to the mid 70s, lower 70s where we should be finally wednesday, right through friday, but by friday there is a warmfront lifting in, than will potentially bring us couple of showers as early as friday night. just a chance for now. >> good morning, katie. that's right amazing all of the activity on radar, by the time it gets here, don't need much. sunrise coming up in about five minutes, how about that? earlier and earlier each morning. see the brightening skies, a lot of clouds tonight 202 at 76, both directions, right
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here, looking pretty good. all right being back up, though, this is 42 freeway northbound, as you get onto 295, the reason once you get on 295 is there is overturned truck, right around the 42 freeway, and that's taking out the two right lanes. so there will be issues there over the next few hours. and then northbound, or farther north on the jersey turnpike southbound side, before the molly pitcher service area, do have accident to deal with. also in east windsor, new jersey, fire in devonshire drive between dorchester drive and yorkshire drive. we take you in to philadelphia, woodhaven road, watch out for downed polls and wires, due to earlier accident. andand don't forget when on the road get updated information about traffic backups with the new cbs philly traffic app. download the app now on itunes or google play. >> well, updated breaking news right now huge fire ripped through mercer county apartment complex. eyewitness cam video here shows the fire damaged several unit at the windsor capital. one person survived by jumping
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if he second story window. >> also, police in darby borough delaware country searching for the gunman who opened fire during a fight near third and greenway. police say there were dozen of children nearby. if you know the gunman right there you are asked to contact police right away. >> the national weather service says the storm through northeast texas last night likely produced tornado. there are more than two dozen injuries in the small community of van where officials say 30% of the town's buildings were damaged. twisters were also reported, in iowa and south dakota. >> lawmaker calling for changes at us customs after plane full of passengers got stuck in philadelphia for hours. the international flight was bound for jfk in new york, but was diverted to philadelphia because of bad weather late friday night. now, those passengers including actor jeremy, were held on the tarmac, then eventually transferred to a holding area, until customs opened at 5:00 a.m. saturday. senator chuck schumer says the situation was unacceptable.
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>> i'll be contacting customs immediately. there ought to be some people from customs on duty so in case there is a diversion they can go there. for people to have to sleep in the philadelphia airport simply because a couple of customs people weren't there doesn't make sense. >> british a airways has apologized for the delay but that said testify is he always top priority. >> former president jimmy carter back home in atlanta this morning after getting sick on trip to south america. the 90 year old carter flew home yesterday because he didn't feel well. carter was thereto observe the country's elections his office has not released any details about his illness. >> still ahead this morning politics and pop music mix when prince performs in baltimore. i guess prince now not formerly known? back to prince. >> we'll show you highlights from for his concert coming up. >> right here on cbs-3. see you in a bit.
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children.
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new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> death toll from last month nearly # thousand, nearly 18,000 people were injured more than 300 missing. tremors and after shocks have been felt as recently as friday following the april 25th earthquake. it is estimated more tan 10% of the nepal's homes were destroyed or damaged. almost 570,000 in all. >> little league baseball sensation mo'ne davis is helping to raise money for earthquake relief in nepal. dave list autograph shoes that are part of collection of her newly-released foot wall, all proceeds go to the planned usa efforts to help the quake
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victims. dave list sign the shoes at the merion anderson rec center from 6:30 to 7:30 this evening. >> right now coming up on 5:53, traffic and weather together in a moment. first, early start to hurricane season in the atlantic oceanment tropical storm ana soaked south carolina yesterday after making landfall near myrtle beach. that storm dumped up to 6 inches every rain in some area. katie, still have few weeks until hurricane season even officially starts, what, late june? >> well, actually early june you know, still couple of weeks in advance of where it does begin yes, not unheard of it to see early season storm systems like this develop, but it is kind of early even for early season. if that makes sense here on storm scan3 here's what's left here whatever was tropical storm now depression anna. and it is still bringing in some rough surf certainly heavy rain shall specially near the shore point here, in north carolina. that is essentially going to recur of right back out to sea, later on tonight we see it bypass the delaware new jersey coastline.
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for now very mild start to the morning, mid and upper 60s, 07 degrees in philadelphia, and it is muggy outside. so it is steamy, very summerly for the next two days, scattered shower or thunderstorm today tomorrow, but later this week, behind potent cold front we turn much cooler even though the sun will return, it is certainly going to be much cooler couple of days, frankly, back to where it should be. justin? >> something for energy that forecast. if you don't like the heat and humidity, wait few days. here we go. 959 girard south to the city starting to back up with the increased volume. certainly a line-up to get to 295. this is 42 freeway northbound, to go north on 295, the reason, once you get on 295, there is an accident, taking out two right lanes the reason is overturned truck. right around the 42 freeway onto 295-6789 area speeds elsewhere looking pretty good. still low volume, starting to pick up little bit. but, still basically running at the speed limit in and around the city, also, the new jersey turnpike, southbound, before the molly pitcher
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service area we do have an accident careful about. that will stay with us, we'll
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>> for instance has written a song for the city of baltimore and debuted it. >> ♪ ♪ >> prince took to the stage last night after weeks of protests after the death of freddie gray while in police custody. thousands of fans dressed in gray in tribute. prince called on the youth of baltimore to, quote fix a broken system. >> nicely done glad he showed up nicely done. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" this morning, we will show you cell phone video more just into us, of the mercer county apartment fire that force add man to jump out every his window to escape the flames. live on the scene a with an update. >> also, little boy diagnosed with cancer, and his mom says her iphone is to thank for detecting it early enough to
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>> raging flames tear through an apartment come checks in new jersey, sending dozens out of their home overnight. >> this fire forced one man to jump out hisser window to safety. january war bay owe joins us at the scene in east windsor with the latest information jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, you can see the live scene behind me, still very active scene here in east windsor this morning. residents on scene say the fire crews have been on scene before 2:00 a.m. however, a lot less active than it once was a lot of the fire crews have now packed up their hose and other apparatus, kind of slowing down, but there is still a lot of activity inside of this
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apartment complex we actually saw some firefighters taking some water to the remaining hot spots here, so the activity is still ongoing at this time. fire officials on scene haven't given us a lot of information at this point. we are told still trying to gather to all up and give it us to at one time. now, we talked a lot of resident who live here. they tell us that they woke up to police banking on their doors, to try to get them out as the fire started and then grew very quickly they ran outside and saw a huge orange ball of fire. they tell us this apartment complex, went up fares these are the winds so cars he will amounts, on devonshire drive here in east windsor dozen of firefighters responded residents tell me at least three of the building here had to be evacuated dozens of people have been standing by, wait to go hear when they may be able to get back in, and also, wait to go hear how many people will be displaced for some time. you can see


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